Swedish Election

12 09 2022


Preliminary results for now.

The leading party, the Social Democrats, had some gains.

The good guys, the Sweden Democrats, had big gains, and are now the second most powerful force, both in terms of votes and seats.

The reason why there will probably be a right of center coalition government is because the left wing parties that were the governing partners of the Social Democrats all had significant losses.

While the Sweden Democrats are going to have more votes and more seats than the Moderate Party, it will be the leader of the Moderate Party who becomes the head of the coalition and the head of government. It was agreed upon before the campaign season, and contested openly to the electorate, that it would be the case. For reasons I don’t yet know, though I know someone in my Dex will fill me in soon.

The reasons the other left wing parties lost ground: (1) The energy crisis and the economic malaise in general. (2) Immigration and crime. (3) The most left wing parties who used to be the biggest peacemongers have suddenly turned into the biggest warmongers, and while Sweden is pro-Ukraine through and through, the left wing parties got punished because of both their extreme bellicosity and their rush to want to make Sweden an official American vassal/client/protectorate (aka join NATO).



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12 09 2022

NYT wonders how “gun violence” can be worse in Sweden than here in spite of a comparable level of migration.

Duh, it’s b/c Sweden tends to take in a lot of black African “migrants.” Not so much here.

12 09 2022

The explanation I’m getting re why Jimme Akesson won’t be leading a pan-right coalition in spite of the SD getting more votes and seats than the Moderate Party is because it’s controversial enough that the Moderate Party, the plain jane Christian Democrats, and the others, are even coalescing with the SDs at all, when (at least for now) there is the cordon sanitaire in much of the rest of Europe. So, in exchange, and to assuage any “fears,” Akesson is going to let Ulf Kristersson, the current leader of the Moderate Party, be the new head of coalition and also head of government if their coalition ekes through with a majority.

And I should also add that this potential pan-right coalition wants to join NATO; The angst comes from the left of the Social Democrat part of the Swedish left body politic.

14 09 2022

Final results. 176 for the right coalition, 173 for the left. Magdalena Andersson has resigned as PM as of this evening.

14 09 2022
David In TN

I gather it’s unusual (until now) for a right-wing party to make major gains in Sweden

15 09 2022

SDs have gained percentage and seats now nine national elections in a row. This is indicative of something changing at a really deep level. And you know my bon mot when it comes to history, and the futility and uselessness of a lot of these “what if” speculation with history: Once the big things happen, the little things are nothing more than leaving open spaces for names, dates and proper nouns.

15 09 2022
Hard Right

Right-wing bloc wins narrow majority in Swedish parliament


The Sweden Democrats were long shunned by Swedes because the party was founded in the 1980s by neo-Nazis and other far-right extremists. In recent years it has moved into the mainstream by expelling extremists, and gained support with a tough stance on crime and immigration amid a rise in shootings and other gang violence.

Interesting if true

15 09 2022
Hard Right


Swedish politicians are so naive. If you want to get the correct election result, you have to ferry in truckloads of fake ballots in the middle of the night, and prosecute anyone who questions it.

17 09 2022

I thought of another important angle.

I already wrote, maybe here, but definitely on AR, that, while I understand why some people speak and write of TGR purely in terms of blue team electing a new people, (cough cough, Tucker Carlson, cough cough, Steve Sailer), and I also understand, especially in Tucker Carlson’s case, that that’s the only “permissible” (albeit barely) way to talk about TGR, that that doesn’t preclude the reality that this kind of reductionism is a cop out.

A lot of the people who have done a lot of serious legwork for TGR are of the kind that will be nothing but hurt and damaged by the “new voters.” Why would they have an electoral strategy behind TGR? That means there are deeper reasons why it’s happening. And we all know what they are, even if we don’t want to say them out loud.

Now let’s loop this back around to Sweden.

The left in Sweden had zero problem winning elections even before they swung the border wide open. So why would they need to do that? Especially now in hindsight, we see that their xenophilia is the root cause of their no longer being in power. In spite of the fact that the “new voters” go almost entirely for one left party or another. What they gain from them, they lose more from actual Swedes.

Once again, it’s because there are more fundamental motives for TGR other than elections.

19 10 2022

Late postscript.

Yesterday, I was really blackpilled about how the new government will take shape, with no SDs in the formal cabinet.

Today, that pill has turned white.

Here’s the street gossip:

The other parties are basically giving the SDs the behind the curtains power to determine policy, in exchange for no SDs being in the cabinet for the purposes of outward appearance and propaganda.

As the parentheticals know, sometimes, power that exists and is used but hardly understood and observed is the best kind of power to have.

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