Purple Tofu

15 09 2022


I will indeed be on a flight to Rome in eight days to see history in the making.

Giorgia Meloni and the Brothers of Italy Party are most likely going to finish in first place, and she will have enough backing from other similar parties that do well to become the next head of government, which is another way of saying that she’s going to punch it all the way through, a first for our movement in modern times. In spite of all that, I still contend that what happened in France this year was actually the most important and critical election of the year. Because what happened in France has far many more lessons and morals and instructive guideposts for the near future of our movement and our sector.

Meanwhile, we all know how volatile are Italian politics. We have to admit that such volatility is the main reason why Meloni is on the vestibule of power, more so than the actual issues. So we also know from recent experience that she won’t have long to prove herself. Just don’t be disappointed if this isn’t the start of a very long run for her and/or the BOI, that’s all I’m saying. If she does well, what will mean is that she and the BOI will be in the credible mix for the ebb and flow of coming in and out of power in Italy in the coming years.

Once again, though, it’s Italy. So it could be the case that, five years from now, a party that advocates that people subsist purely on a diet of purple tofu will be running the country.




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15 09 2022

That’s why I get paid the big bucks, and you don’t. It’s because I know better than just to draw easy button conclusions from the mere binary outcomes of things.

(Spiking the football)

27 09 2022

By now, you all have seen the results.

If you follow one of my social feeds, then you have already read what I’m about to write (or, actually, cut and paste) here.

A lot is being made about the schism between Meloni on one end (pro-Ukraine) and Salvini and Berlusconi on the other (pro-Russia), and how this will affect coalition negotiations, and the coalition itself, and the risks that a coalition might not happen because of this.

The problem with the kind of people “hoping” for disaster is that Meloni and Salvini/Berlusconi are not as far apart as the media are making it, slash as they seem, slash as their differences on the pure binary of the position would suggest.

The reality is that Meloni’s “pro-Ukraine” is not the same kind of “pro-Ukraine” as the typical establishmentarian’s or globalist’s or cultural leftist’s “pro-Ukraine.” Meloni just wants the invasion to stop, the Russians out, reparations, and nothing more. To her, the “sin” is the invasion, nothing more or less. (Which also happens to be my position).

In contrast to most “pro-Ukraine” forces or people, who have transverted the Russia-Ukraine War into their own paradigms and are using it for their own ends. E.g. all the Ukraine flags flying along side the Rainbow flags in the LGBTQ-BLT-BBQ-LOL parts of cities here in Europe (and presumably also in America), as they presume that being “pro-Ukraine” is the LGBTQ-BLT-BBQ-LOL-y thing to do. When none of them should be doing this.

Likewise, S&B’s “pro-Russia” paradigm is nothing more than a spiteful pure knee jerk reactionary verve to the sickening globalist-establishment-left being “pro-Ukraine,” without much thought given to the “then what.” That I think is congruent to the psychology of most self-styled “pro-Russia” or “pro-Putin” people in the Western world right now. Which means they, too, have transverted it into domestic politics, when they shouldn’t.

To put it another way, while I don’t think that Meloni can be talked into S and/or B’s position, I do think that S and/or B can be talked into taking Meloni’s position. Because, like I said, in real substance and nuance, they’re not that far apart.

27 09 2022

Okay, I know it’s what you all want to know.

Giorgia Meloni and I are the same age, born in the same year.

So she’s also 45 years old.

Which means that there’s only so much you can do with a 45-year old woman, one well past The Wall, even one like her that takes very good care of herself.

So don’t go thinking that I’m going to tell you that she’s MMLP-level stunning.

But, considering her age and her stressful line of work, keeping your expectations from getting that high, the whole is better than the sum of its parts, even if they’re not that much better.

In contrast, I found MMLP to be much more stunning IRL than in pics and video.

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