Inflation Proof

20 09 2022

St. Louis’s organization of realtors has apologized for something neither it nor any of its current members ever did. And to make up for it, they’re going to start to do things which they’ve already been doing for a long time, quit doing things which none of them personally ever did and don’t, and lobby to change laws which were already changed decades ago.

Virtue signaling is one of the few things that the current inflation scourge has not yet touched. It still carries the low low price of $0.00 (plus tax).




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20 09 2022

Because they don’t hire convicted felons and require their personnel to be able to read at a first grade reading level.

20 09 2022

A rare treat nowadays, a local news post.

I just need to ring in about this Gary Muehlberg matter.

He’s only “cooperating” now that the new evidence sprang up to indicate him as the doer, and he’s only doing so in exchange for not getting the death penalty for any of these cleared cases. But he did it just as much now as back when he went into Potosi back in 1995 for the one murder he got convicted of back then. If he was so interested in clearing his conscience, he would have admitted to all these other cases back in 1995.

21 09 2022

And I tend to agree.

I looked a little closer, and he turns out to have been the Cherokee Street killer. At the time those killings happened, I lived within decently comfortable walking distance of Cherokee Street, albeit those years were the final tail end of their viability in terms of being something of a shopping district. Unfortunately in those days, pointing to what we now know as Muehlenberg’s “hobby,” it was also bad for whores on the stroll.

Of course these days, they don’t need to stroll on the streets, when they have dating apps and Instagram, with their “booking information.”

22 09 2022

“If Meeks had complied with the arrest by Officer Langsdorf for trying to cash a check that did not belong to him, even if convicted he would have served his time and likely been a free man by now,” said St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Wesley Bell. “Instead, he will grow old in prison, and a good man who put himself in harm’s way to protect others is no longer here.”


Wesley Bell just discovered HBD.

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