Halbzeitwahlen Oder Zwischenwahlen Open Thread

8 11 2022

Like I’ve been saying, Germans never needed to develop their own word to describe the concept of a midterm election, because midterm elections in the American parlance don’t exist here, or much of anywhere else. However, because they have to create verbal content relating to what is happening in America today for news and commentary purposes, they do need some word or phrase. And the two used most often, well, you read the title. The first one literally translates to “half time choosing,” the second to “in between choosing.” I have found that the latter is used a little more often than the former, overall. Disaggregated, right-wing German media tend to prefer the latter, lamestream the former.

Ready, set, open thread.




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8 11 2022

I sent in my foreign absentee ballot a month and a half ago. As usual, I doubt it will even be counted. And considering that all that I bothered to cast a vote upon are probably foregone conclusions, I wonder why I even bothered.

Schmitt for Senate, and no on the weed proposition, no on the state constitutional convention, and no on the making the state national guard its own state agency.

I see the MO NAACP is recommending voting no on the weed thing, because “something something not enough of the weed business for blacks.” That’s because they know it will win. (At least if the polls are right.) If it was perceived to be close, they’d want people to vote for it. But because it will win, which is what they want, they can pretend to come out against it for some cheap publicity.

As far as the other propositions, I don’t see the point of doing either, that will really make any kind of difference.

8 11 2022

I know I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating now that today is today.

If you’re worried about fraud and tonight, then let me try to walk you off the ledge.

Spit the real:

(1) The American Presidency is the single most powerful political office on Earth right now. The pen and phone. All those big red buttons. Executive authority over $6 trillion a year in spending and the commander-in-chief of a military bigger and more powerful than the rest of the world combined. Therefore, since the stakes are that high, the imperative (“to cheat”) is that high. And, considering the Electoral College, it doesn’t take that much ballot box stuffing in that many places to affect the ultimate binary outcome.

(2) The American Deep State wanted Trump out of the Oval Office, and they wanted it at all costs, by hook or crook. They were going to do, and in fact did do, everything except inflict nuclear Armageddon upon the world, to make it happen. That much is obvious. On the other hand, because swinging both the House and Senate to Republicans right now would only serve to empower establishment-friendly schlubs like Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell, I don’t think the Deep State feels the urgent imperative to fete and encourage fraud in favor of the Blue Team. I hardly think that Kevin McCarthy and/or Mitch McConnell causes any lost sleep for your typical career FBI or CIA bureaucrat.

(3) Because of the nature of the way fraud happens, ballot box stuffing in mostly black ghetto areas, it cannot possibly affect the red-blue calculus of the House. (If you need a hint that voter fraud is nearly entirely ghetto ballot box stuffing, then look at the way that black talking heads and pundits personally and racially recoil to any kind of generic and neutral discussion of voter fraud, as if it’s one of those “a sinking tide exposes the skinny dippers” matters.) Because those places are in Congressional districts where the typical Rastus McHambone congressman would win big even on legit votes. What it can affect are statewide elections in the states where those areas are. A good example is Pennsylvania and Philadelphia. If it is perceived that The Turk vs The Lurch for Senate will be close on Tuesday based on legit votes, there might be ballot box stuffing in Philly ghettos to push Fetterman over the top. But it will happen in already deep “black and blue” Philly Congressional districts whose Democrat candidates do not need the fake votes to win. Parenthetically, this is why the “official” (cough cough) 2020 results yielded a Biden “win” yet Republicans making House gains.

(4) Then there’s the general sense of the thing. Fraud is still fraud, and it’s still risky and still illegal. Even though it’s rarely prosecuted realtive to how often I believe it happens in the United States. Yet and still, if you do fraud, you’re taking a chance. Which means that it’s a well that you can only go to so often before it runs dry. Like I wrote above, you want water in this well for when it counts the most (Presidential elections). Which means you don’t want to waste it on relatively penny-ante matters, such as swinging one or two midterm Senate elections. And you don’t want to do it so often and so blatantly that it causes a crackdown thereby eliminating your ability to do it at all. There’s a reason why Johnny Cash stole that car one piece at a time, and not all at one time.

Really, the thing to worry about is what I alluded to above. That all this new pop-nat-alt-right energy is going to get invested into Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell, who will then proceed to fly it into the ground.

8 11 2022
David In TN

I always prefer “cautious optimism” in this situation.

Hunter Wallace has written about how 2014 Senate victories kept Merrick Garland off the Supreme Court and enabled favorable choices later.

The Deep State did get Trump out of the White House in 2020, but can’t kill the sentiment that put him there. The Deep State’s far left policies creates opposition that will only increase what ever happens regarding Trump.

8 11 2022

There is election news from here today. The clusterfuck that was the Berlin city-state elections in September 2021, on the same day as the federal elections, is now resolved. But in a half-assed way. They’re going to re-do the vote but only in the most troubled one-fifth of precincts.

8 11 2022
Alright Dan

Surprised by how few political ads there were through October up until today. There were lots back in July. But there’s just really not anything competitive around here, so no real reason for them to spend money.

9 11 2022

The weed proposition passed, but not by that much.

Since Eric Schmitt is going to the Senate, and will no longer be state AG, and the current state treasurer, Scott Fitzpatrick, won auditor, it means that Parson is going to have to go shopping for a replacement AG and a replacement treasurer, both again.

Funny, when I was there in Jefferson City in January 2017 for the inauguration of all those statewide Republicans that swept in on Trump’s coattails, I had no idea that the only one of them that would be still doing the same job now that he started back then is Jay Ashcroft as SoS.

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