A Safer Omaha

20 05 2012

Omaha World-Herald :

Gun violence targeted at events


Safety also was the theme of a gun amnesty held nearby Saturday at 50th Street and Ames Avenue. The Omaha Police Department collected 28 firearms.

Among the dropoffs were short shotguns, defaced firearms and a tank armor-piercing munition from World War II.

They got 70-year old tank armor piercing munitions off the streets.  That will certainly make Obama, Nebraska a lot safer.


10 11 2019


November 9, 1989 is for Germans what November 22, 1963 and September 11, 2001 is for Americans.

The “where were you and what were you doing when you learned that…” moment.  The main difference is that JFK and 9/11 were immediate flash events;  The fall of the Berlin Wall, or more accurately, East German authorities no longer enforcing out-travel restrictions as of the evening of November 9, 1989, had a lot that needed to happen before it could happen, and then a lot of things happened as a result of it.

I’ve already gone over the Cliffs Notes of the history.  Except I should have mentioned something then, that I figured out in the car on the way to Berlin night before last as we zoomed by the old Helmstedt-Marienborn Inner German Border checkpoint, and yes, during the summer voyage summer before last, I saw the museum and remnants at that spot.  November 9, 1989 didn’t immediately abolish the Inner German Border — That didn’t happen formally until July 1 of the next year;  The CDU government headed by Lothar de Maizière elected in the DDR in March of the next year in the DDR’s only genuinely democratic elections needed to happen, and then his government abolished the Inner German Border security, and of course his government was just the placeholder for the DDR’s part in negotiating “German reunification,” i.e. the DDR being abolished and its territory joining the Bundesrepublik Deutschland (colloquially “West Germany” until 1990) per Article 23 of the Bundesrepublik’s Basic Law.

I was 12 years old and in the 7th grade on that day, and my teachers and most of my classmates followed along with the daily series of events, because we all knew this was big history happening right in front of our faces.

My girlfriend was only two and a half years old, her sister nine months old, her brother-in-law three months old, that day, so this could not have been a “where were you and what were you doing” moment for them.  My g/f’s father was 31 and her mother 27 on that day, so the next time I see one or both of them, (we’ll be motoring on outta here very shortly, but we won’t get back to Cologne in time for me to join them all for Sunday Rinderbraten), I’ll ask them where they were and what were they doing.

Just in the past year, I’ve been to the centennial of the Armistice of World War I in Compiègne last November 11, the 75th anniversary of D-Day at Omaha Beach back on June 6, and then, yesterday, here.  That’s one of the perks of this job, being here to be party to significant anniversaries of some big events and right where they happened.

And if you would have told 12-year old me on November 9, 1989, that I would be right there on site at the 30th anniversary commemoration of this event, I would have told you you were crazy.


There was a big disconnect between the way the German, American and international media portrayed the bittersweet nature of the day, and the attitude of most people on the ground about the bittersweet nature of the day.

The only thing in common between the two sides is the bittersweet mentality.

The disconnect is really easy to explain:

The media and political establishment thought that 30 years ago Saturday leading up to the day after Christmas 1991, the formal dissolution of the Soviet Union, was the process which meant the Fukuyamaite “end of history.”  But in the generation since then, the promise of utopian liberal democracy has been unrealized, and is now being set back by those white populists and nationalists who stubbornly continue to take their own side.  The German media in particular also used the day as another opportunity to squeal about the lingering east-west divide.

Germans on the ground in Berlin on Saturday were bittersweet, because the grassroots mentality starting 30 years ago Saturday and peaking on the day of formal reunification the next year was that, now, finally, the Russians and Americans would take their troops and go home, and Germany could finally become genuinely independent and a true global power and maybe even superpower, and at the very least, quit being a vassal-client of either.  In that time, obviously the Russians left in very short order, mainly because the USSR proper was itself on its last leg.  But American disengagement from Germany has been a much more slow process, and still to this day not consummated.  While the American military footprint in Germany has been declining, what has not abated is American soft power.  Yes, I know I write that rather unironically.

To wit, and as a very small example:  The new Reagan statue debuted on Friday very near the exact spot where Reagan stood on the high podium to deliver the “Tear Down This Wall” address.  While JFK is openly honored about two miles southwest of that point, at the old West Berlin City Hall, the site of “Ich Bin Ein Berliner,” (and miss me with the jelly donut nonsense, that’s fake news), the reason why the Reagan statue there and now rubs Germans a little bit of the wrong way is because Americans are continuing to use Germany for American political ends, when by now, they thought we would have been long gone.

So that basically sums up the disconnect.  Politicians and the media are upset that populism and nationalism still exist, while grassroots Germans are upset that Germany is still an American vassal-client.


Mexican Tariff Negotiations, Explained

8 06 2019

Washington, D.C.;  Mexico City

The White House wanted, and seems like it got, Mexico to be at least temporarily and vaguely a buffer state between the United States and Central-South America.

Appropriately, both going to Omaha Beach on Wednesday, and then coming back from Paris earlier today, (my thoughts on D-Day are coming early next week), I passed through a country that was manufactured out of essentially nothing, in order to serve as a Western European continental buffer state in the approximate century between Napoleon and World War I.  That being Belgium.

Armistice Centennial

11 11 2018

Compiègne, France

“The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month”

Precisely a century ago from the moment I am uploading this post.  I actually wrote it three days ago for upload at this precise time, 11 AM CEST, November 11, 2018, because, by the time it goes live, I’ll be in Compiègne for the centennial observation.  If all goes well, I’ll be back here in France, and namely, Omaha Beach, for the 75th anniversary of D-Day, on June 6.

Onward and upward.

Efforts like these or movements like these aren’t complicated at all to explain, especially in the German context.

The war that ended precisely a century ago was a clusterfuck based on a flaw in the European paradigm of secret treaties as a deterrent to war and a deterrent to future Napoleon wannabes.  That paradigm really kicked into high gear after Napoleon.  The theory behind secret treaty-ism was that it was supposed to prevent national-level invasions — A won’t invade B, because A doesn’t know which other countries B is strapped up with, while B knows which countries B is strapped up with, and knows that A doesn’t know.  For the same reason, A has confidence that B won’t invade them, because A knows which countries A is strapped up with, but B doesn’t know, and A knows that B doesn’t know.  Sort of a Nash Equilibrium applied to big time military geopolitics.

Well, we all know how it went wrong.  In an overall general sense, it made all of Europe suspicious of each other and paranoid about each other, precisely because every country was looking sideways at every other country, even ones with which they were secretly allied, because nobody ever knew of the other countries’ secret side arrangements.  Which is why many forward-looking clairvoyant observant people in the decade leading up to the start of WWI openly stated that Europe was stinking from the stench of the predication to major warfare.  Specifically, because some minor royal in a place that Bismarck himself stated the whole of which wasn’t worth the bones of a single Pomeranian grenadier got assassinated, and that started a domino effect of calling in secret treaty obligations, ending up with Europe being at war with itself, and eventually the United States entering because the American elite of the time basically bet on England, which means they influenced Wilson to goad the Germans into torpedoing an America-to-England boat with both American civilians and illegal munitions.

We know the history of the rest in terms of the German context:  Defeat in the “Great War,” end of the monarchy/-ies, near-breakup of the unitary German nation-state, brief Communist takeovers in Munich and Hamburg, impossible reparations, hyperinflation, depression, Weimarism, Hitler.

Many centuries from now, historians will consider World War I and World War II to be the same war, with a barely more than two-decade intermission.

The people seeking to “rehabilitate the German Empire” in an intellectual historical sense, and the people who form rural marksmanship clubs and pine for the Deutsches Kaiserreich aren’t really trying to rehabilitate the German Empire and really aren’t pining for the Deutsches Kaiserreich.  What’s really going on here from a psychological sense is rather simple:  Absolving Imperial Germany for the blame it never should have gotten for World War I means somewhat absolving Germany for World War II, and, eventually, giving modern day Germans a mulligan on the chance to be an international superpower.

My advice to Germans so dreaming, especially as someone living here as an expat from another superpower and at the same time has a supermajority ethnic constitutional heritage from this country, is this:  Be careful what you wish for.  Empires aren’t so great, even for most citizens or subjects of the imperial country’s proper territory.  Or, you don’t know how good you have it now, and that the grass is actually browner on the other side.

Spot the Contradiction

15 01 2016

Omaha; Miami

There’s lots of material in this and this to keep us all going for about a week.

Except in both of these women’s rants, there is a massive epic contradiction.

The race the gold star starts…NOW.

Sunday Wrap-Up

27 09 2015


* Don Surber cites a St. Louisan in his Exceptional Americans series.  No, not me.

* Notice something about Krispy Christie’s brother and sister-in-law.

* So this is why the P-D slid Tony Messenger into Bill McClellan’s place, so we could read feel good articles about black girls named Unique.  But, there actually is a good side to this story:  While she did the Turner Law transfer to Francis Howell the first school year she could, she wasn’t comfortable around all those honkeys, and decided to stay home the next year.

* The home team takes another L.  Other than just pure opportunism, I wonder what the logic is in stealing guns, crossbows and golf clubs.  Maybe they were looking to sell the guns right away, the crossbows just before the start of non-firearm deer season, and then use the money to book some good tee times at St. Albans.

* No you wouldn’t; you weren’t that good.  But, as long as there are enough suckers to believe it, he will keep saying it.  Most of the rest of his life will be spent being a professional victim of this pretend homophobia.

* This happened right outside Channel 4’s studios, incidentally.  This is also right where the City Arch River project happening.  Which makes me think of something.

* If he’s smart enough and pays close enough attention to the news, then he already knows the defense he will use once he’s arrested.

* Interestingly, the address is not listed.

* More cool Pluto porn from NH, in the local section because of William McKinnon.


* Chicago didn’t already have enough problematic mentally questionable blacks that it had to import more of them from Somalia?


* Read closely, before you think it’s a good idea to accept more Hondurans, see below.

* Thirteen people in a mid size SUV, the WRPT points to the comprehensive crowd from somewhere south of the border.  Remember, dealing with the propensity for these people to cram jam into automobiles was a provision of Arizona SB 1070, and it was one of the provisions that was allowed to stand, survived judicial scrutiny.

* This story is a twoferone, it contains two themes about this issue that have been already stated in this space.  The first is that American big city mayors want to import these people in order to do battle with and defeat the black undertow, to drive them out of their cities.  The second is that, in spite of Madeleine Notsobright’s brain farts about all the space we have, as one of you noted in that post’s comment section, these people wouldn’t be going to rural Kansas or rural Utah, they’ll be directed into big cities, though even if they weren’t directed there, that’s where they would want to live.

* Fine, but, you’re the same people who keep returning Lindsey Grahamnesty to the Senate.

* His heart is in the right place, but it won’t work, because the Somalians he wants to shame can’t be shamed.


* Blind squirrel finds acorn.

* How soon we forget.

* Because nobody actually ever does anything.  We’re all victims.

* Because nobody actually ever does anything.  We’re all victims.  Part II.

* I’ll keep saying it until everyone gets it — The insurance industry is the genesis of insane school district zero tolerance policies.

* An ironic victim.

* I would not be surprised to read a similar story concerning Missouri’s capital soon, because Jefferson City’s bell curve city is cheek to jowl south and east of the Capitol-SCOMO-Governor’s Mansion area.

* Also from Nebraska.

* Ugh. I should note that there’s a contradiction in this story, let’s see if my peanut gallery can spot it.

* Kindred spirits, we are, in our contempt for those barnacles.

* Outrage? But it’s a civil right!

* “Hair hatted hooligans…” and “Tumbleweave, just keep on tumblin.”

* N-words acting all n-word-y because one n-word used the n-word at another n-word.  Even without pictures, WRPT would have clued me in to the truth, because the whole thing started with somebody ordering fried chicken from the deli counter.

* This is what the TSA hires.

* Wooden nickel’s worth of free advice:  When black social media warn of an impending fight, take it seriously.

* They’re now even getting into stealing cows!

* Almost always the case.  When it’s an elderly woman being raped, young black men did it.

* How can this be possible?  The Edmund Pettus Bridge is a rainbow bridge to the Valhalla that is Selma.

* I happen to think he’s far more blustering than telling the truth.  The New York mafia scene isn’t powerful enough anymore, it doesn’t have the oomph to forge or even care about connections in Texas.

* The money is one thing.  What really interests me is why an EPA official would be so wasteful of fossil fuels and care so little about all that pollution and carbon dioxide.  Is it a matter of the Instapundit axiom, that the people who say it’s a problem are not behaving like it’s a problem?

* It’s like nobody remembers anything.  Though in this case, it’s not that they don’t remember anything, it’s that The Narrative precludes us from properly diagnosing the problems of the past.

* Of course it was a failure.  That’s because the threat is on the ground, not in the air.

* Massive wreck at the intersectionality of Hispanic and LGBTQetc.


* The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

* I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t be so hot to do social science research based on surveys where the incentive to lie is high.

* I’ve always been amazed at the left’s love for the concept of Tibetan secession.  For one, they hate the concept in almost all other cases, especially that of about 150 years ago, and for another, they are mum about which country Tibet will have to secede from, that being the same country that helps a lot of their politicians get rich, Dianne Feinstein and her husband, among others.

But all that may be coming to an end.

* It’s in German, but the pictures and a few words tell you what’s going on here, even if you don’t want to run it through translation.  What is going on here is that the poverty of destitute refugees is on full display.

* Touchy much?


* The concept is good, if it’s kept behind close doors.  I’m just not a big fan of clowning your kids publicly for the sake of discipline.

* “The more crowded the area, the more stupid things you see.”  That’s because the more people there are in an area, the more intense of a competition there will be for social status.  This is why cities have the worst SJWs, the worst cuckservatives.

Power of Ideas

12 07 2015

Washington, D.C.

Deroy Murdock, writing in NR:

“Ideologies are not defeated with guns,” Obama explained Monday. “They are defeated by better ideas and more attractive and more compelling vision.” If only we had deployed copies of The Federalist Papers on Omaha Beach, rather than GIs. We could have crushed Hitler in a jiffy.

Bad ideologies are defeated by better ideas?  If that was so, Obama would still be hustling clients for asbestos lawsuits on the south side of Chicago.

HIV Happens

7 06 2015

New York City


HIV risk among young gay, bi men tied to societal issues

For young gay and bisexual men, the risk of HIV infection is linked with societal issues, a new study says.

“What we’re starting to say here, if you’re black and Hispanic you’re more likely to become HIV positive, but really this is driven by you’re low income, you live in a poor neighborhood or you live in a neighborhood with higher HIV prevalence,” said lead author Perry Halkitis of New York University.


In previous research, behaviors didn’t explain disparities in HIV among young men who have sex with men, Halkitis and his colleagues say.

Young black and Hispanic men who have sex with men “do not appear to engage in more or riskier sexual behaviors compared with their white peers,” they write in the Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes

For the new study, the researchers analyzed patterns of new HIV infections among 594 young men who have sex with men.

Participants were recruited from the New York City area between 2009 and 2011 and were 18 or 19 when they entered the study. At that point they were all HIV-negative.

Over the next three years, 43 participants became infected with HIV.

About a third of black, Hispanic and mixed or other race participants became HIV-positive during the study, compared to about 7 percent of white participants.

People who described themselves as being in low to average social and economic groups were more likely to become HIV-positive than those in higher socioeconomic groups.

Also, the authors found, young age at first sexual experience with another male was tied to an increased risk of becoming HIV-positive, compared to a first encounter at an older age.

“The bigger point here is that it’s just too simplistic to (blame) everything on race,” Halkitis said. “We’re trying to get at the reason that’s happening. This paper starts to point to it.”

This means just being black or Hispanic, or not having enough money, or being around people who don’t have enough money, or being around people who have HIV, causes you to contract HIV.  Remember when the gay lobby (as they were called back then) told us not to be this paranoid and irrational about the ease of catching HIV?  I know, it has been a very long time, (hence, why I called them the “gay lobby” and not what they’re called now, their ridiculous alphabet soup acronym), and some of you may not even have been born when we were being told that.  That’s one of the good things about being middle aged now, that I can remember how they change up the party lines slowly and on the sly.  Though I can add that while they were trying to get us not to be so paranoid over how we can contract HIV, they were simultaneously and hypocritically spreading paranoia and anti-science irrationality about how easy it supposedly was to catch it via normal heterosexual sex, the good ole insert tab A into slot B.  That was to spread the notion that everyone was at risk, to distract from the truth that anal sex is by far the easiest transmission vector.

Now, it’s back to full paranoia ahead.

And also, this has absolutely nothing do with the fact that this “science” relies on people honestly reporting facts about themselves, and that certain kinds of people have a lot of trouble doing that.

Additionally, young people may not have sexual autonomy in sexual decisions – especially with older partners, said Coleman, who was not involved with the new research.

“…May not have sexual autonomy in sexual decisions…older partners…” — In my day, we called this “rape.”

They also point out that young gay and bisexual men may not be properly educated about STIs, and their heterosexual parents may not be equipped to educate on those topics.

“I think that one way we can begin to address this issue is through comprehensive sexual health education,” said Jason Coleman, an expert on HIV and STI prevention at the University of Nebraska-Omaha.

This study was done in New York City.  What kind of anti-science religious fanatic knuckledragging retrogrades control the schools in New York City?





2 04 2015


Uh-oh.  It looks like Omaha and not St. Louis is the future headquarters of the National Association of Bhutanese-American Transgendered Vegetarians.

Except the Omaha Bhutanese might, like the St. Louis Bhutanese, actually be Nepali.  Apparently, the Bhutanese majority in Bhutan are oppressing the Nepali minority, so obviously they must get refugee status in a country on the other side of the world.


Coming to Clog the Highways That Americans Won’t Do

3 02 2015



Before diving into a thicket of transportation data and questions, a hefty new federal study makes a traffic projection that could get a chuckle, even from folks in Nebraska: Omaha, the new Los Angeles.

That’s by 2045, the study says, when traffic congestion in Omaha (current population of 435,353) could be just as bad as it is in L.A. (current population of 10 million).

Thankfully, those same Feds have a handy solution to this problem:

Import more people.

Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

24 01 2015



Police: Third person dies after shooting at Nebraska party

Okay, nothing there.

The vast majority of people at the scene refused to help police…

Hmm, that sounds like a certain group of people I know.

Police said 19-year-old JaKela Foster and 24-year-old Latecia Fox were declared dead at the scene…

JaKela and Latecia, good Bulgarian names.

The five people who were wounded were identified as Adrelet Bush, 25; Treveon Lillard, 20; Trenelle Miller, 21; Johnny Tiller, 21; and Jordyn Zyla, 20. Schmaderer said they were in stable condition late Saturday afternoon, though other details about their conditions weren’t released.

Good Lithuanian names.

Remember, Omaha is the home of the thug cussing baby and a lot of other niceties.


A result of long time festering intra-gang disputes and beefs.  Not inter-gang, intra-gang.  All within the Bloods.  Notice too here that there was a subsequent brawl at the hospital where the victims were taken.

Sunday Wrap-Up

28 12 2014


*  Michael Sam’s 15 minutes of fame are just about over.  How can I tell?  Because The Oprah just interviewed him.  These days, when The Oprah interviews you, that’s like an exit interview, on your way out of public life.  Ask Lance Armstrong.

Getting Larry Rice-a-Roni and his whole operation out of the city; that’s what this is all about.  “Homeless lives matter.”  That’s a clue to where the future for this outfit is going to be:  Ferguson.  Or somewhere in North County.

Yep, Jennings.  I told you to get familiar with North County geography.

Yep, Cool Valley (Fool Valley), more North County.  I think this riddle can be solved either by insurance scam or a vengeful ex-employee or ex-customer.

That pile of trash is still out there?  It’s just about five months after the fact.  Makeshift memorials for firefighters KIA don’t stay up that long.

If nothing else, just for the amusing names.  But yes, Jefferson City has its share; they most live in the areas near the Capitol and the Governor’s Mansion.  There are plenty to be found in that other venerable Jefferson City institution.

And yet, students in poor rural district regularly out-test and out-perform high per-student spending black urban school districts.


Because just about all job growth in the “recovery” has gone to…guess.


I think the answer is really simple.  It’s just typical Republican racial lassitude.  This matter crosses wires with the question of domestic blacks.

“A goofball who writes funny songs.”  Gentilivs Giantivs actually did the same thing.

*  Since Kwanzaa is just about dead among blacks, I would ordinarily scoff at anyone still writing about it like it’s still a big deal.  But, she brings up some good points, not the least of which is that Kwanzaa is now mostly the province of pandering white libs.

Too long, do read.  Found it at CHT.  It answers the question of how and why Al Sharpton has a show on MSNBC.

Who needs consistency when there’s social justice?

Big pro-cop rally in Cleveland.  Funny I didn’t read anything about splinter group breaking off from the main rally in order to burn stores, loot and riot.

Not a gang truce, but blacks being shoveled out of Los Angeles.  By now, there probably aren’t enough blacks left in Compton to form black gangs.

Whatchya doin’, Imam?


*  Another mysteriously missing plane.  Time for CNN to make its bones.

Begs the question:  Why do we allow citizens to lobby on behalf of foreign governments when those foreign governments already have embassies here?

*  Give people enough time, and they’ll demonstrate by their actions what is really important to them and which debate is kabuki theater.


Interesting theory here, that the Bermuda Triangle is an Alcubierre Drive.

Color vision has now been discovered to be 300 million years old.  And yet, me, red-green colorblind.  Which makes for a confusing Christmas season.

2014 General Election in Review, National Edition

9 11 2014

I won’t cover much more in this national review than I did on the national preview.  If you want to add anything that I didn’t discuss here, let the comment section be your oyster.


Robert Bentley, an anti-Shari’ah measure and a pro-2A measure, all go through easily.

Now, as for that other guy on the ballot, the one all by himself…okay, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, lets talk about 2016.  And don’t give me this “I’m not qualified” bit.  I’m not leaving until you say yes.


This is what was so frustrating about the night from an immigration patriot standpoint.  Dan Sullivan, open borders all the way, toppled the Democrat incumbent.  Yet, Scott Brown, making immigration his A-1 issue contrasting himself with the Democrat incumbent he was running against, couldn’t win?

The new Governor will be Bill Walker, a former Republican mayor of Valdez turned Independent, turning out Sean Parnell, who took over when Sarah Palin resigned in 2009, Parnell having won a term in his own right in 2010.

Successful ballot measures:  Recreational weed, minimum wage increase.  No telling if the higher minimum wage will apply to those who work in recreational weed shops.


Doug Ducey by 12, though the late polling only had him up 5.  Just as black turnout was sparse, so was Hispanic turnout.  And that helped Ducey have an easy night.

The only D to R Congressional party flip is the Tucson district that Gabby Giffords once held.


Oh yeah, this was really going to be close, a squeaker, a nail biter.

Tom Cotton by 17.  It’s almost as if Mark Pryor was a no-shot long shot challenger instead of a two-term incumbent.  Another example of black apathy making life easy for the red team.

The new Governor, Asa Hutchinson, was a House impeachment manager in 1999.  Meaning that after the House impeached then President Clinton, and the formal trial was held in the Senate, Hutchinson was one of several members of Congress selected as “prosecutors.”  Ironic, isn’t it?  He voted to impeach and attempted to quasi-prosecute one former Governor of Arkansas, while he’s about to become Governor of Arkansas himself.  Hutch was the Republican nominee for Governor in 2006 but lost to Mickey Bebee, who is outgoing and term-limited this year.

All six members of Arkansas’s House and Senate delegation, four House two Senate, plus the Governor, will be Republicans.  As late as four years ago and change at this time, the only Republican in that bunch was Congressman John Boozman, who was just about on the verge of toppling Blanche Lincoln to go to the Senate.

Minimum wage increase passes, and while an amendment to disallow dry counties got 57% of the vote, it failed because these things need some sort of supermajority.


Mystery Meat didn’t even carry whites.

When will these RINOs ever be made to eat their own dog food?

We already have two Indian governors.  Why do we need a third one?

Unlike the red wave of 2010, the red wave of 2014 featured a D to R Congressional flip in California.

A ballot measure to weaken Three Strikes and downgrade a lot of felonies to misdemeanors passed.

And also…Sandra Fluke is NOT going to the State Senate. Who knew that there was an antipathy toward slutty law school students even in Los Angeles County?


I was always under the assumption that Bob Beauprez was polling better than Cory Gardner.  So the moment the media announced for Gardner, I thought that Beauprez was also a cinch.


If one was going to win and the other was going to lose, I always thought it was going to be Beauprez winning and Gardner losing.  Instead, we got the other way around.  I cannot figure the calculus or the rationale of someone in Colorado voting Gardner and Hickenlooper at the same time.  I can easily rationalize the other three permutations (voting for both Democrats, voting for both Republicans, voting Beauprez and Udall, and as you recall from my national preview, I recommended the latter option).  But the most inexplicable one is the one that happened in the real world.  Go f’n figure.

John Hickenlooper winning another term as Governor punches a hole in the “Tuesday was good for 2A” conclusion.

Back in the national preview, I was sad that Brian Dubie didn’t run for Vermont Governor, leaving me without the ability to make weed puns.  Well, I was saved:  The Green Party candidate for Governor in Colorado was Harry Hempy.

Ken Buck, who ran for Senate four years ago and who I wanted to run this year, instead swung a deal with the Republican brass in Colorado, that Cory Gardner would abandon his House seat (rural eastern Colorado) to run for the Senate, and Ken Buck would run for Gardner’s House seat.  Which he won on Tuesday, very easily.


It took awhile, but Daniel Malloy eked it out, another term as Governor, beating Tom Foley in a rematch of four years ago.

Another reason why I’m not on board with the CW that Tuesday was so great for 2A politics.

The entirety of the state’s Congressional delegation remains blue.


Chris Coons easily. Just as he easily beat Christine O’Donnell four years ago, just as easily as he would have beaten Mike Castle four years ago. Now, will you RINOs shut the fuck up and knock off your stuck pig squealing about Christine O’Donnell? And while you’re at it, go eat your own dog food.


Don’t cry for Charlie Crist.  He’s got plenty of more parties he can run on and lose.  Libertarian, Tea, Green, Rent Is Too Damn High, for example.

No medical marijuana for you, Florida.  Which is too bad for Charlie Crist’s future political ambitions, that the future electorate of the state won’t be floating high.

Lethargic black and Hispanic turnout makes life easy for the red team.


Lethargic black turnout makes life easy for the red team.

The polling showed that, while both Nathan Deal and David Perdue had narrow leads, both were under 50%, and both were headed to runoffs.


I keep reading propaganda that the non-white turnout in Georgia was at a record high.  First off, the election results belie that, second, the raw voter turnout numbers belie that.

Maybe one factor is that since Jimmy Carter and Sam Nunn both are yesterday’s news, running a grandson of the former and a daughter of the latter up the flag pole wasn’t going to work.

The whole rap against Nathan Deal was that he was “incompetent” during a surprise snowstorm this past winter, which dumped a few inches of snow on Atlanta at just the wrong time of the day.  Of course, Nathan Deal controls the weather, and he was so sadistic as not to teach Atlanta drivers how to drive in snow properly.  That kind of thing goes under the “shit happens” file, not the “political incompetence” file.


I guess.


Risch, Otter. Will someone please do something (above board) about that Raul Labrador?


No Congressional flips. No important statewide races. At least Indianans can be excited by the oncoming basketball season.


Joni Ernst, Terry Branstad.  As expected.

Your 24/7 coverage of the 2016 Iowa Caucuses begins…NOW.


I did my Kris Kobach gloating in the meta-analysis, so that’s already been covered.

All throughout the fall, the polling showed that Kris Kobach was doing better than Pat Roberts, who in turn was doing better than Samnesty Brownback.  The only question is this:  Where was sea level?  At worst, I thought that sea level would be between Kobach and Roberts.  As the fall went on, and more and more people (including me) sucked it up and got in line behind the old useless man who doesn’t even live in Kansas, because in spite of it all he has a solid record on immigration, and the fake independent has always been an open borders hack, I thought sea level would be between Roberts and Brownback.  Like I said in the preview, unlike Kobach and Roberts, Brownback to me was a take-or-leave five’ll-getya-ten proposition.

When the media declared for Pat Roberts on Tuesday night, I knew Kris Kobach had also won.  In the end, sea level was underneath all three of them.  And also, Kobach 59%, Roberts 53%, Brownback 50%, confirming the polls’ contention that K > R > B.

Whatever Samnesty Brownback did wrong as Governor that gave him the scare of his life this year, he should probably fix.  Though whatever that his has probably taken him out of Presidential contention, though it’s not as if a desperate country was turning its longing eyes to Sam Brownback.  Remember he ran for President in 2008 and went nowhere.


There were polls through the late summer and early fall that showed Allison Grimes leading slightly.


How to explain Bitch McConnell’s 15-point win?  I need not look any further than my own city.  Bill Clay, who represented MO-1 in Congress from 1968 to 2000, his son succeed him in 2000 and is still there, once wrote a book called Just Permanent Interests.  One of his famous lines is that black people “have no permanent friends or permanent enemies, just permanent interests.”

Northern Kentucky and western Kentucky was always going to be red.  The big wild card was eastern Kentucky.  And why did most of those counties go red?  It’s not because the people there feel any kinship with McConnell from a personality, sociological, class, cultural or life history standpoint.  It’s because the other choice on the ballot represents a national political party that wants to shut down the only viable industry left in that part of the state, and also the neighboring state to the east, which I’ll get to in due alphabetical order.

Just permanent interests, that’s all.


There will be a runoff, which Bill Cassidy will win.  The Democrat brass has taken all their money out of the state.

Louisiana’s other Senator is running for Governor next year.  While he’s the Senate’s second best immigration stalwart, you know who the best is, and his presence in the Senate will be missed, I think being a Governor puts him in better position for the Presidency if he so desires.  Either that, or he just wants to come home.  David Vitter has had an interesting career following behind that other David from Louisiana, that being David Duke, Vitter winning where Duke couldn’t.  When Duke abandoned his state legislative seat to run for Senate, Vitter replaced him.  Duke of course would make the Senate runoff in 1990 and the Governor runoff in 1991 but lost both times.  When Duke tried his comeback in 1998 for the seat that House Speaker-Designate Bob Livingston resigned from, Vitter was in that race and won it.  Now, Vitter is in the Senate and is perhaps one election away from being Governor, and if he gets that, he’ll have accomplished everything Duke set out to do but couldn’t.


Runaround Sue easily wins another Senate term. Incumbent Republican Gov. Paul LePage, who had been trailing in some polls during the fall, won re-election by a narrower margin.  I’m much happier about LePage.


I told you there would be some shocking D to R flip this year that would blow everyone’s socks off.

I was expecting it to be on the Senate level.

When I read the news that the Maryland Democrat Party was sending race arsonist agitprop mailers to black zip codes and precincts in the state, I remarked here that the Democrat, current Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, a mulatto messiah hopeychanger and a “Mini-Me” of Obama, didn’t have the comfortable lead over his Republican opponent, former Ehrlich administration cabinet secretary Larry Hogan, that the polls suggested.

I said here during the preview that I would vote Hogan, no matter who or what he is, just to knock Anthony Brown off the mulatto messiah hopeychanger Presidential track.

I never expected that a simple majority of Maryland voters would take that advice seriously.

Just for the record, Hogan’s hand-picked running mate and thus Lt. Gov.-elect, is black. Just like the last Republican Governor of Maryland, the aforementioned Bob Ehrlich, who picked Michael Steele.

Hogan’s win did not have down ballot coattails; no D to R Congressional flips, the only red teamer in the bunch remains Andy Harris from the coastal district. That means all our old House Democrat favorites are back for another term, including everyone’s favorite, Elijah Cumstain.

Hogan’s win does, however, take a lot of wind out of outgoing Gov. Martin O’Malley’s Presidential campaign. Not that it ever had much wind to begin with.

One more object lesson of this? You should know it by heart by now:

Lethargic black turnout makes life easy for the red team.

Driving that point home?  Hogan won 32 precincts in Baltimore City.


Charlie Baker was the 2010 Republican nominee for Governor but lost to Deval Patrick in his own re-election bid. Baker tried and succeeded this year, beating the Democrat nominee Martha Coakley, who as you recall was herself the Democrat nominee in the special election in the early 2010 special election to replace the late Ted Kennedy, of course she lost to Scott Brown. I guess we can take this to mean that whatever “it” is, Martha Coakley doesn’t have it.

Ed Mahhhhhhhkey wins re-election easily to the Senate.

The state’s Congressional delegation remains all blue, in spite of some Republican hopes for one or two flips.


After a lot of initial enthusiasm for Terri Lynn Land on the immigration matter, her position became more and more open borders as the weeks went on, and with it went her chance of winning.

Rickroller Snyder?  Meh.


Landslide Stuart Smalley and Mark Dayton won with larger margins than they won with six and four years ago, respectively.  A lot of people thought that Franken going down may be the surprise D (DFL) to R flip of the night.

Tom Emmer, whom Dayton narrowly defeated four years ago to become Governor, will replace Michele Bachmann in MN-6.  I don’t know that much about him, but I doubt it’s an improvement.


Travis Childers got 16% of the white vote.  Which is very high for a Democrat running in Mississippi these days.  Only because there were enough Chris McDaniel supporters who still had hard feelings, and Childers signed a Numbers USA pledge that Thad Cochran did not.  But that did not preclude the inevitable.  Cochran still won by 23 because blacks stayed home, you know, those great voters who showed up big time in the primary runoff to save him, even though I don’t and never have thought that was the deciding factor.


Senate D to R flip, R holds the at-large House seat, as expected.  A proposition to do away with same day voter fraud failed.


Instead of floor speeches, Ben Sasse will give TED Talks on the Senate floor.

Minimum wage to be increased, and the Congressional district that contains Omaha was only one of three R to D flips.

Pistol Pete Ricketts?  Don’t know enough.


Brian Sandoval gets about three times as many votes as the Democrat, so he will remain as Governor.

NV-4, the Bundy Ranch district, did flip from (black) D to R.


This is the one we really needed but didn’t get.  As Mickey Kaus noted before the vote, the cause of immigration patriotism needed a Democrat incumbent who voted for Gang Bangers of Eight in a light blue state being turned out by someone who made immigration his keynote issue.

In other Granite State news, in 2010, both of the state’s House district flipped from D to R.  In 2012, they both flipped back.  This year, one of them flipped back again.  The one that didn’t was one where the Republicans nominated a Hispanic.


With Anthony Brown failing in Maryland, Cory Booker is no doubt about it the next Democrat mulatto messiah hopeychanger, unless some U.S. Attorneys get to interested in his former business as Newark Mayor.  And I’m shocked that the Republican running on amnesty, open borders and Puerto Rico statehood didn’t win.


I was thinking that Allan Feh toppling the other Udall would possibly be the night’s surprise, but that was too much to ask.

Susana Martinez, easily.  Expect to hear a lot more of her name next year and half of the year after as possible running mate material.


Andrew Cuomo, but only by 14 points, not even half of what he won by four years ago.  He’s a 2016 contender, but he came out of Tuesday in a weaker position.  As far as that goes, I have one more name to discuss, when I hit “V.”

NY-1 (farther Long Island) and NY-24 (Syracuse and surrounding) flipped from D to R.  I noticed that Michael Grimm, the Congressman from Staten Island, in spite of being under indictment, Obama’s USAG nominee Loretta Lynch was heretofore part of the legal team trying to string him up, won re-election fairly easily.


Thom Tillis pulls it out, and he’s a Roverrated/Chamber Pot of Commerce/cheap labor lobby whore.  Yet Scott Brown didn’t?  Kay Hagan did better in the liberal big cities than she did in 2008 when she toppled Elizabeth Dole.  How can that happen?  You should know the answer by now.  Lethargic black turnout helped red team have an easy night.

Renee Ellmers School Glue is back for another term, the open borders hack her.  Of course her Democrat opponent was former American Idoler Clay Aiken, so yuck yuck.


I’ve got nothing.


John Kasich’s Democrat opponent was the Cuyahoga County Executive.  Since the Democrats nominated such a quality well placed individual, it prevented this race from being a 30-point all-but-two-county blowout for Kasich.


Kasich won Cuyahoga County.

Remember, Cuyahoga County and Cleveland is where all the Obama Phone people live, and that’s the county where all the black elderly woman turnout swung Ohio to Obama, and once Ohio went for Obama, that’s when it was all over in 2012.

Now I’m worried that Kasich is going to get a head of steam over this and run for President in 2016.  Remember, he ran for President in 2000, doing so from only having been elected to Congress, albeit running the Budget Committee for the six years prior.  If you don’t remember that he ran for President in 2000, it’s for a good reason:  Because he went nowhere.

Though like I said in the preview, he could well win the Democrat nomination for President.

Congressional delegation…no flips…remains 12-4 R.


Both Senate seats up, Jim Inhofe on its regular cycle, and he won, and the seat vacated by the resigning Tom Coburn, the only drama for it was earlier this year during the primary, the winner of which, James Lankford, won easily on Tuesday.

The whole House and Senate delegation is red.

Did you know that Governor Mary Fallin was once on a bit of shaky ground for re-election?  When you only win by 15, yet both Senate candidates on the ballot that same day wins by 39, a 15 point win does seems sorta lame-a-rooney.


Jeff Merkley easily for Senate re-election.  Monica Webhy was just what the RINOs ordered.  Again, RINOs, tell me when you’re going to eat your own dog food.

Jeff Kitzhaber wins re-election as Governor, but far more narrowly.

But the star of the night in Oregon was Measure 88 going down to defeat by 2-1.  It is a win for immigration patriotism in a blue state.  It got more votes than anything on the statewide ballot, including other statewide ballot measures and statewide political candidate races, and the only county it won was Multnomah (Portland), and even there, Merkley and Kitzhaber way outperformed the Yes on 88 vote.  Proof that there are a fair percentage of white liberal immigration patriots.


If Tom Corbett lost because of Jerry Sandusky, then it’s an eternal political slander.  From what I can tell, Corbett was the first person who had any real power to do something about it who actually did something about it when he got wind that Sandusky was molesting boys, back when he was state AG.

Lou Barletta won another term in PA-11 by a 2-1 margin, such a landslide is nice to see.  BTW, when did the district that Jack Murtha once represent turn red?


Rhode Island Republicans, there’s a chink in your Gubernatorial armor.

The Raimondo that is Governor-Elect, is definitely not Justin Raimondo.  I can assure you of that.

Robert Healey was the nominee of the Moderate Cave Man Party.


As it was on primary day in South Carolina, with both Senate seats on the ballot, Tim Scott outperformed Lindsey Grahamnesty.  And it wasn’t because of black voters, who again had a low turnout.  Dillon, Darlington, Barnwell:  The three counties that Scott carried that Graham didn’t, all three are majority but not overwhelmingly white.  However, most of the black belt counties voted for both Democrats.

Nimrata Randhawa (“Nikki Haley”) had a much easier time this year than four years ago.

Before I let this go, there are a lot of people who should know this but don’t know what is meant by the political-rhetorical device “the first black to win (insert public office here) in (insert southern state here) since Reconstruction.”  A phrase dragged out a lot with Tim Scott’s win on Tuesday.  During Reconstruction, the Union military occupation of Dixie from 1865 to 1876, most whites were not allowed to vote.  The only people who could vote were blacks or domestic traitors or Northern carpetbaggers.  Therefore, it’s easy to see how a lot of blacks won offices like Senate, Governor, Congress, and what not.  After the fortuitous circumstance of the 1876 Presidential election, and the end of military occupation (“Reconstruction”), Southern states restored sanity, and therefore, blacks suddenly couldn’t win elections.  What is meant now by that phrase is that a black person running in the South was able to win an election with enough white votes.


Mike Rounds was in so much trouble that the NRSC had to ship money to South Dakota that it really wanted to spend elsewhere.

If winning by 20 is “trouble,” then I wonder what “safe” is.

Governor Dennis Daugaard and at-large Congresswoman Kristi Noem (YUM) win by 2-1 or greater margins.


Combining Gov. Bill Haslam and Sen. Lamar Alexander together, their two county maps would have been all red but for Davidson (Nashville) voting for the quixotic Democrat running against Alexander.

But then, reality check:  Lamar Alexander, as in Gang Bangers of Eight.

Oh God.

The state is now constitutionally prohibited from implementing an income tax.


Greg Abbott become Governor-Elect the moment Rickroller Perry announced his retirement last year.

Anyone who did not believe that was lying to one’s own self or to other people or both.

There was never a poll that I saw that showed Abbott having anything less than a 13-point lead.

So how did it come to pass that there came to be this cult slash alternate universe bubble around this pure media and feminist-activist-left creation that calls herself “Wendy Davis?”  It might be for the same inexplicable reason that Pet Rocks were popular in the 1970s.  Steve Sailer thinks it was because the Democrats didn’t understand the solidarity of white Texas voters, not on Mississippi-Alabama levels, but well enough for red team to win handily at least.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall.  Or rather, the more detached from reality the delusions, the harder it is to accept reality when the bubble bursts.

I won’t amuse you with all the stupid still-detached-from-reality excuses that Wendy Davis supporters and sycophants and even the failed candidate herself are trucking out in the postmortem of her bubble bursting.  One is crazier than the next.  One thing I will note is that in their attempt to state that Abbott really didn’t win women because he didn’t win black, Hispanic and single white women, that proves that when the left uses the word “women” in a political sense, they mean everyone but married white women.

Needless to say, if that milieu just accepted reality from the get-go, they wouldn’t be making asses of themselves in public today.

Here’s a stat that Don Surber dug out of the abyss:  Of those who are “mostly illegal sometimes legal” on the aborticide issue, 86% of them voted for Greg Abbott.  Of those whoa re “mostly legal sometimes illegal,” 44% voted for Abbott.  Don Surber’s point is that Wendy Davis took the absolutist always legal position, and those of that position and those of the absolutist always illegal position had the same percentage vote for Wendy Davis and Greg Abbott, respectively, meaning they canceled each other out.

Here’s a stat I noticed:  Greg Abbott’s 59% of the vote bests any of Rickroller Perry’s percentages in his three wins for Governor, 57%, 39% and 55% in 2002, 2006 and 2010, respectively.

The person who will replace Wendy Davis in the State Senate is a woman who is the complete political antithesis of her.

John Cornyn won re-election to the Senate, though I’m not thrilled about that.

Louie Gohmert is making noises about striking King Boehner.  I hope he can kill him, metaphorically speaking.  Because, as we all know, you don’t strike a king unless you can kill a king.


The only thing of note is Mia Love, who only won her race narrowly, compared to Utah’s other three districts, which were all red team blowouts.  Maybe enough voters in UT-4 weren’t ready for a real life episode of Scandal.  Or maybe the overcompensating for black guilt pathology among Mormons isn’t as strong as I thought; realizing that Mia Love could not have joined the Mormon Church as late as the day I was born.

Fox News Channel has no fewer than six black woman on-air personalities, and all five of them are married to white men, Stacey Dash has had multiple white husbands.  Mia Love?  Married to a white man.  Since WM/BF relationships are the most rare of all the interracial possibilities, that’s a cluster, not a coincidence.


No candidate for Governor, including incumbent Democrat Peter Shumlin, got above 50%.  Which means the new session of the state legislature will decide.

Time enough for Brian Dubie to ride back into town?


Okay, Mark Warner.  Did you just want a little excitement in your life?  Is that why, in spite of your opponent running the worst RINO-style Senate candidacy maybe ever, that you wanted to run an even worse campaign just to make it close just so you can have some thrills?

Special Ed Gillespie is on record for wanting to septuple legal immigration.  Mark Warner vote for Gang Bangers of Eight.  Scott Brown made immigration patriotism his keynote issue.  Jeanne Shaheen voted for Gang Bangers of Eight.  So how in the HELL did Gillespie come way closer to toppling Warner than Brown did Shaheen?

Other than that which I spouted so often in this review, my local review and my meta-analysis, the state having lots of that racial demographic.

What this means is that Mark Warner, who I thought was the prime dark horse for Democrats in 2016, someone who I thought was a great value bet, knowing that some British book was laying 85-1 on him to be the Democrat nominee for President, can forget about running for President.  If you wound up making that bet, sorry ’bout that.

I don’t think that Gillespie’s latching onto the Washington Redskins issue in the fourth quarter had much to do with this race being so close in the end.  The statistical evidence is that Warner fell a lot further than Gillespie gained, if you compare the early fall polls to the actual results.  What really happened is that Warner’s campaign was bad, and Warner himself was dogged by a scandal that broke during campaign season relating to someone Democrat in the Virginia State Senate.

With Martin O’Malley, Andrew Cuomo and Mark Warner now in weaker positions after Tuesday than before, this only helps HRC.  Which is why I’m not on board with Rand Paul tweeting #HillarysLosers all over the place.  All the losers she endorsed won’t matter once 2016 gets here.

VA-7 is now official for Dave Brat.


There were two contradictory 2A-related issue initiatives, and if they would have both passed, it would have created a legal paradox that could have destroyed the whole universe…though we might have been lucky that the damage was only confined to our own galaxy.  (What a relief.)  Doesn’t matter, because the one that should have won didn’t and the one that shouldn’t have won did.


As late as four years ago and change, Shelley Moore Capito was the only Republican in the state’s entire House and Senate delegation, three House and two Senate.

Now, she’s the first Senate Republican from West Virginia since the Charleston was popular (and I don’t mean Charleston, W.V.), and the only Democrat in the delegation is Sen. Joe Manchin, who may change parties to make it a clean sweep.  Though I think all that will happen is that he’ll vote with Republicans a lot but not change parties.

Nick Rahall, a 19-term incumbent Democrat from the state’s southern Congressional district, has now been forcefully retired.  If one combines 2010 and 2014, and considers all the long tenure House Democrats that were either defeated or retired in those two cycles, the House Democrat caucus lost a whole lot of collective tenure and experience, along with losing a lot of numbers.

As was expected, the State House went from D to R control, though it went more dramatically R than expected, going from 53-47 D to 64-36 R.  Unexpected was the State Senate, which started the day 24-10 D but ended the day 17-17 tied.  The next day, one of the Democrats changed parties.

Again, just permanent interests.


In 2010, Scott Walker won his first campaign for Governor by 6 points.

In 2012, in an attempt to recall him, he staved off being recalled, beating the Democrat running against him (who was also his 2010 opponent) by 6 points.

In 2014, he wins again in the normal election cycle of this office by…you’ll never guess.

He is nothing if not consistent.

Now, just don’t get any Presidential ideas, Mr. Walker.

Not as if this wasn’t expected, but my favorite member of the Wisconsin Congressional delegation, Jim Sensenbrenner, won another term by a better than 2-1 margin.


A whole lot of red, as expected.  We could have done without Matt Mead.

The NRSC Is Responsible For Doing Something Smart (For Once)

21 10 2014


The New Willie Horton.


Modest Proposal

26 09 2014



Johntavious Swift, not and never to be confused with Jonathan Swift, though the similarity does give me the opportunity to make a modest proposal.

Err, maybe not.

Now it’s a Preschool-to-Prison Pipeline

25 07 2014


The great motivational speaker can’t instill enough discipline in her own kids to keep them from being suspended eight times between the two of them before either one gets to Kindergarten?

I don’t know what kind of preschool she sends them, so this analysis might not be accurate.  But I know today’s public educational system does everything it can not to suspend NAM students unless whatever they did falls under the aegis of the insurance industry-driven zero tolerance paranoia.  Plain words, if black students are suspended at all, then they must have done something very bad.  There’s just too much Obama/Holder/DOJ/My Brother’s Keeper pressure on them.

If all else fails, this great motivational speaker who is also a single mother can say that her sons’ daddy wasn’t shit.


Eric Holder Crashes a Party

13 05 2014


Coincidentally, Douglas County contains Omaha, which has some black and Hispanic undertow ghettos and barrios, and Colfax County’s largest town, Schuyler, is 63% Hispanic.

But who expects blacks and Hispanics to vote in Republican primaries?

Speaking of, I know V-Dare is upset that Ben Sasse won’t sign FAIR’s pledge, while Shane Osborn has.  But I still trust Sasse more than Osborn on the issue, mainly because the donor class loves Osborn.  That and candidate pledges aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.

Sunday Wrap-Up

30 03 2014


*  Stubborn as a mule:  The University of Central Missouri Mules won the D-II college basketball championship yesterday, beating West Liberty University, of West Liberty, West Virginia (north of Wheeling).

I don’t work around many of their alumni (formerly Central Missouri State University), so I don’t think I’ll hear much boasting.

“Gee Wally.”

I gave it six months.  I seriously underestimated them:  They lasted ten months.  They turned off the gals and switched to Yahoo Sports Radio on March 1.

I figured something was up when I scanned the dial locally one point this week and there weren’t these dynamic women discussing the issues of the day (boobs, bras, diapers that are simultaneously pissy and shitty, having romantic crushes on their sons, etc.) on 1380.

Satchel Paige once played for the Browns.

This photo was taken in September 1952, and after the end of the following season, the Browns moved to Baltimore and became the Orioles.

*  Out:  Knockout Martin Luther King.  In:  “Flash Fights,” aka staged fights among “yoots” purely for the purpose of looksatme.

The cops are worried about this.  They should actually be thrilled about this.  As long as the yoots are keeping the yootiness to and among themselves, and not involving any innocent white or other people, we should be happy.

As an aside, here’s the direct link to the YT video Channel 2 blurred out in that story.  It’s age restricted, so I’ll just link to it instead of embedding it.

SLPS casualty count so far this school year, with about two months left to go, is up to 17.  That’s almost Chicago-like territory.

*  That permanent temporary increase in the Illinois income tax?  It’s going to be permanent.

Oh no you don’t — Don’t go voting for Bruce Rauner thinking you’re going to get out of it.


Where the immigration is.

Thinking ahead, long term and strategically.  It’s good to know at least one political party does it.

The bill couldn’t be named after anyone more appropriate.

Los Angeles County soon to zoom past the 10 million population mark.

*  Repeat after me:  The USSR built walls to keep people IN.

What’s with this refreshing break from Godwin’s Law?  The Russia-Ukraine issue is hot, so I guess it’s time to remind people of the big bad ole Soviet Union in order to grease the political skids for something.


*  This has been a bad week for ook news out of Philadelphia.  First it was the Temple brick attack, then it was the YOOT cold cocking his school’s conflict mediator.  And now it’s this. The school is 91% black, in case you were wondering.

*  Stupid ook.  Jack a car, it’s a stick shift, and you can’t drive a stick.

The state of Louisiana will soon probably legalize gun buyback scams statewide; as of right now, they are only legal in New Orleans.  And both houses of the state legislature are in Republican control, too.  I wonder what’s up with that.  I sense some logrolling.

*  Four people popped so far in the recent Louisville mahogany mob (you know, L’Affaire d’Me’Quale), three can be publicly named.  One Shaquazz and one Je’rece.


What medieval Europe did to its YOOTS.

While this is not bad news, I don’t know if I’d call it good, either.

*  I have trouble buying the notion that the Philadelphia (there’s that town again) Eagles cut DeSean Jackson for his gang ties.  By that standard, a good chunk of the NFL would have to be released.  I just happen to think he wanted too much money.  And the team’s front office is doing a “gang ties” whisper campaign as an excuse, a diversion.

This analysis is based on the manufacturers’ price gouging for inkjet printer ink, which is entirely how they get you on the back end for their ridiculously low loss leader prices on the printers themselves.

I Couldn’t Have Snarked It Better Myself

12 03 2014



His family claims that perhaps the teen had been drinking and was confused, and thought he was at his aunt’s house. Presumably, crashing in through doors and taking a swing at those inside after they’ve retreated to their bedrooms is just how Ramon greeted people.

Dark Nebraska Nights

25 01 2014


Lincoln Journal-Star:

Report: Nebraska No. 1 in black homicide rate

Omaha City Councilman Ben Gray couldn’t talk Thursday about black homicide rates in Nebraska.

He was at a funeral for his grand-niece, killed at breakfast in her Omaha home last week by a stray bullet.

Payton Benson’s funeral started 90 minutes after a national nonprofit released a report titled “Black Homicide Victimization in the United States.”

Proportionally, more black people died at someone else’s hand in Nebraska than anywhere else in the country in 2011, when taking the total black population into account, according to the 11-page report released Thursday by the Violence Policy Center.

Thirty of the state’s 87,124 blacks were slain in 2011, or 34.3 per 100,000, the report says. That rate puts Nebraska slightly ahead of Missouri’s 33.38 and Michigan’s 31.54.

Well then, hooray for Nebraska!  Which is something that people in the formerly Big 12 rival state of Missouri wouldn’t say very often.

Two-thirds of the state’s black people live in Omaha, while an eighth live in Lincoln, according to 2012 U.S. Census data.

The rate of black homicides in Nebraska was nearly twice the national average, according to the report based on FBI and U.S. Census data.

Hawaii, Montana and New Hampshire tied for last, because no one killed any black people in those states in 2011.

Blacks made up 13 percent of the country’s population in 2011, but they accounted for half of all homicide victims.

“Blacks in America are disproportionately affected by homicides,” said Josh Sugarmann, executive director of the Violence Policy Center and the report’s co-author.

The vast majority of Nebraska’s 30 black homicide victims — 90 percent of the state’s total — are like Payton Benson: They died in Omaha. Two others were killed in Lincoln that year, one in Bellevue.

Ninety percent were men.

Sugarmann told people who see the report, including lawmakers, to be informed by the numbers, but not to get mired in them.

“This is not an abstract concept,” he said. “This is real people’s lives.”

He’s right, the ooks are real.

There is no mention here of who is committing these homicides.

Next Generation

7 01 2014



Still in diapers, but cussing up a storm.

Most people don’t develop a swearing habit until they’re long out of diapers.


Protective custody.


I was just waiting for Tommy Sotomayor to get around to this story:


New developments.  Text form and video form:

Skim Milking

14 11 2013

Lake St. Louis

No real make on the suspects yet.

However, I bet the money trail passes through the continent of Asia, either east, southeast or south.

UPDATE 11/22

Two suspects arrested in Nebraska, they pulled the same scam in Omaha, and the two are said to be “originally from California.”

UPDATE 11/23

Armenians.  The giveaway is that surnames that end in -ian or -yan are almost always Armenian.

KKKrazy Glue: It’s a Powerful Thing

12 09 2013

Richboro, Pennsylvania

My Fox Philly:

Football Team Name Concerns Parents

Jared Heckman watches his two sons play league football as members of the Northampton Konkrete Kids. And he does so with a sense of pride.

“I’m a Konkrete kid. My kids are Konkrete Kids. My father and my family before them were all Konkrete Kids,” he says.

But it’s the spelling of the team name that’s generating controversy. The alliteration of concrete has two K’s, add the word “kids” and you have K.K.K.

By “parents,” they mean paranoid crackpot blacks.

Terrance Jackson disagrees.

“I don’t think that it was a mistake or that it’s coincidental,” he says. “Yes, I think it was placed there purposely.”

Cue ghetto lottery lawsuit by Terrance Jackson in three, two, one…

Joseph Kovalchik defends the name and its particular origin.

“The Konkrete Kids, the way it’s spelled, the way we spell it, is derived from the German heritage. That’s where it really kind of came from. And it has nothing to do with anything about things we don’t believe in,” he says.

Oh now you’ve jumped from the frying pan into the fire.  Everybody knows that German = Nazi.  “It’s not Klan, it’s German.”  Oh, okay.

“There’s nothing hidden here. It’s not like we’re the Washington Redskins doing this Tomahawk Chop thing. That, to me, is heinous,” says another parent.

No good story involving racial paranoia would be complete without dragging the American Indians into it.  The real evil is pretending to do a chop with your hands for a team with Indian names.

Terrance Jackson says he isn’t planning on a long, laborious fight and says that even if the district refuses a change, he’ll live with that.

That’s what he told the media on line one.  On hold on line two is an NAACP lawyer.

We Get Your Point, Deb

7 02 2013


Deb Fischer explains why she’s not voting Hagel for DefSec.

Really, she need not have bothered.  We all know the real reason.  If all she would have said, “If the bastard had his way, I would have never been in the Senate,” we would have understood.

Fair Isn’t Fair

3 01 2013


As part of the latest “fiscal cliff” deal, Warren Buffett pays not a dime in new taxes, while his secretary will.


Maybe he will, or least he should legally speaking.  See the comments below.

A Fake Cop, A Fake Cop Not

20 05 2012

Now they tell us he wasn’t a fake cop.

So now we’re left with motive.


Reading Material:

Neighbors: Highway shooting suspect a regular guy.  AP, May 18
Family’s efforts pay off with arrest.  Omaha World-Herald, May 19

Wednesday Wrap-Up

16 05 2012


*  Pulaski Banks have the “No CCW” signs.  They practically beg to be robbed.

In spite of recent budget cuts, KCPS still spends more per student than its neighbors.  Part of that might be purely a result of the denominator getting smaller, because of the availability of charter schools.

*  Speaking of which, I don’t know if it’s going to make it this legislative session, which is almost over, but there is a bill that would allow charters statewide.  As of now, they can only exist in St. Louis and Kansas City.  UPDATE:  The bill passed and is on Gov. Nixon’s desk.  It would allow charters in any school district that the state has taken over, and allow school district-sponsored charters everywhere else.

Missouri issuing Kansas alum license plates?  I couldn’t even imagine the humiliation.  I did see an Auburn alum Tennessee license plate in St. Louis traffic awhile back, and Auburn University and two different schools in the state of Tennessee are SEC rivals.


Good ole Detroit.  If you were on a bus and you could see an armed robbery taking place, would you start screaming and draw attention to yourself?

BTW, Shuntrice?

After reading the first two paragraphs, you won’t be surprised at the name of the suspect.

*  If your kid doesn’t get enough exercise, he or she will die of obesity.  If your kid plays a sport, he or she will die of sudden cardiac arrest.  No matter what you do or don’t do, it’s going to kill you.

Pediatricians really need to chill out.


*  How old am I getting?  This was taken the year I was born.  The car, a ’55 Buick, was only 22 years old in that photo.  A 1990 model year automobile is 22 years old now.

One of the comments states that the first DQ was opened in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.  That seems about as redundant as opening a greenhouse in Honduras.

BTW, don’t go to Dairy Queen now, because it’s part of the empire of the Oracle of Omaha, the one who keeps dragging his precious secretary into public view to divert attention away from his own company’s tax indebtedness.

*  A few days ago was the 75th anniversary of the coronation of King George VI, the stutterer of The King’s SpeechHere are the day’s events as seen by his then 11-year old daughter, someone you’re probably heard of.

Not everybody wanted the Golden Gate Bridge to be built.


*  Good.  Can we expect the movie in the summer of 2015?

Big big big dogs.

*  Truck nuts:  Evidently illegal in South Carolina.

Idiocy.  It’s sheer lunacy for a seven-year old to train as if he will be a Division I college athlete.

Berkshire’s Buckets

4 05 2012

Two and two-thirds gigabucks of operating profits in 1Q2012.

Dear Warren:  Take one of them and pay off those back taxes you owe Uncle Sam, so we can stop hearing about your godforsaken secretary.  You know, the one that’s overtaxed, yet makes somewhere between 200 and 500 a year, enough to afford two houses, one in Omaha and the other in Phoenix, and if she’s above 350, she’s in that top 1% the Occutards constantly bitch about.


History Not Worth Repeating

26 04 2012


First Lady Hails Free-Contraception Mandate: ‘We Made History’

(CNSNews.com) – First Lady Michelle Obama boasted at a campaign event in Omaha, Neb. on Tuesday that “we made history” when the president’s health care proposal was enacted and the administration issued a regulation mandating that insurance companies provide women with free contraceptives.

Using the full force and power of the Federal government to force someone to do something…now that’s profound, original and history-making.

Hitler made history, too.  Wanna repeat?

Fun With Headlines, Hump Day Edition

21 03 2012

Thy Black Man:  Yes Black and Illiterate: We Can’t Read, But We sure Can Watch TV.

Soon to be parlayed into a book, tentatively titled, Why Can’t N’Deshawntavious Read?

WaPo:  Condoleezza Rice rejects Mitt Romney vice presidential possibility

Because it would create a conflict of interest for her:  If she’s Romney’s running mate, her vote for Obama would be a vote against her becoming Vice-President.

Billboard:  Shots Fired After Tyga Concert in Omaha

I’m guessing it’s the same genre as Celtic Woman?

Denver Post:  Bill to hold students back a grade for poor reading moves ahead

I haven’t read the article yet, but I bet it contains at least one of these four words:  Racism, disparate, discriminate, disproportionate.