Wicked Trick

17 04 2015

St. Louis City

But not a wicked racial profiling trick, as such.


I only read that far.

Sam Dotson and/or Francis Slay blames the NRA and/or rural state legislators.

Am I right?

Low Down and Dirty

15 04 2015

New York City

If you want to be low down and dirty, the first thing you must do is convince yourself and everyone else that all of your opponents are low down and dirty, even if it’s not true.  That way, you feel better about yourself when you actually start being low down and dirty.

Jim Hoft, about Michael Bloomberg speaking at his eponymous energy future summit:

What the NRA does, the reason they are so powerful is they go to you and they say, you gotta vote with us. And you say, I can’t do it. I’m good on the other issues but I’m not good on guns. And the NRA would say, well We’re gonna go after you. But you say, my opponent is worse. But they say, we don’t care we’re going after you. We’re going after your spouse, your kids, and your grandkids. We’re setting up a fund so five generations from now we’re still going to go after every relative of yours.

I didn’t know that casting a trans-generational spell on someone’s great-great-great-grandkids was a common NRA tactic.

From there, you can pretty much figure out what Bloomy wants his peepz to do, in case you don’t want to follow the link.



11 04 2015



Isn’t there some big important convention going on this weekend in New York that the New York Times should worry about before it fumes and steams about a minor technicality relating to a conference being held 884 miles away from its own building?

The most important convention in the world!

The version of me that is slightly more cynical than myself thinks that there’s some sort of hidden or not-so-hidden agenda afoot.

The Graybar Hotel Is Overbooked

3 04 2015


Okay, Rahm and Gerry.  You want manmims for illegal gun possession?

Where are you going to put ’em?

Illinois state prisons are so overcrowded that those convicted of murder two are sometimes out within a single digit number of years.  A combination of Illinois’s budget problems and the Federal courts have meant that the state has no choice but to do this.  About the only kind of convicts who will do their full bit are those convicted of murder one, which is now a straight life sentence in Illinois, now that they’ve tabled the death penalty.  This is why the U.S. Attorneys are getting creative and using the Hobbs Act to send garden variety armed robbers in Illinois (including the Metro East) to Federal prison, because if they were strung up and sentenced by the state, they may not actually do any prison time at all.

The Cook County jail is so overcrowded and such a clusterfuck that it’s one major scandal away from the Federal courts taking over, letting a bunch of inmates out, and sending ole Dodge Dart out to pasture.

As far as Rahm’s weed plans — The truth of the matter is that what he wants is pretty much the way it is.  The Cook County State’s Attorney and her ASAs are so overworked in trying to prosecute all the real violent crime in Cook County and Chicago that they don’t have time to string everyone up who has a little bit of weed.  The CPD doesn’t care about you smoking weed because they’re on the way to scraping up the next body off the pavement.

Chuy blames Rahm, Rahm blames Chuy, Garry blames guns, activists blame Garry, but the ook is beyond reproach.  Meanwhile, it looks like they’ve figured out that nobody is going to help them, they’ll have to help themselves.  And not a moment too soon.


They Walk the Line

23 03 2015

New York


NFL to hire ex-ATF boss Todd Jones

Roger Goodell has informed NFL owners that Todd Jones, the former Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, will soon join the league as Special Counsel for Conduct, a league source confirmed to ESPN.

Jones is a former U.S. Attorney for Minnesota and was a Marine infantry officer.

Lisa Friel, a former New York District Attorney’s office sex crimes prosecutor, was also named NFL Special Counsel for Investigations.

According to a source, Goodell decided to split the role for the NFL’s conduct czar. Jones will apply and administer the personal conduct policy that applies to all NFL employees, while Friel will professionalize the investigations process.

Jones’ pending appointment by the NFL was reported earlier Monday by the New York Post.

Coming soon to the NFL players conduct guide book:  “You are required to sell guns to Mexican dope cartels.”

And also, you in the NFL are going to find out why we call him B. Toad Jones.

But He Won’t Be Worried Long

18 03 2015

Washington, D.C.


Former Senior White House advisor Dan Pfeiffer admits that one of President Obama’s angriest moments in the White House was after the Senate blocked his push for gun control.

At a time when the Democrats ran the Senate.

But he has nothing to worry about now. He has a pen and phone, and Congress is no impediment to him, in spite of the fact that the upper chamber is now run by the supposed opposition party.

“I think one of the most angry I’ve seen him was after the Senate failed to pass background checks in 2013,” Pfeiffer explained in an interview with broadcaster Charlie Rose.

Pfeiffer admitted that the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting was one of the most “emotional” moments in Obama’s presidency thus far. The Senate’s refusal to act on any form of gun control, however, infuriated the president.

Newtown happened because of the lack of a “universal background check,” (The nutbar failed a background check when he tried to buy for himself, so that’s why he stole his mother’s guns, and his mother did pass the background check), or was it because some publicity and infamy seeking omega male video game addicted SSRI junkie nutbar/dweeb wanted to go out in a blaze of “glory?” Hell, even Baraq Obama has enough sense never to name the nutbar in public.

Obama could have had his precious “universal background check” if he and the Democrats were willing to do a little compromising. But, contra Pfeiffer, I think Obama wanted the issue for 2014 more than he wanted a bill to sign.

Personally, I’d be for a well written well thought out universal background check bill, for two main and perhaps contradictory reasons: One, it’ll wind up shoveling more blacks into Federal prison, and two, it’ll get the issue off the table and show the world that universal background checks aren’t the utopian panacea that certain people would like to think it is.

Don’t Give Up, Just Give Up

10 03 2015

Washington, D.C.

ATF backs down, for now.

Because I think this proposed regulation was Obama creating a bargaining chip for himself, I wonder what the Republicans are secretly giving up in the QPQ.


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