She’s Trying to Teach Us a Lesson

16 01 2016

Austin, Texas

I think there’s a really cogent point that not even she’s aware of even though she’s making it.

The point is that the NRA, et al. et al. et many many al., are one of the few elements left on the greater American right that is still fighting the culture wars, and not surprisingly, it’s one of the few elements of the greater American right that’s actually posting a lot of wins.

It’s one of the reasons why I was so happy with cuckservative and #NRORevolt last year, because the Alt-Right now seems to want to join the culture wars and do so as its own sovereign entity.

Well That’s Easy

12 01 2016


Fox 59 Indianapolis:

Indiana’s gun laws are again in the spotlight here and nationwide after some recent remarks by President Obama.

The president blamed Indiana’s gun laws for gun violence in Chicago during a town hall meeting Thursday. The comments echoed similar ones he made in October.

“Well, the problem is, is that about 30, 40 percent of those guns are coming from Indiana, across the border, where there are much laxer laws,” President Obama said.

Well then using that logic, all of Indiana should be a crime ridden hell hole, because that’s where the evil undocumented transactions are happening.

But, we already know that Indiana has magic dirt, and certain parts of Chicago have tragic dirt.

Or, maybe Trump’s great wall should go between Illinois and Indiana, not the United States and Mexico.  Or better yet, it should go around certain parts of Chicago, almost making those parts an open air prison.

The Filthy White Rednecks of Boston

9 01 2016

Boston; Baltimore

Baltimore Sun:

It’s inevitable when my husband and I visit family these days that the subject of violence in Baltimore comes up. Often, I’m the one who raises it. But when it came up last week on a trip to see my parents in Georgia, I got my back up. I thought of the 11-hour drive south and the billboards we passed along I-81 boasting guns for sale (“A Glock for Christmas”!), and of the story my brother-in-law, who lives in Florida, told of a neighbor stopping by to shoot the breeze in his suburban driveway, a handgun holstered at the man’s waist as their kids played nearby.

I’m less afraid of the criminals wielding guns in Baltimore, I declared as we discussed the issue, than I am by those permitted gun owners. I know how to stay out of the line of Baltimore’s illegal gunfire; I have the luxury of being white and middle class in a largely segregated city that reserves most of its shootings for poor, black neighborhoods overtaken by “the game.” The closest I typically get to the action is feeling the chest-thumping vibrations of the Foxtrot police helicopter flying overhead in pursuit of someone who might be a few streets over, but might as well be a world away. But I don’t know where the legal gun owners are or how to ensure that their children, no matter how well versed in respecting firearms, won’t one day introduce that weapon to my daughter.

Boston Globe:

You spoke about the “murderous NRA” and “bloodthirsty gun nuts” who were causing our schools to “run red with blood.” You spoke profanely of the Republicans who opposed President Obama’s call for “sensible gun control,” and you lamented the number of “inbred redneck politicians” who have “infiltrated Capitol Hill.”

I can translate both.

“I fear black crime.  However, I’m not allowed to notice black crime, and in fact, I’m a foot soldier in the War on Noticing.  Therefore, I am going to manifest my fear of armed black men onto rural white people who I will never meet who live in places I will never go.”

You can probably deduce that I take the Baltimore Sun article as clickbait for my hiding its link behind the Do Not Link service.

Obama’s Mouth Is Writing a Check

6 01 2016

Washington, D.C.

Kevin Williamson, in NR:

If you are wondering why the president is, at the eleventh hour, using probably illegal executive fiats to start a national fight over gun control — a fight that will do nothing to reduce ordinary crime, terrorism, or mass shootings — it’s because he’s still looking for his Gingrich, and he believes that the NRA may be it. That is a grave and uncharacteristic political miscalculation for a man whose only documentable talent is for political calculation, and one suspects that his administration and his party will suffer for it between now and November.

And by “his Gingrich,” Williamson means Gingrich vis-a-vis Bill Clinton, an adversary that got Clinton’s and the Democrats’ juices flowing; Williamson goes over that history of (already) 20 years ago.

Here’s the problem with this: The NRA has been the only Obama opponent in the era of the Obama Presidency that has shown the ability to take the fight right back to Obama’s snoot and make it personal. Obama must have forgotten three years ago, and this.

White Privilege

5 01 2016

Washington, D.C.

UKDM headline:

‘Every time I think about those kids it gets me mad’: Obama cries for the victims of Newtown as he pushes gun control at speech surrounded by families of mass shooting victims

No tears for Chicago?

He cares so much about the kids of the top 0.1% southwestern Connecticut blue team voters and donors that as part of his executive action, invalid and bed-ridden mentally incompetent Social Security recipients will be legally prohibited from owning firearms. What he has not proposed so far is my Nutbar Law, that is, mandating that law enforcement not release details about the identity of or the manifestos of or the sociopolitics of people who committed a mass murder only for the sake of publicity for themselves publicity and/or their cause. Obama himself, much to his credit, and matching my own self-imposed policy, never lets the name of these nutbars cross his lips, so he has to know what I already figured out.

The Newtown Nutmeg Nutbar’s father was once a Vice-President for something-or-another for General Electric, and as you know, GE is a big wheel in the pro-Obama crony capitalist machine; they were rewarded by having $0 of Federal corporate income tax liability one year recently.  I wrote here that the reason why Obama takes Newtown so personally is that the Nutmeg Nutbar reminds so many big time Democrat donors and so many media people of their own sons of similar age; what he did struck a big universe of powerful people very personally.

Obama also used the occasion of today’s theatrics to bring up the Show-Me, a contention that I refuted a few days ago.

Improve This Headline

4 01 2016

Janesville, Wisconsin

CNSNews: Ryan: Obama’s Executive Action Another Attempt to Divide, ‘Distract From His Failed Policies’

I’ll improve this headline.

Paul Ryan:  Obama’s Executive Action on Guns Another Attempt to Divide, ‘Distract From his Failed Policies, Which My Budget Funded, and I’ll Eventually Fund This, Too’

Not So Audacious Prediction

4 01 2016

Washington, D.C.

There has been some level of paranoia and sensationalism on our side of the aisle about what President Obama is going to do with his precious pen and phone on “gun violence.”  In reality, they will be nothing more than minor tweaks over the definition of who is in the “business” of selling firearms and of the reporting requirements of mass shipments of firearms between manufacturers and dealers, making that which voluntarily happens now a legal requirement.  If these wind up actually being enforced, and they result in even two firearms purchases a year being subject to an NCIC check that otherwise would not have been, (and both buyers will pass the check), I’ll be surprised.  And if the voluntary reporting becoming required reporting results in even one new Federal prosecution of gun thieves than otherwise would have happened, I’ll also be surprised.

What I think is going on is that Obama is banking on the Cincinnati Effect, aka the Ferguson Effect, starting to wane in the coming year, and 2016 being a less violent year in black major cities this year than last.  Therefore, he’s setting up what he will credit for it this fall, which will just so happen to be election season.  If black violent crime this summer is less bad than last summer, then get ready for Obama to cite his executive action as the reason.

The reason this is not an audacious prediction for me to make is that we’ve been there before in recent history.  Black violent crime peaked in Bill Clinton’s first year in office, and started falling and falling, because of the one-two punch of the crack epidemic wearing out and increased incarceration.  However, Clinton cited the “assault” weapons prohibition section of the 1994 Crime Bill as the cause.

As usual, when Democrats yap about guns, it means they don’t want us to notice race.


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