Indiana’s Fault

23 08 2016


First offense, up to 20 years.  Subsequent offenses, up to 30 years.

Except, Illinois, where murder two convicts often don’t do even ten years.

OTOH, this symbolism takes the heat off of Chicago and Illinois politicians for a little while.

It also should be noted that NCIC is required anywhere in the United States anywhere a background check requisite purchase occurs.  Illinois or Indiana.  It’s just that elderly black women in Chicago can vote in Chicago and Illinois elections, therefore, people subject to their democratic influence won’t ever blame their grandsons for violent crime.  Indiana is just the guy behind the tree.


10 08 2016

Wilmington, North Carolina

He wants gun owners and allies to vote for him.

The cigar is just a cigar, in this case.

It may be one of the few GOTV drives the media dislike.

Why I’m #NRx

4 08 2016

Washington, D.C.

Tiahrt Amendment?  What Tiahrt Amendment?

OTOH, and in the short term, we don’t need to hear any bitching about the Tiahrt Amendment from the anti-gun-nuts any longer, if the Dictator-in-Chief has made it a dead letter.


Somebody’s Getting Their Universal Background Check Violated

24 07 2016

Sweet song, right?

Except, well, 2:15 to 2:29.

No background check.  So, granddaddy, you are summarily sentenced to five years in Federal prison.

Because common sense gun control.

Glock Stock and Barrel

13 07 2016


Against my better judgment, because all this gun talk is a diversion to keep us from thinking about who did Dallas and Orlando, I want to respond to this bit about how it’s easier for teenagers to buy a Glock than it is for them to buy a book.

Here’s the catch:  I’m not really going to respond to Mr. Obama’s statement per se.  I’m going to respond to the standard boilerplate mode of conservative response to him and his bon mot.

The problem with it is that, since lamestream conservatives are mostly white people who live in suburbs, exurbs and rural areas, and almost always abide by all Federal and state laws in the process of their acquisition of firearms, their response is couched in their conceptual framework of “teenagers” meaning their (“white”) teenage (“sons”) and the census of dead tree and ink bookstores and book retailers where they live, and the rate at which their teenagers and their people in general own standalone e-readers or have e-reader apps on their smartphones and of the particularities of Federal and the several states’ firearms laws.  In the universe of the lamestream conservative, the teenager can buy a book with just a few taps of a screen, while his attempt to purchase a handgun will be rejected at the local shooting supply store for his underage status.  QED:  “See?  It’s actually easier for my teenage son to buy a book than it is for him to buy a Glock.”

This will be one of the very very few and rare instances in which I defend Mr. Obama in this space, and even at that, it will only be superficially and out of a sense of fairness.

When Mr. Obama said “teenager,” his mental image was that of N’Deshawntavious on the corner of Halsted and A-Hundred-and-Something on ChiCongo’s south side, and when he said “buy a Glock,” he’s not exactly thinking of a brick and mortar retailer where an FLFD fills out paperwork for NCIC runs.  Also, N’Deshawntavious don’t read no mofo books.  He ain’t no oreo, no sellout, no coon, no Uncle Ruckus, no Uncle Tom.  You’ll never catch him acting white!  Therefore, you’re not going to find many B&N stores along Halsted, and ooks’ phones are highly unlikely to have Kindle apps.  So, of course, in Mr. Obama’s conceptual framework, keeping in mind that his community activist career started on such corners, it is actually a lot easier for a teenager to buy a Glock than it is for him to buy a book.  Mainly because the teenagers of his conceptual framework buy a hell of a lot more Glocks than books.

It all comes down to Dilbert’s risk profiles.

As Well They Shouldn’t

12 07 2016

Minneapolis-St. Paul

They really should be upset with their organization for the opposite reason.  For jumping the gun (no pun intended) and responding too soon, in advance of later facts coming out.  One of those facts is that he didn’t have a CCW permit and never applied for one.

Everybody Needs a Butler, Part 2

15 06 2016


Bates County CCW permit fees waived, because Orlando and the seventh century peacemongers.

Butler and Bates County was the topic of one of my very first parody news stories.  There was actually a dealer in Bates County which made this promise.


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