“Hell, Yes”

3 03 2020


Biden brings on Skateboard D00d to run the point on gun control.

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t much care about this story, especially at a time like this, when I’m burning a two-ended candle at three ends, getting ready for Saturday.

But I wanted to note this previous quote from Skateboard D00d, and then follow it up with a profound powerological prediction.  (Say that ten times in a row really quickly.)

The quote:

During one of the many Democratic debates when he was still in the race, O’Rourke stated, “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47.”


Here’s how gun confiscation will quasi-legally happen in the United States:

It will involve two factors:

(1)  Court packing

(2)  Writ of Replevin

You lawyers reading this have already figured out the rest.

So now, I’ll explain it in plain English terms for everyone else:

(1)  Once the Democrats get the WH-Senate-House troika, they’ll pass legislation which will vastly and greatly expand the size of all levels of the Federal judiciary, and then immediately fill those with the Democrat President’s picks, and obviously the Senate will confirm them.  This will, in practically an instant, undo decades of judiciary-based work on the part of the Federalist Society, and before them, the right-of-center activist space focused on the judiciary.

Imagine a Supreme Court that has just gotten 30 new justices, and they’re all Ruth Bader Ginsburg clones.

(1a)  Soon after, there may be a “rehearing” and obviously a reversal of Heller and MacDonald, but there probably wouldn’t have to be.

(2)  This is where the Writ of Replevin comes in.  A Writ of Replevin is a judicial motion that you file to have property that some public agent illegally confiscated from you to be returned.  However, it’s hardly an inexpensive process, and it’s just not worth it to do it unless it’s a lot of property or very expensive property.  And it’s hardly worth the time and money to do if the illegally confiscated property is your grandpa’s thirty-aught-six.

President Biden, Skateboard D00d and all like them either have already realized this, or will soon, and will use this to their strategic advantage.

See where this is going?

And, just in case anyone does want to file a WoR after President Biden and Skateboard D00d order the ATF or FBI to bust down your grandpa’s front door summarily to take his thirty-aught-six, realize that it will be fed into a suddenly packed and stacked against him Federal judiciary.  Meaning that, as futile as it would be in terms of time and expense to file a WoR in a favorable or neutral judicial climate, it will be even less worth it to do it after President Biden is done packing it.

I can also predict that a President Biden (or Sanders, or Bloomberg, or Ocasio-Cortez) will issue a silent backdoor ultimatum, that any small arms manufacturers that do any kind of business with the NRA (funding, advertising, etc.) will be totally cut out of being able to bid for Pentagon and Federal law enforcement contracts, and via carrot-and-stick mechanisms, state and local law enforcement contracts.  Just the American Federal government (military and domestic) alone is the largest buyer in the world for small arms, while the American civilian domestic market is the third largest in the world.  Biden (or whoever) will know that they’ll all gladly throw the third largest market under the bus to keep the first largest market.  It’s just business, after all.  From there, the NRA will shrivel like a raisin in the sun.

And don’t accuse me of giving them ideas, because, if I’ve thought of it, then I’m sure someone in some Democrat/left think tank has thought of it.

Still, I scare myself sometimes over how cold I am at this ish.  Imagine the career I could have had if I had absolutely no conscience.

Our Buckets

21 01 2020

Richmond, Virginia

Even though yesterday in Richmond turned out without incident, in spite of the desperate attempt on the part of the media and Democrat politicians and paranoia-industrial complex NGOs (though I repeat myself) to provoke something really bad happening so as to create juicy video for Democrats to use on the campaign trail this fall and fundraising fodder, I still would not have gone to it myself if I was anywhere in the vicinity, and I still would have advised proper nationalists not to go.

For the simple reason that we should not be carrying water for people who not only will not carry our water, but then turn around and turn our bucket upside down and pour our water onto the dirt, and then proceed to carry our enemy’s water.

These people yesterday were more comfortable with “married” lesbian marijuana farmers than with white people who take their own side.

Carry On

19 09 2019


I see back in the Good Ole and back in St. Louis, that a lot of box stores have enacted “No Open Carry” policies.

You do realize that they’re cheap theatrics that mash up pandering to the Brady types slash the media on one hand to make them think they’re doing something, but not pissing off actual carriers on the other hand, don’t you?

The hint that gave it away is that I figure that the carry paradigm in practical usage in the United States is about 95% concealed and 5% open.

Whichever consulting or PR munchkin came up with that way to thread the needle deserves a yuge bigly raise and promotion.

A-Grade Weaponry

15 07 2019

First off, you should read my Minds feed, because I am able to do a lot more there than I am here these days.  My Gab and Twitter have the same content, but I favor Minds for social content, because of its lack of character restriction.

But I wanted to bring this one matter from there to this medium.

From Vox, not Vox Day.

Without even reading it, I bet that it plays off the matter off on “progressive activists” being scared of “white supremacist violence,” i.e. 80-year olds carrying around Heritage Foundation-printed signs in Portland.

But the taboo realities, which those progressive activists will never confess, is that they need firearms for protection and self-defense, for two main reasons:

(1) Most “progressive activists” live in the same cities were lots and lots of black people live, ergo they have to worry about incessant black violent crime.  Urban-dwelling left-of-center people in the United States play off their fear of the blacks that surround them on the rednecks they’ll never meet in places so far away they’ll never go.  Extreme lefties are mostly the same as their normie counterparts in that regard, except they tweak it a little differently, based on their political paranoia and psychosis.

(2) Antifa types in particular do what they do, as my reverse political engineering back in 2006 informed me, because they want an inexpensive and sanction-free supply of illicit street drugs. Meaning that since Antifa types are into drugs, it also means they are close to drug violence, and think they need to defend themselves from such.

Often, these two factors intertwine.

The Sanity Is Spreading

8 05 2018


And it’s getting really close to home.

And why not? After all, Raj Chetty of all people said that this is a really good place to raise economically disadvantaged kids.


3 05 2018


That’s all you need to know and where you can stop reading.

Twitchy has more.

Off Company Time

27 04 2018


I already read about this saga in other sources, but I forgot Ken Bone lives in Belleville.

This mentions Kyle Kashuv, who, if you don’t know, is the Anti-David Hogg, and in fact goes to the same high school.  Young Mr. Kashuv was himself a victim of the same sort of thing in the last week.