One Gun Salute

23 11 2015

Greensboro, North Carolina

Remember this?

Results:  Lots of people showed up to sign the meaningless pledge, but the actual gun buyback netted one pistol-looking BB gun and one knife.

I would like to say that this is just a function of the #HASHTAG era, that people are swapping out real substance for superficial symbolism.  However, I remember the first half of the 1990s, and everyone wearing various colored lapel ribbons to show much they care about this that or the other cause.



22 11 2015

New York

New York Daily News has spent the weekend declaring a jihad against the National Rifle Association.

This one is really simple.

The Democrat Party’s strategery after Paris and to distract us all from their President’s open borders no borders extremism, and their own, is this:

LOOK GUN~!!!!!1

I’m almost certain the NYDN is doing PR on behalf of that strategery.

“Look gun!” is almost always a diversionary tactic because someone doesn’t want us to notice things.

MoM’s Pen and Phone

5 11 2015


O’Malley be like: “Muh pen and phone.”

Among the proposals:

2. Stop defending—and work to overturn—gun dealer immunity. O’Malley will stop enforcing the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act of 2005, which protects irresponsible gun dealers and manufacturers from lawsuits, effectively giving blanket immunity to merchants of death. This outrageous law is nearly without precedent—yet when families who have lost loved ones to gun violence challenge the law, the federal government intervenes to defend it. O’Malley will not intervene on behalf of the gun industry immunity law as president. Instead, he will argue that the immunity law is unconstitutional, and work to ensure that victims of gun violence can have their day in court.

Just quit enforcing laws.  As Obama showed us with immigration law, it’s the in thing to do.  What are they going to do?  Impeach him?  Yeah, there’s a good laugh.  And don’t forget, Obama controls and O’Malley wants to control the world’s most powerful military; I doubt a piece of paper that reads “impeachment” will make a difference.

The crucial point here isn’t over what is being done, it is how it is being done.  If the President is quickly becoming an absolute dictator, then we better figure out who we want to be the absolute dictator over us, and to whose power this person exercises this power.  What we, and especially our political neck of the woods better do, is knock off the delusional pretense that the constitution could ever be restored, and get into the game and compete to be the dictator.


1. Use procurement contracts to advance gun safety. Because the federal government is the largest purchaser of firearms, adjusting federal procurement policies can drive innovation that advances gun safety. O’Malley will require manufacturers that seek federal contracts to make simple design changes that advance gun safety and improve law enforcement’s ability to trace firearms. These include hidden serial numbers that cannot be defaced, microstamping, magazine disconnect mechanisms, and other next-generation safety improvements.

I have thought for a very long time, going back to the Clinton years, that eventually, a Democrat President would play hardball, and directly use Federal procurement power (and by carrot-and-stick, state and local procurement power) to deny contracts to manufacturers that fund the NRA.  Operating on the assumption, a common one on the left, and perhaps true to an extent, that the NRA is little more than the lobbying arm of the domestic small arms industry.  Yet, this has not happened yet, and I ill imagine it’s because none of them have thought of it yet.  I’m just some flyover hack, and I thought of it; one has to assume that at least one of the many the high IQ strategists inside the beltway has also thought of it.  The only other possibility other than nobody sufficiently attached to the Democrat Party establishment has thought of it is that they have and have determined it wouldn’t work, because maybe manufacturer funding of the NRA isn’t that big of a percentage of the NRA’s budget.  A third possibility is that someone has thought of it, and it would work, but they have come to a decision not to do it because it’s a political tar baby.



Andrew Cuomo’s Consolation Prize

30 10 2015

Albany, New York

Did you know?  At one time, Andrew Cuomo was considered Presidential timber, a serious 2016 contender.  I, too, thought that the Democrats would jump at a large state Governor with an advantageous family name.

But now, he’s reduced to one of hundreds of national campaigners for gun control, and if his past performance is indicative of future results, he’ll bounce around from town to town screaming about killing deer.

There is enough interesting here such that I’m going to a shallow dive.  Not a deep dive, but a shallow dive.

To start, Mr. Cuomo will be among the chief signatories of a letter to Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch, to be released as early as next week, urging the Justice Department to punish what the Brady Campaign describes as a small fraction of gun dealers who sell an overwhelming share of weapons used to commit crimes. He has promised to lobby other governors around the country to join in the push.

If there’s no such punishment, it’s certainly not for a lack of laws.  It’s for the fact that in most cases, the people who would be punished look like they could be Baraq Obama’s sons slash golfing partners.

But his political allies, and other people familiar with the Brady Campaign’s new initiative, said the gun-control issue had taken on new and sharply personal meaning for the governor amid a string of tragedies. He spoke in September at the funeral of an aide, Carey W. Gabay, a 43-year-old lawyer who was struck in the head by a stray bullet in Brooklyn.

You mean Carey Gabay, who was running around the overnight afterparties of a Brooklyn ookfest circa three in the morning?  Then I have to remind myself to quit noticing things.

Since then, Mr. Cuomo has spoken angrily in remarks about gun violence. He openly criticized federal inaction after a massacre on an Oregon college campus this month, one of several recent mass shootings that has returned gun violence to the fore.

I too want Federal action.  I want the nutbar provision, such that if it is determined the nutbar did it for nutbar reasons, eternal infamy and publicity, and to get people to read his dorky manifesto, then authorities won’t need to release official information about him at all.  Deep into the rabbit hole.

At one point, Mr. Cuomo suggested that Democrats in Congress should be willing to shut down the government to force action on gun violence.

That sound you hear is the Republican establishment going into apoplectic fits because someone suggested that a government “shutdown” is needed to force people’s hands on an important policy issue….er wait….they’re not….because Andrew Cuomo isn’t Ted Cruz.

Representative Hakeem Jeffries of New York, a Democrat close to Mr. Cuomo, said the governor told him during a visit to Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, in October that he planned to increase his involvement in gun control advocacy.

Incidentally, 92% of SAFE Act prosecutions have been filed in Brooklyn or The Bronx, in spite of the fact that those two areas have only 20% of the state’s population.  Dog whistle:  Race.  If my methodology is right, this means that a SAFE Act prosecution is 46 times more likely to happen in Brooklyn or The Bronx than anywhere else in the state.  However, I doubt that the firearm-related violent crime rate in Brooklyn or The Bronx is 46 times higher than the rest of the state, (though my biggest fan might want to correct me), which means the SAFE Act’s very disproportionate overapplication in those two places is hanging paper.

Even before Mr. Gabay’s funeral, Mr. Cuomo vented frustration at the absence of federal legislation addressing gun killings. He blamed lax gun regulations at the federal level and in other states for creating a “back door” into New York for illegal firearms.

No problem there either, there are books full of Federal laws dealing with interstate transportation of firearms for the purpose of violent crime.  In fact, like I’ve been saying here, one of the very underrated stories of 2015 is U.S. Attorneys getting more and more creative in applying interstate commerce jurisdiction to ordinary black street crime, and interstate-gun raps have been one of the common methods, mainly because that avoids nullification happy state juries with lots of blacks on them, and Federal charges in this vein are usually process crimes that are easy to prove and easy plea bargain fodder.  I have followed that up with the theory that deincarceration is not really about #BLM, but about getting 50-something men out earlier than they otherwise would be able to per their bids, because their health problems (the way of all flesh) are such that hoosegow infirmaries can’t handle, and space needs to be made for all the fresh new blacks who being sent up for these creative new Federal prosecutions for ordinary black street crime.

The issue there is that, so far, such creative Federal prosecutions have almost entirely fallen on the “end users,” not the interstate trafficking networks.  The end users are a lot easier to apprehend, it often takes blind luck to make a trafficking network.

Eric L. Adams, the Brooklyn borough president, said he hoped Mr. Cuomo would zero in on the problem of handgun violence in New York. Mr. Adams, a Democrat, who is headlining a gala dinner for New Yorkers Against Gun Violence next week, said he was concerned that the Safe Act had done more to restrict automatic weapons than to control large-caliber handguns used in urban crimes.

“Automatic weapons” are already heavily restricted.  What I think stupid means here by “automatic weapons” is “semiautomatic rifles,” the scary looking rifles that are said to be a favorite of white people in the middle of nowhere, which is the course the point of this whole exercise, urban white liberals getting worked up on their own paranoia about white people they’ll never meet who live in places they’ll never go because they’re too afraid to name the ook, because the ooks’ grandmothers vote in New York City and State elections.

Asked if he envisioned additional gun control measures in New York, Mr. Cuomo said federal intervention against states with lax gun laws would be essential for further progress in combating the illegal use of firearms.

Actually what Cuomo envisions is that happening at the same time that AFFH happens, so that the remaining ghetto blacks in Brooklyn and The Bronx are unloaded preferably on another state.  That way, when New York City and State crime inevitably decreases (hint:  fewer blacks), Cuomo can credit the gun laws, and avoid the hassle of being asked about 21st Century Negro Removal.

Constitutional Carry

30 10 2015


Arizona has constitutional carry, so why did he feel the need to want to show a permit?  Even if he is not an Arizona resident, concarry applies to any American citizen or otherwise legal person who isn’t firearms disqualified.

Barry Contrary

29 10 2015



Obama tries to walk tightrope on policing in Chicago speech

President Barack Obama on Tuesday sought to balance minority concerns of overaggressive policing with an attempt to enlist law enforcement’s help to push for stronger federal gun-control laws.

Translation:  Massive wreck at the intersectionality of #BLM and gun control.

Also from the C-Trib:

Obama wants nationwide gun laws to fill in gaps left by local efforts

One evening in late August about half a mile from President Barack Obama’s Chicago home, someone in a passing car pulled up to a silver Volkswagen and fired several shots through the driver’s side window, killing the driver, execution-style.

The suspected gang shooting happened close to a playground, an elementary school and a high school, where football practice was wrapping up for the night.

The crime terrified Obama’s old neighbors and highlighted just how closely the problem of gun violence hits for the president as it rages unabated in Chicago. Obama’s home city is at the center of a debate about the effectiveness of the kinds of gun laws the president backs.

What it should have done is make people why wonder why Obama wants everyone else to hate cops but he probably deliberately chose his Hyde Park house precisely because it had two layers of police protection at the time, Chicago City and University of Chicago, and now the entirety of the Federal government on top of it now that he’s President.

I also thought that it was supposed to be the other way around, that local laws were supposed to fill in the gaps by the country’s “weak” laws.

Give It Up

27 10 2015

Jefferson City

They’re going through the motions, but we know how they’re going to rule.

However, there is just enough time in between the two events for SlayDotsonJoyce to ride that car on the excuse train.


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