“Hell, Yes”

3 03 2020


Biden brings on Skateboard D00d to run the point on gun control.

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t much care about this story, especially at a time like this, when I’m burning a two-ended candle at three ends, getting ready for Saturday.

But I wanted to note this previous quote from Skateboard D00d, and then follow it up with a profound powerological prediction.  (Say that ten times in a row really quickly.)

The quote:

During one of the many Democratic debates when he was still in the race, O’Rourke stated, “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47.”


Here’s how gun confiscation will quasi-legally happen in the United States:

It will involve two factors:

(1)  Court packing

(2)  Writ of Replevin

You lawyers reading this have already figured out the rest.

So now, I’ll explain it in plain English terms for everyone else:

(1)  Once the Democrats get the WH-Senate-House troika, they’ll pass legislation which will vastly and greatly expand the size of all levels of the Federal judiciary, and then immediately fill those with the Democrat President’s picks, and obviously the Senate will confirm them.  This will, in practically an instant, undo decades of judiciary-based work on the part of the Federalist Society, and before them, the right-of-center activist space focused on the judiciary.

Imagine a Supreme Court that has just gotten 30 new justices, and they’re all Ruth Bader Ginsburg clones.

(1a)  Soon after, there may be a “rehearing” and obviously a reversal of Heller and MacDonald, but there probably wouldn’t have to be.

(2)  This is where the Writ of Replevin comes in.  A Writ of Replevin is a judicial motion that you file to have property that some public agent illegally confiscated from you to be returned.  However, it’s hardly an inexpensive process, and it’s just not worth it to do it unless it’s a lot of property or very expensive property.  And it’s hardly worth the time and money to do if the illegally confiscated property is your grandpa’s thirty-aught-six.

President Biden, Skateboard D00d and all like them either have already realized this, or will soon, and will use this to their strategic advantage.

See where this is going?

And, just in case anyone does want to file a WoR after President Biden and Skateboard D00d order the ATF or FBI to bust down your grandpa’s front door summarily to take his thirty-aught-six, realize that it will be fed into a suddenly packed and stacked against him Federal judiciary.  Meaning that, as futile as it would be in terms of time and expense to file a WoR in a favorable or neutral judicial climate, it will be even less worth it to do it after President Biden is done packing it.

I can also predict that a President Biden (or Sanders, or Bloomberg, or Ocasio-Cortez) will issue a silent backdoor ultimatum, that any small arms manufacturers that do any kind of business with the NRA (funding, advertising, etc.) will be totally cut out of being able to bid for Pentagon and Federal law enforcement contracts, and via carrot-and-stick mechanisms, state and local law enforcement contracts.  Just the American Federal government (military and domestic) alone is the largest buyer in the world for small arms, while the American civilian domestic market is the third largest in the world.  Biden (or whoever) will know that they’ll all gladly throw the third largest market under the bus to keep the first largest market.  It’s just business, after all.  From there, the NRA will shrivel like a raisin in the sun.

And don’t accuse me of giving them ideas, because, if I’ve thought of it, then I’m sure someone in some Democrat/left think tank has thought of it.

Still, I scare myself sometimes over how cold I am at this ish.  Imagine the career I could have had if I had absolutely no conscience.

Our Buckets

21 01 2020

Richmond, Virginia

Even though yesterday in Richmond turned out without incident, in spite of the desperate attempt on the part of the media and Democrat politicians and paranoia-industrial complex NGOs (though I repeat myself) to provoke something really bad happening so as to create juicy video for Democrats to use on the campaign trail this fall and fundraising fodder, I still would not have gone to it myself if I was anywhere in the vicinity, and I still would have advised proper nationalists not to go.

For the simple reason that we should not be carrying water for people who not only will not carry our water, but then turn around and turn our bucket upside down and pour our water onto the dirt, and then proceed to carry our enemy’s water.

These people yesterday were more comfortable with “married” lesbian marijuana farmers than with white people who take their own side.

Carry On

19 09 2019


I see back in the Good Ole and back in St. Louis, that a lot of box stores have enacted “No Open Carry” policies.

You do realize that they’re cheap theatrics that mash up pandering to the Brady types slash the media on one hand to make them think they’re doing something, but not pissing off actual carriers on the other hand, don’t you?

The hint that gave it away is that I figure that the carry paradigm in practical usage in the United States is about 95% concealed and 5% open.

Whichever consulting or PR munchkin came up with that way to thread the needle deserves a yuge bigly raise and promotion.

A-Grade Weaponry

15 07 2019

First off, you should read my Minds feed, because I am able to do a lot more there than I am here these days.  My Gab and Twitter have the same content, but I favor Minds for social content, because of its lack of character restriction.

But I wanted to bring this one matter from there to this medium.

From Vox, not Vox Day.

Without even reading it, I bet that it plays off the matter off on “progressive activists” being scared of “white supremacist violence,” i.e. 80-year olds carrying around Heritage Foundation-printed signs in Portland.

But the taboo realities, which those progressive activists will never confess, is that they need firearms for protection and self-defense, for two main reasons:

(1) Most “progressive activists” live in the same cities were lots and lots of black people live, ergo they have to worry about incessant black violent crime.  Urban-dwelling left-of-center people in the United States play off their fear of the blacks that surround them on the rednecks they’ll never meet in places so far away they’ll never go.  Extreme lefties are mostly the same as their normie counterparts in that regard, except they tweak it a little differently, based on their political paranoia and psychosis.

(2) Antifa types in particular do what they do, as my reverse political engineering back in 2006 informed me, because they want an inexpensive and sanction-free supply of illicit street drugs. Meaning that since Antifa types are into drugs, it also means they are close to drug violence, and think they need to defend themselves from such.

Often, these two factors intertwine.

The Sanity Is Spreading

8 05 2018


And it’s getting really close to home.

And why not? After all, Raj Chetty of all people said that this is a really good place to raise economically disadvantaged kids.


3 05 2018


That’s all you need to know and where you can stop reading.

Twitchy has more.

Off Company Time

27 04 2018


I already read about this saga in other sources, but I forgot Ken Bone lives in Belleville.

This mentions Kyle Kashuv, who, if you don’t know, is the Anti-David Hogg, and in fact goes to the same high school.  Young Mr. Kashuv was himself a victim of the same sort of thing in the last week.

Script, Fully Flipped

22 04 2018


The resolution.

The story.

Effingham County, 78% Trump, in 2016.  One county close to there, Wayne, was even higher at 84%.  Almost all of rural southern Illinois outside of the Metro East and Carbondale/Jackson County was like that.

Effingham the city, of course the seat of the county, has the world’s second tallest cross, easily visible from I-57/70.  And just to the east of Effingham is Teutopolis, with its Germanic-Greek sounding name, the only city or town in the country with that name.  Teutopolis is for those who can’t handle the bright lights and the hustle and bustle of Effingham, and need a place to get away from it all.  Teutopolis is to Effingham what The Hamptons are to Manhattan.

I’d be curious to take in the official political reaction to this, if there is any.


Guest Authored Chapter

21 04 2018

Alexandria, Virginia

WaPo via HotAir:

“I don’t think the Cox family is getting enough social pressure,” said [Amanda] Gailey, a professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. “Nobody from their kids’ school or their yoga class sees [a protest] happening” at the NRA headquarters…

Let’s break open one of the many chapters in my life’s great unfinished dissertation in powerology.  This chapter is special because it is mostly guest authored, namely, by Jack Ryan of Occidental Dissent fame.  This is actually a chapter I opened up close to two years ago.  My point then remains the same now, alluding to the powerology factor of it:  In a situation such as the one we’re in, we have to identify weak points and foibles in our powerful enemies, and poke away.

Sometimes, our enemies wind up exposing that about themselves in their attempts to bully us, as Miss Gailey has.

You identify people, name them, target them, make it personal, and turn them into social pariahs.  And you can do all this without firing even one shot, and if thought through well enough, it can be done without committing any crime.  Furthermore, the “them” we have to target must be the sort of individuals that are socially or politically unpopular for some reason.  The reason I’ve made it my business to put Hamdi Ulukaya in my figurative sights is because he’s the boss, and nobody likes the boss.  It’s why others have made whoever the CEO of Tyson Foods is a personal target in the immigration wars, because it’s politically a non-starter to target immigrants or “refugees,” because of the sympathetic rhetorical connotation of the words “immigrant” and “refugee.”  Meanwhile, nobody likes CEOs.

The smart way for the NRA to respond here would be, on the quiet, to encourage people to turn Amanda Gailey and her brood into a social pariah.

All of this also proves my 54th Axiom.  Gailey has pretty much confessed that she has a leading role in organizing these mobs.  Of course, university professors, as a class of highly intelligent people, know how to find otherwise unknown loopholes and foibles, and exploit them.  While she is a professor in 19th century American literature, she is also most likely highly g-loaded in cognitive ability, as almost all university professors are.  As such, she has figured out on her own what Jack Ryan has.  And what our sector needs to figure out is this tactic needs to be our prime and most used one.

Mobius Loop

21 04 2018



National School Walkout renews calls for gun safety


Game Changers is a Ritenour High School student organization and social justice club formed after the events in Ferguson. The group of 30-40 students focuses on bringing unity and equity within the school, educating classmates about social issues, and mentoring students in the district’s elementary and middle schools.

Hope Houston, a junior at Ritenour and vice president of Game Changers, said after the shooting in Parkland, students wanted to participate in Friday’s national walkout to show support for the students in Parkland, Columbine and all schools impacted by gun violence.


Houston says their motivation is not to skip class, it is to empower their classmates. Students will have the opportunity to sign petitions during their lunch hours urging lawmakers to ban bump stocks and raise the legal age to purchase a gun to 21 years old.

SHOT:  Game Changers was formed because an evil white cop brutalized a black body

CHASER:  Game Changers wants more laws that evil white cops will mostly use to brutalize black bodies

The biggest roadblocks to firearms laws of the sort with the most frequent and practical and useful enforcement, those on the state level, aren’t the NRA, but state legislative black caucuses.

AFT Getting Converged

10 04 2018

Washington, D.C.;  San Francisco

Remember:  Social justice warriorism is the opiate of the left.  It’s now the neoliberal plutocrats knock the left off its economic populist horse, and make them forget all about advocating for workers and the cause of labor.

With that in mind, the American Federation of Teachers is getting out of the business of advocating for teachers, and into the ZOMG EVIL GUNS AND NRA LOL~!!!!!1 business.

If you’re an AFT member, then watch as your own union suddenly gets less and less effective in the coming years in CBA negotiations.

Randi Weingarten must have been bought off somehow.


8 04 2018


Reading carefully, and I think that they had enough to seize his guns and get him convicted of a felony even before the introduction of the red flag provision.

I’m just cynical enough to think that, now that the red flag provision is extant, that the authorities will use it instead of what they could have done before to seize the guns of people whose guns could have easily been seized before, in order to “prove” how “successful” the red flag provision is and how “necessary” it was to enact it, so that it both continues to exist and has enough political wind to its back, which eventually means the authorities will start using it for marginal and purely political cases, and nobody will care because everyone will be thinking that red flag is only used for obvious proto-violent nutcases.

Sounds like one of the many chapters in my life’s unfinished dissertation on powerology.

Weekly Weird World News

16 03 2018


Kroger:  No more “assault rifle” mags in our stores!

That’s right, Kroger is cleaning up its act, as you see a magazine cover staring at you while waiting in the checkout aisle, the headline reads:


Crafts By Karen

11 03 2018

Virginia Beach, Virginia

The video:

ATF is investigating.

They will probably come to what is the reasonable conclusion here, that it, like David Gregory’s somewhat similar stunt five years ago, was a political stunt to make a point, rather than a substantive mens rea violation of firearms laws.

But that’s sorta not the point.

Remember, the FBI saw fit to assassinate Randy Weaver’s wife, kids and dog for the “crime” of sawing off a shotgun 0.25 inch too short and then not paying a $5 transfer tax on what was all of of a sudden a sawed off shotgun.


Certain Lesbians Could Not Be Reached For Comment

6 03 2018

Medford, Oregon

News from Roger Fredinburg country:

20-year-old sues Dick’s, Walmart over new gun policies

An Oregon man filed suits Monday claiming Dick’s Sporting Goods and Walmart discriminated against the 20-year-old when they refused to sell him a rifle.

Dick’s and Walmart restricted gun sales to adults 21 and older in the wake of the Florida high school massacre. The 19-year-old accused in the school slaying bought the AR-15 used in the attack legally.

Oregon law allows residents to buy shotguns or rifles starting at age 18.

Tyler Watson’s lawsuits filed against the retailers in two separate counties claim he faced age discrimination from Dick’s and Walmart. The lawsuit is believed to be the first filed over the new gun policies enacted on Feb. 28.

The lawsuit claims a store owned by Dick’s Sporting Goods in Medford, Oregon, refused to sell Watson .22-caliber Ruger rifle on Feb. 24. The suit says Grants Pass Walmart in Oregon refused to sell him a gun on March 3.

IOW, he’s asking WM and Dick’s to bake his gay wedding cake.

I wonder what certain lesbians in Colorado have to say about this.

Though I know the incredulous interlocutors in my peanut gallery will state that this shoe that’s now on the other foot is also a shoe that’s now on my feet.

With that in mind, where I think the difference will manifest legally is that the wedding cake bakers (I think) were not presenting themselves as a public accommodation, whereas WM and Dick’s definitely are.  But moving the needle away from my direction is the fact that the retail objects in question are firearms, and retailers have some vague and unsettled measure of leeway under the law to deny a firearms sale to any given individual without having to give a reason.

Like I wrote here quite a few days ago, I wish the big boxes would totally get out of the firearms retail business so that we can have at least something in and of the business world that is not totally bigboxized and corporatized.

That’s Gonna Drive ‘Em Nuts

5 03 2018

High Ridge

If only I knew this was happening, I would have seen if someone here at the secret hideout would have taken me there.

But, just watch the video, and you can see why this is going to drive certain people around here batty.

Two-Gun Monty

2 03 2018


The mentality that the “assault weapons ban” portion of the 1994 crime bill was responsible for the sharp decline in the violent crime rate in the 1990s, (which had already commenced before the legislation), I think is a deliberate foil to distract us from thinking about what of that legislation really did work — The hardening of the criminal justice system.  What also helped was that by then, the crack cocaine epidemic was wearing itself out.

The reason certain people are so anxious to try to credit the AWB portion of the legislation rather than the CJ portion of the legislation (and similar reforms in the states) is because of modern day BLM activism and the mania over incarcerating black bodies.  Hillary Clinton had quite a few political headaches in 2015-2016 as she tried to make people forget that her husband signed the 1994 Crime Bill which included the CJ provisions.

And the Conclusion Is….?

1 03 2018

Fairfax, Virginia

Listening to Rush right now, who noted that the NRA has spent a total of $200 million on both campaigns and lobbying in the last twenty years in the aggregate, compared to all organized labor groups that spent $1.7 billion in a very recent year (2016?) alone.

Which is is more solid ground now?  The Second Amendment, or labor unions?

Okay, peanut gallery, what’s the obvious inferential conclusion?

It’s Like I’ve Been Saying…

1 03 2018

Bentonville, Arkansas

On the left, social justice warriorism is a front for distracting from economic populism.

The more and the louder Wal-Mart and its top executives scream about MUH COMMON SENSE GUN LAWS, the more the left is going to forget that it’s supposed to hate Wal-Mart for everyday low wages guaranteed and no unions.

Of course, this is not a brand new tactic for W-M.

Putting Their Understanding Attitude to the Test

28 02 2018

University City


St. Louis regional universities tell applicants protesting gun violence won’t affect admissions

A growing number of universities are telling future students they can protest without fear. That includes Washington, St. Louis and Western Illinois Universities.

This comes ahead of the March for Our Lives walkouts expected for next month.

Many high school students across the nation have been participating in walkouts in protest to gun violence demanding better legislation and gun control.

In a Tweet, Washington University stated that it stands with future applicants taking part in peaceful protests against gun violence.

“We want to lower the flame a little bit,” said Ronné Turner, Vice Provost for Admissions and Financial Aid, “it’s ok to be civically engaged.”

Turner said the university is aware that students may be disciplined by high school administrators for their participation but it will not hurt their chances of getting into the university.

“We are trying to understand you, we’re trying to understand what’s important to you,” said Turner.

For some students and parents at Fort Zumwalt East High School, that kind of support is a sigh of relief.

“It just shows we have a voice too and we want to stand up for what’s is right,” said junior, Shelonda Thomas.

Fort Zumwalt East has a “Shelonda?” That’s a little disconcerting by itself. Keep in mind that the Fort Zumwalt district is not and has never been a transfer district pursuant with the Turner Law, unlike next door Francis Howell district.  This means that enough of the “Shelonda” demographic must live in the FZ district service area.

But I digress.

Let’s put WU and SLU’s magnanimous and understanding attitude to the test.

There are two otherwise precisely identical applications on the desks of both schools’ admissions committees, both are otherwise cinches for being admitted.  The only difference is that one of them is an urban or suburban student suspended for protesting “gun violence” in February 2018, (Reality check:  As if they’ll actually be suspended, because we all know the teachers and administrators are provoking these students, hence my 54th axiom), and the other is from a rural student who was once suspended while in high school because someone found a hunting rifle in his car that was parked off school property because he went on a short nearby hunting trip the early morning before school.

We don’t even…

Especially since that the Espenshade-Radford research informs us that even without the suspension, the rural applicant wouldn’t have much of a chance.

All Out of Love

24 02 2018

Fairfax, Virginia

There’s going to be an interesting and in my opinion pleasing fallout from this.

Let me put it to you this way:

That sound you hear is the normie right falling out of love with corporations and libertarian-ish ideologies which engage in corporatist excuseology.

Plenty of room on the Populist Express for you to join us in the Alt-Right who followed suit long ago, that’s all I’m sayin.’

As I am want to do, let me put these lyrics to melody.

No Thanks, I’ve Got Plans

23 02 2018

Clayton; Chesterfield

Stacy Newman, Clayton HS, Parkway Central HS.

So we have the rotten spoiled entitled brats teaming up with the parentheticals, all provoked by their parents and teachers.

I would join in, but I’m being taken to see “15:17 to Paris” this afternoon.

Back to the Point

21 02 2018

Your Blogmeister’s Secret Hideout

This is an observation I first made five years ago in the aftermath of the Nutmeg Nutbar of Newtown, and nothing of what had happened before then or has since then, including last week, has changed my mind:

The reason the media spaz out over school shooters, even more so than the usual kind of breaking news story, is because so many school shooters remind important media members of their own sons of late adolescent and early young adult age.

In related news, this is why Chris Cuomo is doubling down on what he knows to be fake news — Read carefully, and you’ll find out that the thing that seems to upset him the most is that a 20-year old is legally permitted to purchase a rifle, pending of course valid everything and NCIC.  While at the same time, we’re supposed to cheer 17-year old trannies.  I wonder what the official reaction would be if he/she/it/xe wanted to buy an AR-15.

Three Passes

15 02 2018


Let’s pick this up in the last four paragraphs:

Even when the straw purchasers are prosecuted, the punishments are often much more lenient than the public might expect. Last year, Simone Mousheh purchased four weapons for $600 each and sold two to a man with Chicago gang ties. She was sentenced to 12 months probation, 15 days in the Cook County sheriff’s work alternative program and ordered to pay $679 in fines.

A lot of gun control advocates and progressives think they support this idea, until they realize who would get hit hardest by tougher prosecution. As my colleague Kevin Williamson wrote:

I visited Chicago a few years back to write about the city’s gang-driven murder problem, and a retired police official told me that the nature of the people making straw purchases — young relatives, girlfriends who may or may not have been facing the threat of physical violence, grandmothers, etc. — made prosecuting those cases unattractive. In most of those cases, the authorities emphatically should put the straw purchasers in prison for as long as possible. Throw a few gangsters’ grandmothers behind bars for 20 years and see if that gets anybody’s attention. In the case of the young women suborned into breaking the law, that should be just another charge to put on the main offender.

It is not difficult to imagine certain voices contending we need to “get tough on guns” and to be lenient with straw purchasers simultaneously, and failing to grasp the contradiction.

They have the wind to their backs in three ways:

(1) The black pass, ceteris paribus, blacks are punished less harshly than non-blacks

(2) The woman pass, ceteris paribus, women are punished less harshly than men

(3) The Crook County Pass, that because of County Executive Tony Prick-winkle and Sheriff Dodge Dart and State’s Attorney Kim Foxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wanting to keep jail populations relatively low, a lot of criminal cases are dispensed with slaps on the hand.

“Everybody’s Problem,” For Now

26 12 2017


Fluff on the postmortem of the latest gun buyback feelz.


In an earlier telephone interview, Ed Dowd Jr., president of the bar association, repeated a common refrain from officials.

“Guns and violence in St. Louis are everybody’s problem, and we need everybody in St. Louis to work on the solutions to gun violence,” he said. “The gun buyback is one piece. If it stops one person from being shot, one person murdered or robbed, I would consider it successful. It will have a bigger impact than that.”

“Everybody’s problem?”  Usually, the “common refrain from officials” is that it’s nothing more than thug dindus on the wrong side of the tracks bing-banging other thug dindus on the wrong side of the tracks, and the only real difference between perp and vic is who gets to a gun first.  This has been a perpetual source of frustration for me, that various cities’ civic elites, including our own, can so easily dance back and forth on this narrative, between “it ain’t your problem cracker” and “zomg it concerns every living being in the galaxy lol.”  Such switching up depends on what the civic elites either want or don’t want from us.  In this case, because they wanted good PR from a useless fluff effort, photographic and otherwise, it was time to switch up to “zomg whole galaxy lol.”

Dowd was U.S. attorney here from 1993 to 1999, a period when homicides went from 267 to 130. He said the numbers were drastically cut by a “community-wide effort.”

Dowd, being St. Louis’s U.S. Attorney during the Bill Clinton Presidency, as in Democrat Party, as in the party and the President that helped enact a bunch of changes in the law which made the ’90s violent crime plunge possible, as in the party that can’t do enough today to apologize to loudmouth big mouth black gays, lesbians and trannies (“BLM”) for ever having done so.  Dowd had tools available to him that a hypothetical Presidency of Bill Clinton’s wife would have made sure the U.S. Attorney she appointed for St. Louis would not have had, because criminal justice reform, or something like that.


They’re Seriously Out of Ideas

15 12 2017


So now it’s back to gun buybacks.

All because we’re not allowed to say “black” and “Ferguson Effect.”  Just in case you’re that oblivious, this program also extends to ESL.

Seriously, the St. Louis civic elite has no other option but to spin their wheels in the mud until there’s a President that wants to restart AFFH.

Last part of this article:

Interim St. Louis Police Chief Lt. Col. Lawrence O’Toole says many guns on the streets are taken right from cars.

“We know that cars are broken into throughout the area, not just in the city and often because of the concealed carry in Missouri,” he said.

It happened just overnight Friday when thieves broke into at least seven cars around Dogtown, smashing car windows and according to St. Louis police, looking for guns.

That’s because the straps have to be left inside the cars, because their owners aren’t allowed to bring them into the particular establishment of their destination, either because of hard coded state law (courthouses, taverns, hospitals), or at the discretion of the owner.

Though when it comes to Dogtown and guns, seems to me the more acute danger these days are Jewish Democrat apparatchiks.

Two Other Possibilities

20 02 2017

Jefferson City

Applications for formal Missouri carry permits are down significantly.

The obvious culprit is SB 656.

But I think there are two other major explanations:

(1) Law of diminishing marginal returns.  The rate of permit applications and issuance over the past several years was so brisk that, eventually, we were going to reach a point where anyone who remotely entertained the idea of wanting a permit already has one.

(2) OCGE.  He replaced the World’s Greatest Firearms Salesman.  That has the firearms industry in the dumper, and that has probably also contributed to the slowdown in applications for carry permits.

One way to test these three theories is to check other states’ pace of permit applications.

Idle Hands are the SJW’s Workshop

20 02 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

You want proof?

Here’s your proof.

Mid-State of Confusion

26 01 2017



Like I wrote back in September, every Tom Dick and Harry was going to misinterpret SB 656, and wind up doing something gravely wrong that would get them in heap big doo.

And so, it begins.

Let this be a lesson for you:  Never be your own lawyer, unless you actually are a lawyer.

Who Would Be Dumb Enough to Try to Rob a Gun Shop?

12 01 2017

Mableton, Georgia

Oh, yeah.  Right.