The Sanity Is Spreading

8 05 2018


And it’s getting really close to home.

And why not? After all, Raj Chetty of all people said that this is a really good place to raise economically disadvantaged kids.



3 05 2018


That’s all you need to know and where you can stop reading.

Twitchy has more.

Off Company Time

27 04 2018


I already read about this saga in other sources, but I forgot Ken Bone lives in Belleville.

This mentions Kyle Kashuv, who, if you don’t know, is the Anti-David Hogg, and in fact goes to the same high school.  Young Mr. Kashuv was himself a victim of the same sort of thing in the last week.

Script, Fully Flipped

22 04 2018


The resolution.

The story.

Effingham County, 78% Trump, in 2016.  One county close to there, Wayne, was even higher at 84%.  Almost all of rural southern Illinois outside of the Metro East and Carbondale/Jackson County was like that.

Effingham the city, of course the seat of the county, has the world’s second tallest cross, easily visible from I-57/70.  And just to the east of Effingham is Teutopolis, with its Germanic-Greek sounding name, the only city or town in the country with that name.  Teutopolis is for those who can’t handle the bright lights and the hustle and bustle of Effingham, and need a place to get away from it all.  Teutopolis is to Effingham what The Hamptons are to Manhattan.

I’d be curious to take in the official political reaction to this, if there is any.


Guest Authored Chapter

21 04 2018

Alexandria, Virginia

WaPo via HotAir:

“I don’t think the Cox family is getting enough social pressure,” said [Amanda] Gailey, a professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. “Nobody from their kids’ school or their yoga class sees [a protest] happening” at the NRA headquarters…

Let’s break open one of the many chapters in my life’s great unfinished dissertation in powerology.  This chapter is special because it is mostly guest authored, namely, by Jack Ryan of Occidental Dissent fame.  This is actually a chapter I opened up close to two years ago.  My point then remains the same now, alluding to the powerology factor of it:  In a situation such as the one we’re in, we have to identify weak points and foibles in our powerful enemies, and poke away.

Sometimes, our enemies wind up exposing that about themselves in their attempts to bully us, as Miss Gailey has.

You identify people, name them, target them, make it personal, and turn them into social pariahs.  And you can do all this without firing even one shot, and if thought through well enough, it can be done without committing any crime.  Furthermore, the “them” we have to target must be the sort of individuals that are socially or politically unpopular for some reason.  The reason I’ve made it my business to put Hamdi Ulukaya in my figurative sights is because he’s the boss, and nobody likes the boss.  It’s why others have made whoever the CEO of Tyson Foods is a personal target in the immigration wars, because it’s politically a non-starter to target immigrants or “refugees,” because of the sympathetic rhetorical connotation of the words “immigrant” and “refugee.”  Meanwhile, nobody likes CEOs.

The smart way for the NRA to respond here would be, on the quiet, to encourage people to turn Amanda Gailey and her brood into a social pariah.

All of this also proves my 54th Axiom.  Gailey has pretty much confessed that she has a leading role in organizing these mobs.  Of course, university professors, as a class of highly intelligent people, know how to find otherwise unknown loopholes and foibles, and exploit them.  While she is a professor in 19th century American literature, she is also most likely highly g-loaded in cognitive ability, as almost all university professors are.  As such, she has figured out on her own what Jack Ryan has.  And what our sector needs to figure out is this tactic needs to be our prime and most used one.

Mobius Loop

21 04 2018



National School Walkout renews calls for gun safety


Game Changers is a Ritenour High School student organization and social justice club formed after the events in Ferguson. The group of 30-40 students focuses on bringing unity and equity within the school, educating classmates about social issues, and mentoring students in the district’s elementary and middle schools.

Hope Houston, a junior at Ritenour and vice president of Game Changers, said after the shooting in Parkland, students wanted to participate in Friday’s national walkout to show support for the students in Parkland, Columbine and all schools impacted by gun violence.


Houston says their motivation is not to skip class, it is to empower their classmates. Students will have the opportunity to sign petitions during their lunch hours urging lawmakers to ban bump stocks and raise the legal age to purchase a gun to 21 years old.

SHOT:  Game Changers was formed because an evil white cop brutalized a black body

CHASER:  Game Changers wants more laws that evil white cops will mostly use to brutalize black bodies

The biggest roadblocks to firearms laws of the sort with the most frequent and practical and useful enforcement, those on the state level, aren’t the NRA, but state legislative black caucuses.

AFT Getting Converged

10 04 2018

Washington, D.C.;  San Francisco

Remember:  Social justice warriorism is the opiate of the left.  It’s now the neoliberal plutocrats knock the left off its economic populist horse, and make them forget all about advocating for workers and the cause of labor.

With that in mind, the American Federation of Teachers is getting out of the business of advocating for teachers, and into the ZOMG EVIL GUNS AND NRA LOL~!!!!!1 business.

If you’re an AFT member, then watch as your own union suddenly gets less and less effective in the coming years in CBA negotiations.

Randi Weingarten must have been bought off somehow.