Don’t Blame You, Don’t Blame Me, Blame That State Behind the Tree.

10 05 2015


All Georgia’s fault.

If a certain event 150 years ago would have turned out differently, there would be an international border between that hellhole called Georgia and the pure paradises called New York and Chicago.  But, ole Sherman had other ideas.  Also don’t mention that a burglary is what set the whole thing off.

In somewhat related news, Prince, or the artist formerly known as Prince, or the artist formerly known as the artist formerly known as Prince, or whatever the hell stupid symbol he used to refer to himself for a few years, someone who should be too old for utopian fantasies, has not yet given up utopian fantasies.

First off, Freddie Gray’s death, such as it was, didn’t involve anyone discharging any firearm.  Second, the reason the Baltimore PD accosted him was because of some questionable knife he had on him.  Yet, we have this overgrown teenager thinking that we can have mass gun confiscation, which of course will have to be done by those evil white KKKops, or someone with law enforcement authority.  What happens when evil white KKKop tries to seize the (probably ill-gotten illicit) guns of a ghetto Bellcurver, one thing leads to another, and the ook is lying dead on the ground?  Riots, #BlackLivesMatter, handsupdontshoot, Al Sharpton, the white cop will have to spend the rest of his life in hiding, the NYT blaming things which ended 150 and 50 years ago every other day, and @deray tweeting his ass off.

Brilliance, Xeroxed

6 05 2015

New York City

About this, I commented:

The ATF, the agency behind Operation Gunrunner (“Fast and Furious”), is going to crack down on illicit weapons flows. Sure.

Just think, if a certain event 150 years ago would have turned out a bit differently, there would be an international border between New York and Georgia, making firearms trafficking a lot harder, though not impossible.

Also, we’re not going to delve into Demetrius Blackwell’s motive? We’re not allowed to speculate that it was Freddie Gray revenge? That he was merely responding to all the eliminationist agitprop?

An argument so outstanding that it was worth cutting and pasting.

Sweeps Month

1 05 2015



Actually, it’s sweeps month clickbait, click as in both the remote control and the mouse.

I talked about this case back in February.

And as far as this issue, we all know that SCOMO will eventually decide that Amendment 5 doesn’t apply to felon in possession.  And that will be that for that.


27 04 2015



More people applying for concealed carry permits throughout St. Louis area


The Franklin County Sheriff’s Department said the unrest in Ferguson contributed to the increase in applications. In 2014, the county had a total of 907 applications. In the first three months of 2015, more than 500 people have already applied.

If I was a lib and as snarky as I am, I would be writing this in this space:

“Ferguson, that noted city in Franklin County.”

Well, I’m not a lib, so I know that Franklin County is neither an autarky nor surrounded by electrified fences.

And also, as you have read here in recent weeks, there have been some strange Bellcurvian hijinks in Sullivan, most of which is in Franklin County.  Here, here and here.

Isn’t That What We’re Supposed to Do?

26 04 2015

Hot Springs, Arkansas


DOJ ‘Monitoring’ Arkansas Gun Range Owner Who Banned Muslims

The Department of Justice is “monitoring” Gun Cave Indoor Firing Range owner Jan Morgan in Hot Springs, Arkansas, for banning Muslims from shooting in the facility.

At that time, Fox News reported that Morgan decided to ban Muslims after “two customers she deemed suspicious” showed up in September. Since that time, she has excluded those “she believes to be Muslim based upon their names.” She said, “We are dealing in lethal firearms. I am not going to let a Nazi shoot in here, or a Ku Klux Klan member in here, either.”

Breitbart News reported that the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) wrote a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder asking him to intervene. In the letter, CAIR said, “Given the recent spike in anti-Muslim rhetoric, including Islamophobic statements by government officials, community leaders and media outlets, death threats, and other bias incidents targeting Muslims, I urge you to investigate this matter soon.”

The ACLU also asked the DOJ to intervene.

And now, the DOJ says it is “monitoring the situation.”

According to The Washington Post, the DOJ has not provided details indicating any investigation has been opened, but CAIR is pleased that the DOJ has become involved, and they hope it will lead to an investigation in the future.

CAIR’s Jennifer Wicks said, “We welcome this positive development and hope it leads to a thorough investigation of clear violations of the civil rights of American Muslims and those perceived to be Muslim by the gun range owner.”

In January, “A South Asian father and son accused Morgan’s business of turning them away.” They claimed Morgan assumed they were Muslim because their skin was brown. The identities of the two are not known because they demanded anonymity “out of safety concerns.”

Morgan rejected their claims, stating it was their behavior, not their skin color, that led her to think they “might not be safe handling firearms in [her] range.” Morgan made clear that her range does not discriminate based on skin color, and explained her belief that the South Asian father and son applied to shoot with an “agenda.” She said their actions were “clearly designed to create the situation that occurred.”

The Brady organization is suing a Mississippi pawn shop that is also a FLFD for not doing that, that is, servicing in spite of the buyer’s suspicious behavior. Though since this OD article was written two years ago tomorrow, I’m sure that the lawsuit has been resolved already.

No More Being Terrorized By a Minority

24 04 2015


The Hill:

Gun-control advocates have high hopes for Hillary Clinton’s presidential run, viewing her as an ally who can finish the push for tightened background checks that has stalled in President Obama’s second term.

Clinton, the front-runner for the Democratic nomination, has been a staunch advocate of gun-control proposals, such as expanding background checks and banning assault weapons. Last summer, she ripped groups that oppose those ideas as out of step with public opinion.

“We cannot let a minority of people, and that’s what it is, it is a minority of people, hold a view point that terrorizes the majority of people,” Clinton said during a CNN town-hall event.

That’s right.  We must not let minorities terrorize people anymore.

Ferguson, border surge, World War T, &c &c.

Twenty Second

22 04 2015



Police and prosecutors frustrated over felons committing crimes with guns

Law enforcement officials on two fronts are upset concerning the way judges deal with felons who have violated gun laws.  Police Chief Sam Dotson and the circuit attorney’s office believe a recent case that involved 22-year-old Bruce Edward Johnson is an example of what upsets them.

Johnson was arrested as a result of the rolling gun battle on interstate 44 and Interstate 55 Monday.  He’s no stranger to police or the court system. In 2011 he was charged with unlawful use of a weapon, he got probation. In 2014 he violated that probation this time he got 120 days shock time. And, now he’s been arrested again for unlawful use of a weapon felony possession. St. Louis City Police Chief Sam Dotson said, “When somebody pleads guilty to felony, and both of those charges were felonies, we have to do better than just probation and then when they violate probation we’ll give you probation again and let you try it again. And now, look what happens, put dozens of lives at risk.”  Mary Pat Carl, an assistant circuit attorney said, “We’re absolutely concerned about these things we can’t have people who use firearms who possess firearms can’t get first second third chances.”

Well, it’s the 22nd Circuit, full of black and white liberal judges, so its motto is:  “Everyone deserves a 22nd chance.”

Prosecutors are also concerned about the recently passed Amendment 5, they say it benefits felons but does nothing to help people who can already legally carry guns.  They tell me some judges have decided the amendment means no longer can courts prosecute convicted felons for possessing legal firearms.

Even if it means the state can’t, the Feds still can.  Where’s Richard Callahan’s office?


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