Implicitly Pleading the Fifth

24 09 2016

Washington, D.C.

Now we know why Obama didn’t indict Hillary.

Because his doing so would have been effectively indicting himself.

This is sorta why Cheryl Mills got immunity in an investigation whose outcome was pre-determined.

Lawfare, Confirmed

31 07 2016


Let’s see if the news of the withdraw of all charges becomes as big of a national media story as their initial filing.

Let’s see if the DAs are called out for their abuse of power.

Answer to the first question:  No, because narrative.

Answer to the second question:  It’ll happen the same day Marilyn Mosby is punished.


6 07 2016

Washington, D.C.

Rod Blagojevich is in Federal prison for stating that he wanted to exchange the appointment of the Senate seat that Baraq Obama vacated upon being elected President for consideration.

How is that any different from HRC promising Loretta Lynch either that she would stay on as USAG or a SCOTUS appointment in exchange for an assurance of non-indictment?

Why I’m #NRx

5 07 2016

Washington, D.C.


Democratic republicanism instead of hereditary monarchy, because rule of law, not rule of men, they keep telling us.

We got democratic republicanism and rule of men anyway.  Stupid they.

Further proving my point is that this whole scandal is about the Clintons peddling the influence of a possible HRC presidency in exchange for swag bags from interested parties.  This is yet another bad consequence of the existence of elections.

The only bright spot is that Comey’s announcement of a no indict recommendation sounded more like listing the grounds for Trump’s Attorney General to issue an indictment.

Also, I don’t understand how HRC doesn’t get indicted yet Edward Snowden has standing felony charges against him.  Unless I do understand, which goes back to the point of this post.

Smooth Trade

26 06 2016

Twin Falls, Idaho

U.S. Attorney for Idaho rattles the sabres; doesn’t want people to notice things.

Hints of Joyce-McCulloch-Boyer and the Truth Squad of September 2008.  A story which I personally broke on the internet on another medium, and luckily, Jim Hoft picked it up and sent it to the stratosphere.  Interestingly, neither Joyce nor Boyer are seeking re-election this year, though we know what the reason isn’t.  Neither one of these three people have yet been punished for what I think is a violation of the Federal Klan Act’s 1983 amendment, i.e. color of law conspiracy to chill civil rights.  And I think Wendy Olson and her office stepped in the same pile of dog poo.  Though we know she’s not going to prosecute herself.

He Should Be Sharing a Prison Cell With Jerry Sandusky

9 05 2016

Wynne, Arkansas


Resign?  Just resign, that’s it?  Sounds to me this is a violation of a whole book full of felonies.  Incidentally, Cross County, Ark. is about a 3-1 white-black ratio, and his curious case dispensation habits involved young men, so probably I would hazard to guess that there’s at least an even ratio between black and white victims, and probably more black than white.

Speaking of Jerry Sandusky, there’s news on that front, too.  Last week we found out that he’s been at it since 1976, this week the year is pushed back to 1971.  He came on as defensive coordinator at Penn State in 1969.  Point being, for decades, not just years, a lot of people knew but kept lips zipped.

White Privilege

5 01 2016

Washington, D.C.

UKDM headline:

‘Every time I think about those kids it gets me mad’: Obama cries for the victims of Newtown as he pushes gun control at speech surrounded by families of mass shooting victims

No tears for Chicago?

He cares so much about the kids of the top 0.1% southwestern Connecticut blue team voters and donors that as part of his executive action, invalid and bed-ridden mentally incompetent Social Security recipients will be legally prohibited from owning firearms. What he has not proposed so far is my Nutbar Law, that is, mandating that law enforcement not release details about the identity of or the manifestos of or the sociopolitics of people who committed a mass murder only for the sake of publicity for themselves publicity and/or their cause. Obama himself, much to his credit, and matching my own self-imposed policy, never lets the name of these nutbars cross his lips, so he has to know what I already figured out.

The Newtown Nutmeg Nutbar’s father was once a Vice-President for something-or-another for General Electric, and as you know, GE is a big wheel in the pro-Obama crony capitalist machine; they were rewarded by having $0 of Federal corporate income tax liability one year recently.  I wrote here that the reason why Obama takes Newtown so personally is that the Nutmeg Nutbar reminds so many big time Democrat donors and so many media people of their own sons of similar age; what he did struck a big universe of powerful people very personally.

Obama also used the occasion of today’s theatrics to bring up the Show-Me, a contention that I refuted a few days ago.