Quarter Century On

19 04 2018

Waco, Texas

Hits the nail:

Baylor professor Pitts, who was familiar with the Branch Davidians before the raid, said questions remain about whether the ATF — while seeking a budget renewal — saw the sect as a nice target “for a decisive kind of show.”

At that time, there was a very serious possibility that the ATF as a Federal law enforcement agency would be eliminated and its functionality folded into the FBI.  In the early 1990s, the ATF desperately tried to find reasons to justify its continued existence, and among those reasons was a very significantly black central Texas religious cult.

The BDs were/are basically Scientologists without the Tom Cruise.  But the ATF wasn’t going to incinerate the Scientologists, because too many important people belong to it, including the guy who flew jets around and beat the Soviets in a dogfight, all in a movie.  You can’t incinerate that kind of hero!

Back to the point, the love of money is the root of all evil.  You know, muh money, muh jobs, muh pensions, muh annual budget allotment.


The Memo

2 02 2018

Washington, D.C.

Nothing more than what we the tuned in people already knew.

The highly politicized FBI bought into the same conventional wisdom and Silver Mines handouts that just about everyone else did.  You know, ZOMG 97.3% ODDS LOL~!!!!!1.  All the FBI was doing was banking on inevitability and getting ready to please the new boss same as the old boss.

Whether anyone will ever face the music for this, I have my doubts.  After all, I don’t exactly see the inevitable President wearing leg irons and slumming in Alderson in Martha Stewart’s old cell.

O’Keefe Pw3ns Jack

11 01 2018

San Francisco

Top of Drudge now, it is, so it’s worldwide.

What is it going to take for Dubourg’s admins to disown @Jack?

Easy Two

26 12 2017

Las Vegas;  Portland, Oregon

The editorializing toward the end of this misses the point.

If the U.S. Attorneys had an easy case, they would have never gone to these lengths to obstruct and abuse.

That they did all that indicates to me that…

Because if you’re all by yourself, nobody else within ten feet of you, on your way to the basket, you don’t do anything but the layup and get the easy two.

Also remember that the first and only actual jury to hear a case from this whole saga unanimously declared not guilty, and that jury was in Portland, Oregon, as in Portlandia, as in deep blue as blue gets, as in might as well be the Antifa world headquarters.

My Unique Take on the Fall of Harveywood (Plus a Claire McCaskill Cameo)

14 11 2017

Los Angeles

Harv was doing the ole sexual harassment thing for decades, he now admits. And he did it to some A-listers, including Ashley Judd, Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie.

So why didn’t any of his victims squeal while it was happening? Why did it take him outing himself, (possibly to soften the blow of what he knew was his own brother going public, which would be ironic because we later found out his brother was part of the same swamp), after all these years and decades?

And also, pray, Harv, what does Wayne LaPierre have to do with any of this, or even just the price of bread? That would be just as silly as me blaming Gloria Steinem for my getting hit by a car.

The more interesting subplot here is what it took to keep all his victims quiet all these years, the coordinated network of threats, blackmail and intimidation. Start digging into that, and you’ll wind up knocking your shovel into one Federal felony after another after another. Yes, the media which he either owned, bought, started or leveraged, and his good relationships with (((other friendly sources))) that he didn’t actually have any control over, helped sustain his image for a long time and precluded any of this busting out wide open long before it did. However, that can only get you so far. It’s really not possible to cover this kind of thing up as well as he and (((his cronies))) did for as long as they did without busting through a lot of pages of the U.S.C., and by that, I don’t mean the University of Southern California film and movie major program.

To repeat, the cover up is always worse than the crime, especially in this case, because the “crime” is probably not actually a crime.  If you want to see Harv in Club Fed, that’s where you’ll have to look, the cover up.  Especially since the women in this case aren’t exactly pure innocent goody two shoes primae donnae victims here, because women tend to throw themselves at high status men.  Or, alternatively, the women who wish they could throw themselves at high status men but high status men aren’t interested in them promptly run to internet clickholes and kvetch about sumtin’ sumtin’ social justice.

Footnote 1:  The #MeToo hashtagapalooza all over the Tweeter that happened coincidentally in the direct aftermath of L’Affaire Weinstein breaking out I think is not a timing coincidence.  I happen to think it was a manufactured PR stunt/diversion on the part of Harv’s surrogates or fellow travelers to try to fluff up the frequency of professional sexual harassment in order to make Harv seem “not so bad.”  If you ever watched Billy Madison, then you’ll remember this part, which should drive the analogy home.  It’s also why, as any good red pilled brain could have predicted, that Official Feminism is trying to distract us from the bad actor of a Hollywood Jew who unloads truckloads of money on leftist causes and Democrat politicians and trying to pawn this off on all men, one clickbait article on a clickhole-left website suggested that men need a curfew.

Footnote 2:  Which is why I think that everyone is all of a sudden dropping all these dimes, almost all of them are being dropped on libs/Democrats.  This article is at least by its title and beginning about Jackie Speier, of Leo Ryan/Jim Jones/Jonestown fame, but you’ll see that our very own Claire McCaskill makes a cameo appearance.  In it, she says that “when she was a young state legislator in her twenties, she asked the speaker of the Missouri House of Representatives for advice on getting her first bill out of committee,” and after that, said Speaker’s answer involved knee pads.  Now, C-McC was in the State House from January 1983 to January 1989, and she turned 30 on July 24, 1983, so it was only during the first year’s regular session of her first term that she was both in her twenties and in the State House.  Which means that if her memory is accurate, the incident happened some time between January 1 and May 31, 1983.  Precisely speaking, that doesn’t matter, because the House Speaker for the entirety of her State House service was Bob Griffin, who also happens to be the longest tenured House Speaker in state history (1981-95), and unless term limits are repealed, he’ll have that record forever.  Of course, you all remember what happened with Griffin at the end of his career which both caused its ending and drew the interest of Federal prosecutors.  He was actually the second State House Speaker of a succession of three that the Feds nailed, two before Griffin was Richard Rabbitt, whom the Feds sent up the river in 1977.  Anyway, back to the subject, this means that Claire just dropped the dime on Bob Griffin.

Footnote 3:  Harv wanted to buy Strolling Bone magazine?  If that would have actually happened…oh boy…Fall 2017 would have been the season of a million self-writing jokes.  Haven Monahan would have been the most confused non-existing person in the world.

What We Don’t Want to See

21 06 2017

Minneapolis-St. Paul

I’m trying to wrap my mind around the concept of twelve people watching this and all of them coming up with “not guilty” for it.

The only thing I can come up with is that, through my extensive observation and study of human nature, that, if we have enough trust and confidence in the central state, if we think we’re better off with a given state having power than not, then we will give almost universal benefit of the doubt to the armed enforcers of the state’s will, especially its domestic patrol level men and women.  Sometimes, as we now have “smoking gun” proof, too much benefit.

Cognitive dissonance sometimes means that people, including twelve random adults in Ramsey County, Minnesota, are willingly oblivious to the obvious.

Kalorama Sky Swat

30 05 2017

Washington, D.C.


Blogmeister to OCGE:

Swing this Sword of Damocles in the air space just slightly above a certain Kalorama residence, (which now, strangely has walls around it), and maybe some of this deep state skullduggery against you will calm down.