Laquan McDonald

24 11 2015


Start at 5:15.

Unless there’s some extenuating circumstance or something that this video misses, then this is definitely murder on the part of Jason Van Dyke.  McDonald was not an immediate bodily threat to Van Dyke or any other person.  Another hint is that the other cops who were there and closer to McDonald before Van Dyke showed up didn’t shoot him.

Now, for a few questions:

One, why this 13 month long cover up?  Did they not want to show this back in October of last year because it was in the middle of the Fergaza Strip hoopla?  Did Rahm Emanuel put pressure on everyone to delay it until after his re-election earlier this year?  Even so, the runoff for Chicago Mayor was back on April 7, and still it took until seven months and change after that for this video finally to come out.

Two, why did the cops barge in to a nearby Burger King and, unbeknownst to the manager, erase almost an hour and a half of the joint’s surveillance footage?  By now, all we need to know is what we see above, but it is also indicative of the fact that there was a cover-up afoot.

Three, why did McDonald’s family take the $5 million settlement, which was already agreed to, and not say anything?  Were they only interested on cashing in on Laquan’s dead body?  I know I’m thinking like the cracker that I am, but if I was in that situation, I’d rather have a bad cop off the streets an in the slammer rather than the thirty pieces of silver.  It’s an insult that governments can get away with only one time large sum payouts and the cops or agents whose actions necessitated them still have their jobs and their precious pensions.

Four, why did CPD reassign Van Dyke to desk duty after the incident instead of quietly firing him?

It is often said that the cover up is worse than the crime. That’s definitely not the case here, but it’s almost as infuriating.


Maybe it had something to do with helping your friend, fellow Chicagoan and fellow Democrat, Rahm Emanuel, win re-election.  If this is a factor, then this cover-up and the Benghazi obfuscation are rather alike, because both involve stuffing scandals under the rug so that a Democrat could win re-election.

Oh Holy Pension

16 11 2015


KVOA-NBC-4 Tucson:

N4T Investigators: ATF officials in charge of scandalous gunwalk program allowed to retire

Several men have now been convicted for the murder of U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry but we’ve looked into the murky cases of the men in charge of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives gun-walking scandal known as Operation Fast and Furious and found those in charge of the program received a better deal.

Two men from Mexico were sentenced for the murder of Terry, in September. But we’ve learned that the men who allowed those defendants to get their hands on some assault rifles faced a much lighter sentence. Retirement complete with a government pension.

“He was honest, he loved his country, he was a Marine, a police officer, a BORTAC agent. He always did what was right. He loved life to the fullest. He never took anything for granted,” said Michelle Terry Balogh.

And therefore, he was the egg that had to be broken in order to make the omelet of politics here in the hopeychange era, as the hopeychanger-in-chief (or some ambitious underlings) hatched this whole scheme in order to sandbag both Second Amendment and immigration politics.

Did anyone think, therefore, that his spilled blood was going to affect anyone’s precious pensions?

“She Abused Her Power”

5 11 2015



And that she apparently did.

I’m just more interested in her age minus her son’s age.

True Colors

24 08 2015


Thanks to Puggg for alerting me to this story.


FBI, Jackson County investigate injuries to inmates at hands of jail guards

Jackson County and the FBI are investigating four recent cases of inmates who were allegedly physically abused by guards at the county jail. Both probes seek to learn whether they were isolated instances or part of a pattern indicating a broken system that needs reform.

Injuries to four male inmates ranged from bruises and stitches to a man who suffered multiple fractures, including a broken neck, when a guard or guards used excessive force after the man was restrained.

Four guards thought to have caused those injuries in separate incidents are no longer on the county payroll. All were members of the jail’s elite Critical Incident Response Team, which is called in when inmates cause disturbances.

Officials would not say whether they were fired or left of their own accord.

They said there was no racial pattern to the attacks. Two of the victims are black and two are white. Three of the guards are black and one is white.

In this case, it wasn’t racial, and mostly likely not what these guard on inmate brutality situations really are, gang bangs.  That’s right, many of these black guards are as ganged up as the inmates, and use the opportunity of their official power to whack an inmate from a rival gang.  This is why a lot of these Federal or state investigations of jail and prison guard abuse wind up going into the rabbit hole, because they find out that the black guards are in gangs, and they don’t want to endanger affirmative action in this area.


20 07 2015

Washington, D.C.


Nah, that would be racist.

Either you put up, or shut up.  Except the Stupid Party will do just the opposite on both counts.

Alternatively, I’m resigned to the increasing approaching absolutely dictatorial power of the executive branch and the increasing impotence of Congress.  We’re at about the same point in our history that Ancient Rome was when the republican era transitioned to the imperial era.  All I care about now is who has control of the pen and phone and to whose benefit are they used; in fact, that is the only real pregnant political question left.  Forget about all the cuckservative and patriotard dorks who still live under the delusion that the Constitution can be restored.  Of course, if I had my way, if I could find some way to get the pen and phone, I wouldn’t be giving it up; my most capable son would have to take it from my cold dead hands.

These Aren’t Good Times For Whistleblowers

15 06 2015

Jefferson City and Washington, D.C.

MissouriNet:  Missouri trooper critical of Highway Patrol after drowning of Iowa man is disciplined

Pat Dollard: Green Beret Says Army Trying To Court-Martial Him For Whistleblowing On Obama Regime

Daily Caller: DHS Agent Says She Was Stripped Of Gun, Nearly Lost Daughter After Blowing Whistle On Immigration Visa Program

“Most transparent administration ever.”

About the first story, that was the subterranean talk among a lot of people at SOTS, that is, before Nixon started droning on about cars. That it turned out to be a big mistake to subsume the Water Patrol into the Highway Patrol.

Top That

8 06 2015

The Bronx

Three years in Rikers Island without a trial, beaten and brutalized by guards while there.

Try seven years in mostly Federal facilities without a trial, beaten and brutalized while there.

What, you’ve never heard of Tom Sell?  Well, neither did any of the people who gave Kalief Browder donations and other things.


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