Bradley Buzzcut

27 03 2015

McMinnville, Tennessee

I wonder if this has anything to do with this.

I tried the buzz cut when I was about his age a few times.

Why Would He Bother?

17 03 2015

Washington, D.C.

NYT wants Obama to come up with a creative pseudo-legal pseudo-Constitutional workaround should SCOTUS find the “wrong” way in King v Burwell.

Why should he even bother with this knit picking?  All he has to do is flip SCOTUS the bird.  Who’s going to arrest Baraq Obama for contempt of court?  The FBI that Baraq Obama controls?

He may not even have to do that.  The insurance industry will make sure all the Republican politicians they bought and paid for restores the Federal subsidies if SCOTUS does the “wrong” (i.e. right) thing.  Congress will do it so quickly that they’ll beat Planck Time.  Meanwhile, we’re still waiting on some Congressional legislation that defunds Obama’s executive order immigration amnesty.

Middling of the Worst

1 02 2015

Chocolate City St. Louis

Choir boys?  No.

People who deserved to be taken off the streets?  Yes.

Worst of the worst?  Hardly.

An abuse of power?  In spots, yes.

Indeed, ATF, this was worth doing.  But don’t go pounding your chests and pouring out a conga line of press releases that you took down Dillinger, Capone and MGK.

This article references similar tactics in Milwaukee, though there, they went very wrong.

Loose Collar

9 12 2014

Washington, D.C.

Sort of a clickbaity story from a right-of-center website about Operation Choke Point.

This e-mail made me LOL:


Regardless of whether porn was in the propaganda of those running this operation, (Democrats are prudish about porn all of a sudden?), there was no way that Choke Point was ever going to be used against porn.  Because the porn industry supports Democrat political candidates.  Meanwhile, firearms/ammunition, gold and silver coins, tobacco — Those are all money sources for either red team politics or red team media, or the pastimes of red team voters.

But one of the big targets of Choke Point was the payday loan business.  As far as I’m aware, the political money from that industry actually goes to way more Democrats than Republicans, and you find lots of payday loan joints in the politically blue parts of town but hardly any in the red parts of town, and blue team voters use payday loan joints far more than red team voters.  So I can’t think of any obvious political vendetta that the Obama White House would be carrying out in trying to cut off the payday loan industry’s oxygen.  The activist grassroots black-left, the ACORN types, have been bitching about payday loan joints and their high interest rates for some time.  Except I don’t think that’s a big enough straw to stir the drink of the White House — There has to be some huge big wheel donor or Democrat constituency or some Democrat political vendetta at work.


23 11 2014


Wow.  That’ll teach him.

The Plan

20 11 2014


Well, here it is.

It’s basically DACA writ a little bit larger.

If this is what it truly is, and nothing more, then two groups of people are going to be let down:

1.  The people wanting a “full Emancipation Proclamation.”

2.  Silicon Valley, as there’s nothing in here about freeing up legal immigrant visas by means of allowing one legal immigrant visa to apply to both spouses.

This is still bad, and should still be resisted, but it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.


Evidently there will be the one visa for both spouses provision, and some nebulous “entrepreneur visa” program.

Hands Up Don’t Rape

17 11 2014



…took liberties with a city jail inmate.


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