Yeah, It’s Really That Simple

3 02 2018


What is left unstated here:

(1) Affirmative action

(2) Desperation for warm bodies



The Real Outrage

28 11 2017


With the OCGE trolling the Dime Store Indian about her “Fauxcahontas” fib, once again, everyone seems to miss the point.

Some are saying the outrage is that Elizabeth Warren lied about being 1/32nd Indian in order to get affirmative action gibs from Harvard.

The real outrage is that a system to give non-white relative mediocrities situation over better qualified white people even exists at all.  As I wrote this morning, that system largely exists to set in course a set of circumstances that ends up minimizing the potential for serious domestic instability on the part of our African lumpenproletariat.   So why are people who supposedly have one Indian great-great-great-grandparent out of thirty-two benefiting from that same system?  Are we to think that giving Elizabeth Warren a Harvard job was the only thing separating use from another Little Bighorn?  That’s just about as much as the real outrage as the system itself existing.

Don’t They Know, It’s Not the End of the World

28 11 2017

Bakersfield, California

Jim Goad on the Manson postmortem.

He doubts the Bugliosi theory on motive, but Bugliosi got too much credible evidence that that was indeed what was going through Charlie’s dope-addled brain.  My long time fundamental point remains, though:  If the blacks were smart enough and organized enough (LOL) to do all that, then they would have been able to rule the world on their own, and they wouldn’t have needed Manson and his vagabonds.

Which leads me to this from Goad:

Manson was indeed a product of the 1960s, but more than anything he was the product of a teenaged alcoholic mother/prostitute and the doomed path such a bedraggled spawning set him on. By the time of the Tate/LaBianca murders, Manson had already spent half of his life in correctional facilities of one sort or another. And if he developed negative attitudes toward blacks, it likely had far less to do with reading George Lincoln Rockwell and far more to do with being forced to interact with blacks behind bars during his formative years. He was not nearly as naive about race as so many who’d condemn him for being a “racist” are.

MLK was murdered a year before the Manson Family murders. Riots had sprung up all across the USA. As a street hustler and lifetime con, Manson had the survival instincts that so very few pampered modern leftist scribes will ever have. If he foresaw an inevitable race war in America, maybe he was nothing more than a hillbilly Bob Dylan and saw it blowin’ in the wind.

If Manson was truly prophetic about anything, though, it was why whites would lose a theoretical race war. According to Manson, when blacks came seeking blood vengeance, whites would be too hopelessly split between those with self-preservation instincts—those who are now defamed as “racists”—and the uptight, sheltered squares who thought it would be “racist” not to let black people start killing them en masse.

You can’t blame someone who was living through the times and maybe also the proximity of the severe black riots of the latter half of the ’60s to think that it was the beginning of the end of the world.  But as things shook out over time, it wasn’t the end of the world, just a really severe chimpout.  Remember, they can sprint, but only for a short distance and a short time.  Also remember that if they had brains, they would truly be dangerous, but thankfully, they’re not that dangerous.  Both belie Manson’s fanciful prediction about what were the immediate years and decades ahead of his time.

Why did the riots stop?  Why has black rioting since then rarely been anywhere as bad?  Hint:  Compare Baltimore 1968 and Baltimore 2015.


Affirmative action.

The domestic policy deep state really hit the floor on the accelerator on affirmative action as a reaction to the late ’60s black riots.  The subversive purpose of AA was, and continues to be, to drive a wedge between the “talented” tenth and the street undertow, so that the former group of black people feel more loyalty to the system than to their own lumpenproles.  Which means the “talented” tenth won’t feel any need to lead and organize and provoke their own racial undertow to riot against the system.  Remember, if they had brains, they’d truly be dangerous, which means if you can take what brains they have out of the ghetto and send them to Yale, then there won’t be any brains left in the ghetto, which means they’ll be even less dangerous than before.  The result has been a success, considering the subversive purpose:  Black riots after the early ’70s have been both far less widespread and far less severe.  The biggest I can think of in the AA era is South Central Los Angeles 1992, and eventually, we all know how the system solved its South Central black undertow problem:  Mass Hispanic immigration as vanguard, AFFH-style programs as rearguard.

The domestic policy deep state made the decision a long time ago that it is preferable to have half-wit blacks dance around on Yale and have their Fisher-Price toy kiddie pool “academic disciplines” to allowing them to lead major urban domestic instability.

Meanwhile, as the events in many cities and areas about a century ago proved, East St. Louis included, and as we saw in spits and spurts as recently as Boston in the mid-1970s, you don’t want to be on the wrong side of a white riot, because one of those can turn the world inside out.


1 07 2017

The Bronx

My biggest fan and V-Dare have the scoop.

Putting all the pieces together, he was basically another Charles Lee “Cookie” Thornton, one of these Dunning-Kruger Effect affirmative action type blacks who are constantly pandered to and groveled to, and then the one time they’re told no, they go postal.

BT University

1 06 2017

Washington, D.C.

Campus Reform:

Profs pledge to ‘decolonize curricula’ to fight ‘privilege’


Professors at American University have penned an open letter to black female students, vowing to add more “minority voices” and “intersectional studies” to their classes.

“Dear Sisters” was published by a group of 18 AU professors in the school newspaper The BlackPrint, a student-run newspaper that describes itself as a “safe space for people of color” to learn about campus news and to “stay woke.”

The professors begin their letter by asserting that the campus may feel “hostile” and “dangerous” for black female students because of the “stresses of living amid White supremacy and fighting for social change.”

What they mean is the stress of having term papers, course projects, senior projects and finals.

Haven’t you ever noticed that it seems like black bodies start bitching about oppression on campus every December and May?  Just when term papers are due and when finals happen.

The end game is a bunch of easy no-work courses for black bodies. That way, they’ll get to spend eight semesters doing the whoa are our oppressed black bodies thing, on their way to a degree, at which time, the black women who get them will be able to use that to get hired either into a government body, a NGO, a non-profit, corporate HR, or, with a little bit of grad school, right back into academia itself. On top of that, their degrees will be used as evidence for their incessant refrain that “we’z beez da most edumacated group.”

Social Justice Hustle (“How I Got Into Harvard”)

30 05 2017

Los Angeles; Boston


Chase Aldridge, the leading hitter for Harvard-Westlake’s baseball team, is headed to Harvard University. He grew up in Ladera Heights, went to a public elementary school, then enrolled at a private middle school in Palisades.

So began his journey straddling two environments as an African American teenager.

In an application essay to Harvard, he wrote: “My dad would come every year and teach about the Negro Leagues. Activities like this served both the purpose of informing others of the history of various different people, and also a sign of how I fit in the school community.

Just to make sure the Harvard admissions committee knows he’s black, because his name doesn’t sound stereotypically black, load up the application essay with “I’m black y’all.”  And also, because he’s a domestic black that plays baseball, that’s got the dork in Orlando with a fax machine all orgasmic.

The good news is that, four years from now, he’ll be attending the black-only Harvard graduation ceremony.

About that:

“The primary reason we wanted to do this is we really wanted to come together to celebrate Harvard black excellence and brilliance. … This is really an opportunity for students to build fellowship and build a community.”

Actually, it’s more of a networking opportunity for those who now expect to be black for a living.


Unfortunately, most students do not seem to feel that they are part of the college community. UCLA’s Higher Education Research Institute found that only 28.7 percent of seniors graduating from baccalaureate institutions strongly agreed that they have a sense of belonging to their college community.

That’s really not new.  For the most part, Americans have way more socio-academic fealty toward their high school than their college.  Quick:  How many quinquennial/decennial high school reunions and college reunions have you gone to?  Right.

The Words “Short Bus” Come to Mind

9 05 2017


Of course there was a blacks-only graduation ceremony at Harvard.

The affirmative action students want to celebrate being gifted a degree in a “studies” major, don’t they?