New Boss

22 07 2015



Yep, Ferguson has already seen its last white police chief.

And what’s with this Glendale, Arizona to Ferguson conveyor belt?

The Blue Philadelphians

14 07 2015



Number of African-American Cops Slowly Dwindling in Philadelphia

Slowly?  Why so slow?  Get a move on.

For several years, the number of new African-American recruits joining the Philadelphia Police Department has been declining, and now some blacks in Philly, who have recently tried and failed to join the department, are starting to wonder if the city is purposefully denying blacks entry to the department.

Probably not.  I think it’s similar to Ferguson; blacks just aren’t applying because there are safer jobs elsewhere.

In a city where 44 percent of the population is black, the city’s 6,300-officer police department is only 33 percent black, and that number is declining. This, critics say, means the Philly PD doesn’t “reflect” the community

Considering the fact that felons can’t be cops and 21 is probably is the minimum age to apply for the academy in Philly, and some other enforced standards (see below), considering how high the percentage is of black men that have felony sheets and the low median age of urban black populations, that’s really not a disparity.

In fact, according to the Daily News, the number of African-Americans in the department has been in steady decline since Mayor Michael Nutter took office and appointed Chief Charles Ramsey. This despite that both officials are themselves African-American.

So much for the race conspiracy angle.

Philadelphia NAACP President Rodney Muhammad, for instance, claimed that the “growing absence of diversity is going to produce a big cultural disconnect in this city.”

Actually, I understand Philadelphia the city proper is getting more white and less black in recent years; gentrification at work.

Muhammad went on to claim the “indigenous people of a given community” are not being served by white cops.

That’s one Pandora’s Box you don’t want to open, Sambo.

“When it comes to black and white, too many of our residents begin to feel that they’re in occupied territory rather than being the beneficiaries of what would be good community policing,” Muhammad added. “I’m afraid for our city.”

Correction:  Too many of those residents fear that the law will be enforced.

Critics of the dwindling number of black cops say that one or both of the problems may be the college requirement and the psychological test, but authorities in both the mayor’s office and the department say that these requirements won’t be changed.

Remember why there is a college requirement — That is a concession to the civil rights alphabet gang.  It used to be the main entry barrier to first responders departments was testing.  Except there hasn’t been a test developed yet which both actually measures some substantial ability or knowledge and doesn’t have a disparate impact on NAMs enough to make the Federal judiciary happy.  So what happened is that first responders have dropped testing and inserted educational requirements in its place.  It’s far from an exact replacement, because there are always ways for incompetent blacks to get college degrees.

Chief Ramsey absolutely insisted that the two requirements were a must. He noted that we shouldn’t tell high school kids that they can get good jobs without college and insisted that it would be an “embarrassment” for the city to lower qualifications just for blacks and Latinos.

Lowering the bar for NAMs is what we do.

And what’s this bit about “we shouldn’t tell high school kids that they can get good jobs without college?”  Does this mean that every young person has to have a boat load of debt tied around their ankles just to get a good job?

“Our kids are just as smart as any other group of kids, and are capable of doing the same things that anybody else is capable of doing,” Ramsey said.

Really?  Some may disagree.

Poetry in Motion

13 07 2015




The Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis has retained the Kwame Building Group, a leading minority contractor, to oversee the design and construction of a Community Empowerment Center on the site of a convenience store destroyed during the 2014 unrest along West Florissant Avenue.

Well, if one of Kwame’s previous projects, the Forest Park to Shrewsbury leg of the MissingLink, is any indication, it will be way late and way over budget, and someone else will have to take over the whole project just to get it done and done right.


St. Louis’s Finest

24 06 2015

Lewis Place


Found with a whole bunch of happy fun stuff.

City leaders said they hope the charges will give residents faith in the justice system.”

The charges?  Feh.  The real scandal here is that she and the other affirmative action blacks mentioned in this article were even on the SLPD.

Shuffle That Deck

2 06 2015

Washington, D.C.

Al Jazeera America:

Homeland Security chief reassigns TSA head

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said on Monday he reassigned the acting administrator for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) after earlier ordering improved security at U.S. airports.

The moves follow media reports that checkpoint screeners failed to detect mock explosives and weapons in 95 percent of tests carried out by undercover agents.

Johnson said in a statement that Melvin Carraway would be reassigned to serve in the Office of State and Local Law Enforcement at Department of Homeland Security headquarters, while TSA Acting Deputy Director Mark Hatfield would lead the agency until a new acting administrator was appointed.

Melvin Carraway:


It’s obvious that he, like his boss, and like his boss’s boss, have the jobs they do because of affirmative action.  But it’s not Melvin Carrway’s fault that the TSA is so incompetent and so unable to detect real threats.  That’s due to affirmative action of a different sort, which will not end just by reshuffling the deck of high level bureaucratic positions.

NYT Admits

26 05 2015


The black middle class is more or less an artificial creation of public or quasi-public sector affirmative action employment.

You Don’t Want Another Ferguson. What You’ve Got Is Another East St. Louis.

1 05 2015


For quite a long time, in spite being directly south of ESL, Cahokia miraculously stayed white.  But in the last 25 years, the bell curve finally caught up to it.

Like Ferguson, Cahokia is another burg whose population has been blackening a lot faster than the police department.

And the ook reverends are starting to notice.

Also like Ferguson, Cahokia is going to find that “diversifying” its PD is going to be very difficult, for the same reason:  Blacks who want to be cops can get on anywhere, and while, if this $50k starting is true, Cahokia pays fairly well, it’s also Cahokia, that being The New ESL.  Which means the inevitable career- and freedom- and life-endangering conflagration with the local Bellcurvii.  Why work for Cahokia when O’Fallon will take you, probably pays just as well as not better, and is mostly white?


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