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6 11 2015


If these fibs wind up hurting or sinking Ben Carson, the people that will be hurt the most are the GOPee establishment, who was puffing him up to foil Trump.  The person helped the most will be Trump himself, for the same reason.

Politico is the source that RINOs and establishment Republicans leak to the most when they want to peddle a meme, push a narrative or bitch about conservatives.  Since Politico broke this, there is the temptation to think that this is a RINO hit.  The problem with that theory is twofold:  One, this is Carson’s own confession, and two, the timing is wrong.  Remember the Treehouse’s notion, that the GOPee is pushing Carson to try to keep Trump’s numbers down, in hopes that this ruins Trump, and then after Trump is ruined, the GOPee swoops in and ruins Carson (or waits for him to do that himself), and then Jeb! rides to the “rescue.”  If Trump had already fallen flat on his face, then it would make sense for the RINOs to leak to Politico right now, but Trump has not fallen on his face.

As for the substance of the matter, I don’t think there’s really much there there.  The reason I think that is because I can say two words that hardly anyone else seems to want to do because of PC paralysis and because the left has successfully retconned recent history to keep people from noticing how long the left has been running things and to leave people with the impression that the Nazi Klan ran everything until January 20, 2009:  Affirmative action.

Let’s jump into the Blogmeister Hot Tub Time Machine (no skinny dipping) and head back to 1968.  The Vietnam War was on its second year of being unpopular and controversial, and that year, LBJ bounced William Westmoreland out of the command of the U.S. Army in Vietnam.  The Civil Rights Revolution was in the process of being enforced and implemented a few years after its major legislation was passed.  There were major urban black riots the year before (Newark, Detroit) and three years before (Los Angeles), and that year, there would be many more.  The assassination of Martin Luther King in April.  And, two years before, Lyndon Johnson signed EO 11246 (there we go with the pen and phone again) that, in theory, only prohibited discrimination in the hiring practices of Federal contractors, but in practicality, mandated that their personnel departments give special preference to blacks.  That very executive order used the phrase “affirmative action,” which is where we got the phrase from and the idea that the definition of it is preference to certain minority groups.  Since then, the madness has spread — In British parlance, it is “positive action,” in French, it’s l’action positive.  Even though officially, France does not practice it.

So, you throw all these things together.  One day that year, Westmoreland visits a JROTC unit at a high school in Detroit.  He sees our then 17-year old magic negro, and finds out that he’s pretty good in JROTC.  Light bulbs go off in his head.  Westmoreland starts doing the West Point hard sell on Carson.  Carson walks away from the thing thinking that Westmoreland had so much pull that he could have unilaterally gotten him into West Point, but knows it’s not going to be his career track, so he mentally checks out of it.  Years later, after internalizing Westmoreland’s hard sales pitches as a de facto offer of guaranteed admission, Carson relays to the people that ghost wrote his books that he in essence got into West Point.

Far more of a misunderstanding than a fib.

However, even as a 17-year old, as good as JROTC participant as he was said to have been, he should have been pretty adept on the process of getting into a service academy.  Either that, or he was so star struck by Westmoreland’s rank that he thought that Westmoreland could have bypassed all that on his behalf.

Mostly a nothing burger.

That’s Not What They Mean By “Diversity”

7 10 2015

Silicon Valley

Tech Raptor:

There Is No Diversity Crisis In Tech by Brian Hall


Silicon Valley doesn’t just create greatness, it’s probably the most open, welcoming, meritocratic-based region on the planet. Anecdotal evidence strongly suggests that disproportionately more Chinese, Indians, and LGBQT succeed in Silicon Valley than just about any place in America. Guess what? Everyone earned their job because of their big brains and ability to contribute.

You’re correct in this point if you take the word “diversity” literally.  But remember, “diversity” is a moving goalpost.  What is meant by “diversity” in context of SV not having enough of it is that there aren’t enough developers and executives that are black women named Booshondria.  Plain words, it’s an extortion racket that black preachers are running in order to get SV firms to hire their useless daughters and nieces with useless Fisher-Price HBCU diplomas into useless HR jobs.

They’re Tired of the Moving Goalpost

7 10 2015

Union City, California

They can see how they’re counted as “diverse” when it comes to future American racial demographics projections, but “not diverse” when it comes to SV firms’ employee race data.

They know the way to get ahead in modern Amurrika is not to be (or boast about) being big and powerful, but to be (or pretend to be) fringe and oppressed.  The game is to be fringier than thou.

Hollywood Calling

31 08 2015

New York


This story has been out there for awhile, but it’s still worth remembering.

It might be interesting enough to turn into a movie.

Success Track

26 08 2015



Wired positively gushes over IBM’s Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-TECH), saying it could fix education and tech’s diversity gap. Backed by IBM, the P-TECH program aims to prepare mainly minority kids from low-income backgrounds for careers in technology, allowing them to earn a high school diploma and a free associate degree in six years or less. That P-TECH’s six inaugural graduates completed the program in four years and were offered jobs with IBM, Wired reports, is “irrefutable proof that this solution might actually work” (others aren’t as impressed, although the President is drinking the Kool-Aid). While the program has only actually graduated six students since it was announced in 2010, Wired notes that by fall, 40 schools across the country will be designed in P-TECH’s image. IBM backs four of them, but they’ll also be run by tech giants like Microsoft and SAP, major energy companies like ConEdison, along with hospital systems, manufacturing associations, and civil engineering trade groups. They go by different names and are geared toward different career paths, but they all follow the IBM playbook.

See the original for the links, especially the one over “others aren’t as impressed.”

Translated into plain readable English, all this is IBM, MSFT, et al. sponsoring ghetto academies that shake out the zircons in the rough, give them the equivalent of junior college diplomas, then ship them off to corporate HR.  Therefore, when employee photo day comes, IBM, MSFT, et al. has some NAM faces in the photos.

How to Think About the Silicon Valley Diversity Row

14 08 2015

Cupertino, California

AAPL, racial beancounting, blah blah.

“But white dudes still run things.”

Really, I don’t think the purpose of this hysteria is to change that.  All it is is that the CSIT-STEM sector, especially in SV, was allowed to grow and progress uninhibited and unnoticed by the Eye of Soros for a long time.  But once those firms got big and profitable, then TPTB came knocking to tell them that it’s time to start paying the diversity tax, hiring a bunch of HBCU diploma Shaniquas who are the patrons of important black preachers who have megachurches or large churches and who constitute various NAACP chapters.  Even if the work is useless personnel/HR/EEOC work.

New Boss

22 07 2015



Yep, Ferguson has already seen its last white police chief.

And what’s with this Glendale, Arizona to Ferguson conveyor belt?


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