First World Third World Problems

18 05 2016



News today is that black people aren’t becoming city cops and firefighters fast enough, and St. Louis-area legal immigrant aspiring citizen Muslims aren’t becoming citizens fast enough.

You want I should say something about Sgt. Heather Taylor and World War T?  Naaah, I’ll skip it.

Another Hoax

27 04 2016

Santa Clara, California

Tech Crunch:

Intel CEO says leadership team has received threats for company’s stance on diversity

Intel is widely seen as a leader around corporate diversity in tech. But, it turns out, some Intel employees are not happy with the company’s stance on it. In fact, there’s “been a bit of a backlash within the company” and even threats made toward the company’s senior leadership team, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich told Rev. Jesse Jackson on stage at the PUSHTech 2020 conference today in San Francisco.

“People worry that as a white man, you’re kind of under siege to a certain extent,” Krzanich said. “There’s been a bit of resistance. We’ve even had a few threats and things like that on some of our leadership team around our position on diversity and inclusion. We stand up there and just remind everybody it’s not an exclusive process. We’re not bringing in women or African-Americans or Hispanics in exclusion to other people. We’re actually just trying to bring them in and be a part of the whole environment.”

[Update 10:19 a.m. PT: Regarding what kind of threats the leadership team received, an Intel spokesperson said, “The context here is that any time you undertake a big initiative it’s a journey and an ongoing process toward change and evolution. I know you mentioned the words can mean many things so this is the context.”]

That’s because there are no threats.  Krzanich just made up something that he knew would sound good going into Jesse Jackson’s ears.

How can I be so cock sure?  Because these same white men who are making all these threats when the new SV diversity is NAMs and women didn’t make these threats when the SV diversity, not counted as diversity anymore, were H-1B Asians, many years ago.

Hell to Write

20 04 2016

Washington, D.C.

Markquonda, Markquasha, Markeisha, Marko, Markquez, Macretia.

Affirmative action has consequences, least among which is that it makes keying in stories about affirmative action employees behaving badly a tough job.

Who? Whom?

25 02 2016


You’ve already seen them both on Drudge.

Remember several years ago, all the outrage over college conservatives holding affirmative action bake sales, charging different races of people different prices?

No outrage today, but then again, the question of whether there is praise or outrage over a thing depends on who is doing the thing.

Essence of Diversity

13 02 2016


Campus Reform:

Harvard med students demand diversity, but no more Asians please


They similarly lament the insufficient diversity of the student body, complaining that “while … 21.7 percent of HMS students are underrepresented in medicine,” just two of the 165 current first-year students are black females, and contending that “these numbers are not reflective of a nation in which African Americans, Hispanics, and American Indians comprise 32 percent of the population.”

According to The Boston Globe, Asians and Pacific Islanders are not mentioned in the petition because they are not considered “underrepresented” by the Association of American Medical Colleges. As of 2012, the two groups together constituted 18.9 percent of the HMS student body.

Two themes I’ve been noticing for quite some time are present in just those two paragraphs:

(1) The very definition of “diversity” is a moving goalpost which moves back and forth over the heads of Asians most often, in that they go from being diverse to not diverse most often, depending on the micropolitics of the question at hand.

(2) “Diversity” also means black women trying to ride on the backs of all “diverse” people for the benefit of black women.

Affirmative Action Kills

20 01 2016


Haven’t done one of these in while:

At least 20 of the 111 black firefighters hired by the Chicago Fire Department after a marathon discrimination lawsuit had not been medically cleared by a department physician before starting work and two of them “suffered serious medical events and died while off-duty,” the city’s inspector general disclosed Tuesday.


Was Rooney Thinking Of Him?

19 01 2016



Rooney Rule beneficiary, because his last name ends in a vowel, not a consonant.

And here I thought the purpose of the Rooney Rule was to force teams to interview blacks for head coaching positions, so that their names could get in circulation for networking purposes, even if a given Rooney Rule interview is a cynical affirmative action formality.

This could be an example of Steve Sailer’s “The Flight from White,” though I don’t think very many white people would classify him as white.


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