Affirmative Action Kills

20 01 2016


Haven’t done one of these in while:

At least 20 of the 111 black firefighters hired by the Chicago Fire Department after a marathon discrimination lawsuit had not been medically cleared by a department physician before starting work and two of them “suffered serious medical events and died while off-duty,” the city’s inspector general disclosed Tuesday.


Was Rooney Thinking Of Him?

19 01 2016



Rooney Rule beneficiary, because his last name ends in a vowel, not a consonant.

And here I thought the purpose of the Rooney Rule was to force teams to interview blacks for head coaching positions, so that their names could get in circulation for networking purposes, even if a given Rooney Rule interview is a cynical affirmative action formality.

This could be an example of Steve Sailer’s “The Flight from White,” though I don’t think very many white people would classify him as white.

Smallest Violin

18 01 2016

Los Angeles

Because there were no affirmative action Oscar nominations given to black actors or black-ish movies, there’s pressure on this year’s host, Chris Crock, to drop out and boycott.

This means that to protest the lack of affirmative action in nominations, they want the affirmative action host not to do the only affirmative actiony thing about this year’s Oscars.

Just, lame.

If we crackers had our act together, you black people would be sooooooooooooooooooo fucked.

“Unduly Burdensome and Not Necessary”

18 01 2016

Cupertino, California

Yeah, so? You think Jesse and Al care about that?

It’s also unduly burdensome and not necessary to fire departments, yet many Federal judges could care less.

If AAPL is going to give lots of money to Democrats and its employees are going to vote heavily Democrat, then it should have to do what it implicitly expects everyone else to do.  Or did you think that all your money would buy you a permanent escape hatch?

Just In Time For MLK Day

15 01 2016

Midtown; CWE

To solve the “problem” of only 4.4% of occupational therapists being black…

Let me translate this for you:  All it means is that all the black person (Harris-Stowe is St. Louis’s HBCU) would have to do is get admitted to Harris-Stowe, which isn’t very hard, and should he or she stay on academic track, he or she will end up with a diploma from a consistently top five in the country med school.

Not even Trump will take on affirmative action.

Wicked Semi-Racial Profiling Trick

13 01 2016


That’s all I read.

I bet the dork in Orlando with a fax machine makes an appearance.

The Bad and the Not So Pretty

14 12 2015


I’m working on a long post that will probably be done and posted some time during Kwanzaa, about what I think were the top stories of this year.

Here’s a part of a sentence in a section about what you could have easily figured out that I thought was one of the top stories:

…because Trump is participating in democratic republican electoral affairs, I have lingering doubts about how much he can really accomplish…

To prove my point…

Though this is not a surprise to me.  He has already made it plain, although he didn’t exactly say this into a bullhorn, that he’s not going to do anything about affirmative action.  Therefore, this will be one area where we won’t be able to get his mind right.


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