Six Words to Edify

16 01 2017

Boston; San Francisco

Key takeaway:

…the bachelor’s degree is becoming the new high school diploma. Rather than a ticket to a high-paying, managerial job, the four-year degree is now the minimum ticket to get in the door to any job.

Which we all knew.

These thirty-five words need six more to be made all the more understandable:


Is the Dork in Orlando With a Fax Machine Losing His Mojo?

15 01 2017


We have two articles in the ESPN universe, one on its regular presence, one in The Undefeated, it’s blickety-blackety-black-I’m-black-y’all boutique, both about the same general thing, but neither mention the dork in Orlando with a fax machine.

Poor guy must be sick.

No Degrees of Separation

15 12 2016


The ex-cop gets a rap for killing Sylville Smith, that incident sparked a mini-riot in a portion of the ghetto section of Milwaukee this past summer.

Looking at this and the other pics, I get the impression that he was barely more worthy than the man he killed.

But, I forgot, we’re not allowed to say “affirmative action in law enforcement hiring.”  We’re only allowed to kick it into high gear.

Golly G

6 11 2016


Note the author.

Which means he knows the reason why employment decisions usually come off of face to face interviews rather than aptitude or g-loaded testing or exams.

In case you don’t, I give you a hint in the way I categorize this post.

I’m Dizzy

20 10 2016

Washington, D.C.

Hechinger Report:

The federal government is trying to increase the number of minorities in the teaching profession by, in part, allowing institutions to maintain a low bar for entry into teaching programs.


Diversity matters because research shows that students tend to do better in school when they’re exposed to teachers of the same background. A March 2016 study by Johns Hopkins University showed that black teachers are more likely to have higher expectations for their black students; for example, white teachers were almost 40 percent less likely than their black counterparts to expect black students to finish high school.

I should sit down before I fall down.

Why Shaniqua Can’t Code

9 09 2016

Fountain Park

This has already happened.  Biden basically said that we all need to learn how to code because it’s the best route to the middle class.

Because we don’t need that many coders, there won’t be much of a middle class anymore, if that’s true. The other problem is that these jobs are supposed to require such high skill levels that by all rights they should have upper middle class salary and benefits packages, not straight middle class ones. We all know why they don’t, (cough cough H-1B cough cough), and if LaunchCode does have placement success, it will only create an even bigger army of CSIT permatemps.

LaunchCode happens to be in the same state office building on Delmar just east of Kingshighway that also hosts the St. Louis NAACP office. That should tell you all you need to know about its intentions. You know the old book Why Johnny Can’t Read. The book for our times could be tiled Why Shaniqua Can’t Code.

Rest of the DNC Open Thread

26 07 2016


While there was plenty of action yesterday, it wasn’t on par with 1968.  Sure, there are three more days to go, but I get the feeling that there won’t be any ’68-style confrontations.

My assessment of yesterday is that we got a lot of blatantly contradictory mish mash, the most obvious of which is that we were told that the country is already great because Baraq Obama made it that way, and the country is a dystopian hellhole of social injustice, income and wealth inequality and Republicans winning elections on occasion.

Michelle Obama used the occasion of her speech last night to note that “big men with guns” take their daughters to school.  These people all want us to hate cops, but they want their protection.  Remember, Baraq and Michelle Obama deliberately bought in a Chicago neighborhood that had two layers of police protection, CPD and UCPD.  They want wafer thin dainty transgenders armed with restraining orders to be your cops, but they want big men with guns to protect them.  They want affirmative action for the military and law enforcement, but when he wanted to pull off the keynote accomplishment of his first term, he turned to the whitest part of the military, the Navy SEALs.

Revealed preferences sho’ dooz beez revealing, knowatimsayin?