You Don’t Want Another Ferguson. What You’ve Got Is Another East St. Louis.

1 05 2015


For quite a long time, in spite being directly south of ESL, Cahokia miraculously stayed white.  But in the last 25 years, the bell curve finally caught up to it.

Like Ferguson, Cahokia is another burg whose population has been blackening a lot faster than the police department.

And the ook reverends are starting to notice.

Also like Ferguson, Cahokia is going to find that “diversifying” its PD is going to be very difficult, for the same reason:  Blacks who want to be cops can get on anywhere, and while, if this $50k starting is true, Cahokia pays fairly well, it’s also Cahokia, that being The New ESL.  Which means the inevitable career- and freedom- and life-endangering conflagration with the local Bellcurvii.  Why work for Cahokia when O’Fallon will take you, probably pays just as well as not better, and is mostly white?


28 04 2015

North Riverfront

Why should white people be the only ones who get to play make-believe?

BAMN Rages Because NAMs Have Low IQs

16 04 2015

Ann Arbor, Michigan

A lot more where that came from.

Hits Home

6 04 2015


Get ready for it.  Notice my geographical by-line, so you should know where this is going.


Mindy Kaling’s Brother Reveals He Pretended to Be Black to Get into Medical School

In a new website-slash-pitch for a memoir, Vijay Chokal-Ingam, the brother of comedian Mindy Kaling, reveals that he gamed the system and managed to get into medical school by claiming he was African-American.

Chokal-Ingam, who graduated from the University of Chicago with a meager 3.1 GPA, says that his ploy began after the self-described party boy saw his fellow Asian Indian-Americans, many of whom had higher grades, fail to get into medical school. “I shaved my head, trimmed my long Indian eyelashes, and applied to medical school as a black man,” he wrote on his website, “My change in appearance was so startling that my own fraternity brothers didn’t recognize me at first. I even joined the Organization of Black Students and started using my embarrassing middle name that I had hidden from all of my friends since I was a 9 years old.”

With this, “Jojo” managed to get into the selective Saint Louis University School of Medicine with the exact same application he used as an Indian man. As a fake black man, he allegedly secured interviews at nine highly selective medical schools, including Harvard, Columbia, and the University of Pennsylvania.

This says a lot, both positive and negative, about SLU Med.

Same Old Story

4 04 2015

North County


Firefighters in St. Louis County do not look like those they are trained to protect

In Hazelwood, none of the city’s 36 firefighters is black although nearly a third of its residents are African-American.

In neighboring Ferguson, more than 67 percent of residents are black, compared with 7 percent of firefighters.

And in the Florissant Valley Fire Protection District, two of the 60 firefighters are black, representing 3.3 percent of the department. By comparison, more than a quarter of the residents who live in that part of the region are African-American.

The situation is the same throughout the parts of St. Louis County with large African-American populations. With the Justice Department fresh off an investigation here after Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson, more cities are being scrutinized for their hiring practices amid criticism that minorities are systemically underrepresented in public employment.

And why this disparity?  The next two paragraphs should be very familiar to you if you’ve been reading this space since August 9.

Fire chiefs say that there are not enough qualified black applicants and that blacks hired are hard to retain, often recruited by other departments that offer better pay and benefits in communities with fewer emergency calls.

“Even when we are fortunate to hire a minority, we don’t get to hold onto them for very long,” Hazelwood Fire Chief Dave Radel said. He said part of the reason for a lack of blacks on his department came from having two fire protection districts that also serve parts of his city. It doesn’t take long for firefighters on mutual aid calls to begin talking and find where the better salaries are, he said.

Really now, this is getting too easy.

If both places will have you, because you’re black, where would you rather go?  Monarch or Metro West where you’ll get paid well for getting cats down from trees, or any FPD in North County where your fire house will be a city of the bells, you have to go out on a run for every shooting and murder, and at a lower pay scale?


1 04 2015

Jefferson City

So they want Nixon to pick either a real estate appraiser or an equal opportunity bureaucrat to do a job that requires JD or CPA certification.


Those Who Can’t

23 03 2015


Those who can, do.  Those who can’t, get affirmative action law school tenure.


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