Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

25 01 2016

St. Louis Hills

P-D headline:

DuBourg senior nominated to three U.S. service academies

That’s all I read.

Probably black. Or at the very least, not white.

Moral Obligation

22 01 2016


Minor news in the minor soap opera about the new home for Defense Mapping (National Geospatial Agency).


St. Clair County Board chair Mark Kern said he’s not paying much attention to arguments that the federal government has a moral obligation to choose the city’s north side.

“Moral obligation” = The Federal government spending money on behalf of black people, which of course it never has before.  And also, Pruitt-Igoe and Ferguson.

If the decision is made in the next 364 days, then it will be made based on whether President Obama wants to make Dick Durbin happy slash help his own home state, though a part of it he doesn’t much care about, or whether he wants to make black people in St. Louis City happy.

Wild Cuck Yonder

18 01 2016

Warner Robins, Georgia

Oh yeah, USAF, you’re in heap big doodoo.

First off, you used the holy visage without paying the requisite burnt offering to his living relatives.  Expect a trademark lawsuit by the end of the week.

Second, I’m angry at you for your cucking.

Nachos and Circuses

18 12 2015

Washington, D.C.

Dan Gelernter writes in Power Line:

America takes its sports more seriously than its military. This is the conclusion we can draw from the December announcement by woebegone Defense Secretary Ashton Carter that women will now “be able to serve as Army Rangers and Green Berets, Navy SEALs, Marine Corps infantry, Air Force parajumpers, and everything else that was previously open only to men.” As though the only thing that militates against women serving in the military is baseless sexism.

The President likes golf, as do most presidents. It’s not the most aggressive sport in the world, but it is a sport where professional athletes of both sexes play the same courses and we can make comparisons of skill. Would the President be surprised to learn that on Golf Digest’s list of America’s 100 greatest golf courses, every single course record is held by a man? Women’s records are invariably a few strokes higher. The best women golfers, devoting their entire lives to the game, may be better than most golfers in the world, but they are never as good as the best men golfers.

Why hasn’t the NFL or the NBA or the NHL or the MLB followed the Obama Administration’s brave lead and started fielding women? In 2013, Lauren Silberman tried out as an NFL kicker and lasted just “two pathetic and pitiful” punts before limping off the field. Her best kick made it a whopping 19 yards. There hasn’t been a whole lot of women-in-the-NFL agitation since then. The idea of women joining, say, the Patriots’ defensive lineup, remains so ridiculous that not even the most doe-eyed frappuccino feminist is badgering professional football for women’s right to be trampled underfoot. But does the Secretary of Defense imagine that what happens in war is less violent than being run over by offensive tackle Sebastian Vollmer (6’8”, 320 lbs)?

If Obama believes what he says he believes about women, he should be doing all he can to ensure that women will be out on the courts, fields and diamonds next year, giving the same lift to professional sports that they will be giving our combat infantry.

Whether he knows it or not, and he probably doesn’t know it, Gelernter answered his own question.

The real powers that be aren’t about to do to sports what they’re doing to the military and also to first responders, for several reasons:

1. Sports, especially football, eat up a lot of our tribal and otherwise masculine energy.

2. Sports are a big diversion, bread and circuses, an opiate of the masses, to keep people from paying attention to and noticing what the powers that be are up to.

3. Sports are a racial opiate of white men, it’s how the system keeps them worshiping diversity, especially black men.

4. While there will be some nibbling at the edges of organized athletics and sports on the part of SJWs, especially feminist and LGBTQetc types, I think the real powers that be will allow us (I’m using “us” loosely and “allow” for the lack of a better word) to win, as if they’re throwing us a bone to make us think we’re actually winning something, so that we don’t notice that we’re not winning much of anything.  Perhaps a better way of putting it is that the establishment will “let” dumb lamestream conservatives win “the war on football,” so that dumb lamer cons (note that Gelernter writes for the Meekly Standard) can toot their own horns on all their clickbait websites about how they’re really turning the tide and they’re really on their way, just because they defeated the left’s short bus Twitter brigade on an unimportant matter.

5. Golf is for important people; the establishment certainly won’t let SJWs overrun golf any more than they’ll allow Section 8 affordable housing in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Whose Ox

22 11 2015



The new home for National Geospatial will either be near Scott, or at the old Pruitt-Igoe.  Which one wins depends on which member of the Senate Obama wants to make happy, Dick Durbin or Claire McCaskill.  That’s all there is to it.

Treehouse Mode

6 11 2015


If these fibs wind up hurting or sinking Ben Carson, the people that will be hurt the most are the GOPee establishment, who was puffing him up to foil Trump.  The person helped the most will be Trump himself, for the same reason.

Politico is the source that RINOs and establishment Republicans leak to the most when they want to peddle a meme, push a narrative or bitch about conservatives.  Since Politico broke this, there is the temptation to think that this is a RINO hit.  The problem with that theory is twofold:  One, this is Carson’s own confession, and two, the timing is wrong.  Remember the Treehouse’s notion, that the GOPee is pushing Carson to try to keep Trump’s numbers down, in hopes that this ruins Trump, and then after Trump is ruined, the GOPee swoops in and ruins Carson (or waits for him to do that himself), and then Jeb! rides to the “rescue.”  If Trump had already fallen flat on his face, then it would make sense for the RINOs to leak to Politico right now, but Trump has not fallen on his face.

As for the substance of the matter, I don’t think there’s really much there there.  The reason I think that is because I can say two words that hardly anyone else seems to want to do because of PC paralysis and because the left has successfully retconned recent history to keep people from noticing how long the left has been running things and to leave people with the impression that the Nazi Klan ran everything until January 20, 2009:  Affirmative action.

Let’s jump into the Blogmeister Hot Tub Time Machine (no skinny dipping) and head back to 1968.  The Vietnam War was on its second year of being unpopular and controversial, and that year, LBJ bounced William Westmoreland out of the command of the U.S. Army in Vietnam.  The Civil Rights Revolution was in the process of being enforced and implemented a few years after its major legislation was passed.  There were major urban black riots the year before (Newark, Detroit) and three years before (Los Angeles), and that year, there would be many more.  The assassination of Martin Luther King in April.  And, two years before, Lyndon Johnson signed EO 11246 (there we go with the pen and phone again) that, in theory, only prohibited discrimination in the hiring practices of Federal contractors, but in practicality, mandated that their personnel departments give special preference to blacks.  That very executive order used the phrase “affirmative action,” which is where we got the phrase from and the idea that the definition of it is preference to certain minority groups.  Since then, the madness has spread — In British parlance, it is “positive action,” in French, it’s l’action positive.  Even though officially, France does not practice it.

So, you throw all these things together.  One day that year, Westmoreland visits a JROTC unit at a high school in Detroit.  He sees our then 17-year old magic negro, and finds out that he’s pretty good in JROTC.  Light bulbs go off in his head.  Westmoreland starts doing the West Point hard sell on Carson.  Carson walks away from the thing thinking that Westmoreland had so much pull that he could have unilaterally gotten him into West Point, but knows it’s not going to be his career track, so he mentally checks out of it.  Years later, after internalizing Westmoreland’s hard sales pitches as a de facto offer of guaranteed admission, Carson relays to the people that ghost wrote his books that he in essence got into West Point.

Far more of a misunderstanding than a fib.

However, even as a 17-year old, as good as JROTC participant as he was said to have been, he should have been pretty adept on the process of getting into a service academy.  Either that, or he was so star struck by Westmoreland’s rank that he thought that Westmoreland could have bypassed all that on his behalf.

Mostly a nothing burger.

Forty One’s Lament

5 11 2015



New Book Claims Bush 41 Trashed Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld


Jon Meacham has a book out in which he has talked to George Bush 41.  It’s a biography.  The new Jon Meacham biography, Destiny and Power:  The American Odyssey of George Herbert Walker Bush, i.e., George H. W. Bush, i.e., 41.  And in this book it is said that Bush 41 has some harsh words for the actions of his son’s administration. In particular George Bush 41 is said to have objected strenuously to how Vice President Cheney and Defense Secretary Rumsfeld reacted to 9/11.  He feels that they were too hawkish, that they took a harsh, inflexible stance that tarnished America’s reputation around the world.

In a way, 41 is rapping 43’s knuckles in a roundabout way.

41 be like:  “Hey numbskull, I only did Iraq myself to keep Saddam Hussein in bounds and to keep him from forcefully expanded his borders at the expense of another country.”

41 could have saved the world a whole lot of hell by explaining it in just that way when he did Iraq in ’90, then coming out against his son when 9/11 gave him the opportunity to propose to do what he thought his father should have done but wisely didn’t.



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