Penis Propaganda

26 09 2015

Arlington, Virginia

The Pentagon’s WWII anti-STI posters, though back in those days, those maladies were called VD, Venereal Diseases.

Back in 2010, I asked:

Need help from an amateur or professional historian:  Was there a particularly bad outbreak of gonorrhea about 1920?  If so, I could imagine that it happened for the same reason that the 1918 Spanish Flu happened, that being World War I.  For the first time, young American men were mass involved in military conflict outside the United States.  They probably picked up a lot of diseases from European prostitutes, and spread it back and forth between themselves and other soldiers and other prostitutes, and even other European women who weren’t morally loose but were destitute because of war damage, so they had no choice but to trade sex to soldiers for money.

This article has the answer:

According to a history published in the journal Military Medicine, “In World War I, the Army lost nearly 7 million person-days and discharged more than 10,000 men because of STDs. Only the great influenza pandemic of 1918-1919 accounted for more loss of duty during that war.”

Of course, WWI also fueled the flu pandemic of the two immediate postwar years.

Also something else interesting:

Of course the big question is, did all of this “penis propaganda” keep the troops from getting STDs? Here’s the U.S. Army Medical Department’s Office of Medical History: “It can be stated very simply that the lowest venereal disease rates in the U.S. Army occurred during 1943 and that the rates began to rise in 1944, further increased in 1945, and showed marked increases after the cessation of hostilities.”

That’s not a big mystery.  We were focused on bellicosity in ’43, but as we started turning the tide with win after win and after win in both theaters in ’44, and actually won in ’45, the men who helped bring about those wins and the ultimate victories turned their excitement and exuberance toward carnal pleasures, many times, to the point of criminality.



Invade the World, Invite the World

3 09 2015



Colonel: U.S. Soldiers Should Not ‘Impose’ on All Afghan Customs, Including Child Rape

United States soldiers should tolerate all Afghan customs, even if they go against American moral values, suggested Col. Steve Johnson, referring to a decorated Green Beret who has been reprimanded by the U.S. Army for “striking” a child rapist in Afghanistan back in September 2011.

“You cannot try to impose American values and American norms onto the Afghan culture because they’re completely different… We can report and we can encourage them,” Col. Johnson told The News Tribune. “We do not have any power or the ability to use our hands to compel them to be what we see as morally better.”

If we go there, we can’t impose our customs on them. If they come here, we can’t impose our customs on them.

Get it?

We’ll See

1 08 2015


This “news” that the Navy wants to string up Timothy White who heroically shot back at Yabadabadoo:

My spidey sense is telling me that it’s one of those “National Report” style hoaxes.

Looks Like It’s Going to be Up to Me to Say It

24 07 2015



Because, Baraq Obama looks at the Chattanooga shooting and feels a more personal connection to the shooter than the victims.

Earl of Taint isn’t that far off the mark.

Body Cams

12 07 2015


Media:  Black people in bell curve city taking out their phones to record every cop-civilian accost:  Good.  Texans watching and recording what the United States Armed Forces is up to in their own state:  Evil conspiracy kooks.

I think I have already figured out what Jade Helm is all about.

Pardon Them

9 06 2015

Benghazi, Libya

HRC has a Libya problem because she helped engineer the toppling of a secular despot and a whole lot of instability and radicalism filled the vacuum.

That sounds so, so, so familiar.

Then again, HRC voted for the Iraq war, as well.

Point being, she can only have a credibility problem in the political sense if someone who is one of her political opponents can credibly oppose her without having those same problems themselves.  The only Presidential candidate on the Republican side who doesn’t have these issues is Rand Paul, and of course he’s got immigration baggage.  I don’t know if any of the announced or potential Democrat challengers to HRC can stare her down credibly on this matter, but their problem is the good ole progressivetard stack; all of them are white cishet men and therefore at its rock bottom.

Papa’s Maybe

4 06 2015

Albany, New York

How did it come to pass that Herman Johnson was ever understood as the son of Henry Johnson?  Probably, Mrs. Henry Johnson had a tryst with another man, and wound up in the family way, and Mr. Henry Johnson knew it, but looked the other way so that he wouldn’t lose Mrs. Henry Johnson, and raised Herman “Johnson” as his own.


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