Military-Industrial Complex

16 05 2017


Claire:  Give Boeing the contract to build the T-X, in which case they would be building them in St. Louis, because North Korea.

Okay, make that make sense.

A Thorough Investigation Is Called For

7 03 2017

Jacksonville, North Carolina

Top military crimes office investigates nude female Marine photos at Camp Lejeune

Their investigation will take quite some time, but be thorough.

I remember several years ago when a bunch of Scarlett Johansson nudes were leaked; the FBI investigated. Yeah, I bet they did. It was such a national emergency that three quarters of the straight men on the FBI payroll joined the team.


7 01 2017

Washington, D.C.

It’s apparently not a troll job or photoshop.


Which can only mean:

Seals Are Apex Predators

14 12 2016

Whitefish, Montana

With the news that Montana’s at-large Congressman, Ryan Zinke, will be tapped for the Interior Department, we find out that he was a Navy SEAL.

I asked here about two weeks ago when it came to pass that half the world is working for Goldman Sachs.  Now I’m asking where all these Navy SEALs came from to start running things and have high level senior civilian governmental duties.  Don’t forget about our Governor-Elect.  It seems like both the electorate in general and the President-Elect are scooping up SEALs and giving them power like they’re about to go out of style.

Have the Navy SEALs become some sort of informal leadership academy in recent years?  Just thinking off the top of my head, the Navy SEALs are to the right what Harvard Law School is to the left.  To put it another way, remembering my Pareto, it could be the case that the foxiest foxes go to Harvard Law, while the most leonine lions go into the Navy SEALs.

Another 2016 Presidential Candidate in Trump’s Cabinet

18 11 2016

Falls Church, Virginia

If there is going to be someone who ran for President in 2016 or any other year in Trump’s cabinet, it will be someone who ran in the other party:

Jim Webb, at Defense.

It would be the traditional someone-else-of-the-other-party in the Cabinet, and it would be a consequential agency, and Trump and Webb mesh fairly well on military and foreign policy, and a number of other issues.

Irony Alert

11 11 2016

Arlington, Virginia


Obama noted that the U.S. military is the country’s most diverse institution, comprised of immigrants and native-born service members representing all religions and no religion. He says they are all “forged into common service.”

When Obama wanted to accomplish what turned out to be the keynote accomplishment of his first term, and needed the military’s help, he turned to the least diverse part of it, the Navy SEALs.

Why #DraftOurDaughters Is a Political Disaster

28 10 2016


Me, in AR, September 1:

The hypothetical I was given way back when to explain the concept of reproductive bottleneck: Imagine there were only 10 people in the world, all of them capable of reproduction, and assume no multiple births. Nine are women and one is a man. This means there can be nine new babies born every nine months. Flip the script, and it’s nine men and one woman. This means you can only have one new baby born every nine months. Long and short is that the higher a percentage of your population that consists of women of reproductive age and capability, the higher your population growth rate can be.

Let’s loop the hypothetical around to Chicago. Let’s say in the nine man one woman universe, that one of the men murders another because he got a speck of dust on his brand new $400 Air Jordans. This leaves eight men remaining, and the seven men not involved execute the murderer for what he did, leaving seven men. This leaves the one baby every nine months possibility totally unchanged.

The reason that black crime cannot possibly lead to black self genocide is because, for one, it’s a relatively small percentage of all black men, and two, it involves black men almost exclusively; it rarely involves women of reproductive age and capability as victims. It seems like we’re hard wired to protect women of reproductive age and capability, as if we instinctively know that we should never (redacted) where we eat. Not even the God-forsaken black undertow will slaughter its fertile women in significant enough percentages to affect population growth, and that’s saying a lot.

The practical reason why it won’t affect welfare spending is that the individuals involved, again, almost entirely young men, are not eligible for means-tested social programs, for whatever reason.

As far as AIDS and Africa, the reason it’s not making a serious dent in the population is that even without meds, they can reproduce faster than it kills them, and AIDS does affect young women. On top of that, here comes whitey with his ARV drugs.

Even though I don’t think she’s quite serious about it, HRC’s #DraftOurDaughters is playing with fire, and a highly potential and potent PR disaster for her political prospects.  She’s talking about, even if it’s not quite seriously, drafting our reproductive capability and putting it in the line of fire.  It’s not political suicide to allow willing butch lesbians into active combat roles for the sake of “gender equality,” but when you even semi-joke about drafting everyone’s daughters, then the sky is going to cave in on you.  Remember, these are the same people who are empowering college campus kangaroo courts on behalf of middle aged fathers who are trying to protect their daddy’s little girls.  These people should know better than anyone how protective people, especially middle aged men, are of their white bread American daughters.