Simple Math

25 09 2014


Democracy + Egalitarianism + Empire =


So we’re invading the world with a military that looks like the world we’re invading.

“Spend More Money”

10 09 2014

Washington, D.C.

Dick Cheney didn’t really hobnob with House Republicans to try to get them on board with some sort of military action against ISIS.  He had another agenda in mind:

Another anti-interventionist Congressman, Rep. Thomas Massie R-KY, was a little softer towards Cheney, politely telling reporters that he wouldn’t criticize the former Vice President after he took the time to visit with the Republican conference.

“His advice was mainly to spend more money on the military,” he said, adding that he believed that Congress should “spend less money on everything.”

“Spend more money on the military,” which means that along with what I first thought about his and his daughter’s new foundation, (one that I bet had no hassle from the IRS in getting its 501-c-* status), it’s also a front for the military-industrial complex.  Spend more money on the military?  Nobody thinks that we’re not spending enough on the military; its budget goes up and up and up every year.  The rub is that the more we spend, the less we get in terms of real defense capability.  It makes you wonder where all the money is going, though this very blog post provides one hint — It goes into feeding an iron triangle whose three points are defense contractors, politicians and big name lobbyists or quasi-lobbyists (one of which is all Dick Cheney is these days).  Another answer is that increasingly, the military is just another jobs program; Lo’shaniqua gets to be a diversity commissar wearing camos instead of formal civilian business attire.

Why, Jay?

18 08 2014


MONG to the FerGaza Strip.

Why?  So they can stand around and have things thrown at them, Molotov cocktails thrown at them, shots fired at them?

Remember, Jay, you removed the 12-agency force out of there because they were too “militarized,” and now you’re sending in people whose paychecks are Pentagon-signed.

This thing is going to fester for awhile, especially since for about the next two weeks, we’re going to get the summer heat we’ve largely avoided so far.  Except there’s one way to make this stop when nobody has the guts to let the people with badges do what it takes.  The first of next month is two weeks from today, and maybe Nixon could put a hold on the welfare benefits for everyone in those apartment farms until this shit quiets down.  That would definitely work, because then all the EBT black queens who can’t control their sons will suddenly find a way to control their sons.  Except you know Nixon won’t do it and Obama would throw a fit if he did.

The Pruitt-Igoe Canard

23 07 2014


National Geospatial Intelligence Agency leaving the old arsenal at the foot of Arsenal Street after all.

There are six finalists for its new home.  I think we can already vote Mehlville and Fenton off the island, because there’s no strategic advantage to going there, that and there’s an outside chance that the land where Chrysler used to be in Fenton is being saved for a new Rams stadium.  Weldon Spring would put it next to the St. Louis NOAA office, and that’s somewhat intriguing though not structurally relevant, but it also puts it in Ann Wagner’s Congressional district, so Obama no likey.  The Airport would put it next to the Airport (obviously) and Boeing, but I don’t see the huge advantage in having the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency next to a military jet factory.

I think that the political steam is pushing heavily in either Scott, a military base would be a very good fit for an agency that is in the Department of Defense, and remember Dick Durbin is Assistant Senate Majority Leader, the state’s other Senator is a RINO  that votes the way Obama wants quite a bit, and Scott’s Congressman, Bill Enyart, is a Democrat from Belleville, or, the location the P-D wants, the old Pruitt-Igoe.  Putting it there would make Francis Slay, Lazy Clay and Claire McCaskill happy, and would close the loop in what is now widely interpreted to be a progressive-left policy failure, with “Pruitt-Igoe” being a punchline.


Der Ganze Balkan Ist Nicht Die Gesunden Knochen Eines Einzigen Pommerschen Grenadiers Wert

7 07 2014


I’m reading this, and I’m thinking to myself:

Everyone here is missing the obvious question:

What is even the desirability of such a battle?

Are we to sacrifice the increasingly precious and rare lives of white American men over the question of which kind of gooks get to rule over a gook island?

I’ve been saying in this space for awhile that, while we still can, use the bargaining chips of both Taiwan and American naval hegemony in the far western Pacific in negotiations with Beijing as a means to settle all or some of our debt to them.

Whether that happens or not, that doesn’t change the fact that the whole of the Balkans is not worth the bones of a single Pomeranian grenadier.

Zomg Sky Is Falling

28 06 2014

The Pentagon

Yeah, so?

If only 29% of 17-24s qualify to be in the USAF, then we’re good.  Because, short of a conventional all-encompassing world war involving traditional ground warfare, and it’s doubtful that we’ll ever have one of those again, nowhere near 29% of 17-24s will be or be expected to be in the military.

Besides, from what I see, all that matters in today’s USAF is if you’re transgender and have the ability to fly drones via remote control.

And also, if the missive here in the WSJ is to be believed, reading between the lines, the problem has far more to do with all our vibrant diversity.

Uncontrolled Burn

4 06 2014

Washington, D.C.


During an appearance with Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC, reporter Chuck Todd detailed how the White House was blind-sided by the public’s reaction and new information surrounding the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

“What’s caught the White House off guard here, they were expecting Gitmo criticisms of the detainees that were chosen. They did not expect this criticism of the attempt to go get Bergdahl in the way that it was done,” Todd said.

Mitchell theorized, and Todd agreed, that the White House must have thought the military community would finally rally around the Obama administration for freeing the final POW from Afghanistan.

Todd tracked the Democratic disappointment: “On Sunday, I think they thought there would be some euphoria around this. That there would be a rally around the flag. That didn’t happen.”

So it looks like it was a planned diversion to get VA off the headlines.

Before reading this, I would have panned that theory simply because it was a silly thing to try to make me believe that Obama would try to create a controlled burn to distract from a scandal that, compared to all his other scandals, is the least his fault, by creating one that’s entirely his doing.  After reading this, I now realize that the Obama White House is such a bubble so averse to the reality outside of itself that it might as well exist inside the event horizon of a black hole.  Obama probably thinks that turning traitor and defecting to the Toweliebahn is a virtue, and thinks that everyone else thinks that simply because everyone he sees within his event horizon bubble thinks it.  He probably had no clue how badly this would play in the plain ole regular universe where Newton’s and Kepler’s laws are good enough.

As this scandal metastasizes, the big unspoken loser will be Hillary Clinton.


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