Ever So Closer

9 07 2017

Ste. Genevieve


Controversy over transgender inmate in Ste. Genevieve County

An investigation is underway at a southeast Missouri jail over a transgender inmate after complaints emerged about inappropriate contact.

This came after April Chambers of St. Louis said her daughter, who is also an inmate at the Ste. Genevieve County Sheriff’s Office and Detention Center, called home to tell her all about it.

“She said, ‘They put a man in here with us,’” Chambers said.

“I said, ‘What do you mean they put a man there?’ She said, ‘He looks like a woman in the face but, he’s having sex with the girls in here.’”

The sheriff’s office said as soon as the office heard about the incident, authorities took steps to separate the transgender individual and the female inmates.

But Chambers said she’s wondering how this could have happened in the first place.

First off, April Chambers is a black woman, and her daughter is also presumably black herself.  So I wonder how it came to be that she ended up in the pokey down in Ste. Gen.

Now, as for “how this could have happened in the first place” — It’s called World War T.

That said, Ste. Gen County is right next to Jefferson County, and Jefferson County has our Lila.  (Here, here, here and here).  Which means that maybe one day, JCSO will have to arrest our Lila.  Oh Puggg…

Speaking of WWT, there’s more news on that front today.  The sort that sorta makes the “World War” figure of speech almost literally true.  Of course, this should not be a surprise, even in the Era of the OCGE, because our OCGE is down with LGBTQetc and the Genderbread Person all the way.  Remember, forget about the culture wars, or something like that.  Which means, ladies, don’t ever drop the soap.


Rookie Mistake

29 05 2017

Arlington, Virginia

Because it happened at the same time I was paying my annual visit to the final resting places of my own veteran relatives at Jefferson Barracks, (a blood uncle, an uncle by marriage, and a great uncle, all Korean vets, the uncle by marriage the Pentagon technically considers a casualty, as he died in 1988 from injuries sustained while in Korea that didn’t kill him right away), I wasn’t able to watch President Trump’s remarks at Arlington National Cemetery live.  I did watch them on the replay.

I have to be honest with you. I know he loves adoration, and I know out of respect, the assembled audience was going to applaud him. But I wasn’t cool with him smiling in reaction before he started.

This isn’t a joyous day; His facial expression should have been funereal.

Military-Industrial Complex

16 05 2017


Claire:  Give Boeing the contract to build the T-X, in which case they would be building them in St. Louis, because North Korea.

Okay, make that make sense.

A Thorough Investigation Is Called For

7 03 2017

Jacksonville, North Carolina

Top military crimes office investigates nude female Marine photos at Camp Lejeune

Their investigation will take quite some time, but be thorough.

I remember several years ago when a bunch of Scarlett Johansson nudes were leaked; the FBI investigated. Yeah, I bet they did. It was such a national emergency that three quarters of the straight men on the FBI payroll joined the team.


7 01 2017

Washington, D.C.

It’s apparently not a troll job or photoshop.


Which can only mean:

Seals Are Apex Predators

14 12 2016

Whitefish, Montana

With the news that Montana’s at-large Congressman, Ryan Zinke, will be tapped for the Interior Department, we find out that he was a Navy SEAL.

I asked here about two weeks ago when it came to pass that half the world is working for Goldman Sachs.  Now I’m asking where all these Navy SEALs came from to start running things and have high level senior civilian governmental duties.  Don’t forget about our Governor-Elect.  It seems like both the electorate in general and the President-Elect are scooping up SEALs and giving them power like they’re about to go out of style.

Have the Navy SEALs become some sort of informal leadership academy in recent years?  Just thinking off the top of my head, the Navy SEALs are to the right what Harvard Law School is to the left.  To put it another way, remembering my Pareto, it could be the case that the foxiest foxes go to Harvard Law, while the most leonine lions go into the Navy SEALs.

Another 2016 Presidential Candidate in Trump’s Cabinet

18 11 2016

Falls Church, Virginia

If there is going to be someone who ran for President in 2016 or any other year in Trump’s cabinet, it will be someone who ran in the other party:

Jim Webb, at Defense.

It would be the traditional someone-else-of-the-other-party in the Cabinet, and it would be a consequential agency, and Trump and Webb mesh fairly well on military and foreign policy, and a number of other issues.