It’s Always About…

19 04 2017

Leominster, Massachusetts

Why did Aaron Hernandez commit suicide?

For the record, even before watching this, I disbelieved the alt-theory that he was murdered.  However, my argument was fallacious, the argument to incredulity, in that I thought:  “Who would want him dead?  What was the compelling reason to kill him?”  He was in AdSeg, so it had to have been someone with a lot of pull to want him dead in order to make it happen, and I’m not aware of any great powerful nefarious force that cares about Aaron Hernandez.

But, it turns out there’s a really simple affirmative reason to support the contention that he did commit suicide.

If you want me to cut to the chase for you, he committed suicide because he either knew the peculiarity of Massachusetts criminal law, or someone told him, that if he dies for any reason while the case is in the appeal stage, the case is dropped and the criminal charges totally expunged from his postmortem record. What that means is that if he’s legally technically not guilty of the murder he was doing a life sentence for, it means the New England Patriots have to pay out what was the balance of his contract from the point where they stopped to his wife and daughter.

The only hitch is that I don’t know if this weird quirk of Massachusetts law would also make his estate immune from any civil action that could be levied by the victim’s family.

Actual American

17 04 2017


HBD prevails in the Boston Marathon.

The second fastest man is not only described as an American, he actually is an American, not some east African with a U.S. State Department issued passport.  He would be Galen Rupp, who won the bronze in the Olympic marathon in Rio.

Another Ten

15 04 2017


I’ve been blogging for so long that I blogged on the day of the 60th.

And today is the 70th.

About that stale link in my post of ten years ago today:  I saved it, and cut-and-pasted it in a post here about a year ago.

Two Doors

15 04 2017

College Park, Maryland


Maryland president: Would expect shutdown of UNC over academic allegations

Maryland president Wallace Loh says he would expect North Carolina to get the “death penalty” over the academic allegations that have hung over the athletic program since 2010.

“As president, I sit over a number of dormant volcanoes,” Loh said during a University of Maryland senate meeting Thursday, according to the Raleigh News & Observer. “One of them is an athletic scandal. It blows up, it blows up the university, its reputation, it blows up the president.

“For the things that happened in North Carolina, it’s abysmal. I would think that this would lead to the implementation of the death penalty by the NCAA. But I’m not in charge of that.”

A Maryland spokesperson later said in a statement that Loh’s comments were “not a reflection of personal beliefs about the university or its leadership.”

More than that, they’re not a reflection of any possible real world sanctions.

Under this reasoning, you’d have to give all of big time college football and men’s college basketball the death penalty.

They’re all doing it, even Harvard. It’s only a matter of whether a school has gotten caught or not, and that in turn is entirely a function of making sure that certain people can keep their yappers shut.

You can have enforced academic standards, or blacks on the teams, but not both.


13 04 2017


I think it all comes down to trying to get a judge and/or a jury to believe that the NFL’s relocation guidelines rose to the level of a formal contract.

Since the suit is being field in state court, and more specifically, the good ole 22nd, meaning the judge that will supervise the case must be a St. Louis City resident and the jury that decides it will be comprised of St. Louis City residents, I think the bar for the CVC’s lawyers to flop over is going to be much lower than it would be in any other circumstance of a judicial jurisdiction.

Ole Jealous

12 04 2017

San Jose, California

It all boils down to this:  LeBron James and Russell Westbrook are jealous that Steph Curry has gotten a lot of media praise and relatively little criticism so early in his career.

Pot kettle black.  So much attention so soon?  LeBron was on the cover of SI as a high school junior.  And as far as Westbrook, he has only been in the NBA a year more than Curry, and in case you’ve been under a rock in Antarctica, he has been the face of the NBA this season.  OTOH, it wasn’t until Curry’s sixth season in the league that he really became a superstar.

If the sports media do disproportionately fawn over Curry, it’s because the sports media are full of white guys who had jock dreams when they were younger, but as the axiom goes, those who can do, those who can’t write about those who do.  Typical white guy in the sports media relates to Curry in a way they can’t to LeBron, because lanky Curry at 6’3″ isn’t exceptionally tall, unlike LeBron at a muscle-bound 6’8″.  Then there’s that other thing — Curry is half white through his mother, and he and his siblings, including his brother Seth who is also in the Association, were reared in a traditional nuclear family.  In contrast, LeBron — “Real” black, raised by a single black mother, which is of course keeping it real.  Aside from the actual similarities and attractions, politically correct sports media white guys have permission to fawn over Curry because he’s white enough to be similar to them, but not actually white so that their adulation would come off as verboten white racial loyalty.

I Thought He Croaked (But No Such Luck)

11 04 2017


I’m referring to the dork in Orlando with a fax machine.

Notice how Breitbart is playing this off, they’re trying to cause an intersectional wreck in Downtown NCAAville, crashing I’m Blickety Blackety Black Y’all against World War T.  Which only goes to prove, contra Barbie, that social justice, and not math, is what’s really hard.

That said, now I think why the NCAA is really circling the wagons around this transgender mess — I think it’s because the more the scream about transgenders, which will put them in the good graces of gay men in the media, as plain ole regular Gs are so defensive of Ts that it comes off as personal, the working theory is that a whole lot of Gs seriously ponder going T, the more the NCAA thinks that the media will ignore the dork’s faxes.