Missing One Fact

26 05 2016

Waco, Texas

Press release and executive summary of Baylor’s mea culpa.

There is an inverse relationship between having and enforcing academic/conduct standards and winning football games, because having not quite so intelligent fleet-of-foot aggressive impulsive could-rage-out-at-any-time black men on the team is necessary to win.  Or it’s supposedly necessary to win, because when one school sacrifices standards to get an edge, this creates a race to the bottom that exerts pressure on all the other schools to do the same.   It wouldn’t even take one school sacrificing standards, because just in the natural course of things, schools have different standards.  For instance, Harvard is going to be more selective than double directional state college in general, not counting athletic recruiting.  This means that double direction state college’s football team will be better than Harvard’s, because DDSC’s lower admissions standards means that more speedy black skill position players will be admitted.  And this by itself starts the race to the bottom, and if you think I was including Harvard just to be illustrative, well, I didn’t.

One might suggest that colleges deemphasize money making sports, but we have to remember that college football is how a lot of white American men outsource their patriotism, it eats up their/our tribal energy.  If we can’t outsource our patriotism to squads of 17-23 year old young men that are around half black in terms of total team rosters and heavily black in terms of starters, (the reason for the disconnect is that a lot of coaches will give scholarships to whites only to have them be permanent bench warmers because they want whites on the team and wearing uniforms because their presence sorta keeps a disciplinary lid on the blacks that actually do play, it’s the same sort of buffer-cutting effect that forced racial integration in K-12 schools is supposed to accomplish), then white American men might actually have to reach for their own tribe to find a reason to behave tribally.  Who is most scared of that?  You probably won’t want to start looking for the answer to that, unless you like being anti-Semitic.


Nate Silver, Call Your Office

24 05 2016

Bristol, Connecticut

Not enough sports-data nerds are black.

This is from ESPN’s new race-based boutique, The Undefeated.  Because of course, Grantland just wasn’t doing it, so they had to can it and replace it with something else.

I suppose this also means that ESPN’s Five Thirty Eight, where ESPN’s sports-data nerdery takes place, which probably has very few if any blacks on staff, will have to be shut down.

Surprised that the dork in Orlando with a fax machine didn’t get a shout-out here.

Thud Goes the Social Justice Cause

19 05 2016

Landover, Maryland

All the media, activist and SJW drum beating.

No there there.

The survey shows that non-Indians are more that twice as opposed to R******s as Indians are, though that’s far from a majority in its own right.  Then again, this powwow never really was about Indians, except in as much as Democrats thought it could turn out the Indian vote to save Senate Democrat candidates, as Harry Reid confessed.  What it’s really all about is white people engaged in virtue signaling and SJWey-than-thou preening against other white people.

Also, it says that the R******s want to move out of FedEx Field.  That’s a pretty new stadium, and all of a sudden they’re unhappy with it?  I know two big raps against it is that it doesn’t hold noise like RFK did, and that it’s in Bell Curve County, Maryland, so going there means having to go through a safari of diverse yoots.

Oh No, A Brand New Crisis

19 05 2016


The Braves firing Fredi Gonzalez means that there are no Hispanic managers in the major leagues.


Then, something something from the dork in Orlando with a fax machine.

I hate to be a party pooper, but I have to remind everyone that there are no Bhutanese transgendered vegetarian managers.

No Fijians, either.

Voice to the Voiceless

17 05 2016

Bristol, Connecticut


Isn’t it about time black athletes were heard?

And this is what ESPN thinks is so much better than Grantland.

BenFred Needs Help, Blogmeister to the Rescue

12 05 2016



BenFred: Mizzou athletes look shortsighted in wake of protests

Mizzou student athletes, please hear this:

You look uninformed. You look entitled. You look like you are willing to hurt your university for reasons you can’t really explain.

These are the things your critics are saying about you.

Stop proving them right.

When the Mizzou football team boycotted in November, I wondered about a potential ripple effect. Student athletes, a vital yet so often voiceless cog in the NCAA’s money-making machine, were reminded of their power. How would they use it moving forward?


The softball team will probably wish it handled this differently. I also wonder how the football team feels now about its decision to join forces with Concerned Student 1950 six months ago.

It was the team’s two-day boycott, not Jonathan Butler’s hunger strike, that pushed former UM system president Tim Wolfe from office. Concerned Student 1950 targeted Wolfe for a lack of response to a series of racially motivated events on campus. The football team showed him the door.

And they still don’t get it.

Speaking of Jonathan Butler…


10 05 2016

Los Angeles


I wouldn’t have.  After all, he had already been doing Dodgers PBP for four years when SI was started.  So, he more than anyone, ought to be aware of the SI Jinx.


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