Dog Swap

25 08 2016



I mentioned him several years ago.

He did indeed make the NFL, and now he’s being traded.

Cleveland, the city with the NFL team with a group of rabid fans called the Dog Pound, doesn’t want Barkevious anymore.

Old Chatroom Buddy

22 08 2016

Fredericton, New Brunswick

J.P. Kirby, an old chatroom buddy of mine from back in the IRC days, gets an article about what was even back then one of his obsessions in the Silver Mines today.

Though this year, I don’t think the St. Louis market will see the Rams quite as often as we have in the last twenty seasons.

Also, if I remember JP like I do, I don’t think he’s responsible for the Redskins defenestration in the first large map.  I think someone at the Silver Mines did that.


18 08 2016

Rio De Janiero


In the 200.

He’s the first white man to win an Olympic individual sprinting event medal (100/200) in all my years of closely watching Olympics, which go back to 1988.  I want to swear to that, but off top I think there might have been one since then, it would have to have been in the 200 because every final round participant in the 100 from 1984 to these games has been black.

Will we get a barrage of social justice articles and pieces about that the way we heard about Simone Manuel in swimming?

Ryan Lochte

17 08 2016

Rio De Janiero

I do think he and his friends were robbed, but I also think that they were themselves doing something illegal or very questionable (buying dope?), and that explains their contradictory statements and all the other loose ends.


It’s looking more and more like they made the whole thing up.  If that’s the case, then I have perhaps another reason why they did.  They were picking up hoes, and from what I understand, Lochte already has a real HPOA girlfriend.  Though if it was anything like that, she won’t be his girlfriend for much longer.

Dutch Silver Treat

17 08 2016

Rio De Janiero


Silver in the 200.

Speaking of white sprinters, Christophe Lemaitre today made the finals of the men’s 200, which will be held tomorrow.

White Lightning

14 08 2016

Rio De Janiero

The 100m was tonight.  I didn’t see Christophe Lemaitre in the finals, so I looked up the earlier heats to see how he did.  He wound up making the semifinals, (there are three rounds to narrow down the field to the final eight or nine), and in his semifinal heat, he finished third to two previous/current Olympic medalists in the 100, Justin Gatlin (2004 gold, 2012 bronze, silver tonight), and Yohan Blake (2012 silver, 4th tonight).  Only the top two finishers in each heat automatically advanced, and the remaining slots were based on time, and Lemaitre’s time in that heat wasn’t fast enough to advance.  However, there is no shame in finishing third in a heat to two previous and current medalists and based on tonight the second and fourth fastest men in the world.

He will compete in the 200 and the 4×100.

I wrote here back in 2012 before London that I thought that his better chances at a medal would be this year or in 2020, when he is/will be 26 and 30 years old, respectively.  By the time Tokyo comes, Usain Bolt will be retired, and that could open things up for him.

HBD On Parade

12 08 2016

Rio De Janiero

A man who is an Olympic decathlete married a woman is is an Olympic heptathlete.

Assortative mating, it’s like a thing.  They call them marriages, but they’re really eugenics experiments.

You’ll find that track and field athletes wind up marrying each other a lot.  That’s because they’re all athletes, in the same sport, which means they start out with something in common, which is a necessity for a successful marriage, and they’re often on the same track at the same time, engaging in a lot of hurry up and wait, meaning they inevitably catch each others’ eyes.  St. Louisans have heard of Jackie Joyner-Kersee (nee Jackie Joyner), her brother, Al Joyner, also ran track, married the former and late Florence Griffth, making her Florence Griffith-Joyner (“Flojo”).


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