There’s a Joke Hiding Somewhere In This

17 02 2018

Daytona Beach, Florida

This references Wendell Scott, the last black(-ish) man who started a NASCAR race, and in fact, has been the only one to win one.

I’m waiting for the punchline.


C’mon, I haven’t got all day.


For a Medallion of Gold

13 02 2018

Peyongchang, South Korea;  Washington, D.C.;  San Francisco

Chloe Kim?  Nice story.

But I’m not willing to trade my white majority for a few shiny trinkets.

Ye shall not crucify our demographics for a medallion of gold.

The Flame is Lit

9 02 2018

Peyongchang, South Korea

These will be the first of three straight Olympics in East Asia, the next two after this being Tokyo 2020 (Summer) and then Beijing 2022 (Winter).

Which means there’s going to be a whole lot of knowing the results about three quarters of a day in advance of seeing the events for quite awhile.

At the end of these games, in the closing ceremonies, the closing hosts will hand off the Olympic flag to the next Winter Games’ hosts, who will have a mini-presentation.  In this case, it will be South Korea handing off to China.  Considering the long standing three-way rivalry between Korea, Japan and China in that part of the world, I’ll be interested to see how that goes over with the crowd.  Probably about as well as a whore farting in church.

Dump Day

9 02 2018

Lincoln, Nebraska


The Nebraska men’s basketball team will not boycott Saturday’s game but will still express opposition to hate speech, in response to recent videos of a white nationalist student at their school.

While the Nebraska men’s basketball team is leading the noisy outrage over a video, now would be the perfect time to unload the news about rapes, crimes and violence committed by members of the Nebraska men’s basketball team.

The players’ response comes after several videos involving Nebraska student Daniel Kleve reached the campus community. In one video, Kleve describes himself as “the most active white nationalist in the Nebraska area” and discussed violence, although he later backed off from advocating actual violence. He also said on a video that America’s founding fathers didn’t care about opinions from Mexicans or African-Americans.

He’s obviously wrong, because the politicians of the founding generation wouldn’t have done something so racially biased as to make citizenship and militia service white-only.

Though I should note as a point of order, that there technically were no such people as “Mexican-Americans” during the founding era.  Largely because there was no such polity called “Mexico.”


5 02 2018


Around ten maybe a dozen years ago, Chrysler made the executive decision to start marketing heavily to blacks.

It worked so well and the target audience responded so bigly with purchases that, to this day, I use this as part of my WRPT.  If a news story about a given violent crime doesn’t come right out and show pics, and there are no other obvious and better hints, if one or more late model Chrysler vehicles are involved, then that’s how I know to bet on black.

Chrysler has now largely abandoned this, probably because they figured out what I’ve known for some time, that it’s the third rail to associate your product so closely with blacks.

But I suppose they thought they still had enough residual currency with blacks to be able to throw a Chrysler Corporation product, (I know peanut gallery, it’s FCA, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles), in with a Martin Luther King speech.  And they even got permission from the King Estate to do so, which means that various key executives are going to be getting a brand new Chrysler Corporation vehicle of their choice every year for many years down the road, among other things.

But Chrysler forgot to clear it with SJWs, black and otherwise.  Because, as the H&M thing showed, you could have permission from everyone you legally think you need it from, but everything needs to be cleared with SJWs.

S, meet F.

Ctrl+F “Immig” Yields Zero Results

2 02 2018



I guess it’s a mystery wrapped in an enigma.


13 01 2018

Los Angeles

Now, Keith Jackson will be reincarnated as “a six-six soph-a-more from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Whoa, Nelly!”