Point Spread

15 05 2018

Washington, D.C.

You may have heard that SCOTUS “legalized sports gambling” yesterday.

Technically, no dice.

What they actually did was find unconstitutional the Federal law which prohibited sports gambling in the states and D.C. and Federal territories other than Nevada.  I have not yet read the decision, because I’m still feeling under the weather, but my bet is that the majority opinion reasoning revolved around the inconsistency (relating either to due process or equal protection) of nowhere-but-Nevada.

In theory, this now puts the ball back in Congress’s court.  The only kind of legislation they could pass now is a total national prohibition.  But this current Senate is not about to do that when an incumbent Senate Republican from Nevada is up for re-election this year.  Then there’s the matter of the President who either has to sign or veto it — Remember, he owns casinos.

So what this means in practicality is that, with no Federal legislation probable, this will leave sports gambling on a per-state basis.  New Jersey, which brought the case against the Feds, is pretty much ready to go now, in order to breathe new life into the moribund Atlantic City gaming industry.  (Again, someone we know owns a casino there.)  As for the other states, this is going to create something of a lobbying gravy train.

Three years ago, a name that was in the news just last week, that being (now former) NYS AG Eric Schneiderman, spooked the hell out of the daily fantasy internet business (basically, DraftKings and FanDuel) with the announcement that basically went like this:  “Dude, it’s gambling.”  This got the daily fantasy industry to work spending lots of money on lots of lobbyists on a per-state level to make sure daily fantasy stays legalized.  Some of that gravy landed on my head, which means the precise content of Missouri’s “regulatory framework” of daily fantasy internet games is in part my handiwork.

Mainstream casinos in terms of revenue and profitability punch, and in turn, what they can spend on political lobbying, are two orders of magnitude more than the daily fantasy business.  Believe me, they’re going to spend.  It will be in effect the full employment bill for state-level lobbyists for around five years.

Just my educated guess based on what I know about how Missouri’s current legislative class thinks and their proclivities, but the way it will probably shake out in Missouri is that the “riverboat” casinos will be allowed to have sports books, but only for in-person wagering, no online.


I Went to See a Fight, and a Track Meet Broke Out

9 05 2018


“Scholar-athletes,” cuck father?  ESL?  Scholars?  C’mon now!

“No security” because who in the hell expects a fight to break out at a track meet?  (Oh, yeah, right.)  One would understand this happening around football and basketball, because of the physical nature of those sports.  In track, though, I think in-event physical contact is mostly against the rules, and happens so rarely that it’s not expected.

And that leads me to this theory:  The video isn’t that clear, but I’m betting this fight at the track meet had nothing to do with the track meet itself, but a bunch of girls and women (BTs) brawling with each other over serial social media banter and/or a small number of guys screwing all of them.


27 04 2018

Laramie, Wyoming

About this Josh Allen old Tweet non-troversy.

What’s even worse than the double talking head spinning lie-upon-lie mendacity among the secret intelligence services of the world, the CIAs, the MI6s, the Mossads, of the world, is the same tactics that NFL teams engage in just before the NFL draft.  Just as official psychological warfare supplements or precludes official real warfare, in the world of pretend sublimated warfare that is the National Football League, the psychological games supplement the full contact nature of the real game.

My bet is that some team lower in the draft order really liked and wanted to draft Allen, but they feared that he’d be off the board by the time they would be able to pick. So, one of their people somehow discovered his old Tweet, planted it with friendly media sources as “news,” all for the purpose of making his draft status fall.

House Rules

26 04 2018


I almost forgot.  Tonight is “Buy My Mama a House” night.

Don’t worry.  If you miss it, there will be another one on June 21 in Brooklyn.


26 04 2018


Changing the street name.

His only “sin” was being slow.

The revolution, which has run out of people like me to consume, is now set on consuming the less than wildly enthusiastic portion of its own.

Happy Retirement

8 04 2018


He started at 18, and did the same job until damned near 100.

The team better buy him TWO gold watches.

Dispatches from the Old Salt Mines

15 03 2018

Jefferson City

You know, they’re right — The threat of brain injury due to repeated blows to the head totally ends when you turn eighteen.

Of course, your Blogmeister, suffering brain damage because of one very serious blow to the head he took at the age of 40, might look at this with incredulity.  But, then again, I’m brain damaged, so my ability to reason is a wee bit off kilter.