Less Than a Feeling

27 07 2015


Withdraws its 2024 Summers bid, which was little more than a pipe dream anyway.

The big reason is expense.  The Olympics, both Summer and Winter, are getting to be so expensive to hold (Sochi 2014:  $51bn) that the only two finalist bids for the 2022 Winters are Beijing and Almaty, Kazakhstan.

What will have to happen is that either the Olympics platoon between a very small handful of cities that are either very prosperous or very globally alpha or otherwise very prepared to hold the Games on short order, or they’ll have to scale back their scope such that they’re about on the level with the smaller non-Olympic year regional events, such as the Pan-American Games, the Commonwealth Games, the yearly World Championships, so on.

Don’t Ask If He Had a Point

26 07 2015

Bristol, Connecticut

Just get Colin Cowherd out the door before anyone does that.

This was a comment made several years ago on AR, that I saved in my personal AR comment hall of fame file, in spite of its strained relationship with proper spelling and grammar.


My son flew to a Dominica Republic for baseball camp for 7 days in summer 2008. My son told me that young dominicans played so real good as he impressed and wondered how they take serious to have practice lots time. The director of baseball camp told my son that young dominicans take three classes in high school ( spanish, math and reading/writing ) that all about 3 hours in school. My son say oh sh1t…. no wonder why they play more hours than in school. DOMINICA REPUBLIC is hispanic nation….



Thou Shalt Not

18 07 2015

Ellenwood, Georgia



Police: Former NFL player’s mistress kills wife, herself

Authorities say the girlfriend of former NFL player Buster Barnett kidnapped and killed his wife and then killed herself.

Adultery:  It’s a sin for a reason.

Clayton County police say 49-year-old Sandra Barnett was kidnapped by Lisa Brown at her Ellenwood home on Wednesday afternoon.

“Sandra was actually on the telephone with a friend when Lisa showed up at the front door,” Clayton County Police Capt. Richard Gandee said. “Lisa Brown was actually driving a vehicle owned by Buster.”

Incidentally, Clayton County is the Ferguson of Atlanta, a county that went from being mostly white to mostly black in very short order.  Which led to things like this.

Carroll County authorities spotted the Dodge Durango on Thursday and began a chase on Interstate 20 that spanned into Alabama. Alabama State Patrol troopers joined in when the chase crossed state lines.

The Durango suddenly stopped in the middle of the interstate at mile marker 208. At that point, authorities said Brown shot Sandra Barnett and turned the gun on herself.

Sandra Barnett was a teacher at McNair Middle School for more than two decades, according to Clayton County police.

McNair.  There’s an irony in that name.  The school is named after Ronald McNair, who was one of the Space Shuttle Challenger victims back in 1986, and the only black on that mission.  The middle school in question which bears his name had the highest number of student fights in the state of Georgia for the 2013-2014 school year, averaging 2.35 per day.  However, McNair makes me think of Steve McNair, who St. Louisans may recognize as the starting QB for the other team in the Super Bowl that the Rams won.  Steve McNair was another one who had himself both a wife and a woman on the side, and it’s another case where it ended in a murder-suicide.  In this case, mistress murdered him then killed herself.

“We’ve uncovered a set of handcuffs and some receipts,” Gandee said. “[Brown] had purchased the handcuffs prior to this kidnapping.”

Not that it matters now, but it definitely proves the kidnapping was premeditated.

Coworkers told WXIA, KSDK’s sister station in Atlanta, that Barnett’s husband is Buster Barnett, who played four seasons with the NFL’s Buffalo Bills from 1981 through 1984, according to NFL.com. He attended Jackson State University.

Police say Barnett has been in an affair with Brown for several years.

Brown, 49, from Lithonia, Ga., had previous run-ins with the law, police said.

“Lisa Brown was actually on probation for kidnapping out of the state of Texas,” said Gandee. “She had kidnapped her child that she had lost custody of, and the jurisdiction had to track her for like three days to find her.”

Wonderful side chick you took up with, Buster.  You know how hard it is for a mother to lose legal custody of her children in this our very pro-woman pro-mother family court system?  Yet, she must have been so horrible that she did.  It also goes to show that probation isn’t worth a grain of salt.

Brown was also a teacher. Atlanta Public Schools told WXIA that Brown taught at North Atlanta High School and was with the system from 2008 until 2013. APS officials could not if the 2013 Texas kidnapping had any relation to her leaving the school.

I would imagine that it did.

Thirty Year Party

13 07 2015

St. Charles


Knowing what he did and where he’s going, he’s not going to think that it’s really punishment.

Week That Was

12 07 2015

Los Angeles

The two biggest issues for me this week were Donald Trump and Dixie.

Do you want to know what the low information undertow was obsessed with this week?

There’s some prized NBA free agent name Deandre Jordan.  Hell, I’m old enough to remember when the one everyone wanted was Michael Jordan.  I wonder if they’re related.  Anyway, today’s Jordan just finished up his contract with the Los Angeles Clippers, you know, of the Donald Sterling and Steve Ballmer soap opera of last year.  He initially agreed to but didn’t sign a deal with the Dallas Mavericks, owned by one Mark Cuban, who made a fortune in the first dot com boom with Broadcast.com, which he sold to Yahoo for a fortune, and then used some of that to buy the Mavericks from the Perot family.  But before he could sign any paperwork, he got cold feet and second thoughts, and got a lot of lobbying from what would have been his former teammates back in Ballmer’s stable, so he reneged and signed a new deal with the Clippers.  Well, this got everyone in the low information undertow raging mad.  It started something called an Emoji War on Twitter; if you would have asked me before this what an Emoji War was, I would have told you that Lindsey Graham talked Obama into invading Emojistan.  It also got Mark Cuban to get into his car, drive from Dallas to Houston, (Jordan is evidently from and still lives in Houston during the offseason), to stalk Jordan at his house and in his nightlife and dates he goes on.  From what I understand, Cuban has a reputation of being something of a nutcase.  Yet he can still be an NBA owner, a club that just had to evict Donald Sterling.  Speaking of which, I’m surprised we haven’t seen Steve Ballmer so happy about Jordan’s about-face that he did the Developers Dance again.

Point being, it works to our advantage that most people really aren’t interested in what we’re interested in.

Ghetto Players

1 07 2015



Former Illinois players accuse school, coach of violating civil rights


According to the lawsuit, Smith, Oden and Tuck were called “toxic” and “crabs” who pull each other down. The alleged segregated practices were referred to as “the dog pound.”

The players also say the coaches implied at least some of the black plaintiffs were unintelligent, undisciplined “west-side ghetto” players.

And where would they get a silly idea like that?

Really now, as Steve Sailer has demonstrated with several posts recently, girls and women’s sports are basically the province of upper middle class high parental involvement white households to get their daughters to win college scholarships (save mommy and daddy some tuition checks) and in the case of soccer, to keep their daughters away from bad black influences.  Since I think one of the behind the scenes driving forces behind the college rape culture hysteria is the helicopter father trying to protect his daughter from the kind of young man he knew he once was, I don’t think it’s delving into tinfoil hat territory to suggest that college and university women’s sports programs are under pressure from upper middle class middle aged parents and boosters to deblackify their teams.

We’re Schmucks

24 06 2015

Los Angeles

Update on a story from yesterday, one that I thought the low information undertow would send to the stratosphere drowning out all other news, but alas, no.

Diddy throws a kettlebell at Alosi.  If it hits him in the right place, he dies.

So I wonder why the UCLA coaching staff doesn’t want to prosecute.  Is his son such an important part of their team?  I’m asking, because I don’t know, or really care.  I do know that UCLA and USC are starting to get into the bad habit of giving football and basketball scholarships to the sons of famous rappers; there has to be some political or marketing calculation behind that.

But it goes to show that here in ancient Rome modern Amurrika, the panem et circences football games are like the most important thing of all.



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