Butterfly Effect

30 11 2015

Los Angeles

A certain young white lady in Colorado ceding to massive pressure brought against her made the difference between Kobe Bryant announcing his retirement from basketball yesterday and receiving parole from a Colorado state penitentiary yesterday.

Intersectionality, According to Blogmeister

30 11 2015

West Memphis, Arkansas

The left wingers have their cute and clever modes of intersectional thinking.

And now, so do I.

At the intersectionality of racial realism, being conversant in the business of organized athletics, and that world famous Generation X cynicism, I can see a scam and a hustle even through hundred yard thick lead walls.

For those of you who need a little help, this “school’s” football team is nothing more than a perennial sacrificial lamb for real schools with real football teams that want easy wins against easy non-conference opponents, (sports fans call it the “Little Sisters of the Poor” part of the schedule, as if to say Serious School vs the Little Sisters of the Poor, a euphemism or pejorative for the sacrificial lamb schools), and the same thing presents in college basketball), the benefit for the scam “school” is that it gets a big check from the other school.  Of course, they would get a big check even if it was a legitimate college.  For instance, Bowling Green State University, of Bowling Green, Ohio, and the Mid-American Conference (MAC), is an almost perennial early season non-conference home game on Mizzou’s football schedule, and unless Mizzou has an extraordinarily bad team, it’s an easy win for Mizzou.  The reason Bowling Green bothers to be an almost yearly sacrificial lamb for Mizzou is that Mizzou pays BG for the privilege.  That, and BG can afford losing a game, because it, because of both its actual school presence and its conference, is never a national championship contender.  The best BG could ever hope to do is win its own MAC conference and/or turn in a good enough win-loss record to be invited to an eighth rate bowl game like the Putron Leafblower Global Interdependence Peace Bowl.  Mizzou, OTOH, has at least the delusions of national prominence.  However, Bowling Green is a legitimate school, and the very fact that schools that think their football teams are championship caliber pay schools with no championship possibility for easy wins sets off light bulbs in the heads of many a black hustler.  And that’s where these non-existent schools as fronts for sacrificial lamb football teams whose “school” administrations collect checks from serious schools come from.

Rev. Rastus McChittlin’s “College of Faith” and its “team” is in reality a sacrificial lamb not for Alabama or Ohio State, but for Division II/III legitimate schools.


Neat Adventures in Thanksgiving News Juxtaposition

27 11 2015




I could tell Spike why it will never happen, but that would be both misogynist and racist.

I Wonder If He Had His Hands Up

25 11 2015


Number 12.

The family members also told WFOR that Bailey, 25, his two young children, ages 5 and 10, and another man were driving in Miami Gardens to pick up one of his cousins when another car pulled alongside and started shooting. The family said Bailey was a passenger in the vehicle.

25 minus 10 minus 9 months…



22 11 2015

New Orleans


I can understand how he caused Katrina.  Because he parted the Red Sea in a past life.

A View from the Non-Fringes

20 11 2015


First Show-Me State exclusive polling on the extortion-mob.

Whites are 63 against, 18 for and 19 other.  Blacks are 51 for, 38 against and 11 other.  That said, black support is surprisingly low and opposition is surprisingly high, considering.

On the other hand, nobody cares what whites think.  That’s because they’re not fringe enough to matter.  In fact, whites don’t even exist; any suggestion that they both exist and have group-exclusive identifiable group interests will be met with massive epic rage from the SPLC.  Not even the political party that white voters in this state give a clear majority of their votes to really gives a damn; the only apparently proper response has come from Peter Kindercare, and as far as that goes, I know he’s as phony as a three dollar bill.

I wonder what the rationale was in polling over Gary Pinkel’s actions.  The only thing Pinkel did was say that he approved of what his players were doing (or were provoked to do, see below).  Considering time, place and circumstance, that was only real possible course of action for Pinkel; I don’t grok polling people on his actions as if he really had a wide range of equally possible equally credible options at his disposal.

Another big problem with this poll is that it falsely assumes that the football players acted on their own volition.  You already know what I think this was all about.

NFL-to-Prison Pipeline

17 11 2015



Suspended for a year.

How could they do that?  Don’t they know where he played college ball?  Every day he had to dodge and outrun trucks full of Kluxers just to get to practice.

And what’s with this suspension bit?  I guess nobody is worried about the NFL-to-prison pipeline, or the suspension gap, or the arrest gap.  Oh wait…


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