I Miss Playing Golf (Big But)

9 08 2018

Town and Country

I took in the first day morning rounds this morning at Bellerive for the PGA Championship.

This will be the only day I go.

Twenty-six years ago, when the same major tournament was at the same club, I also went.  It’s where I first heard of Phil Mickelson, who from that day continuing to the present became my favorite golfer of the current playing generation.  A little later, I first saw his ultra-hot wife on TV.

It all makes me realize how much I miss playing golf.

But I’m about four weeks way from one hell of a consolation prize, one that I’d take eight days out of every seven every week instead of being able to play golf, and frankly, one I would not be getting right now if I still had the ability to play golf.


Oh Nick…

1 08 2018



“Beat the Mets, beat the Mets, step right up and sweep the Mets…”

Frequent Filer

31 07 2018

Your Blogmeister’s Secret Hideout

Tobe Namedlater is going to do a whole lot of traveling today.  Constantly moving back and forth among thirty cities.

Poor guy seems to suffer this fate every July 31.

Ladies and Gentlemen, These Are Your 2018 St. Louis Cardinals

24 07 2018


A rookie pitcher a year separated from a TBI and brain surgery throws a no-hitter through seven.

Because his pitch count was high, our interim mangler sat him.

In those seven innings, the bats banged out all of one run of support behind him.

How did it turn out in the final two innings?

You read the title.

A Mighty Repeat Button Is Our God

18 07 2018

Moscow;  Paris

A seemingly half black “French” team won the World Cup.  I’m sure the media and the blue checks on Jackass Dorsey’s microblogging service have already started in on their ZOMG DIVERSITY LOL~!!!!!1 cheerleading.  Paris is holding a week long Car-B-Que.

Every white country is supposed to let the whole world pour in at will, because Kylian Mbappé and Paul Pogba.

Soccer is the new restaurants.

I predict that, four years from now, someone named LePen will garner a “shockingly” good result in the Presidential election, and someone in the media or a blue check will whine that all the positive good will for diversity that came from France winning the World Cup four years prior has all been wasted, was all for naught.

How can I predict that?

Twenty years ago at this time, a seemingly half black “French” team won the World Cup, in Paris, to boot.  The media spent weeks gloating about the benefits of diversity.  Paris held a week long Car-B-Que.

Four years after, someone named LePen shocked the political world by making the runoff in the Presidential election.  The media whined that all the positive good will for diversity that came from France winning the World Cup four years prior was all wasted and was all for naught.

That’s one of the good things about getting older.  I’ve seen it all before, so I know what to expect.  I’m starting to think that God Himself isn’t so much a supernatural spiritual force, but instead a repeat button.

That’s how I know all this “Abolish ICE” malarkey is a bunch of go-nowhere dead-end hot air, because it reminds me of when our side wanted to abolish the ATF for all those years.


While I’m on this subject, here’s an HBD observation for you:

No black African country has ever made the championship game of the World Cup.  However, the U-17 World Cup, (U-17 being international team sports parlance for what Americans call the high school junior varsity level), an event held every other year in odd numbered years, has been held fourteen times.  A black African country has won it seven times.  Nigeria five times, and Ghana twice.

The Flight Not Taken

18 07 2018


Me, June 27:

My English lineage, coming from my father’s mother, is, unlike my other ethnic lines, very well documented going back a very long time, which is how I know my English is South Coast and Midlands, though in that case, the colonizing generations were much farther back than the immigrating generations in my German, Czech and Italian lines, meaning that confirmable distant cousins back in England are way more distant in terms of degrees.   In spite of that, I have no desire to visit Cuck Island/Ukistan anytime soon.  Our flight path took us over it on the way coming here and it will on the way going home, but that’s as close as I feel like coming to it.

To wit.

That’s one thing that just jumped out at me today about the massive epic voyage.  Because it was so long and involved so much that I might be coming up with new insights and realizations for years to come.  Just as research astronomers need decades to process all the data from an interplanetary mission.  What I realized today is that, while the Germans are probably more internally obsessed with soccer than the Brits, (Bundesliga’s average per-game stadium attendance is the second highest of any professional sports league in the world, second only to the NFL), they’re more reserved about it, and they take care not to be ostentatious about it.  Plain words:  German grown men aren’t running around in soccer jerseys.  The mystery meat?  Yeah, some of them do, because many of them have internalized globo-American-media “culture.”

Also haven’t you noticed that the British media-political establishment suddenly had no problem with people flying and waving St. George’s Cross?  It was fine to do that when it’s cheering for a collection of ball kickers that are almost half black.  Now that World Cup season is over and England didn’t win, we now return to regularly scheduled programming, St. George’s Cross is an evil symbol of hate.

Football Game Theory

24 05 2018


Remember my theory I advanced on the day of my posting storm upon my return to blogging:

NFL owners are focused on two things long term:  Getting the good end of CBA negotiations with the NFLPA, and minimizing the damage from CTE lawsuits.

Much of what they have done in recent months and what they will continue to do is informed by those concerns.

Fast forward to the league’s new policy on National Anthem protests.

What the league wants beyond all else is for the bad PR of the optics of (“black”) players kneeling in public during the Anthem not to occur. Notice that this new policy comes with a big bag of money for SJW causes, as a payoff to keep the black players happy. Left unstated in this week’s articles about the policy change, but stated in previous articles about this general matter, is that the league is also going to be starting a political lobbying push in the Federal and state governments for “criminal justice reform,” i.e. mollycoddling black criminal convicts.

That I think is their immediate concern, the optics.

But I think the owners are engaged in a longer term Machiavellian chess game.

We found out today that this new policy was nothing more than a unilateral pronouncement, and did not occur as a result of a formal vote of the owners.

Why is this important?

The players’ union was already grumbling when the news of the new policy dropped, but now that we know that it came without a formal vote is probably going to make them file either a formal grievance or a lawsuit.

And I think this is what the owners want.  I think the owners wanted to bait the union into filing some sort of formal action, and did just enough in just the “right” way to get them to do it.


Because the owners want the union to come out publicly against the National Anthem.  The owners know this would be an unforced PR error on the part of the union.  This drags down the approval rating of the union, both overall and vis-a-vis the owners.  Which means, going into the next CBA round, the owners would be starting from a stronger position vis-a-vis the union.

We’ll see if the union is so dumb that it bites into obvious bait.

Otherwise, this is a reprise of the cynical National Anthem politics that Lee Atwater played for George H.W. Bush against Michael Dukakis in 1988.