Captain Al

28 08 2015

Long Island


I was wondering why Al Arbour (his passing) was a St. Louis trending topic on the Tweeter, because he is most famous for coaching the New York Islanders to four straight Stanley Cup wins from 1980 to 1983, and was in the 1984 Finals but lost to the up and coming Edmonton Oilers led by a young hotshot goal scoring machine named Wayne Gretzky.

He was the very first Blues captain, after the NHL’s massive 1967 franchise expansion brought the Blues and a bunch of other teams into the league.


Autumn Man

23 08 2015



Cris Carter urged NFL rookies to have a “fall guy”

A recent ESPN feature on former 49ers linebacker Chris Borland described Borland as “appalled” by what he heard at the 2014 Rookie Symposium, when a former NFL player told the rookies that they should have a “fall guy” in their crew who would take the blame if they faced legal trouble. What ESPN failed to mention is that the former player who gave that appalling advice was an ESPN employee, Cris Carter.

Although the ESPN feature says that Borland “declined to name” the player, the writers easily could have identified Carter as the source of the comments, because the video of Carter’s presentation at the Rookie Symposium is available at

The presentation went basically how Borland described it in the ESPN feature: Carter told rookies that they should have one friend who will be willing to take the blame if they ever get into trouble. Warren Sapp, onstage along with Carter, agreed.

“If you all got a crew, you got to have a fall guy in the crew,” Carter said.

Good advice for both football teams and Presidential administrations.


23 08 2015

Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Webb City pitcher be like:  Whoa, he just lit my ass up for a grand slam, cool.

Webb City lost this game 18-0.  When you’re having that bad of a day, the only thing you can do is enjoy it.

His Next Trip to Butte Should Be Interesting

17 08 2015

Helena, Montana


Sixth Grade Banter

11 08 2015

Florham Park, New Jersey

I take it that Geno Smith isn’t very durable, if a 6-1 261 linebacker punches him, all 6-3 221 of him, and knocks him out for 6-10 weeks.

The Jets’ head coach rang in:

A clearly annoyed Bowles said Enemkpali punched Smith over a trivial matter.

“It was something very childish, something sixth-graders could’ve talked about,” Bowles said. “It had no reason to happen. If they want to tell you what happened, they can tell you what happened. I told them I wouldn’t say anything about it.”

“Something sixth graders could have talked about.”  Gee, what a shock, unless you’re one of those HBD bigots like me and therefore it’s not a shock. I also remember seeing a meme awhile back showing a pic of a VHS tape of a Windows 95 tutorial done by the cast of Friends, and the caption read: “This is the most ’90s thing possible.” Likewise, this is the most New York Jets thing possible, though half of Oakland, California wants to throw peanuts at me.

BTW, I hear the name “Geno Smith” and think of someone who should be serving me Philly cheese steak sandwiches.

Atheist in the Huddle

7 08 2015


ESPN be like: Arian Foster is an atheist! Pop the bubbly!

Everyone else be like:  So?

They’re trying to make Foster out to be the anti-Tebow, which is ironic, because the Tebow hoopla is also mostly an artificial ESPN creation.  Other than the universes of people that love Tebow and hate Tebow, those two universes dynamically feed off of each other, most people don’t much care about Tim Tebow, either.  Another irony is that between NFL jobs, Tebow did segments for ABC’s GMA, it and ESPN both being Disney properties, and according to the gossip that got out and around, he made a good impression on just about everyone at GMA, and they loved him.

Chip Kelly’s Racism Schmacism

3 08 2015


I think it’s as easy as this:

Chip Kelly fashions himself to be some groundbreaking whiz kid who loves his system.  Therefore, I think he’s also the kind of person who wears personality disputes on his sleeve.

I can easily see how quite a few mouthy arrogant black men would get on his nerves and he would show them the door.

But don’t kid yourself; it’s not as if there aren’t any blacks on the 2015 Eagles.


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