Guys Who Drive Fast Jacked By Guys Who Run Fast

22 05 2017


Indy 500 drivers meet the Indinduianapolitans.

Because, Ten Point Coalition, or True Freeman, or oooh weee, or something like that.


Diversity, For Real?

19 05 2017


ESPN:  Diversity and refugees, because Clarkston High School’s championship XC team.

It starts this way:

Dubbed “the Ellis Island of the South” and “the most diverse square mile in America” by various publications, this suburb northeast of Atlanta has evolved into a magnet for refugees and immigrants from around the world since the 1990s, and 44 percent of its current population is foreign-born.

As a result, the students at Clarkston High School come from more than 50 countries and speak nearly as many languages. Printed images of international flags — from Congo, Thailand, Pakistan, Ethiopia and others — hang inside the campus’ entryway, a mosaic-like tribute to the student body’s origins.

The varsity boys’ cross country team is a microcosm of the school and the town, with all eight runners on this year’s squad having moved to the United States from Africa. In November, three days before the U.S. presidential election, that team won yet another state title.

ESPN evidently doesn’t get its own joke.  Fifty countries worth of diversity, yet all four state championship XC runners are either East Africans or an eastern African looking young man from a western African country, and the other four are African immigrants.

The key word to understand here is HBD, not diversity.

Big Eugenics Brand

16 05 2017

Chino Hills, California


He’s planned this since he first saw his wife, Tina, walking down the halls at Cal State Los Angeles. She was a college basketball player too, but more important, she was tall enough to give him tall children. That was a must. And she was tough. He could tell by the way she walked in her heels.

“How many tall girls wear heels?” he asks. “I liked that.”

So he looked her up and down with his pale green eyes, smiled and said, “You and me, we’re gonna do something. You just don’t know it yet.”

It was a line he’d used on other women. He’d drop the line, linger on her eyes, then keep walking. He wasn’t waiting for a response. He was planting a seed.

“You may not like me. You may think I’m cocky or arrogant,” LaVar says, explaining the pickup line, and his worldview.

“But you will be thinking about me.”


“I knew I was gonna have more than one [son],” LaVar says. “I don’t put out no girls. … Me being alpha dog in our family, I’m gonna have boys. Gimme three boys.”

Well, what if one of your boys wasn’t athletic? Or wasn’t into basketball?

“Wasn’t going to happen,” LaVar says.

How could he be so certain?

“Speak it into existence,” he says. “Keep talking about it until it happens.”

It’s an interesting experience talking to a man as loud and cocksure as LaVar Ball, who seems wholly unconcerned with convincing you of anything. Most characters of his ilk have a need to be liked. Not LaVar. He sees things his way. He trained his boys his way. Now he’s promoting them … his way. “I know me better than you do,” he says. “I know my boys better than they do.”

That’s not a household, and not a family.  That’s a eugenics experiment.

Then again, that’s true for a large percentage of families and households.  Especially now in the Bell Curve era.  Richard Herrnstein’s definition, not mine.

1100 Yards

3 05 2017


The distance between site of the gunfire which the cops think caused the grazing and Busch Stadium is about 1100 yards.

1100 yards, as the crow flies.  Or, in this case, as the bullet flies.

So, it’s very plausible.

14th and Chouteau is one of the entrances to the Clinton-Peabody.  Guess.

Heckler Vetoed

2 05 2017


ESPN/SJW/MLB, soon to be joined by the dork in Orlando with a fax machine, and The Undefeated with a 10,000-word long form, declare social justice jihad against drunken hecklers.

The real social justicey thing to do would be to raise ticket and concession prices high enough so that fans with spunk and spirit can’t afford to go, and therefore, all you’ll have in the stands are boring, listless, phone zombie corporate types.  Because combating racism.

It’s Always About…

19 04 2017

Leominster, Massachusetts

Why did Aaron Hernandez commit suicide?

For the record, even before watching this, I disbelieved the alt-theory that he was murdered.  However, my argument was fallacious, the argument to incredulity, in that I thought:  “Who would want him dead?  What was the compelling reason to kill him?”  He was in AdSeg, so it had to have been someone with a lot of pull to want him dead in order to make it happen, and I’m not aware of any great powerful nefarious force that cares about Aaron Hernandez.

But, it turns out there’s a really simple affirmative reason to support the contention that he did commit suicide.

If you want me to cut to the chase for you, he committed suicide because he either knew the peculiarity of Massachusetts criminal law, or someone told him, that if he dies for any reason while the case is in the appeal stage, the case is dropped and the criminal charges totally expunged from his postmortem record. What that means is that if he’s legally technically not guilty of the murder he was doing a life sentence for, it means the New England Patriots have to pay out what was the balance of his contract from the point where they stopped to his wife and daughter.

The only hitch is that I don’t know if this weird quirk of Massachusetts law would also make his estate immune from any civil action that could be levied by the victim’s family.

Actual American

17 04 2017


HBD prevails in the Boston Marathon.

The second fastest man is not only described as an American, he actually is an American, not some east African with a U.S. State Department issued passport.  He would be Galen Rupp, who won the bronze in the Olympic marathon in Rio.