Sold Amurrikan

22 04 2015


Remember what I wrote here back on September 7?

Well, his SCAM has finally come to fruition.

If the deal is for $900m, then it falls short of the $1.48 billion that the post-Ballmer scale reset would have suggested, but it does more than double the pre-Ballmer Forbes assessment at $430m.

Not a Drop

22 04 2015

Carson, California

The city council in Johnny Carson, California has done all it needs to do to get their hypothetical new football stadium built.  Unlike the Inglewood-it’s-all-good stadium, which can be paid for with one swipe of Stan Kroenke’s debit card, the money coming together in Carson is going to be the really big hurdle.

Here’s an angle I didn’t think of:

Carson Mayor Albert Robles likened the absence of the NFL in greater Los Angeles to the state’s deep drought.

“There are two things that are needed here in Southern California,” Robles said after the vote. “One of them is rain … the other is football. And today, hopefully, we took care of that, because football is coming to Carson.”

This might be our only real hope here in St. Louis to keep the Rams.  The water situation is getting so bad in California that one day soon, after one game, they’ll turn the knobs in the showers but no water will come pouring on their heads.  Maybe the CVC’s campaign slogan to keep the Rams should be:  “Our showers work.”

The vote came with a loud cheer from a crowd dotted with Raiders jerseys and Chargers banners, and faced virtually no opposition from the room.

It’s the first time in history that fans of those two teams have been able to be in one small confinement at the same time and it not end up with blood spilling.  And it’ll probably be the last time, even if this hypothetical Johnny Carson stadium gets built and both teams are tenants, and of course as division rivals, they would play each other twice a year.

Mike Haynes, who played for the then-LA Raiders in their 1984 Super Bowl title year and also grew up in the area, spoke strongly in favor of the stadium.

“It might not be too long ’til sometime another local kid will have an opportunity to play in a Super Bowl right down the street from here,” Haynes said.

Panem et Circenses.

Council members could have opted to put the issue before Carson voters, but instead chose to approve it outright themselves as state law allows.

That reminds me.  Building just about anything anywhere in California is a PITA because of the labyrinthine environmental laws and regulations and review process.  How is it that a major project like a football stadium isn’t suffering these hangups?  Then again, with Panem et Circenses, I already answered my own question.

In related news, the upcoming NFL season’s schedule has been released, and the P-D is dropping an obvious hint that December 17 will be the very last home game for the “St. Louis” Rams, and a subtle hint that their last game next season will be in the same state where they’ll be playing their home games the next season.  I think this is a hint that enough people in this town that matter and probably also enough people in general have mentally crossed the Rubicon and know that the Rams are leaving.

Rain In Spain

20 04 2015



Trail Blazers posted anti-Spanish-players sign in locker room

The Portland Trail Blazers had a laminated card in their locker room at the FedExForum on Sunday that included the phrase “We don’t lose to Spanish players.”

The Memphis Grizzlies, the Trail Blazers’ opponent in their Western Conference first-round series, feature one of the NBA’s most prominent Spanish players, All-Star center Marc Gasol.

“First of all, that wasn’t the only thing that was on that [card],” Trail Blazers coach Terry Stotts said Monday, a day after his team’s 100-86 Game 1 loss to the Grizzlies.

“I wouldn’t classify that as the only message of the day. But that being said, it was a motivational thing, and I think the Spanish thing was a little lighthearted. It was the things we needed to do to win the series.”

I wouldn’t really make a BFD out of it, except I think that “We don’t lose to Spanish players” is really code for “We don’t lose to white players.”  That’s because a big percentage of whites in the NBA are from Europe.

LeBron v Jordan

20 04 2015

State College, Pennsylvania

An argument, over basketball, at three-something in the morning.

The easiest wicked racial profiling trick in the entire history of me doing them.

Here’s a part that’s going to fly by everyone else except for me:

Mondelice, [22 years old], a Brooklyn, New York native, has been arrested several times over the past 18 months, for crimes including harassment, criminal mischief, and narcotics possession.

For several reasons, I doubt he’s an actual student at Penn State.  So he must be just a plain ole regular resident of the town.  Why did a Brooklyn native move to State College, Pennsylvania?  Answer:  He didn’t move so willingly.  He’s one of the many blacks that are being shoveled out of New York City and being dumped on Westchester County, Long Island, and various middle sized cities in surrounding states, including Pennsylvania, using Section 8.  Turns out State College is one of those middle sized cities being used as Bell Curve dumping grounds.

Britt McHenry

17 04 2015

Arlington, Virginia

1.  This is not a one-off.  It is my personal experience that around half of TV media people of both genders all 58 genders who are visually attractive (7 and above) have this kind of attitude.

2.  It is also the typical arrogance of people with college sheepskins.  They think that because they have a quintessential college diploma, this means they automatically have the right to make more money than anyone who doesn’t.  I surmised in this space a few years ago that the reason the left hates the fossil fuel industry is that it gives the evil hated white man without the quintessential college diploma a way to make a pretty good living and afford to start a family (hence, Republican voter), all the while the typical “studies” graduate is slinging coffee for not much more than minimum wage.

3.  Who do you think you are, lady?  You’re no Woodward or Bernstein, working on a scoop that led to the President of the United States committing multiple Federal felonies and forcing his resignation.  You troll sidelines of games telling us what jocks do then sticking microphones in their snoots.  I dare say that doing so is not indicative of having a very high education or developed mature skill set.

4.  This in a nutshell is why the Democrat Party has lost the white working middle class voter, even though the Republican Party does not have a solid lock on them.

Longest Yard

13 04 2015

Delano, California


Okay, when and why did I miss the news that he was sent to prison?

I don’t remember everything that happened in 2005.  One thing that stood out unfortunately was Sam Francis’s untimely passing.  But I would have remembered this if I knew about this, and the St. Louis media do harp on all things St. Louis or all things with some sort of hook to St. Louis.  I wonder why they really didn’t touch this.

Now, it looks like he’s going to be there for the rest of his life, which means he’ll get a new cellmate to murder.


The Blacks in Blacksburg

6 04 2015

Blacksburg, Virginia


VT players accused of disrespect at sexual assault support event

Members of the Virginia Tech football team have been accused of acting disrespectfully at a campus sexual assault awareness event.

Players were required to attend a Take Back the Night event on March 26. The event was organized by a campus female activism group and featured sexual assault survivors speaking about their experiences as victims. Multiple attendees accused the players of infringing upon the “safe space” the event is intended to foster, according to The Roanoke Times.

Take Back the Night is a national organization that seeks “to end sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual abuse and all other forms of sexual violence.”

Several attendees wrote letters to the student newspaper, the Collegiate Times, complaining about the players’ behavior. The players arrived late, said they did not know why they were attending the event and spent much of the time looking at their phones, the letters said.

Ruh roh.

I could go two ways with this analysis:

1.  The safe spacers aren’t going to push this envelope too much, because of the racial composition of the Hokies football squad.

2.  Someone is going to take the players aside and try go get it through their thick skulls that all this talk about safe spaces and take back the night is all an attempt to try to pawn the blame off for rapes these players do onto white men in frat houses.


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