Nah, That Would Be Too Simple

21 02 2017

Waco and Austin, Texas

All the fancy new state laws the Texas state legislature is considering in the wake of the Baylor scandal.

A really simple idea would be for schools not to import violent dindus as ringers to win ballgames.

Problem is, that idea is too simple.  Aside from that, the idea suffers the problem of its advocates having to name the ook.


13 02 2017

Beaverton, Oregon

First off, we don’t need a lecture about equality from a corporation whose profit margins are built on the temple of this close to slave labor.

Now, to the point of the matter.  They say there’s equality inside the lines.  If you can do it, nothing else matters.

That’s right.

Except…basketball, especially the highest professional levels, doesn’t seem to be a pursuit that lends itself well to egalitarianism.

The NBA at the players’ level seems to be comprised of tall to very tall, fast to very fast, black men, as players, and not any slow elderly short white women.  If we apply the same reasoning that the Federal judiciary uses for urban fire departments to the NBA, then it’ll have to have an actual or effective quota for slow elderly short white women.

Which means I also don’t need a lecture about equality from the best basketball player of our times and maybe the best women’s tennis player ever.

Only Human After All

6 02 2017


Update on a story I briefly discussed back in December.

The punishment has been mostly reversed.

In the update, there is this curious paragraph:

“In addition to the specific allegations outlined in their complaint, the women’s soccer team also raised broader concerns about gender-related issues on our campus,” the university statement reads. It was sent out to the community Monday morning. “The university has efforts underway to address these issues. But there always is more we can – and should – do to deepen awareness and sensitivity.”

Which means there was mostly no there there when it came to initial allegations.  It’s just that the lesbians on the lesbian team wanted to make or score political points relating to some gripe they had about WU not caring enough about lesbians, so they wrapped it up in making up mostly unfounded allegations against their men counterparts.


In Alphabetical Order

6 02 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

With the way 84 Lumber, Anheuser-Busch and Audi poured on the social justice warriorism in their Super Bowl ads, I guess they’re doing it in alphabetical order.

Audi’s ad was a curious case, because taken literally, they were confessing to illegal pay discrimination.  When someone pressed them, they responded with a very familiar retort.


2 02 2017

Las Vegas

The through line:

The very thing which makes young Samoan men a hot commodity on the offensive line is the very thing which makes their middle aged mothers die of diabetes well before their time.

Brick By Brick

27 01 2017

Lawrence, Kansas

Let’s see if the WOMYN at KU throw bricks through the windows of the athletic dorms like their SISTAHS at UVa did to the Phi House after Strolling Bone printed fake news.


26 01 2017


The BoA’s W&M committee says no way to city funding for the proposed MLS stadium.

Which means, as I type these words, Tony Messenger is also keying in the words for a scathing editorial about how this proves the need for city-county reunification and conglomeration.