Is the Dork in Orlando With a Fax Machine Losing His Mojo?

15 01 2017


We have two articles in the ESPN universe, one on its regular presence, one in The Undefeated, it’s blickety-blackety-black-I’m-black-y’all boutique, both about the same general thing, but neither mention the dork in Orlando with a fax machine.

Poor guy must be sick.

Two Zeroes Are Better Than One

12 01 2017

San Diego; Los Angeles

Hm, well, Los Angeles is about to have two NFL teams that nobody in town really cares about, instead of just one.

I’m not complaining, because I’m not having to help pay for a new stadium.  Even though I know I never had to worry about that.

Life is a Marathon

10 01 2017

Landover, Maryland and Tuscaloosa, Alabama

H/T Steve Sailer.

How to look at this?

There is the HBD angle.

But there’s also the matter of the fact that life is a marathon, not a sprint. (Which also plays into HBD.) Considering the disappointing recent history of ‘Bama RBs in the NFL, cough cough, Mark Ingram, cough cough, Trent Richardson, I think that once it’s all said and done, Kirk Cousins will have had the much better NFL career than Bo Scarbrough.

Imitates Art

29 12 2016




Jeremy Sprinkle’s collegiate career abruptly ended hours before Thursday’s Belk Bowl.

The reason?

He shoplifted from — of all places — a Belk department store in Charlotte, North Carolina, even though each player on Sprinkle’s Arkansas team and opponent Virginia Tech had a $450 gift card to spend there.

If only his team was playing in the Cotton Bowl.

We could have a hell of a lot of fun with this one.

Cause Gay Celebre

21 12 2016

Downtown and St. Charles


On a legal technicality, the appeals judge has ordered a new trial.

This was not part of the set of legal arguments, but since the LGBTQetc lobby are yelping about it, expect to hear a lot of stuck pig squealing about it in the coming months and years.  It’s this business that, because HIV-AIDS is now no longer a death sentence per se because the ARV drug therapy has gotten so effective, and in fact, the cocktail is now down to one daily pill, that the law should no longer punish a rape any more harshly if the rapist has HIV-AIDS.

Except neither the single-drug cocktail nor the time of ID specialists are free.

Reading Comprehension

17 12 2016


I’m going to make the University of Minnesota football controversy very easy to understand.

And I won’t even get involved in the matter of whether the suspended players actually did what they are accused of doing or not, because that matter is irrelevant to my snappy profound analysis.  If someone asks in the comment thread of this posts, I will so opine.

The men were foolish and unsophisticated enough such that they took the events of about thirteen months ago two states south of them at face value.  All they thought they had to do was boycott, and the world would be their oyster.  When they wound up getting no backup and no support and no real adulation, they backtracked.

Because you read this blog, you know why the events of thirteen months ago two states south of them should not be taken at face value.

One of These Things

17 12 2016


WU suspends men’s soccer because the team’s members are sexually attracted to women.  Bad heterosexuals.  Bad!  Bad!

In the national media copy about it, this is juxtaposed against the recent news of same kind of blanket team suspensions happening at the Ivy League schools of Harvard, Princeton and Columbia.

For that, WU’s PR staff is doing victory laps around Bushyhead Track.