No Noose Is Good Noose

25 10 2016

Wiggins, Mississippi

It was a locker room prank.

So, of course, the sky is falling.

You’ll note this references a recent college prank.

Ridiculing noosemania and nooseanoia is why I have the Twitter avatar that I do.


Rape Culture

20 10 2016

St. Charles


Some time tomorrow, the campus activist feminist presence will out of revenge throw bricks through the windows of white frat houses.

Bell Curve City

18 10 2016

Lexington, Kentucky

ESPN, on the murder of Tyson Gay’s daughter:

Bell set bail at $5,000 each for Chazerae Taylor, 38, and his son, D’Markeo Taylor, 19, on wanton endangerment charges. Dvonta Middlebrooks, 21, is charged with wanton endangerment and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. His bail was set at $12,500.

Little noticed and discussed is that the young late Miss Gay, 15 years old, was out cavorting around the wrong side of town (hence, Chazerae, D’Markeo and Dvonta), at 3 AM.


The Cardinal Rule of the Swindle

17 10 2016



Judge asks how ALCS will be played if Indians logo banned

An Ontario judge hearing arguments on an attempt to bar the Cleveland Indians from using their team name and “Chief Wahoo” logo during Monday’s night playoff game in Toronto asked the plaintiff’s lawyer how the game would be played if the name and logo didn’t appear.

The legal challenge by indigenous activist Douglas Cardinal comes on the same day the team plays the Toronto Blue Jays in Game 3 of the American League Championship Series.


Swinwood said the legal challenge is a high-profile opportunity to bring awareness to the racism aboriginal people face in North America.

I’m sure the money, fame, payoffs and notoriety that would become Cardinal and Swinwood have nothing to do with it.

Those who can, do, those who can’t, become ethnic activists.

I bet that as I write these words, someone at The Undefeated is pounding out five to ten thousand words linking this back to Jackie Robinson and slavery.

Humiliation, Averted

16 10 2016


Since when did KMOX start carrying Kansas City Chiefs games?

And just one station up the dial, the Romanik prop of KQQZ is carrying Chicago Bears games.

The good news is that fewer and fewer people care about the NFL, so this means fewer and fewer people notice the prison rape style massive epic humiliation that these amount to, especially the first.

Death By Differential (Want of a Nail)

13 10 2016

New York

As you know, margins and differentials are to me what slop is to a pig.

So much of life, and success and failure therein, has to do with the ability to exploit marginal factors on your behalf or seeing them used against you.

I think NFL executives are privately panicking way more than anyone could guess from their outward appearance about what seems to be a not so bad decline in TV ratings.  Because I think just a sustained chronic apples-to-apples 10% ratings drop will have severe and permanent negative consequences for the league.

I don’t know this for sure, but I bet that if you read the official contracts between the NFL and TV networks and the advertising accounts between TV networks and accounts that want to advertise on NFL games, and you consider that even outside the realm of official paperwork, that various stakeholders agree to these deals with a lot of winks and nods and informal expectations, then you have to think that a 10% ratings drop is denying the nail that eventually ends with the fall of the kingdom.  I bet that the interpersonal interplay between the NFL, TV nets and big time accounts involves the assumption that NFL ratings will keep on rising to some extent.  But if they fall, and they are, and this fall holds, then the nets will have to provide make goods to the accounts, (and that has already happened), and then the nets will be far less willing to pay big rights fees to the league when the next TV deal needs to be negotiated, and maybe there are provisions in the current contracts which permit the nets to sequester remittances to the league.  Rights fees to the league are the predominant revenue source, not the box office, not merchandising, and the equitable distribution of TV money makes all the franchises liquid if not profitable even if they’re perpetually bad teams.  If there’s less TV money, then there’s less liquidity in the franchises in general.  If there’s less franchise liquidity, then the next player CBA won’t be as lucrative for the players, and such as it is, NFL player CBAs are already boss-friendly compared to the other major sports leagues.  If franchises are less liquid, this weakens the franchise owners’ hands when they beg local and state taxpayers for their shares in new stadium funding deals.  This pile of dominoes will eventually end at franchise contraction and median player salaries in the six figures instead of the seven figures.  Assessed franchise values plummet, actual sales prices for franchises or shares of franchises plummet, the net worth of franchise owners decline, and while that decline would be illusory provided the owners don’t sell, it would hurt their personal ability to do business, and give them much less personal leverage in their personal business affairs and other business affairs.

And all of this would happen in spite of the fact that games still have 90% of the viewers they had last year, and individual games are among the highest rated TV events this year.

When you bet on perpetual growth, the game is over with even the first slight decline.  We saw that with the subprime affirmative action mortgage circus.

For the want of a nail.

All because black or black-ish players couldn’t help themselves with their typical looksatme I beez black yall theatrics.

We can inflict severe damage with only marginal actions.  Learn it, live it, love it, do it.


1 10 2016


Lady Gag to do SB 51 halftime entertainment.

Seriously.  You’re going to have a Super Bowl in Houston, and not give the halftime show to a native of Pearsall, Texas, who has had many concerts in Houston and filled up both its current and former NFL stadiums beyond stated capacity?