Lead Me Not Into Temptation

27 05 2015

Zurich, Switzerland

I’m looking at the pics of some of the FIFA officials arrested.  I’m tempted to do the racial gloating, but I’m going to resist.

Corruption is inevitable when games become big money big business.

And also, is this going to be the crutch that American soccer junkies and flunkies use to explain why USMNT tends to underperform in international tournaments and competition?

SJWs vs Fredbird

22 05 2015


Will #BlackLivesMatter and @deray protest outside of Fredbird’s house?

Black Party

3 05 2015

Las Vegas

Let me get the obvious out of the way:  Manny would have won this fight if it was only ten rounds, and if this fight was held five years ago, Manny would have T/KOed Floyd.  This is why Floyd didn’t want any part of a fight with Manny until now, because time has subtracted from Manny’s punching ability but not as much from Floyd’s ability to move around the ring to avoid Manny’s punches.  Manny landed some great blows on Floyd, and if the Manny of five years ago would have been the one throwing those punches, they would have sent Floyd to the mat.  But, it was what it was, which means that Floyd will buy 150 new cars instead of the only 100 he would have bought had he lost, and his winning will mean that he’s going to bail Suge Knight out of the hoosegow.  Though Floyd better not ever hope to see that $10 million ever again, with Suge Knight about to flee to Bolivia with a fake passport.

Now, down to business.

The crowd last night was very much a Manny crowd.  At first, I thought it was a function of Las Vegas having a substantial Filipino population.  But the more I think it through, the more that theory falls apart.  First off, there aren’t that many Filipinos, and second, it’s not as if every one could afford a ticket to this thing.  So why was the crowd so pro-Manny?  Because it was everyone else versus black.

“Everyone else versus black.”  That reminds me of something. That is, Steve Sailer’s suggestion on how to drive a wedge between black Democrats and non-white non-black Democrat leaners.

This is something that may hit the Democrat Party upside the head in the near future, and they don’t even know what’s coming.  In various cities, whose politics are exclusively within the confines of the Democrat Party, you do see this often: Everyone else versus the blacks. And, contra Steve Sailer’s suggestion, it might not take any Republican doing anything to make this happen; just sit back and wait for the black undertow to chimp out, which is about as insightful as sitting back and waiting for the sun to rise in the east. Then, Hispanics and Asians and other non-black non-white voters will mostly stay home, and a few will vote Republican.

You saw a little bit of this in 2014; even though I think turnout among all non-white groups was depressingly low, even lower than the 2010 midterms, (Census Bureau will come out with that data next month, so by then we’ll be able to confirm or rebuke my theory), Republicans and Democrats split the Asian vote, compared to Obama carrying it by about 3-1 over Romney, and Republicans got 38% of the Hispanic vote, close to Bush’s high water mark of 40% of Hispanics in 2004 and 11% higher than Romney’s 27%, (all the while, many individual Republican candidates ran as immigration restrictionists in 2014), and even among blacks, whose turnout was probably the lowest of all, Republicans got 10% of it, which, by black and Republican standards, is astronomical. Meanwhile, whites, at 60% Republican, were barely higher than the 58% of the white vote that Romney got. Point is, Ferguson was the major driver between Hispanics and Asians and even a few blacks swinging their vote, but mostly staying home. In the case of blacks, there was no Obama on the ballot.

The big hitch in that is the way the Stupid Party will react. They’ll actually be dumb enough to think that they’re actually making inroads with Hispanics and Asians, and start moving to the left thinking they can get more of them. When in reality the only reason they’ll be getting those voters is the main reason why they get a lot of the white voters they get, because they perceive the other party to be the black party.

“Attendance: 0″

29 04 2015




Two hours and three minutes is really fast for a game that ended in an 8-2 score and had runs scored in multiple innings.

In the early Fifth Century A.D., when Rome was under siege and sacked, and much of the city was starving for it, they still held very well attended chariot races.

For Prophet

28 04 2015

New York City

You may have heard here and there through the years that the NFL is a non-profit tax exempt organization legally speaking.

Yes and no.

Only the league’s central office is that.  The franchises, where most of the revenue and profits are, are not, which means they’re taxed.

And anyway, the NFL is giving up that status, mainly to prevent it being used as political leverage against it.

I wonder if the league central office becoming a for-profit corporation will affect its ability to sell bonds for what is said to be the league’s percentage share of financing the hypothetical new football stadiums both here and in Johnny Carson, California.  Just off the top of my head, I think there are all sorts of tax implications that change and tax advantages that are lost if the bond seller is a for-profit corporation instead of a not for profit (“–“) entity.

If I’m right, then it probably means that after the status change, it makes Kroenke’s self-financed playpen in Inglewood-it’s-all-good the only real new building feasible.

Sold Amurrikan

22 04 2015


Remember what I wrote here back on September 7?

Well, his SCAM has finally come to fruition.

If the deal is for $900m, then it falls short of the $1.48 billion that the post-Ballmer scale reset would have suggested, but it does more than double the pre-Ballmer Forbes assessment at $430m.

Not a Drop

22 04 2015

Carson, California

The city council in Johnny Carson, California has done all it needs to do to get their hypothetical new football stadium built.  Unlike the Inglewood-it’s-all-good stadium, which can be paid for with one swipe of Stan Kroenke’s debit card, the money coming together in Carson is going to be the really big hurdle.

Here’s an angle I didn’t think of:

Carson Mayor Albert Robles likened the absence of the NFL in greater Los Angeles to the state’s deep drought.

“There are two things that are needed here in Southern California,” Robles said after the vote. “One of them is rain … the other is football. And today, hopefully, we took care of that, because football is coming to Carson.”

This might be our only real hope here in St. Louis to keep the Rams.  The water situation is getting so bad in California that one day soon, after one game, they’ll turn the knobs in the showers but no water will come pouring on their heads.  Maybe the CVC’s campaign slogan to keep the Rams should be:  “Our showers work.”

The vote came with a loud cheer from a crowd dotted with Raiders jerseys and Chargers banners, and faced virtually no opposition from the room.

It’s the first time in history that fans of those two teams have been able to be in one small confinement at the same time and it not end up with blood spilling.  And it’ll probably be the last time, even if this hypothetical Johnny Carson stadium gets built and both teams are tenants, and of course as division rivals, they would play each other twice a year.

Mike Haynes, who played for the then-LA Raiders in their 1984 Super Bowl title year and also grew up in the area, spoke strongly in favor of the stadium.

“It might not be too long ’til sometime another local kid will have an opportunity to play in a Super Bowl right down the street from here,” Haynes said.

Panem et Circenses.

Council members could have opted to put the issue before Carson voters, but instead chose to approve it outright themselves as state law allows.

That reminds me.  Building just about anything anywhere in California is a PITA because of the labyrinthine environmental laws and regulations and review process.  How is it that a major project like a football stadium isn’t suffering these hangups?  Then again, with Panem et Circenses, I already answered my own question.

In related news, the upcoming NFL season’s schedule has been released, and the P-D is dropping an obvious hint that December 17 will be the very last home game for the “St. Louis” Rams, and a subtle hint that their last game next season will be in the same state where they’ll be playing their home games the next season.  I think this is a hint that enough people in this town that matter and probably also enough people in general have mentally crossed the Rubicon and know that the Rams are leaving.


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