The Bell Curve Never Disappoints

27 03 2015



Lil Durk’s manager, Chino Dolla, fatally shot hours after Joakim Noah anti-violence event

Just hours after meeting with Chicago Bulls star Joakim Noah about an anti-violence event, the manager of Chicago rapper Lil Durk was gunned down in the Avalon Park neighborhood.

Uchenna Agina — know as Chino Dolla and OTF Chino — was sitting in a car in the 8400 block of South Stony Island Avenue when a gunman walked up and opened fire about 1:50 a.m. Friday, authorities said.

And the rest is, shall we say, soon to be forgotten history.

Note that the nutty Pfleger gets an honorable mention here.

Caused Effect

27 03 2015


Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signs a state law protecting religious freedom, meaning that people that don’t want to bake cakes for fake gay “marriages” don’t have to go to jail.

Sports nuts chimp out.

They Walk the Line

23 03 2015

New York


NFL to hire ex-ATF boss Todd Jones

Roger Goodell has informed NFL owners that Todd Jones, the former Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, will soon join the league as Special Counsel for Conduct, a league source confirmed to ESPN.

Jones is a former U.S. Attorney for Minnesota and was a Marine infantry officer.

Lisa Friel, a former New York District Attorney’s office sex crimes prosecutor, was also named NFL Special Counsel for Investigations.

According to a source, Goodell decided to split the role for the NFL’s conduct czar. Jones will apply and administer the personal conduct policy that applies to all NFL employees, while Friel will professionalize the investigations process.

Jones’ pending appointment by the NFL was reported earlier Monday by the New York Post.

Coming soon to the NFL players conduct guide book:  “You are required to sell guns to Mexican dope cartels.”

And also, you in the NFL are going to find out why we call him B. Toad Jones.

To Every Thing There Is a Season

17 03 2015


And this being the time in between Selection Sunday and the first tipoff on Thursday morning, the dork in Orlando with a fax machine puts his two cents in.

The dork has added a new twist this year:

Lapchick said he would like to see the NCAA include a racial disparity factor in the APR to encourage schools to improve what he said continue to be “unacceptable” disparities between white and African-American athletes.

“Good things don’t happen because they are right, good things happen because sanctions are imposed and people are moved by those sanctions,” Lapchick said. “It’s time for the NCAA to change not only the APR (standard), but other factors. If the disparity gap doesn’t continue to go down, there should be sanctions for like there are for other things currently.”

All bets are off, because we know that scholarship athletes in the revenue sports are going to get passing grades for no real work in their basket weaving courses.  The graduation rates, APR rate and the dork’s disparity factor are all meaningless.

Speaking of, I’m glad to see that President Obama has taken a stand on a hard pressing crucial issue.

Blogmeister Echo Syndrome

17 03 2015

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Me, two years ago:

I am all but sure that there is at least one man currently playing in a well known major professional sports league in America who is LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH, or at least the “G” part.  I think the real reason he won’t come out isn’t because he’s afraid of of his teammates, or afraid of locker room and shower room politics, but he’s afraid of the media.  Whoever he is, if he comes out, especially now, he’ll have 10 times as many people huddled around his locker after every game and practice than he has now, but none of them will ever want to talk about his job any more, all they’ll want to talk about is sex.  Plain words, the first one will only come out if he actually wants to be a “civil rights” icon, because the media and history itself won’t let him be anything but.

I also suspect that this hoopla is far more important to the media rather than men who are big time pro athletes, because there are a lot of LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTHers in the media.

A blog called 28 Sherman, on March 6:

This is exactly what the NFL GMs and coaches feared. It was not that Sam couldn’t play, which was proven in training camp, but that his value as a player came with a host of negatives along with it. If a superstar, Hall of Fame talent like Randy Moss can drop in the draft for a couple of weird incidents in high school and college, a marginal lineman who will carry tons of baggage can drop. A player has a ton of inputs that go into his overall value. On top of the 40 time, strength, hours of prior play on film, and Wonderlic score, the players are all interviewed and have their medical records from childhood on evaluated. The other thing is character, off the field risks, and Sam’s homosexuality did matter. Not just how the weird shower thing he had to do in Training Camp, waiting for everyone else to be done, but the media baggage. The media exacerbated this in the effort to find a gay guy who doesn’t act like every other gay guy in America. They created a circus for his life, and proved every Sam doubter right. Did he want the NFL enough? The first time they show him ballroom dancing and not working out to make a team for next season, we’ll know he did not.

The difference is that Michael Sam actually wanted and still wants the circus and the hoopla.


Making a Statement, Someone Else’s Statement

12 03 2015

Norman, Oklahoma

The title is wrong.  It should read:


There are too many multisyllabic words here to believe that anyone on the footzball team actually wrote it.

Their writing style is more like:


In related news, if this is to be believed, then the University of Oklahoma hasn’t paid any attention to its football program or the people involved in it for quite some time, and they’re going to go all out to change that.  They’re going to be the lynch pin for change both on campus and nationally.  The days of letting wild frat boys go unpunished yet throwing the book at football players for ticky tack little violations are over.

Reagan Era

10 03 2015



He was born on Ronald Reagan’s last day as President.

This is meant to be a message to Republican Presidential candidates.

Otherwise, once he gets to town, make sure you greet him with a bucket of toasted ravioli and a tour of the Rams hypothetical stadium on the north riverfront.


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