Fighting Over a Bag of Money

10 07 2017

Las Vegas

I’ve thought almost since the moment the Floyd-Conor fight was announced that the whole thing is athletically irrelevant and apropos of nothing.  While we’re at it, we should arrange for a bout between a beetle and an avocado.

It’s just two guys fighting over possession of a bag of money.

It’s also why I’m not planting any racial pride flags on this farce.

Now we find out today why Floyd wanted to do this so badly.


Football Cult

2 07 2017

Rochester, New York

I remember reading about it at the time it broke into the news, in as much as it really broke into the news, because, as we know, the national media tend not to make big deals of stories like these.  Of course I was aghast, but I really couldn’t add anything to it, so I didn’t even write about it in this space.

Now, a year and a half later, ESPN, of all sources, has done a long form follow-up.  And the new information they provide only makes the story worse.  Because the only reason any of it happened was because one of Niko Kollias’s black teammates was some small time dope boy from The Bronx who liked to screw over other teammates, and also customers and suppliers all over Rochester’s wrong side of the tracks.  The coaches knew all about it but constantly looked the other way.

The University of Rochester is a D-III school, that’s in fact in the same conference as Washington University, the University Athletic Association, and furthermore, William Danforth pretty much did the crucial legwork and organizational work to found the UAA.  D-III schools, unlike D-II or D-I, do not allow or offer athletic scholarships, pointing to how little sports are supposed to matter to those schools.  Yet and still, a D-III school wanted to win football games so badly that even it scraped the relative bottom of the barrel for players and then looked the other way when they inevitably dindu nuffins.  The end result was the brutal torture of two other members of the team, who had absolutely nothing to do with any chicanery.

I still maintain that all football, from the NFL down to Pee Wee League, needs to be made to take a year off as penance, for all the evil we tolerate in its name, and also so that we can have time to process through atrocities like these.  There are many many many of them, I can all but 100% guarantee.  Why do you think Sandusky at Penn State was able to go on for so long?

It Takes a Worried Man, to Sing a Worried Song

23 06 2017

Columbus, Ohio

What this was all about.

It really was courageous of him, because, as we know, the Ohio State University football program is known far and wide for its antipathy toward black people.  Likewise, it takes a steel sack of balls to burn a Nazi flag inside of a synagogue.

Really, though, Sambo.  You probably won’t get killed just for being black, not today, and probably not any day.  If homicidal foul play gets you, it’ll be because some other dindu fancies your shoes.

So Cheesy

19 06 2017

Erin, Wisconsin

The U.S. Open this weekend was a really odd one to watch.  It was a combination of the fact that Erin Hills is a very rare Scottish-style treeless course in the United States in general and in a part of the country where one expects to see trees in particular, and the fact that, at least the weekend coverage, Fox over-the-air had it.  And, to square the circle with this being a U.S. Open in Wisconsin, Fox brought along all their cheesy sports broadcast bits to their golf coverage, including the artificial orange tracker for long and medium shots, the tracker they first introduced about twenty years ago for NHL coverage.  Also, since it was Fox, it meant Joe Buck anchoring, and that felt a little out of sort.

One more thing:  7741 yards.  Wowzee.  The only time I’ve ever heard of courses that long are high altitude ones, to compensate for the thinner air resulting in longer drives, ceteris paribus.  But Wisconsin is not high altitude.  Yet and still, the winner finished at -16, and there were a total of six golfers who were at least -10.  And both the fairways and greens were rather wide, meaning that perfect accuracy on what needed to be long drives and long-ish medium drives was not paramount.  That tells me the greens were relatively easy.

Loving Husband

13 06 2017


That Kevin Durant really does love his wife.

Gold Medal Woman

5 06 2017

New Britain, Connecticut

One of my theories about the genesis of man-to-woman transgenderism?

Mediocre men are superlative women.

I figured that as a theory when I found out about Martin(e) Rothblatt.  As a man, he was just another brick in the wall when it came to business executives, but as a woman, “she” is the highest paid “woman” CEO in the country.

I’ll say it again:

Mediocre men are superlative women.

And this one wasn’t even a “mediocre” man, as “mediocre” implies median-ness.  It says that “her” time would have been good for dead last place among the men.

Hard Luck Life

31 05 2017

Los Angeles

“Being black in America is tough…”

“Net worth $275 million in 2016…”

Cleaning spray paint off the house he owns but doesn’t live in will probably eat up most of his fortune.