Key and Peele Skit Come to Life

4 02 2016

Fiction, you say?

Think again.

The Coalition of the Fringes Turns On Itself

3 02 2016

Springfield, Missouri.

Sacramento, California.

Funny, we’re always told that Hispanics and Asians are the coalition of the ascendant, yet in both instances, our old long time domestic favorite minority wants priority over them.

Weekend Party Occasion

2 02 2016

Jefferson City

I will be attending somebody’s Superb Owl party.  Big game, schmig game.


Adelson Raiders — Sounds Right

28 01 2016

Las Vegas

Mark Davis talking to Sheldon Adelson about Vegas baby.

Of course it’s never going to happen, because neither Roger Goodell nor the other owners want the PR headache and constant worry about having a team where all the sports books are, much less a team playing in a stadium that a casino owner helped build.

I wish it would happen.  Let me put it to you this way:  The more money Adelson spends on sports and stadiums, the less he spends on politicians.


28 01 2016



“If I don’t win the MVP, it’ll be because I’m black.”

Wasn’t Me

22 01 2016


A 30-11 NBA team in first place fires its head coach and hires in his place some guy born in the spring of 1977 in Missouri.

Don’t look at me.

All it means is that LeBron James is now both the de facto GM and head coach.

WRPT, Maybe

19 01 2016

Ooltewah, Tennessee

While I think it’s disproportionately black, it’s not exclusively black.

And I don’t think it’s either that new or limited to team sports and athletics.  It is said of the British Navy that it was “built on rum, sodomy and the lash.”

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