Made Them Sheep

10 04 2018

Perth, W.A., Australia

The American and Australian tellings of the same story.

What it means is that this middle aged white man ran the largest BLM-branded page on Faceberg as a merch hustle.

I really don’t blame him as much as I blame the suckers who bought his merch, or any BLM merch, “official” or not.

Because, if Kek did not want them to be sheared, he would not have made them sheep.


Easy Way Out

22 03 2018


Really now?

Well then, there’s an easy way out:

Keep your white privilege, don’t treat Abos.

Now for the red pill:

If nurses will be mandated to proclaim their white privilege before treating Abos and TSIs, then this will probably make them feel more comfortable, because they know they’ll have a white nurse, and therefore a competent nurse, instead of an affirmative action Abo or TSI nurse.

Believe me, they know.

As Inevitable as a Tornado in Oklahoma in May

2 03 2018

Burlington, Vermont;  Canberra, NCT, Australia

FEC raps Bern’s knuckles for what an O’Keefe expose turned over.

Reality check.

Your temptation is to snicker and make fun of Bern.

The problem is that since the United States of America is for all intents and purposes an empire, and itself a democratic republic, and with many client, vassal, protectorate and semi-protectorate states in its aegis that also happen to be democratic republics, including Australia, it’s inevitable that we will interfere in their elections and they in ours.

What is a bit surprising is that there is anyone left in the Australian Labour Party that Feels the Bern.  That party is as thrown in to plutocratic gentry urban cosmopolitan neoliberalism as are the American Democrats.

He Can’t Find Work

16 07 2017

Nelson, New Zealand

You don’t say.

Though the face tat is only the half of it.  There’s still that armed robbery and dope dealing in his immediate past. Even if he didn’t have the face tat, the armed robbery and dope dealing would still cause him problems in that regard. Then again, the face tat on the one hand and the armed robbery/dope dealing on the other hand are related, because he got the former while he was in prison for the latter.

Also notice that his “family” is only “family” in the biological sense.  No rings, no marriage.  Just the fact that he knocked up some chick at 16.  Also notice the fact that he and his brother were cellmates during his prison bit.  Which means rotten apples and rotten trees.

Dance of the Lemons

2 02 2017

Washington, D.C; Canberra

What most people miss in this Trump-Turnbull nontroversy (and now, Turnbull has come out and said that the end of the conversation wasn’t really that abrupt or hostile), is that they disputed over a deal that Turnbull swung with Obama not that long ago for the United States to take in Australian immigrants.

To the extent that most people actually get that far in the story, they think that we’re admitting more people like Greg Norman.  In reality, what is meant by “Australian immigrants” in this context, I suspect, are:  (1) Black Africans who traveled to Australia and tried to gain refugee status using some fake pretense that was either immediately or later discovered as fake, and/or (2) The boat people whom the Australian Navy divert to nearby islands.

Trump is obviously not too happy and wants to back out of the deal.

Nobody ever thinks to return these people from whence they came?

And what’s with this global game of hot potato of white countries constantly unloading non-white immigrants off on each other?

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

24 08 2016

Townsville, Queensland, Australia

Frenchman stabs British woman to death in an Australian tourist hostel.

Except the first two proper nouns are less than accurate.

If Townsville rings a bell in your head, other than for the fact that it’s a city that has both “town” and “ville” in its name, it should.

With Equality and Democratic Republicanism, the Unbelievable Is Believable.

5 05 2015

Coventry, England

Australian Broadcasting Corporation:

Is having a loving family an unfair advantage?


Once he got thinking, Swift could see that the issue stretches well beyond the fact that some families can afford private schooling, nannies, tutors, and houses in good suburbs. Functional family interactions—from going to the cricket to reading bedtime stories—form a largely unseen but palpable fault line between families. The consequence is a gap in social mobility and equality that can last for generations.


In contrast, reading stories at bedtime, argues Swift, gives rise to acceptable familial relationship goods, even though this also bestows advantage.

‘The evidence shows that the difference between those who get bedtime stories and those who don’t—the difference in their life chances—is bigger than the difference between those who get elite private schooling and those that don’t,’ he says.

This devilish twist of evidence surely leads to a further conclusion—that perhaps in the interests of levelling the playing field, bedtime stories should also be restricted. In Swift’s mind this is where the evaluation of familial relationship goods goes up a notch.

You may be wondering how this jives with the new party line consensus being spouted in the NYT that the black-white and black-nonblack gaps in everything from education to income to museum attendance is rooted in the fact that black parents don’t use enough words at, toward and around their newborn and toddler and infant children.  It’s easy, really — If Aquanetta won’t read to little D’Leisha and Shitavious, then the way to make things equal is not to allow white parents to read bedtime stories to their white children.