You Can Have It All

18 11 2017


Usually, these kinds of articles only express one or two of the standard diversionary bromides.

This one?  Well, as we St. Louisans say, everything and the kitchen zinc.

In it, these things are blamed or cited as causes or intimated as solutions:

(1) Overgrown weeds
(2) Lead paint
(3) Vacant houses
(4) Job applications
(5) “Safe streets” mediators
(6) Recreation centers
(7) Street lights
(8) Housing code violations
(9) Juvenile justice system “failing” youths
(10) Poverty
(11) Family domestic strife
(12) Drug addiction
(13) School absenteeism

All to avoid saying “black undertow,” and in the specific case of Baltimore current year, to avoid the politicians taking responsibility for agitating the city’s black undertow about two and a half years ago.

It’s November, which means the weeds should have died out by now.  Lead paint has been off the market for almost as long as I’ve been alive.  Houses don’t commit violent crimes.  Anyone with an internet connection can apply for a big percentage of jobs.  Safe streets mediators are often the same kind of thugs as the thugs they’re purportedly trying to calm down.  Recreation centers cause, not deter, violent crime.  A city ticket for housing code violations relates to murders…how?  In my day, youths committed violent crimes, not the juvenile justice system “failed” youths, just as in my day, students failed school, not schools failed students.  The rest?  Yadda yadda.



My Unique Take on the Death of Kenneka Jenkins

14 11 2017


In spite of some of the craziness that has come out of the death of Kenneka Jenkins in Chicago, i.e. the theory that the Illuminati ordered the hotel to assassinate her in order to harvest her organs and especially her liver for the benefit of Selena Gomez, and the angry protests held near the hotel in reaction, it’s really simple: A bunch of dope boys took out a few rooms to floss their dope profits, Kenneka Jenkins was loosely attached to the gang that threw the party, so she had an “in” to the party. At the party, she got high and drunk out of ten peoples’ minds, staggered around the hotel, somehow made her way into a storage freezer, and passed out while in there, where she suffered hypothermia and died.

Sure, hers are the kind of organs you’d really want. Especially her liver.

The more interesting angle to me is where precisely in Chicago the hotel, namely, the Crowne Plaza, can be found. It’s not in Chicago itself, but in the suburb of Rosemont, which is next to O’Hare and mostly consists of airport-themed businesses, including a lot of hotels. Just as St. Louis’s black dope dealers like to celebrate profitable weeks by partying at hotels near Lambert, so it seems that Chicago’s black dope dealers do the same near O’Hare. I wonder what’s up with that — Do they think the airport emits some sort of magical talisman quality that makes hotels near it good places to throw drug dealer parties? Since these are the kind of people that rarely leave their cities, they’re not partying near an airport in order to make a quick getaway.

And that leads to my most important point: The taboo matter here is what I just wrote, the dope dealer parties. In a more healthy social and political culture, the hotel owners would be able to turn away the business of these obviously shady looking black people. Or, if a respectable looking front man or woman booked the room(s), and a dope dealer party wound up happening, the hotel could toss ’em out. Except we don’t have a healthy social and political culture right now, we have a diverse one. Just ask the St. Louis-based Adam’s Mark chain about what happens when hotels turn away shady black people. And, once again, keeping up with the recurring theme of this evening’s post storm, everyone important circles the wagons around black dope dealers and protects them.  Subversive thinking alert:  Maybe this is why.

Long and short, if the Crowne Plaza in Rosemont had the right to turn away shady black business, that particular dope dealer gang party would have never happened at that hotel, Kenneka Jenkins wouldn’t have been there, bonkering herself out on booze and dope, and she’s still be alive today.  For whatever that’s worth.

Almost a Category Three

17 07 2017


All the cool kid HBD elements are here.  Including “recreation center,” and we’re now starting to be told again around here that recreation centers deter violent crime, instead of what they really do in many instances, which is incubate it.  Also including the fact that the cops stood back and stood down, and the borderline category three petered out on its own energy in a few hours.  They can sprint, but they can’t marathon.  It was smart for the cops to do this, because it probably would have escalated to an actual category three if anything would have gone wrong.  On top of this tact, the cops had to throw a bunch of willpower on top of it, because, as you can see, the dindus were jungle bunny dancing around and on top of cop cars.

One more thing:  Capt. Techner is only kidding himself, first off, when he uses the word “parents,” when almost all of them come from single mother led households, and then overall, when he seems to think that their “parents” (read: mamas) even care about what they’re doing, where they’re going, or what time it is.

Flying Cars Are Finally Here

17 07 2017

Walnut Park

Though your results may vary.

This is now international news, thanks to Drudge and others.  Bell Curve City St. Louis is now the laughingstock of the world, if only for 24 hours.

The home owner’s insurance looks like it will take care of the damage, but the whole thing was caused by someone speeding in the SUV, in which process he hit an embankment and from there his car became the world’s first flying car, if only for a few seconds.  Driver is probably the bastard son of some ghetto Section 8 wench, which means there’s no squeezing blood out of those turnips.  This is why I think that, if we even have an elected President post-Trump, and as you know, I’m not so sure about that, and that President is either a Democrat of any sort or an establishment Republican, and the chances of the latter happening are almost nil because an establishment Republican won’t be able to win the party nomination with a highly Trumpified post-Trump Republican electorate, then Section 8 will start making clients carry renters’ and personal conduct insurance, and subsidizing it.  (I also think Section 8 will start covering all utility bills and internet access, again, subsidizing it in almost all cases, but that’s another story.)  This way, there will at least be some insurance carrier to sue when Rontravious acts all dindu-y.

Narcissism + Rent Seeking = Deray

12 07 2017


First off, isn’t it typical Africanus Bellcurvius narcissism to think that someone born in 1985 could be the inspiration for a character in a 1968 movie?

Of course, the other thing going on here is that Deray is doing the Sharpton/Jackson thing and trying to shake down the copyright holders for a cut.


Power of Images

11 07 2017


About this news that the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system is deliberately withholding the surveillance stills of the dindus involved in mahogany mobs on its trains:

They directly state why they’re doing it, so it’s tempting to think that that’s just as good as seeing the pictures themselves.

The problem is, as someone who did PR for several years, I can attest to the fact that a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is thirty pictures a second.  I’ve also said that I would concede every word ever written for total lockdown control of images and videos.

When it comes to generating outrage, seeing dindus > reading about dindus. Which is why World Star Hip Hop has done a lot more to turn people against the black undertow than American Renaissance ever has.

Rumormongering Mashed Up With Gibsmedat

10 07 2017


A long time ago, one of you who reads this space regularly taught me the axiom that the more illogical and unreasonable an idea is, the more likely it is that it will be accepted as common currency in the black community, and that the relationship is linear.

When you mash up that axiom with their world renowned propensity for gibsmedat and sticking their hands out, this is what you get.

Plus, a video.