Almost a Category Three

17 07 2017


All the cool kid HBD elements are here.  Including “recreation center,” and we’re now starting to be told again around here that recreation centers deter violent crime, instead of what they really do in many instances, which is incubate it.  Also including the fact that the cops stood back and stood down, and the borderline category three petered out on its own energy in a few hours.  They can sprint, but they can’t marathon.  It was smart for the cops to do this, because it probably would have escalated to an actual category three if anything would have gone wrong.  On top of this tact, the cops had to throw a bunch of willpower on top of it, because, as you can see, the dindus were jungle bunny dancing around and on top of cop cars.

One more thing:  Capt. Techner is only kidding himself, first off, when he uses the word “parents,” when almost all of them come from single mother led households, and then overall, when he seems to think that their “parents” (read: mamas) even care about what they’re doing, where they’re going, or what time it is.


Flying Cars Are Finally Here

17 07 2017

Walnut Park

Though your results may vary.

This is now international news, thanks to Drudge and others.  Bell Curve City St. Louis is now the laughingstock of the world, if only for 24 hours.

The home owner’s insurance looks like it will take care of the damage, but the whole thing was caused by someone speeding in the SUV, in which process he hit an embankment and from there his car became the world’s first flying car, if only for a few seconds.  Driver is probably the bastard son of some ghetto Section 8 wench, which means there’s no squeezing blood out of those turnips.  This is why I think that, if we even have an elected President post-Trump, and as you know, I’m not so sure about that, and that President is either a Democrat of any sort or an establishment Republican, and the chances of the latter happening are almost nil because an establishment Republican won’t be able to win the party nomination with a highly Trumpified post-Trump Republican electorate, then Section 8 will start making clients carry renters’ and personal conduct insurance, and subsidizing it.  (I also think Section 8 will start covering all utility bills and internet access, again, subsidizing it in almost all cases, but that’s another story.)  This way, there will at least be some insurance carrier to sue when Rontravious acts all dindu-y.

Narcissism + Rent Seeking = Deray

12 07 2017


First off, isn’t it typical Africanus Bellcurvius narcissism to think that someone born in 1985 could be the inspiration for a character in a 1968 movie?

Of course, the other thing going on here is that Deray is doing the Sharpton/Jackson thing and trying to shake down the copyright holders for a cut.


Power of Images

11 07 2017


About this news that the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system is deliberately withholding the surveillance stills of the dindus involved in mahogany mobs on its trains:

They directly state why they’re doing it, so it’s tempting to think that that’s just as good as seeing the pictures themselves.

The problem is, as someone who did PR for several years, I can attest to the fact that a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is thirty pictures a second.  I’ve also said that I would concede every word ever written for total lockdown control of images and videos.

When it comes to generating outrage, seeing dindus > reading about dindus. Which is why World Star Hip Hop has done a lot more to turn people against the black undertow than American Renaissance ever has.

Rumormongering Mashed Up With Gibsmedat

10 07 2017


A long time ago, one of you who reads this space regularly taught me the axiom that the more illogical and unreasonable an idea is, the more likely it is that it will be accepted as common currency in the black community, and that the relationship is linear.

When you mash up that axiom with their world renowned propensity for gibsmedat and sticking their hands out, this is what you get.

Plus, a video.

But Mom Meant It Figuratively

10 07 2017


When she caught me drinking milk directly from the gallon, my mother said she was going to kill me.


Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

8 07 2017


Houston Chronicle:

Katy cookie store reverses decision to suspend employee after he paid for police officer’s order


A young man was temporarily suspended after he offered to pay for an on-duty police officer’s order, which upset a family who witnessed the act.

The man is an employee at Great American Cookies at Katy Mills Mall, where he was working Sunday. During his shift, an officer approached the store and placed an order. His mother said her son purchased it with his own money, and the officer thanked him before walking away.

A family who was in line behind the officer allegedly became upset because he would not pay for their order, too.

The employee’s mother took to Facebook to share the story:

The next family walked up and said “are you going to buy mine too?” My son replied with “I’m sorry I bought his because he is wearing a badge”…… then this customer started verbally attacking him, calling my son a racist, & threatened to beat him up. His wife threatened to go back there and slap him.. The middle aged man sat down his little daughter and tried to come behind the counter to attack him. Thankfully his coworker defused the situation. The man then said “I will get you fired”.