And These People Claim They’re Worth $15

13 02 2018

Woodson Terrace

“Tons of people and a bunch of chaos.”

Yep, that’s our Bell Curve City.

Question:  Doesn’t Memphis have enough people to agitate for a $15 min-wage without having to import any more from a nearby city?  Remember, the last time Memphis brought some people in from out of town to help its black people protest, it didn’t turn out quite so well for someone in that entourage.  You know how that goes, happy James Earl Ray Day, as our sector says every third Monday in January.  Translating that snark into English, it means that without James Earl Ray, (ironically, a St. Louisan who followed MLK around while he was on the lam after breaking out of Jeff City), Martin Luther King would have been relatively forgotten today, the assassination made a martyr out of him which begat the national holiday.  As an aside, April 4 is the 50th anniversary of his untimely departure from this world, and next James Earl Ray Day next January would have been his 90th birthday, so prepare yourselves.

One other thing you have to remember is that hotels near airports in cities with plenty of blacks seem to be a chronic problem.


Counterintuitive Missive

7 02 2018


These are, as Tommy calls them, BT-1100s, which is equivalent to Generation Z aka Homelanders, Generation Zyklon if you’re dealing with whites.

But this missive is counterintuitive.  Instead of just turning over my hand right now, I think I’ll turn this into a morning pop quiz for my peanut gallery.

The race to the gold star starts…NOW.

Challenge Machine

26 01 2018


From the same group of people that I see during my involuntary sojourn brought you the For That Dick Challenge and For That Pussy Challenge, we now have…

…The No Lackin Challenge.

“What’s ‘Lackin?'”

You’re about to find it.

To beat all, a big percentage of the kind of people who will play the No Lackin’ Challenge have felony convictions, and therefore are supposed to be lackin’.

And also, this is really going to end well.

Pecked By the Right Hen

10 01 2018

Providence, Rhode Island

Providence Journal:

A Johnston rapper whose songs include “Sell Drugsz” and “Feds Watching” has been sentenced to 36 months in federal prison for trafficking heroin and fentanyl, according to U.S. Attorney Stephen G. Dambruch.

Michael Persaud, 30, who is also known as “Montana Millz,” pleaded guilty in October, admitting that, during a five-month period, he arranged for the sale and delivery of nearly 22 grams of fentanyl and 2 grams of heroin to an undercover East Providence detective.

In at least two instances, Persaud was driven by his girlfriend and mother of three of his children to deliver fentanyl to the detective.

Read that last sentence again.

Remember this?  (Click to enlarge)

I first posted this here on July 18, 2017.

One day later…

Colored People’s Time

2 01 2018

Shaw; Tower Grove East


Bullets fly into south St. Louis apartments at the start of 2018

It’s a New Year’s tradition that hit too close to home for some south St. Louis residents.

“It sounded like Iraq over here!” said Jamal Mitchell.

Jamal Mitchell told News 4 frightening gunfire is how he’ll remember the start of 2018.

New Year’s celebrators sent shots towards the Shaw apartment building he calls home.

Bullet holes and broken glass cover the property, but none in his unit.

He told News 4 one of his neighbors wasn’t as fortunate.

“It came right through her headboard and almost killed her,” said Mitchell. “That’s some crazy s*** man!”

“This one came in and it hit the headboard right here.”

Et al.

In Iraq, people often say that sometimes, it sounds like St. Louis.


Woman hit by bullet in Tower Grove East after going outside on New Year’s to listen to gunshots

A 28-year-old woman who told police she went outside at midnight on New Year’s to listen to gunfire in Tower Grove East was caught in the gunfire, authorities said.

Just wanted to sit outside on the back porch at the stroke of midnight (when the official St. Louis temperature was 0 with a wind chill of -17) to enjoy the sound of gunfire.  Yeah, really relaxing, stress relieving.  Until some of it hits you.

Several local police departments sent out warnings around the holiday advising people against celebratory gunfire when the clock struck midnight.

“#StopCelebratoryGunfire,” the St. Louis Police Department posted on Twitter Dec. 31. “The consequences of that moment can result in injury or death.”

There, you see?  #HASHTAGS work, bitches.


Mash these two stories together, and what do you have?

In Bell Curve City, when shooting off your guns to herald the arrival of the new current year, your new years’ resolution is not to get “kilt” during the year so you can be here next new year to shoot your guns all over again.

It’s the Most Dindu-y Time of the Year

26 12 2017


Okay, peanut gallery.

It’s now the week between Christmas and the New Current Year, formerly known as Kwanzaa.  Many dindus got money and gift cards as Christmas presents, and most are on vacation from school this week.  And I’m sure many of them have a lot of stored up social media beefs with each other.

All I’m saying is, this week, avoid major indoor shopping malls and maybe also any Wal-Martinez that dindus can easily access.

Because it seems to be a new tradition this time of year of gobs and gobs of TNB/CO stories.

If you want to use the comment section below to collect news of them as they roll in this week, be my guest.

Columbia Writ Large

15 12 2017


Covered on AR and SBPDL.  Net it out:  Globe be like:  ZOMG RACISM LOL~!!!!!1

In the past, the pre-July 19 version of myself, the one with my full and complete roster of capabilities, I would have deep dived this screed and refuted every point.  No can do these days, because, even though I beat this flu, I’m back to square one with all my other problems, and if I do too much thinking, I fear it will cause me physical pain.

So I’ll spare you all and myself, and opt for a short, overarching metaphor.

The way to think about Boston is that it is, for the most part, and when boiled down, a large metropolitan equivalent of a middle sized town or city that contains a large public land grant college or university, aka a massively scaled up college town writ large. Think: Charlottesville, Va., Chapel Hill, N.C., Columbia, Missouri, and many others, magnified many times and with many prominent colleges and universities, anchored of course by Harvard and MIT.

Where the analogy is apropos is that Boston’s gentry white liberal civic and academic elite have the same attitude about black people that the much smaller scale civic and academic elites in Charlottesville, Chapel Hill and Columbia maintain. They love them, but from a distance, and the berg itself doesn’t have that many, and the blacks who are socially closest to the civic and academic elites are carefully selected and SES-similar, not the ghetto undertow. Furthermore, the main use that said elites have towards blacks is to love them from a distance whilst using them as virtue-signaling tokens against those icky sticky yucky ducky kind of white people “way out there.”