Political Alchemy

29 10 2019


H/T Paul Kersey.  Who, if you’ve been under a rock for the last several months, is now blogging at Unz.

NPR’s Philadelphia affiliate:

Homicide and home values: Why the city controller says Philly needs a fiscal argument to combat murder rate


…It found that a single homicide in Philadelphia reduces the value of homes sold within 0.75 miles of the murder by an average of 2.3%, compared to homes purchased slightly farther away.

“Our results suggest homeowners who sold in the immediate aftermath of a homicide received a price about $3,400 lower than they otherwise would have if the homicide [had] not occurred,” the Controller’s Office concluded.


If the city could reduce homicides by 10%, the report says, the resulting increase in property values would generate an extra $13 million in property tax revenue. And if Philadelphia maintains that pace for five years straight, an extra $114 million would flow to city coffers.

You read the title of this post.


That line of reasoning reminds me of that part in Waiting for Superman, where one Eric Hanushek, a well known education researcher at Stanford, claimed that all we needed to do is to replace the bottom ten percent of teachers (whatever “bottom” means in terms of teachers) and replace them with an average teacher (How Sway?), then America’s education median performance would soon soar to that of Finland.  Because Nokia 3310, or something like that.

When I saw Waiting, I was 33 years old, but even then, I had already long left the infantile delusion of silver bullet thinking behind.  I don’t know what Hanushek’s excuse was.

Now, let’s jump back to the story.

It’s so easy that all we have to do is “reduce homicides by ten percent,” (How Sway?), and property values will magically increase, which means property tax revenue will increase.


Here’s the reality:

The reason why property values in homicide-ridden areas of Philadelphia are so low isn’t necessarily because of the homicides, though they don’t help.  It’s because the homicide-ridden areas happen to be full of the racial demographic that has a bad reputation for committing homicides.  Even if you found some way to eliminate all homicides and change nothing else, that would barely improve the property values.  It would still be Bell Curve City, just one that happens to have no homicides.

I asked above how they plan to “reduce homicides.”  Well:

Those strategies — which have been tested in other cities, the report says — include targeted “hot spot” policing, group counseling, and the deployment of community activists to intervene in neighborhood disputes.


Rhynhart suggested that Philadelphia model its anti-violence initiatives on an effort in Oakland called “Operation Ceasefire” and another in New Orleans named “NOLA for Life.” The New Orleans program earned plaudits for driving down murder rates, but there have been more recent questions about the long-term sustainability of the strategies.

Among the stickier points in Rhynhart’s plan could be its use of “focused deterrence,” a carrot-and-stick approach that targets the “small group of people” considered most likely to commit future homicides. When implemented well, Rhynhart said, the strategy gives those people a “way out” of criminal circles through social services and jobs. If they refuse that help, law enforcement is supposed to take swift legal action.

Most of this stuff has already been tried with very little tangible success.  Hotspot policing (“Whack-a-Mole”) might make a difference to an extent, but it is a reactive rather than a preventative strategy.  Meaning that whack-a-mole goes where the violence is worst, but it also means there is bad violence to begin with.  It’s not precluding or preventing or deterring the violence.  It’s like saying that you put the biggest bandage on the bloodiest wound and thinking that you never suffered the wound to begin with.

We all know how the American domestic policy deep state is going to solve this problem:  By unloading it on someone else, that being AFFH.  That way, Philadelphia will no longer have a homicide problem.  Sure, some other place will suddenly have a homicide problem, but who cares about those other places?  Out of sight out of mind.

Then there’s this:

District Attorney Larry Krasner

Speaking of the real problem…


The San Francisco Treat

17 10 2019

University City

I could be on New Horizons on my way out of the Solar System, and if I had an oxygen supply and connectivity, I’d still be able to snark about my native berg.

So, to this, I say:




It was talked about since I was a teenager, took longer than expected to build, (no surprise there), but not even a year into operation, it’s a big money pit that will shut down around its first birthday unless it gets a bailout.   If nah, then the Feds will want the two-thirds of the $51.5 million it ponied up to be repaid.  Though that begs the question of how a short distance street trolley confined within one part of one suburb was relevant to interstate commerce such that it got Federal funding.

But here’s where I can uniquely contribute to the coming postmortem:

White liberals, in spite of their degree, diploma and credential braggadocio, have a really bad cargo cult habit.

It’s why pretentious humanities professors in the United States started driving Volvos in the 1970s.  It’s because they were cargo culting Swedish social democracy.  Of course, they, with all their intelligence and graduate degrees, couldn’t stop for a moment to consider why Swedish social democracy works(-ed), and anyway they would’ve hated some the reasons if they would have bothered to investigate honestly.  Don’t even consider the fact that their modern day colleagues will be honest about why the Swedish social democratic model is under threat, (hint hint mass non-white immigration thanks to the same sort of Swedish cuckery which bore big parts of the Swedish social democratic model).

Applied to the U-City Trolley:

The white libs along the U-City Loop and nearby were cargo culting San Francisco and its trolley system.  Just put a trolley along Delmar, and presto chango, U-City will be San Francisco, the progressive paradise.  (That isn’t so progressive anymore, because tech billionaires and banks that facilitate trans-Pacific commerce have bought out and bought off the joint, but that’ll be our little secret.)

None dare officially suggest that the U-City Loop’s bigger, in fact, biggest problem, is the fact it’s cheek-to-jowl with f’n Bell Curve City on four of the eight directions of the compass rose, which means frequent mahogany mob problems at Loop establishments and on the sidewalks and streets themselves.  I’m guessing that these taboo reasons were a major part of the trolley’s low ridership.

Now, if you’ll pardon me, I just have to, just one more time:


Deadly Maneuvers

1 08 2018


Hey genius, there’s a reason why he got such a “harsh” sentence.

This QT fire happened almost four months after the more internationally infamous QT fire in North County, the one in the geography that would become better known as the Fergaza Strip.  (Note:  The QT referenced in this article was a different QT location.)  In that instance, the nearby undertow falsely thought that the QT employees “snitched” on GENTILIVUS GIANTIVUS, when in reality, it was the Ferguson Market across the road, that establishment is in a former 7-11.  Yet and still, QT got the works, the wrong kind of Hotzi.  And its employees got out of there just in the nick of time, a few seconds later, one or more of them would have suffered serious burns, a few seconds after that, they would have been immolated to death.

So you can understand why the criminal justice around here took a dim view of people who set fire to quickie marts and gas stations in the immediate weeks and months after that happened.

Half Naked Thespian Chronicles

31 07 2018

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

What is it with black people and this Illuminati business?

My guess is that some time in the recent past, they picked up on our talk about the Bavarian Illuminati, how a secret society can cause great societal damage.  Yes, peanut gallery, we visited the approximate places in Ingolstadt where the Illuminati was formed.  During its lifetime, it never could get anything done in its home territory, or anywhere in what is or ever was Germany, because Germans are suspicious of secret societies, and were and are of three major religions, Catholic, Lutheran, Calvinist, that also have a problem with secret societies for religious reasons.  So the Illuminati strayed next door to France and helped foment the French Revolution.  But just as revolutions tend to eat their own, the ultimate product of the French Revolution, Napoleon, squashed the Illuminati like a bug and ended it forever.

From all that, the conspiratorial wing of Bell Curve City has turned a two centuries extinct continental European secret society into some powerful cabal that affects rappers.  You got all that…

This is why you can’t pour a gallon of knowledge into a shot glass of a brain.  Or, rather, if they had brains, they’d truly be dangerous, but thankfully, they’re not that dangerous.

Even if the Illuminati still did exist, it really wouldn’t be much to worry about, if it was the kind of cabal that a perennially shirtless thespian too young to drink legally could put the fear in it to the point that it would want to eliminate such a “threat” by means of a clandestine assassination.  To put it another way, if XXXTentacion was a bother to the Illuminati, then the Illuminati is no bother to us.

Note:  First time I ever heard of XXXTentacion was from a Colin Flaherty video.

Chip Chop Ham

27 07 2018


I’m sure you’ve seen this hulabaloo at a quickie mart on the north side.  The mystery meat owners or employees roughed up a customer, and the local denizens got so upset that they tried to provoke a riot.

Other than minor damage, it went nowhere, and will go nowhere.

I’m about to tell you why, with my red pill dump truck.

YouTuber David Carroll notes that in the ghetto, black women will whore themselves out to Arab or Arab-type or Middle Eastern quickie mart owners, “she’ll bend the ass over on the lunch meat counter for a pound of chip chop ham.”

If pattern holds, then the women in the immediate area will throw a buzzkill on the sudden desire that the men in the area have to riot.  Jaquarious wants to burn things up, but his mama talks him out of it because Abdul is her bologna john.

“Please Restore Jim Crow and Segregation”

24 05 2018


That’s what he’s asking for, properly translated.

I Went to See a Fight, and a Track Meet Broke Out

9 05 2018


“Scholar-athletes,” cuck father?  ESL?  Scholars?  C’mon now!

“No security” because who in the hell expects a fight to break out at a track meet?  (Oh, yeah, right.)  One would understand this happening around football and basketball, because of the physical nature of those sports.  In track, though, I think in-event physical contact is mostly against the rules, and happens so rarely that it’s not expected.

And that leads me to this theory:  The video isn’t that clear, but I’m betting this fight at the track meet had nothing to do with the track meet itself, but a bunch of girls and women (BTs) brawling with each other over serial social media banter and/or a small number of guys screwing all of them.

Body Worn Cams Vindicate White Sheriff’s Deputy, Prove Dinduette a Liar

8 05 2018

Lawrenceville, Virginia

Remember the point I make here often, about how, in spite of their initial political gluttony for body cams, the other side is now in the process of doing a 180 and starting to demand no body cams.  This is one reason why.

It’s also obvious what she was up to:  She tried to bait the deputy into losing his cool, doing something brash, then ghetto lottery lawsuit.  When he didn’t lose his cool, she went home and made some lie-filled video, which the deputy’s own video footage refuted.

NOTE:  I embedded the YT video, but the Goolag yanked it, so all you get is a direct news link.

Temporary Alchemy

3 05 2018



Since I’m this area’s only red pill dispensary, I’m the only one who can do what I’m about to do, and tell you what I’m about to tell you. You’re not getting this service any where else. Unh unh.

What does all this mean?

I’ll save you the time of having to read all 319 pages, which of course I didn’t, and don’t need to, and get down to the bare metal of the hard drive:

“Until we can get Trump out of the way and get AFFH restarted, we need some sort of stop gap where we fool ourselves and everyone else into believing that we can turn all these dindus and yoots into SWPLs.”

Otherwise, you’d be lost trying to make sense of all this contradictory mishmash and bafflegab.

This area is officially 64% black and 39% under-21.  I can believe the latter statistic, but since blacks tend to be hard to count officially, I think the former figure is an underestimation.  This area does contain St. Louis City’s only patch of Hispanics/Latinos, mainly the Mexicans that have planted themselves along and near Cherokee Street, and of course we’ll hear a lot about them on Saturday, as white people have yet another irrelevant drinking opportunity incongruous with their racial or ethnic heritage (see also:  Soulard Mardi Gras, Dogtown St. Patrick’s Day).  Whites are 22% of the area, but those are mostly older people who are remnants of what those neighborhoods used to be, and the occasional young or middle age skid row dope junkie or three, and also a handful of Antifa/Anti-Racist types.

Two other points:

One, I have now officially added “mentor” as an official modern sociopolitical rhetorical construct as an arrow into my WRPT quiver.  Why?  Because where there are demands for “mentors” and “mentoring” (mislabeled, IMHO), it means there are a whole bunch of single mothers raising sons, and that’s a distinguishing characteristic of Bell Curve City.  In instances like these, “mentors” aren’t really expected to be true mentors, but fill-in fathers, because the real fathers are nowhere to be found, because L’Booshondria let some past/present/future felon/vagabond into bed with her.

Two, this report spouts the cliche that “the children are the future.”  BONK.  The truth of the matter is that the mothers of the children, and potential mothers of the potential children, are the future.  Meaning girls and women of reproductive age and capability are the future.  I’ve already explained to you how that kind of thing plays into AFFH and the covert sociopolitics of the matter.

Daz, Translated

30 04 2018

Long Beach, California


Rapper Issues ‘Crip Alert For Kanye’, Warns West To ‘Stay In Calabasas’ After Supporting Trump

A former member of Snoop Dogg’s rapping entourage is calling for gang members to assault Kanye West for his recent support of President Donald Trump.

Daz Dillinger, who recorded several successful hip hop records as part of Tha Dogg Pound duo in the 1990s, made the apparent threat in a video posted to his Instagram, which was later removed.

“Yo national alert, all the Crips out there, y’all f— Kanye up,” he said, referring to the infamous Los Angeles-area street gang.

Dillinger – whose real name is Delmar Drew Arnaud – also warns West to stay out of Long Beach and California, even though the Wests famously live in upscale Calabasas in the northwest San Fernando Valley.

“Better not ever see you in concert. Better not ever see you around the LBC. Better not ever see you around California,” he says in the video. “Stay in Calabasas, ya hear me? ‘Cuz we got a Crip alert for Kanye.”

Let me translate this for you:

“We must violently assault Kanye, because he said something nice about Trump, and Trump has threatened to cut off my mama’s food stamps.”

Two Lives, Ten Days

22 04 2018


Why the Second Amendment?

Because, when seconds count, the lazy black who will hang up on your 911 call is only seconds away.

She was mad at her supervisor. I can completely understand why. S/he expected her to show up to work on time, not clock out before the requisite time, and do her job competently while she’s on the clock. I mean, c’mon, why would anyone expect that of her?  Because slavery.

Not a Photoshop (And That’s Disturbing)

4 04 2018

Click on the text to go directly to the IG post. But, I must warn you: Once you see it…


April Fools Day Was Yesterday

2 04 2018

Mobile, Alabama

Mobile Press-Register:

Five shot during incident Sunday night at underage rap concert in Mobile


“This is a plea to the parents, said Baptiste. “To be more vigilant where their children are hanging out at, to be sure they are going into a safe environment, that those establishments have safety protocols in place, to make sure of their children’s safety.”

“Most of all hold children accountable for their actions, because the life that they save might just be their own children.”

I’d get the gag if this was published yesterday, but it wasn’t.  It was published today.

Otherwise, I imagine the tune goes something like this:

“Okay, Shitavious, mama told you not to go to no rap concerts unless the venue had a safety protocol in place.  But you did anyway.  So I’m going to have to hold you accountable.  I’m grounding you for a whole MONTH.  You come right home from skoo and you ain’t goin’ out unless it’s to your calculus tutoring.”

Seriously, you expect these “parents” (mothers) to hold them accountable?

And also, the best safety protocol this particular establishment could have had is not to host rap concerts at all.

Life Without People

26 03 2018

Hyde Park


That excuse again?

Okay, let’s get it:

Thousands of crumbling buildings like these are reminders that St. Louis is a shell of what it once was, particularly on the North Side. Population has fallen to about 309,000 today from nearly 857,000 in 1950.

I have already explained why that’s not necessarily a problem.  But, just in case you missed it…

Soulard and Lafayette Square serve as powerful examples of historic preservation realized on the grand scale, but many other areas have been waiting so long for developers that falling bricks are part of the backdrop.

There’s a reason for that, but not one that many people in this town want to hear.

Soulard and Lafayette Square never fell to the black undertow — At “worst,” they were hoosier-y.  The pattern when it comes to St. Louis City gentrification is that areas that stayed white are the ones that have been gentrified — There is not the social, political and economic steam around here to “take back” whole areas from the black undertow.  Unlike in Brooklyn, where that has actually happened, because there’s a socioeconomic necessity for people to live as close as they can to one of the most important places in the world, lower to midtown Manhattan.  St. Louis?  Not so much.

He supports focusing on homes that have already fallen down, as well as those that are fire risks and nests for crime.

“When we get rid of that crime, it will bring value to the area,” he said.

The crumbling buildings didn’t cause the crime. The crumbling buildings and the crime are both on the Y-axis. Guess what is the X-axis.


Lost in the Screaming

22 03 2018

LaSalle Park

State Sen. Jamilah NashWeed and State Rep. Bruce Franks (who will hopefully activate his superhero powers for the occasion) will lead a protest some time today at the Clinton-Peabody housing pro-jekks, to protest the chronic mice infestation problem.

Just who will they be protesting?

The St. Louis Housing Authority, which has responsibility for managing the complex?  They won’t be protesting them, because of all the affirmative action black women that work for the SLHA and run it.  Incidentally, I’ve come to know a handful of landlords around here and talked to others throughout the country, and those that have relevant experience and knowledge tell me that, when it comes to Section 8, even if you can jump over the dindu problem, and even if you can find worthy tenants who are on the program, the yuge bigly problem is that the local or regional agencies that administer the program on behalf of the Feds, including the SLHA in the city of St. Louis, if the agency overlies heavily black geography, then the agency will be run and staffed by AA blacks, which means, when dealing with the agency, as landlords who take Section 8 must often do, you’re going to get a whole lot of run around, a whole lot of buck passing, a whole lot of rank incompetence, a whole lot of laziness, and a whole lot of unreturned voice mails.

They won’t be protesting the filthy black tenants who live there, either.  To the extent that SLHA has done its job and tried to help, they have run into the brick wall of black tenant insouciance.  Many of you who have read this space for long enough well remember how often I do stories about Clinton-Peabody, and certainly not because any of the residents won Fields Medals.

So, who are they protesting?  Who or what is the target of their ire?

Ben Carson.

You know, maybe it would be a good time for him to get back into neurosurgery.  He’d have two new patients to boot!

The Chicago Way

21 03 2018


If this doesn’t speak volumes on a couple of levels.


Feds: Man helped bring gun to Chicago that was later used to kill Tyshawn Lee

Federal authorities have accused a Chicago man of helping bring to the city the weapon used in the execution-style killing of 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee.

Anthony Morgan, 31, faces four gun charges in a federal indictment filed last week.


The prosecutor tried to convince Cole to keep Anthony Morgan locked up Monday, but Cole put him on home detention. He also agreed to let Anthony Morgan go back to his job at the U.S. Postal Service, where his mother also works.

And…I’ll let all of you in the peanut gallery take it from there.

ICYMI, Tyshawn Lee was murdered because his father was ganged up, and a rival ‘banger lured him into a back alley on his walk home from school and plugged him nine times, purely because of who his father was.  Tyshawn’s mother, a typical ghetto whore, scammed GFM out of a few pretty pennies, presumably for the boy’s funeral, when it turned out that Pfleger’s church did that for free, and she knew that was going to be the case before she started the GFM, and she used the money to buy herself an almost brand new car (“CAAAAAA” — Carla Lee), which she wrecked within two years of buying it, and a trip to Vegas, where she gambled away the rest of the money.  To beat all, at the time of his murder, Tyshawn wasn’t living with either his mother or father, he was living with one of his grandmothers.

Ban the Box

18 03 2018


First they applied for a job at a gas station quickie mart, and then they jacked a nearby fast feeder.

Thinking of the requisite “ban the box” joke, I certainly hope their criminal conviction record doesn’t hurt their ability to get the job at the quickie mart.

“…It’s ridiculous and not too bright…” — But it’s typical Bell Curve City.

The Dynamo of Bell Curve City

5 03 2018


They’re trying to figure out how to stop it.

Since those trying to figure it out are named Dodge Dart and Toni Prickwinkle, you know the solution won’t involve punishing anyone.  Which means it won’t be much of a solution at all.

For you newbies, here’s what I mean by “dynamo of bell curve city.”

Normandy Derp

2 03 2018

Pine Lawn

How it starts:

A north St. Louis County mother is outraged with a school where she claims bullies beat up her daughter leaving her with scars. She said it isn’t the first time her daughter was assaulted at Barack Obama Elementary School.

And that’s where I end.  From there, you can figure out who is doing the bullying.

Not the Klan.

Along these lines, we’re only five years away from the first wave of teenage criminal suspects named “Barack (surname)” or “Barack Obama (surname)” or some such being publicly identified.

And These People Claim They’re Worth $15

13 02 2018

Woodson Terrace

“Tons of people and a bunch of chaos.”

Yep, that’s our Bell Curve City.

Question:  Doesn’t Memphis have enough people to agitate for a $15 min-wage without having to import any more from a nearby city?  Remember, the last time Memphis brought some people in from out of town to help its black people protest, it didn’t turn out quite so well for someone in that entourage.  You know how that goes, happy James Earl Ray Day, as our sector says every third Monday in January.  Translating that snark into English, it means that without James Earl Ray, (ironically, a St. Louisan who followed MLK around while he was on the lam after breaking out of Jeff City), Martin Luther King would have been relatively forgotten today, the assassination made a martyr out of him which begat the national holiday.  As an aside, April 4 is the 50th anniversary of his untimely departure from this world, and next James Earl Ray Day next January would have been his 90th birthday, so prepare yourselves.

One other thing you have to remember is that hotels near airports in cities with plenty of blacks seem to be a chronic problem.

Counterintuitive Missive

7 02 2018


These are, as Tommy calls them, BT-1100s, which is equivalent to Generation Z aka Homelanders, Generation Zyklon if you’re dealing with whites.

But this missive is counterintuitive.  Instead of just turning over my hand right now, I think I’ll turn this into a morning pop quiz for my peanut gallery.

The race to the gold star starts…NOW.

Challenge Machine

26 01 2018


From the same group of people that I see during my involuntary sojourn brought you the For That Dick Challenge and For That Pussy Challenge, we now have…

…The No Lackin Challenge.

“What’s ‘Lackin?'”

You’re about to find it.

To beat all, a big percentage of the kind of people who will play the No Lackin’ Challenge have felony convictions, and therefore are supposed to be lackin’.

And also, this is really going to end well.

Pecked By the Right Hen

10 01 2018

Providence, Rhode Island

Providence Journal:

A Johnston rapper whose songs include “Sell Drugsz” and “Feds Watching” has been sentenced to 36 months in federal prison for trafficking heroin and fentanyl, according to U.S. Attorney Stephen G. Dambruch.

Michael Persaud, 30, who is also known as “Montana Millz,” pleaded guilty in October, admitting that, during a five-month period, he arranged for the sale and delivery of nearly 22 grams of fentanyl and 2 grams of heroin to an undercover East Providence detective.

In at least two instances, Persaud was driven by his girlfriend and mother of three of his children to deliver fentanyl to the detective.

Read that last sentence again.

Remember this?  (Click to enlarge)

I first posted this here on July 18, 2017.

One day later…

Colored People’s Time

2 01 2018

Shaw; Tower Grove East


Bullets fly into south St. Louis apartments at the start of 2018

It’s a New Year’s tradition that hit too close to home for some south St. Louis residents.

“It sounded like Iraq over here!” said Jamal Mitchell.

Jamal Mitchell told News 4 frightening gunfire is how he’ll remember the start of 2018.

New Year’s celebrators sent shots towards the Shaw apartment building he calls home.

Bullet holes and broken glass cover the property, but none in his unit.

He told News 4 one of his neighbors wasn’t as fortunate.

“It came right through her headboard and almost killed her,” said Mitchell. “That’s some crazy s*** man!”

“This one came in and it hit the headboard right here.”

Et al.

In Iraq, people often say that sometimes, it sounds like St. Louis.


Woman hit by bullet in Tower Grove East after going outside on New Year’s to listen to gunshots

A 28-year-old woman who told police she went outside at midnight on New Year’s to listen to gunfire in Tower Grove East was caught in the gunfire, authorities said.

Just wanted to sit outside on the back porch at the stroke of midnight (when the official St. Louis temperature was 0 with a wind chill of -17) to enjoy the sound of gunfire.  Yeah, really relaxing, stress relieving.  Until some of it hits you.

Several local police departments sent out warnings around the holiday advising people against celebratory gunfire when the clock struck midnight.

“#StopCelebratoryGunfire,” the St. Louis Police Department posted on Twitter Dec. 31. “The consequences of that moment can result in injury or death.”

There, you see?  #HASHTAGS work, bitches.


Mash these two stories together, and what do you have?

In Bell Curve City, when shooting off your guns to herald the arrival of the new current year, your new years’ resolution is not to get “kilt” during the year so you can be here next new year to shoot your guns all over again.

It’s the Most Dindu-y Time of the Year

26 12 2017


Okay, peanut gallery.

It’s now the week between Christmas and the New Current Year, formerly known as Kwanzaa.  Many dindus got money and gift cards as Christmas presents, and most are on vacation from school this week.  And I’m sure many of them have a lot of stored up social media beefs with each other.

All I’m saying is, this week, avoid major indoor shopping malls and maybe also any Wal-Martinez that dindus can easily access.

Because it seems to be a new tradition this time of year of gobs and gobs of TNB/CO stories.

If you want to use the comment section below to collect news of them as they roll in this week, be my guest.

Columbia Writ Large

15 12 2017


Covered on AR and SBPDL.  Net it out:  Globe be like:  ZOMG RACISM LOL~!!!!!1

In the past, the pre-July 19 version of myself, the one with my full and complete roster of capabilities, I would have deep dived this screed and refuted every point.  No can do these days, because, even though I beat this flu, I’m back to square one with all my other problems, and if I do too much thinking, I fear it will cause me physical pain.

So I’ll spare you all and myself, and opt for a short, overarching metaphor.

The way to think about Boston is that it is, for the most part, and when boiled down, a large metropolitan equivalent of a middle sized town or city that contains a large public land grant college or university, aka a massively scaled up college town writ large. Think: Charlottesville, Va., Chapel Hill, N.C., Columbia, Missouri, and many others, magnified many times and with many prominent colleges and universities, anchored of course by Harvard and MIT.

Where the analogy is apropos is that Boston’s gentry white liberal civic and academic elite have the same attitude about black people that the much smaller scale civic and academic elites in Charlottesville, Chapel Hill and Columbia maintain. They love them, but from a distance, and the berg itself doesn’t have that many, and the blacks who are socially closest to the civic and academic elites are carefully selected and SES-similar, not the ghetto undertow. Furthermore, the main use that said elites have towards blacks is to love them from a distance whilst using them as virtue-signaling tokens against those icky sticky yucky ducky kind of white people “way out there.”

Black Noise

15 12 2017


The incompetent black woman felon signing gibberish during the police/mayor presser?

The yuge bigly irony of it all is that this presser was to announce the arrest of and charges against a black serial killer.

Remember, we were told that all serial killers are white.

You Take the Good, You Take the Bad

29 11 2017


Video only, so you’ll have to go there and watch, as your jaw drops to the floor.

If you want to believe her motivation is rooted in delusional utopianism, then you know it will only be a matter of time until the insurance industry deploys some asset her way, takes her aside, reads her the Riot Act, and schools her on the facts of life.

But, remember, Occam’s Razor, Generation X Edition.  Applying the proper cynicism, and she’s probably doing this because she wants to create a set of legal conditions in the city which result in the kind of businesses in the kind of places that feel the need to have their clerks work behind bulletproof glass not being able to stay in business and close up.  I bet the heat source behind that is the long standing gripe in Bell Curve City is that Arab owned quickie marts and the scuzzy Arabs that work for them sexually abuse and harass neighborhood black women.  “Dey make our sistahs bend over for a pound of chip chop ham.”

You Can Have It All

18 11 2017


Usually, these kinds of articles only express one or two of the standard diversionary bromides.

This one?  Well, as we St. Louisans say, everything and the kitchen zinc.

In it, these things are blamed or cited as causes or intimated as solutions:

(1) Overgrown weeds
(2) Lead paint
(3) Vacant houses
(4) Job applications
(5) “Safe streets” mediators
(6) Recreation centers
(7) Street lights
(8) Housing code violations
(9) Juvenile justice system “failing” youths
(10) Poverty
(11) Family domestic strife
(12) Drug addiction
(13) School absenteeism

All to avoid saying “black undertow,” and in the specific case of Baltimore current year, to avoid the politicians taking responsibility for agitating the city’s black undertow about two and a half years ago.

It’s November, which means the weeds should have died out by now.  Lead paint has been off the market for almost as long as I’ve been alive.  Houses don’t commit violent crimes.  Anyone with an internet connection can apply for a big percentage of jobs.  Safe streets mediators are often the same kind of thugs as the thugs they’re purportedly trying to calm down.  Recreation centers cause, not deter, violent crime.  A city ticket for housing code violations relates to murders…how?  In my day, youths committed violent crimes, not the juvenile justice system “failed” youths, just as in my day, students failed school, not schools failed students.  The rest?  Yadda yadda.


My Unique Take on the Death of Kenneka Jenkins

14 11 2017


In spite of some of the craziness that has come out of the death of Kenneka Jenkins in Chicago, i.e. the theory that the Illuminati ordered the hotel to assassinate her in order to harvest her organs and especially her liver for the benefit of Selena Gomez, and the angry protests held near the hotel in reaction, it’s really simple: A bunch of dope boys took out a few rooms to floss their dope profits, Kenneka Jenkins was loosely attached to the gang that threw the party, so she had an “in” to the party. At the party, she got high and drunk out of ten peoples’ minds, staggered around the hotel, somehow made her way into a storage freezer, and passed out while in there, where she suffered hypothermia and died.

Sure, hers are the kind of organs you’d really want. Especially her liver.

The more interesting angle to me is where precisely in Chicago the hotel, namely, the Crowne Plaza, can be found. It’s not in Chicago itself, but in the suburb of Rosemont, which is next to O’Hare and mostly consists of airport-themed businesses, including a lot of hotels. Just as St. Louis’s black dope dealers like to celebrate profitable weeks by partying at hotels near Lambert, so it seems that Chicago’s black dope dealers do the same near O’Hare. I wonder what’s up with that — Do they think the airport emits some sort of magical talisman quality that makes hotels near it good places to throw drug dealer parties? Since these are the kind of people that rarely leave their cities, they’re not partying near an airport in order to make a quick getaway.

And that leads to my most important point: The taboo matter here is what I just wrote, the dope dealer parties. In a more healthy social and political culture, the hotel owners would be able to turn away the business of these obviously shady looking black people. Or, if a respectable looking front man or woman booked the room(s), and a dope dealer party wound up happening, the hotel could toss ’em out. Except we don’t have a healthy social and political culture right now, we have a diverse one. Just ask the St. Louis-based Adam’s Mark chain about what happens when hotels turn away shady black people. And, once again, keeping up with the recurring theme of this evening’s post storm, everyone important circles the wagons around black dope dealers and protects them.  Subversive thinking alert:  Maybe this is why.

Long and short, if the Crowne Plaza in Rosemont had the right to turn away shady black business, that particular dope dealer gang party would have never happened at that hotel, Kenneka Jenkins wouldn’t have been there, bonkering herself out on booze and dope, and she’s still be alive today.  For whatever that’s worth.