Dynamo of Bell Curve City

23 05 2017


For noobs, here’s what I mean by the title of this post.

This also gives me an opportunity to link back to my mega Memphis deep dive of about two months ago.

She’s a Woman, W-O-M-A-N, I’ll Say It Again.

22 05 2017

Jacksonville, Florida

Didn’t she used to co-host a podcast with Andrew Schulz?

Of course, none of you will get that.  So I think I won’t be drawing down my reservoir of gold stars.

Seriously, check out “her” first name:  Jontaianna.

Now Back to My Definition of Bell Curve City

16 05 2017

North City

You already knew that Natural Bridge through the city is the most dangerous place in the country in terms of “gun violence.”

Now we find out that it’s also pretty bad when it comes to fatal car wrecks.

And from my reading of the text, and reading between the lines, the cause of both is the same.

The new alderman who represents a ward that contains part of Natural Bridge’s drag through the city wants cameras, more traffic lights, better coordinated traffic lights, and more police enforcement, to solve the problem.

More cameras?  Honey badger just don’t give a shit.  Traffic lights?  Why would Bellcurvius obey those any better than they obey laws prohibiting violent crime?  Police enforcement?  What are you, some sort of sellout oreo/tom/trimmer to the pig system?  Don’t you know that Black Lives Matter?

Wicked Racial Profiling Trick (Second Time Today)

12 05 2017

Palmdale, California

Only needed the title, subtitles and first two paragraphs to know the dindu-y time of day on this one.


Two counts:

(1) “Mothers” fighting teenage girls on high school grounds is almost entirely a black “thang”

(2) Palmdale, California is in the Subprime Valley, or, alternatively, the AFFH Valley.

Damned for an Explanation (Wicked Racial Profiling Trick)

12 05 2017

Fort Myers, Florida

WFTX-Fox-4 (Naples, Fla.):

Local parents are outraged after students are caught on camera ‘twerking’ and giving male students lap dances inside a classroom. The incident reportedly happened at Success Academy, an alternative school in Fort Myers.

Now parents want to know how administrators could let this happen.

As if the first two paragraphs don’t already provide you enough hints.

But if you need one more:

Fly the Weavie Skies

9 05 2017

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

My second Broward County story today.

And some neat-o news copy to go with it.

Cairo de Gras

8 05 2017


Now the P-D admits that there used to be quite a bit of racial terrorism (black on white) in Cairo?

That’s something they covered up in the 1960s and 1970s.

Today, Cairo is like East St. Louis, only smaller, and without the benefit of a major metropolitan area surrounding it.  The historical attraction that blacks had to Cairo is that it was in many physiographical ways like the Mississippi Delta, but it was also in the state of Illinois with its relatively generous welfare benefits.

As for this matter, what will probably happen is that they’ll be Section-8ed to Carbondale or Marion, or somewhere else.