Not a Photoshop (And That’s Disturbing)

4 04 2018

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April Fools Day Was Yesterday

2 04 2018

Mobile, Alabama

Mobile Press-Register:

Five shot during incident Sunday night at underage rap concert in Mobile


“This is a plea to the parents, said Baptiste. “To be more vigilant where their children are hanging out at, to be sure they are going into a safe environment, that those establishments have safety protocols in place, to make sure of their children’s safety.”

“Most of all hold children accountable for their actions, because the life that they save might just be their own children.”

I’d get the gag if this was published yesterday, but it wasn’t.  It was published today.

Otherwise, I imagine the tune goes something like this:

“Okay, Shitavious, mama told you not to go to no rap concerts unless the venue had a safety protocol in place.  But you did anyway.  So I’m going to have to hold you accountable.  I’m grounding you for a whole MONTH.  You come right home from skoo and you ain’t goin’ out unless it’s to your calculus tutoring.”

Seriously, you expect these “parents” (mothers) to hold them accountable?

And also, the best safety protocol this particular establishment could have had is not to host rap concerts at all.

Life Without People

26 03 2018

Hyde Park


That excuse again?

Okay, let’s get it:

Thousands of crumbling buildings like these are reminders that St. Louis is a shell of what it once was, particularly on the North Side. Population has fallen to about 309,000 today from nearly 857,000 in 1950.

I have already explained why that’s not necessarily a problem.  But, just in case you missed it…

Soulard and Lafayette Square serve as powerful examples of historic preservation realized on the grand scale, but many other areas have been waiting so long for developers that falling bricks are part of the backdrop.

There’s a reason for that, but not one that many people in this town want to hear.

Soulard and Lafayette Square never fell to the black undertow — At “worst,” they were hoosier-y.  The pattern when it comes to St. Louis City gentrification is that areas that stayed white are the ones that have been gentrified — There is not the social, political and economic steam around here to “take back” whole areas from the black undertow.  Unlike in Brooklyn, where that has actually happened, because there’s a socioeconomic necessity for people to live as close as they can to one of the most important places in the world, lower to midtown Manhattan.  St. Louis?  Not so much.

He supports focusing on homes that have already fallen down, as well as those that are fire risks and nests for crime.

“When we get rid of that crime, it will bring value to the area,” he said.

The crumbling buildings didn’t cause the crime. The crumbling buildings and the crime are both on the Y-axis. Guess what is the X-axis.


Lost in the Screaming

22 03 2018

LaSalle Park

State Sen. Jamilah NashWeed and State Rep. Bruce Franks (who will hopefully activate his superhero powers for the occasion) will lead a protest some time today at the Clinton-Peabody housing pro-jekks, to protest the chronic mice infestation problem.

Just who will they be protesting?

The St. Louis Housing Authority, which has responsibility for managing the complex?  They won’t be protesting them, because of all the affirmative action black women that work for the SLHA and run it.  Incidentally, I’ve come to know a handful of landlords around here and talked to others throughout the country, and those that have relevant experience and knowledge tell me that, when it comes to Section 8, even if you can jump over the dindu problem, and even if you can find worthy tenants who are on the program, the yuge bigly problem is that the local or regional agencies that administer the program on behalf of the Feds, including the SLHA in the city of St. Louis, if the agency overlies heavily black geography, then the agency will be run and staffed by AA blacks, which means, when dealing with the agency, as landlords who take Section 8 must often do, you’re going to get a whole lot of run around, a whole lot of buck passing, a whole lot of rank incompetence, a whole lot of laziness, and a whole lot of unreturned voice mails.

They won’t be protesting the filthy black tenants who live there, either.  To the extent that SLHA has done its job and tried to help, they have run into the brick wall of black tenant insouciance.  Many of you who have read this space for long enough well remember how often I do stories about Clinton-Peabody, and certainly not because any of the residents won Fields Medals.

So, who are they protesting?  Who or what is the target of their ire?

Ben Carson.

You know, maybe it would be a good time for him to get back into neurosurgery.  He’d have two new patients to boot!

The Chicago Way

21 03 2018


If this doesn’t speak volumes on a couple of levels.


Feds: Man helped bring gun to Chicago that was later used to kill Tyshawn Lee

Federal authorities have accused a Chicago man of helping bring to the city the weapon used in the execution-style killing of 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee.

Anthony Morgan, 31, faces four gun charges in a federal indictment filed last week.


The prosecutor tried to convince Cole to keep Anthony Morgan locked up Monday, but Cole put him on home detention. He also agreed to let Anthony Morgan go back to his job at the U.S. Postal Service, where his mother also works.

And…I’ll let all of you in the peanut gallery take it from there.

ICYMI, Tyshawn Lee was murdered because his father was ganged up, and a rival ‘banger lured him into a back alley on his walk home from school and plugged him nine times, purely because of who his father was.  Tyshawn’s mother, a typical ghetto whore, scammed GFM out of a few pretty pennies, presumably for the boy’s funeral, when it turned out that Pfleger’s church did that for free, and she knew that was going to be the case before she started the GFM, and she used the money to buy herself an almost brand new car (“CAAAAAA” — Carla Lee), which she wrecked within two years of buying it, and a trip to Vegas, where she gambled away the rest of the money.  To beat all, at the time of his murder, Tyshawn wasn’t living with either his mother or father, he was living with one of his grandmothers.

Ban the Box

18 03 2018


First they applied for a job at a gas station quickie mart, and then they jacked a nearby fast feeder.

Thinking of the requisite “ban the box” joke, I certainly hope their criminal conviction record doesn’t hurt their ability to get the job at the quickie mart.

“…It’s ridiculous and not too bright…” — But it’s typical Bell Curve City.

The Dynamo of Bell Curve City

5 03 2018


They’re trying to figure out how to stop it.

Since those trying to figure it out are named Dodge Dart and Toni Prickwinkle, you know the solution won’t involve punishing anyone.  Which means it won’t be much of a solution at all.

For you newbies, here’s what I mean by “dynamo of bell curve city.”