Enough Death For You?

9 05 2017

College Station, Texas

“In order to be equal, in order to be liberated, some white people might have to die”


Fairness In Smoke

23 02 2017

Charleston, South Carolina

Remember when they told us that their only problem with the CBF was that it was being flown on public property or under public imprimatur?

So much for that.

Gentleman of the Jury

20 12 2016



Members of the Black Panthers of Milwaukee, some armed with guns, marched through the Sherman Park neighborhood on Sunday to protest what they called the “genocide” of African Americans at the hands of law enforcement.

Unless it can be shown that law enforcement is either:  (A) Deliberately killing black people for the sake of doing so, or (B) Killing black people at a rate so prodigious that it is greater than that group’s natural rate of procreation and TFR, (C) Deliberately killing black girls and women of reproductive age and capability or those who are not yet capable but are expected to be so eventually, for the expressed purpose of deterring future black fecundity, or (D) Engaging in some deliberate organized consistent lasting public action which prevents black babies from being born, I’ll have to vote Not Guilty.

Not Senseless

18 07 2016

Baton Rouge

False headline. It’s not senseless, because already know the reason. Even if the Baton Rouge Advocate doesn’t want to admit the reason. As their MSM colleagues just up the Mississippi River discovered, when you tell the truth, black lesbians will rage.


Black Knight

13 07 2016


He believes that black lives matter.  I bet he’s also a hopeychanger.

Cue it up:

Hustling While Black

26 06 2016

Lincoln, Nebraska

The story.

His firm.

Why do I get the feeling he’s going to be able to parlay this incident into a lot more work for himself?

When the Fergaza Strip first blew up, coming up on two years ago, he came to Ferguson to bitch and moan that the city hired a white PR firm to handle the sky-is-falling work.  (Note:  Not the firm I work for.)

All You Needed To Know

24 11 2015


BLM started it.

And it’s all over a violent felon who tried to steal a cop’s gun.

Sorry, other side, you really can’t get your KKK jollies off in this case, even though I know that won’t prevent you from trying.