All You Needed To Know

24 11 2015


BLM started it.

And it’s all over a violent felon who tried to steal a cop’s gun.

Sorry, other side, you really can’t get your KKK jollies off in this case, even though I know that won’t prevent you from trying.

Paging @Tjsotomayor

20 11 2015

Fairfield, Connecticut


There’s something in your wheelhouse in this pic.

In a sense of speaking, the “educated African queen” is right.  Pro-black isn’t anti-white, per se.  Problacktard is a cult that demands cult-like rectitude from other blacks.  The people that problacktards hate the most aren’t “white supremacists,” but “Uncle Toms.”  Which proves that problacktards have never actually read Uncle Tom’s Cabin. But I digress.  They also hate “coons,” and I have to remind you that “coon” no longer means what we in the white bigotsphere think it means.  “Coon,” according to problacktards, is basically a synonym for “Uncle Tom.”

Another sign interests me.  What does “Protect Syrians” have to do with Black Lives Matter?  Other than KKKrazy Glue and all this intersectionality and progressivetard stack bullshit.  Ironically, many problacktards (and, in fairness, many black anti-problacktards) don’t like Arab and Middle Eastern ghetto quickie mart owners, because they think, probably correctly, that they sexually exploit black women, “bending the sister over behind the counter for a pound of chip chop ham.”

Good News and Bad News

2 11 2015


The good news part comes first.

Big but…

The lawsuit goes on to say that the entire department was purged of white faculty except one white instructor who was protected by tenure.

Conversely, the only black faculty member fired from the College of Education during the same time was not terminated because of the reduction in force policy, but rather because he was found to be a sex offender, the lawsuit says.

So, of all the white faculty members racially purged, only one had the gumption to file suit?

Here’s a Lot of Loot

15 10 2015

New Haven, Connecticut


I dare @deray and his students to loot Yale’s $24 billion endowment fund.

Snack Pack Thrower

25 09 2015

Jonesboro, Georgia

And then…

My opinion about these things has not changed since the last very similar incident.  Yes, they are threats on an individual basis, because they can wind up following through on their threats, hyped up on their racial agitprop.  But in a collective sense, they’re snack pack throwers.

It also should be noted that she wanted to kill cops, but she’s in Clayton County, (Bell Curve County), Georgia, whose Sheriff’s office not so long ago purged its white deputies after a black won election as Sheriff. If she ever makes good on her threat where she is, she would be killing black cops, though since they consider black cops to be toms/trimmers/traitors, it’s all the same to them. Even though we’re constantly told that we need black cops in order to satisfy these very people.

Snack Pack Throwers of America (Econ 101)

3 09 2015

La Plata, Maryland

Snack pack thrower

Snack pack thrower

I fear blacks in a microeconomic sense, but I don’t fear them in a macroeconomic sense.

In order for that to make sense, have a look at this.

What I mean by that, relating it to the recent #BlackLiesMatter and other recent anti-white race hysteriae and race porn among blacks, and then relating it back to this story, I don’t think Sambeaux here had the ability to kill all of the some 5,800 white people in La Plata, Maryland.  I do think that if left unchecked, he, all hyped up on race agitprop, could have very easily murdered one, or two, or three, or four, or several, white people in town.

We pretty much know that several murders of cops in recent months have been a direct result of that agitprop.

I take Sambeaux’s threat seriously in an individual (microeconomic) sense.  I don’t take his threat or the threats of the many black Twitter bigmouths and loudmouths and internet liquor courage types like him seriously in the collective (macroeconomic) sense.  Tommy Sotomayor sometimes tells the story of when he was in grade school, he noticed the “special” kids were never punished for throwing their lunch snack packs around and against the wall, while normal kids would have been punished for the same thing.  The reason for the double standard is because retards don’t know what they’re doing in that stead and don’t have the capability to know any better, at least not in the context of an elementary school setting and the elementary school years.  Normal kids know better, or should, and should be held to a different standard in earnest.

In the macroeconomic sense, I interpret blacks who make these genocidal threats toward us as snack pack throwers.

Why You Mad?

10 08 2015

Hempstead, Texas

Why are we supposed to be mad at her for reading and repeating the Democrat Party platform and watching MSNBC regularly?  Contra Jim Webb, that is the Democrat Party’s basic message.

Speaking of which:

Take the hint: She committed suicide, none of the people who are yelling about her and really care about her now wanted to pony up the $500 it would have taken to bail her out of the can for the three days she was sitting there after a judge set her bail, least of which were her immediate family members right there in the area.


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