Why You Mad?

10 08 2015

Hempstead, Texas

Why are we supposed to be mad at her for reading and repeating the Democrat Party platform and watching MSNBC regularly?  Contra Jim Webb, that is the Democrat Party’s basic message.

Speaking of which:

Take the hint: She committed suicide, none of the people who are yelling about her and really care about her now wanted to pony up the $500 it would have taken to bail her out of the can for the three days she was sitting there after a judge set her bail, least of which were her immediate family members right there in the area.

Point Taken

14 07 2015



We first got news of his stunt this afternoon.

He’s trying to clarify:

A man who held a controversial sign while protesting near the scene of where a St. Louis police officer was shot said the sign was meant to make people uncomfortable and make a point.

Dhoruba Shakur held up a sign that read “How does it feel” while standing very close to where a St. Louis officer was shot in Central West End.  Shakur said the goal of the sign was to produce a strong reaction and start a conversation about the issues that have surfaced since Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown.

“The whole point of the sign is it’s supposed to be uncomfortable, so people come and start conversation as to why I’m here and why I would say such a thing we could start to have a dialogue,” Shakur said. “It’s pretty much a question of how does it feel to have that violence come back at you, that does not mean I condone it.”

If he was trying to make a point, a gander at his Twitter and Facebook will tell us what point he was trying to make.


Here’s how he shows up for a media interview:

I take it to mean that he’s not fond of all the whiteness in St. Louis’s official LGBTQetc community.  Yep, like I’ve been saying, the left’s dirty laundry is about to go wide open, lots of bad wrecks at a lot of intersectionalities.

Job Description

5 07 2015



It’s called “job description,” not “slavery.”

Five Percenters Versus Hipsters

20 05 2015

New York City

Alex Jones would really have an operation worth watching if he did a lot more of this and a lot less of some of the stuff he does.

Jay Z is part of that Five Percenter gang.

Anyway, why be mad at him for spouting the Democrat Party platform?


Dear Lee Daniels

11 05 2015

Los Angeles

Don’t like white writers?

William Shakespeare essentially wrote the episode scripts of Empire for you when he wrote King Lear.

Brilliance, Xeroxed

6 05 2015

New York City

About this, I commented:

The ATF, the agency behind Operation Gunrunner (“Fast and Furious”), is going to crack down on illicit weapons flows. Sure.

Just think, if a certain event 150 years ago would have turned out a bit differently, there would be an international border between New York and Georgia, making firearms trafficking a lot harder, though not impossible.

Also, we’re not going to delve into Demetrius Blackwell’s motive? We’re not allowed to speculate that it was Freddie Gray revenge? That he was merely responding to all the eliminationist agitprop?

An argument so outstanding that it was worth cutting and pasting.

Whole Paycheck Feeds Guardsmen Bringing Peace to Bell Curve City Baltimore; Black Twitter Chimps Out In Reaction.

28 04 2015


Go to Twitchy.

The most common point of anger is that since the Baltimore Public Fool system is closed today, this means the students not in school aren’t getting their free lunch, therefore, Whole Paycheck should be feeding them instead of honky oppressors in fatigues.

I guess these kids don’t have parents and their parents don’t have EBT cards.

Besides, from what I saw yesterday, enough grocery stores were looted.



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