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7 02 2019

Your Blogmeister’s Hotel Room

Somewhere in Poland.

I’ve been working on The Witch Elm for more than a month.  So slowly, because I’ll often have to put more important reading and material ahead of it.

But tonight, I got to knock back two whole chapters.

Think of a famous actor who is in the news this week over something he did in Dublin a long time ago.  Like all of Tana French’s novels, TWE is set in Dublin.

Page 253:

I could hardly track down the burglars and force them to spill the story, my badass Liam Neeson fantasies notwithstanding.



Boo Yeah

27 04 2016


That’s what I’m talking about.  Winning the culture wars.

This news has made me so happy that I almost did the Running Man while yelling out an obscene suggestion directed at SJWs.

I was a bit of a SciFi fan when I was younger, but life, reality, work and middle age have all tag teamed to drain me.

OTOH, I do notice that the 2016 Hugo Awards are in Kansas City in late August.  That may well coincide on the calendar and will coincide fairly well in geography with the State Fair, and of course I’m going to be there.  If I can sneak out of work for a bit, I think I’ll head on over to the thing and see if I can meet Vox Day.

As If I Don’t Have Enough Backlogged Reading

13 01 2016

Krakow, Poland


Reads to me like he already is or is about to be #NRx.

Eat It, Ta

23 08 2015


Mark Levin isn’t always my cup of tea, that’s for sure.  But there’s some good in someone who keeps Ta from the number one spot.

The Picture Gets Clearer

16 07 2015


TNR essay on Goffmangate.

As it turns out, a lot of her book is true, while a lot of it is embellishment.  This means that the extreme skeptics were wrong when they speculated that the whole book is a tall tale.  However, what these new details have not done is dissuade me from my distaste for that genre, and I still stand by my assertion that almost all of these books are written with a loaded leftist agenda.  I think one of the main reasons why these kinds of books continue to be written is because all the wacko leftists actually believe their own theories, so they’re going to camp out in gang land and the ghetto and Bell Curve City hoping to catch the CIA/KKK red handed dumping crates full of dope and guns on the corner of Martin Luther King Blvd and Barack Obama Avenue.  Or to be less hyperbolic about that, they perhaps think they can gather documented proof of some non-TNB cause of TNB.

A Puncher’s Chance at the Future

20 06 2015


Whoever controls the present controls the past, and whoever controls the past controls the future.

Bell Curve City by Paul Kersey is probably going to be the only book of its kind, an honest narrative of the events of the August and November riots in Ferguson and surrounding areas, and also of the circumstances that led up to it and the aftermath.  It’s going to give us a puncher’s chance of winning the future.

Substantively, there isn’t much to say about the contents themselves.  Almost all Paul Kersey books are comprised of enhanced versions of his SBPDL blog posts, and BCC is no different:  It starts before the fateful day of the Michael Brown and Darren Wilson encounter on August 9 and ends in late May, and progresses chronologically.

What I will do is present a cleaned up form of the notes I made in the virtual margins of my Kindle edition.  The date stamp of my notes correspond with the date in the Ferguson War Journal itself.

Oh, and if the title seems familiar to you, it should — I actually provided him the title, “bell curve city” is a phrase that I coined in this space several years ago.  October 1, 2012 is my first mention of it here, but I know was saying it and thinking it for a few months before then.

August 13

I don’t blame Paul Kersey for this error, because the local and certainly not the national media didn’t bother to explain this.  While Michael Brown did graduate from Normandy High School, in the Normandy district, the Normandy district does not serve Ferguson.  The Ferguson-Florissant district does.  Michael Brown’s mother lives in Northwoods, which is in the Normandy district.  The reason he spent a lot of time at the Canfield Green apartments in southeast Ferguson is because his grandmother lives there.

September 4

Ferguson hardly has any black cops because hardly any ever apply.  And the reason hardly any ever apply is because, with affirmative action, they can get hired into almost any agency or department.  Ferguson is a low pay high danger department; therefore, every other law enforcement job in the area is by definition going to be better.

October 5

The St. Louis Symphony Orchestra outburst was organized and carried out by white (or “white”) leftists, nut job allies of the handsupdontshooters.  At least one of the organizers was a Washington University student.

November 12

The Apollo mission moon landing capsules were designed and engineered and built at (what was at the time) McDonnell-Douglas, just a few miles west of Ferguson.

November 14

The only reason Clayton is as “high” as 9% black is because the Census Bureau counts jail inmates as residents of the place where the jail is.  The St. Louis County jail, along with the seat of county government, is in Clayton.  The real residential sections of Clayton, both the high rise condos and apartments and the standalone houses, probably aren’t even 1% black.

December 3

The Oath Keepers probably don’t know where Darren Wilson is, and even if they did, they wouldn’t openly boast about knowing that.  Anonymity and uncertainty and a whole lot of locked lips are the friends of Darren Wilson.

February 25

The St. Louis Housing Authority near-riot on December 7, 2007 was only barely mentioned in the local media when it happened, but there is a discrepancy on the matter of where it happened.  BCC suggests that it happened at their current HQ of 3520 Page Avenue, because the St. Louis Post-Dispatch does, but at the time, the TV stations said that it happened at another SLHA office on Lindell near Sarah.

April 17

Ironically, Ayn Rand herself was not that fond of blacks.

April 22

Lost in that celebratory hoopla is that Ferguson already has a Starbucks.  It just happens to be within the campus of Emerson Electric’s world corporate headquarters, which are not only in Ferguson, but were in direct view of the Fergaza Strip itself.  Looking north out of a high enough floor of a tall enough building on the campus, and one could have seen everything that happened along West Florissant between Solway and Northwinds Estates.

Go Get It

15 06 2015


I provided the title, Paul Kersey provided the incomparable polemics, and now it has hit the streets.  Kindle now, dead tree and ink on Wednesday.

What are you waiting for?  Kwanzaa?

Yes, I will write a review.