Three Stations

7 05 2017

Downtown; Maryland Heights

If Sinclair (owns Channel 30) buys Tribune (owns Channels 2 and 11), it means that three full power OTA St. Louis TV stations will be under the same roof.  I don’t imagine the FTC and the FCC, much less the CIA, FBI, DEA and NBA will let that stand.

The World Versus Aldi

24 04 2017

Bentonville, Arkansas

“Wal-Mart lowers prices to take on Aldi”

Doesn’t that sentence seem a little weird to you?

“Queen competes with street harlot for affection of man”

There must really be something wrong with the economy if the most well known and obvious retailer of inferior goods in the food and grocery business is the dog, and the world’s biggest retailer is the tail.

Bass Pro Just Caught a Fish This Big

17 04 2017


Bass Pro buying out Cabela’s.

I remember when BP Outdoor World in Springfield was something unique.  Not anymore;  They’re all over the place now.

Diversity Hot Potato

5 04 2017

Menlo Park, California

Why is Faceberg hypocritically demanding the kind of diversity in the law firms it hires that it won’t demand of itself?

The answer might be along the same lines of Mark Zuckerbook opposing international border walls but building them around his houses.

It’s because elitist hypocrisy isn’t hypocrisy when you’re an elite.

Another thing going on here is that FB is offloading its diversity requirements on its contractors while hogging all the good PR about Silicon Valley diversity all to itself.  Because it’s a lot easier to find black women lawyers than it is to find black women web coders and developers.

Interoffice Failorandum

5 04 2017

Westchester County, New York

What is now perfectly apparent is that PepsiCo’s advertising agency never interacts with PepsiCo’s public relations firm.  And now, PepsiCo’s auditing firm is fuming.

The only kind of people who like this stupid ad are the same kind of corporatist-SJWs who came up with it and gave it the green light.  And while that crowd swings big sticks, they aren’t numerically significant.  Plain ole regular SJWs hate it, we in the Alt-Right hate it, the Alt-Lite and the normiecons don’t like it.

Remember, PepsiCo redesigned the Pepsi logo back in 2008 to look mysteriously like the Obama campaign logo.

Luxembourg Bread Company

5 04 2017

Sunset Hills

A Luxembourg-based conglomerate is buying out BreadCo, which is better known to you non-St. Louisans as Panera.  In related news, I turn around, and its shares have been trading in the 270s for while, and of course buyout rumors spiked them into the 310s.  As late as January 2008, it was trading under 32.  When in the hell did The Street fall in love with the f’n BreadCo?  Yeah, I like them, but not like that, and I don’t see anything they’re doing to see that their stock price would multiply by 8.5 in the last nine years and change.

The conglomerate doing the buyout has interests in a handful of coffee microroast outfits, so bet on BreadCo’s coffee changing.

Also, it’s not as if this kind of thing should shock me anymore, because it’s been happening, but the trend of fewer and fewer real business shots being called from St. Louis is continuing.

Opiate of the Fringes

14 03 2017

Raleigh, North Carolina

All fairly good theories.

But remember Occam’s Razor, both the original version and Gen X version:  Among competing hypotheses, the one with (“the fewest assumptions” — original // “the most cynicism” — Gen X) should be selected.

This missive told you all you really needed to know in about the middle, when Kevin Williamson wrote that “a great deal of corporate activism is CEO-driven.”

It’s as easy and as cynical as this:

The more CEOs scream about social justice, the less the left can think about obscene CEO pay and compensation packages.

And, as this rightly states, the left is the really squeaky wheel, the right not so much.  Add to it the reality that the left at least purports to make obscene CEO pay a political issue, while the right, and the economic libertarian ideology that it’s historically rooted in, won’t think it a problem, and you see why CEOs simply must mollify the left, but don’t much care about us.