Voxsplaining the Lou

14 07 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Oh my.

It’s obvious that this kind of thing has hurt our civic pride.  It has also been one of this medium’s serial concerns.  But it should also be noted that the top drawer mergers which drained my dear town of our corporate sovereignty and our ability to be a place where shots are called in the major American business world happened long after Reagan left the White House.

The more fundamental underlying problem with my dear town remaining a shot-caller berg happened long before Reagan came to the White House, in fact, before he was even born.  It was when railroads supplanted rivers as the prime commercial corridors.  Once that happened, then all this was a matter of inevitability and time.


Jack Taylor, Call Your Office

15 06 2017



Enterprise CarShare halts service in Chicago, citing ‘theft, vandalism and fraud’

Chicago crime has led Enterprise’s car-sharing operation to cancel existing reservations in the area and stop taking new ones, the company says.

Enterprise CarShare has had “a lack of vehicle availability” for the past six weeks, as “a direct effect of significant vandalism, theft and fraud,” the company told its members via email Tuesday.

About 40 percent of Enterprise CarShare’s fleet had been involved in theft or vandalism, a company spokesman said.


But, remember, Jackass Taylor loves him some Dindus.

The Triparte Retail Economy

7 06 2017


Amazon Prime discounted by five clams a month if you’re on food stamps.

My take is that this plays into the Amazon vs Wal-Mart war somehow.  We know that Wal-Mart has declared war on Amazon, and is trying to use both brick-and-mortar and online to eat into Amazon’s market share.  I suppose Amazon had no choice but to respond somehow.  We also know that Wal-Mart has declared war on Aldi, and if Aldi ever reciprocates, they’ll probably have to do it by getting rid of the mechanism that makes you insert a quarter to get a cart.  Because I think they’re at rock bottom when it comes to price points.

No word on whether Amazon has declared war on Aldi or if Aldi has declared war on Amazon.

The only three retailers that matter anymore are:  A small-box grocery chain started in the rubble of post-war West Germany after WWII for the purpose of making affordable foodstuffs immediately available to war survivors, a big box chain started during the JFK Presidency in northwestern Arkansas because someone from there was upset that the incumbent big box department store chains flipped the bird to rural America, and a purely online business that was founded on the very day I first called the Roger Fredinburg Show, meaning that on Independence Day 1994, it was still technically a twinkle in Jeff Bezos’s eye.  Meanwhile, more than century old retailers that once were so big that the entire economy caught cold if they sneezed are now down on the mat for the ten count and the ref just called out nine.

Three Stations

7 05 2017

Downtown; Maryland Heights

If Sinclair (owns Channel 30) buys Tribune (owns Channels 2 and 11), it means that three full power OTA St. Louis TV stations will be under the same roof.  I don’t imagine the FTC and the FCC, much less the CIA, FBI, DEA and NBA will let that stand.

The World Versus Aldi

24 04 2017

Bentonville, Arkansas

“Wal-Mart lowers prices to take on Aldi”

Doesn’t that sentence seem a little weird to you?

“Queen competes with street harlot for affection of man”

There must really be something wrong with the economy if the most well known and obvious retailer of inferior goods in the food and grocery business is the dog, and the world’s biggest retailer is the tail.

Bass Pro Just Caught a Fish This Big

17 04 2017


Bass Pro buying out Cabela’s.

I remember when BP Outdoor World in Springfield was something unique.  Not anymore;  They’re all over the place now.

Diversity Hot Potato

5 04 2017

Menlo Park, California

Why is Faceberg hypocritically demanding the kind of diversity in the law firms it hires that it won’t demand of itself?

The answer might be along the same lines of Mark Zuckerbook opposing international border walls but building them around his houses.

It’s because elitist hypocrisy isn’t hypocrisy when you’re an elite.

Another thing going on here is that FB is offloading its diversity requirements on its contractors while hogging all the good PR about Silicon Valley diversity all to itself.  Because it’s a lot easier to find black women lawyers than it is to find black women web coders and developers.