Last of the Mohicans

19 05 2016

Leverkusen, Germany

Bayer eyeing Monsanto.

I was wondering how long something like that was going to take, after we lost control of Purina and A-B.

Another Hoax

27 04 2016

Santa Clara, California

Tech Crunch:

Intel CEO says leadership team has received threats for company’s stance on diversity

Intel is widely seen as a leader around corporate diversity in tech. But, it turns out, some Intel employees are not happy with the company’s stance on it. In fact, there’s “been a bit of a backlash within the company” and even threats made toward the company’s senior leadership team, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich told Rev. Jesse Jackson on stage at the PUSHTech 2020 conference today in San Francisco.

“People worry that as a white man, you’re kind of under siege to a certain extent,” Krzanich said. “There’s been a bit of resistance. We’ve even had a few threats and things like that on some of our leadership team around our position on diversity and inclusion. We stand up there and just remind everybody it’s not an exclusive process. We’re not bringing in women or African-Americans or Hispanics in exclusion to other people. We’re actually just trying to bring them in and be a part of the whole environment.”

[Update 10:19 a.m. PT: Regarding what kind of threats the leadership team received, an Intel spokesperson said, “The context here is that any time you undertake a big initiative it’s a journey and an ongoing process toward change and evolution. I know you mentioned the words can mean many things so this is the context.”]

That’s because there are no threats.  Krzanich just made up something that he knew would sound good going into Jesse Jackson’s ears.

How can I be so cock sure?  Because these same white men who are making all these threats when the new SV diversity is NAMs and women didn’t make these threats when the SV diversity, not counted as diversity anymore, were H-1B Asians, many years ago.

I Remember That

15 04 2016


Michael Brown died because he wasn’t able to get a call center job with a firm that is heavily dependent on Federal contracts.

Dancing Barry

13 04 2016


Obama be like: WOOHOO~!


27 03 2016


When I was growing up, the major utilities were Union Electric, Laclede Gas and Southwestern Bell.

Union Electric became AmerenUE and then Ameren Missouri.  Southwestern Bell, an AT&T (“Ma Bell”) owned RBOC (“Baby Bell”) before the anti-trust lawsuit and an independent phone company based in St. Louis after, eventually merged with other ex-Baby Bells and then back with the original Ma Bell, and it’s now known as AT&T, now based in San Antonio.  Though with far many more telecom options today, that hardly seems like a big deal.

But at least Laclede Gas would never do anything as trite as abandon the name of one of the two co-founders of St. Louis, where one can also find Laclede Cab, and also Laclede Avenue as the dividing line between north and south for street addresses on north-south streets that exist on both sides of Laclede Avenue?

They would, and are going to.

Which means we’ll soon be left with memories.

Rich Get Richer

20 03 2016


When I hear “social justice,” I presume the filthy rich are getting even more rich.  Either the social justice narrative being presented is a diversion, or it actually works to transfer wealth from the many to the top minute fraction of our society’s plutocrats and economic factors.

And so it is with “women in tech.”  Sure, it’s social justice, but it’s also salary and wage reduction.

Andy Taylor’s Pets Are Turning On Him

17 02 2016


Even though he’s one of the biggest n****r-lovers around. He’s notorious for giving sinecures to black Mizzou ex-jocks, and that’s just the start of his race pandering.

But, these are different times.  If you’re not with the mob 100% of the way, you might as well be a cross-burning Kluxer.  And, Taylor is a cross-burning Kluxer because he supposedly makes a little bit of money off of black jail and prison inmates.

Here’s the better idea for the mob:  The best way to prevent someone from making money off the backs of black jail and prison inmates is for there to be no black jail or prison inmates.  How about cutting out the violent crime?  It’s a win-win situation; blacks aren’t shoved into the prison-industrial complex, and Andy Taylor loses 0.01% of his net worth.


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