Are Your Pets Giving You Problems, Andy?

30 06 2015


The rabble versus Andy Taylor.

They must not realize that Taylor is just about the worst anti-white race panderer in St. Louis’s constellation of very high level business and corporate executives.

Induces Headaches

23 06 2015


First, the video:

Rush asks:

So when I saw this story about Tylenol, I said, “Well, this isn’t about separating people from their money. This is an entirely different objective here.” It’s a CNN story, and it is about a 30-second commercial from Johnson & Johnson, manufacturers of Tylenol, and it opens with the question: “When were you first considered a family?” And then it depicts traditional heterosexual couples and families. And then the ad asks the question: “When did you first fight to be considered a family?” And this is followed by images of a lesbian couple at what appears to be a prom, a mixed-race wedding followed by a mixed-race couple with a kid and then a couple with adopted kids of different races.

And the ad ends with an image of two gay men doting over a baby as the voiceover says, “Family is not defined by who you love, but how you love.” And here we have a headache pill — (interruption) Snerdley are you erupting over a caller in there again? (interruption) Oh, you’re reacting to the story? He is really fuming and spitting in there. (interruption) That’s the point. This isn’t advertising anymore. Because gay couple, gays are 2% of the population, yet here’s Johnson & Johnson advertising Tylenol in a gay friendly way. This can’t be about strictly moving the product. This has got to be something else going on here.

Now, everywhere you look — and this has been the case for probably five years and maybe longer — practically every night on prime time TV you can find at least one show, and if you go to the movies you can find a lot of those, that depict gay people uniformly as happy and normal and healthy, be allowed to adopt children. They’re smarter, they’re more sensitive, they’re hipper. It’s a major campaign that’s been undertaken here, and what this means is that politically active people who have this as one of their issues are now working in the media buying and creative departments of advertising agencies.

So that advertising normally designed to make you want to buy the product is now designed to make you feel good about the product, make you feel the product is… (interruption) Well, here’s the thing… (interruption) Well, the question is being asked of me, why just this social issue? Why is it just about gay relationships? Why don’t they tackle other social issues? Give ’em time. But right now the gay population that populates media and entertainment, I mean, they have the power to devise these campaigns, the creative, the production and all that.

Here’s my point. What appears as standard fare in the prime time entertainment program has now made the jump and is starting to pop up in advertising. Again, less than 2% of the population is gay. So this is not about attracting buyers, which to me is a really interesting thing about advertising. This is not about that. This is political activism. And they’re free to do it. I mean, it’s a free country, and it’s Tylenol, Johnson & Johnson, and if they want to take their brand, if they want to use Tylenol to push a particular political agenda, social agenda, have at it. Just a heads up that that’s what’s happening here.

Notice that before we get to the gays, we see interracial and mixed race families.  Don’t think that was an accident, either.

As for the point of this ad?  Well, we all know that selling Tylenol isn’t the goal here, the point is that LGBTQetc dominate the media and PR, and increasingly, ad agencies.  They’re showing off their cultural power.

But, there could be an angle here to hawk Tylenol — Watching this ad gives me a headache.

Nine Letters

23 06 2015

Greenville, South Carolina

Greenville News:

GE chief says he’d move jobs if Ex-Im isn’t re-authorized

Jeffrey Immelt, chief executive of General Electric Co., is playing hard ball with congressmen such as Jeff Duncan of South Carolina.

Caught in the crossfire are more than 3,000 GE jobs in Greenville.

Immelt is among the U.S. business leaders who want Congress to re-authorize the Export-Import Bank of the United States.

That arm of the federal government finances export deals of American companies, including some of the overseas sales of the power turbines that GE designs and makes in Greenville.

Congressional authorization for the bank will expire at the end of the month unless Congress votes to renew it.

Like some other Republicans, Duncan thinks export financing is generally a matter for the private sector, not the federal government.

He voted against re-authorizing the bank in 2012, setting aside objections that the United States shouldn’t abandon the program when so many other countries have their own versions.

With the deadline for bank re-authorization approaching again, opponents and proponents are battling it out.

Immelt raised the stakes on Wednesday, saying GE would move U.S. jobs to Canada or Europe rather than lose business for a lack of export financing.

In my day, we used a couple of nine-letter words to describe this sort of thing:



Standard Oil

22 06 2015

Bentonville, Arkansas

No more CBF stuff at Standard Oil.

Oops, did I say Standard Oil?  I meant Wal-Martinez.

Honest mistake.

Like I wrote here a few days ago, translating political bullshit into English is one of several services I offer, so let me turn on my translator for this:

WM is trying to get the unions to shut up about its every day low wages guaranteed.  I doubt this will have that effect.

Also realize that WM spent a few pretty pennies to lobby Congress not to enact slight cuts in EBT food stamps two years ago.

Meet Mr. B

15 06 2015


Yeah sure, an industry that has an approval rating barely higher than Beelzebub sure knows how to pick winners.  And don’t believe the CYA presented in this article; Mitt Romney was everything they wanted.  Also be leery of this curious theory that Ted Cruz is that much of a polar opposite of the Wall Street Republican, when Mrs. Ted Cruz works for Goldman Sachs, while Mr. Ted Cruz is squishy on immigration and is now fully on board with TPP/FTTA.

However, if they’re going to make their moves on the chess board like this, it gives social conservatives the uranium opportunity to position themselves as anti-WS populists.

First to First

15 06 2015

Woonsocket, Rhode Island and Minneapolis

CVS buying Target’s pharmacy business.  Which means in-Target pharmacies will soon be branded as CVS.

I wonder if this is giving their respective competitors, both start with “Wal,” any ideas.

Both Sides of Vista

1 06 2015


SSM (Sisters of St. Mary) acquiring SLU Med.  Since SSM already owns Cardinal Glennon, it will mean that both medical centers on both sides of Vista Avenue will once again be under the same management roof, like they were when the St. Louis Archdiocese managed both.

Otherwise, don’t expect for anything to change at SLU.  It will still be the preferred emergency room for Chocolate City St. Louis war casualties and sundry black pimps doing time in Federal prison.


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