18 01 2018


Get ready for weeks and weeks of The Steve and Lyda Show.


Still Going

16 01 2018

Town and Country

He’s gaining weight.

Choosing Slices

26 12 2017

Louisville; Charlotte

Final score:  NFL/BLM/SJW 1, Papa John’s 0.

Further proof of what I’ve been telling you ever since my return to functional coherence back in mid-November, that the league and most of the owners are totally throwing in with BLM/SJW, mainly for practical self-serving reasons.

It’s also a scalp on the wall of the #Resistance.

In related news, the owner of the team in Charlotte is selling because #MeToo or something like that.  P Diddy, formerly known as Puff Daddy, is interested in buying, and giving Colin Kaepernick a piece of the action, and also P Diddy as owner would sign Kaepernick to a players contract.  Somehow, I get the feeling that Diddy is only using Colin K as a social justicey front to prefab an excuse for what we all know will happen, that the other owners won’t let him into the tiny exclusive big clique of owners.  But the owners, who are already thrown into SJWism, will have to create a diversion, which means they’ll probably have to do some sort of SJW/BLM compliant make good.

Thinking things through, SJW/BLM now has the NFL over a barrel, and can pretty much shake them down at will.

One more thing:  Everyone keeps talking about Jerry Richardson’s “problematic” race statements and actions, he who is selling the Charlotte team.  I’m so old that I remember when the NFL was doing expansion back in 1993, and St. Louis played prominently in that drama, the NAACP endorsed Richardson’s ultimately successful bid for a Charlotte expansion franchise, over and above the same effort in its own home base city of Baltimore, which was also in the hunt for an expansion franchise that cycle.


The Parable of the Mouse and the Fox

15 12 2017

Los Angeles

Not hard to explain this Disney-Fox deal.

All you have to do is see which parts of Fox Disney is buying and which parts they aren’t.  And add to it the news that broke at about the same time that Disney is pulling all of its props off of Netflix.

Disney and Fox are making polar opposite bets about the future.  Disney is buying Fox’s movie production business, IP and content rights, and most of its sports broadcast outlets and rights, meaning Disney wants to move heavily into streaming and therefore needs to beef up its vault like a mofo.  Especially since Disney’s existing comic book properties plus what they’re buying from Fox is already making the comic book spergs orgasmic.  Considering what Fox is keeping, which includes the regular OTA TV network and Fox News, Fox is betting on live and first run and timely-relevant content.  So, considering that Disney’s bet and Fox’s bet are two opposite pieces of the puzzle that fit together, this deal was going to pop off.

In addition, it made sense for Disney, which already owns ESPN, (for what that’s worth these days), to move more heavily into sports, but Disney already owns ABC, so it didn’t need to buy Fox News, which would have created a confusing corporate news culture and drew the ire of Federal regulators.

Voxsplaining the Lou

14 07 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Oh my.

It’s obvious that this kind of thing has hurt our civic pride.  It has also been one of this medium’s serial concerns.  But it should also be noted that the top drawer mergers which drained my dear town of our corporate sovereignty and our ability to be a place where shots are called in the major American business world happened long after Reagan left the White House.

The more fundamental underlying problem with my dear town remaining a shot-caller berg happened long before Reagan came to the White House, in fact, before he was even born.  It was when railroads supplanted rivers as the prime commercial corridors.  Once that happened, then all this was a matter of inevitability and time.

Jack Taylor, Call Your Office

15 06 2017



Enterprise CarShare halts service in Chicago, citing ‘theft, vandalism and fraud’

Chicago crime has led Enterprise’s car-sharing operation to cancel existing reservations in the area and stop taking new ones, the company says.

Enterprise CarShare has had “a lack of vehicle availability” for the past six weeks, as “a direct effect of significant vandalism, theft and fraud,” the company told its members via email Tuesday.

About 40 percent of Enterprise CarShare’s fleet had been involved in theft or vandalism, a company spokesman said.


But, remember, Jackass Taylor loves him some Dindus.

The Triparte Retail Economy

7 06 2017


Amazon Prime discounted by five clams a month if you’re on food stamps.

My take is that this plays into the Amazon vs Wal-Mart war somehow.  We know that Wal-Mart has declared war on Amazon, and is trying to use both brick-and-mortar and online to eat into Amazon’s market share.  I suppose Amazon had no choice but to respond somehow.  We also know that Wal-Mart has declared war on Aldi, and if Aldi ever reciprocates, they’ll probably have to do it by getting rid of the mechanism that makes you insert a quarter to get a cart.  Because I think they’re at rock bottom when it comes to price points.

No word on whether Amazon has declared war on Aldi or if Aldi has declared war on Amazon.

The only three retailers that matter anymore are:  A small-box grocery chain started in the rubble of post-war West Germany after WWII for the purpose of making affordable foodstuffs immediately available to war survivors, a big box chain started during the JFK Presidency in northwestern Arkansas because someone from there was upset that the incumbent big box department store chains flipped the bird to rural America, and a purely online business that was founded on the very day I first called the Roger Fredinburg Show, meaning that on Independence Day 1994, it was still technically a twinkle in Jeff Bezos’s eye.  Meanwhile, more than century old retailers that once were so big that the entire economy caught cold if they sneezed are now down on the mat for the ten count and the ref just called out nine.