Beer Inc Is Going to Happen

11 11 2015


Pending about half the world’s anti-trust agencies signing off.

And you know what?  I could care less.  Most people born after 1965 could care less.

The only real down side is that it’s going to hurt St. Louis very badly and for a very long time when Beer Inc shuts down all St. Louis operations, both white and blue collar.

What’s the Opposite of Growth?

13 10 2015


Emerson Electric, which was unlucky enough to have its world headquarters in the same municipal unit where GENTILIVUS GIANTIVUS breathed his last, and whose campus overlooks the Fergaza Strip itself, is doing the white guilt thing and ponying up.


Emerson officials say the goal is to tell the story of the role of blacks in the growth of the St. Louis region.


Even the Worst Plans Don’t Run Into Hitches

13 10 2015

London; Leuven, Belgium

Beer Inc is gonna happen.

“Anti-trust regulators will put the deal under a microscope.”  Which anti-trust regulators?  The ones who work for politicians who are bought and paid for corporatist whores?  This mentions the American DOJ, but knowing who they work for, (rhymes with Baraq Obama), the only condition they’ll want is that the American operations of Beer Inc hire a bunch of black women with Fisher-Price HBCU diplomas into useless HR jobs.  Because SABMiller is currently based in London, the UK anti-trust authorities have to get involved, but they’re probably not much better, and don’t expect any of the country’s kiddie pool play toy pretend royalty to exhibit a shred of patriotism or human decency to step in and say no.

In more important consequences, this will hasten the day that Beer Inc shuts down its St. Louis operations, both white and blue collar, and leaves for good.  I think that was already an inevitability after the InBev buyout, and now that Beer Inc is going to be rolling two global megacorporations into one, it just makes it even more inevitable, I think even sooner.  Who in Beer Inc is really going to give a rat’s turd about St. Louis?

These Ain’t the Good Ole Days

25 09 2015


Netting it out:  Ferguson’s city government is looking for Emerson Electric for a rescue.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, James Knowles III, but these aren’t the good ole days anymore.  This isn’t the era where Gussie Busch could be counted on to organize a financial rescue and bailout of MSD.  That’s because David Farr is no Gussie Busch; why would Farr care about Ferguson when he doesn’t care about America?

And even if he had that propensity, why should he?  Bailouts and rescues are useful if the institution which is being rescued has a good shot of a financially soluble future after the rescue.  If you try to rescue Ferguson, you’re only pouring money into a black hole, pun intended.  The average house selling price in Ferguson 1Q15 was $23,000.  If EE bails out Ferguson now, it will have to bail out Ferguson every year until the end of days, basically, the city will become EE’s perpetual welfare client.

A Threat And a Promise

16 09 2015

Schenectady, New York

Yes, it’s both.

Don’t be surprised if they are successful in bullying Congress into renewing Ex-Im, and then wind up moving the jobs anyway.

Remember, this is the same firm that had zero Federal corporate income tax liability in 2010, though that was a one year one tax one-off.  However, in a just world, there would never be a scenario where an institution that reported the kind of domestic profits it did that year would have zero FCIT liability.

Slow meatball over the heart of the plate, Donald Trump.

Romeo, Meet Juliet

16 09 2015

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

A-B and Miller under the same international megacorporate roof.

Two people turning over in their graves:  Gussie, and my grandfather.

In the Box

27 08 2015

Bentonville, Arkansas

No more AR-15s at Wal-Martinez.

My reaction?  The same reaction I had way back when, when Rosie O’Donnell’s political pressure got K-Mart to quit selling guns altogether:

Fine by me.

As far as I care, W-M can totally get out of the gun business, too.

So that mom and pop little box retailers can soak up the business.

Can we have at least one part of the economy free of big box marts?


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