The Sum of All Parts

26 05 2015

Town and Country

I don’t know which would be worse:  Comcast + TW, or Charter + TW.

It says here that Charter has been trying to beat Comcast to the punch to buy TW since last year.  Where the hell was I?

You Used to Have Mail

12 05 2015

New York City

VZ to buy AOL for $4.4 billion.

Remember when AOL bought TWX for $182 billion?

For Prophet

28 04 2015

New York City

You may have heard here and there through the years that the NFL is a non-profit tax exempt organization legally speaking.

Yes and no.

Only the league’s central office is that.  The franchises, where most of the revenue and profits are, are not, which means they’re taxed.

And anyway, the NFL is giving up that status, mainly to prevent it being used as political leverage against it.

I wonder if the league central office becoming a for-profit corporation will affect its ability to sell bonds for what is said to be the league’s percentage share of financing the hypothetical new football stadiums both here and in Johnny Carson, California.  Just off the top of my head, I think there are all sorts of tax implications that change and tax advantages that are lost if the bond seller is a for-profit corporation instead of a not for profit (“–“) entity.

If I’m right, then it probably means that after the status change, it makes Kroenke’s self-financed playpen in Inglewood-it’s-all-good the only real new building feasible.

The Wages of 365Black

22 04 2015


American sales at comparable outlets at the 365BellCurve fast feeder down 2.6% 1Q15 over 1Q14.

To go with it, global revenue is down 11% and global net income is down 36%.

In my Google News search for “McDonalds” just now, this is the second prominent story.

A lot of people are saying to McDs:  Now that you’ve gone 365Black, we’re not coming 365Back.


17 04 2015

Washington, D.C.

I hope they don’t do like Indiana Republicans and actually hold firm to this decision.

I hope this isn’t just a stall tactic for the Democrat Party and its associated constituent parts to get more goodies and gibs out of the deal.

Seventy Big Ones

15 04 2015


It’s called the market working as it should.

He’s also going to turn 80% of net profitability back into employee salary.  While some might thump him for not investing in the business, this does not seem to be the kind of business and the kind of industry with very many interesting problems to solve remaining.  The best way to get more productivity in this kind of business is to increase salaries which will either attract better employees or encourage the ones they have to work smarter.

However, it does not automatically follow from this that the fast feeder employees deserve a $15 an hour floor.  Speaking of which, at one fast feeder employee walkout this morning, one of the organizers told the media this exact quote:

“People on welfare effectively make more than we do.”

Yeah, that says a lot, and not about low fast feeder wages.

Corporate Influence Over Public Policy

31 03 2015

Little Rock

That’s one of the things libs hate, and they especially despise Wal-Mart just because they exist.

Get ready for your brains to blue screen, libs.


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