Kevin’s Underground Rave

14 02 2018

Los Angeles;  San Francisco

Why is Kevin de Leon trying to challenge Dianne Feinstein openly on issues where they are already the same? Environmentalism, immigration, health care, minimum wage — On those issues, Feinstein = de Leon, they would have identical voting records. These kinds of challenges to long entrenched established political incumbents require differentiation. And, at least publicly, de Leon isn’t really differentiating himself from Feinstein.


He is actually doing that below the radar. My spidey sense informs me that de Leon actually does differ from Feinstein on Israel and Military-Industrial Complex. But he is also astute enough to know that he can’t run around in public stating that. So what he has probably concluded, if my guess is right, is to run on-label as a more Feinstein-y version of Feinstein on the “kitchen table” issues for the left, and then do anti-Israel and anti-MIC underground.

If he winds up toppling her, then it will be just a matter of the tikkun olam revolution eating its own.


It Was a Referendum on Right to Work

7 02 2018


It made Instapundit and Drudge today.

Want to know why I’m not surprised at the outcome?

Arnold west of 55 is in House-97, and guess who lives in Arnold west of 55.

Norm told me several days ago that he was going to sit this one out because he did not instinctively care for either one.

As for a sophisticated analysis, it turned out to have been just about a pure referendum on RTW, with a predictable outcome.  I’ve been on record in this space stating that the red team is stepping in a tar baby messing around with union rhinestones, first RTW and now prevailing wage.  The political shocker of 2016 bar none in Missouri is Chris Koster not winning Governor, which I think he could have if he would have made the election single issue on RTW and PW.  But, as we can see from what happened yesterday in an almost all white heavily working class House district, the politics of these things are starting to swing binary outcomes once again.

And this is the outlet and opening that clever non-crackpot non-SJW Democrats have this year.

He Knew a Good One

6 02 2018


“Least offensive African American.”

That’s J.B. Pritzker, as in the Pritzker family, which helped incubate the political career of yet another non-offensive African-American, and the ultimate success of that opened up a Senate seat for yet another non-offensive African American to slide into.  That’s what these Prtizkers do, schmooze up to the IKAGOs in order to give themselves socio-political cover for their plans to disband the urban ghetto and create some brand new and suddenly way more desirable and expensive real estate close to the downtown of the anchor city of the third largest metropolitan area in the country.

While the Blogmeister Is Away, the Danforths Shall Play

11 04 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Hotel Room

In an unidentified major city west of the Mississippi River.

I don’t like these rumors that are making their way to my eyeballs.

John Danforth hearts Josh Hawley, and is thinking about wielding muscle to shove him up the chute to challenge Claire next year?

Remember, the only other corporeal individual I cast an affirmative vote for other than the OCGE last current year was Hawley, mainly because on the August ballot, his name wasn’t Kurt Schaefer, and on the November ballot, we needed someone in the state AG office to do the work that Kim Gardner won’t.  Plain words, I voted Hawley because I thought he was the polar opposite of the Danforths.

On top of that, Hawley just became AG, and really hasn’t made much of a mark yet.  If he winds up running, then he will in essence have to check out of the AG’s office by this fall.

Dare to Claire

17 02 2017


She’s worried about being primaried?

I don’t think she really has anything to worry about, because I don’t think any other Democrat in this state could beat her.

I’m also wondering why she thinks she has to worry about her left flank, when at least in terms of voting record, she rarely goes off res.   Unlike the analogue of the TPM versus establishment/moderate/party-line Republican primaries of eight years ago, in those instances, the challengers were able to point to the incumbents’ or quasi-incumbents’ actions and record.

Though if she’s worried about being primaried, it could be because it wasn’t so long ago that she did the primarying and won.

They Left Their Hearts In San Francisco

24 01 2017


The Hill has this long spread about CA-GOV next year, with Lt. Gov. and former San Francisco Mayor Gavin “Any Twosome” Newsom as the favorite.

Something I’ve noticed is that as Los Angeles turns into Guatemala, the political heart of California now beats in the Bay Area instead of L.A.  It seems as if Bay Area politicians want L.A. to turn into Guatemala for that reason, and that, they realize, unlike a certain now-discredited consultant-donor class of a certain political party, there is no ZOMG GREAT HISPANIC VOTER TIDAL WAVE LOL~!!!!!1!1!1

From the article:

Conventional, if counterintuitive, wisdom in California holds that a Democrat with a political base in the San Francisco Bay Area holds an edge over a Democrat from the more populous Los Angeles area. Bay Area voters turn out at higher percentages and vote more reliably Democratic than Angeleno voters.

If the wisdom is conventional, then it’s recent, but not counterintuitive, for reasons I just described.

The most important California politicians since 2010?  Jerry Brown (Oakland), Kamala Harris (San Francisco), Dianne Feinstein (San Francisco), Barbara Boxer (Marin County, though late in her time in the Senate, she moved to the Palm Springs area officially).  And, the odds on favorite to replace Brown as Governor is the aforementioned San Franciscan, Mr. Newsom.

They Know How to Grow ‘Em

13 12 2016

South Dakota


Kristi Noem, the state’s at-large Congresswoman since 2010, is not seeking re-election in 2018 in order to run for Governor.  She hasn’t much distinguished herself in Congress, and she’s mostly been a Bohener/Ryan stooge.  But she was also a reliable Trump endorser and supporter early on.

Guess who is being speculated to want to run to replace her in Congress?  This Rapid City native:


Tomi Lahren.