Van of Nutbar

24 04 2018


It was the Truck of Peace for nutbars.  This one, an Armenian, says he admires the previous nutbar who called himself “supreme gentleman.”

Like I’ve been saying…


Wicked Racial Profiling Trick, Eh?

16 04 2018

Halifax, Nova Scotia

I figured “disparate impact on minorities” or some such would appear somewhere in this article.  But it didn’t.

That angle is left curiously unstated, especially since this conference will be held in Halifax, which is the Canadian city above a certain population with the highest rate of “gun violence” in the whole country.  Not surprisingly, Halifax has a significant dinduistan, the historical root cause is that blacks who fought for the crown during the War for American Independence fled to what would become Canada and settled in Halifax.  You would think Justin Bieber Trudeau would take the opportunity to impress the dindus in the conference’s host city by throwing out the muh disput impak line.


Old News (In More Ways Than One)

27 11 2017

Whitby, Ontario

June 6, and they’re just now getting around to making a thing out of it.

A bit slow on the uptake, are we?

The other way this is old news is that the Grand Acronym got so long as to be untenable, not counting the fact that no matter how many letters are in it, some people either don’t fit into any one letter, or find themselves stuck in between two of them.  All moot now, because the burning edge of social justice theory no longer has any use for an acronym per se, as it now has the Genderbread Person.

Virtue Signalers vs Dixie

26 06 2017

In Charleston, S.C., and Toronto.

Both cases are easy to make.  The Charleston matter was a matter of a virtue signaling status seeking professional white woman (fortysomething law firm partner).  In Toronto, that’s obvious.  That was a matter of probably the only black person who attended this event asserting her fringiness.  She wonders why nobody else complained and she was the first.  Well, dear, that’s because everyone else either doesn’t care or likes the car.

Ninety-Nine to One

27 03 2017


Toronto Star via Breitbart:

A young person is shot every day in Ontario, Sick Kids study finds


Also, immigrant children and youth from Africa are almost three times as likely, and those from Central America are more than four times as likely, to be a victim of such targeted firearm assault than their Canadian-born counterparts, said the study by the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES) and Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children.


“The observed variation in firearm injury by region of origin may have been related to higher participation in Canadian gangs by Indo-Asian, Caribbean and African immigrants than by those from other regions, and it highlights the need to ensure a healthy transition to Canada by these particular at-risk groups,” the study said.

But before that:

The data did not allow the researchers to dig deeper into why some subgroups face a higher risk of firearm assault.

That’s because “digging deeper” in that regard is a crime in Absurdistan.


15 03 2017



College removes scales from gym after students complain it’s ‘triggering’

For people with eating disorders, stepping on a scale can be very triggering. A college in Canada is taking extreme measures to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Ottawa’s Carleton University has decided to get rid of all the scales at their gym. Athletics have put up a sign where the scales used to be that explains that they were removed to encourage people to focus on other ways of measuring their health beyond just their weight.

Bruce Marshall, manager of health and wellness at Athletics, told the school’s paper, The Charlatan, that: “We don’t believe being fixated on weight has any positive effect on your health and well-being.”

Some people are not happy with the decision and #bringbackthescale has appeared on twitter with some people saying obesity is also a disorder and scales can actually help obese people keep track of losing or gaining weight.

Wasn’t Carleton University’s gym recently in the news for another reason?

Didn’t I write a post about it?

Shazaam, it was, and I did.

Roll the two together, and that school’s gym is becoming a chick gym.

The Public’s Right Not to Know

15 02 2017


I only broached this story in this space on Sunday, and that that, it was in a snarky way. You know, Edmonton Man is the new Minnesota Man.

Nevertheless, sexual assault is really not a big deal, in fact, it’s borderline not even a crime, unless the suspect looks like a non-existent white man written about in Strolling Bone. No, the real crime is noticing patterns. And the real victims are the rapists, the girls they raped probably brought it on themselves by having the audacity to be white.