How Rahm Did It

8 04 2015


Again, back to Ace’s map.

I’m going to assume that Chicago’s 50 wards are drawn such that they have roughly equal population.  If I’m mistaken about that, please let me know.

1.  The white wards and the black wards went for Rahm very handily, and they both had relatively high raw vote totals meaning relatively high (by the standards of yesterday’s election) turnout.  Almost all Rahm wards had north of 10,000 total votes cast.   Incidentally, with some 566k votes cast over 50 wards, the average number of votes cast per ward was 11,300.

2.  The wards that went for Garcia, which closely correspond to Luis Gutiérrez’s Hispanic gerrymandered IL-4, had low turnouts almost all of them had south of 10,000 total votes cast.  In fact, it seems to be a linear slope:  The higher percentage the Garcia ward went for Garcia, the lower the raw vote total was.

3.  What’s the object lesson?  What have I been trying to tell you?  You rely on or worry about the ZOMG GREAT HISPANIC VOTER TIDAL WAVE LOL~!!!!!1 at your own peril.

4.  It’s time for our people or our kind-ish of people to shut up about teachers’ unions.  Any one of us (or “us”) that keeps going on about them is living in the past.  The CTU doesn’t even have the political muscle to punch through Chicago.  And the NEA and AFT been losing power within national Democrat Party politics ever since the turn of the millennium.

5.  I don’t think Rahm has a national future, in terms of President or Vice-President.  Especially if his upcoming pension reform in his second term is what we all think it will be.

6.  I think this second term will be Rahm’s last, again because of the pensions.  I happen to think that in the greater scheme of Chicago politics, Rahm was just the placeholder waiting for the next Daley to ripen on the tree.  As it is, a grandson of the first slash nephew of the second Daley surnamed Thompson won an aldermanic seat yesterday.  There might be other Daleys waiting in the wings.


Using my spidey sense, I find it a bit odd that the black wards came out relatively big and with very solid majorities for Rahm.  I wonder if something was going on behind the scenes.  Maybe the Rahm campaign in the background and behind several layers of plausible deniability peddled anti-Hispanic invective among black voters.  We know that Democrats aren’t loath to peddle anti-white invective among black voters.

You May Kill Me Now

7 04 2015


Several of you reading this post will want to do just that after you’ve made it to the end.

If I was living in Chicago and could vote in Chicago elections, I would vote for Rahm Emanuel today.

Hell, I might be able to vote in Chicago even though I don’t live there and am not registered to vote there.  What would clinch the deal is if I was dead.

Here are the bullet points:

(1)  The reasons that Rahm’s critics say that Rahm should be bounced out just don’t hold water.  Even if the reasons Rahm tells us he should stay aren’t exactly dogs that hunt for me.

The school closings?  They’re mad that the school closings meant that kids had to cross gang lines on their daily commutes.   Does that mean that people think that illicit black hoodlums are supposed to have veto power over the city’s education policy?  Are people’s wishes supposed to negate CPS budgetary reality?  Really, we all know that the CTU is the only real political force that wants Rahm gone, because of the school closings.  Chuy Garcia just happens to be their conduit in that attempt.  However, anyone who has made an enemy of that openly Communist ghetto sowpottamus Karen Lewis has to have some good in him.

The murders in the black parts of town, the south side and the west side?  Like I’m supposed to believe that Rahm pulls the triggers in all of them.  Rahm is no more responsible for them than I am.

(2)  I never liked Rahm when he had any sort of Federal power.  Either in Clinton’s White House, in Congress, or Obama’s Chief of Staff.  However, we have to realize that big city politics and state politics and national politics are very different animals.  This is one big reason why I’m not on board the Scott Walker bandwagon, because his mostly good accomplishments as Wisconsin Governor don’t scale well up to national politics.  On the other hand, bad national political figures can do okay down on the lower levels, Rahm is one of them.

I do find it amusing that all the people that are Rahm’s political enemies in the Chicago-only context now are the same kind of people Rahm was happy to hang out with and use and manipulate against Republicans when he worked for Clinton and Obama and for House Democrats.  Again, it speaks to the concept of homeostatic equilibrium.  Rahm is solidly on the left in national terms, but on the right by Chicago standards.  Everything we don’t like about Rahm nationally certainly wouldn’t get any better with Chuy Garcia.  Remember, George Wallace isn’t on this ballot.

(3)  Chuy Garcia is a Mex married to a PR.  His winning would signal a lot of bad tidings for us on the immigration issue.

(4)  Garcia also doesn’t seem to know what he wants to do with the office of Chicago Mayor.  That’s a function of him being able to walk and chew gum at the same time while being the conduit of the anybody-but-Rahm caucus, which is like I said above, almost entirely CTU and Karen Lewis backed.  If Garcia had to rely only on the ZOMG GREAT HISPANIC VOTER TIDAL WAVE LOL~!!!!!1, he would have never even made the runoff.

OTOH, Rahm just plain ole knows what he’s doing.

That’s actually an object lesson for our people.  No matter the political system, nobody’s going to trust us with power if all we do is bitch about the way things are.  If all we do is bitch all day along about black crime and non-white immigration, that might take us a long way, but it’s not enough to get enough people to trust us enough to give us the keys to a a $4 trillion government in a $17 trillion economy.

Rahm will most likely win today because Chicago has an $15.7 billion total public budget (city government plus CPS) and a $525 billion city economy, and the voters that matter will trust him more than than Jesus Chuy with the keys to its ignition.

(5)  CPD Supernintendo Garry McCarthy is a hack and a kook.  (“Sarah Palin’s reality show and the Pilgrims are to blame for black crime in Chicago”).  But, as we found out a few weeks ago, and in spite of numerous denials that they were doing this or ever wanted to do it, the CPD is doing SQF.  Chuy Garcia’s CPD Supernintendo (Garcia would fire McCarthy, only because Rahm hired him) won’t do SQF.  He or she won’t, especially if Garcia winds up winning today on the strength of black voters.

The Graybar Hotel Is Overbooked

3 04 2015


Okay, Rahm and Gerry.  You want manmims for illegal gun possession?

Where are you going to put ’em?

Illinois state prisons are so overcrowded that those convicted of murder two are sometimes out within a single digit number of years.  A combination of Illinois’s budget problems and the Federal courts have meant that the state has no choice but to do this.  About the only kind of convicts who will do their full bit are those convicted of murder one, which is now a straight life sentence in Illinois, now that they’ve tabled the death penalty.  This is why the U.S. Attorneys are getting creative and using the Hobbs Act to send garden variety armed robbers in Illinois (including the Metro East) to Federal prison, because if they were strung up and sentenced by the state, they may not actually do any prison time at all.

The Cook County jail is so overcrowded and such a clusterfuck that it’s one major scandal away from the Federal courts taking over, letting a bunch of inmates out, and sending ole Dodge Dart out to pasture.

As far as Rahm’s weed plans — The truth of the matter is that what he wants is pretty much the way it is.  The Cook County State’s Attorney and her ASAs are so overworked in trying to prosecute all the real violent crime in Cook County and Chicago that they don’t have time to string everyone up who has a little bit of weed.  The CPD doesn’t care about you smoking weed because they’re on the way to scraping up the next body off the pavement.

Chuy blames Rahm, Rahm blames Chuy, Garry blames guns, activists blame Garry, but the ook is beyond reproach.  Meanwhile, it looks like they’ve figured out that nobody is going to help them, they’ll have to help themselves.  And not a moment too soon.


Likely Story

30 03 2015


Back when Rahmbo was 18 and shirtless.

The mayor’s role in speaking out against Collin’s venomous rants against Jews and blacks could be beneficial now as he seeks to boost his sagging popularity among African-American voters who are expected to decide the April 7 runoff.

But the Emanuel campaign insists it had nothing to do with resurrecting or calling attention to the old video and photos of a shirtless Rahm Emanuel following in his mother’s footsteps.

Sure you didn’t.

And now, what do you have?  He’s now 55, mayor, and sweatin’ bullets every time black kids on the south side walk to and from school, knowing that shit meets fan pointing toward Rahm if some gang ook starts shooting and hits and kills one of the kids.

He would have been better off to pick the Nazis.

H/T True News USA.


The Bell Curve Never Disappoints

27 03 2015



Lil Durk’s manager, Chino Dolla, fatally shot hours after Joakim Noah anti-violence event

Just hours after meeting with Chicago Bulls star Joakim Noah about an anti-violence event, the manager of Chicago rapper Lil Durk was gunned down in the Avalon Park neighborhood.

Uchenna Agina — know as Chino Dolla and OTF Chino — was sitting in a car in the 8400 block of South Stony Island Avenue when a gunman walked up and opened fire about 1:50 a.m. Friday, authorities said.

And the rest is, shall we say, soon to be forgotten history.

Note that the nutty Pfleger gets an honorable mention here.

Rahm Cares About Both

26 03 2015


In the past few days, we got documented evidence that the CPD uses SQF and that Israel does have a nuclear weapons program.  Or is it that Chicago has a nuclear weapons program and Israel uses SQF?

Anyway, both doggedly denied these things until now, and for much the same reason.  Plausible deniability, not wanting to create a controversy, wanting to speak softly yet carry a big invisible stick, keeping the element of uncertainty and surprise on one’s own side, playing head games with one’s opponents.

And I’m sure Rahm Emanuel approves of both.

News To Me

24 03 2015


CPD does SQF?  The blockbuster here isn’t the way it’s being done or which people they’re doing it against, it’s that they’re doing it at all.  For the longest time, Daley, Rahm, Gerry et al. have specifically rejected SQF.


The ACLU said Chicago officers last summer conducted more than 250,000 stops of people who weren’t arrested. The ACLU also said that almost three-fourths of those stopped were African American, though they make up about a third of the city’s population.

They’re also three-fourths of the city’s murder victims and murder suspects.


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