Exhibit A

20 09 2016

Joliet, Illinois

I can see their point.

We have plenty of helicopteral and windshield evidence that black people can drive automobiles at a very rapid rate.

Get with it, NASCAR.

Dynamo of Bell Curve City

12 09 2016


Keeps going.

ICYMI, I added “Dynamo of Bell Curve City” as an item in my FAQ.

Take Your Best Shot

4 09 2016


NBC Sports:

Dwyane Wade said his purpose in Chicago is “bigger than basketball”

Dwyane Wade has come home to Chicago in part because Bulls’ management was embarrassed not making the playoffs and they are counting on the three-time NBA champ, the 12-time All-Star, to turn things around.

Wade wants to do much more than that.

He is coming home to a city torn apart by violence — one where his cousin, Nykea Aldridge, was shot pushing her stroller down the street — and he wants to take steps to end the cycle of violence, he told George Stephanopoulos on “Good Morning America.”

His job is to insert a 9.5 inch wide ball through an 18-inch hole set 10 feet above the floor on behalf of his own team, and to prevent anyone on the other team from doing so.  Not sure how that deters black violent crime.  But, give it your best shot.  Pun intended.

Wasn’t there some really really really good player in Chicago, some say the best ever, between 1984 and 1996?  Most of those were really bad crime years in the city as well.  This means that Mr. Wade, not quite as good as the one whose name I can’t remember, is swimming against the tide of past performance.

I Got All That From a Video

31 08 2016


And more.

Mash up the video with that clip from the Trib, and I think we’re witnessing the beginning of a series of events which inevitably and inexorably will end in both the Presidency of the United States becoming an obvious dictatorship and many black parts of cities being placed under martial law, and by “martial,” I mean the 101st Airborne kind of martial law.  It could be the “strike while the iron is hot” opportunity for #NRx.

Don’t agree with me?  Tell me how this toothpaste is going to go back into the tube.

I’m Not Used to This Much Irony Before Noon

25 08 2016


I get the hunch there’s a rapper somewhere underneath all those tattoos.

Indiana’s Fault

23 08 2016


First offense, up to 20 years.  Subsequent offenses, up to 30 years.

Except, Illinois, where murder two convicts often don’t do even ten years.

OTOH, this symbolism takes the heat off of Chicago and Illinois politicians for a little while.

It also should be noted that NCIC is required anywhere in the United States anywhere a background check requisite purchase occurs.  Illinois or Indiana.  It’s just that elderly black women in Chicago can vote in Chicago and Illinois elections, therefore, people subject to their democratic influence won’t ever blame their grandsons for violent crime.  Indiana is just the guy behind the tree.

He’s Got the Hook Up

22 08 2016


Deray gets a second job.

Though since his first job is in Baltimore and his second job is in Chicago, one wonders how he’ll be able to do both.

Except we know he won’t really be doing either one:  Both jobs are no-show giveaways and sinecures.

Also, I wonder how he was able to nab a position at the University of Chicago.  Scratching my head, but I think I’ve heard of two very prominent people who were once associated with the school.  If memory serves, I’ve been claiming that Deray is in a relationship with one of them.

Now all Deray needs to do is find a good choom gang to join, and he’s on his way to being the next hopeychanger.