Who’s Carrying?

7 07 2015

Granite City

CST mulls over Illinois CCW data.

They find that in the city of Chicago itself, the zip codes with the highest number of permits issues are high crime or have a lot of retired cops.

The Illinois zip code with the most number of permits issued:

The state’s No. 1 ZIP code for concealed-carry permits is 62040 in Granite City in southwest Illinois. That city — just north of St. Louis and across the Mississippi River from embattled Ferguson, Missouri — is a steel town. Most of the residents are white, according to the U.S. census. There are 808 residents with permits there.

It’s not just across the river from “embattled Ferguson,” it’s just north of East St. Louis and surrounding bellcurvey communities, with no river between them.  Also, Granite City itself isn’t as white as it used to be.

Since this mentions Michael Pfleger, he’s in the news for another gun-related reason.  Maybe he and these villages can settle out of court, in that the villages will fund the construction of high barb wired electrified fencing around the black areas of Chicago, so that the evil guns from the evil suburbs can’t make their way into Chicago and therefore can’t disproportionately impact the lives of blacks.  I don’t think the blacks of Chicago would mind living inside high barb wired electrified fencing, because they’re probably used to that.

Well, It Is a Slight Improvement

6 07 2015


Unless I missed something, I can’t find any actual homicides here over the long holiday weekend.  A bunch of shootings, probably no more than ten, but that’s it.

So, we look to Chicago, which had 10 murders and 54 make that 55 other shootings.  That is an improvement over last Independence Day long weekend, 14 and 82.

One of the ten was a seven-year old boy.  While everyone was supposed to cry, somebody did some digging and found out some inconvenient truths. You’ll see here that Garry McCarthy is once again complaining about the revolving door “justice” system in Chicago and Illinois, but we all know why: There are so many black criminals and so few incarceration spaces that unless one is convicted of first degree murder, one isn’t going to spend that much time in jail or prison. If Chicago and Illinois has truth in sentencing, the jails and prisons would be so ultra-overcrowded that even I would have to order inmate releases if I was a Federal judge, and the #BlackLivesMatter crowd would be bitching to the sky.

Bell Curve City Plus the Comprehensive Crowd

26 06 2015



And some reading material:  C-Trib, Chicagoist, WBBM, DNAinfo, WGN.  Notice only the video I embed above mentions the Mexican connection.

One thing we know from the get go is that this is our fault.  The only open question is precisely how this is our fault.  Was it because there was a Confederate Battle Flag flying somewhere, anywhere?  Did their parents not say enough words to them when they were infants and toddlers?  Did they consume lead paint that hasn’t been on the market for 37 years, longer than the entire lifetimes of most of these angelic victims of white racism?  Were there no charter schools available to them when they were school-aged children?  Are the taxes and regulations in their neighborhoods too high?  Perhaps it’s all due to the fact that 80 years ago in that very neighborhood, some white guy threw a brick through someone’s window and yelled a racial pejorative in the process.

Saddest of all after reading this news is Rand Paul, who is lachrymose over the possibility that all these people will get twenty-year Federal prison bits for merely having a little bit of weed.

“Big Cutthroat”

24 06 2015


Just your garden variety article about just your garden variety night in Chiraq?

But, aha, there’s a twist:

Hours earlier, a man was pronounced dead Tuesday afternoon after being shot multiple times in the Grand Crossing neighborhood.

The shooting happened shortly after 2 p.m. in the 7500 block of South Ellis Avenue, said Officer Veejay Zala, a police spokesman. Paramedics responded, but the victim was dead on arrival, said Larry Langford, a fire department spokesman.

The man was identified as Devon Davis, 21, of the 7500 block of South Indiana Avenue, according to the Cook County medical examiner’s office.

Preliminary information from police indicated the attack was a possible drive-by shooting, Zala said. No one was in custody, and police were investigating.

From another source, I found out that the late Mr. Davis was a rapper with the stage name “Big Cutthroat.”

With that name, he should have put in an application with ISIS.


9 06 2015



I Hate Mondays

8 06 2015


If it’s Monday, it’s Michael Pfleger blaming a group that has no power and hardly any presence in Chicago for ooks pulling triggers at each other and making each other get kilt.

“But Blogmeister, they have lots of power nationally, and that’s preventing Chicago from preventing gun violence, ennnnnnnnh…”

Yes, and I’m sure the Romans getting turned back at the Battle of Teutoburg Wald plays into it somehow.

Somewhere Between Paintball and Real Guns

6 06 2015


It has made Drudge, but I’ve known about it for a few days because I look at this guy’s videos.


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