Horn of Plenty

21 02 2017

Chicago and Madison, Wisconsin

Capital Times:

Michael Johnson to announce $600 million plan to reduce Chicago violence

Boys and Girls Club of Dane County CEO Michael Johnson and other community leaders will introduce a $600 million 15-point plan to reduce violence while at the Chicago Police Department headquarters Thursday.


The framework includes:

Re-purposing $100 million over four years from the correctional system to employ thousands of inner city men
Training and developing peer support coaches for violence prevention
Training and developing peer support coaches for recidivism reduction
Engaging youth in providing solutions with Chicago Peace Project
Providing awards and protection for witnesses who report violent crimes
Employing thousands of youth during summer months
Lobbying for policies that address social justice issues
Providing mentoring and executive coaching for inner city men in the workplace
Providing alternative sentencing for nonviolent offenders
Providing mental health therapy for families
Providing court advocates for low-income individuals 25-years-old and younger
Building new community centers in targeted neighborhoods
Funding robust functional family therapy programs
Providing parent management training classes that includes financial literacy and wealth building
Creating a basic need fund for new emerging workers who struggle with housing and transportation issues.

Reads to me like the CEO of the county level organization of the Boys and Girls Clubs wants us to dump $600 million on the Boys and Girls Clubs so they can supposedly prevent violent crime, but in actuality increase Michael Johnson’s salary.

Rahm’s Chill Pill

7 02 2017


His political coping strategy here in the Era of the OCGE:

Cozy up to John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

Lemme know how that works out for ya.

Personally, I think you’re siding with the wrong horses.

Not Everyone, Dear

28 01 2017


Blago’s 20-year old daughter takes it to the ex-hopeychanger on Faceberg.

She said that “Everyone seems to be mourning your exit from office.”

Not everyone, dear.

And the reason why he didn’t spring your father from the can early is because his pay-for-play corruption upended and embarrassed Obama in the transition period between his first election and his inauguration.  More people than otherwise were or would have were starting to side eye Obama because of what someone else out of the Chicago stable did.

Muddy Water Keeps On Flowing

27 01 2017


Death threats, huh?

Death threats against people that are already in jail.  It would be kinda difficult to carry them out.

Their defense attorneys are just trying to muddy the water either to create a pretext for a mistrial or an appeal.  They might want to move the case out of Cook, because of pretrial publicity; problem is, their best chance to beat the rap is with a Crook County jury.

Unless the Feds step in, and I know from the right grapevine that the CPD was going to drop this file at the U.S. Attorney’s office after noon one week ago today.

Dynamo of Bell Curve City

26 01 2017


The logical biconditional presents once again in Dinduistan.

Truth table:

Black homicidal violence = p

Black funerals or memorial services or anti-violence marches = q

p <=> q

To All the Future Oppressors of America

16 01 2017



Suburban Chicago School Teaches ‘Blackenomics,’ ‘Trans-Rights,’ and ‘White Genocide Against Blacks’

A suburban Chicago high school is taking the Obama education agenda all the way with new classes and seminars that teach kids that whites are committing “genocide” against blacks, that America is violating the “rights” of transgender Americans, that whites are suppressing the voting rights of blacks, and a long list of other far-left activist ideas.

The high school in question is New Trier High School, which is the only school in a high school-only public school district which serves the lakefront areas of north suburban Cook County north of Evanston but south of the northern boundary of the county.  Very much uptown.  So you can probably figure out the rest.  It’s probably the best open enrollment geography-delimited public high school in the country.

The list of notable alumni of the school is so extensive and lofty that it has its own Wikipedia page, apart from the page for the school in general.  And as you read the list, there’s a whole lot of who’s-who.  Charlton Heston, Rahm Emanuel, Mark Kirk.  Chuck Knight, a business figure that any St. Louisan who can read has heard of, is an alumnus.

So what’s all this social justice mess about?  New Trier peddles it for the same reason why extremely expensive Manhattan private schools peddle it.  They’re not teaching their students how to be guilty, they’re teaching future people that matter how to wield and exercise power, to grow and preserve their own power, by means of bafflegabbery.  That, and in the case of New Trier, because it’s so good and so fattened by the district’s real estate and property tax realizations, and in the same county as Chicago, and the CPS, and its many fine public secondary schools on the south and west sides, New Trier is always an easy target, and one that puts out.  All their SJW claptrap is PR to shut the blacks up.  You know how that goes:  “We love ya, man, but from a distance.”

Two Flakes

13 01 2017


DOJ released its report on the CPD today.

All I can say is that if you can find a way to bet or or invest in a higher violent crime rate in Chicago for this current year over last current year, then bet the farm.

I saw on SCC that the DOJ investigators interviewed Michael Pfleger six times but didn’t talk to Garry McCarthy even once.  Now, they’re both flakes, but the difference is that the McCarthy flake actually had police power in Chicago over the range of time the DOJ was interested in.