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30 03 2015


Back when Rahmbo was 18 and shirtless.

The mayor’s role in speaking out against Collin’s venomous rants against Jews and blacks could be beneficial now as he seeks to boost his sagging popularity among African-American voters who are expected to decide the April 7 runoff.

But the Emanuel campaign insists it had nothing to do with resurrecting or calling attention to the old video and photos of a shirtless Rahm Emanuel following in his mother’s footsteps.

Sure you didn’t.

And now, what do you have?  He’s now 55, mayor, and sweatin’ bullets every time black kids on the south side walk to and from school, knowing that shit meets fan pointing toward Rahm if some gang ook starts shooting and hits and kills one of the kids.

He would have been better off to pick the Nazis.

H/T True News USA.


The Bell Curve Never Disappoints

27 03 2015



Lil Durk’s manager, Chino Dolla, fatally shot hours after Joakim Noah anti-violence event

Just hours after meeting with Chicago Bulls star Joakim Noah about an anti-violence event, the manager of Chicago rapper Lil Durk was gunned down in the Avalon Park neighborhood.

Uchenna Agina — know as Chino Dolla and OTF Chino — was sitting in a car in the 8400 block of South Stony Island Avenue when a gunman walked up and opened fire about 1:50 a.m. Friday, authorities said.

And the rest is, shall we say, soon to be forgotten history.

Note that the nutty Pfleger gets an honorable mention here.

Rahm Cares About Both

26 03 2015


In the past few days, we got documented evidence that the CPD uses SQF and that Israel does have a nuclear weapons program.  Or is it that Chicago has a nuclear weapons program and Israel uses SQF?

Anyway, both doggedly denied these things until now, and for much the same reason.  Plausible deniability, not wanting to create a controversy, wanting to speak softly yet carry a big invisible stick, keeping the element of uncertainty and surprise on one’s own side, playing head games with one’s opponents.

And I’m sure Rahm Emanuel approves of both.

News To Me

24 03 2015


CPD does SQF?  The blockbuster here isn’t the way it’s being done or which people they’re doing it against, it’s that they’re doing it at all.  For the longest time, Daley, Rahm, Gerry et al. have specifically rejected SQF.


The ACLU said Chicago officers last summer conducted more than 250,000 stops of people who weren’t arrested. The ACLU also said that almost three-fourths of those stopped were African American, though they make up about a third of the city’s population.

They’re also three-fourths of the city’s murder victims and murder suspects.

The 60th Axiom Strikes Again

11 03 2015


H/T True News USA


Thaddeus “TJ” Jimenez was sitting in his parked Lamborghini Gallardo on the Northwest Side last year when a cop came up and busted him for marijuana possession.

It was Jimenez’s seventh arrest since he hit the figurative lottery, winning a $25 million jury verdict in 2012 in a wrongful-conviction lawsuit against the city of Chicago stemming from a murder conviction that was later vacated.

The cash has provided Jimenez, who’s now 35, with homes in Chicago and the suburbs. He also has 14 vehicles registered in his name — including the $130,000 Lamborghini sports car, a second Lamborghini, a Bentley convertible and other expensive vehicles.

But his newfound fortune hardly solved Jimenez’s lifetime’s worth of problems.

My 60th Axiom:

Poor people have poor ways.  Or, to put it another way, most poor people are poor because of their bad habits.  All the money in the world won’t change their poor ways, and furthermore, their poor ways will eventually result in their being poor once again.

That axiom (“poor people have poor ways”) was something that I heard a lot while growing up, mostly from close relatives, but from other people.  It took me a long time to figure out what they meant by that.  Thaddeus “TJ” Jimenez is the archetype.




I Make Things Simple

2 03 2015


Too long, don’t bother reading.

This just boils down to these simple questions:

Will Karen Lewis and the CTU be able sweet talk black and non-Mexican Hispanic voters into voting for a Mexican to oust Rahm?  And will that be enough to overcome the big majority of the white vote that Rahm will get?  What will the turnout be on both sides of the ledger?  Do black voters still care that Rahm was once Obama’s chief of staff?  Are doctrinaire white liberals a wild card here?


Petering Out

25 02 2015


The ZOMG GREAT HISPANIC VOTER TIDAL WAVE LOL~!!!!!1 had yet another chance to materialize, this time yesterday in Chicago.


Turnout in the Hispanic-heavy wards was very low, even though the low turnout did vote more than 70% for Chuy Garcia.  However, most votes for Garcia came from the people who were voting against Rahm and were voting for the most legitimate not-Rahm on the ballot.  Garcia did well enough in the black wards on the south and west side.

No, the main reason why Rahm couldn’t get to 50% was that the black voters who were there for him four years ago either voted for Garcia or a black millionaire named Wilson.


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