Soros Pays Well

28 11 2015


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He’s sorta like our ubiquitous activist.

Starting to Change My Mind

27 11 2015


Good analysis of why there may not have actually been a crime, and maybe not even a violation in department policy.

And I’m starting to settle in on answers to my questions about why the long time cover up.  They covered up at the time it happened because October 20, 2014 was in the middle of the Fergaza Strip hoopla, in fact, on that day, everyone was still waiting for a grand jury decision and the undertow’s reaction, but that wouldn’t come for more than another month.  This thrown on top of an already tense situation in a volatile stew pot like Chicago, and it would have gone ablaze.  Rahm wanted to get through re-election season.  And after that, they might as well have waited the summer out, so that the cold weather could sorta keep a lid on the exuberance.

If McDonald was high on PCP at the time, and was armed with a deadly weapon, then TN v Garner falls on the side of the cop.


Too Bad You Don’t Really Mean It

27 11 2015



This thing called irony.

If you look at the photo gallery, you’ll find that Je$$e is in the middle of this.  But not in the middle of the Tyshawn Lee matter.  Guess why not.  This is the same Jeff Fort who Bobby Rush told us is so appalled over the Tyshawn Lee’s assassination.  You’ll also read here that the theory that the Laquan McDonald matter was suppressed so that Rahm could get re-elected is starting to fancy more and more people.

Suspects in Tyshawn Lee Murder Made

27 11 2015


I was thinking his parents rubbed him out for the GoFundMe money, but the detectives don’t agree with me.  The problem is, nobody in Chicago can remember Tyshawn Lee anymore because of Laquan McDonald.  You read here that Garry McPilgrim wants to crush the gangs involved.  Can’t do that anymore, because black babies’ bodies, or hopyechange, or Syrian refugees, or something like that.

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I Speak From Professional Experience

26 11 2015


And I also speak as someone who, pending any great changes in facts, already has his mind made up on the Laquan McDonald matter.

There are lots of people who already have their minds made up in the opposite direction, and lots of people whose minds aren’t made up.  These protest tactics aren’t convincing anyone not on your team to join your team, and they’re making some on your team reconsider the wisdom of being on your team.

To put it another way, a lot of people are using the antics of these “protesters” to make inferences about what kind of person Laquan McDonald was and to help them determine which is the correct side of this question.  Plain words, these are horrible optics.

As an aside, even though I’m not on the cops’ side, I already knew that McDonald was already a typical Chicago street goon, and well on his way to a lot more of the same, before becoming worm food by 30.

Laquan McDonald

24 11 2015


Start at 5:15.

Unless there’s some extenuating circumstance or something that this video misses, then this is definitely murder on the part of Jason Van Dyke.  McDonald was not an immediate bodily threat to Van Dyke or any other person.  Another hint is that the other cops who were there and closer to McDonald before Van Dyke showed up didn’t shoot him.

Now, for a few questions:

One, why this 13 month long cover up?  Did they not want to show this back in October of last year because it was in the middle of the Fergaza Strip hoopla?  Did Rahm Emanuel put pressure on everyone to delay it until after his re-election earlier this year?  Even so, the runoff for Chicago Mayor was back on April 7, and still it took until seven months and change after that for this video finally to come out.

Two, why did the cops barge in to a nearby Burger King and, unbeknownst to the manager, erase almost an hour and a half of the joint’s surveillance footage?  By now, all we need to know is what we see above, but it is also indicative of the fact that there was a cover-up afoot.

Three, why did McDonald’s family take the $5 million settlement, which was already agreed to, and not say anything?  Were they only interested on cashing in on Laquan’s dead body?  I know I’m thinking like the cracker that I am, but if I was in that situation, I’d rather have a bad cop off the streets an in the slammer rather than the thirty pieces of silver.  It’s an insult that governments can get away with only one time large sum payouts and the cops or agents whose actions necessitated them still have their jobs and their precious pensions.

Four, why did CPD reassign Van Dyke to desk duty after the incident instead of quietly firing him?

It is often said that the cover up is worse than the crime. That’s definitely not the case here, but it’s almost as infuriating.


Maybe it had something to do with helping your friend, fellow Chicagoan and fellow Democrat, Rahm Emanuel, win re-election.  If this is a factor, then this cover-up and the Benghazi obfuscation are rather alike, because both involve stuffing scandals under the rug so that a Democrat could win re-election.

One or Two More Cold Fronts

19 11 2015



Chicago police ordered to release video of cop shooting teen 16 times

A judge has ordered the Chicago Police Department to publicly release a video of an officer shooting a black teenager 16 times last year.

Cook County Judge Franklin Valderrama on Thursday gave the department until Nov. 25 to release the dash camera video. The attorney for the department asked the judge to allow more time before the release while the city decides whether to appeal the decision.

The attorney for the department asked the judge to allow more time before the release while the city waits on one or two more strong cold fronts to roll through.

There, I fixed it.



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