3 09 2015


Why I’m NRx

2 08 2015



I can assure you he’s not quoting Lothrop Stoddard.

This Will Make Rahm Sweat Bullets

28 07 2015


I'm running for mayor!!!!

A photo posted by Chief Keef (@chieffkeeffsossa) on

That would be this gentleman:

Backyard Cappin

A photo posted by Chief Keef (@chieffkeeffsossa) on

As in the canceled hologram concert.  BTW, he tried to hold it in Gary, Indiana, but they shut it down there, too.

Though the next election isn’t until 2019, unless there’s a special election before then for some reason.  By then, Mr. Keef will probably be in prison.  Or he’ll just lose interest, or he’ll be totally forgotten; rappers don’t have a long shelf life these days, or sometimes, even a long real life.

Crabs Won’t Climb Out of the Bucket

24 07 2015


Strolling Bone spread on Chiraq.  Of course, this is the publication of Jackie Coakley, Haven Monahan, catfishing, shattered glass and Sabrina Rubin Erdely.  So, tread skeptically.

The first part deals with a murder three years ago on the South Side, the “wild hundreds,” ghetto areas with numbered streets in the hundreds.

Luckily, I already heard about that case:

This was a matter of a crab who got himself right to the top of the bucket but then decided to climb back down into the bucket.

The whole thing is worth reading, but I zoned out on this paragraph:

But Mikey’s career at George Washington was cut short halfway through his junior year. “Mike did himself in because he didn’t go to class,” says George Washington’s former athletic director, Harold Stevens. “He’d be in school all day, but he wouldn’t do nothing.” One of his former teammates, Paris Paramore, remembers helping him through a fractions assignment typically given to fifth graders. He was failing multiple courses and should have been deemed academically ineligible to play under league rules. But school officials are thought to have looked the other way. “Somebody had to tell [Mikey], ‘Don’t worry about it,'” Stevens says.





23 07 2015

Superior, Wisconsin

Suspect bagged and tagged in the murder of seven-year old Amari Brown in Chicago a few weeks ago, the one where the doers aimed at the boy’s big time gang banger father.


He wants to live a life of crime, wants to thug it up. So what’s with this kool aid red hair dye juxtaposed with just about the blackest skin around? Way to stay inconspicuous.

It Was Rahm

21 07 2015


A week ago, everyone thought that it was Pfleger that was the driving force in what turned out to be a successful effort to get Chief Keef’s hologram concert canceled.

Now we know it was Rahm.

Scratching my head:  Why was Rahm so hesitant to take the credit for this?  Why did he try to pawn the credit off on Pfleger?

Because in the world of public relations, whoever is thought to have been the driving force in getting this thing nixed was only going to benefit.  Even if most people don’t understand right away, it’s such an easily defensible action.  You don’t want someone who rose to fame based on a violent act (shooting at a Chicago cop) and who is pretty well understood as a long time gang banger (Black Disciples) to be able to repair his reputation and garner some good PR for himself by doing an “anti-violence” concert, in reaction to a seven-year old boy and then later a year old toddler being killed as collateral damage to what were really two different gangland hits.

The only thing I can think of is that Rahm doesn’t think that there was any PR benefit to him from doing so.  If he thought there was, this being Rahmbo, he would have boasted about what he did so loudly that we could hear it here in St. Louis.

Punching Up and Hard with the Big Boys

20 07 2015

Chocolate City St. Louis

Looks like the body count for the weekend is going to be eight.

Compare to ten for Chicago.

Except Chicago has way many more people and way many more black people than St. Louis.  Chicago has around 886k, St. Louis 150k, talking city propers.  Which means Chicago would have needed 47 kills to keep up with our pace.

If Chicago had a 47 kill weekend, the Willis Tower would cave in.  Garry McCarthy would be run out of town, Rahm would have to go into hiding, the international media would have a field week.


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