Kek is a God of Irony

5 07 2017



Old Light Through Old Windows

4 07 2017


When I read the headline, I knew it was window dressing, for one major reason:

CPS is a district that constantly struggles with high school graduation rates, trying to make them increase and keep them high.  Therefore, how would any measure that, if taken literally and enforced militantly, only serves to decrease graduation rates, be anything more than window dressing?

Then they gave it away at about the end in the obvious sense.  They also gave the game away in about the middle in a more subtle sense, when they note that the junior colleges in Chicago automatically accept any CPD graduate.  Which means, even if the school’s admins press the issue, which we know they won’t, they can show their junior college admission letter.

PR hail mary heave to the end zone for Rahm on education, that’s all this is.


And also, if you get the sneaking feeling there’s a song reference somewhere in this post…Hell, it’s me…You know that’s the kind of thing I do.

Jack Taylor, Call Your Office

15 06 2017



Enterprise CarShare halts service in Chicago, citing ‘theft, vandalism and fraud’

Chicago crime has led Enterprise’s car-sharing operation to cancel existing reservations in the area and stop taking new ones, the company says.

Enterprise CarShare has had “a lack of vehicle availability” for the past six weeks, as “a direct effect of significant vandalism, theft and fraud,” the company told its members via email Tuesday.

About 40 percent of Enterprise CarShare’s fleet had been involved in theft or vandalism, a company spokesman said.


But, remember, Jackass Taylor loves him some Dindus.

Rahm Need Not Have Worried

31 05 2017



If I’m doing PR for Rahm, I tell him to do nothing, say nothing, intimate nothing, about the news of the raw population decline.

Because, considering the demographics of who is coming at some number x, and who is leaving at some larger number y, it’s good news.

Instead, Rahm just had to open his mouth and insert his foot, with an excuse so lame that even the Chicago media that generally love him picked it apart.

When you’re leading the race, don’t do anything that’s going to make you trip over your own feet.

Of course, I have to consider the possibility that Rahm actually knows the time of day, and he knows he can’t gloat in public about his city losing black people, so he acts like he’s upset about the overall population loss, and deliberately spews what he knows is a bullshit excuse, to conceal his glee.


Dynamo of Bell Curve City

8 05 2017


Makes an appearance today, it does.

For noobs:  What I mean by “dynamo of bell curve city” is the logical biconditional that often presents in the ghetto.

If A causes B and is caused by B at the same time, while B causes A and is caused by A at the same time, if A and B are close to each other, and either one happens, then they’ll both keep happening in perpetuity.

In symbolic form:

A <=> B

A = Black violence

B = Black funerals or memorial services

Youthful Arrogance, Again

5 05 2017


Me, August 21, 2007:

In other words, Klinger is saying that much more often than not, it’s the youthfully arrogant, bromide-obsessed, starry-eyed people like Norvelle Brown, rather than the stereotypical bad-asses and sons-of-bitches (i.e. cops hardened by years of experience that has taught them that youthful arrogance is delusional), who get shot by the thug class. Norvelle Brown would have become more jaded had he lived and been a cop for much longer.

Zero Hedge, today:

During his early days on the force, 30-year-old, rookie Chicago police officer, Scott Tracz, was described by colleagues as an “upbeat” cop who had always dreamed of becoming a police officer to help people in his city.  That is, until he sat in a black sports car outside his girlfriend’s suburban house late last year, put his gun to his head and took his own life.


But That Was Yesterday

3 05 2017


And yesterday’s gone.

We know what happened:  Some ook tried to mow down cops.

At this juncture, why does the Chicago undertow even bother?

The CPD has been neutered, and even if they weren’t, the criminal justice system behind them is a joke.

If all your predators are gelded vegetarians, are you really prey?