I’m Not Used to This Much Irony Before Noon

25 08 2016


I get the hunch there’s a rapper somewhere underneath all those tattoos.

Indiana’s Fault

23 08 2016


First offense, up to 20 years.  Subsequent offenses, up to 30 years.

Except, Illinois, where murder two convicts often don’t do even ten years.

OTOH, this symbolism takes the heat off of Chicago and Illinois politicians for a little while.

It also should be noted that NCIC is required anywhere in the United States anywhere a background check requisite purchase occurs.  Illinois or Indiana.  It’s just that elderly black women in Chicago can vote in Chicago and Illinois elections, therefore, people subject to their democratic influence won’t ever blame their grandsons for violent crime.  Indiana is just the guy behind the tree.

He’s Got the Hook Up

22 08 2016


Deray gets a second job.

Though since his first job is in Baltimore and his second job is in Chicago, one wonders how he’ll be able to do both.

Except we know he won’t really be doing either one:  Both jobs are no-show giveaways and sinecures.

Also, I wonder how he was able to nab a position at the University of Chicago.  Scratching my head, but I think I’ve heard of two very prominent people who were once associated with the school.  If memory serves, I’ve been claiming that Deray is in a relationship with one of them.

Now all Deray needs to do is find a good choom gang to join, and he’s on his way to being the next hopeychanger.

Now for the Method

29 06 2016


You already knew Father Pfleger is mad.  All you need now is his method.

It’s pretty easy, actually.  His parish serves Chicago’s black gangland.  It makes perfect sense for him to try to de-demonize what his parishioners’ sons and grandsons are up to by engaging in this silly moral equivalency between black street gangs and white nimbies who advocate for public parks (even though they’re really packing some sort of selfish motive, but that’s for another day).  I’m sure Al Capone’s parish priest once tried to draw a through line between Capone and a corporate CEO.

Pfleger’s analogy wouldn’t be so stupid if the white parks advocates were murdering each other over Facebook posts and Kool-Aid recipes and pieces of fried chicken or dope dealing territorial “rights.”


HBD On Parade

29 06 2016


H/T True News USA

“Becoming a Man, Sports Edition.”

And you thought I was crazy when I drew the parallel between basketball and coming-of-age rituals.

Anyway, here’s the takeaway:

This finding is consistent with a growing body of research showing that “social-cognitive” skills such as impulse control, future orientation, and conflict resolution are predictive of a wide range of key life outcomes.

In other words, HBD on parade.

This also means that the University of Chicago et al are engaged in racial alchemy, trying to turn black people into white people, instill into them the long-evolved mores of white people listed above, and that way, presto chango, white people with really dark tans.  The problem is that in today’s SJW climate, it won’t take them long to start screaming about the racism of it all; in fact, as early as ten years ago, they were.

Another problem with this study is that it’s making a lot of outlandish extrapolations based on its under 0.2 standard deviation improvements in certain metrics over a relatively short time span.  These authors already have these young men graduating from high school at higher rates, and therefore, earning a lot more money in the above board employment world than they otherwise would have, and therefore, committing way fewer crimes as adults than they otherwise would have, and mashing it all up and figuring that since they’ll be paying way more in taxes and not being an incarceration burden and expense, we’ll practically wipe out the deficit in no time.  These authors would do well to brush up on their Robert Burns, that whole “gang aft agley” part.

Fruits of AFFH

18 06 2016


Black population down, all other racial groups up, and overall it adds up to a slight decrease.

First off, before you believe his mild hysteria about the overall city population decrease, you might want to read this.

Second, his problem is that he presumes that the reason the black population loss in the decade of the aughts being heavily centered among those aged in the single digits and thirtysomethings is a function of somehow intact families leaving to find better schools and better neighborhoods.  When in reality, it was a function of the set of public policies we now refer to as AFFH.  The thirtysomethings are the L’Booshondrias being given an AFFH voucher and shoved out to the suburbs or to Dubuque, Iowa, or God knows where, and the single digit aged people are her brood.

Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry

15 06 2016


Now they’re worried about agitated blacks?

That boat has done floated down the river.

And I find it a bit ironic that Baraq Obama’s FBI has suddenly started considering amped up blacks to be a bug instead of a feature, especially in what is now an election season.  Though in reality, there are a lot of FBI people, Director James Comey included to an extent, who have not been blue pilled.  But if this is coming from the White House, then they must realize that these kinds of tactics are counterproductive; after all, the Democrats did lose the Senate in 2014, (even though it really didn’t matter in the long run), in spite of Obama, Soros, the Democrats and the media throwing lit matches into the Ferguson gasoline pool.

That leads me to a prediction.

Just as Mignon Clyburn and the Ferguson Commission are greasing the skids for centrally enforced mandated censorship of black crime news stories, I think that along with that, there will be subtle pressure on the media to ignore cop-on-ook incidents like these, if the establishment fears instability more than it covets blue team election victories.  If and when local eyeball newscasts become non-stop low information retard crap, then you’ll know what’s going on.


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