Everything Old and Useless…

15 06 2017


…Is new and useless again.

The St. Louis City Board of Aldermen already passed a resolution advocating slavery reparations, back in 2001.  It got only two no votes, both of them are now no longer aldermen.


Lyda Tries to Hold On for the Eight Year Count

12 05 2017


Okay, here’s what Lyda’s plan will be:

A bunch of tweaks, a bunch of spending on this that and the other, hire a few new cops, hire a black woman as police chief, and throw a bunch of rhetoric against the wall and hope that something sticks.

In the hopes that everyone can make it until the next Democrat President, at which time AFFH will be restarted, which means shoveling the ooks and dindus out of the city.

Ferris Dindu’s Day Off

24 04 2017


My good buddy (ahem, ahem, cough, cough), doesn’t really seem to say anything in his latest op-ed.

So I guess I’ll have to ride to his rescue, as friends often do.

Murder doesn’t take a day off around here because we can’t seem to get rid of our dindus.   Mind you, our dindus, for some odd reason, have been especially agitated over the last five years, especially over the last three years, for some reason I can’t seem to (cough, cough, Trayvon) put my fingers on (cough, cough, Fergaza Strip).

They won’t even take a Sunday night off.

I do see something a wee bit contradictory here.  Messenger, in a round about way, claims that Dotson is just peddling excuses when, among other things, he leans on the “weak gun laws” crutch, but then, just a few words later, he gushes all over Lyda’s “courage” because she stayed in the city and “started a political career” to combat violence.  Putting the pieces together, most of her anti-violence political energy ever since she first won alderwoman in 1997 was been to caterwaul about guns.

Backing up for a moment, Messenger alludes to Dotson leaning on the crutch of “pointing out that the city’s homicide numbers are skewed compared to most big cities because of the city’s separation from St. Louis County.”  That’s the excuse the CVC cooked up more than three years ago, and it only took me a few moments to blow through it.

One more thing:

Politics won’t fix the city’s murder problem. Neither will a new chief. The challenge is greater than that. Step one is to follow the advice of Dan Isom, the chief who preceded Dotson.

“How much do you care about every person who has lost their life in the city of St. Louis?” Isom asked at a mayoral forum in February. Each of the 47 people who as of Friday had lost their lives in the city has a story. They were utility workers and sportsmen. They were students and basketball players. They were husbands, and wives, who leave behind, perhaps, a spouse who will dedicate her life to solving the violence that has plagued this Midwestern city for decades.

The problem is that Isom is the only person of major public consequence who wants us to think about the victims.  Because if we actually did start thinking about the victims, then we’ll notice things and conclude that most of them are the same kind of thugs that murdered them.  Most of the rest are innocent white people, which then forces us to think about anti-white hate crimes, which of course ((())) and Co. absolutely don’t want.


18 04 2017


I attended the inauguration this afternoon, mainly as a networking opportunity.

First off, I thought Proposition B won, because it got a simple majority.  It was the proposition that would have changed the city charter to move city elections to the August/November cycle.  I wrote “would have” because it needed 60% to happen, and it only got 53%.  So it actually failed, therefore, city elections will stay on the March/April of odd-numbered years cycle.

Other city propositions that got more yes than no votes, Prop A (merging assessor and recorder of deeds), and Prop NS (bonds for tearing down derelict buildings), actually did not pass, because A would have needed 60% and fell 0.04% short, while NS would have needed two-thirds and only got 59%.

Prop 1 got over 60% and therefore passed (sales tax for SLPD and ML study), Prop 2 got under 50% and therefore failed by any measure (soccer stadium).

Now, for the theme of today.


Darlene Green, in taking the oath for yet another term as comptroller, spoke for so long that if it would have dragged on any longer, it would taken up the entirety of Lyda Krewson’s first term.  Also, does nobody at City Hall, not the least of which Green herself, realize and remember that she was first elected as comptroller in 1993 and not 1997 as everyone kept saying?

As for now Mayor Krewson, one thing that I forgot is that her late husband wasn’t even cold in the ground yet when she latched on to Mike Owens of Channel 5, and now he’s the first gentleman of the city.  And he looks like warmed over death.  Strange, considering that Lyda did nothing but talk about the tragedy of the carjacking and murder of her first husband during the campaign.  At the end of her inaugural address, she made a dog whistle sort of endorsement of city-county merger.  Which is not surprising, because she represents the neoliberal-corporatist-gentry wing of city politics, and if my theory is right, the insurance industry is going to be the straw stirring the drink for the merger, while hiding behind SJW rhetoric in order to lure the other wing of city politics, the doctrinaire progressives, into the fold.

Krewson is already 64, so at most she’s a two-termer. She’s actually older than now former Mayor Francis Slay. So, in almost every way you can think of, she’s just a continuation of Slay, Slay’s fifth term. The only difference is that Slay has a way better natural knack for interpersonal likability and people skills.  Krewson, OTOH, if she doesn’t keep herself in check, can really be the Wicked Witch of the (Central) West (End).

St. Clair County Board Chairman Mark Kern was also a dignitary in attendance.  That’s going to make Bob Romanik flip his lid.

Freeman Bosley, Jr. was also there.  Insert your own punchline here.

Civilization Desert

2 03 2017

North City

The candidates for mayor gush over north city.

But this is where you could stop reading:

A paper co-written by University of Missouri-St. Louis Professor Todd Swanstrom found that “not a single majority black neighborhood in 1970 that was surrounded by other black neighborhoods rebounded in the subsequent decades.”

It’s all noise because Trump put a halt to AFFH.  So, unless black women of reproductive ages voluntarily leave, it’s same-as-it-ever-was.

French Connection

20 02 2017

O’Fallon Park

Antonio French, same age as your ever-lovin’ blogmeister, has been blogging for just about as long as I have.

And now, the P-D has endorsed him for Mayor.

Best I can figure, their reasoning is that among all the candidates, he gives the P-D Ed Board the feelz.

If not that, then they’re working an angle, that I can’t put rhyme or reason to right now.  I’ll kick myself when I figure it out.

Starting Before It Can Even Start

16 02 2017


When I found out the SLPOA endorsed Lyda, when trying to pump one of their well-placed people that happens to be in my Dex to figure out WTF, I warned him that when she becomes Mayor, the first time there’s a questionable cop-ook conflagration, she’ll throw the cops under the bus.

She’s not Mayor yet, and this isn’t off an accost, but she’s already throwing the SLPOA under the bus:

Lyda Krewson calls on police union to fire representative

Mayoral candidate Lyda Krewson has called on the St. Louis Police Officers’ Association to fire Jeff Roorda, the police union’s business agent, citing “vile and disgusting” comments he has made toward city Treasurer and fellow mayoral hopeful, Tishaura Jones.

Earlier this week, Roorda blasted Jones on Facebook calling her lazy, a “cop-hater” and a “race-baiter.”

“Tishaura and I are both candidates for mayor and are competing hard against each other but I absolutely reject his despicable characterization of her,” Krewson said in a statement. “She is a respected government official and does not deserve this abuse.”

“When I am mayor, he will not be welcome in my office,” Krewson added.

But Black Lives Matter (“Pigs in a Blanket”) will, right?