11 06 2015

Spokane, Washington


Feh.  It’s a new lifestyle choice.  World War T, it’s about to be old hat once people get bored of the Jenner-KarTRASHcan circus.  Transracialism slash ethnofluidity is coming.  Better get in on the ground floor.


And why be ethnofluid between two races when you can be ethnofluid between three?

Elizabeth Warren, call your office.

The Apple Rolleth Far From the Tree Not

18 05 2015

New York City

So, Al Sharpton’s daughter tried to play the ghetto lottery but then got caught in a lie.

She is verily her father’s daughter.

All the World is the Edmund Pettus Bridge

20 04 2015



Cornel West Protests Fossil Fuel Industry: ‘We Now Have a Planetary Selma’

Civil rights activist and academic Dr. Cornel West joined a protest on Friday at Harvard University pushing for the institution to divest all of its coal, oil and gas industries holding. West compared fossil fuel production to racism and the civil rights movement.

“Ecological catastrophe is as evil as white supremacist catastrophe, anti-Jewish catastrophe, anti-gay catastrophe, anti-Muslim catastrophe,” West said, according to The Guardian.

West then addressed the university’s president, Drew Faust, who last year publicly opposed divestment but has not released any statement on this latest effort.

“Doctor Faust, we now have a planetary Selma,” West said. “We want you on the right side.”

“As evil as … anti-Jewish catastrophe?”  A lot of these fossil fuel divestitards are also on board with anti-Israel BDS.

If the world suddenly stopped needing oil tomorrow, many Islamic countries would be disparately impacted.

Also, there has to be some way to mash together the gas station and the Holocaust.

Stuff It, Al

8 04 2015

New York City

New York Observer:

Rev. Al Sharpton called for national policing legislation akin to the Civil Rights Act this morning at the kickoff his National Action Network’s annual convention, just after the arrest of a white South Carolina police officer for murder in the shooting of an unarmed black man.

“There must be national policy and national law on policing,” Mr. Sharpton said. “We can’t go from state to state, we’ve got to have national law to protect people against these continued questions.”

Mr. Sharpton’s comments, coming on the heels of multiple instances of police killings of unarmed men of color around the country, were met with applause from the crowd—and from the dais, which was packed with elected officials including Mayor Bill de Blasio, Congressman Charles Rangel, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, city Comptroller Scott Stringer and state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli

All these elected officials hanging around?  This Sharpton fellow must be rather important, and definitely beyond reproach.

Sarcasm aside, if Al really wants justice in the North Charleston affair, he should shut up so that people don’t start feeling sympathetic toward the cops.  Let’s not sully the fact finding process with his constant need for publicity and self-adulation.

If Sharpton wants to do something positive, he should push for Federal civil rights legislation construing the recording of cops in public to be implicit in the First Amendment.

The only way we knew about this case and how all the relevant cops lied on the paperwork was because someone was in the distance shooting video. The cops probably never knew that they were being recorded, otherwise they would have approached the person and “convinced” him or her to delete it, or otherwise send the person’s sail foam to sail foam heaven.

Because Integration

30 03 2015



Harvard-quality black students are going to Harvard today, in contrast to the bad ole days when white people were evil, and therefore they had to go to Howard.

That’s why.


Getting to Work

8 03 2015

Selma, Alabama


My sixty-fourth axiom:

Of the some seven billion people on Earth, if even only one of them is a gentile white heterosexual cisgendered non-leftist man, the other 6,999,999,999 people will all be oppressed minorities.

They’re right.  Much does remain to be done.  There are a whole lot of gentile white heterosexual cisgendered non-leftist men out there left to exterminate; the cause of civil rights is not yet finished.

Selma, Today

7 03 2015

Selma, Alabama

Yes, it’s almost a half hour, but stay with it.


So, Selma today, literally today, was nothing more than a bacchanal and a block party.

Sorta like 50 years ago.


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