Getting to Work

8 03 2015

Selma, Alabama


My sixty-fourth axiom:

Of the some seven billion people on Earth, if even only one of them is a gentile white heterosexual cisgendered non-leftist man, the other 6,999,999,999 people will all be oppressed minorities.

They’re right.  Much does remain to be done.  There are a whole lot of gentile white heterosexual cisgendered non-leftist men out there left to exterminate; the cause of civil rights is not yet finished.

Selma, Today

7 03 2015

Selma, Alabama

Yes, it’s almost a half hour, but stay with it.


So, Selma today, literally today, was nothing more than a bacchanal and a block party.

Sorta like 50 years ago.


7 03 2015

Washington, D.C.

George Stephanopoulos must also think Ferguson is the most important place in the world.

He will also have on Colon Bowel to talk about Selma.

Gee, you don’t think ole Georgey is trying to send a message with this juxtaposition, do you?

You Can’t Have a Coalition of the Fringes Without the Fringes Showing Up

7 03 2015

Selma, Alabama

Why the hell not?

I’m surprised half of the big mouth keyboard warrior SJWs on Tumblr aren’t there to scream about combating transphobia.

Notice the article links back to Donald Collins’s recent piece in V-Dare.  I personally have a lot of problems with that piece.

Where Credit Is Due

11 01 2015


Me, eight days ago about the motivations for the movie Selma:

LBJ is cast as a bad guy and a hostile force to the civil rights movement in Selma, when in reality, we all know that it was his political skill and energy which got the Voting Rights Act of 1965 passed.  However, if people understood that, then they would understand how little blacks had to do with them getting their own “civil rights” and “voting rights,” that it was entirely a matter of white acquiescence and white surrender.  Therefore, it’s time to revise history to make people think that Martin Luther King and the civil rights marchers did it all by themselves, in the face of a supposedly 100% hostile white political establishment.

This isn’t lost on another group of people. Who are now kvetching in earnest.


No, He Got It Right

27 10 2014


With one “mistake” (Freudian slip), Mark Udall just nailed the real essence of Martin Luther King’s activism.

Every Ass Must Twerk

24 01 2014


A few pics from the modern consequences of the other side’s long ago victory in the civil rights movement.

They wanted to be free, and they got what they wanted.






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