Where Credit Is Due

11 01 2015


Me, eight days ago about the motivations for the movie Selma:

LBJ is cast as a bad guy and a hostile force to the civil rights movement in Selma, when in reality, we all know that it was his political skill and energy which got the Voting Rights Act of 1965 passed.  However, if people understood that, then they would understand how little blacks had to do with them getting their own “civil rights” and “voting rights,” that it was entirely a matter of white acquiescence and white surrender.  Therefore, it’s time to revise history to make people think that Martin Luther King and the civil rights marchers did it all by themselves, in the face of a supposedly 100% hostile white political establishment.

This isn’t lost on another group of people. Who are now kvetching in earnest.


No, He Got It Right

27 10 2014


With one “mistake” (Freudian slip), Mark Udall just nailed the real essence of Martin Luther King’s activism.

Every Ass Must Twerk

24 01 2014


A few pics from the modern consequences of the other side’s long ago victory in the civil rights movement.

They wanted to be free, and they got what they wanted.





Every Head Must Bow, Part IV

20 01 2014

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

A few more rundown items about YKW before I have to drive back to Jeff City.

Steve Patterson of Urban Review STL does some photography along the drag named for YKW, like he does every year at this time.

Though I don’t know why I’m bothering — You know what you’re going to see.

But here, he has a photo from 1963, back when it was Easton Avenue.

Another day, another call for a day-long TNB truce.

If these things ever worked, why not call for at truce that lasts for longer than just one day?

In reality, the most dangerous days are days when civil rights leaders and cracker jack box theology degree black preachers call for truces.

*  To wit.  So much for that truce.

This was at 10th and Convention Plaza.  If you go north on 10th Street one block from that point, guess what street you encounter.

Conservative students at Dartmouth blocked from going to the campus’s events honoring YKW.

Obvious naked emperor white elephant question:  Why do conservative students even want to go to events honoring YKW, when YKW was no kind of conservative when He was alive and would not be today?  He wouldn’t even be comfortable in the ranks of watered down YKW-loving neo and lamer cons.

No blasphemy truth telling about YKW allowed.

*  Not YKW related as such, but all over Twitter all weekend, people have been talking about “These black gay dads and their three kids have the cutest Instagram ever.”  Without having to click on it, I just knew it was Atlanta, because Atlanta is practically the capital of black LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH not just in Amurrika, but the whole world.  And we all know which city YKW got His start.

Every Head Must Bow, Part III

19 01 2014


P-D asks:  What if MLK were alive today?

And they pretty much get it right.  He would do little more than parrot DNC talking points.

We do know that he wouldn’t be any kind of conservative, neo, lamer, right-libertarian or otherwise.  (Sorry, Rand Paul.)

Every Head Must Bow, Part II

19 01 2014

Chocolate City St. Louis

AP feature on the travesties that are Martin Luther King streets through the Bell Curve Cities in which they run.  Dateline St. Louis.

None of this is a shock to the typical person reading these words:


The template can be found just a mile away. Delmar Boulevard, which saw a similar decline, is now a vibrant retail corridor packed with restaurants, nightclubs, a renovated movie theater and a boutique hotel. The renaissance earned Delmar recognition in 2007 as one of “10 Great Streets in America” by the American Planning Association.

What they’re talking about is the U-City Loop along Delmar west of the city limits gradually spreading east of the city limits eastward along Delmar in the general direction of the MissingLink stop.  But that’s not a result of black people, those are the doings of SWPL leftist white people.  And remember, The Loop on both sides of the city limits have seen several outbreaks of mahogany mobs in a recent handful of years.

Journalist Jonathan Tilove, who wrote a 2003 book based on visits to 650 King streets nationwide, called the King byways “black America’s Main Street.”

“Map them and you map a nation within a nation, a place where white America seldom goes and black America can be itself,” he wrote. “It is a parallel universe with a different center of gravity and distinctive sensibilities. … There is no other street like it.”

“Where white America seldom goes” because of black crime, and “where black America can be itself,” and therefore you see the results.

More than 50 years after King led his march on Washington, communities large and small still debate whether to rename local streets in his honor. In Harrisonburg, Va., city leaders recently agreed to rename a street for King over protests by some residents. A similar debate continues in High Point, N.C., where a King street proposal first suggested two decades ago remains up in the air.

But in the rare circumstances where white people get to vote on such things, they tend to reject naming any streets after Martin Luther King.

Don’t rest on your laurels just yet.  Wait until we start getting a glut of ghetto boulevards renamed for Barack Obama.  Already, a part of Washington Avenue through Midtown is secondarily named for him.  The point is, we know to stay away from Martin Luther King street, and we will soon know to stay away from Barack Obama street.

For the record, the original name for St. Louis’s Martin Luther King Drive was Easton Avenue from the city limits eastward to where it shifts diagonally toward Downtown, and through Downtown it was named Franklin Avenue.  The Martin Luther King Bridge was the Veterans Bridge, and Martin Luther King Drive through Wellston, which is actually the same drag as the city’s MLK Drive, was St. Charles Rock Road, which it still becomes once you get west of Wellston.

Every Head Must Bow

19 01 2014


Does anyone see the irony of this?

Wentzville, which has been booming in population in recent years because white people are trying to avoid the black undertow and creating a new whitopia, is celebrating the birth of the God of the black undertow.

This would have been like the legendary Hebrew slaves in Egypt worshiping Amon-Re instead of Jehovah.

And yes, peanut gallery, I know there’s a mini-ghetto in Wentzville, entirely a result of the GM plant and transplanted black employees from the old North City plant long ago.  But none of these events seem to be taking place in the mini-ghetto.


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