Pay For Play

11 08 2016


When I thought they’d go the other way, the local NAACP sides with Uber in their Battle of the Bulge against the MTC.

Okay, hold the sail foam.  Why do I get the feeling that Uber recently made a sizable contribution the national NAACP?


SJWs Always Cannibalize

27 01 2016

Eugene, Oregon


If this is the beginning of a long march to scrub that particular “MLK” quote from history, then the biggest losers will be neocons and lamer cons and other assorted cuckservatives.  Because that’s their only plausible hook to pretend that MLK was some kind of “conservative.”  How are they going to be able to be civil rightsey without it?

Wild Cuck Yonder

18 01 2016

Warner Robins, Georgia

Oh yeah, USAF, you’re in heap big doodoo.

First off, you used the holy visage without paying the requisite burnt offering to his living relatives.  Expect a trademark lawsuit by the end of the week.

Second, I’m angry at you for your cucking.

Aw Nuts, We Won?

1 12 2015

Montgomery, Alabama

If it’s December, or any month of the year, for that matter, it’s time for Democrats and elderly blacks to keep fighting the war they won a long time ago.

Earlier, U.S. Rep. Terri Sewell, the lone Democrat and African American member of Alabama’s congressional delegation, told the crowd “old battles have become new again.”

Sewell cited the Alabama case that led to a U.S. Supreme Court decision effectively dismantling a section of the Voting Rights Act that required states and local governments, with a history of voter discrimination to get advance approval of voting changes. Congress has yet to agree on replacement language.

Amazing how that works.  You win something, and after that, you don’t need to fight anymore.  Then again, only a cynic someone who pays attention would think that that all they want to is fight fight fight, they’re not really interested in winning, and in fact, they can never admit that they won, because that would mean they’d have to stop fighting.

In stops in the South, the Democratic presidential front-runner has been working to solidify her advantage among African-American voters.

Black voters make up a major portion of the Democratic primary electorate in Southern states holding early primaries in 2016.

Translation:  Fuggedabowdit, Bernie.  I’ll see your younger lily white deep blue enclaves and raise you the entire Deep South and black belt.

“She is going to be president,” retired elementary school principal Maggie Stringer, 80, said emphatically. “At least I can say I did see her and I’ve been in her presence.”

Stringer was a 20-year-old student and a member of the church during the Bus Boycott.

This is precisely the kind of voter that Obama turned out in what were record numbers in 2008, and in even higher record numbers in 2012.  Older black people, mainly women, because elderly people are heavily women, who remember “before” and “after,” and can therefore be agitated to turn out and vote based on the theory that the other guy on the ballot wants to take you back to “before.”  HRC needs these people to at least match their 2012 turnout level, which explains why she’s doing this, and it also explains why she does not and will never feel no ways tarrd.  And it will also explain why she and the media (though I repeat myself) will make Donald Trump out to be the biggest Kluxer that ever existed.

Unethical Society of Police

24 11 2015

Fountain Park

This organization doesn’t have much moral authority to be lecturing anyone, for as much trouble as its senior leadership has been in lately.

Why are they worried about fighting crime?  Especially since we know who is doing the crime, if we actually tried to fight it, the Unethical Society of Police would be among the first in line to bitch about racism.

And also, it says that the NAACP’s St. Louis office is at 4811 Delmar.  That also happens to be the address of a state office building.  Why is the St. Louis NAACP being run out of a state office building?

Ten Toe Ritual

3 11 2015

Selma, Alabama



Gun violence in Selma is a problem? No sweat. You know what to do. Just keep marching back and forth across the Edmund Pettus Bridge, over and over again, day and night, 24/7/365; singing “We Shall Overcome” while marching would help. Because that’s how things get done when it comes to the problems that ail black people, marching in general and especially across the Edmund Pettus Bridge.

It’s damned near an African ritual.

Robert Pettus and Edmund Pettus are not related, for a very obvious reason. There’s always talk about renaming the Edmund Pettus Bridge just because of that, and the only reason it hasn’t already happened is precisely because that bridge is sacred ground in civil rights scriptures.


11 06 2015

Spokane, Washington


Feh.  It’s a new lifestyle choice.  World War T, it’s about to be old hat once people get bored of the Jenner-KarTRASHcan circus.  Transracialism slash ethnofluidity is coming.  Better get in on the ground floor.


And why be ethnofluid between two races when you can be ethnofluid between three?

Elizabeth Warren, call your office.