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26 08 2015



Wired positively gushes over IBM’s Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-TECH), saying it could fix education and tech’s diversity gap. Backed by IBM, the P-TECH program aims to prepare mainly minority kids from low-income backgrounds for careers in technology, allowing them to earn a high school diploma and a free associate degree in six years or less. That P-TECH’s six inaugural graduates completed the program in four years and were offered jobs with IBM, Wired reports, is “irrefutable proof that this solution might actually work” (others aren’t as impressed, although the President is drinking the Kool-Aid). While the program has only actually graduated six students since it was announced in 2010, Wired notes that by fall, 40 schools across the country will be designed in P-TECH’s image. IBM backs four of them, but they’ll also be run by tech giants like Microsoft and SAP, major energy companies like ConEdison, along with hospital systems, manufacturing associations, and civil engineering trade groups. They go by different names and are geared toward different career paths, but they all follow the IBM playbook.

See the original for the links, especially the one over “others aren’t as impressed.”

Translated into plain readable English, all this is IBM, MSFT, et al. sponsoring ghetto academies that shake out the zircons in the rough, give them the equivalent of junior college diplomas, then ship them off to corporate HR.  Therefore, when employee photo day comes, IBM, MSFT, et al. has some NAM faces in the photos.

Twenty Years Ago Today

24 08 2015

Redmond, Washington

Windows 95 dropped.  I was not in line on release day, but I did do an upgrade install on that day.

Then a lot people got this:


Sam Francis Is Doing a Victory Lap in the Great Beyond

24 08 2015

Sam Francis, Chronicles, April 1992:

There is a good deal of talk about how post-industrial technologies will lead to a radical decentralization of organizations. Don’t bet on it. The technology works both ways. It can be used to promote decentralization, but it also lends itself to tighter control from the center. Human nature seems to prefer more power and less responsibility, and my own bet is that post-industrial technologies will accommodate that preference.


Google’s Beer Can

22 08 2015

Mountain View, California

Remember Amazon’s talking beer can?

Now Google has one.  But instead of merely being a WiFi connected device, Google’s beer can is the WiFi router itself, that evidently is going to jimmy your connected life and make it so efficient that Google will slip you a few more ads.

Moving Goalpost (More Cowbell)

22 08 2015

Mountain View, California


According to a study released Thursday by Google and Gallup, standardized tests may be holding back the next generation of computer programmers. The Google-Gallup Searching for Computer Science: Access and Barriers in U.S. K-12 Education report (PDF) found that the main reason given by a “comprehensive but not representative” sample of 9,693 K-12 principals and 1,865 school district superintendents in the U.S. for their schools not offering computer science “is the limited time they have to devote to classes that are not tied to testing requirements.” Which makes one wonder if Google now views Bill Gates as part of the problem and/or part of the solution of K-12 CS education. The Google-Gallup report also explores race/ethnicity differences to access and learning opportunities among White, Black and Hispanic students — but not Asian students — a curious omission considering that Google’s own Diversity Disclosure shows that 35% of its U.S. tech workforce is Asian, making it by far the most overrepresented race/ethnicity group at Google when compared to the U.S. K-12 public school population. Which raises the question: Why would the Google-Gallup study ignore the access and learning opportunities of the race/ethnicity subgroup that has enjoyed the greatest success at Google? Not unsurprisingly, the Google-Gallup report winds up by concluding that what U.S. K-12 education really needs is more CS cowbell.

Why are Asians ignored?  Because not ignoring them disproves the contention of the grievance industry, if you take them literally by taking their use of the word “diversity” almost literally, to mean any non-whites.  It also goes to demonstrate a running theme in this space, that the definition of “diversity” is a moving goalpost that can be moved back and forth to fit whatever agenda is afoot.  The only thing for sure is that cishet white gentile men can never be classified as diverse; everyone else is technically fair game for finding themselves on either side of the goalpost, and while blacks are rarely on the non-diverse side, if someone wants more “diversity” in terms of their non-white non-black minority group, blacks will be counted as non-diverse.  Asians are the racial group over whom the goalpost keeps swinging back and forth most often.

As far as “more CS cowbell,” (clever), I happen to think that that’s part of the whole “skills gap” mania peddled by, among many others, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg.  If the schools are bad, then the solution is to fix the schools with Commune Core, but that, as Donald Trump would say, is thinking past the sale, because as long as we’re bickering over how to fix the schools, fix our supposedly bad schools, we are implicitly conceding the notion and implicitly confessing that the schools really are that bad, which is something I don’t believe.  But, it is a confession that greases the skids for the Gates-Zuckerberg-et al. demand for increased or even unlimited H-1B visas, because we have to, we have no choice, “because the schools are that bad,” they’re so bad that they’re not producing any native born white Americans or anyone else that could do CSIT-STEM.

More cowbell:

How to Think About the Silicon Valley Diversity Row

14 08 2015

Cupertino, California

AAPL, racial beancounting, blah blah.

“But white dudes still run things.”

Really, I don’t think the purpose of this hysteria is to change that.  All it is is that the CSIT-STEM sector, especially in SV, was allowed to grow and progress uninhibited and unnoticed by the Eye of Soros for a long time.  But once those firms got big and profitable, then TPTB came knocking to tell them that it’s time to start paying the diversity tax, hiring a bunch of HBCU diploma Shaniquas who are the patrons of important black preachers who have megachurches or large churches and who constitute various NAACP chapters.  Even if the work is useless personnel/HR/EEOC work.

Conflict Free

10 08 2015

Santa Clara, California

Spec-head that I am, I’m checking out the skinny on Intel’s new Skylake CPUs.

On the ‘sheet, I see in the Essentials category:  “Conflict Free:  Yes.”

“Conflict free?  What the…?”

Then I notice that mousing over “Conflict Free” inserts a question mark in the mouse pointer, so I presumed it would explain to me what “conflict free” means if I clicked it.


“Conflict free” means “DRC conflict free”, which is defined by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission rules to mean products that do not contain conflict minerals (tin, tantalum, tungsten and/or gold) that directly or indirectly finance or benefit armed groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) or adjoining countries.

Oh boy.  This means we can’t buy stuff if the proceeds helps spooks fight and kill each other.  Under that logic, we can’t buy orange juice, Fritos or Kool-Aid anymore.  And we definitely can’t buy Air Jordans or oversized coats, even though that is not and never was a problem for me.

It’s as if they don’t think that white people have never waged full scale wars over lucrative natural resources.  If we can’t buy or use things because their lucrative nature and high margins have been the driving factors for bellicosity, then we would all be homeless, hungry and naked.

I guess the next thing they’ll tell is that Intel is donating a percentage share of profits realized from CPU sales to help find Kony 2012 2013 2014 2015.


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