Dark Clouds

22 05 2018


Here’s the takeaway that next to nobody other than your ever-lovin’ blogmeister can discern:

The real danger here is cloud computing, cloud applications, cloud data storage.  To me, the Pro-Defamation League and the Poverty Palace are sideshows.



27 04 2018

Scottsdale, Arizona

The story that sits at the intersectionality of the Wicked Racial Profiling Trick and They All Look Alike.

Oh boy.  I see where this is going.

Remember this?

Such as it is, we get “NAACP” in the third paragraph.

I had predicted not long after the official demand for cop body cams that the official demanders would do a 180 within ten years, and as it turned out, it didn’t even take three.  Now, to the extent there’s any enthusiasm left for body cams in the civil rights alphabet gang, this will totally end it.

Sail Foams

17 04 2018


Why did OLPC turn out to be a flop?

Don’t make it any more difficult than it needs to be.

Sail foams.  They got cheap and ubiquitous at just the right (or wrong) time relative to the OLPC project.

Also not helping were the internet viewing habits of certain African children.

In a Roundabout Way

21 03 2018

West Palm Beach, Florida

Rush, today:

So they’re bragging about it, 332 electoral votes, and they think that social media did it. You know, Jim Geraghty, our old buddy at National Review, he raised a great question about all this. Let me ask all of you sitting across the glass and all of you here in this esteemed audience. Brian, Dawn, and Mr. Snerdley, let’s just for the sake of it say that you’re on social media, that you’re using Twitter and Facebook, and you get one of these ads. And this ad is trying to persuade you to vote for Hillary in 2016. Is such an ad gonna work on you?

Three people are shaking their heads in there. The point being just how effective is this stuff anyway? There’s a dangerous downside to this that’s gonna lead to the government regulating even more of what you and I are able to know and access. Because that’s happening here is that the American people are being portrayed as a bunch of pure idiots, literal dolts, and they’re all out there playing around on social media. And they’re telling each other lies about how great their lives are and they’re bragging about this and bragging about that.

And here comes this Messina guy, and he says (paraphrasing), “Yeah, our campaign on social media garnered 332 electorate votes.” What they’re trying to say is that their brilliant campaign, their brilliant use of social media made people vote a certain way. And I ask you to go do the same thing. Talk to your friends who you know were just dyed-in-the-wool Trump supporters and you ask ’em if there would have been any ad that they saw — Facebook, Twitter, wherever — that would have changed their mind and made ’em vote for Hillary.

And I’ll guarantee you out of every 10 you’re not gonna have more than nine people tell you you’re full of it. It may even be a smaller ratio than that. The dangerous thing here is you got guys like Messina and all these other people that are bragging about Obama’s brilliant campaign like the New York Times wrote about in 2013, making it look like they were Svengalis, they were brilliant, and they had the unique ability to generate all of those votes.

Rush is, as millennialspeak goes, “throwing shade” on the very notion that the Obama 2012 data game really had any effect.

Which is Rush’s roundabout way of agreeing with me.

Remember my missive:  At first, I drank the kool-aid that Obama’s data game was effective.  But then as the months rolled on after re-election, we found out from credible high sample size exit survey data that the niche constituency groups that the Obama data game was supposed to appeal to turned out a bit less than and voted Obama slightly less than they did four years prior.  Strike one.  Then people who looked at deep level precinct data found that working class whites weren’t feeling ole Willard, and stayed home enough to change the outcomes of enough important states.  As we know, WCWs generally don’t respond to the data game, because they’re generally not that visible to internet social media.  Now, what the Obama 2012 people did do well when it came to WCWs using the kind of media they use, was engage in anti-Romney FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt), and that did keep their turnout down.  But that had nothing to do with Faceberg.  Strike two.  Then came the dagger:  In the summer of 2013, the Census Bureau surveys and data on actual voter turnout showed the middle aged and especially elderly black women turned out in record numbers, even higher than they did in 2008, and we know who they voted for.  And we know that elderly black women aren’t exactly a wheel house Faceberg using demographic.  Strike three, you’re out.

The Obama 2012 data game was, again, as millennialspeak goes, a fail.

Fool Me Twice

28 02 2018


There’s something a little bit disconcerting going on within the Trump Tent.

What got me thinking about this and thinking this way is when we found out a few days ago that the OCGE is hiring his own digital-data-online manager from 2016, Brad Pascale, as his overall national campaign manager for 2020, (even though I don’t think he’ll have to worry about that).  On top of that, there’s this from a few days ago about the Trump 2016 campaign’s data game, and of course Pascale is mentioned.

What is disconcerting to me is that Trump is making the same mistake Obama did.

Remember, after Obama eked out re-election in 2012, for months and months after election day, all we heard about was the invincible juggernaut that was the Obama-DNC data game, and how it and it alone pushed Obama over the line.  Then in the middle of the next year, the Census Bureau released its voter turnout analysis, and found that the niche constituencies that the Obama 2012 data game heavily appealed to had lower turnout rates than they did in 2008, and that combined with other post-election surveys which showed that those same constituencies voted Obama at slightly less percentages (even if for him at landslide proportions) in 2012 compared to 2008, should have ended all the MUH DATA talk forever.  Too, for the fact that the constituency that saved Obama’s bacon in 2012, elderly black women (EBW), aren’t really on the data game radar, and also for the fact that the way the Obama-Romney politics worked out, swing state rust belt workding class whites (SS RB WCWs) just weren’t feeling Willard.

Yet and still, almost everyone that drank the MUH DATA kool-aid before mid-2013 kept on believing it.

Fast forward to the present, Trump is making the same mistake, assigning way too much credit to MUH DATA for his own win.  Hence, giving Pascale the store for 2020.

Seriously, are we to think that Trump was able to flip the 2012 script in 2016, lowering the turnout of EBW and boosting the turnout of SS RB WCWs, because of Pascale’s clever use of Facebook?  How many EBWs and SS RB WCWs are even on Facebook?  The answer is hardly any — Old fashioned politics caused their voting or non-voting habits both in 2012 and 2016.

Science Is Discriminatory

17 02 2018

Mountain View, California

NLRB finds no prob with the Goolag axing Damore.

Not a surprise to me, because the way the narrative has read to me, and the Damore saga was one of those things that broke during my involuntary sojourn, so I had to catch up on it later, I always thought he had a much better chance in state court, where he’s also contesting it, because California’s relevant laws are different enough from Federal laws in ways that are advantageous to him.

Also remember that Susan Wojcicki, YouTube CEO, (eminently qualified for that job because she once rented garage space to valley upstarts Larry Page and Sergey Brin), great feminist crusader that she is, openly stated that she agitated for Damore’s firing because his recitation of long established social science hurt her kids’ feelings.  Another ironic subtext is that Sue is absolutely opposed to genetic determinism, while Sue’s sister is the founder and CEO of 23-and-Me.

O’Keefe Pw3ns Jack

11 01 2018

San Francisco

Top of Drudge now, it is, so it’s worldwide.

What is it going to take for Dubourg’s admins to disown @Jack?