Far Cry Me a River

25 05 2017

Frankfurt, Germany and Rennes, France


These Crytek/Ubisoft cretins forgot nothing because they learned nothing.

Remember what was the Alt-Right’s coming out party, its debutante ball?  That’s right, a little scandal from three current years ago called GamerGate.  This means that the SJW crowd whose fingerprints are all over Far Cry 5 didn’t realize what kind of bear they’re poking.  4chan, 8chan, /pol/ and the rest of the Alt-Right’s doxxer crowd are probably hard at work as I type this to figure out who to out and embarrass.

OTOH, if there are any good reviews of FC5 in the gaming press, then there’s a close to 100% chance that there’s a blow job behind it.

It Took Seven Years

16 05 2017


I predicted.  Seven years ago.

Finally, it’s coming true.

Long time coming, but now we can commence the brick shitting process inside a certain building just northeast of the Dallas High Five.

Minds Share

24 04 2017

Washington, D.C.

My problem?

It isn’t with what he proposes, and it’s not even so much with the mechanics of implementing it.

It’s that he, and everyone else important, seems to have conceded mindshare to Faceberg.

In proposing that Faceberg should do this that or the third to be more fair, they are implicitly confessing that the world is and needs to be on Faceberg.

And that’s why Mark Zuckerbook is smiling when he reads this.

I’m not on Faceberg.

For Prophets

16 04 2017


There were a few people in my close internet social circle who, when the Faceberg Live instant-access live stream service started, that it would turn out to be a disaster for, ahem, certain communities.

This afternoon made them prophets.

Diversity Hot Potato

5 04 2017

Menlo Park, California

Why is Faceberg hypocritically demanding the kind of diversity in the law firms it hires that it won’t demand of itself?

The answer might be along the same lines of Mark Zuckerbook opposing international border walls but building them around his houses.

It’s because elitist hypocrisy isn’t hypocrisy when you’re an elite.

Another thing going on here is that FB is offloading its diversity requirements on its contractors while hogging all the good PR about Silicon Valley diversity all to itself.  Because it’s a lot easier to find black women lawyers than it is to find black women web coders and developers.

Wicked Racial Profiling Trick (Sorta)

1 04 2017

Geneva, Switzerland

Me, February 4, 2014:

Voltaire was once rumored to say or write that you can tell who rules you for who you’re not allowed to criticize.  Likewise, as this row has proven, you can tell which group of people suffers which particular problems for which group of people want talk of those problems shut down and censored.  A UNC tutor blows the whistle about dumb athletes, and like they have springs in their butts or ants in their pants, every black race lobby on and off campus starts jumping up and down in a panic.  Even if you were too dense to infer “black” from “dumb athlete,” the fact that black groups and spokesmouths started complaining about it should spell it out for you.

In a way, this story is the polar opposite.  In this case, the matter isn’t a matter of which race lobbies want even racially agnostic discussion of a problem shut down because they take the discussion too personally.  It’s the opposite:  Certain countries with something in common want what by all rights really isn’t that serious a problem to be officially classified as a problem for political purposes.

Need a hint?


Here’s What I Mean

30 03 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Both Colin Flaherty and Tommy Sotomayor are in the process of leaving YouTube and doing everything on their own websites under their own domain names.  As are a bunch of other big name YTers.  It’s all a function of the corporate advertising accounts cracking the whip and getting the Googitburo spooked, and they’re deleting and demonetizing and blackholeing YT videos and whole channels left and right.  In the specific case of Tommy Sotomayor, he has the extra grief of the black woman hen house engaging in mob and swarm tactics against his channels.

Four days ago, I made this prediction.

I think some of you somewhat misunderstood it.

I actually think the meat of my prediction is in the last sentence:

I can also easily see a “back to the future” trend for the less important internet, that it reverts to a Web 1.0 sort of personality.

What I mean by “Web 1.0 sort of personality” isn’t transfer speeds, or bandwidth, or design elements.  It’s the mode of organization.

About a year and a half ago, Matt Drudge was a show-length guest on Alex Jones, and one of the things he talked about, or rather, bemoaned, was that here in the Web 2.0 era of social media, people were increasingly ghettoizing their digital lives, i.e. they were working entirely in the realm of large well-known services that are themselves businesses.  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram.  He contrasted that to the pre-social media era of the internet, which featured less top-down corporatism and more individual initiative, independence and responsibility.

Now do you see what I mean?  More and more people are going to use the internet in a Web 1.0 sort of way out of necessity.  Sure, the speed and bandwidth will get faster, the design elements will get more attractive, but the internet will return to a Web 1.0 personality in that the control will transition from corporations and big-name services back to talented individuals, and the level of interactivity will sharply decrease.