Another One About to Bite the Dust

24 05 2016


On Trump being allergic to data.

Like I’ve been saying, overrated.  Especially in big turnout mass appeal elections.  In lower turnout downballot races, data done right can be effective, and the Republicans’ 2014 data game was both clever and effective.  But their lack of a data game was not the reason for Romney not ousting Obama two years prior.

Trump’s campaign has and will continue to send a lot of people, ideologies, institutions and conventional wisdom to the ash heap of irrelevance, and now he’s about to show up the naked emperor that is the political data game.

Minority Report = Reporting Minorities

24 05 2016


Sure, the cops themselves could compile this list, but then that would be racial profiling.  Because Jesse Jackson.

As you can read at the end, the algorithm is specifically written in such a way to avoid discriminatory variables.

Remember my contention, that data is how we do racial profiling without actually doing racial profiling, giving ourselves plausible deniability, and in this case, legal immunity.  Sure, this algorithm studiously avoids discrimination, so it will be just a coincidence when the names it pops out are names like Shitavious, Shaniqua, L’Booshondria, N’D’Mario, Boo, Shuntrice, NuKeese and Euphemiette.

Also, while these cops are on the way to visit the people that this algorithm generates, bet on the HUD people riding shotgun in the cop car to bring the big mama of the house an AFFH application.

There’s Something Testy About This Fish

18 05 2016



Report: Female Students Beat Male Counterparts in Tech and Engineering Test

Female students beat males in the Technology and Engineering Literacy test, according to a report released Tuesday. Only 42% of males scored “proficient” or higher on the test, while 45% females scored proficient.

“We did not expect this pattern,” said Peggy Carr from the National Center for Education Statistics, despite reiterating that evidently “girls have the abilities and critical thinking skills needed to succeed in fields of technology and engineering.”

When the scores were broken down into genders within race, it was established that white females scored 162 points – 4 points more than their male counterparts – while black females scored five points more than their black male counterpart at 131 points.

Only Asian and Hispanic students scored similar points to the opposite sex of their race.

I’m already getting suspicious.  My whitey sense is tingling.

Something tells me that this test really isn’t about hard CSIT-STEM.

It’s like the firefighter entrance and promotion exams:  In order to have tests that pass muster with the Federal judiciary and have no hint of MUH DISPUT IMPAK, they have to be so easy that one would have to be severely mentally retarded not to get the questions correct.

All it took for me was to do a little Googling to find out a representative question from this test.  And I was right:  It’s not exactly a quiz that asks you to compare the specs of the Nvidia Pascal series with the Nvidia Maxwell series and speculate how that would affect game performance and benchmarks.  While skills like the informal systems integration of the rules and regulations of urban streets for better and safer bike paths are useful, I can assure you that Nvidia’s HR isn’t looking for that on resumes.

Another Hoax

27 04 2016

Santa Clara, California

Tech Crunch:

Intel CEO says leadership team has received threats for company’s stance on diversity

Intel is widely seen as a leader around corporate diversity in tech. But, it turns out, some Intel employees are not happy with the company’s stance on it. In fact, there’s “been a bit of a backlash within the company” and even threats made toward the company’s senior leadership team, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich told Rev. Jesse Jackson on stage at the PUSHTech 2020 conference today in San Francisco.

“People worry that as a white man, you’re kind of under siege to a certain extent,” Krzanich said. “There’s been a bit of resistance. We’ve even had a few threats and things like that on some of our leadership team around our position on diversity and inclusion. We stand up there and just remind everybody it’s not an exclusive process. We’re not bringing in women or African-Americans or Hispanics in exclusion to other people. We’re actually just trying to bring them in and be a part of the whole environment.”

[Update 10:19 a.m. PT: Regarding what kind of threats the leadership team received, an Intel spokesperson said, “The context here is that any time you undertake a big initiative it’s a journey and an ongoing process toward change and evolution. I know you mentioned the words can mean many things so this is the context.”]

That’s because there are no threats.  Krzanich just made up something that he knew would sound good going into Jesse Jackson’s ears.

How can I be so cock sure?  Because these same white men who are making all these threats when the new SV diversity is NAMs and women didn’t make these threats when the SV diversity, not counted as diversity anymore, were H-1B Asians, many years ago.

In Every Ointment

23 04 2016


WaPo, on school districts, focusing on the Orange County, Fla. system, using big data and analytics to find naughty stuff their students might be up to.

All fine and good, until someone finds a fly in the bottom of the jar:

Orange County isn’t alone in choosing to monitor students. Schools in Alabama and California have adopted similar social-media-mining software. In Huntsville, Ala., 14 kids were expelled because of social media posts in 2014. The content of the posts was not made public, but a school board member told that expulsions result only from serious offenses involving drugs, weapons or sex.  Twelve out of the 14 were black, despite the schools’ population of about 40 percent black students and 60 percent white. The expulsions raised concerns from a county commissioner that social media monitoring unfairly targeted black students, according to The case raises questions about which students are most vulnerable when digitally tracked by the school and police working in concert.

(1) You knew there would be massive wreck at the intersectionality of preventing school violence and shutting down the school to prison pipeline.  You can’t exactly accuse the modern left of being good at systems integration.

(2) Because everyone is supposed to be paranoid about suspending black students, the only way they’re going to be suspended is if they do something major league bad, so bad that suspending them is the only option, because the districts’ insurance carriers exert a lot of pressure on school boards and district admins. The insurance industry is the only known predator to social justice warriorism.

(3) This points to one of the running themes in this space, that big data and analytics is how we do racial profiling while giving ourselves plausible deniability.


The Gilded Half Century

11 04 2016


I think the debate is rather pointless, because the explanation for the cause can be found in two hints that this article drops:  One, the year 1970, and two, the name Tyler Cowen.

Like Looking in a Mirror

2 04 2016

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Me, describing my generation, back on October 29:

Ours is the last generation of people that has and will have any conscious memory of a pre-Internet world, a pre-ubiquitously connected world, a world where phone calls between cities cost extra and were metered by the minute, and of the Soviet Union as an empire that displayed a threatening posture.  We did incubate the first wave of the Internet era, the first wave of the Dot-Com boom.  Otherwise, we’ll be telling our grandchildren horror stories about what it was like to look up a topic before Wikipedia.

Blogmeister Echo Syndrome. It’s almost like reading my autobiography, right down to the jot and tittle of being suckered into joining a CD club; I still have almost all of those CDs to this day, but discovered quickly that, per unit cost, the CD clubs (and I presume before then, the cassette clubs and the record clubs, an episode of the last season of Leave It To Beaver had Beaver joining a record club, and that was in 1962-63), were not much less expensive than just buying them at the CD/music/record store, another artifact our generation is the last to have experienced.

Her point that we in the latter part of Generation X were/are uniquely positioned as accidents of the years of our births in that we’re split halfway between the old and the new worlds and can see the advantages and disadvantages of both sides is a point I breezed by, but should have realized was really profound.

ICYMI, library index cards is one way we looked up a topic before Wikipedia.

Speaking of another generation, you’ll notice I had this to say in that same post:

They are currently at their peak of power and control over real institutions.  We are indeed living in the Peak Boomer Era.  Forget about Peak Oil, the real problem is Peak Boomer.  Since they are exercising power unchecked, they are creating precisely the world that both their critics and apologists of both older and younger generations predicted they would.



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