Microsoft. Amazon.

6 02 2017



Mr. Occam approves of the title.

Oh Henry

4 02 2017


The temporarily successful legal effort to halt the OCGE’s milquetoast immigration-related EOs has exposed something we already knew.

Ironically, H-xB/J-x reform is on the OCGE’s impending bucket list.

The Master Troll strikes again.

O. Henry couldn’t even…

Now Watch

18 01 2017

Manhattan; Washington, D.C.

Well, why wouldn’t he?



That is, until our favorite native St. Louisan slash high school class of 1995er (and no, I’m not talking about me) bounces him off.  Andrew Torba already has the accounts reserved for him.


Labor Saving

11 12 2016


Digital computers:Human engineers::Quantum computers:Digital computers

The only thing wrong with my analogy is that the second half of the analogy will be orders of magnitude more dramatic than the former.

Federal Law

16 11 2016

Menlo Park, California

NYT (h/t AR):

Facebook Will Stop Some Ads From Targeting Users by Race


Facebook responded on Friday to concern that it was violating anti-discrimination laws…

And yet, the First Amendment does not apply to Twitter?

TALA Doctrine

19 10 2016

Washington, D.C.

NYT, on the need to regulate LEA use of facial recognition databases and software:

The report found that systems relying on police photographs have a greater effect on African-Americans because they are arrested at higher rates.

But the software may be less accurate with images of black people, and there is no independent testing for racially biased errors, it said.

Leave it to the NYT to advocate for a worthy thing but for the most goofy of reasons.

Why I’m #NRx

17 10 2016

Washington, D.C.

Two reasons why it will never happen under the current system:

(1) The substance of the paperwork will never be simple, as long as the industries directly dependent on complicated Federal taxation law, tax attorneys, accountants, can buy politicians.

(2) The online nature of filling out the virtual paperwork will never properly function as long as elected politicians think they have to dole out the job based on political and ethnic concerns, i.e. H-1B.  Remember the ObamaDontCare online presence?  When it first went online, and failed so badly, a trio of 20-year olds within a matter of 48 hours built a website that replicated its functionality to a tee and worked flawlessly.

Now, if you really do want taxes to be that simple and that easy, seek, find, hug and support your nearest neoreactionary.