You Knew It Was Coming

24 11 2015

Hoboken, New Jersey

4K phone.

On this screen, it’s 806 ppi.

Too much pixel.

When I upgraded from 2013’s Moto X to last year’s Droid Turbo, that meant upgrading from 720p to 1440p, or rather, from 1280×720 to 2560×1440.  That meant going from 312 ppi to 565 ppi.  And I could barely tell the difference.

By comparison, my own personal desktop monitor, a 27 inch 1440p, gives me 109 ppi, and a full 4K in that size would be 160 ppi.  A 55-inch 4K TV only has 80 ppi, though TVs don’t need high PPIs because the expectation is that we will regularly be much more distant from them than we will a phone, tablet, laptop screen or desktop screen.  Likewise, when we make it to 8K, a 55 incher will only need 160 ppi, which is what you get in a 27 inch 4K monitor today.

Let’s See If You’ve Been Paying Attention

5 11 2015

Washington, D.C.


Survey Finds Gamers Will Be Pivotal to 2016 Presidential Election

A new survey released by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) reveals that Americans who identify as gamers could be one of the most influential groups of voters in the 2016 presidential election.

And then, stats, slides, quotes.

What is my reaction?

Discovery Channel

2 11 2015

Lewis Place


I first brought up this particular crime not long after it happened.

Update time.


Murder charge dropped in shooting death of Sumner High student

Murder charges have been dropped against a teenager who was supposed to go to trial in St. Louis City next week.

Tyrell Davidson, 18, was released from jail after the state elected not to prosecute his case. A spokeswoman for the circuit attorney’s office would not provide more details.

(Raising my hand)

Teacher, I think I know what the details are and why the CA office’s spokeshack isn’t providing them.

Stingray, aka cell site simulators.

The Feds are so adamant that details about how they work and how they collect information not become public knowledge that they have pretty much ordered prosecutors on all levels of government to drop criminal cases if their normal procedure would mean that such information makes it to defense attorneys in the discovery process.  The conventional wisdom theory is that the Feds don’t want people to be able to arrange their digital lives so as to circumvent Stingray.  My theory is that the Feds and the private company that developed Stingray swung a deal to protect the company’s intellectual property and patents that are part of Stingray.  If info got out, then it’s probably a short hop to reverse engineering and cheap clones.

This case being dropped a week before trial makes me really suspicious.

If discovery between the ACAs and Davidson’s defense attorneys has not taken place, then I would be really really suspicious.

Suspicious that Stingray was used to make Davidson as a suspect.

You may be asking:  “Blogmeister, why bother using Stingray if information that it collects has a very hard time resulting in actual conviction?”

Answer:  Prosecutors hope they can hang enough paper on such suspects that they’ll cop a plea.  The one huge complication with Davidson is that he was 16 years old at the time of his alleged murder.  Which means no death penalty, and no legal guarantee of a life sentence, either.  The ACAs were probably doing all they can to get Davidson to take a deal, but without the death penalty for sure, they didn’t have much in the way of bargaining chips.  That, and this was a TNB murder, one of those thug-on-thug affairs, the sort of which I am predicting that the system will start ignoring anyway.  No great loss to turn this one loose; street justice will probably get him anyway.

Droid Turbo the Second

27 10 2015

New York

My first Android phone, in fact, my first smartphone, was the HTC Incredible in 2010.

My next one was the 2013 version of the Moto X.  It just got a lot of things right, in spite of not having the cutting edge specs of the day.  One of the things it did very right was keep the resolution at 720p.  First off, I think when you’re talking 5-inch-ish screens, 720p is the most you really need in pixel density, anything higher is imperceptible.  Second, lower resolutions are easier on battery life.

My current one is last year’s Motorola Droid Turbo.  Its resolution is 1440p, but its battery is way bigger, which means battery life is the same, in fact, a bit better.  Its specs are very good, and the one thing that it does way better than the 2013 Moto X, which was the X’s only real foible, is camera and photo/video quality.  Through its whole history, Motorola never did cameras or photography, so it’s not a surprise that its in house developed cameras for their phones have been less than stellar.  I have heard, but have been unable to confirm, that the reason why Motorola’s phone camera game improved in 2014 is that it cried uncle to Sony.

Now, the Droid Turbo 2 drops later this week.  The specs aren’t that much better, from what I hear, the camera is not that much better, and the battery is about the same.  Its only big improvement is the shatterproof glass (“–“), and supposedly, a MicroSD card slot, which the first Droid Turbo does not have.

All three Motorola models I mentioned above give you almost stock Android.  Another plus.

It doesn’t seem like enough of an improvement to get me to upgrade.  However, I will say that Motorola’s phones are sorta being overlooked in the context of the universe of top tier or near top tier phones.  Everyone drools over Samsung Samsung Samsung, but I’ve always found even their flagship phones to be overrated, and that’s not even counting all the crapware they add on to Android.

Oh, and one more thing?  Muh sail foam.


21 10 2015

Silicon Valley



That’s Not What They Mean By “Diversity”

7 10 2015

Silicon Valley

Tech Raptor:

There Is No Diversity Crisis In Tech by Brian Hall


Silicon Valley doesn’t just create greatness, it’s probably the most open, welcoming, meritocratic-based region on the planet. Anecdotal evidence strongly suggests that disproportionately more Chinese, Indians, and LGBQT succeed in Silicon Valley than just about any place in America. Guess what? Everyone earned their job because of their big brains and ability to contribute.

You’re correct in this point if you take the word “diversity” literally.  But remember, “diversity” is a moving goalpost.  What is meant by “diversity” in context of SV not having enough of it is that there aren’t enough developers and executives that are black women named Booshondria.  Plain words, it’s an extortion racket that black preachers are running in order to get SV firms to hire their useless daughters and nieces with useless Fisher-Price HBCU diplomas into useless HR jobs.

Well No Fucking Duh, Part 2

25 09 2015



I was especially interested, because St. Louis is implementing this sort of “Comp-Stat” predictive analysis.  Just as there’s a KCPD-UMKC partnership, and a Memphis PD-University of Memphis partnership, there’s a SLPD-UMSL partnership in this matter, mainly because there’s a SLPD-UMSL revolving door.

The main interesting takeaways for me were:

* Even software engages in racial profiling.  Which means that perhaps racial profiling is a feature, not a bug.  But what it tells me is that if some people think that offloading things to software so that it can do what humans can’t because humans fear racial profiling accusations are mistaken.

* The whole thing produces very little in the way of real tangible positive results.  The best it can do is affect momentary blips in homicides, that are just one or two off anomalies.  I mean, why would it?  You’ve got software to point you to the worst of the worst in Bell Curve City, but it’s still Bell Curve City.

* It goes back to the point I made here a few days ago.  Since a lot of black murders and other serious violent crime exists within a network and a circle of do-badders, and we’re constantly told not to care about it because it’s not our problem for the most part, then why bother with any of this?  If we’re not allowed to care about it as individuals, we should quit caring about it publicly and officially.



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