“Unduly Burdensome and Not Necessary”

18 01 2016

Cupertino, California

Yeah, so? You think Jesse and Al care about that?

It’s also unduly burdensome and not necessary to fire departments, yet many Federal judges could care less.

If AAPL is going to give lots of money to Democrats and its employees are going to vote heavily Democrat, then it should have to do what it implicitly expects everyone else to do.  Or did you think that all your money would buy you a permanent escape hatch?

Wired For Speed

17 01 2016

LaSalle Park

I don’t get it.  The Clinton-Peabody pro-jeks are in the middle of nowhere, such that there’s no broadband ISP?  In reality, expensive and gentrified are that way and that way, getting expensive and gentrified is over that way just a little bit, and Downtown is that way.

Or could it be that certain people think they have more pressing expenses?

Also, don’t expect residence-based broadband to do much good, when many of those residents already use dey sail foams for trivialities at best and to organize criminal activity at worst.

Twenty-First Century Problems

17 01 2016

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Prank, circa 1985:  Using your wired analog land-line phone to call your neighbor’s wired analog land-line phone, to ask him if his refrigerator is working, then hang up.

Prank, circa 2020:  Using your smartphone to crack in to your neighbor’s internet of things home network, so that you can mess around with his refrigerator’s thermostat setting.

Happy Surfing

24 12 2015

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Expect the internet to be slow as fuck for the rest of today, tomorrow and Saturday.  That’s because starting this evening, and into tomorrow, people will get connectivity devices as presents, and the first thing that every one of them will want to do is connect and get updates and actually use them.  After the new wears off, after the day after Christmas, things will be back to normal.

Need Better Prognostication

16 12 2015


P-D, on the County Browns doing predictive policing:

The system, called HunchLab, bases its predictions on variables beyond crime statistics, including weather conditions, public transportation routes, vacant properties, foreclosures, parks, libraries and housing density. The department began using the system this week and demonstrated it Tuesday for the Post-Dispatch.

I wonder if there was another crucial variable they could have included.  Of course, had they actually included it, they would have never been able to demonstrate it to the P-D, because the article we would be reading about it today would not be a general news article, but a scathing op-ed about the evils of racial profiling from Tony Messenger.  It’s like I snarked last night during the debate:

No bother, the disparate impact of this thing is that the predictive policing will coincidentally predict a lot of blacks.  Remember, it’s not Minority Report, it’s reporting minorities.  And that has been my point about comp/stat and data driven methods in a lot of sensitive legal minefield areas like law enforcement and HR/personnel hiring decisions — It’s how they get to do racial profiling without actually doing racial profiling and keeping their fingerprints off the race gun and having plausible deniability.  I predict that the next territory that predictive analysis will conquer is another arena that’s a race mania driven legal minefield:  Real estate, housing, apartment leases, mortgages.

You Knew It Was Coming

24 11 2015

Hoboken, New Jersey

4K phone.

On this screen, it’s 806 ppi.

Too much pixel.

When I upgraded from 2013’s Moto X to last year’s Droid Turbo, that meant upgrading from 720p to 1440p, or rather, from 1280×720 to 2560×1440.  That meant going from 312 ppi to 565 ppi.  And I could barely tell the difference.

By comparison, my own personal desktop monitor, a 27 inch 1440p, gives me 109 ppi, and a full 4K in that size would be 160 ppi.  A 55-inch 4K TV only has 80 ppi, though TVs don’t need high PPIs because the expectation is that we will regularly be much more distant from them than we will a phone, tablet, laptop screen or desktop screen.  Likewise, when we make it to 8K, a 55 incher will only need 160 ppi, which is what you get in a 27 inch 4K monitor today.

Let’s See If You’ve Been Paying Attention

5 11 2015

Washington, D.C.


Survey Finds Gamers Will Be Pivotal to 2016 Presidential Election

A new survey released by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) reveals that Americans who identify as gamers could be one of the most influential groups of voters in the 2016 presidential election.

And then, stats, slides, quotes.

What is my reaction?


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