What the Left’s Jihad Against AirBnB Is Really All About

21 07 2016

San Francisco

The Dime Store Indian is piling on from the outside, and Eric Holder from the inside.

Al Kemmy, commenting at AR yesterday:

Off-topic, but related. Hispanic CC is cheap-labor-racketeering. Since illegal alien cheap labor has displaced many Americans out of hotel work, I now use Air BnB to rent travel rooms from OUR people, instead.

Let me explain.

A while back AMREN had an article about AirBnB and “anti-racism”. Let me write about AirBnB.

When I travel, I research AirBnB to avoid this phony, imposed, “diversity.”

I research AirBnB to select rooms carefully so that my dollars go to my people.

And I can freely associate with whom I choose.

No money to illegal alien Aztec housekeepers. No money to the likes of Marriott International, Inc. and their ilk that push open-borders. No money to the Patel Mob from India.

Because it allows me to direct my business to MY PEOPLE, I love AirBnB, at least how it is now. If they prevent my free-association with MY people when I spend travel dollars, we’ll need to start a competitor site to fill that market need . . .

Now I get it.  AirBnB is, probably accidentally, allowing people to circumvent the cheap labor lobby.  That’s the real rub, not all the SJW blabber about inclusiveness and discrimination.  Of course, SJW blabber about inclusiveness and discrimination is usually a front for plutocratic greed anyway, and if this is right, this matter is no exception.

After all this, I should start a prostitution service called WhoreBnB.


One Drop Rule

18 07 2016

San Francisco


This is Twitter’s Black Lies Matter emoji.  Whenever someone tweets the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter, it automatically inserts this emoji after the hashtag.  Twitter is really bad about politically charged auto-emojis; for instance, it inserts a rainbow heart after #LoveWins and #LoveIsLove, an homage to the LGBTQetc agenda.

Anyway, do you notice something weird about the BLM emoji?

The Pokemon Go of Bell Curve City

13 07 2016

Norfolk, Virginia

…Is Facebook Live.

There have already been two murders off of FL.


The one in Norfolk:

The two other recent FL murders:


Returning Your Call

12 07 2016


Two years ago, the original call.

Today, the callback.

In retrospect, the fact that Somalia can sustain a cell phone network wasn’t a thing, the fact that it couldn’t sustain a land line network was actually the thing.

Also, one should recognize another common Sailer and alt-right theme in the callback article — Just as sail foams and ubiquitous communication and social media and the domestic dindu’s propensity to run his mouth and brag and not zip lips and keep quiet has made life a lot easier for cops and detectives, they have made it a lot harder for Somalian dindus who happen to be of the jihadist bent to pull off terrorism and organize terror cells and networks.


11 07 2016

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Heavy weather ahead.

A lot of people have been worried about singularity for a long time.  That is, the point in time when people unwittingly cede enough of their affairs to technology such that technology takes over.  It’s not that any human being alive would willingly give up control to an algorithm, it’s just that human nature is such that we offload as much work as we can to automatons.  Think of all the people who need calculators today to do simple math that their three generations ago ancestors could have done in their heads.

I think the bigger problem for the relatively near future (present day to forty years out) will be that as technology gets more and more sophisticated, it won’t start ruling over us, it will instead be present in a world where more and more people are unable to use it.

One thing that became perfectly obvious to me as I was dealing with my own mother in her last months of true independence and then her realizing that she needed assisted living, was that the more complicated and convoluted, or less simple, something is to use, the less likely that older people will be able to use it, especially in a pinch.  Things in her house that had simple analog controls, she could use, but anything that was in any wise digital, push button and had something of a complicated operating system, she had more and more trouble using.  It got so bad that one day before Thanksgiving last year, she had a make an urgent phone call to me, but she couldn’t figure out how to dial the phone, a modern cordless land line handset, the same one she had been using for several years.  Mainly it was a combination of age, panic and arthritic hands.  She went out of the house and started screaming help, and a neighbor wound up calling me on his phone, and then I called her.  Thing is, when I called her, the neighbor had to answer the phone then give her the handset, because she couldn’t figure out how to answer an incoming call.  Temporarily, I set her up with an old style analog rotary dial phone that a hoardophiliac relative had in storage.  But then I slowly walked her into agreeing that she needed permanent help.

There are two undeniable and contradictory trends at work:  One, we’re now starting on the cusp of a high population generation entering elderly and then advanced ages.  The Baby Boomers are 56-70 years old this year, assuming one uses the 1946-1960 birth year definition for Boomers.  Which means that Boomers will be going through their seventies in the next decade, their eighties in the decade after that, and their nineties in the decade after that.  Two, everything we use and buy is going to become more digital, increasingly technologized, and increasingly complicated.

It is not going to make for an easy or pleasant combination.  It also means that if you are at all young or not-old, get ready for the old folks to pester you all the time needing help to do anything and everything.

I’m also thinking there’s a business opportunity here.  Light bulbs (old fashioned incandescent) are going off in my head.

La Raza vs Nvidia

10 06 2016

Santa Clara, California

Should be a very good card from a price-performance standpoint.

The only problem is its branding number:  1070.  That’s the same number as Arizona SB 1070.

La Raza will never tolerate this anti-immigrant microaggression.  They’ll have no choice but to have Soros redeploy the same rent-a-mob he hired to beat up Trump supporters coming out of his function in next door San Jose to FSU at Nvidia HQ.

Miniature Gray Microwave

1 06 2016


Oh la la.

I’ve joked that the IoT would mean that your appliances and your neighbor’s appliances would play games against each other on their free time.  Now we’ll have to worry that my large black microwave and my neighbor’s medium sized white microwave will do the digital bedroom mambo and beget a miniature gray microwave, one that has her father’s LED digit face and her mother’s turntable.


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