Software Is War By Any Other Means

28 09 2016


Ruh Roh, Billy.

If you thought the Jews were needlessly provoking the American Federal government and its deep state to wage a cold cold war on Russia based on Putin knocking Russian Jews down a few notches, and revenge for that whole Soviet Union turning on the Jews thing in the 1960s, you haven’t seen anything yet.  Remember, the Federal government is pretty close to a wholly owned and operated subsidiary of Microsoft.

YouTube’s Volunteer Auxiliary Thought Police

24 09 2016

Mountain View, California

The Googitburo is recruiting.

Go to its official YT video page and downvote that mofo.  More than 560,000 have, including myself, as I write this.

By the way, what’s so heroic about crowdsourced censorship?  Just like you don’t give a live grenade to a baby, you don’t give SJWs this kind of power.

McDonalds Ain’t a Happy Place

19 09 2016

Columbus, Ohio

Bye bye Americans, hello H-1B.

Wonder when they’ll start using J-x visa holders to replace 365BellCurve.

One thing we do know:  These days are long gone:


16 09 2016


Remember the talking beer can?

Now they have a talking beer can coaster.

Taking my beer can analogy a little too literally, notice on the Echo Dot page that you can buy a “six pack.”

Shouldn’t Have Bet On It

13 09 2016

Washington, D.C.

Sam Francis, Chronicles, April 1992:

There is a good deal of talk about how post-industrial technologies will lead to a radical decentralization of organizations. Don’t bet on it. The technology works both ways. It can be used to promote decentralization, but it also lends itself to tighter control from the center. Human nature seems to prefer more power and less responsibility, and my own bet is that post-industrial technologies will accommodate that preference.

Even in his passing, it’s Sam’s world, we’re merely taking up space and consuming resources in it.

And don’t buy this bit about just wanting to root out fake news.  This is all about narrative enforcement and censorship.  Like Rush Limbaugh says, social media gave the mainstream media their monopoly back.  And why wouldn’t anyone conclude that?  After all, many social media news services are nothing more than overglorified NYT feed readers.


Social Justice Gives No Quarter, Part 2

13 09 2016

Cupertino, California

OTOH, if you’re in Canada, then everyone around you by definition is diverse.

This industry in that place grew from being barely existent at the start of 1974 to arguably the world’s second most important today.  And somehow it did it without diversity, or at least without diversity as SJWs define it in the context of that industry, and we know that’s a moving goalpost.

So, why now?

First off, CSIT-STEM has grown big enough such that SJWs think it needs to start paying the diversity tax.  But I think the more critical task for SJW is to attach themselves and leech off an industry that is and will continue to be successful in the coming decades.  SJWs tend to make everything they touch worse, the reverse Midas Touch.  I think they think that if they force their way into CSIT-STEM, and it doesn’t start circling the drains, then they can become optically associated with a successful industry, and lose their reputations as industry wreckers.  However, the fine print is that the industry would continue to be successful in spite of them and their leeching.

I’m disappointed that Slashdot’s editors are helping to fuel this fire.

Why Shaniqua Can’t Code

9 09 2016

Fountain Park

This has already happened.  Biden basically said that we all need to learn how to code because it’s the best route to the middle class.

Because we don’t need that many coders, there won’t be much of a middle class anymore, if that’s true. The other problem is that these jobs are supposed to require such high skill levels that by all rights they should have upper middle class salary and benefits packages, not straight middle class ones. We all know why they don’t, (cough cough H-1B cough cough), and if LaunchCode does have placement success, it will only create an even bigger army of CSIT permatemps.

LaunchCode happens to be in the same state office building on Delmar just east of Kingshighway that also hosts the St. Louis NAACP office. That should tell you all you need to know about its intentions. You know the old book Why Johnny Can’t Read. The book for our times could be tiled Why Shaniqua Can’t Code.