Why Am I Thinking About Andrew Jackson Right Now?

9 02 2017

San Francisco


Beats me.

He’s Opposed to Maslow’s Triangle

1 02 2017

Washington, D.C.; Denver


I wonder if he’s also opposed to self-actualization.

Youth Served

31 01 2017

Washington, D.C.; Denver

In Supreme Court terms, 49 is practically a teenager.

If I have to gripe about anything — Harvard Law.

At some point, we have to break this Harvard/Yale duopoly.

As an aside, my civic pride was making me pull for Raymond Gruender.

Six Words to Edify

16 01 2017

Boston; San Francisco

Key takeaway:

…the bachelor’s degree is becoming the new high school diploma. Rather than a ticket to a high-paying, managerial job, the four-year degree is now the minimum ticket to get in the door to any job.

Which we all knew.

These thirty-five words need six more to be made all the more understandable:


As the Twenty Second Toast Burns

15 12 2016


In that which they state what everyone knows.

Their tack is a little bit different — They’re using it to lobby for more state legislative-based tort reform.

Don’t be so sure that Eric Greitens would sign it.  If he gets the notion that outside monied interests are working their magic in what is now a dying line of work in Jefferson City, if such a bill gets to his desk, he just might veto it.

If I was advising these forces, I’d have them instead push for a city-county merger but do it in such a way that their fingerprints stay off the gun.  It’s like I said, we’ll know if the merger possibility gets serious or is perceived to be serious when the other side of this coin, the trial lawyer lobby, starts in in the stuck pig squealing.  The merger would end the 22nd circuit, and the trial lawyer lobby wants it to remain for the same reason why the insurance lobby is going to pressure state government to crack down on it.

For the Luck

29 11 2016

Jefferson City

Three weeks ago today, the state’s electorate voted to retain Supreme Court Justice Richard Teitelman.

This morning, he was found dead.

If the process to find his replacement can work fast enough, and by “fast enough,” I mean spitting out a recommendation before January 9, then Nixon just might be able to appoint the replacement before the final bell tolls on his time as Governor.

Why It Doesn’t Matter

21 11 2016


The Federal judge overseeing the lawsuit over the voting method used in the Ferguson-Florissant School District for its board members is settling on cumulative voting for the remedy for the non-problem.

And why won’t it matter in the long run?

The last paragraph in this article:

About 80 percent of the school district’s 11,200 students are black, and 12 percent are white. The population in the district is nearly evenly split between black and white.

Old whites, and young blacks.  The trend is easy to see.  Eventually, DESE will take over this whole district, and the elected board won’t matter.  Unfortunately, thanks to the guddam Turner Law, it also means that in that scenario, FFSD students would be able to transfer out.

Otherwise, I hope this disparate impact craziness vis-a-vis the Federal judiciary is something we can at least seriously discuss and maybe even do something about in the next four to eight years.