SCOMO Throws Out Reggie Clemons Convictions

24 11 2015

Jefferson City

Read all about it.

The original murder happened only five days after I myself walked across that very same bridge with my older cousin, on the night of my 14th birthday.  Back then, the Old Chain of Rocks was definitely closed to vehicular traffic, as it had been for more than two decades before then, and it was officially closed to anyone.  However, illicitly crossing it was how a long of young St. Louisans engaged in a risky thrill.  Five days after I did it for the first of only two times that I did, I saw how risky it was.

I happen to think that most of the pro-Clemons apologetics on the social and media end are based on the notion that the Kerry sisters somehow had it coming just because they were doing something risky.

Since 1998 or so, the OCoR has been legally opened to ped/bike traffic.

Like That’s Gonna Stop Him

10 11 2015

New Orleans

Appeals-5 slaps back the Hopeychanger on DAPA.

Of course, that kind of thing has never stopped him before.  He only enforces the court decisions he likes.  For everything else, he’s got the pen and phone, and even more importantly than that, confidence that nobody will ever hold him accountable.

Obama be like:  “You’ve got a gavel?  I’ve got hundreds of nukes.”

Good News and Bad News

2 11 2015


The good news part comes first.

Big but…

The lawsuit goes on to say that the entire department was purged of white faculty except one white instructor who was protected by tenure.

Conversely, the only black faculty member fired from the College of Education during the same time was not terminated because of the reduction in force policy, but rather because he was found to be a sex offender, the lawsuit says.

So, of all the white faculty members racially purged, only one had the gumption to file suit?

So Do Claw Hammers

2 11 2015

Bonne Terre; Columbia; Downtown St. Louis


Missouri inmate: Lethal injection may trigger severe pain

A Missouri inmate is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to spare his life, claiming the execution drug could trigger severe pain and convulsions due to the remnants of a brain tumor and the damage caused by surgery to remove it.

Ernest Lee Johnson, 55, is scheduled to die Tuesday evening for using a claw hammer to kill three convenience store workers in central Missouri in 1994.


Give It Up

27 10 2015

Jefferson City

They’re going through the motions, but we know how they’re going to rule.

However, there is just enough time in between the two events for SlayDotsonJoyce to ride that car on the excuse train.

We Should Talk

15 10 2015

Jefferson City

That’s all Pat Breckenridge et al. will do, talk.  Lots and lots of talk.

If it’s racial disparities you want, then the ones to focus on are why, ceteris paribus, rural white counties’ criminal justice systems are full of hanging judges and hanging juries, while you get slapped on the hand in the City of St. Louis.  The only reason the disparity has eased is because DOC started pressuring rural counties not to be sending them any and every ole body.


To Court They Go

14 10 2015


Dreamers sue.

This means that, as it turns out, the tuition-illegals bill that the General Assembly enacted into law in the override session last month does not exempt DACA/DAPA beneficiaries, it classifies them as illegal aliens.

I have not been able to find out if this is a state or Federal lawsuit.

Interesting, this:

Critics also call the rule invalid. Lawmakers inserted the rule into the preamble of the state’s budget bill. Because the language is in the introduction and not the meat of the bill, Gov. Jay Nixon and others have said it is not legally binding.

Introductions (preambles) aren’t legally binding?  That’s going to pop the bubble of a lot of people who claim that “general welfare” in the preamble to the Federal constitution makes every Federal social spending program constitutional.


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