Last Day of School

23 06 2016

Washington, D.C.

On the Texas affirmative action case and the immigration case:

(1) I was never optimistic about the Fisher case, at least in terms of the Federal courts invalidating the Texas top ten percent system, because I can’t think of any Federal constitutional grounds to invalidate it.

(2) I’m definitely happy with the immigration decision, except I don’t think it’ll actually matter, because Baraq Obama will probably keep on paddling in spite of the decision.  Or, if he wants to pretend to comply with the court decision, his lawyers can cook up some way to do what he wants effectively while complying with the court.  All the court decision means was all the court case was all about when you get down to the bare metal of the hard drive:  Whether the executive branch had the legal authority to hand out work permits to “undocumented” persons en masse and like candy, and the effective ruling of SCOTUS today was that the answer is no.  Obama can keep on not enforcing immigration law, and as far as that goes, what else is new?  But in theory, because the “undocumented” won’t have work permits, they won’t be able to work.

But there are two ways which I think Obama can do an end-run around this decision:  One, bring deportation civil cases against illegal aliens he wants to have work permits.  That’s because once the Feds do, the illegal alien gets a work permit pending the outcome of the case, and of course, the Feds won’t exactly push hard in their end of these civil cases.  Two, a work permit allows someone to hire an undocumented person without fear of Federal prosecution of hiring an illegal alien, therefore, all Obama needs to do is telegraph through back channels that there will be no prosecution of those who hire illegal aliens without work permits, and that, depending on how the election turns out, if Trump wins, then Obama will do a mass pardon for those that do on the morning of January 20 so that Trump’s incoming Attorney General can’t prosecute them, or if Hillary wins, she’ll continue the non-prosecution policy.

Sonie Hearts Ta

20 06 2016

Washington, D.C.

Remember, she’s the wise Latina.

So what’s she doing gushing all this love on all these blacks in her highly irrelevant dissenting opinion?  Aren’t there any Latin@ militants she can shout out for the record of the Supreme Court?

Also remember the case didn’t have anything to do with black people.  It grew out of a cop stopping a white guy in SLC and finding meth.  Sonia Sotomayor the wise Latina sides with the white guy and still feels the need to drag black bodies into it.

Next time, she’ll end her opinion with “Boo Yeah.”

I Know It’s Old News, But…

14 06 2016

San Diego

Remember what we were talking about last week, i.e. ancient history?

I just couldn’t get over the contradiction between the official Republican Party telling us all these years that we need to vote for Republicans no matter how bad they are because judges, on the one hand, and the official Republican Party telling us that Donald Trump is wrong for criticizing a Democrat-appointed Federal judge for his past and potentially future biased rulings, on the other hand.

Though you all keep forgetting that I have a Ferrari mind, and therefore, I can power my way through most contradictions and paradoxes.

In this case, it could be as simple as pure Trump Derangement Syndrome.

I think there’s something else at work.

We’re allowed to talk about ideology, but not about people.  Applied to matters like these, it’s okay if we criticize Democrat-appointed Federal judges purely on ideological and philosophical terms alone.  But it is not okay if we try to link a judge’s ideology to a judge’s race or ethnicity and make the case that the latter shapes the former.  It’s why (((neoconservatives))) will mostly never like Trump in spite of the fact that he’s coincidence and parenthesis friendly for the most part.  It’s because noticing things about groups of people and then stating it in public about groups other than the coincidences will always scare the hell out of coincidences, because they know that once people start making collective group assessments of Mexicans and Muslims, then it’s not a far leap to start doing the same about coincidences, even for those who are otherwise coincidence-friendly.

Skip Town

6 06 2016


If you were a witness in the Darren Wilson grand jury, my advice to you right now is to leave town, and never come back.

Unless you like the idea of someone making lots of holes in you.

Brewing Behind My Back

31 05 2016


While I wasn’t looking, a brand new fresh soap opera has started around here.  It’s this business about SLPS et al versus the state and the city’s charter schools over how revenue from a sales tax for edumacation is appropriated.  It was a sales tax that was passed 17 years ago as part of the deal to wind down interdistrict deseg.  And all this time later, as far as I know, interdistrict deseg is still actually occurring.  Isn’t that odd.

Anyway, people may be wondering why the NAACP is siding with the SLPS against the charter schools.  And that’s easy — The St. Louis NAACP, like most other NAACP chapters, is full of the most important black preachers and “revvunds” in town.  Most of these “revvnuds” preach in churches whose members include a lot of black women SLPS employees, teachers, administrators, support staff.  So, it’s easy to see why the NAACP is sorta indirectly interested in the financial health of the SLPS.

Scapegoat, Found.

31 05 2016



“Because he was critical of judges on the 22nd circuit”

Which he has been for the last two years.

I don’t take it as a coincidence at all that the aldermen who want Dotson’s scalp are black. (*)  They share something in common with most of the lenient judges that Dotson is criticizing.

But, when you have a problem this big and this chronic, and the cause is taboo, you need a handy scapegoat and a handy excuse.

(*) – Although Messenger just ripped Dotson a new one today in the op-ed page.

Gruender on Trump’s Short List

18 05 2016


Raymond Gruender is currently on Appeals-8.  A Bush 43 appointee.  St. Louis native, WU Law grad.  He was the 1994 Republican nominee sacrificial lamb for Bob McCulloch in the race for St. Louis County Circuit Attorney, among other things.

I don’t know that much about him, he doesn’t seems to have distinguished himself in either the good or bad directions in my mind, so I don’t really know what he would do on SCOTUS.


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