Need More Crime Scene Tape

21 04 2016


Fed judge:  IDs of witnesses that testified at the Darren Wilson grand jury have to be made available to attorneys in the Michael Brown family wrongful death lawsuit against Ferguson, its former police chief and Darren Wilson himself.

Supposedly, their names will have to be kept confidential.

If I was one of these witnesses, I wouldn’t bet on that, and I’d be leaving town right now.  Before my body ends up as a chalk line within yellow crime scene tape.

Lump of Cole

28 03 2016

Jefferson City

A state trial level judge in the Cole County circuit has found that the state’s municipal court reform bill of last year is unconstitutional, because it treats St. Louis County and its municipalities differently than it treats the rest of the state.  It’ll probably be appealed, but as far as replacement legislation, even now, it’s too late for any fresh new bill to have a chance to become law; there’s only a month and a half left in the session.

I’m not a big fan of the bill that passed last year, because it’s underpowered.  Even taken at the letter of the law, it still leaves fine and ticket revenue dependent municipalities a lot of latitude to fuck around with people, and don’t count on the state to enforce the law to its letter; an earlier muni court reform law has been mostly ignored.  I think that any solution short of actually prohibiting monetary punishments for fines and tickets is underpowered.

There’s a Google in Every Guatemalan Peasant That Sneaks Across the Border

8 03 2016

Washington, D.C.

That’s a pretty good summary of Zuckerberg’s argument.

He forgot to include in his brief anything about cheaper labor helping multi-billionaires getting even more filthy rich.

Provel Crow

27 02 2016


Headline wants us to think that there’s some George Wallace standing in the school house door.

Read down, and you’ll find out that the real reason is a Federal court decision based on 1980’s racial demographics.

The Law Works (For Once)

24 02 2016



St. Louis to pay nearly $800K in racial discrimination lawsuit involving police sergeant

City police Sgt. David Bonenberger, who won a racial discrimination case over a lost assignment, is about to be paid the $620,000 he won about two years ago in a federal lawsuit, plus $172,000 in attorney’s fees.

The 8th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals has refused to reconsider the case, leaving the city without further appeals.

Bonenberger, who is white, sued in 2012, claiming he was passed over for assistant director at the police academy. The suit alleged that Lt. Michael Muxo, then the director, told Bonenberger not to bother to apply because the job was going to a black woman under orders from Lt. Col. Reggie Harris, who also is black.

I wonder why Reggie Harris wanted a black woman working under him.

That interrogatory is a double entendre, ICYMI.

Godwin’s Briefs

23 02 2016

Washington, D.C.


It was clear that this hearing did not go the way the plaintiffs’ lawyers and DOJ had tried to arrange it to go. They thought the fix was in. In fact, it went so badly, particularly with DOJ being called on the carpet by Judge Leon, that at the end when the plaintiffs’ lawyer got up to try to repair all the holes that Kobach had knocked in their case, the lawyer tried to compare the EAC action to Nazi Germany. He waved the EAC opinion at issue in the air and said “this is what Nazis do behind closed doors!”  You know a lawyer is desperate when he tries to equate a dispute over an election administration issue to Nazi Germany.

These days, a Nazi is someone who is beating the left in Federal court.

The Obama DOJ wants non-citizens, meaning illegal aliens and legal aliens, to be able to vote.  That should make moot any argument over whether or not a “comprehensive immigration reform” bill has or doesn’t have a path to citizenship.

The Gulf Is Getting Wider

16 02 2016

Leesburg, Virginia

The Mark Levin – Donald Trump bromance is officially over.

From what I understand, and I haven’t been able to listen much lately, even Rush isn’t saying much nice about Trump lately, and is All Big and Little Ricky All the Time.

First off, the bitter Levin/Trump divorce has nothing to do with Israel or Jewish issues.  While Trump is only mildly pro-Israel, less strident about it than the typical Republican Presidential candidate, the difference is not enough to make Levin go from liking Trump and having Trump as a guest on his show a few times last year to hating him almost to the level that he openly trashed Ron Paul four years ago.  No, it is Levin’s cult like devotion to lamestream conservative ideology and hobby horses, combined with Trump’s transgressions from them, that’s the source of all this vituperative.

Yet, Levin has been just about the best national talk radio host on immigration matters; the only one I can think of offhand who is better is Laura Ingraham.  So why is he spurning Trump, who has made immigration his keystone issue?

The reason is something I think our people need to understand better.  Nationalism is not conservatism, conservatism is not nationalism.  To the nationalist, immigration is existential.  To the conservative, even the conservative who gets the immigration issue right and even moreso that thinks the issue is the most important, it’s just another issue, one of many.  Most conservatives can be convinced to ignore their immigration patriotism (if they actually have those proclivities) with pied piper rhetoric on less important doctrinaire lamer con hobby horses.  You know, ZOMG ETHANOL (which I think is a restoration of corn subsidies by any other means), ZOMG EMINENT DOMAIN (I disagree with Trump because he doesn’t seem to understand, or doesn’t want to understand, the difference between takings for public purposes and takings for private purposes), or zomg this that or the other.

Mark Levin’s latest pronouncements should serve as one of many lessons for those of us who have tried to fit the square pegs of nationalism into the round holes of conservatism (or even more insanely, the Republican Party) for the last quarter century.

While I’m somewhat on this subject, I happen to think Antonin Scalia’s (perhaps mysterious) death could be a blessing in disguise for nationalists, the Alt-Right, and the Dark Enlightenment, and other similar mindsets.  When the Senate Stupid Party Caucus caves and lets Obama’s nominee sail through, and this absolutely swings SCOTUS to the left numerically, this will probably convince the last few constitution cultists out there to give up and start playing the game of acquiring power and exercising it for tribal means and ends.


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