As the Twenty Second Toast Burns

15 12 2016


In that which they state what everyone knows.

Their tack is a little bit different — They’re using it to lobby for more state legislative-based tort reform.

Don’t be so sure that Eric Greitens would sign it.  If he gets the notion that outside monied interests are working their magic in what is now a dying line of work in Jefferson City, if such a bill gets to his desk, he just might veto it.

If I was advising these forces, I’d have them instead push for a city-county merger but do it in such a way that their fingerprints stay off the gun.  It’s like I said, we’ll know if the merger possibility gets serious or is perceived to be serious when the other side of this coin, the trial lawyer lobby, starts in in the stuck pig squealing.  The merger would end the 22nd circuit, and the trial lawyer lobby wants it to remain for the same reason why the insurance lobby is going to pressure state government to crack down on it.

Beautifully Played

27 11 2016


He didn’t want to do it.

Because doing it himself would have come off as political.

It’s the next best thing to doing it himself without actually doing it himself. And you know the other countries will go along, because they’re mad that they bribed the Crime Family Foundation to influence the future President Rodham, and as it turns out, there will be no President Rodham. You think they have some sort of financial incentive to whack back out of revenge?

All of the finished product, none of the mud on his hands.

Beautifully played, orange-crowned god-emperor.

Remember, this is someone whose $10 billion personal fortune is based on the most maddening labyrinth around, Manhattan real estate.

Tomorrow’s News Today

22 11 2016


“No prosecution of Hillary Clinton”

Be honest with yourself.  Did you actually think there would be a criminal prosecution?  Yes, even you there in the back — If you dig deep down, even you know it was never going to happen.

I’ve read on Gab the theory that Trump still intends to, but he has to softpedal in order not to give Obama the idea to pardon her before he leaves.  The problem is that I don’t think Trump ever needed to say anything about prosecuting her or not in order to give Obama that idea.

No, what’s going on here is that prosecuting former Presidents is informally too much.

Here’s what I think very well could happen:

Some time after January 20, Attorney General Jeff Sessions (a phrase I first used in this blog just after last Christmas) will file a Federal civil lawsuit against Bill and Hillary Clinton and maybe also Chelsea over some such this that or the third or the other relating to something they did.  Trump and Sessions will hold that lawsuit as a Damoclean sword over their heads until they sign some sort of formal legal document stating everything naughty they ever did starting from when they were in the third grade.  Then force them to hand over the keys to the Crime Family Foundation, forfeit all assets therein and most of everything else they won, and make them sign a consent decree heavily restricting the money making activities beyond Bill’s public service pensions (Presidency, Arkansas Governor if applicable), Hillary’s public service pensions (U.S. Senate, Secretary of State if applicable), and then they’ll disappear forever and live out the rest of their years in obscurity.

Basically what Trump/Sessions would be doing in that case, if they do that, is putting an asterisk next to the Clintons’ names in the history books.

Why I’m #NRx

31 10 2016


At least one law firm that specializes in class action is laundering (probably) illegal political campaign contributions through employee bonuses.

It’s not the only example, law firms aren’t the only sort that do it, and it happens in both parties.  Don’t doubt me.

In the matter of the politics of this story, the trial lawyers and insurance are firing money canons at each other across the battlefields of electoral and governing politics.

Remember yesterday’s wrap-up?  I reiterated and linked back to my contention that one way we’ll be able to tell if city-county reunification is perceived to have a serious chance to occur is if and when the trial lawyer lobby starts firing its money canons at the process.  The 22nd Circuit with its “stick it to da man” jurors is a national honeypot for trial lawyers.  City-county reunification would mean subsuming the 22nd into St. Louis County, meaning city-county has a single judicial circuit, and civil suits filed in that potential circuit, and I’m presuming the seat for the reunified county would be in Clayton and not Downtown, would have prospective jurors from anywhere in the combined geography of the city and county.  Which means the jury pools for civil trials in this hypothetical combined circuit would be nowhere as plaintiff-friendly as 22nd Circuit juries are and have been.

We Sure Showed Him

19 10 2016

Richmond, Virginia


Even when we win, we lose.

Though the good news, at least good to the sadist in me, is that even without the world becoming fully Pepefied any time soon, the Stupid Party is killing the golden egg laying goose of the revolving door just as a function of its own stupidity. Me, eight days ago:

The Republican lamestream is contradictorily trying to save its own Congressional power and making its own Congressional power a dead letter. Since the purpose of the revolving door is for interested corporations and special interests to influence the Federal government’s actions, yet Congress’s sway over the Federal government’s actions is declining as the years roll on, then why should corporations and special interests waste money giving former Congressmen seven-figure salary lobbying jobs?


Reality Is Miles Ahead of Perception (Tales of the Golden Geese)

11 10 2016


Hold on to your hats, because I’m about to prove why my biggest fan, Nicholas Stix, calls me the country’s greatest living political scientist that nobody knows about.  Of course, I think I’ve already done that once today.

By itself, it’s a meh story and a broken record story.

But I think it’s more interesting and relevant in light of the events since Friday.

One of the reasons why the #NeverTrump gang is trying to build a Berlin Wall between Trump and MUH DOWNBALLOT is because they think they need to do so in order save the House and especially the Senate for the red team, save individual Republican Congressional candidates in particular, and save their precious Congressional power.

In contrast, I’ve been writing in this space for more than a year that Trump himself has no coattails, that he’s energizing a constituency of either new voters or people like me who had mentally checked out of voting (at least for named individuals), neither group cares (or cares anymore) about downballot Republicans.  This is something that the Stupid Party doesn’t realize because they are that stupid or they can’t see from inside their bubble.

However, it means that they think they need to save their Congressional power so that they can keep on accumulating it in order to be able to cash in on it at a later date after they no longer have formal governing power.  The good ole revolving door.

Here’s where these people are killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.

Notice that twice so far in this post, I wrote the phrase “Congressional power.”  That begs the obvious question:  What Congressional power?  A combination of Stupid Party insouciance, fear and compliance since January 4, 2011 has meant that Congress is (hold your thumbnail and your index fingernail a millimeter apart) this close to being a dead letter institution.  And the disparate impact of the actions of the #NeverTrump/MUH DOWNBALLOT gang is to install as the 45th President someone who not only lauds her former boss for his dictatorial accumulation of power, but says that he isn’t going far enough and that she would go even further.  (Just between you, me and the gatepost, Trump would do the same thing, but that actually proves my point.)

To bring us full circle, I need you to read and understand my theory of about two years ago about one of the real under-the-table for political professionals’ eyes only reasons why the Republican establishment hates the Tea Party Movement.  Then come back.

Good, you’re back.  I didn’t bore you to death.

Let’s roll this all together.

Killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.

The Republican lamestream is contradictorily trying to save its own Congressional power and making its own Congressional power a dead letter.    Since the purpose of the revolving door is for interested corporations and special interests to influence the Federal government’s actions, yet Congress’s sway over the Federal government’s actions is declining as the years roll on, then why should corporations and special interests waste money giving former Congressmen seven-figure salary lobbying jobs?

The reason it’ll keep on happening longer than necessary is that in politics, and a lot of life, reality is miles ahead of perception, and also the concept of institutional inertia.  If any lamestream Republicans have figured out what I have, then maybe they’ve figured that they can grift off the system during the time lag.  Catch while catch can.

When perception finally catches up, then corporate and special interest money will be all in and all out on Presidential politics exclusively.

Rerun Season

7 10 2016

Westover, Maryland

Shades of the Baltimore City Jail scandal, and it’s in the same state.  Baltimore Sun, Daily Beast.

Since these are Federal indictments, and the Feds rarely release mug shots, it’s not photographically obvious.  But if you just read the text, and read between the lines, it’s easy to see that this is like the Baltimore City Jail scandal in another way:  Black women guards birddogging for black men inmates.  As our very own Puggg explained to us when the City Jail scandal broke, while the ideal is to have men be the jail and prison guards in men’s jails and prisons, public agencies also want to engage in affirmative action.  So if they had their way, the guards would all be black men.  But way too many black men have felony records that preclude them getting law enforcement type jobs.  And hiring white men is out of the question.  Therefore, their only option is black women.

From there, the only open question is whether the black women guards are relatively innocent victims of the black men inmates’ clever seduction techniques, or whether they were willing and complicit participants all along, as many of them are loosely if not more strongly associated with a street gang because they already have men relatives who are part of a given gang, and the women themselves have a thirst for thug dick, which, in a prison, is a good place to find some.  After a few years of watching Tommy Sotomayor videos, my mindset on that open question has transitioned from the former theory to the latter.