Our Little Boy Is an All Grown Up Woman

28 08 2015

New Orleans

Superdome Boy, ten years later.

Speaking of…

And They Wonder Why Rumors Spread

27 08 2015

Washington, D.C.

@BarackObama followed @Rentboy on the Tweeter.

Being mindful of the fact that OFA hacks run @BarackObama, not Obama himself.  I just wanted to make that perfectly clear, just as Obama himself makes a lot of things perfectly clear, before people start spreading rumors about Obama himself being gay and then start snickering at the paradox of Obama’s DOJ knocking back a gay male prostitution website.

From what I understand, and I could be mistaken, in the LGBTQetc community, “rent boy” is slang for young gay or bi men who prostitute themselves in sort of a “rough trade” sense to older well to do gay men.  “Rough trade,” of course is the propensity for more effeminate gay men to be attracted to thug and goon and “wrong side of the tracks” men.  Words that we weren’t supposed to think about after the murders of Matthew Shepard and Marco McMillian.


Only In Amurrika…

26 08 2015

Washington, D.C.

…Can a political movement that started life in reaction to the (not so) questionable shooting deaths of straight black men suddenly morph into World War L&T. The kicker is that they’re bitching that black men need to man up and start caring more about black lesbian women and black men “transitioning” to black women.


The idea of the rally, which was organized by Black Lives Matter activists, was to call on black men to join the fight to stop violence against transgender women in the country. Queer and transgender women, the protesters emphasized at the rally, have been at the forefront of the Black Lives Matter fight nationwide.

Proving the axiom that every great racket eventually devolves into an even bigger racket.

And also proving a suspicion I’ve had for some time.

Drive Like One

20 08 2015

Malibu, California

He wanted to become a woman.  He might as well start driving like one.

Now this is going to get interesting:  Which wing of the jail?  Expect a SJW shitstorm no matter what they do.

His Next Trip to Butte Should Be Interesting

17 08 2015

Helena, Montana


Bitch Made

30 07 2015

Las Vegas

Several years ago, an anonymous commenter wrote this comment on AR, which I saved in my personal AR comment hall of fame:

Blacks have average testosterone and are mentally defective, not just “less smart” than other races.

The myth that high testosterone makes a person violent comes from so called “roid rage”. What is the mechanics of the anger, depression and mood swings associated with steroid use? It has to do with the fact that male and female hormones are the same thing, just shaped differently. And “steroids”…artificial hormones and the like are changed randomly in a person’s body. You know what happens to a steroid user who doesn’t use special anti-cancer drugs that work by blocking specific hormones? They grow breasts (bitch tits). That absolutely does not happen if you consume real testosterone by say, consuming goat testicles (like the greeks did) and the like or, more likely, consuming lots of precursors to testosterone (ie meat) and let your body create it naturally. Steroid users and “roid rage” are essentially experiencing PMS…..just like a pimply teenage girl, growing breasts and other signs of being a woman….cough.

Men who have high testosterone, for real, are calm, cool, collected and feel empowered. It’s little bitches who fly off the handle, feel small, threatened and “dissed” over the smallest things.

Quite frankly, you’ve been brainwashed. You think, blacks are larger, stronger, more virile and have larger penises than you (all lies). The TV tricked you into thinking you are less of a man. Then it tricked you again into thinking part of the EVIL blacks do is related to being manly….especially being sexual or sexually potent.

Figure it out.

I couldn’t help but remember that comment and pull it up in my hall of fame file when I saw this today:


Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

30 07 2015


The pics from last year which made SJWs beat their meat.  I just rolled my eyes.  So what?  A couple of overly tatted up black fags who just happen to have legal custody of kids?  Snore.  That, and they were doing that which homosexual men never did before, fixing the hair of girls and women.  Atlanta is also the capital of black gay America.

But, as it is, they’re breaking up.

It wasn’t until I was in my early 20s that I realized that my previous supposition that there was no such thing as black gays was blown out of the water.  Sure, prisons, but I rationalized that as expedience and the necessity of any convenient orifice.  But I didn’t think that out in the open free civilian world that blacks did that or wanted to do that.  What busted that particular worldview was billboards that just before 9/11, the St. Louis City Health Department put all over the black sections of the city, showing two suggestively naked black men in a romantic embrace, the other half read, “Brothers Loving Brothers Safely,” the billboards advertised various services that the city health department offered that were germane to the lifestyles and needs of such individuals.

Now I wonder what sort of logic I was using to think that it wasn’t possible for black gays to exist in the wild.  What the hell was I thinking?  It must be the same kind of mentality that others use to conclude that black serial killers don’t exist, and we know there are plenty of them, enough of them such that the universe of serial killers is about on par with overall demographics.



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