Back to World War T

2 02 2016

Jefferson City

Iowa who?

Missouri Republicans are mounting a counteroffensive against World War T.  Two bills are starting the markup process today, one in each chamber.  Basically, the bills state that one must shower with one’s biological sex, not one’s chosen gender.

We’ll see how it works out in the end.  Like these culture war matters usually do, the other side latches on to the media and the Federal government.

Shower to the People

16 01 2016


With this, World War T has officially conquered all locker rooms.

To put it more pedantically, the official compromise between the school district and the transgendered student will be that all the open showers will be converted to changing room style stalled showers.  That’s probably how it will be everywhere else, everywhere from high schools to the U.S. Armed Forces to suburban new years resolution midlife crisis gyms.

However, this is going to pit World War T against World War G.  Let me put it to you this way:  Gay men love to, as one of you put it here in a comment several days ago, play don’t drop the soap with each other in big open showers in men’s locker rooms.  And now, the damned trannies are depriving them of some element of their fun.  If Ts weren’t cooler and more hip and more social justicey than Gs, and this whole alphabet gang didn’t have their stupid mutual defense treaty, this would become almost as entertaining as a real military battle.

The Fringiest Number Since the Number One

7 01 2016

Tacoma, Washington

Two out of 140,000.

In the old time math system, 139,998 > 2.  Here in the new era of social justice math, 2 > 139,998.  It would have been even better if there was only one complaint instead of two, that would have made their cause even fringier and therefore even more important.

And also, ladies, don’t drop the soap.

World War Z

7 01 2016

It’s what’s coming our way after World War T.

Wicked City Profiling Trick

14 12 2015


I stopped there.

I bet you’ll read Atlanta somewhere in the article.

Charter Reading

4 12 2015


This reads like an article that could have been published in the very first issue of The Onion in 1988, as late as that year.

Today, it’s serious news.

Two points:

One, this compromise solution won’t be enough for the five-star generals representing World War T.  The pretend girls get to shower openly and in the same room with the real girls, anything less is transphobia.

Two, does this settlement fund don’t-drop-the-soap lessons for the real girls?

Our Fault

22 11 2015



Homicides of transgender women in US reach alarming high

For a few transgender Americans, this has been a year of glamour and fame. For many others, 2015 has been fraught with danger, violence and mourning.

While Caitlyn Jenner made the cover of Vanity Fair and Laverne Cox prospered as a popular actress, other transgender women have become homicide victims at an alarming rate. By the count of the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs, there have been 22 killings so far this year of transgender or gender-nonconforming people — including 19 black or Latina transgender women.


Yet many Americans are uncomfortable with transgender people, Jindasurat said. He cited the recent referendum in Houston, where opponents of a nondiscrimination ordinance prevailed by stoking fears about transgender people’s access to public restrooms.

World War T logic:  NAM trannies are being murdered at an “alarming rate” (19 so far this year, in contrast, ten to forty small children per year drown in relatively large buckets), and all those beer swilling pickup truck driving Confederate flag waving Baptist rednecks in Houston that voted against trannies in the wrong restrooms are to blame, even though beer swilling pickup truck driving Confederate flag waving Baptist rednecks were not actually the ones whose votes defeated that measure.  That’s how we know that official LGBTQetc are trying to distract us from the truth.  And the truth of the matter in these cases are that black men get with a black woman somehow (prostitution, hookup, etc.), get “her” into bed and discover that she is actually he.  Out comes the gat or knife or chokehold.


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