World War (B)T

20 03 2017

Salisbury, North Carolina

Read all about it, H/T LoS.  Even the TV station’s call letters have BT in them.

What does it all mean?

Fortysomething black man pretending to be a black woman shoots silicone into the ass of a 19-year old black man, probably because he wants to pretend to be a black woman, too, but he dies from complications of the undocumented medical procedure.

At the intersectionality of World War T and Bell Curve City.

I Am The Ninety-Five Percent

15 03 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

WT actual F?

Click to enlarge, i.e. for the full comedic value.

It says this is Version 3.3, which means this has already been revised before several times and will probably be revised even more times in the near future, because social justice is ridiculous in permanence.

What the creator does not realize is that he/she/xe/they/it is making it too difficult.  I figure around 95% of people on Earth are really easy to place on this chart:  Biology = Identity = Expression at 100%, and sexual/romantic attraction to the other one at 100%.  They used to call them “normal people,” until SJWs came up with prefixes like hetero and cis, the purpose of which is to normalize the deviant by trivializing the normal, and then suffixes like -ism and -phobia, the purpose of which is to deviantize the normal.

Acronym Demolition Derby

7 03 2017

Manhattan; Munich, Germany

From G to T to L.

We live in a society that constantly enforces strict norms about how women and men should behave, and with whom. But such expectations are limiting, boring, and antiquated.

Actually, we live in a society that used to enforce constantly strict norms about how women and men should behave, and with whom, and the reason for such limiting and boring expectations was to avoid dreck like this.  In my day, we only had “men” and “women,” and you were the one that (God/biology/nature/insert your own sovereign or accidental potentate of your choice here) chose for you, you stuck with it, and you damn well liked it, and you stuck with the particular one of the bimodal paradigm you were in when you went to the restroom, or used the locker room and showers.  Then again, in my day, I had to walk 20 miles one way every day to and from school, uphill both ways, through a foot of snow, dodging carnivorous dinosaurs, so what do I know?

In other news, this is more evidence to point to the reason why plain ole regular Gs are so soicopolitically defensive of Ts in a mother hen sense.  It’s because so many Gs seriously see themselves becoming Ts.  The irony is that if the Ts become Ls, they won’t become TERFs.

Social Justice League

20 02 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Milo once supposedly advocated legalized man-boy sex, huh?

If true, and if he still does, all this means is that he’s ahead of the SJW curve.  After World War T will come World War P.  And, as it is, a more than fringe percentage of organized LGBTQ-BLT-BBQ-LOL activists already so advocate, and have for awhile.  Remember, the organization NAMBLA is not a figment of our fanciful imaginations.

This would also get Milo into the good graces of Antifa.

Intersectionality Laid Bare

13 02 2017

San Francisco

Public nudity.


* Statue of Liberty
* Nation of Immigrants
* Values
* That’s not who we are
* Pablo “They” Gomez
* Zomg Putin
* Black Lives Matter
* Dakota Access Pipeline
* Ecosustainability
* School-to-prison pipeline
* Haven Monahan
* Best and brightest
* Or something like that

Well-Rounded Men

1 02 2017

Secaucus, New Jersey

About a month ago, I linked to this story and in passing wrote of it that I wished we’d quit using Millennials as our punching bags.

The problem with the story is that it presumes that reading paper maps, fishing, tying knots or swimming in open water are still necessary survival skills.  There’s this weird thing that people do, called adaptation.  As of now, among many other things, a necessary survival skill is joining an social media mob of SJWs that swarm in freakoutrage when someone at least semi-important says something transphobic.

And that leads me to the Boy Scouts’ recent surrender to World War T.

I’ve heard and read opposition to what the BSA just did, that goes a little like this:  “Boy Scouts focus on things that will shape boys into well-rounded men as adults.”

What makes anyone think that that’s not happening?  Why are we to think that the two things are contradictory?  Being a “well-rounded man,” or, to be more social justicey, a well-rounded genderfluid, means being a foot soldier for the egalitarian obsession du jour.

Well-rounded man:


A Time For Growing Up

29 01 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

One of the Orange-Crowned God-Emperor’s many decrees from his first week after ascension.

First off, this is no surprise.  The Mexico City Policy gets enacted and reversed with every change of political party in the Presidency.  In the particular case of the most recent change, Trump is probably conceding this as horse trading for when he never approves of cutting off domestic public funds to Planned Parenthood.

Predictably, some of us here in Pepetown are having a fit.  You know how that goes:  ZOMG NO BIRTH CONTROL FOR BLACK AFRICA THEIR POPULATION WILL EXPLODE LOL~!!!!!1!1!!1

First off, ordinary forms of birth control aren’t part of the Mexico City Policy.

Second, even with or without the Mexico City Policy, concerns about a population explosion in black Africa are moot.

That leads me to the real meat of this missive.

It’s time for our side of the aisle to do some serious growing up about these things.

For the purposes of the rest of this post, I will include aborticide, abortifacient drugs, contraceptives and prophylactics in the definition of birth control, and I have to qualify that because there are gradations and nuances in the sociopolitics of the matter.  Some object to all forms, some object to abort-* only, some object to none of them.

It does not matter if there are any religious objections to birth control.

It does not matter if there aren’t any religious objections to birth control.

It does not matter if there are any ethical objections to birth control.

It does not matter if there aren’t any ethical objections to birth control.

It does not matter if there are any secular objections to birth control.

It does not matter if there aren’t any secular objections to birth control.

It does not matter if there are any moral objections to birth control.

It does not matter if there aren’t any moral objections to birth control.

It does not matter if every form of birth control is free of charge for every end user on Earth.

It does not matter if the above is not true.

We could literally make it rain birth control, including free coupons for those procedures at the aborticide mill, and all the other forms of birth control, too, in every populated place on Earth, and it would make virtually zero difference anywhere.

The people who we wish would use it won’t use it.

Because they want to procreate.


Educated guesses include:

(1) Economic.  More children equals more gibs of some sort.  Foreign aid, welfare checks, child support, general pity and sympathy giveaways.  In some cases, procreation is the young woman’s only viable career track.

(2) Evolutionary.  For almost the entire history of the existence of identifiable black African peoples, they were on and off teetering on the verge of extinction.  It behooves such a people to be more r in the r-K life history spectrum, which means reproduce like they vote in Chicago, early and often.  The natural pressures which threatened their existence were not ameliorated until relatively recently, and evolution needs a little bit of time to catch up.

(3) Psychological.  A big tent that includes such explanations like, “I want a baby so that I can have someone that loves me.”  Or, “I want to be able to prove that some man loved me so much that he was willing to run up in me raw, because I’m otherwise so homely and hideous.”  Some women are such bitches that they want the kid so they can manipulate the legal paradigm of the child support system to use it as a weapon in their contempt for the child’s father.  A few of us in Pepetown have speculated that NAM women are on a subconscious level waging demographic warfare against white people by jettisoning birth control and giving birth, and it’s plausible enough to take seriously, even though I think there are better fits.  The history of mass immigration shows that immigrant women will have large broods to paper over their homesickness, their TFR is only temporarily high for that reason, and future generations will regress to their ethnic median, both the ethnic TFR median back in their home country and among their coethnics in their new country.

The Mexico City Policy is a meaningless piece of paper, except for the NGOs that directly benefit from it not being enforced, which is the only reason why there’s any row at all, because those NGOs and their allied sociopolitical fellow travelers can do a lot of stuck pig squealing that gets amplified by the narrativemongers’ megaphones.

The only way to get the kind of people who we wish to use birth control but won’t to use it is to force them to use it.

Good luck with that.

It is virtually impossible in the current political climate for there to be any governmental-based and -enforced or any quasi-governmental (QUA/NGO) -based and -enforced, restrictions on the fecundity of reproductively-capable girls and women that happen contrary to their wishes.  The reason is that any such restrictions are assumed to be necessarily hooked into the precepts of eugenics, racial enmity and the suggestion of genocide, and they will call up allusions to Nazi Germany, the Holocaust, Jim Crow, Segregation, Apartheid, and Slavery.  Furthermore, one of the officially accepted definitions of genocide is engaging in either state or quasi-state action that precludes the births of babies for their mothers’ or parents’ racial or ethnic lineage.  (“Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group.”)

What this means is that, until we get over this Hitler paranoia, any talk about forced birth control is blowing smoke out of our dark places.