Reparations 2.0

30 06 2015


Everyone has been wondering how LGBTQetc is going to stay marginalized now that they’re no longer marginalized.

Turns out there was the answer to that hiding in plain sight:  Demanding reparations.

And of course the Stupid Party is going to be dumb enough to let their debates be moderated by people who are going to goose their questions in this fashion.

Persecuted Is As Persecuted Does

29 06 2015

New York City

What are L&G going to do now that they’re (supposedly) mainstream and integrated, and have won just about all of their important battles in World War G?  Especially since this is a community that drew its very identity on all the persecution it supposedly suffered.  Buttressed by the fact that in the Democrat-left coalition, gays, especially gay men, harbor just about the most paranoia about how someone is out to get them, right up there with Jews, and of course Jewish paranoia has made many a poverty center and defamation league and the people that run them rich.

But…what will Gs do when nobody actually is out to get them anymore?

The answer is that that question will never have an answer, because the condition which presupposes its having to be answered will never come into existence.  Remember the Metallica Doctrine:  You’re not paranoid if they really are out to get you.  What that means is that people who really do think deep down in their hearts that someone is out to get them will always be able to find evidence of it, even if there is none.  Likewise, gays, who, as the NYT rightly tell us, are historically sociopolitically organized around being “persecuted,” aren’t ever going to think that someone isn’t out to get them.  Someone always will be out to get them, even if they have to resort to interpreting toast burn patterns to find such conspiracies.

But, if they really want to re-live the good ole days and experience some hate directed at them, all they need to do is start waving around Confederate Battle Flags.

Five, six, seven, eight…

Pride and Prejudice

28 06 2015


A couple of stander-outers from today’s parade in Downtown of all the people that are proud of themselves for some reason.


What does anti-Semitism have to do with any of this LGBTQetc stuff?  Unless the answer is something we’re not otherwise supposed to notice.


If only you people knew.


Grab the Popcorn

26 06 2015

Your Blogmeister’s Hotel Room

I’m waiting for the first time some LGBTQetc legal defense fund sues a black church for not performing a gay “marriage.”

It won’t be just a car wreck at an intersectionality, it will be a massive bottomless sinkhole.


But, the #BlackLiesMatter crowd is upset that the LGBTQetc crowd has stolen all their attention.


26 06 2015

Start Your Stopwatch…Now.

26 06 2015

Washington, D.C.

And stop it when you hear for the first time some Republican or conservative say that gay “marriage” was a conservative idea along and is a traditional value that needs to be defended.

I don’t think the stopwatch will even get to ten years.

I do think that right away, the Republican establishment is glad; now they have a nice neat convenient Supreme Court decision to hide behind in order to keep from having to discuss a crucial social issue and to try to pressure others not to.

Three Some

24 06 2015

Washington, D.C.

It gave Obama the opportunity to say: “You’re in my house.”

So we have three of Obama’s favorite things all in one little incident:  Transgender, illegal alien, himself.


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