I Thought He Croaked (But No Such Luck)

11 04 2017


I’m referring to the dork in Orlando with a fax machine.

Notice how Breitbart is playing this off, they’re trying to cause an intersectional wreck in Downtown NCAAville, crashing I’m Blickety Blackety Black Y’all against World War T.  Which only goes to prove, contra Barbie, that social justice, and not math, is what’s really hard.

That said, now I think why the NCAA is really circling the wagons around this transgender mess — I think it’s because the more the scream about transgenders, which will put them in the good graces of gay men in the media, as plain ole regular Gs are so defensive of Ts that it comes off as personal, the working theory is that a whole lot of Gs seriously ponder going T, the more the NCAA thinks that the media will ignore the dork’s faxes.

Continuously Variable Social Justice

5 04 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Does not the Genderbread Person make the Grand Acronym both obsolete and non-inclusive?

With Genderbread, you get to slide five pair of continuously variable sliding scales from zero to either a hundred percent or theoretically infinity to your self-identifying heart’s content.  In contrast, with the Acronym, you have to pick one of only several letter options, and while letters are being added over time, it’s still rigid and uncalculating.

Just think of it as the red-pilled trying to grok the woke.

Or better than that, someone out there is gloating that my social justice is more social justicey than your social justice, so nyah.

What Have I Been Telling You?

3 04 2017


I’ll tell you what I’ve been telling you:

It is a really dangerous game to make forward predictions and inferences about this generation because of the way they are now.  I think Millennials will be the generation that, when all is said and done, will have displayed the biggest Jekyll and Hyde change between their current young years and their middle age years, of all generations listed here.

And in this instance, we won’t have to wait.  They, especially the men, are already there now.

What’s interesting is that it compares 2014 data to 1994’s.  I myself happened to be a high school senior in 1994, more specifically, the ’94-’95 SY.  Depending on when in ’94 this survey was done, it could have been done early in the year and therefore given to the c/o ’94, or late in the year to the c/o ’95.  Either way, we know for sure it was given to people who are 39-41 years old now, Generation X, more specifically, the latter half of them/us sometimes called “Catalano” or “Oregon Trail” or “Xennials.”

And as it turns out, my subset of my generation may well have been the most socially liberal group of people in modern American history.  In other words, we were Peak Fuck Pat Robertson.  Certainly not I, not then, and especially not now, but I’m used to being an outlier.

There’s a saying that a lot of people talk sixties but live fifties.

In more crow eating about Millennials:

“It turns out that we were wrong about millennial preferences, the stories were wrong that millennials wanted to live in a hyper-urban environment and that it would be OK to raise families in a condo,” Micah Weinberg, president of the Bay Area Council’s Economic Institute, said, according to the East Bay Times. “Millennials are putting off family formation, but when they have a family, they want what their parents had: a house on a nice lot pretty close to work.”

Putting this all together, I’m starting to think that we can’t even write anything about Millennials based on “the way they are now,” because “the way they are now” are highly distorted highly outlying individual examples that we make fun of, but are representative and apropos of nothing.

The Unpopular 99% Fringe

3 04 2017

Bozeman, Montana

KRTV-CBS-3, Great Falls, Mont.:

Former MSU student sues school over suspension related to transgender classmate

A former Montana State University student is suing the school for suspending him after he shared his anti-transgender views with a professor in what he believed to be a private conversation.

The lawsuit was filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Butte by a plaintiff identified as Jon Doe.

Mathew Monforton, who is representing the plaintiff, said his client’s name is being withheld to avoid backlash from the public who may disagree with his “unpopular” views on transgender people.

His “unpopular” views are probably the same views that 99% of people have.  But, that’s why they’re unpopular.  The fringier, the better.

Also notice the whole thing happened because the “prof” (actually, a grad assistant) violated confidentiality.  This is far from the first time I’ve read a story where confidential turned out to be anything but.  When someone is trying to solicit “controversial” opinions from you, the sort that 99% of the people agree with but 1% who happen to be either media, tenured or ((())) don’t, clam the fuck up.

World War (B)T

20 03 2017

Salisbury, North Carolina

Read all about it, H/T LoS.  Even the TV station’s call letters have BT in them.

What does it all mean?

Fortysomething black man pretending to be a black woman shoots silicone into the ass of a 19-year old black man, probably because he wants to pretend to be a black woman, too, but he dies from complications of the undocumented medical procedure.

At the intersectionality of World War T and Bell Curve City.

I Am The Ninety-Five Percent

15 03 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

WT actual F?

Click to enlarge, i.e. for the full comedic value.

It says this is Version 3.3, which means this has already been revised before several times and will probably be revised even more times in the near future, because social justice is ridiculous in permanence.

What the creator does not realize is that he/she/xe/they/it is making it too difficult.  I figure around 95% of people on Earth are really easy to place on this chart:  Biology = Identity = Expression at 100%, and sexual/romantic attraction to the other one at 100%.  They used to call them “normal people,” until SJWs came up with prefixes like hetero and cis, the purpose of which is to normalize the deviant by trivializing the normal, and then suffixes like -ism and -phobia, the purpose of which is to deviantize the normal.

Acronym Demolition Derby

7 03 2017

Manhattan; Munich, Germany

From G to T to L.

We live in a society that constantly enforces strict norms about how women and men should behave, and with whom. But such expectations are limiting, boring, and antiquated.

Actually, we live in a society that used to enforce constantly strict norms about how women and men should behave, and with whom, and the reason for such limiting and boring expectations was to avoid dreck like this.  In my day, we only had “men” and “women,” and you were the one that (God/biology/nature/insert your own sovereign or accidental potentate of your choice here) chose for you, you stuck with it, and you damn well liked it, and you stuck with the particular one of the bimodal paradigm you were in when you went to the restroom, or used the locker room and showers.  Then again, in my day, I had to walk 20 miles one way every day to and from school, uphill both ways, through a foot of snow, dodging carnivorous dinosaurs, so what do I know?

In other news, this is more evidence to point to the reason why plain ole regular Gs are so soicopolitically defensive of Ts in a mother hen sense.  It’s because so many Gs seriously see themselves becoming Ts.  The irony is that if the Ts become Ls, they won’t become TERFs.