World War G Wins a Battle

23 05 2015


Democracy doing what it does “best.”

Of course, it wasn’t going to turn out any differently, because all the major political parties, most of the big business establishment and many Irish celebrities endorsed it.  Therefore, voting yes was hardly a matter of courage.

The only silver lining is that it’s making the progressivetard stack fall down go boom.

Black Inventions Matter

19 05 2015


No water guns for you, Boy Scouts.

Meanwhile, ISIS rolls over city after city.

But wait — If they can’t use the Super Soaker, then they can’t use the documented black invention.

Keeping Up the the Narrativedashians

15 05 2015

Eugene, Oregon

The alternate orientation alphabet gang at the University of Oregon is mad that all the hoopla and hysteria and paranoia about “rape culture” only involves cishet men raping cishet women, and not enough attention is paid to rape and sexual assault and domestic violence either by or against those in the alphabet gang.

Hey, slappy.  Don’t you know why that is?  Because there’s a narrative being peddled that the alternate orientation lifestyle is all roses and puppies and kittens and rainbows, and that being what used to be called “normal” means living in the Ninth Circle of Hell.  Must not let anyone think that gay men ever rape or beat up gay men or that lesbian women ever rape or beat up lesbian women.

“Her Dad Expressed Concerns”

11 05 2015


In an article about World War T winning the Battle of Mid-Missouri, we read in passing:

Incoming MU student Shelby Jones says she chose to live at Gateway Hall so she could participate in a Freshman Interest Group, a program in which students who live together take some of the same classes, for her major. She was unaware Gateway had gender-neutral bathrooms when she signed a contract to live there for the 2015-2016 school year.

“I’m still super excited to live there,” Jones says. “I wouldn’t change where I’m going to live because of (gender-neutral bathrooms).”

Jones says it is different from what she’s used to and makes her feel slightly uneasy. But since she has a gay family member, Jones says she’s no stranger to gay rights issues. However, upon hearing about it for the first time, her dad expressed concerns about the living arrangement.

“He was like ‘What? You’re going to be sharing a bathroom with guys?'” Jones says.

Daddy worried about his daughter?  Sounds familiar.

Ask a NRx

1 05 2015



Answer:  The long march through the institutions, their heavy presence in news and entertainment media, the fact that they’re a significant share of donors and bundlers to one of the country’s two major political parties, and for the fact that we can’t tell them “no” because we’re a proposition nation organized around rights and equality.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Fringiest Of Them All?

30 04 2015

Fairfax, Virginia


Public Schools in D.C. Suburbs May Make ‘Gender Identity’ a Protected Class


“What do we do if that happens in the high school level and…it does involve locker rooms for sports teams, for athletic clubs, for physical education. I don’t know what that means, and I don’t know who decides — you know, is it just somebody who says that they have this issue? Do they need to be undergoing some treatments? Do we need to have a medical doctor?

But but but, civil rights.  Which means you better teach your daughter how not to drop the soap, because that girl next to her in the showers might not be a girl.

“There are very complex issues here that they’re struggling with and we want to respect people’s struggles, but that doesn’t mean that you undermine the rights of 99.7 percent of our population to provide special privileges and you create a protected class for a very, very tiny group of people, and that’s a significant concern,” Schultz emphasized.

Haven’t you heard?  It is precisely because they are a “very, very tiny group of people” that their concerns are the most important of all and should be addressed before everyone else’s.  It’s the fault of people in the 99.7% for being non-fringe.

NR, You’re Starting Something You Don’t Know How to Finish

29 04 2015

Washington, D.C.


The Constitution Is Silent on Same-Sex Marriage

If the Supreme Court rules that all state governments must recognize same-sex unions as marriages, it will not just be saying that the view that marriage should be defined in law as the union of a man and a woman is wrong—and saying that without any clear constitutional warrant. It will be officially declaring that this view is irrational, in opposition to the country’s fundamental principles, and, quite possibly, bigoted. The Court should refrain from taking that reckless step.

An older view of marriage has steadily been losing ground to a newer one, and that process began long before the debate over same-sex couples. On the older understanding, society and, to a lesser extent, the government needed to shape sexual behavior—specifically, the type of sexual behavior that often gives rise to children—to promote the well-being of those children. On the newer understanding, marriage is primarily an emotional union of adults with an incidental connection to procreation and children.

What NR is trying to say here is that marriage is and should be a societal institution whose rules and precepts and bounds are done with the good of society and its posterity in mind, rather than just an agreement between two (or more, eventually) or more people who are acting out some temporal amorous and carnal pleasure.

Can you really handle the implications of what you’re starting, NR?  I don’t think you can.

Never send a boy to do a man’s job.  Likewise, never send NR to do a NRx’s job.


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