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22 11 2015



Homicides of transgender women in US reach alarming high

For a few transgender Americans, this has been a year of glamour and fame. For many others, 2015 has been fraught with danger, violence and mourning.

While Caitlyn Jenner made the cover of Vanity Fair and Laverne Cox prospered as a popular actress, other transgender women have become homicide victims at an alarming rate. By the count of the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs, there have been 22 killings so far this year of transgender or gender-nonconforming people — including 19 black or Latina transgender women.


Yet many Americans are uncomfortable with transgender people, Jindasurat said. He cited the recent referendum in Houston, where opponents of a nondiscrimination ordinance prevailed by stoking fears about transgender people’s access to public restrooms.

World War T logic:  NAM trannies are being murdered at an “alarming rate” (19 so far this year, in contrast, ten to forty small children per year drown in relatively large buckets), and all those beer swilling pickup truck driving Confederate flag waving Baptist rednecks in Houston that voted against trannies in the wrong restrooms are to blame, even though beer swilling pickup truck driving Confederate flag waving Baptist rednecks were not actually the ones whose votes defeated that measure.  That’s how we know that official LGBTQetc are trying to distract us from the truth.  And the truth of the matter in these cases are that black men get with a black woman somehow (prostitution, hookup, etc.), get “her” into bed and discover that she is actually he.  Out comes the gat or knife or chokehold.

Party of Science

20 11 2015

Madison, Wisconsin

That being, Wisconsin state Republicans.

To wit:

The bill defines gender as being “the physical condition of being male or female, as determined by an individual’s chromosomes and identified at birth by that individual’s anatomy.”

Because biology.

And who can possibly oppose science?  Oh, yeah, right.

Need Much More Popcorn

12 11 2015


G versus T on Stonewall.

All you need to know:

When director Roland Emmerich set out to create his upcoming film “Stonewall,” he was engaging in a labor of love. He desired to tell the very American story of standing up to power and demanding equal rights. What he could not have expected is that angry backlash and threats of boycotts would come, not from right-wing, religious zealots, but from the LGBT community itself. Now Emmerich stands accused of whitewashing and cis-washing the seminal event in gay-rights history.

The allegation is that Emmerich, by choosing a white protagonist from middle America (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) to tell his story, is trying to deny others, specifically trans persons of color, their rightful place as the true heroes of Stonewall. This is all based on a relatively recent myth that it was the transvestites (as they were then known) who were at the vanguard of the riot, leading the pasty, limp-wristed, white, gay crowd to courage they could never have summoned on their own. “Stonewall” stands accused of perpetuating a racist and anti-trans version of the past.

The accusation is absurd on its face. But the widespread willingness of many on the Left and in the gay community to embrace the very flawed narrative used to attack Emmerich is telling. It speaks not only to the rewriting of gay history, but to a broader effort to ensure that our historical record is purged of references to the heroic actions of overly privileged people. Not only must the privileged of today confess their advantages, the privileged of the past must be stripped of their laurels.

This isn’t hard.  Since World War T is racking up some very big victories in important battles, and anticipating V-T Day, it’s starting to retcon history for its own benefit.

Otherwise, these are just the problems that the Alphabet Gang are having with itself because of the nature of their coalition.

NFL and CFL Bust Supports Mizzou Mob

9 11 2015

Columbia; Montreal

And we care about his opinion because….?

Sorry if my insouciance comes off as homophobic.

World War T’s D-Day

6 11 2015

Washington, D.C.

Transgenders in the girls’ locker room at Sidwell Enemies School.


Because civil rights.

What, crickets?

Their Hero

5 11 2015


Let me make it really simple:

Opponents (not necessarily us) drove enough of a wedge between T and all the other letters, not to mention those not in the alphabet gang.

I think this is emblematic of problems within the alphabet gang, problems that are themselves a function of the necessary string bean politics of assembling the alphabet gang to begin with.

The purpose of LGBTQetc, the grand acronym, has always been to get as many behaviors and orientations as possible that are something other than pair bonding cisgendered heterosexuals into the acronym and under a big tent.  The more kinds of anyone-but-pair-bonding-cishets there are into the acronym and under the tent, the bigger the tent gets and the harder it becomes to oppose any letter within the tent, much less the whole tent.  However, that requires every one of ever letter under the tent to sign a mutual defense treaty with every other letter.  If any one letter is attacked, then all letters must defend the attacked letter and mount a counteroffensive against the attackers.  (It’s similar to affirmative action — The more people that qualify for it, the less possible it will be to get rid of it, but it requires disparate groups that qualify for it to sign a mutual defense treaty and also to defend the concept generally, while not bashing any other group that benefits from it for being able to do so.)  We see the mutual defense treaty at work in this HERO vote, even though the pregnant politics were only about Ts, all the letters of the alphabet acted as if it affected all of them, at least in the sense of the official LGBTQetc organizations and activists in Houston and elsewhere, but it was not that way on the ground (see below).

The problem with a mutual defense treaty within LGBTQetc is that there are very real differences between every given letter, often their differences are greater than the differences between one letter and the hated feared pair bonding cishets.  Ls don’t like Ts for moving in on the L agenda, Ts don’t like Ls for their “TERF” exclusionism, Gs and Ls have a lot of differences, Ls and Gs think that Bs just can’t make up their minds, Bs don’t like Ls and Gs trying to force them into picking one, and one of the letters in the acronym is A for asexual, who are literally just that, people who don’t want homosexual sex, heterosexual sex, bisexual sex.  Their inclusion in the Grand Acronym is the most improbable.

The less the alphabet gang fears from us, the more their differences with each other will spill out.

Remember, Houston is a city that has twice elected an L mayor, in fact, she’s just now finishing her second term.  So, we’re not talking about Pat Robertson country.  HERO’s political problems, therefore, came from the divisions that have always existed between T and the other letters, divisions that matter in a place where we don’t.

World War T Suffers a Setback

4 11 2015


But only a temporary one.

Remember, we’ve been here before, and by “before,” I mean very recently.  Remember all those gay marriage ballot measures we voted in in 2004-2012?  Missouri being the first.  What happened to them?  Well, as we found out later, the idea to do them to boost Republican turnout in 2004 came from Ken Mehlman, a Bush 43 White House hack who is both gay and an advocate of gay marriage.  They’ll do the same thing here for a while, milk it for as long as they can for vote grifting.

However, it won’t last forever, because of the other reason why this is only a slight setback for WWT — SCOTUS.  Bet on Anthony Kennedy working on the legal rationale to invent a new “right” out of thin air, and/or John Roberts changing the centuries old commonly accepted definition of words, as you read this.


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