Monkey See Monkey Do

24 02 2015

South Hadley, Massachusetts

Mount Holyoke students saw Fifty Shades of Grey, so obviously now they want mommy and daddy to buy them a BDSM club.

I think they’re going to have to wait, because the school administration still needs to fund the L vs T on-campus civil war.



24 02 2015


His last name is Christian, and he wants to start a school inside a Presbyterian church.

It’s not what you think.

It says that LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH Pre-K through 8th graders (gay 3-year olds?) need a “safe space” from all the “homophobia” to be found in Atlanta.

In reality, Atlanta is the capital of black gay America.

And that’s the key to solving this mystery.  This school will be how Atlanta’s gay blacks separate themselves from Atlanta’s ghetto blacks.  It has really nothing to do with the students, it has everything to do with the households in general.

My Gay Bacon Lettuce and Tomato Will Be Intersectional or It Will Be Bullshit

18 02 2015


Daily Cougar:

Despite diverse community, white males represent LGBT

Damn those white men.  Someone alert Sharpton.

“If there’s a choice to talk to or to hear from a…white, cisgender gay guy or anyone else in the gay community, you’re generally going to hear from (the white, gay guy),” said physics junior Leah Longhufer.

Wasn’t the “progressive stack” supposed to solve this?

There’s a lot of people in that wayside. Lesbians get a fair amount of attention — if Showtimes’s television drama “The L Word” and a handful of “out” celebrities can be considered a “fair amount” — whereas bisexual and transgender individuals feel more or less ignored.

Lesbians get a lot of attention because they dominate “women’s” colleges.  However, because regular lesbians are only cisgendered, aren’t cool anymore, and might as well be establishment oppressors.  Transgenders, while they may have been ignored until recently, are now the hot new civil rightsey social justicey constituency in SJW City.

Then there’s everyone else — those that are queer, questioning, asexual, pansexual, intersex…the list is long. Those individuals who do receive attention are usually white and cisgender; in other words, they are not transgender.

You’ve got Q, I, A, P and T from the Grand Acronym representing.  Will someone please tell me what M means?

There’s a fundamental problem in the way that people look at the LGBT community. People focus on white, gay men, as they focus on white, straight men in every other community. But the LGBT community does itself no favors, as it continues to display racist, transphobic and misogynistic behaviors, as well as push white gay men into the forefront because it is safe to do so.

When stereotypical gay male culture — certainly not an accurate picture of all gay men, but a popular image nonetheless — becomes the forefront of LGBT culture as a whole, it results in gay pride parades that revolve around gay men and lesbians and bar culture that is heavily catered towards adult gay men. Gay pride parades have become increasingly unpopular among the bisexual and transgender community, as they do not feel safe or accepted in an atmosphere that mostly contains gay men and allies.

Damn those gay men for being cisgendered.  Being cisgendered these days is just about as bad as out and out right being in the KKK.

Young LGBT people and teens, who are the most at risk for violence and suicide, are left without a safe place to gather and socialize when LGBT culture becomes centered on alcohol and bars.

Young LGBT people and teens have never heard of fake IDs?

Progress is being made slowly. The success of Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black” has made Laverne Cox, a black transgender woman who plays transgender character Sophia Burset on the show, a household name.

It’s always a good idea to base serious social policy on a TV show only available on an online streaming service.  And also, pardon me, but I don’t know any households where “Laverne Cox” or her (?) character “Sophia Burset” is a household name.  I guess that’s just my fault for being white gentile heterosexual and cisgendered normal.

“Orange is the New Black,” however, remains one of the few shows that displays its diverse range of LGBT characters.

Maybe Netflix can mash up that show and its other notable streaming show, the one I actually care about, “House of Cards.”

Currently, there’s no “perfect” portrayal of the LGBT community, perhaps because a perfect portrayal would be impossible.

By “impossible,” you mean “subject to the anal-retentive knit-picking of half of the SJWs on Tumblr,” who are mostly centered on white ethnomasochist intersectional trans-feminists.

It’s an injustice to the community to continue to pretend that the vast majority of it does not exist. Kurt Hummel from “Glee” and two attractive, white men in a Tiffany & Co. advertisement are not an all-encompassing depiction of the LGBT community.

But it’s sufficient when white cisgendered gay men dominate PR, and are quickly filling the ranks of the MSM and advertising.

“I understand that it’s America; white people are the majority,” said entrepreneurship and accounting senior Huy Truong.

“It’s going to take time, but it’ll get there. It’s 2015.”

Yeah, don’t worry, dear.  White people will be dispossessed of their country soon enough.


17 02 2015

Seaside, Oregon

Hoft has the story.

I commented there:

OTOH, this will probably mean that the dominant left wing sociopolitical culture will soon do a 180 on meth if they haven’t already. They all hated meth when it was the province of “filthy white trailer park rednecks” and got all sorts of legislation to crack down on it. Now that meth is largely being trafficked by one of their favorite groups, Hispanic/Mexican gangs, and it use is largely to help gay men have more pleasurable sex, the left will not only start loving and hearting meth soon, they’ll also soon invent an -ism or -phobia word to try to turn opposition to meth into a pathology.


Or should that be “Methism?”

What We Knew All Along

10 02 2015

Washington, D.C.

Yeah, David, we pretty much had that figured out.

The only reason Obama changed his mind started telling the truth in early May 2012 was that a North Carolina vote on a definition of marriage amendment to its constitution passed big time at that time, and LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH thought it would fail because it also prohibited non-marriage civil unions and they thought North Carolina was getting more “tolerant” because of all the left wingers infesting the Raleigh-Durham Triangle and for the fact that Obama eked out the state in 2008.  But when it passed, despondent LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH activists and groups went to Obama and read him the Riot Act, note that around one in six Obama money bundlers is LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH.

And also, David, I’m so shocked that a politician would lie in order to get elected.

Event Horizon

9 02 2015

Montgomery, Alabama

It’s why I crossed over the event horizon into the Dark Enlightenment.

Actually, what made me cross the event horizon was the Guatemalan Children’s Crusade of last summer.  It was then I figured out that there was no way we were going to vote and democratic republic our way out of this mess, and that voting and democratic republicanism caused this mess.  Just about everything else since then, including this news today out of Alabama and Washington, D.C., and other niceties on the Drudge Report today, has only served to confirm.

Ground Floor

7 02 2015

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Yep, I said it:

Now that we’re in the throes of World War L versus World War T raging, I’m wondering what the next big fringier than thou constituency is going to be. I have heard that among Ts, there are way more men who trans to women than women who trans to men. So, maybe the next hot civil rightsey social justicey constituency is going to be women who trans to men and the discrimination and bigotry they face from the “establishment” of men that trans to women.

I wonder if I could get on the ground floor of this in some sort of investment sense.



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