General Assembly Surrenders to World War T

27 04 2016

Jefferson City

I’m sure you’ve heard by now.

The tragic news came this afternoon.

I watched it directly, in person, and with my own eyes.

I think I would have had the same sense of sorrow and foreboding if I was a personal witness to Lee surrendering to Grant at Appomattox.

Boo Yeah

27 04 2016


That’s what I’m talking about.  Winning the culture wars.

This news has made me so happy that I almost did the Running Man while yelling out an obscene suggestion directed at SJWs.

I was a bit of a SciFi fan when I was younger, but life, reality, work and middle age have all tag teamed to drain me.

OTOH, I do notice that the 2016 Hugo Awards are in Kansas City in late August.  That may well coincide on the calendar and will coincide fairly well in geography with the State Fair, and of course I’m going to be there.  If I can sneak out of work for a bit, I think I’ll head on over to the thing and see if I can meet Vox Day.

Hide This News From NARAL

26 04 2016


Because it’s just a non-viable tissue mass.

Crickets from the “ZOMG WE MUST RESPECT SCIENCE 1000% OF THE TIME LOL~!!!!!1” crowd.


25 04 2016

Kalamazoo, Michigan


Anyone who has been stymied in the past by the men’s and women’s locker rooms…

Nobody was ever stymied in the past about men’s and women’s locker rooms.  That’s because nobody was ever stymied in the past about the concept of men and women.  Except now, we live in the social justice era, where “man,” “woman” and “is” all have fluid meanings.

He was never stymied about the difference between men and women, he a charter member of the He Man Woman Hater’s Club.


The new design is ideal for dads and and daughters, mothers and sons, kids in wheelchairs, transgender folks– anyone for whom a conventional mass gender-specific shower area can present challenges, he said.

“Dads and daughters,” “mothers and sons,” “kids in wheelchairs,” and good ole wholesome everyday “transgender folks.”  I wonder which one of these things is not like the other.

Basically all they did was renovate the family locker room to make it ADA-compliant for the physically handicapped and disabled, and throw the trannies in with them.  Family locker rooms of course are a necessity because fathers have always been overprotective of their young daughters, and don’t trust them by themselves even in non-threatening circumstances, and with the YMCA no longer being “C,” so much of what goes on in the men’s locker room blows through Leviticus 18:22, you can’t trust young boys by themselves there anymore.

Trump Learns That the Truth Is Handier

21 04 2016


The good news is that he’s opposed to Tubby on the Twenty.

On the other hand…

He’s probably tipping his hand on his opinion on the whole matter, not just his own policy for his own building.  That said, this is what makes his aborticide flub a few weeks ago so frustrating.  Just about everyone who is pro-life or a social conservative and is voting for Trump knows that Trump isn’t, and are voting for him for other reasons.  This means he’s not hurting himself when he tells the truth about his own opinions.  On the aborticide thing a few weeks ago, all he needed to say is that he’s mostly pro-abortion, state his particular nuance on the issue, and then state that if he governs to the right of that paradigm as President, it will be due to political expediency, not because he will have changed his mind.  Why lie or fumble or flub when the truth is handier?

I think that’s a lesson Trump figured out from that hoopla.

Eric Greitens Enlists For World War T

20 04 2016

Jefferson City

He’s going to use his Navy SEAL skills to help World War T conquer the Show Me State’s restrooms and locker rooms.

If a Republican candidate for Governor wanted to break with his or her party’s orthodoxy to help his or her campaign, smart strategy would be to break on RTW.  Except, doing that would require creativity and offending a few donors.  Defecting over to the side of WWT doesn’t hurt your donations but makes the media happy.


WWT and NBA vs NC

14 04 2016

North Carolina

North Carolina’s “controversial” (i.e. common sense and scientifically correct) law is not anti-LGBT, it’s anti-T.

It’s just that, like I said earlier in this space, when it comes to the Grand Acronym, all the letters have signed a mutual defense treaty with each other, so that when any one letter comes under attack, all the other letters have to come to its defense as if the attack was on them specifically.  Furthermore, the various constituent parts of the Democrat-left coalition of the fringes have the same sort of informal mutual defense treaty, so the bigger wheels in the coalition are also getting ready to invade North Carolina.  To beat all, even RINOs are getting in on the fun:  Mark Kirk was one of several Senators to write a letter to NBA commissioner Adam Silver to ask him to move the NBA All-Star Game out of Charlotte in 2017.

The Democrat-left wants us to hate the 1%, but they are dancing to the tune of the 0.1%.


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