Just a Hunch

25 02 2020


I’ve made it to my undisclosed location (not Volkmarsen) safe and sound.

But I just wanted to chime in really quickly on this Volkmarsen incident, in northern Hesse, the car driving into a Carnival crowd.

From things I’ve been hearing and reading, my hunch is that the suspect, 29-year old “M. R.,” is a non-Muslim but non-white, who did it for racial reasons.

Hamburger Helper

22 02 2020


I was going to write this my post on the election outcome for Hamburg city-state the day after, and my associated thoughts over the past two weeks, but since the outcome and the resultant consequences look to be pretty predictable and drama-free, I’m doing it now on Saturday morning.  Late tomorrow or Monday, I’ll fill in the actual results and any additional commentary if necessary, as a comment to this post.


When I was a mere tourist in this country, we spent two days in this city, June 9 and 10, 2018, to be precise.  On the first day, I saw Black Lives Matter window signs (in English) at two different points.  That’s all I needed to know what kind of city Hamburg is.   I already knew from experience that BLM signs are the province of the pathologically altruistic virtue signaling white liberal.

So when I actually moved to Germany that fall, I dreaded the idea of coming back here, even though I knew I would have to at some point.  By more than a year ago, I already knew that I’d be here now, Good Lord willing and the crick didn’t rise, (apropos, because the Elbe River at Hamburg is well over flood stage right now), for the election cycle for the city-state of Hamburg (“Freihansestadt” meaning “Free Hanseatic City”) this month, with actual voting being tomorrow.

And I already knew in my bones, even before being told this before coming here, to expect a lot of logistical problems, due to the city’s political climate.  I was told to expect a situation where events that were/are some combination of open, public, pre-announced, would have to be held outside the city limits, while events that were/are some combination of private, ad-hoc, could be held in the city.  And that certainly came true.  Both today’s public pre-election rally and tomorrow’s watch party will be held outside the city, on the Schweig-Holstein side.  Just about all of Hamburg that matters is north of the Elbe, on the same side as SH;  South of the river is the state of Niedersachsen (“Lower Saxony”).  It’s like Washington, D.C. is on the “Maryland” side and Virginia is on the other side of the Potomac.  The public events that can’t be held in the city itself are better held in SH rather than NS, because you don’t have to cram across a bridge to cross the river.  Hamburg traffic is bad enough, as it is — It’s the worst normal daily basis traffic I’ve ever experienced.

Not helping matters was that, during the latter half of this past week, Antifa mildly, but thankfully not severely, vandalized the private residences of two different AfD candidates on the ballot.  Wouldn’t be Hamburg without ’em.


But, through it all, and in spite of all that, I’m going to leave this city on Tuesday not quite hating it to the red hot level that I did two weeks ago.  It’s because I got to see its normal sane side, its sensible people, and its well kept secrets.

Still, if my choice is “go to Hamburg” or “X,” then I’m picking “X” about 99.99% of the time.   It’s just that, when I do have to come back again, I don’t be dreading it as if I was having to undergo dental surgery without numbing drugs.


One day during this past week, I had some free time, and, being an old math nerd from way back, just not good enough ever to be a professional mathematician, I took a day trip upstream along the Elbe, but in a long cut because flooding closed the riverfront roads at various points, to the town of Dannenberg.  I already told you that, and I said that I did it to make John Derbyshire jealous.  None of you got it, so I’ll fill in the blanks — Nearby Breselenz is the native city of Bernhard Riemann, of the Riemann Hypothesis.  Of course, John Derbyshire wrote the definitive book about the as-yet unproven Riemann Hypothesis for the non-nerd.  There is a monument to him on the grounds of a Calvinist church in the village, and the church’s official address is along a street name for him, Riemannstraße.

It’s something I figured I’d better do, while I was in the neighborhood.

You may be asking:  How can someone who got a perfect 800 on the math SAT not be good enough to be a professional mathematician?  I’ll explain it this way:  Get everyone who has ever aced the math SAT in a room.   Then give them an even harder math SAT.  On that test, I wouldn’t get a perfect 800, but among those that do, split them out and get them into another room.  Then give them an even harder math SAT, and the ones among them that get a perfect 800 can be professional mathematicians.  Or, to put it another way, only the nerds’ nerds’ nerds can work at Google.  Alternatively, read this.

In spite of me leaving math behind a long time ago, the Riemann pilgrimage stirred up some nerdy memories.


Now, back to more pedestrian mathematics, the party brass has 10% as our realistic ceiling.  However, with the baselines of 6.1% in 2015’s city-state, 7.8% in the 2017 Federals, and 6.5% in last year’s MEPs, anything that beats 7.8% is going to be satisfying.  Whatever our team’s gain is from five years ago, we’re anticipating that about half will come from CDU bleeding out, the other half from new voters.

Currently, Hamburg’s government is an SPD+Green coalition.  Five years ago, the SPD got 48%, the Greens 12%, so that was the easy coalition.  It looks like, as has been the recent trend all over this country, the SPD will bleed out to the Greens a whole lot, but both combined will still get a majority, albeit a closer to 50 than 60 sort of thing.  However, it means that the Freihansestadt will still have an SPD+Green government.


These electoral affairs determine who gets to govern in one of my very favorite buildings of public administration from an architectural standpoint, that being Hamburger Rathaus, aka Hamburg City Hall.

I might also add that, because Hamburg is both a city and a state, the issue base for these elections is predictably way more urban-centric than a usual sort of state.  Pollution, the environment, green space, and as far as the AfD’s case, linking that to immigration-driven population growth.  Like I said, Hamburg’s is the worst daily basis traffic I’ve ever experienced, and while all state governments deal with traffic, it’s a bigger political thing here, and of course, immigration makes it worse.  Beyond immigration, it’s so bad because it’s the most dense major German city over the urbanized footprint.  Also for the fact that Hamburg is, like I said, a city far more for the white liberal pandering crowd, rather than for mystery meat immigrants themselves.  In spite of the fact that you may remember that a big chunk of 9/11 was planned here.


Humorous note:  The geographical license plate code for Hamburg is HH, meaning Hanse Hamburg (“Hanseatic Hamburg”).  Of course, you know what else it means, and I’ve already told you that it on a license plate ruffles some feathers.  I’m therefore wondering how much longer HH will be permitted, especially since “H” is not currently used.


Housekeeping note:  Expect no posting here for awhile, and activity my social feeds to be rather sparse.  After I leave here on Tuesday, I’ve got some very important personal business at hand, pun fully intended.


The Usual Advice

20 02 2020


When I woke up this morning and saw what happened, and saw that it happened at a Hookah bar and near Frankfurt, I narrowed it down to two possibilities:

(1) Clan or mafia type violence

(2) White nutbar, probably lone wolf/accelerationist

I highly doubted religion of peace, because just shooting up a hookah bar isn’t their M.O.

The world now knows which one it is.

And as usual, my standard fare advice stands:  Ignore his manifesto.  Because I know it’s floating around out there in a thousand different places.  And certainly keep his name out of your mouth if you happen to find out.

Art Is Life

18 02 2020


A fairly accurate depiction of the Autobahns in populated areas of western Germany on most Saturdays.  Click to enlarge.

All I can hope is that they saved me a copy.

It’s Okay to Be a German Bus Driver

18 12 2019


Of course he got fired.

Remember, there’s a Nazi emergency in this city.

UPDATE 2/3: From Bad Schandau, Switzerland, today.


It’s Officially Weihnachtsmarkt Season

10 12 2019


It was only a matter of which one and how.

And it happened on Sunday at one of the ‘Markets in Augsburg.

While I and everyone else was anticipating religion of peace or truck of peace, it turned out to be more of a mahogany mob.  A gang of seven “youths,” ages 17 to 20, five of them have significant Turkish ancestry.  And they ganged up on a firefighter, beat him up, and wound up killing him.  The Einzelfall Brigade is out in full force, and we’re also hearing (translated) that it was a “fight,” so you all know what that means, on several levels.

As if to add insult to injury, the day after, in Munich, a cop got stabbed in the back, but not killed.  The doer in that case is a 30-year old actual German, who is all the time in and out of mental hospitals.  Needless to say, it was not a kind two-day stretch in Bavaria.

Also, and this was the worst-timed news in the world, a landlord in Augsburg had to pay a fine and was so ordered by a court today, because he wanted to rent only to Germans in his advertisement, and turned down someone from Burkina Faso in the process.  Said landlord said he has always had a lot of problems with drug dealing Turks as tenants, but the judge said (translated) that “individuals commit crimes, not groups.”  Of course, that sword only has one sharp edge.

Dynamic Death Spiral

22 11 2019


A few of you e-mailed me what you thought was yesterday’s big news, about what was found out about the Berlin Christmas Market truck driver of peace three years ago.

I’ve known about almost all of it for more than a year.

The only thing that yesterday added to the mix was that it confirmed what we already suspicioned, that the Obama Administration knew that this TDoP was a pidgeon, and put pressure on Merkel and her Interior Minister of the time (trivia:  A first cousin of the only truly democratically elected head of state in East Germany’s history), to prevent German law enforcement from arresting his terrorist plotting.

To me, the interesting thing about all this is looking at it from a high perch, and seeing not only the folly in the invade the world invite the world paradigm, but now also seeing how “invade the world” and “invite the world” feed off of each other to create a dynamic death spiral.  Doing one means being dragged into the other, and eventually, the dynamo gets going, and both are used as reasons to keep on doing the other.  We have to invite the world so that the people we import supposedly helps our ability to invade the world or smooths over the geopolitics of invading the world, and we have to invade the world because the world we invited did things like ram trucks into Christmas markets, so we invade the world out of revenge.  But not after inviting more of the world we’re invading, because we need Arabic translators, or something.