Black Coal Matters

9 08 2016


Washington Examiner:

Greens play the race card to slam Trump policies

Environmental groups are increasing their attacks on Republican nominee Donald Trump by tying his campaign’s support for fossil fuels to race and gender.

The new tack from anti-fossil fuel groups was underscored after Trump announced the 13 members of his policy team on Friday, which environmental activists criticized as overwhelmingly white and not representative of the country’s diversity.

And also, something something LGBTQ+.

Remember “the vessel through which all progressive causes flow.”

Because green is the new red, or black is the new green, or something like that.


Climate Has Changed

13 11 2015



I heart clever media juxtaposition.

Drying Cycle

9 10 2015


Energy conservation versus SWPLs/HOAs.

What is the taboo angle?  Remember which blog you’re reading, so you should know what I’m thinking just from that alone.


My tendency is to agree with Brown for signing this bill.  I view HOAs with suspicion anyway; I think the people that run them are the kind of people who would have no real power in life other than running the HOAs, so they get their jollies off by being jerks with their puny little power over the subdivision.

Madeleine Notsobright

24 09 2015

Washington, D.C.


“I think in terms of the density you gave and those of us that fly across this country a lot – there’s a lot of space here. I do actually think that the United States needs to – we cannot ask other countries to be taking on a burden if we don’t do it ourselves,” [Madeleine Albright] said. “I did quote the Statue of Liberty statement on purpose. I do think this is what we are about. I think there needs to be more public outcry about the fact that we have to share in responsibility for this.”

Albright, or Not Bright?  “There’s a lot of space here.”  I can fully understand the average 16-year old 100 IQ person coming to that conclusion.  But she is supposed to know better, she’s one of those old people of fairly high intelligence that matters.  Therefore, she has no excuse in not knowing better.

Let me help her know better:  Human beings are creatures that require a lot more than just the bare sustenance of physical space to survive.  At almost the rock bottom base of Maslow’s Triangle is water, and while you may not know it, there’s a good chance that hot wars could break out soon over fresh water supplies, that’s how tight things are getting.  In fact, water is one of the lesser known subtexts of the Israel vs Syria tensions.  One step higher is food, and growing it takes water, and arable land; arable land that is used for human domiciles cannot be used to grow food, and agriculture takes up water which creates water competition for human beings.  As you keep going higher on Maslow’s Triangle, from things that are pure needs to the expectations of modern first world people, you create a cascading almost exponentially growing resource competition.  Remember, Albright wants to import third world people into the first world, and they wouldn’t be coming here to have a third world standard of living.

Doubling our population wouldn’t just double some of our problems, it would make many of our problems worse by orders of double magnitude.

All of this is disregarding the other big problem it would cause, all the extra added vibrancy.


Just a Simple Question, That’s All.

3 08 2015

Folkestone, England


Why are environmentalists on the side of overpopulation?

Seems to me that “green” people should have been over on the EDL side.

All the World is the Edmund Pettus Bridge

20 04 2015



Cornel West Protests Fossil Fuel Industry: ‘We Now Have a Planetary Selma’

Civil rights activist and academic Dr. Cornel West joined a protest on Friday at Harvard University pushing for the institution to divest all of its coal, oil and gas industries holding. West compared fossil fuel production to racism and the civil rights movement.

“Ecological catastrophe is as evil as white supremacist catastrophe, anti-Jewish catastrophe, anti-gay catastrophe, anti-Muslim catastrophe,” West said, according to The Guardian.

West then addressed the university’s president, Drew Faust, who last year publicly opposed divestment but has not released any statement on this latest effort.

“Doctor Faust, we now have a planetary Selma,” West said. “We want you on the right side.”

“As evil as … anti-Jewish catastrophe?”  A lot of these fossil fuel divestitards are also on board with anti-Israel BDS.

If the world suddenly stopped needing oil tomorrow, many Islamic countries would be disparately impacted.

Also, there has to be some way to mash together the gas station and the Holocaust.

Because It’s So Important for the Environment

20 03 2015



This, and other pictures of the most oblivious people of St. Louis.

If you attended this protest today and are reading these words, I want to make one thing perfectly clear:  I’m laughing at you, not with you.