Wisconsin Was a Slave State (?)

16 02 2017

Madison, Wisconsin


Black students should be offered free tuition and housing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison because blacks were legally barred from education during slavery… (snip)

What it’s always about, gibs.

Yay, Geraldo

13 02 2017

New Haven, Connecticut

I don’t think much of Geraldo Rivera otherwise, but when he does something good, he should be acknowledged for it.

Taking an Opportunity to Miss an Opportunity

7 02 2017

St. Paul, Minnesota

This is why I get paid the big bucks, to fish and ferret out angles that everyone misses to make profound points.

AR and Sailer have already linked to this essay in City Journal about equitypalooza in the St. Paul Public Schools, so many of you have already read it.

Here’s the part that really jumped out at me, but as far as I can tell, didn’t jump out at anyone else:

In November 2015, St. Paul voters vented their frustration with Silva’s policies in a dramatic way. They overwhelmingly elected a new school board with a strong anti-Silva majority. Caucus for Change, a teachers’-union-organized group, engineered the victory.

This is, of course, another example of the mostly unnoticed schism that has opened up in the liberal political universe between neoliberals/plutocrats/SJWs on one side, and the teachers’ unions (mostly NEA and AFT) on the other side.

Ironically and sadly, I’m writing this on the day that Betsy Wetsy was confirmed as and then sworn in as Education Secretary.

I have known for some time that most unionized public school teachers want no part of the neolib/rich/SJW psuedo-moral crusade against them, and they mostly don’t agree with the annual cavalcade of leftard political resolutions that officially emanate from the NEA and AFT.  This is why the union in St. Paul organized to swab the deck of the equity wackadoodles and replace them with relatively sane people, because teachers, union members, were constantly getting assaulted, and even beyond that, the discipline-exempt wild dindu students were making actual education all but impossible.

Teachers’ unions can be picked off and a permanent wedge between they and the Democrat/left can be driven into the ground.  In fact, it never had to be the case where they were ever that tight.

It is said way too often that social issues are the opiate of the right.  In reality, the opiate of the right for a long time, a drug habit not kicked until very recently, about the time the OCGE rode down the escalator, was libertarian economic ideology.  For the many reasons that its influence was a political success retardant, it started a doomsday machine which drove the right and teachers’ unions further and further apart, when by all rights, considering all the other factors, they should have been getting closer and closer together.  The right’s economic libertarianism and the resultant disdain for public education was the initial spark that drove public school teachers and their unions into the hands of the Democrats and the left.  Once they got there, this only gave the Republicans and the right the incentive to be all the more hostile to teachers’ unions.  As the blogger Education Realist has amply demonstrated, voucher mania, which started on the boilerplate Republican right, but later became a neoliberal obsession, really had nothing to do with conservative virtue signaling for the educational well being of black students, because the politics of vouchers were pushed in big cities but not in the black belt of the Deep South.  No, the real reason for vouchers was busting the NEA and AFT, so that it decouples the Democrat Party from its prime funding source.  EdReal’s hint is that the teachers in big black cities are almost entirely union, whilst teachers in the Deep South black belt are not.  The NEA and AFT figured out what was going on, and only ran further away from the right.  The vicious cycle continued:  The NEA and AFT co-signed the kook left’s agenda, which drove the right further way and made them more hostile, on and on it went.  However, the right is to blame for setting the doomsday machine in motion.

If the greater American right had ditched the milk jug of economic libertarian ideology on the expiration date printed on its carton, and not let it linger in its refrigerator, then it would have been able to open itself up to more creative political strategy about education policy and trying to make friends with the teachers’ unions.  Sure, the Jews are always a problem, and we all know that they will always use their influence to cock block genuinely nationalist politics.  But that doesn’t mean that the right couldn’t have nuanced the politics of the situation to something more fruitful than economic libertarianism but not to a point where the Jews would have dropped the hammer.  Like I said, the Republicans and the right have been trying to separate the unions from the Democrats for a long time, but they did it in such a way where the results were just the opposite.

A golden opportunity to stop the doomsday machine presented itself starting several years back, when the neolib/rich/SJW colossus overtook the teachers’ unions within the Democrat Party in terms of being able to swing the policy stick, a stick that winds up being beaten against the heads of unionized teachers.  As you can read in this City Journal article.

Enter Donald Trump.  He broke the blue wall of the Electoral College in no small part because he was the Republican nominee for President who in the post-Reagan era most openly broke with economic libertarianism.  So what does he do?  He falls right back into the same swamp he pulled his (adopted) political party out of with this dunderhead pick of Betsy Wetsy.  She’s personally no worse than any other vouchers-uber-alles advocate, and like most well to do conservatives or Republicans or their silver spoon wives who advocate vouchers, she outsources her thinking on education policy to the nearest libertarian/ish ideologue.  The reason I think it’s a bad pick was because she gives the left an excuse to paper over its internal civil war on education, which at least for now they have.  Remember, we want to drive Davis Guggenheim and Randi Weingarten further apart, not closer together.  At the very least, Trump should have picked someone who would not have made such kissing-and-making up possible, and ideally, he should have picked someone who would have exacerbated it, and the only way to do that would have been to pick a union sympathizer.  My recommendation was the aforementioned blogger Education Realist.  The weird part about that is that there is an identifiable conveyor belt from EdReal straight to Trump personally — Steve Sailer reads EdReal and EdReal often comments on Sailer, Ann Coulter reads Sailer, Steve Bannon reads Coulter and Breitbart runs her columns, and Bannon works directly for Trump and has his ear.

I think that this could well be the biggest wasted opportunity of the OCGE’s years in power in terms of practical politics, which in turn is a wasted opportunity to knock the social justice agenda flat on its ass.

School or Prison Pipeline

7 02 2017


Chanel the Dindu was problematic at the first high school he attended.

Yet, none of that ever showed up on his disciplinary records.

Why not?

That’s an easy one:  It’s this equity boo sheet, all the paranoia about the school-to-prison pipeline, SJW screeching about suspension gaps.

IOW, they took great pains not to throw him into the school-to-prison pipeline.

Yet, he wound up there anyway.

Room and Board?

7 02 2017

San Francisco

San Francisco Chronicle:

SF reaches deal for free tuition at City College

City College of San Francisco will be free of charge to all city residents under a deal announced Monday by Mayor Ed Lee and Supervisor Jane Kim that college trustees hope will lead to an enrollment jolt and more state funding for the school.

Under the agreement, which is expected to take effect in the fall, the city will pay $5.4 million a year to buy out the $46-a-credit fee usually paid by students.

The city’s contribution will also provide $250 a semester to full-time, low-income students who already receive a state-funded fee waiver. They will be able to use the money to pay for books, transportation, school supplies and health fees. Part-time students with fee waivers will get $100 a semester for the same purpose.

“Now we can say to California resident students that your City College is free,” Lee said at a City Hall news conference with Kim, City College trustees, faculty members, acting Chancellor Susan Lamb and others. “This is a good story.”

Cool.  They’ve got everything squared away.  Now all they need to do is figure out where they’re going to come up with the $6,000 a month to rent a place to live.

“Blogmeister, is this your snarky way of saying that it’s all moot and it’s all a PR/virtue signaling/political stunt because the people who could benefit from it can’t afford to live there anyway?”

You’re a quick study, peanut gallery.

Only Human After All

6 02 2017


Update on a story I briefly discussed back in December.

The punishment has been mostly reversed.

In the update, there is this curious paragraph:

“In addition to the specific allegations outlined in their complaint, the women’s soccer team also raised broader concerns about gender-related issues on our campus,” the university statement reads. It was sent out to the community Monday morning. “The university has efforts underway to address these issues. But there always is more we can – and should – do to deepen awareness and sensitivity.”

Which means there was mostly no there there when it came to initial allegations.  It’s just that the lesbians on the lesbian team wanted to make or score political points relating to some gripe they had about WU not caring enough about lesbians, so they wrapped it up in making up mostly unfounded allegations against their men counterparts.


Parkway, WTF?

5 02 2017


What was the victim suspended for?  

Was he the white kid they suspended for no good reason just to balance out the race stats?