Ghetto Players

1 07 2015



Former Illinois players accuse school, coach of violating civil rights


According to the lawsuit, Smith, Oden and Tuck were called “toxic” and “crabs” who pull each other down. The alleged segregated practices were referred to as “the dog pound.”

The players also say the coaches implied at least some of the black plaintiffs were unintelligent, undisciplined “west-side ghetto” players.

And where would they get a silly idea like that?

Really now, as Steve Sailer has demonstrated with several posts recently, girls and women’s sports are basically the province of upper middle class high parental involvement white households to get their daughters to win college scholarships (save mommy and daddy some tuition checks) and in the case of soccer, to keep their daughters away from bad black influences.  Since I think one of the behind the scenes driving forces behind the college rape culture hysteria is the helicopter father trying to protect his daughter from the kind of young man he knew he once was, I don’t think it’s delving into tinfoil hat territory to suggest that college and university women’s sports programs are under pressure from upper middle class middle aged parents and boosters to deblackify their teams.

Expect a Veto (Not Like It Matters)

25 06 2015

St. John

It doesn’t say what he’s going to do, but I highly anticipate that he’ll veto.  And, as you can see, because it didn’t pass the House by much, the veto will not be overridden.

But it doesn’t make a difference if the language in this bill makes it to state law or not, because it changes nothing substantively.  The transfers keep happening either way.  Almost nobody in Jefferson City not named Mark Parkinson is interested in changing that.

Is Prison Counted?

24 06 2015



100 percent of East St. Louis graduates have post high school plans

The East St. Louis School District was happy to announce that 100 percent of the students in their graduating class have plans for after high school.

Each senior in the class either applied to five colleges and universities, trade schools or the military.

The city pushed academic scholarships and in total, the class earned $4.6 million in scholarship money.

“This is great for our senior class,” said Kelli Hawkins, of the East St. Louis School District. “It showcases the ability for the seniors to preserve, and with perseverance they’ll be able to fund their college dream.”

The East St. Louis Senior High School graduates also earned $300,000 worth of athletic scholarships.

My first inclination was to ask if prison is counted as a post high school plan.

But the reason I won’t go there is because the explanation doesn’t require so much snark.  First off, it’s probably not a numerous graduating class, considering the dropout rate.  Second, if you graduated from high school with a high enough GPA, presumably a 2.0, SWIC, the junior college over in the Metro East, is open admission, and even some of the “selective” colleges aren’t exactly high bars to flop over.

The more interesting study would be what the people who would have graduated from that school but for their dropping out are doing right now; count on a few of them already being in prison.

The Fringe Just Got Fringier

23 06 2015


Tomboy drops the “tom” part.

Most transgenders are women pretending to be men, and some of them are mediocrities as men who instantly become superlative “women,” Martin(e) Rothblatt being an example.  In this case, however, it is openly admitted that Schuyler Bailar will go from being one of the best women swimmers at Harvard to being about the worst men swimmer.

It’s also an opportunity for the minority within the transgender kookmunity of women pretending to be men to assert their fringiness over the dominant establishment of men pretending to be women.  After all, somebody’s gotta fight the power.

They Heart Rhonda

17 06 2015

Forest Park Southeast


They might heart their kool-aid red mophead, but the school’s board of directors don’t.

Either she had sticky fingers with the school’s revenue or she was just plain incompetent.

Death to Dead Trees and Ink

16 06 2015


Baltimore Sun:

Teachers, councilmen criticize disposal of textbooks at closing school

When Heritage High School closed its doors for good this week, students and staff were not the only ones displaced. They were joined by John Steinbeck, Ernest Hemingway and William Shakespeare.

Despite pleas from teachers, community leaders and city councilmen, the Northeast Baltimore high school disposed of hundreds of books, which ranged from math and science textbooks more than a decade old to timeless classics. Some, teachers said, still had crisp pages and the new-book smell.

City school officials said schools recycle books annually if they are outdated or deemed in poor condition. For years, the district has worked with a vendor that has hauled off books or paid the district a resale value for them.

But the practice of purging the books, recently brought to light at Heritage, has outraged many who say they could be put to better use if they were recycled into the community.

Heritage High School:  98% black.

Really now, books that still had crisp pages and smelled like new, meaning were they never used, would not have been cracked much less read any more in the “community” than they were inside the school.  Especially not books by old dead crackers.

Because, Baltimore is NOT the “city that reads.”

And also, the public library in Ferguson barely suffered a few scratches during the August and November riots.

Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

16 06 2015

Jefferson City


More prospective teachers in Missouri failing exit exams

Prospective Missouri teachers are failing a new batch of exit exams at high rates.

The lower passage rates immediately followed the state’s adoption of more challenging exams. The move has prompted criticism from those overseeing college programs that train future teachers.

Less than half of the teacher candidates passed exams in 12 subject areas on their first attempt, the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education reported Tuesday to the State Board of Education.

Overhauling the tests has been divisive, with some college administrators accusing state leaders of wanting more teachers to fail.

“They are getting what they wanted,” said Diana Rogers-Adkinson, dean of Southeast Missouri State University’s College of Education, one of several who predicted that failure rates would spike if teacher colleges were not given enough time to prepare their students.

I stopped there.

How much further would I have needed to read until I got to the part about racial test bias, disparate impact, score gap?


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