Called It

18 01 2017


McCulloch:  No felonies.

Me, about a month ago:  It’s all a bluff.

A bluff that spun out of control for about a month.

Needs Context

17 01 2017

Boston; Washington, D.C.

In the light of the Dime Store Indian grilling Betsy Wetsy for her support of vouchers, some are pointing out that the former woman once herself supported vouchers.

Yes, she did.  But that fact needs context.  Here is the context.

If you missed my wrap-up on Sunday, while we’re on the subject of Betsy Wetsy, then I wrote this:

The more time goes on, the more I dislike the choice of Betsy Wetsy at Ed.  Not that I think she’s particularly abhorrent.  No, the reason I’m increasingly disliking the choice is because of the Machiavellian politics of the choice.  It’s giving the teachers’ unions an outbound target.  Remember, until now, the teachers’ unions and the neoliberal reformists were firing at each other within the blue team tent.  Now, that’s all forgotten, because Betsy Wetsy is giving them a much easier target, and because a “Republican” PEOTUS chose her, it gets the unions and the neolibs back on good terms.  Trump should have really picked someone with Machiavellian wedge-dropping politics in mind, so that we would actually see a death march duel between Davis Guggenheim and Randi Weingarten come to pass.


Six Words to Edify

16 01 2017

Boston; San Francisco

Key takeaway:

…the bachelor’s degree is becoming the new high school diploma. Rather than a ticket to a high-paying, managerial job, the four-year degree is now the minimum ticket to get in the door to any job.

Which we all knew.

These thirty-five words need six more to be made all the more understandable:


To All the Future Oppressors of America

16 01 2017



Suburban Chicago School Teaches ‘Blackenomics,’ ‘Trans-Rights,’ and ‘White Genocide Against Blacks’

A suburban Chicago high school is taking the Obama education agenda all the way with new classes and seminars that teach kids that whites are committing “genocide” against blacks, that America is violating the “rights” of transgender Americans, that whites are suppressing the voting rights of blacks, and a long list of other far-left activist ideas.

The high school in question is New Trier High School, which is the only school in a high school-only public school district which serves the lakefront areas of north suburban Cook County north of Evanston but south of the northern boundary of the county.  Very much uptown.  So you can probably figure out the rest.  It’s probably the best open enrollment geography-delimited public high school in the country.

The list of notable alumni of the school is so extensive and lofty that it has its own Wikipedia page, apart from the page for the school in general.  And as you read the list, there’s a whole lot of who’s-who.  Charlton Heston, Rahm Emanuel, Mark Kirk.  Chuck Knight, a business figure that any St. Louisan who can read has heard of, is an alumnus.

So what’s all this social justice mess about?  New Trier peddles it for the same reason why extremely expensive Manhattan private schools peddle it.  They’re not teaching their students how to be guilty, they’re teaching future people that matter how to wield and exercise power, to grow and preserve their own power, by means of bafflegabbery.  That, and in the case of New Trier, because it’s so good and so fattened by the district’s real estate and property tax realizations, and in the same county as Chicago, and the CPS, and its many fine public secondary schools on the south and west sides, New Trier is always an easy target, and one that puts out.  All their SJW claptrap is PR to shut the blacks up.  You know how that goes:  “We love ya, man, but from a distance.”

Path of Least Resistance

12 01 2017


Washington Free Beacon:

If you’re male and 18 and waiting anxiously for your acceptance at a prestigious coastal liberal arts college or university, the authors of The Campus Rape Frenzy would undoubtedly have two words of advice: Don’t go. That is, if you plan on any sexual M.O. other than abstinence.

This is how I’ve come to the conclusion that a major driver of this is helicopter fathers weaponizing the Federal government which in turn weaponizes college administrators to put a chastity belt on their college-aged daughters.  Good ole inductive reasoning.  You figure out the path of least resistance, and then work backwards.



10 01 2017

Jefferson City

Now the whole fucking world is losing its fucking minds thinking that fighting in school is now a felony in the Show-Me State.

I’m so old that I can remember there was once a time, (three weeks ago), when I told everybody to calm the fuck down, because it was all bluffing.

Philosophy Is Hard

8 01 2017



And they Kant do it.

Sorry, it was a slow meatball right in my wheel house.

Those who can, do, those who Kant, teach philosophy.

Really, though, I think all this talk about colonialism and critical context and Africa/Asia is just a pure front.  These affirmative action snowflakes want easy material in what will seem on their transcripts to be difficult courses.