The Gospel According to Bean Pot

7 07 2017

City Hall


As aldermen consider sales tax increase for police, Krewson pushes crime prevention initiatives


During her campaign for mayor, Krewson said one of her first actions if elected would be to form a working group to combat violent crime. Among those in the group now include representatives from the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, Gov. Eric Greitens’ administration and Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner’s office.

The group also is consulting with Paul Evans, a former Boston police chief under whom Boston saw a dramatic drop in crime rates, and Joan Sweeney, an organizational psychologist.

Boston? A dramatic drop in crime rates?

What that means is that all we need to do is convince Harvard, MIT and all of Boston’s other noted tertiary educational institutions to move here. That way, a good chunk of the education-industrial complex money stream will flow through here instead of Boston, and it will be so expensive to live here that blacks will have no choice but to find somewhere else to live.  Maybe they’ll move to Boston.


The only photo provided in this article is of Mayor Krewson speaking at a ceremony observing the centennial of the more serious of the two race riots in East St. Louis in that year. Of course, that begs the question of when did she also run for a win mayor of ESL, but I’ll put that aside for a moment. The irony is that the white-led riots in ESL happened for the same reason why almost all pre-1963 American race riots both happened and were white-led, because white people got tired of black crime and TNB. The relative few that weren’t that way were white people trying to resist some form of state-sponsored forced integration that involved black people as the beneficiaries but not involving them as principal architects of the integrationist policies.


Old Light Through Old Windows

4 07 2017


When I read the headline, I knew it was window dressing, for one major reason:

CPS is a district that constantly struggles with high school graduation rates, trying to make them increase and keep them high.  Therefore, how would any measure that, if taken literally and enforced militantly, only serves to decrease graduation rates, be anything more than window dressing?

Then they gave it away at about the end in the obvious sense.  They also gave the game away in about the middle in a more subtle sense, when they note that the junior colleges in Chicago automatically accept any CPD graduate.  Which means, even if the school’s admins press the issue, which we know they won’t, they can show their junior college admission letter.

PR hail mary heave to the end zone for Rahm on education, that’s all this is.


And also, if you get the sneaking feeling there’s a song reference somewhere in this post…Hell, it’s me…You know that’s the kind of thing I do.


2 07 2017



Student chooses to graduate inside jail as inspiration

It was a special day at the medium security institution on Hall street in St. Louis. A high school graduation was held inside the jail for one deserving woman.

Mekayla Thomas made history by becoming the first female graduate of the St. Louis 24-hour virtual Workforce High School. The 19-year-old chose to have her celebration behind bars, where she has spent much of the last 3 years.

“I just got butterflies. I felt famous!” said Mekayla Thomas.

Yes, and to top that, you’re now qualified for all those jobs that only require a high school diploma or equivalent.

Wait, what?

Thomas had been in and out of jail for stealing cars and breaking into houses. Then one day she realized a better life was possible.

“Coming back to jail. Tired of coming back and forth since I was 16. Three years of my life in jail,” said Thomas.

Mekayla worked hard with mentors from Workforce High School while in jail and was encouraged by fellow inmates.

The problem with non-traditional high school diplomas is that a high percentage of them are earned while incarcerated. Which means, even among the scant few jobs that only require a high school diploma, the employer will prefer the traditional diploma to a GED or other equivalent, because: (1) If you couldn’t get a diploma in the normal course of adolescent life, it speaks to your poor discipline, and (2) You only got the equivalent because you were in jail or prison, meaning you had no real authority over your day-to-day-existence, meaning that if you weren’t in jail or prison, you probably didn’t have the self-discipline to get the GED just like you didn’t have the self-discipline as a teenager to get the regular diploma.

Mekayla, who was recently released, could have had her graduation at the mayor’s office but she chose cell block 4. So many people signed up to come that they moved it to jail gym.

I’ve never been to jail, so I can’t speak from experience. But, from things I’ve been told, and inferences I can draw from that and other sources, jail is not the kind of place I would want to go back to for any reason once I was let out.  Especially Miss Thomas, since we were just told above how tired she got of the place.

All she’s doing is communicating to the world how she considers jail to be some sort of home atmosphere.  You know how that goes, home is where the heart is. Of course, since she stole cars and broke into houses from the age of 16, it probably means her real home life was shitty. If nothing else, jail provided her with the only stability and discipline she ever had in life up to that point.

Mekayla is also going to college now. She earned a two year scholarship at Forest Park-St. Louis Community College and she says will become a funeral director.

“Funeral director.” Mashed up with all this, and yet, I’m at a loss for a punch line. But I will say this: At least she’ll have steady work — As far as that goes, Bell Curve City never disappoints. In fact, she’ll have a front row seat to the Dynamo of Bell Curve City.

Football Cult

2 07 2017

Rochester, New York

I remember reading about it at the time it broke into the news, in as much as it really broke into the news, because, as we know, the national media tend not to make big deals of stories like these.  Of course I was aghast, but I really couldn’t add anything to it, so I didn’t even write about it in this space.

Now, a year and a half later, ESPN, of all sources, has done a long form follow-up.  And the new information they provide only makes the story worse.  Because the only reason any of it happened was because one of Niko Kollias’s black teammates was some small time dope boy from The Bronx who liked to screw over other teammates, and also customers and suppliers all over Rochester’s wrong side of the tracks.  The coaches knew all about it but constantly looked the other way.

The University of Rochester is a D-III school, that’s in fact in the same conference as Washington University, the University Athletic Association, and furthermore, William Danforth pretty much did the crucial legwork and organizational work to found the UAA.  D-III schools, unlike D-II or D-I, do not allow or offer athletic scholarships, pointing to how little sports are supposed to matter to those schools.  Yet and still, a D-III school wanted to win football games so badly that even it scraped the relative bottom of the barrel for players and then looked the other way when they inevitably dindu nuffins.  The end result was the brutal torture of two other members of the team, who had absolutely nothing to do with any chicanery.

I still maintain that all football, from the NFL down to Pee Wee League, needs to be made to take a year off as penance, for all the evil we tolerate in its name, and also so that we can have time to process through atrocities like these.  There are many many many of them, I can all but 100% guarantee.  Why do you think Sandusky at Penn State was able to go on for so long?

You Chose Diversity

19 06 2017

Glasgow, Scotland

Once upon a time, they asked us not to piss in the showers.  While the drains could handle it, doing so was considered poor form.

Then they asked us not to jack off in the showers.  Because the drains definitely cannot handle our jizz.

Turns out those were the good ole days.

Because Scotland chose diversity and multiculturalism, a supposedly top flight school in Glasgow now has to ask students and even staff not to shit in the showers.

Except…that’s the point.  You chose diversity, so you’re just going to have to deal with all that mess.  It won’t be long until complaining about shit in the showers will be “hate speech.”  Such as it is, just this e-mail from the school reminding students and staff not to shit in the showers is considered controversial.

They Made It Really Easy

15 06 2017


This one, yeah. Really easy to figure.

On a related note, no wonder all these Razatards, cheap labor lobby mouthpieces and open borders ideologues can scream on and on about all the illegal alien valedictorians. That’s because there’s not just one valedictorian per graduating class anymore.

Nobody Else Need Apply

11 06 2017


First off:  Nicquayleeonntea?


At least you can find a former Vice-President in there.  I’ll give it that much.

Now, onward and upward to the subject matter.

I don’t have a problem with the program as such.  What I’m SMH about are:  (1) Why them, and (2) Why only them?

Let me put it to you this way:  If you have a high school transcript with a boatload of successful AP courses and AP tests, you’re not going to be able to convert them into college credits that easily.  More and more colleges aren’t accepting them.  Why not?  It all goes back to Occam’s Razor, Blogmeister Edition:  Among competing hypotheses, the one with the most cynicism should be selected.  Applying Occam’s Razor, Blogmeister Edition, to this matter, it’s because colleges want you in college, and more importantly, paying for college, as long as practically possible.  This means they’re not going to do anything that means that you’ll be out of college sooner than otherwise expected.  And they’re not going to accept all your 4s and 5s on AP tests.

So, why can these graduates of East St. Louis Senior High School slash Southwestern Illinois College get away with this?

Occam’s Razor, Blogmeister Edition.

The video says that Miss Moore did it to make her yardbird uncle proud of her, and that he’s like a father to her.  Putting aside the questionable contention that one should make your imprisoned relatives proud of you, this points to another taboo feature of Bell Curve City — Because of the “Mama’s baby papa’s maybe” doctrine, adult men often form paternal-style bonds with their sister’s children (sister by the same mother), rather than the ones that are purportedly their own, precisely because there’s a guaranteed genetic relationship with sister’s children, whilst they always have lingering doubts about the children that those babymammas pass off as “theirs.”