Diversity Has Consequences

27 04 2016

Washington, D.C.


But they do tell us the truth:

Peggy Carr, acting commissioner of the National Center for Education Statistics, which conducts the test, said officials couldn’t tie changes in scores to any particular education policies but demographic shifts may play a role. The dropout rate has improved for every racial and ethnic group, she said, so some struggling students who wouldn’t have taken the test in the past did so last year.


In reading, 49% of Asian students performed at or above proficiency last year. So did 46% of white students, 25% of Hispanic students and 17% of black students.


In math, 47% of Asian students performed at or above proficiency. So did 32% of white students, 12% of Hispanic students and 7% of black students.

But they’re stuck with an unfathomable paradox, unfathomable to them, but not to me, and not to most of you:

Educators and policy makers have long lamented that many seniors get diplomas even though they aren’t ready for college, careers or the military. Those who go to college often burn through financial aid or build debt while taking remedial classes that don’t earn credits toward a degree.

Bill Bushaw, executive director of the National Assessment Governing Board, which oversees the test, said the board was pleased that high school graduation rates were rising, but disappointed in the lack of progress in boosting students’ skills and knowledge.

That’s what happens when grade inflation, social promotion and racial pity mash up; high school diplomas are basically medical certifications that you have a pulse and are breathing at the age of eighteen.

Another point of order:  Why are we supposed to get our panties in a bunch over not all high school seniors being college ready?  If tertiary education is supposed to be more lofty and more prestigious and more difficult than secondary education, then it stands to reason and is a mathematical inevitability that some percentage of high school seniors less than a hundred, even less than fifty, are truly going to be college ready.  If 100% of high school seniors are college ready, then that makes college nothing more than four more years of high school.

Thousand Words

27 04 2016

Amherst, Massachusetts

In case you’ve ever wanted to know what a SJW looks like.


Tales from the Moving Goalposts

25 04 2016

Claremont, California

One of my many running themes in this space is that the diversitarians have made the definition of their favorite word, diversity, a moving goalpost.  If you’re Asian and working in a Silicon Valley firm, your (sorry, Ta) yellow body is diverse when the topic is American racial demographics and its trends and their implications for white people, but it’s not diverse when the topic is Silicon Valley tech firm employee diversity, in the latter case, “diversity” only means all NAMs and any women.

The moving goalpost has made another appearance.  BLM activists love to pop off about “POC” (People of Color) when they’re trying to stick it to whitey somehow, but women who are neither white nor black aren’t “of color” when it comes to an event organized for the benefit of women of color, even though women who aren’t really women can get into this thing.  To net it out:  In this case:  “Women of color” only means black lesbians and black men pretending to be black women.

A Hoaxer Bug’s Life

25 04 2016


Not only is a big phat hoax, (yet another one down there), I also think it’s an attempt to smear a legitimate YouTube channel that overlays Alt-Rightist dialogue with the fair use of Disney movie clips, that being Walt Bismarck, formerly Uncuck the Right.

Not Quite

25 04 2016


Chronicle of Higher Education:

She has one idea. Under pressure from state legislators, she says, Missouri’s Board of Curators fired her to send a message that the university and the state wouldn’t tolerate black people standing up to white people. “This is all about racial politics,” she says. “I’m a white lady. I’m an easy target.”

Not quite.  The curators fired her to make her a sacrificial lamb so the state legislators could brag to their pissed off constituents about having done something and gotten justice, all to distract from the fact that these same legislators barely cut state funding to Mizzou, as these same curators hired the son of the state’s Republican U.S. Senator and his lobbying firm to schmooze these state legislators, and also to distract from the reality, at least the reality in Tim Wolfe’s mind, that the curators themselves stirred all this shit up from the get-go to run Wolfe out of town.  (Even though I think it was various professors.)

In Every Ointment

23 04 2016


WaPo, on school districts, focusing on the Orange County, Fla. system, using big data and analytics to find naughty stuff their students might be up to.

All fine and good, until someone finds a fly in the bottom of the jar:

Orange County isn’t alone in choosing to monitor students. Schools in Alabama and California have adopted similar social-media-mining software. In Huntsville, Ala., 14 kids were expelled because of social media posts in 2014. The content of the posts was not made public, but a school board member told AL.com that expulsions result only from serious offenses involving drugs, weapons or sex.  Twelve out of the 14 were black, despite the schools’ population of about 40 percent black students and 60 percent white. The expulsions raised concerns from a county commissioner that social media monitoring unfairly targeted black students, according to AL.com. The case raises questions about which students are most vulnerable when digitally tracked by the school and police working in concert.

(1) You knew there would be massive wreck at the intersectionality of preventing school violence and shutting down the school to prison pipeline.  You can’t exactly accuse the modern left of being good at systems integration.

(2) Because everyone is supposed to be paranoid about suspending black students, the only way they’re going to be suspended is if they do something major league bad, so bad that suspending them is the only option, because the districts’ insurance carriers exert a lot of pressure on school boards and district admins. The insurance industry is the only known predator to social justice warriorism.

(3) This points to one of the running themes in this space, that big data and analytics is how we do racial profiling while giving ourselves plausible deniability.


Andy Blunt and Co Might Not Be Able to Paper Over This

20 04 2016

Columbia; Jefferson City

Big news rocking the capital today:  E-mails and memos are starting to leak out showing that the Mizzou protests back in November were this close and on the verge of becoming full blown black and anti-white race riots.

Developing hot, dot dot dot.


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