Bully Gates Plays the Race Card

27 04 2015

Washington, D.C.

Yes, it says “Arne Duncan,” but we all know who’s really behind it.


The federal government is flexing its muscles to protect an allegedly state-run program. Liberals are treating other liberals like they’re racist. Even the teachers’ unions are calling Common Core’s rollout “botched” and walking back their “once-enthusiastic” support for the program. It looks like the education technocracy is every bit as ineffective as the rest of our national technocracies.

Don’t expect the teachers’ unions opposition to Commune Core to be some sort of inoculation against accusations of “racism.”  Didn’t you see Waiting for Superman?  Neoliberal/neoconservative “education reform” is the “civil rights issue of our time,” and “education reform” is needed because “bad” schools run by “bad” teachers and “protected” by “bad” and “powerful” (*) teachers’ unions are ubiquitous, and are ruining the lives of black babies’ bodies and inserting them into the mythical school-to-prison pipeline, where mythical anti-Semitic whisper campaigns surely reverberate.  If you roll all of this together, then you wind up with the sum of NEA/AFT = Bull Connor.  Therefore, politically hitching your wagon to teachers’ unions will not prevent you being accused of racism, but make it more likely.

(*) – Teachers’ unions are so “powerful” that the Chicago Teachers’ Union couldn’t even punch through Chicago and the mayor’s office.

No Wicked Racial Profiling Trick Here

27 04 2015

Galveston, Texas

Because I don’t think there are very many Bellcurvians in a 400-level Strategic Management course.

These sociopaths are about to enter the business world.  (Insert the deity of your choice) help us all.

Applied Vocabulary

22 04 2015




Controversial homework assignment brings social issues into classroom

A fourth grade homework assignment is raising eyebrows and causing concern for parents.

It’s a vocabulary lesson from Humboldt Academy, a magnet school within St. Louis Public Schools. The first question asked fourth graders to define the word “dignity.” But it’s the example used that caused a parent to reach out to News 4.

“Even when the police officers put the handcuffs on my mother, she maintained her dignity, holding her head up high as she marched off the protest site,” read the homework assignment.

When Danielle Kinnaird was helping her son with his homework, the sentence made her stop in her tracks.

“I was shocked. I said, ‘Are you talking about this at school? What is going on in your homework?’ And he said ‘No, we’re not talking about this,’” Kinnaird said.

Kinnaird’s 10-year-old son Tre brought the assignment home this week, but it was his reaction that made Kinnaird even more upset.

“He said, ‘They must think all of our parents get locked up.’ He’s 10. Who is he referring to as they? The school? The teacher?” Kinnaird asked.

Yeah, but notice in the example the mother was arrested and marched off a protest site.  Therefore, she didn’t actually do anything wrong; it’s just that the evil white po-leeceseseseseses didn’t want her to protest and expose the evil white KKKops who murder black babies’ bodies while they’re down on the street on bended knee with their backs turned toward the KKKops.  Consider this assignment to be an exercise in black power.

Word of the Day

22 04 2015


WU, SLU, UMSL, Harvard and may other schools are going to start investigating “gun violence” as a public health issue instead of a law enforcement issue.

Anything, just anything, to keep from having to use the word “black.”

I’m wondering just how they’re going to be able to make this a public health matter.  The only way I can think of is if they consider pathological altruism to be a mental illness, and you know they’re not going to do that.


22 04 2015


Okay.  Now that they’re going to do in essence and in reality what I’ve snarkily wrote in this medium and elsewhere numerous times in the past when the subject matter is germane, that every 18-year old gets a high school diploma just as a civil right of turning eighteen, this means the high school graduation rate will be 100%.

It should also follow that all the social ills that bedevil individuals or groups that we are told derive from individuals not having high school diplomas or the “gap” in high school graduation rates between groups should disappear.  Right?

World War T’s Latrine Logistics

21 04 2015

San Luis Obispo, California

I wonder:  Is a good gender neutral restroom shit better than bad transgendered sex?

School Days

19 04 2015

Fairfax County, Virginia

What is the unspoken issue in this article and this article that is too hot to handle in either article?

Answer:  Public school districts and NAM students.


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