The Current Year Is Where Stunning Social Science Breakthroughs Go to Die

21 10 2019

Palo Alto, California

You might think we’re really starting to get somewhere, right?

You might think that the obvious official conclusion here is what we the people of the red pill have known for a long time, that black students tend to be doubly violent and stupid, which means they’ll show poorly on test scores and school discipline stats, right?


Well…you read the headline.

The last line:  It gets blamed on neo-witchcraft, because science and rationality.

Wow, Fifty Clams

11 09 2019


This is the kind of story I would not discuss beyond a quick mention on my social sites (Minds, Gab, and for now, Twitter), but this has a St. Louis angle:

Boston is giving every public school kindergartner $50 to promote saving for college or career training

That $50 will come very much in handy when they’re trying to fund whatever Harvard tuition will be in 2032.

I’ll skip ahead to the St. Louis angle:

The city-wide program aims to provide broader access to college and careers for Boston families and to create a culture where students begin preparing earlier for life beyond high school. City officials cited a 2013 Washington University in St. Louis study that found that a child from a low-to-moderate-income home with at least $499 in their account before reaching college age “is more than four times more likely to enroll in college than a child with no savings account.”

And nobody on Hilltop yelled “correlation causation problems” before putting the school seal on that research? They’re selling you on the notion that the bank account is the cause and going to college is the effect. I’m here to break it to you that the parents of children in “low to moderate income” households who would take the initiative to do at least a little bit of saving for college, even if $499 is a pittance, are probably intelligent enough to have produced children intelligent enough either to be accepted into a college with admissions standards, or at least want to start out at an open admissions institution like a junior or community college.

Alas, no. Hilltop peddles this stupid research, and this begs the equally brainless politicians into enacting boondoggles like these.

And in 25 years, when the program turns out to be a failure, and the original WU research will be shown to have “methodological problems,” nobody will be held accountable, because democracy.


Ways With Words

17 07 2019



Why teen girls who are as good at math as male peers pick humanities jobs

Women have the write stuff for both math and communication jobs, according to a new study.

Teenage girls are just as good with numbers as boys — but their even-stronger verbal skills often inspire them to pick humanities-centric jobs instead, according to a study published Monday in the journal PNAS.

High school-aged girls who tested on par with their male peers in math chose not to crunch numbers for a living because of their “verbal advantage,” according to a study published Monday in the journal PNAS.

For the study, researchers at the Paris School of Economics reviewed data from 300,000 15-year-old students from 64 countries worldwide. They found that girls’ higher reading and verbal test scores may account for up to 80% why math-related jobs are dominated by men globally, researcher said.

It’s likely that social and cultural norms — in which women are expected to be more expressive and better communicators — drive young girls to excel at verbal subjects at school, study author Thomas Breda says.

On average, male students scored only slightly higher in math than their female peers, according to the study. Girls scored better in the subject of reading.

“The reality is that people aren’t just their gender,” Juniper Simonis, a quantitative ecologist who was not involved in the study, told

Okay, this tries to play it off on the notion that it’s all a matter of stereotype threat and bias selection.

And by “it,” they mean the reality that, if you follow the career and life tracks of a girl and a boy who are just as good as each other in math in high school, the girl will more likely become a woman whose career is verbal-intensive.

The answer is much more simple and non-diabolical.

Consider your Blogmeister.

I, who was a teen boy, in a time long long ago in a place far far away, definitely had top 0.5% math skills, and maybe even top 0.1%, but my verbal skills were only a relatively pedestrian top 15%. Guess which skill set I am using to make a living today.

Holding all variables equal, verbal skills are worth more than math skills. Which means, unless the teen girl’s math skills that happen to be “on par” with the boys happen to be ultra-elite, then her verbal skills, which are likely to be high percentile, just because it’s likely that good-at-math also means good-at-verbal, will be worth more than her math skills.  As is generally the case society-wide.

Muh Fwee Kowlege

15 04 2019

South Bend, Indiana

His mouth wrote the check, but the prospects of his ass being able to cash it remain unclear. Though I probably shouldn’t have kicked the “ass can’t cash” line in reaction to a gay man whose last name contains “Butt.”

The country I’m in has pretty much free college. It’s just that the tradeoffs to make that happen are probably ones that the “muh fwee kowlege” American Democrat-left talking heads and American academia would not want to take.


(A) They’re not physically opulent institutions

(B) A relatively small percentage of the German equivalent of high school graduates are admitted

(C) Organized team athletics attached to the schools are almost unheard of

(D) Residence halls are rare; Almost all German college students are regular residents in regular town housing of the cities where the colleges and universities are

(E) The schools are certainly not the epicenter of anyone’s social life

In spite of that, when examined honestly and dispassionately, German tertiary education is as good as any system in the world.

Furthermore, and I think most critically, in spite of all this, or maybe because of all this, not getting into or going to college in Germany is not at all a personal financial and economic and social death sentence, like it is in the United States.  It’s one of the big components behind my contention that when examined honestly, dispassionately and holistically, median-type IQ native born (real) Germans are going to have an easier life than their white American counterparts.  A statement which I know draws incredulous thousand-yard stares from Americans.  To put it another way, if back in 1990, you started a longitudinal study of some fixed number of actual German urban population babies born that year and some fixed number of white American urban population babies born that year, then later as they get older and can legitimately finish IQ tests, only let those with, say, 90-110 IQs go forward, you will find that, in this the current year, the year they turn 29 years old, the Germans are generally better off than the Americans on many levels.

Throw your rotten tomatoes here ——>

To summarize: The “muh fwee kowlege” crowd in the United States won’t ever be able to have their cake and eat it too.


20 03 2019


NYT’s article about Snowplow Parenting and its deleterious effects.

This part:

Carolyn O’Laughlin worked as a director of resident life at Sarah Lawrence and Columbia, and now does a similar job at St. Louis Community College, Meramec. “I don’t talk to parents nearly as much here, where parents are down the street, as I did when the parents were across the country,” she said.

“Resident life?”  When did Meramec get dorms?

I know a lot can happen in two years, but I distinctly remember from talking to people that Meramec nor any other SLCC campus had dorms as late as the 2017 spring semester, and that if they were getting them, it would have been fairly big local news in St. Louis.


14 03 2019

Washington, D.C.;  Los Angeles

I’m just waiting for the first serious proposal that the celebrity college admissions scandal means that more affirmative action in college admissions is needed.  You know, “something-something privilege and underprivileged.”

I would have thought that the scandal would have been a segue to the much more critical and important matter of affirmative action and Elizabeth Warren-style race fraud in higher education, and maybe even a segue into serious discussion about major gut-rehab reform in higher education.

But it was me doing the thinking;  the open air asylum that calls itself the United States of America isn’t into sane reasoning.

So, instead, what we’ll get is affirmative action and celebrity bribery being played off good cop bad cop against each other.

Which means you should all start your stopwatches…NOW.


27 10 2018

Wiesbaden;  Boston;  Washington, D.C.

Believe it or not, Harvard came up as a matter of discussion tonight at Abendessen at my particular table.  Which makes me remember that I really haven’t chimed in officially with an opine, at least not in this space.

I’ve been only lightly observing and following the DOJ case against Harvard.

But I haven’t obsessed over it, because I am not investing any real hope or faith in it.  And the reasons for that are three fold:

(1) Officially, the DOJ case against Harvard has to do with yellow people.  Snore.  Really, Harvard won’t ever confess this, but if they admitted on pure merit, it would quickly turn into Hongvard, which would in turn repel non-Asian applicants.  It’s also depressing that we can’t get the best USAG under the best DOJ under the best President in my lifetime openly to care about working class white people. On this matter, they’ve all gone full cuckservative.

(2) The single most clever sentence written in AR last year, (being mindful of the fact that my “last year” was cut almost half short), was that:  “No matter at what point in American history you look, Harvard always gets its way.” With that in mind, the odds that this case will be resolved in such a way that will serve as a consternation to Harvard are very slim. 


Because so many Federal judges went to Harvard Law.

I predict that there will be a pre-verdict settlement that is 90% Harvard friendly, but part of the deal will be that, to save face, Sessions (or whoever is USAG when it happens) will spike the football in public over the 10%, while Harvard will pretend that it suffered some kind of defeat.

(3) Even if this case were resolved in such a way that we in the Alt-Right like, it still really wouldn’t be that much of a victory for us in the greater scheme of things.  To me, the pregnant question here isn’t whether affirmative action should be a gatekeeper to entrance to Harvard, it’s whether Harvard matriculation should be a gatekeeper to the entrance to the American elite.  The Feds forcing Harvard to have an Alt-Right favored or friendly admissions policy, (like that would ever happen), still wouldn’t address the more fundamental bedrock issue of Harvard (and Yale) as two of the crucial spear points of the inequality-cognitive stratification dynamo.

Here in this country, in the years after WWII, there was this program called Denazification.  Likewise, early 21st century America needs a program of Deharvardification, something which would be a key battle in the all out nuclear war against burgeoning inequality.