Granular Accounting

25 03 2017

Washington, D.C.

American Interest writes of Brookings’s study of foreign exchange students’ views of the American educational systems:

Foreign exchange students’ perceptions of U.S. education clearly depends on their own educational background and their school placement. Students placed in underperforming Chicago schools, for example, are more likely to say that U.S. education is easier compared with foreign students placed at top-tier high schools in upper-middle class university towns.

The study doesn’t offer details about these alternative variables that might offer a more granular account of where U.S. schools are succeeding and failing…(snip)

The study doesn’t offer such details or such accounting because they are taboo, politically incorrect, racist, and probably also anti-Semitic and transphobic, because intersectionality.  Of course, if you don’t want to be all transphobic, then you can consider Davis Guggenheim’s theory that some nefarious spirit magically sends all the bad teachers to the black ghettos.

Also remember when it comes to “top-tier high schools in upper-middle class university towns,” those are the schools that have the widest white-black achievement gaps.

Ain’t That Amurrika

23 03 2017

Rockville, Maryland

Two illegal alien students (allegedly) rape a 14-year old girl, and the district stuporintendent blames parents who are complaining about it.

I’m so old that I remember when even accidental and highly misinterpreted comments about rape ended one’s political career.  More than that, I had a front row seat to such a thing.

About that supposedly 18-year old suspect…


Buffer People

23 03 2017


Not that it was substantially different before now, but the KCPS is now officially a sanctuary district.

Unlike the large city on the other side of the state, the KCPS, and the city which it serves, and the metropolitan area that city anchors, has way more Hispanics and Latinos, because of Kansas City’s heritage as a cow town, and for the fact that agricultural concerns were and still are a bigger part of its economy.  That, and it’s a straight shot to Mexico down I-35.

That said, we know why the KCPS loves Hispanics — Because they’re a buffer against the social and academic dysfunction of that other more well known racial minority that’s actually an overwhelming majority in the KCPS student body.

Accuracy In History

20 03 2017

Washington, D.C.

Inside Higher Ed:

Howard University is investigating an alleged incident in which a white professor asked his class to engage in a mock slave auction. News of the exercise was first reported by the Caged Bird blog, which did not name the professor or his department. The instructor reportedly was teaching Frederick Douglass’s slave narrative earlier this month and asked one of two black men in the class to stand up and be examined because he looked “healthy,” according to the blog.

“He asked me to show my butt to the class so that he could get a better sense of my worth and had the audacity to say that it was uncomfortable for him, too, because he’s a white man,” the unnamed student reportedly told Caged Bird. “He started propping my body up as if we were on a slave auction block.” The student said the professor told him he could stop participating when he felt uncomfortable but that he stood up “because I didn’t expect him to do or say the things he said and did. I didn’t sit down sooner because I was so shocked.”

Even though he was just reenacting the history of slave auctions rather accurately, my bet is that prof is gay and was making a pass at that particular student of his.  He wanted a quick peek at that which he hopes to tap.

Boston Public

20 03 2017


Social justice warriorism comes to maps.

Of course, there was always a much more simple and obvious solution, one which depicts the continents and landforms of the world almost perfectly in both size and relative scale:


Ever hear of ’em?

Otherwise, get ready for the Mercator projection of the world map to become a hate crime.

ESPN Twofer

18 03 2017

(1) Why aren’t Haitians in the Dominican Republic much interested in baseball, in that otherwise baseball-crazy country?  Probably for much the same reason why Haitians in Haiti aren’t much interested in baseball.  This article could have ended at the start of the third paragraph.

The same people just moving to the other side of the island isn’t going to change them all of a sudden.  The DR doesn’t have magic infield dirt.

(2) Lots of theories, but I think there’s one very simple and obvious one they’re missing, maybe because they want to miss it for the purposes of the politics of racial agitation (this is The Undefeated, after all)

The law of diminishing marginal returns.

There are fewer and fewer “first gen” D-I scholarship college athletes, men’s basketball and otherwise, for the same reason you hardly ever hear “I’m the first in my family ever to go to college” anymore.  That’s because, cue Pepe, it’s the current year, not 1939.  We are now so many years into the societal expectation of near-universal tertiary education (for all but the most obvious dullards) that we’re at least two generations in that era, three depending on the demographic.  So of course it would be the case that it would be hard to find a college student these days, scholarship athlete or not, who didn’t have at least one parent who went to college.

They Might Still Be Waiting For Superman

18 03 2017

Washington, D.C.

As we witnessed in Waiting for Superman, Michelle Rhee left Washington when the local teachers’ union, an AFT affiliate, (and, as you might also remember, Davis Guggenheim had Randi Weingarten on a few times as a perfunctory counterpoint), didn’t even bother considering Rhee’s contract that would have made all the whiz-bang reforms she wanted.

In spite of that, some of what she wanted done, she was able to implement unilaterally, under authority of the same 2005 city laws which basically brought the whole school system under direct mayoral control and allowed the mayor to appoint the schools chancellor, that authority is why Adrian Fenty brought in Rhee upon soliciting Joel Klein’s advice, of course, Klein was to Michael Bloomberg what Rhee was to Fenty.  And, that which she enacted unilaterally is still in place, in spite of the fact that both Rhee and Fenty are long gone.

AEI is spiking the football, and NR is helping them do it.

But, before they gloat, let me suggest three possible flies in the ointment:

(1) Standardized test scores are the measure by which student achievement is said to be improving.  And you’re not automatically suspicious?

(2) Student test scores might actually be increasing, only because the DCPS has fewer black students by proportion.  Remember, the same cycle of displacement and gentrification which is forcing ghetto blacks out of D.C. and into Bell Curve County, Maryland is the same thing which would result in the DCPS having fewer black students, definitely by raw number, and eventually also by percentage.  It’s no guarantee that white or any other non-black students are necessarily filling the void, but it is a possibility.

(3) Correlation without causation.

All told?  Superman might not yet be here.