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22 04 2015




Controversial homework assignment brings social issues into classroom

A fourth grade homework assignment is raising eyebrows and causing concern for parents.

It’s a vocabulary lesson from Humboldt Academy, a magnet school within St. Louis Public Schools. The first question asked fourth graders to define the word “dignity.” But it’s the example used that caused a parent to reach out to News 4.

“Even when the police officers put the handcuffs on my mother, she maintained her dignity, holding her head up high as she marched off the protest site,” read the homework assignment.

When Danielle Kinnaird was helping her son with his homework, the sentence made her stop in her tracks.

“I was shocked. I said, ‘Are you talking about this at school? What is going on in your homework?’ And he said ‘No, we’re not talking about this,’” Kinnaird said.

Kinnaird’s 10-year-old son Tre brought the assignment home this week, but it was his reaction that made Kinnaird even more upset.

“He said, ‘They must think all of our parents get locked up.’ He’s 10. Who is he referring to as they? The school? The teacher?” Kinnaird asked.

Yeah, but notice in the example the mother was arrested and marched off a protest site.  Therefore, she didn’t actually do anything wrong; it’s just that the evil white po-leeceseseseseses didn’t want her to protest and expose the evil white KKKops who murder black babies’ bodies while they’re down on the street on bended knee with their backs turned toward the KKKops.  Consider this assignment to be an exercise in black power.

Word of the Day

22 04 2015


WU, SLU, UMSL, Harvard and may other schools are going to start investigating “gun violence” as a public health issue instead of a law enforcement issue.

Anything, just anything, to keep from having to use the word “black.”

I’m wondering just how they’re going to be able to make this a public health matter.  The only way I can think of is if they consider pathological altruism to be a mental illness, and you know they’re not going to do that.


22 04 2015


Okay.  Now that they’re going to do in essence and in reality what I’ve snarkily wrote in this medium and elsewhere numerous times in the past when the subject matter is germane, that every 18-year old gets a high school diploma just as a civil right of turning eighteen, this means the high school graduation rate will be 100%.

It should also follow that all the social ills that bedevil individuals or groups that we are told derive from individuals not having high school diplomas or the “gap” in high school graduation rates between groups should disappear.  Right?

World War T’s Latrine Logistics

21 04 2015

San Luis Obispo, California

I wonder:  Is a good gender neutral restroom shit better than bad transgendered sex?

School Days

19 04 2015

Fairfax County, Virginia

What is the unspoken issue in this article and this article that is too hot to handle in either article?

Answer:  Public school districts and NAM students.

Social Media Provides Hints

17 04 2015


It’s been awhile since I quoted this source.  Then again, my one year of living in that area ended more than five years ago.


Altercation on the SIU Campus, Investigation Underway

SIU police late Friday began an investigation of a report of a disturbance on the Carbondale Campus, that apparently has some students locking themselves down in campus buildings.

The first reports came in just before nine PM, as shots fired in, or near a talent show, staged by Underground Arts, taking place at Lawson Hall, right in the center of the SIUC campus.


SIU spokesperson Rae Goldsmith confirmed an altercation took place,but said police did not find shell casings.

Goldsmith told reporters shortly after 10:00 p.m. Friday, “Right now we don’t have any evidence that anything other than an altercation took place, our DPS people will continue to investigate.”

We’ll eventually find out precisely what happened.  However, thanks to social media, we have a line on what whoever did it looks like.  Here are the people that follow SIUC Underground Arts on Facebook and Twitter.

For Twelve

17 04 2015

Los Angeles

Modern Amurrika on parade.


Citing statistics that showed a whopping 46 more boys than girls passed the AP Computer Science Exam in 2011-12, the 640,000+ student Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) on Tuesday approved a waiver to enable the District to operate a single-gender, all-girls STEM School called the Girls Academic Leadership Academy (GALA).

If you go to the Slashdot article, you’ll find a link in this sentence to a photo of a spreadsheet and the math to show that “46 more boys than girls” in this case meant that 58 young men passed that test compared to 12 young women.  In a 640,000 student district, which happens to be in a place where the world’s epicenter of CSIT-STEM-WWW is not only in the same state, but just a few hours up the coast.  Barely more than one in ten thousand students in this district passed this crucial all important to our times test.  That’s the big scandal here, not the gender imbalance.  Of course, we all know the reason for that, but we’re not allowed to notice things.  Because nobody wants to be Watsoned or Richwined.

Students in GALA will follow a six year sequence of computer courses starting in middle school that will culminate in AP Computer Science Principles. “Fewer females take AP courses in math, science, or computer science, and they are not as successful as males in receiving passing scores of 3, 4 or 5,” argued the General Waiver Request (PDF, 700+ pages). “An all girls environment is reasonably necessary for the school to improve the self-confidence of girls in their academic abilities, especially in STEM areas where an achievement gap currently exists.

Segregation for thee, but not for me.

GALA’s admissions shall also comply with AB 1266 to ensure male students who identify as female are admitted to the school.

Of course!

Methinks that this kind of student will dominate this school and be the valedictorian year in and year out.  If you’re a young man somewhere between the seventh and eleventh grade and you’re interested in CSIT-STEM-WWW but you just can’t keep up with the elite guys at school, now would be a good time to start identifying yourself as a female.  And if you’re a young woman who wants to go to this school, my suggestion to you is to learn how not to drop the soap, because that girl next to you in the showers after gym or sports just might not actually be a girl.

The school’s CS-related Partners include the UCLA Exploring Computer Science Program, as well as Google-bankrolled Girls Who Code, Black Girls Code, and NCWIT.

Black girls code?  Yep, they both do.  NCWIT?  Sounds like nitwit.

One of the reasons the all-girls STEM school reportedly got the green light is that its backers satisfied federal regulations requiring a “substantially equal school” for excluded male students by submitting a plan for a companion all-boys school that would emphasize English Language Arts, where they often fall short of girls’ test scores, rather than GALA’s focus on STEM.

“All-boys,” in this case, will mean all-gay.


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