A Chevy at a Ford Appreciation Picnic

15 12 2017

Washington, D.C.

My whitey sense informed me that you all needed some subversive thinking done.  So I got here as quick as I could, even though I don’t get around very quickly at all these days.  But, in as much as my semi-ambulatory legs and my wheelchair could let me, I went at top speed.

Andre Perry, writing in Hechinger Report, H/T AR:

Charter school leaders are complicit with segregation, and it’s hurting their movement


A recent Associated Press analysis of national school enrollment data found that “as of school year 2014-2015, more than 1,000 of the nation’s 6,747 charter schools had minority enrollment of at least 99 percent, and the number has been rising steadily.”

I responded at AR:

You think that might be the case? Especially when, as an example, in my state, charter schools are only allowed to operate in St. Louis City and Kansas City proper, because the politics of charter school legislation invariably revolve around the educational “needs” of NAM (esp black) children, and the establishment of actual charter schools are done with NAM (esp black) children in mind. It would be like being outraged that there are no Chevys to be found at an event advertised and billed for months before the fact as a Ford Appreciation Picnic.

The subversive politics behind articles like these and the more pregnant political question have to do with teachers’ unions. The blogger Education Realist has pretty much proven to the smoking gun level that the charter movement is a stealth movement to bust teachers’ unions using the academic needs of NAMs esp blacks as a social justicey front. At the same time, articles like these are very likely the stealth weaponized pushback from teachers’ unions, again, using social justicey language (“segregation” blah blah) as a front. As it is with many things, two different selfish special interests are firing at each other with deliberately rhetorically confusing weapons, and we live in the middle of the free fire zone.

So it boils down to: Charters yes because zomg social justice lol vs charters no because zomg social justice lol. Neither side really gives a sheeyt about social justice, it’s just that they know that social justice tripe coming out of one’s mouth officially sounds good these days.


Columbia Writ Large

15 12 2017


Covered on AR and SBPDL.  Net it out:  Globe be like:  ZOMG RACISM LOL~!!!!!1

In the past, the pre-July 19 version of myself, the one with my full and complete roster of capabilities, I would have deep dived this screed and refuted every point.  No can do these days, because, even though I beat this flu, I’m back to square one with all my other problems, and if I do too much thinking, I fear it will cause me physical pain.

So I’ll spare you all and myself, and opt for a short, overarching metaphor.

The way to think about Boston is that it is, for the most part, and when boiled down, a large metropolitan equivalent of a middle sized town or city that contains a large public land grant college or university, aka a massively scaled up college town writ large. Think: Charlottesville, Va., Chapel Hill, N.C., Columbia, Missouri, and many others, magnified many times and with many prominent colleges and universities, anchored of course by Harvard and MIT.

Where the analogy is apropos is that Boston’s gentry white liberal civic and academic elite have the same attitude about black people that the much smaller scale civic and academic elites in Charlottesville, Chapel Hill and Columbia maintain. They love them, but from a distance, and the berg itself doesn’t have that many, and the blacks who are socially closest to the civic and academic elites are carefully selected and SES-similar, not the ghetto undertow. Furthermore, the main use that said elites have towards blacks is to love them from a distance whilst using them as virtue-signaling tokens against those icky sticky yucky ducky kind of white people “way out there.”

Not Too Loud

15 12 2017

New Brunswick, New Jersey

College Fix:

A Rutgers University labor rights organization is being blamed for spray-painted graffiti on a couple of buildings in the surrounding community.

The phrase “Fight 4 $15” was discovered on the Livingston Daycare and the Asian American Cultural Center and is linked to the group Rutgers United Students Against Sweatshops (RUSAS).

According to The Tab, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Felicia McGinty said the graffiti, as well as a banner hung on Brower Commons and unauthorized distribution of flyers, violate the university’s Student Organization General Guidelines.

In an email, McGinty noted the graffiti at the Asian American Cultural Center appears to be “retaliation” for the center not immediately endorsing the RUSAS. She added members of the AACC saw this as a “dog whistle, similar to what we’re seeing in today’s political landscape.”

Keep your voices down, people, because if people hear this, they might start getting the idea that there’s some sort of inexorable association between racial agitation, mass immigration and wage/salary depression.  Some might even start to think that “Asian” this that or the other is an opaque conduit for cheap sweatshop labor.

Missing: One Jar of Secret Sauce

15 12 2017

Fairfax, Virginia

After reading the first three paragraphs, I said this to myself:

“This will be a keeper if Bryan Caplan mentions three concepts:  (1) Competency signaling, (2) Credential creep, and (3) Affirmative action.”

He actually did, under slightly different monikers, mention two of the three.

Guess which one he didn’t mention.  The one that happens to be both the secret sauce and the straw fundamentally stirring this drink.

Also notice that Caplan uses the gender pronoun “she” to refer to a modern day college student in the generic.  That’s apropos, not simpery, simply because of the sex demographics of college students today.  Which, of course, plays into what some of you still don’t want to believe.

Dog Ballou

15 12 2017

Washington, D.C.

NPR(!) and its DC affiliate shows up a black educational miracle for the scam that most of us could have figured upon first reading about said “miracle.”

Accentuating this story is two different long YT videos, one from Colin Flaherty, and the other from this dude whom I don’t inherently remember but I hope to one day soon.  Anyway, they’re both very similar videos, because they both bird dog off the NPR-DC article.

To me, it’s simple:  When the system is constructed such that administrator pay, bonuses and tenure is heavily dependent on “performance” metrics like high school graduation rate and college acceptance rates for graduates, this creates a direct incentive to fudge and cheat on both measures.

I knew how this article would turn out after the first two paragraphs.  It was only a matter of precisely how the administrators goosed the system to get students’ grades to passing levels thereby allowing them to graduate.  And as far as that other very malleable metric, college acceptance rate, one thing I knew off top is that there are some supposedly selective-admissions four year schools that will accept anything above ground with a pulse and breath, especially if it’s black.  And as we found out from the article, a yuge percentage of these graduates accepted to college were accepted to the University of District of Columbia.  Think:  Harris-Stowe.  Too, and this you’ll find this way down in the paragraph count, the administrators prodded the teachers to compel students to apply to UDC even if they had no real intention of going to it or any tertiary institution.

One more thing:  These kinds of scams and antics are one of the big reasons why teachers and their unions almost universally oppose building in “teacher performance” razors to collective bargaining agreements.  That’s because it makes teachers sitting ducks for scams like these, because the administrators, who have the most to gain by running these scams, also hold the Sword of Damocles over the teachers. Remember, Michelle Rhee once ran this district, and while she tried to load up CBA negotiations in 2008 with carrots and sticks of performance razors slash performance bonuses slash no more tenure, and the union soundly rejected it, two years later, she and the union did eventually reach a CBA wherein those provisions were put into place in weaker forms. But they’re not so weak such that, as we now see, a school’s administration can’t use them as a weapon to bully teachers to play along with the administration’s scam of high graduation rate slash 100% college acceptance rate for graduates. Not waiting for Superman anymore, are we?

Scam Artists Just Keep Scammin’ On

15 12 2017

Palo Alto, California

Raj Chetty, (“Chetty Chetty Bang Bang”), one of the relatively few names I’ve encountered only relatively recently but can somehow remember, is back to his good ole scam artist-y ways.

In the past, his hustle was to sense that powerful people wanted to hear that the way to make everything better is to remove the black ghetto undertow out of core urban areas and plop them somewhere else, and that the way to become really important and a little bit famous and a little bit rich was to start with that conclusion and then build some junk social science around it as “proof.”

His new hustle is to sense that powerful people want to hear that spending a lot of money on CSIT-STEM education for children who are anything but white and Asian boys will mean a whole new crop of inventors and innovators, and that the way to become even more important and little more famous and a little bit more rich is to start with that conclusion and then build some junk social science around it as “proof.”

Of course, with just a little subversive thinking, then it’s not hard to predict that his new hustle will merge with his old hustle.  “Gotta get dem black kidz out to the suburbs so they can go to those bedda skooz and learn how to be inventors.”

Nevertheless, some useful social science has emerged out of his new hustle.  Namely, about comparing large enough school districts on eighth grade over third grade standardized testing marginal performance gains.  Because those of you reading these words know your Rushton and your HBD, you all could have easily predicted that the pregnant question here is which kinds of kids do the most and least cognitive and mental maturing between ages 8 and 14; the school districts that are most homogeneously comprised of those that do the least maturing will show out to be the worst in this research, whilst the school districts that are most homogeneously (or heterogeneously) comprised of those that do the most maturing will show out to be the best in this research.  Not surprisingly, the worst school district in the country for 8-over-3 is the one just over on the other side of the crick from the Arch, whilst the best overlays an Ivy League university.  Owning to the fact that black children tend to top out cognitively some time between ages 8 and 14 and then improve very little from there, whilst whites and Asians in the same age range will continue on their upward trajectory through that age range.  Meaning whites/Asians, especially those who are children of high cognitive functioning parents, will show the most 8-over-3 performance improvement, whilst the worst ghetto undertow blacks will show the least.

One more thing:  We all know the real reason why Chetty Chetty Bang Bang said “Lost Einsteins” instead of “Lost Edisons.”  Oy vey.

Black Board

1 12 2017



Racist message left on SIUE blackboard under investigation


The message quoted in part the ruling. It read: “No person of African descent shall be citizen of the U.S. … nor were they ever intended to be. Dred Scott Decision – Google IT. What’s your nationality? Million dollar question.”


Campus police investigating the racist note have spent hundreds of hours on the case and interviewed at least 28 people but have no leads, McIlhagga said Thursday. The school has offered a reward of paid tuition for a full semester for information in the case.

Hundreds of hours and 28 different people sat down in the Blue Room? To crack the case that involves a violation of the state statute of First Degree Having an Anachronistic Opinion?