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25 08 2016


Nixon News Network:

University of Missouri Review Commission member Renee Hulshof discusses diversity issue

The University of Missouri plans a September 13 announcement regarding diversity at its flagship campus in Columbia.

MU Interim Chancellor Dr. Hank Foley addressed the University of Missouri Review Commission’s Wednesday meeting at Mizzou, saying he’ll make a September announcement about diversity. While Chancellor Foley declined to elaborate about that announcement with reporters, Commission member Renee Hulshof says it will take place on September 13.

You’d think that with declining enrollment and a little bit of money problems, that the brass wouldn’t be arguing over how to drain the swamp while they’re up to their asses in gators.  However, it’s like I’ve been trying to tell you for months, their apparent problems aren’t problems, as long as they’re buying Andy Blunt to buy Republican politicians.  Any other time, I would advance the theory that all this yammering about diversity is designed to conceal some serious financial or institutional rot, but in this case, I know better.

Renee Hulshof?  You don’t think she got to be on that commission because of Kenny Hulshof, do you?

Foley says Mizzou’s diversity is improving among the student body, saying 26 percent of last year’s students were not majority-white. Foley says MU needs to do a better job on inclusion and retention of minority students and faculty. The diversity issue is important to Hulshof.

What this proves that white flight, not blacks, is the cause of the declining number of applications and declining enrollment.


22 08 2016

Downtown; Florissant

When you boil the legal and SJW psychobabble away, all he’s saying is this:

Black people get what black people want, everyone else go fuck yourselves.

However, it’s all a moot point anyway; the FFSD is already 78% black, and you can probably surmise the trend.  All I’m worried about is how far this MUH DISPUT IMPAK madness is going to metastasize in the Federal judiciary before someone puts a stop to it.  Remember, murder being a crime has a disparate impact on black men.

Beards Coming Off

19 08 2016


This has been big gossip in Sedalia since yesterday morning.

Here’s a MSM story, and another MSM story.

One of my enterprising readers pointed me to Page 22 of this document.  And yes, they are married.

We also know that both Gutting and Cooper were/are Jewish.

All the gossip is pointing to the fact that they were/are both closeted gays and that they were involved with each other behind their wives’ backs.  The tryst went bad, and the younger man stabbed the older man to death, and I have come to understand from multiple sources that gay men, when they get in that mood, will take their homicidal rage out on each other with knives way more often than guns.

With Cooper, I tend to think he tried to take his marriage to a woman seriously, and they did have a son, but he couldn’t keep his gay side repressed.  OTOH, I think Gutting is just using this black woman as a beard; I get the feeling that there’s no there there in that marriage.  I mean, look at her, that’s no Tyra Banks or Halle Berry.

If all that and my speculation is right, it makes me wonder why any of them ever bothered.  Aren’t we all supposed to be more tolerant of LGBTQetc than we used to be?  Is not the modern academic environment the flagship of that tolerance?   Yet, even there, they feel the need to hide.

Petard Hoisted Own Alert (aka Irony Alert)

11 08 2016

Berkeley, California

UC Berkeley Chancellor has an escape hatch in his office so he can escape the student mobs he helped provoke and foment.

Look At It Another Way (Singing the Briar Patch Blues)

10 08 2016

Claremont, California

If Claremont Colleges students who are also POC are too scared to be dorm roommates with white students, and they all room with each other, this will deprive white students of all that vibrant diversity.  They will be stuck being each other’s roommates.

How horrible that would be.

I am just cynical enough to think that these POC dorm politics are the end result of a bank shot engineered by white students who want other white students as roommates.  They know they can’t say that in the affirmative, so they arrange and nuance the rhetoric in terms of stoking POC students’ tribalism and fear of white people.

Please Get Your Narrative Straight

9 08 2016

Stillwater, Oklahoma


Okay, which is it?

Are the white people in academia better, more tolerant, more progressive kinds of white people, especially better than those icky sticky working class white people who didn’t go to college or didn’t go long and are Trump voters?

Or are they fire-breathing Kluxers who are spending all their time oppressing black bodies?

Even as good as I am in reconciling contradictions, I can’t find a way to make this work.

The author’s faculty page.


What’s Good for the Gosling Is Good for the Goose

8 08 2016

Menomonie, Wisconsin


…In addition, UW-Stout’s Diversity Leadership Team complained about the murals to Meyer, arguing their presence helped to perpetuate racial stereotypes.

The diversity team’s arguments carried the day, and Meyer released a statement saying they were being taken down. Because of the risk the paintings could have a “harmful effect” on viewers, Meyer said they were only suitable for a “controlled gallery space” that could provide appropriate “context” for the viewer. But UW-Stout contains no such controlled galleries, so instead the paintings are being placed outside the public eye. One will go into a dean’s conference room, while another will be placed in Harvey Hall’s library.

The murals are so dangerous that the general public cannot be allowed to see them, otherwise they will turn them into drooling fire breathing bigots who will instantly and insatiably feel the urge to run Indians off their reservations.  But then they’re going to put one of them in a dean’s conference room.  Aren’t they concerned that the one there will turn the dean into drooling fire breathing bigot who will instantly and insatiably feel the urge to run Indians off their reservations?

It was similar to Disney’s official policy on Song of the South until recently:  They presumed that they couldn’t let us see it because we’re such schmucks that we couldn’t watch it without going to run right out and reinstitute slavery, therefore, only enlightened film students were allowed to watch it, even though they didn’t run out and try to reinstitute slavery after having done so.


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