You Chose Diversity

19 06 2017

Glasgow, Scotland

Once upon a time, they asked us not to piss in the showers.  While the drains could handle it, doing so was considered poor form.

Then they asked us not to jack off in the showers.  Because the drains definitely cannot handle our jizz.

Turns out those were the good ole days.

Because Scotland chose diversity and multiculturalism, a supposedly top flight school in Glasgow now has to ask students and even staff not to shit in the showers.

Except…that’s the point.  You chose diversity, so you’re just going to have to deal with all that mess.  It won’t be long until complaining about shit in the showers will be “hate speech.”  Such as it is, just this e-mail from the school reminding students and staff not to shit in the showers is considered controversial.

They Made It Really Easy

15 06 2017


This one, yeah. Really easy to figure.

On a related note, no wonder all these Razatards, cheap labor lobby mouthpieces and open borders ideologues can scream on and on about all the illegal alien valedictorians. That’s because there’s not just one valedictorian per graduating class anymore.

Nobody Else Need Apply

11 06 2017


First off:  Nicquayleeonntea?


At least you can find a former Vice-President in there.  I’ll give it that much.

Now, onward and upward to the subject matter.

I don’t have a problem with the program as such.  What I’m SMH about are:  (1) Why them, and (2) Why only them?

Let me put it to you this way:  If you have a high school transcript with a boatload of successful AP courses and AP tests, you’re not going to be able to convert them into college credits that easily.  More and more colleges aren’t accepting them.  Why not?  It all goes back to Occam’s Razor, Blogmeister Edition:  Among competing hypotheses, the one with the most cynicism should be selected.  Applying Occam’s Razor, Blogmeister Edition, to this matter, it’s because colleges want you in college, and more importantly, paying for college, as long as practically possible.  This means they’re not going to do anything that means that you’ll be out of college sooner than otherwise expected.  And they’re not going to accept all your 4s and 5s on AP tests.

So, why can these graduates of East St. Louis Senior High School slash Southwestern Illinois College get away with this?

Occam’s Razor, Blogmeister Edition.

The video says that Miss Moore did it to make her yardbird uncle proud of her, and that he’s like a father to her.  Putting aside the questionable contention that one should make your imprisoned relatives proud of you, this points to another taboo feature of Bell Curve City — Because of the “Mama’s baby papa’s maybe” doctrine, adult men often form paternal-style bonds with their sister’s children (sister by the same mother), rather than the ones that are purportedly their own, precisely because there’s a guaranteed genetic relationship with sister’s children, whilst they always have lingering doubts about the children that those babymammas pass off as “theirs.”

Paging Messrs. Sapir and Whorf

9 06 2017


At TAI.  Go there, read the whole thing, because TAI is one of those low-odometer paywall websites.

The first part that interests me is TAI blockquoting from NR:

The sick irony is that giving great weight to well-roundedness and character is seen as egalitarian. Test prep serves the role of Satan in the theodicy of meritocracy, a ready explanation for the association between test scores and social class of origin.

Whenever I read “test prep” these days in at least a mildly pejorative connotation, I interpret an anti-Asian dog whistle.  Rich pseudo-progressive white people are playing their opposition to standardized testing and prepping for those tests off of the SJW politics of NAMs and their lower median scores on them, (“ZOMG CULTURALLY BIASED LOL~!!!!!1”), when all they’re really concerned about is that their silver spoon special snowflakes can’t beat the Asians on the SAT/ACT.

The second interesting part:

All elites justify their claims to power using the accepted language of their age.

It’s more than that.  They shape language around their power, they turn language itself into subtle apologetics of their power.  Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis.

Box Banning Mood

6 06 2017


Instapundit’s latest op-ed in McPaper.

There’s probably nobody more than your ever-hatin’ Blogmeister who wants to reverse credential creep.

And I seriously wish it was as simple as doing what Glenn Reynolds calls for.

Rainbows, puppies, kittens, teddy bears.

He knows the reason why his suggestion isn’t anything more than tongue-in-cheek.  Because, if you take it literally, then you’re someone who isn’t aware that worrying about TEH GAP, and race-based affirmative action, and the noxious legal doctrine of MUH DISPUT IMPAK, is what set off the vicious cycle of credential creep to begin with.  If we just ban the college box, then employers/personnel/HR will have to depend on sorting mechanisms that either the Supreme Court and/or Federal civil rights laws made either actually or effectively illegal.

Big Field v Safe Spaces

6 06 2017

Hoboken, New Jersey

I think the statistics are pretty close to accurate, but I also wonder why a student loan consolidation/refi company commissioned such a poll.  Why are they so interested in this issue?  There has to be some sort of through line between safe spaces and student debt.  Maybe it’s because the safe space special snowflakes run up a lot of debt and can’t parlay their studies degrees into jobs that give them the income to repay.

I’ll say it again:  There aren’t that many special snowflakes.  They and the professors who are allied with them just happen to make a lot of noise, because the professors, as highly intelligent people, know how to amplify whispers into deafening rock concerts.  There was a lot of hoopla after our OCGE won the election that colleges were full of traumatized snowflakes seeking safe spaces and refuge from the Armageddon that was about to start, but people actually on these schools saw no such thing.  It was nothing more than the schools’ diversity and inclusion bureaucrats manufacturing a bunch of PR and press releases to draw attention to themselves and fluff up their own importance.

Critical Thinking v Narrative

6 06 2017

Plymouth, New Hampshire

Plymouth State University serves as the backdrop to this WSJ article about comparing colleges and universities on the the value added nature of critical thinking skills.  PSU was the top college in the country for the increase in the critical thinking abilities of graduating seniors versus incoming freshmen.

If the article is paywalled for you, I’ll summarize:

The worst schools in this metric are the elite, top shelf, big name schools.  Their response is that because of their admissions selectivity, their freshmen come into the school and out of the box with very high critical thinking skills, so it would be hard to improve on them in the four years they’re there.

I think as far as that goes, the truth is a glass that’s half full and half empty.  In that I think the truth is somewhere in between the two.  I can’t quite put my finger on a precise case, but I do know that there’s a necessary trade off between critical thinking and narrative, and that the top shelf schools are in the narrative installation business.  You can have critical thinking skills, or believe that our diversity is our strength, but never both.  You can have critical thinking skills, or believe in racial equality, but never both.