Same Ole Gulen

19 07 2016

Ankara, Turkey

Fifteen thousand educators?

Which means the Gulen cult is as interested as infiltrating education in his native Turkey as he is running charter school scams in the United States.


18 07 2016


Derb quotes me.  This isn’t the first time, however, it is the latest time. And hopefully not the last time.

Young Royce Mann’s spoken production was not poetry. What was it? Basically, distilled ethnomasochism. The kid just hates himself for being white.

Or does he? The degree to which the sentiments expressed are truly Royce’s, and whether he even contributed to the writing of this not-poem, as opposed to having had it put into his hands by his parents or teachers, has been much debated on the internet comment threads.

The comment that I think grasped most of the issue here came from someone using the tag “Question Diversity” on the American Renaissance website:

Remember, this is a school for the Top 0.01 percent … These white … kids aren’t being beaten with a stick, they’re being taught how to use the stick against other white people.

That comment was actually on a another story from a few days earlier, concerning a different school: Bank Street School for Children on the Upper West Side of Manhattan: 610 West 112th Street, New York, NY 10025, to be precise. If you need to ask about condo prices in that zip code, you can’t afford them. Bank Street School was in the news because its students, kindergarten through 8th grade, are given intensive training in diversity by—of course—a Director of Diversity, a female person of subcontinental Indian origins named Anshu Wahi. Ms Wahi’s M.O. is to put white and nonwhite kids into separate classes.

Bank Street’s tuition is between 41 and 46, and Paideia’s is between 21 and 24, all depending on the grade level.  In spite of the fact that Bank Street is twice that of Paideia, the cost of living differences between Manhattan and Atlanta mean that they are about on par in terms of affordability and exclusivity.  Therefore, these are both top one percent of the top one percent schools in their respective areas.

Whenever the truly privileged supposedly start kvetching about privilege, I presume that the end game is to make them even more privileged.


Dueling Doting Dads

4 07 2016


Mother Jones:

Earl Ehrhart is worried about his sons. Two of the boys attend Georgia public universities, and Ehrhart, a state representative from the Atlanta suburbs, has heard all about the college sexual-misconduct hearings in which young men are presumed guilty until proven innocent. The proceedings are flawed, he says, they’re like “kangaroo courts.” And their rulings are so biased against the accused, Ehrhart fears that his boys—as with male students across the state—could end up expelled based on a false accusation of rape.

Followed by a lot of fair reporting, especially considering the source.

And this is rather ironic.  Of the three major theories I have floated to explain this tenacious paranoia about college rape culture and how it’s ramrodding over due process and establishing these kangaroo courts, the one that seems to fit the best is the helicopter father protecting daddy’s little girl.  But we have to remember that middle aged men are also the fathers of college aged sons.  I should have known that eventually, the politics of this would result in a Maginot Line of fathers protecting their sons on one side and fathers protecting their daughters on the other side.

It’s a new spin on a very old wheel, prospective in-laws not getting along.


Policy Meetings

3 07 2016

New York

Fresh new heretofore secret video has leaked, we get to see how education policy is made.

What’s the Scam?

2 07 2016


Somehow, I think this isn’t meant to be taken literally.

I think the way to think about this is that the sons and daughters of the top 0.01 percenters are being taught how to rule over other white people and virtue-signal against them.  They’re not being beaten with a stick, they’re being taught how to use the stick.

Extra Dog and Pony Show (The House Will Not Change)

29 06 2016


Big news this evening:  Speaker Pushover has appointed Mrs. Rex to head a committee that will do something-or-another relating to Mizzou.

How do I know that this is all a show and will accomplish nothing?  Because committees are where good ideas and positive political energy go to die.

Though I wonder if Speaker Pushover’s choice of Mrs. Rex was intended in some way to send a message to the Andy Blunt stables.  As if to say, we wanted to do a lot more, but you armed with a big phat contract from Middleton bribed us not to, and therefore, fuck you, I’ll appoint the wife of the impresario of a stable that competes with yours.

Dindu to Hindu

29 06 2016


Seems like she doesn’t honor diversity.

Oh yeah, she loves diversity when diversity means swag bags for her, but not if it means she has to be considerate of anyone else.

Ironically, the likely next U.S. Senator from California is a woman whose father is Jamaican and whose mother is Indian, and who herself is a lite-brite.  We in the alt-right call her the Hindu-Dindu.  Of course I’m referring to Kamala Harris.


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