Just Dig a Little Deeper

27 04 2017

Birmingham, Alabama

While the new school district would be majority white, it wouldn’t be universally white.  My guess is that it will be in the 20-30% black range, in terms of students.

And that’s the key not only to understanding this story, but why the Federal judge ruled the way she did, in spite of her political snark.

The 20-30% blacks would be middle class or higher, from black parents of middle class or higher income and social status, who want to make sure their kids’ school district is one where it is guaranteed that they’ll go to school with mostly white kids, and no chance of being bused to slum with the black undertow.  They’re the real straw stirring this drink, and they provided political cover for the white parents of the newly formed Gardendale district (“See?  No racism!”), who want the same thing, and also the aforementioned pretext for the judge.

District in a Poke

23 04 2017

Jefferson City

I heard the General Assembly was working on more banal tweaks to the Turner law, instead of what they really should be doing, repealing the Turner law.

The House passed a bunch of tweaks that would change the disaccreditation process to a per-school process instead of a per-district process.  Meaning that if a given school within a district loses its accreditation, its students would have to be transferred to accredited schools within the same district, and if those slots are full, or so many schools within a district lose their accreditation, then they can transfer to another district per the original provisions of the Turner law.

The Senate’s version of this legislative package is different, and if they pass different bills, then it will have to go to conference to iron out the differences, and then to second chamber votes.  There’s not even a month left in the session, so my bet is that no bill will make it to Greitens’s desk by May 19.

The problem with the House version is that I don’t see how the whole could be much different from the sum of its parts, and vice versa, in matters like these.  To put it another way, if some schools in a given district are bad and some are okay, then the okay schools will statistically cover for the bad ones in the district’s average, meaning the district wouldn’t lose its accreditation.  If a district does lose its accreditation, it has to mean that almost every if not every one of its schools are bad, and therefore, under the new system proposed in the House bill, almost all if not every one of the district’s individual schools would lose their creds, and then at that point, we’ll be back to square one, as they’ll have to transfer out of district.

They Came For the Diversity

17 04 2017

Clifton Heights

P-D, on the success that is Mason Elementary.

How did they get successful?


While parents say they like the community feel of the school, many say they primarily came here for this racial and ethnic diversity, which contributes to that favorable school climate.

“We didn’t want them to go to a school where everybody looks the same,” said Suzie Earley, a St. Louis resident whose son attends Mason’s preschool and will enter Mason’s kindergarten next school year.

Unlike most St. Louis Public Schools, more than half of which are at least 90 percent black in neighborhoods segregated by housing discrimination, Mason has a rare diversity of 51 percent black, 30 percent white, 15 percent Hispanic and 3 percent Asian pupils. A lot of that is due to Mason’s large international population.

Out of 400 students, 120 are immigrants or refugees. Leto said that’s because Mason is the closest English language learner school that pulls students from the Hodiamont area, where many immigrant and refugee families live.

In this case, “diversity” not only literally means diversity, but also means not your usual SLPS near-100% black.  Which means “diversity” is a coded racial dog whistle for “it’s not all black.”

Also, refugees as a buffer between native born blacks and native born whites — That seems to be a theme around here.

Two Doors

15 04 2017

College Park, Maryland


Maryland president: Would expect shutdown of UNC over academic allegations

Maryland president Wallace Loh says he would expect North Carolina to get the “death penalty” over the academic allegations that have hung over the athletic program since 2010.

“As president, I sit over a number of dormant volcanoes,” Loh said during a University of Maryland senate meeting Thursday, according to the Raleigh News & Observer. “One of them is an athletic scandal. It blows up, it blows up the university, its reputation, it blows up the president.

“For the things that happened in North Carolina, it’s abysmal. I would think that this would lead to the implementation of the death penalty by the NCAA. But I’m not in charge of that.”

A Maryland spokesperson later said in a statement that Loh’s comments were “not a reflection of personal beliefs about the university or its leadership.”

More than that, they’re not a reflection of any possible real world sanctions.

Under this reasoning, you’d have to give all of big time college football and men’s college basketball the death penalty.

They’re all doing it, even Harvard. It’s only a matter of whether a school has gotten caught or not, and that in turn is entirely a function of making sure that certain people can keep their yappers shut.

You can have enforced academic standards, or blacks on the teams, but not both.

Wicked Racial Profiling Trick (Colored Time Zone Edition)

11 04 2017

Clemson, South Carolina

And that’s where I stopped, because somewhere down in the body, there will be one or more mentions of “black” or “African.”

The only Clemson staff or faculty member who has latitude to expect his black subordinates to show up on time is Dabo Swinney.

Bouncyball and Old Lace

7 04 2017

Jersey City, New Jersey


Hall of Famer Bob Hurley Sr. says St. Anthony High to close

St. Anthony High School, home to one of the most successful programs in high school basketball, will close its doors at the end of the school year.

Spearheaded by Hall of Fame basketball coach Bob Hurley Sr., the Jersey City, New Jersey, school had attempted to raise enough funds over the past several months to stay open another year. It was a plan that had worked previously, as the school has had financial issues in the past.

“After months of consultation with the Schools Office of the Archdiocese of Newark, today the Board of Trustees of Saint Anthony High announced it would not be possible for the School to meet the prescribed requirements of the Archdiocese to remain open,” the school said in a statement Wednesday. “Accordingly, the School will close at the end of the school year.”

In a letter posted on the school’s website, Hurley — now the school’s president, in addition to its boys’ basketball coach — pointed to slowing enrollment as the primary reason behind the closing.

“Even with fundraising that will generate close to $1.5M by the end of June, this amount is still insufficient to maintain operating expenses and cover debt payment to the Archdiocese,” Hurley wrote. “In addition, the projected enrollment for 2017-2018 does not provide the revenues required to operate the school going forward. Population changes in Jersey City and the surrounding area have adversely affected Catholic school enrollment in the past several years. Competition from special programs in public schools as well as newly formed charter schools have also eroded enrollment.”

Perpetual motion machine.  A Catholic school that’s seen better days but still functional and all-white gets the bright idea to use feetzball or bouncyball to rejuvenate the school’s reputation.  They import dindus, and then give the dindus the run of the joint.  This pisses of the white parents, who take their kids out of the school, don’t enroll their other kids there, and tell everyone they know not to touch that school with a ten-foot pole.  School becomes consummately ghetto.  School isn’t getting any tuition revenue.  Local archdiocese closes school.

In this story, you can see that the principal and the bouncyball coach were one and the same.  It’s easy to tell which duty he took more seriously.

And you wonder why tuition-paying white Catholic parents oppose school vouchers.

Now It’s Getting Serious

6 04 2017


It was thought that the enrollment decline at Mizzou, whatever its cause, and that is subject to debate, was both temporary and could, in the eyes of the school, be papered over by paying Andy Blunt to bribe enough members of the General Assembly to tweak a few line items in the budget.

The bribing and the resulting tweaking mostly happened.

But the enrollment problem hasn’t gotten any “better.”  In fact, it’s getting “worse.”  So much so that Mizzou is going to shutter three more dorms next school year.

I don’t know how the admins are going to worm their way out of this one.  They can’t do what they did last year, because the state budget only has so much wiggle room.  Off top, they’ll probably recruit hot and heavy internationally for students whose parents can pay full freight.