Fifteen Grand

28 11 2015

New Mexico

That’s how much the Federal Bureau of Indian Education spends per student per year.

Behold, the results.

“But but but but Redskins!”

Now I know why white liberal Democrats keep making so much noise about team mascots.  Harry Reid confessed on the low that it was all to drive Indian turnout for 2014, but the problem with that theory, even if that was the Democrats’ intention, is that Indians really don’t care about Indian team mascots.

I should have known that it was a big fat diversion.

Even though I know the real reasons why these schools are “failures.”  Like a lot of urban black public school districts, the BIE schools spend a lot of money but are generally in physically bad shape, because the institutions turn out to be employment agencies far more they are educational institutions.


Neat Adventures in Thanksgiving News Juxtaposition

27 11 2015




I could tell Spike why it will never happen, but that would be both misogynist and racist.

Thanksgiving for a Snowflake

27 11 2015

Framingham, Massachusetts

We know what kind of Thanksgiving they had.

* Kiddie table

* Pablum

* Juice in a sippy cup

* The knives and alcoholic beverages were kept on high shelves

* Post meal entertainment was “Dora the Explorer”

* In bed by nine

Black Lives Don’t Matter

27 11 2015

Columbus, Ohio

You’d think that with today’s obsession with black lives and black babies’ bodies, she’d be revered.

She was pro-life in the most politically correct way possible, but they weren’t having any of that.

Firing up the engine to my Ferrari mind, I know this isn’t really a paradox.  Remember, college administrators and the black autumn extortion-mob are two sides of the same coin.  Plain words, the latter is negotiating against a former that agrees with it, and a former that was the extortion-mob when they were in college.  So you can probably see how it’s obvious that the former doesn’t want anyone to cause the latter to notice things which will cause massive wrecks at various left wing intersectionalities.

That’s What You Get

24 11 2015

Charlottesville, Virginia


That sound you hear is just about every neoreactionary snickering and saying, “that’s what you get,” that is, for that “all men are created equal” thing.  As if to say, petard hoisted own.

I’m just as NRx as anyone, but my view on this matter is more nuanced.  We know that when Thomas Jefferson wrote “all men are created equal,” he wasn’t thinking of everyone on Earth, especially not his own black slaves, and especially not the Barbary (Muslim) Pirates he combated as President, jumpstarting the development of the United States Navy to do so.  But I also know that actions have consequences, often very unintended consequences, and that nothing is beyond review or criticism.  Thomas Jefferson’s constructionism is meaningless to us now, and it is also irrelevant to people that use his phrase to justify all manners of egalitarian policy.  In other words, I don’t infer original intent from centuries-distant consequences, but I don’t ignore the modern day consequences because of the lack of their original intent.

They Should Mind Their Ps and Qs

23 11 2015

Youngstown, Ohio

As long as they don’t sprinkle cotton balls on the sidewalk leading to the entrance of the black student union, or fly any Confederate flags on campus, they’ll be alright.

Somebody Did Something, Or Something Like That

22 11 2015


“Few details” I bet because the suspect is not in the Klan.

I’ll keep my ear to the ground.


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