Essence of Diversity

13 02 2016


Campus Reform:

Harvard med students demand diversity, but no more Asians please


They similarly lament the insufficient diversity of the student body, complaining that “while … 21.7 percent of HMS students are underrepresented in medicine,” just two of the 165 current first-year students are black females, and contending that “these numbers are not reflective of a nation in which African Americans, Hispanics, and American Indians comprise 32 percent of the population.”

According to The Boston Globe, Asians and Pacific Islanders are not mentioned in the petition because they are not considered “underrepresented” by the Association of American Medical Colleges. As of 2012, the two groups together constituted 18.9 percent of the HMS student body.

Two themes I’ve been noticing for quite some time are present in just those two paragraphs:

(1) The very definition of “diversity” is a moving goalpost which moves back and forth over the heads of Asians most often, in that they go from being diverse to not diverse most often, depending on the micropolitics of the question at hand.

(2) “Diversity” also means black women trying to ride on the backs of all “diverse” people for the benefit of black women.

Andy Blunt Is Earning His Keep

11 02 2016

Jefferson City

By the time it’s all over, there won’t be as much as a dime cut.  Maybe Melissa Clickbait will be bounced out as a sacrificial lamb.

Her Students

4 02 2016


They stand with Melissa Clickbait because she teaches many of their fluffy duff media/comm courses.

The Coalition of the Fringes Turns On Itself

3 02 2016

Springfield, Missouri.

Sacramento, California.

Funny, we’re always told that Hispanics and Asians are the coalition of the ascendant, yet in both instances, our old long time domestic favorite minority wants priority over them.

Another Reason Why Mizzou Hired Andy Blunt

2 02 2016


Any sort of revenue disruption will hurt its credit score.

Dueling Narratives

29 01 2016


American schools are bad at teaching the economics of personal finance.

Chicago Bellcurvii line up days in advance to buy $650 shoes.

The Howling Wolfe

28 01 2016


Tim Wolfe spills the beans, and essentially corroborates what I already knew and told you.

However, the difference between what Wolfe is exposing and what I thought is that he thinks it was more so some curators rather than professors in general that were the organizational energy to run him out of town.  Also, the man who thinks he can be the next Attorney General also had a hand in it.  Needless to say, from this point going forward, if you’re still in the universe of voters, I’m going to recommend that you not vote for Kurt Schaefer for AG.

I now think that Middleton and the curators are going to hurry up and toss Melissa Clickbait out bag and baggage, just to make this go away.  The longer they wait, the more her being a sacrificial lamb won’t keep the Wolfe at bay, and the less effective Andy Blunt can be.


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