How Rahm Did It

8 04 2015


Again, back to Ace’s map.

I’m going to assume that Chicago’s 50 wards are drawn such that they have roughly equal population.  If I’m mistaken about that, please let me know.

1.  The white wards and the black wards went for Rahm very handily, and they both had relatively high raw vote totals meaning relatively high (by the standards of yesterday’s election) turnout.  Almost all Rahm wards had north of 10,000 total votes cast.   Incidentally, with some 566k votes cast over 50 wards, the average number of votes cast per ward was 11,300.

2.  The wards that went for Garcia, which closely correspond to Luis Gutiérrez’s Hispanic gerrymandered IL-4, had low turnouts almost all of them had south of 10,000 total votes cast.  In fact, it seems to be a linear slope:  The higher percentage the Garcia ward went for Garcia, the lower the raw vote total was.

3.  What’s the object lesson?  What have I been trying to tell you?  You rely on or worry about the ZOMG GREAT HISPANIC VOTER TIDAL WAVE LOL~!!!!!1 at your own peril.

4.  It’s time for our people or our kind-ish of people to shut up about teachers’ unions.  Any one of us (or “us”) that keeps going on about them is living in the past.  The CTU doesn’t even have the political muscle to punch through Chicago.  And the NEA and AFT been losing power within national Democrat Party politics ever since the turn of the millennium.

5.  I don’t think Rahm has a national future, in terms of President or Vice-President.  Especially if his upcoming pension reform in his second term is what we all think it will be.

6.  I think this second term will be Rahm’s last, again because of the pensions.  I happen to think that in the greater scheme of Chicago politics, Rahm was just the placeholder waiting for the next Daley to ripen on the tree.  As it is, a grandson of the first slash nephew of the second Daley surnamed Thompson won an aldermanic seat yesterday.  There might be other Daleys waiting in the wings.


Using my spidey sense, I find it a bit odd that the black wards came out relatively big and with very solid majorities for Rahm.  I wonder if something was going on behind the scenes.  Maybe the Rahm campaign in the background and behind several layers of plausible deniability peddled anti-Hispanic invective among black voters.  We know that Democrats aren’t loath to peddle anti-white invective among black voters.

Fergaza Strip Fail

7 04 2015


From Ace’s Decision Desk.  Of course, Ace covered Ferguson, along with a city slightly more important than Ferguson, that being Chicago.  Which I’ll get to tomorrow.  Click to enlarge.


The only handsupdontshooter that won was Ella Jones in 1.  Bob Hudgins and Lee Smith were the handsupdontshooters in those wards.

Also notice the total number of votes cast:  1619 in 1, 1373 in 2 and 736 in 3.  Why is that important?  Because Ward 3 is where the apartment farms and the Fergaza Strip and Ground Zero sits.  And that’s where all the voter registration drives happened.


Remember, among blacks, middle aged and elderly women do most of the voting.  Young men and women hardly vote.  The reason why Ward 3’s turnout was so pathetic in spite of it being Ground Zero of all the hoopla is that Ward 3 has all the apartment farms, and those are full project people, mainly younger women with children.  Many of the younger and early middle age men are in prison, which means they couldn’t vote even if they wanted to.  However, not all of Ward 3 consists of the Fergaza Strip and its apartment farms; those are only in the eastern one third of the ward.  The western two-thirds is mainly single family residences, and that’s how there could be as many as 736 votes in Ward 3.  Meanwhile, to the extent that Ferguson has middle aged and elderly black women voters, they’re probably mostly in Ward 1.  Ward 2 is the whitest of Ferguson’s three wards.

Incidentally, Ferguson has three wards but six aldermen because each ward has two aldermen, elected for four year terms with elections alternating every two years.  The mayor, elected city wide, is the ex officio seventh alderman.


Ward 3’s turnout was only 19%.  “Better” than the 6% of two years ago, but the lowest of the three wards.

More on The Most Important Municipal Elections in the World

6 04 2015


It’s on Channel 5’s website, but since Channel 5 and McPaper are both Gannett-owned, the former can use the latter’s material.  And this article is from McPaper.

Also, all of Gannett’s media properties have the same sort of website template, and all of their TV properties now have the same kind of news graphics and chyrons.  For instance, if you watch a local eyeball news story from WXIA-TV, Channel 11, “11 Alive,” in Atlanta, it looks just like Channel 5, because WXIA is also a Gannett property.

The NYT’s article about tomorrow’s voting in Ferguson should be coming very shortly.

The Most Important Elections in the World

1 04 2015


Municipal elections in Missouri are six days from today, which includes…

Eight years ago:

To measure change on election night, look no further than the area stretching across this city’s southern boundary, a mix of charred strip malls, sprawling apartment complexes and modest bungalows.

It wasn’t always synonymous with looting and arson, tear gas and the asphalt street where Michael Brown’s body lay for more than four hours after he was shot by a white Ferguson police officer.

In fact, Ferguson’s 3rd Ward was known for something else entirely: voter apathy. So much so, that in a council race eight years ago no one bothered to officially file as a candidate. The seat went to a 31-year-old software developer who persuaded 23 people to write his name on the ballot.

Ever since, council races in the 3rd Ward seldom attract more than 200 people at the polls, despite the fact that more than 3,400 registered voters live there.

And then you read on to find out how it’s all different this year.

Ace of Spades is going to cover Ferguson’s election day, and it will also cover an election in a city slightly more important than Ferguson, that being Chicago and their “Jesus vs the Jew” runoff.

Not to be outdone, expect real time coverage in the NYT.


7 10 2014


A hundred and twenty eight new voters.

That might be enough to swing the balance of one of Ferguson’s three city council districts.

Otherwise, a big flop.

David Cameron’s Living Nightmare

1 09 2014

Clacton-on-Sea, England


The wherefores.

The reason there will be a by-election (special election) is because he resigned his seat in Parliament along with changing parties from Tory to UKIP. And Carswell is in turn going to be the UKIP candidate in the election. I don’t think he had to quit Parliament; he could have just switched parties and that would have been that. Maybe he wanted to do both and run and win as the UKIP candidate to demonstrate the UKIP’s growing popularity to trigger more defections.

Clacton is a pretty good constituency (Parliamentary district) for our cause. In 2010, the BNP candidate got 4.6% of the vote, compared to the BNP’s vote share of 2.1% in all of England and 1.9% in all of the UK. UKIP didn’t even field a candidate in this constituency in 2010.

“If Boris Johnson stands as a Tory?”  Isn’t he the Mayor of London?  He would have to quit that and move to Clacton.  Which I doubt he’ll do being as he would still lose badly to Carswell.

While the UKIP is far from perfect and far from the solution, the reason I recommend voting for UKIP is something that I’ve concluded in my week of blogging vacation — Democratic republicanism is the problem, we can’t vote for “work within the system” our way out of our problems, and as I sit on top of the tower and look over the horizon, white peoples and civilizations are going to need either hereditary monarchies, self-sustaining autocracies or self-sustaining aristocracies in order to survive and thrive, even if they have the superficial veneer of democratic republicanism for outward appearances.  The only thing voting and participating in democratic republics can do for us is buy us time.  In the UK, which soon may lose Scotland like a bad habit, UKIP buys them time.  My recommendation for voting is to vote for the most credible victory-possible candidate or party that is closest to a genuine populist-nationalist.  In England, that means UKIP.

As for these poll results, a few bullet points:

*  They can’t use the “it’s just a protest vote” bromide anymore.  (“Why are you voting UKIP?”)

*  They can’t use the “lesser of two evils” or “wasted vote” bromide anymore. (“Voting UKIP will make Ed Miliband the PM”)

*  While the “main concerns” question was only of UKIP voters, I think immigration also worries many Tory voters and some older white working class Labour voters.

*  Almost half of all Tory voters think Carswell is a hero for leaving the Tories, only 17% think he’s a traitor.  Which means half of all Tory voters are that mad at the Tory Party.  Kinda sounds like the American Republican Party.

*  I think the Rotherham scandal has affected the public mood overall and these poll numbers.


15 08 2014

Los Angeles

“Better pass amnesty, that great Hispanic voting electorate tidal wave is coming and it’s about to swamp you unless you make nice with it!,” is the advice that Republican politicians are given by consultants whose gravy comes from the tables of billionaires who want more and more cheap labor.

Inconvenient truth:  Turnout is so anemically low in Los Angeles municipal elections that the city government is considering paying people to vote.


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