He Should Have Said He’s a Syrian

28 11 2015

Washington, D.C.


In search of a better life, fences don’t work, it’s not who we are, skills gap, remember the M.S. St. Louis.

Really, I’m in no mood to give the aspie nutbar any more publicity than he already has, so this is why I did not put a hyperlink in the image.

But I will quote from it:

The Secret Service added a second layer of steel spikes to the top of the fence in May following to a series of security breaches.

Have they no humanity?  Think of the children and the economy!

David Brooks’s Excellent Adventure

14 11 2015

New York

David Brooks experiences how those on the wrong side of the tracks within the one percent universe make holiday.

Does seem like a pretty nice environment.  Especially since that Brooks himself has told us recently that a responsible version of Donald Trump would be doing whatever Chetty Chetty Bang Bang wants.  And since he’s all about moving ghetto blacks to better environments to help their income mobility, I’m just sitting here wondering why Brooks didn’t take a few Brooklyn or Bronx black ghetto kids with him on that round the world cruise.  It would have been a much better environment for them than where they live, and surely it would have helped them earn bigger incomes in FY 2040 than they will because they didn’t get to go.

World War T’s D-Day

6 11 2015

Washington, D.C.

Transgenders in the girls’ locker room at Sidwell Enemies School.


Because civil rights.

What, crickets?

Wicked Racial Profiling Trick, Non-Racial Edition

14 09 2015

Washington, D.C.

DC headline: Virginia Governor Tries To Spin Showing Up To Anti-Gun Rally With Armed Security

That’s all I read, and I bet you’ll read one of these four approximate or exact things in the article:

(1) “That’s different”

(2) “My security are trained licensed law enforcement professionals”

(3) “This is about keeping the wrong objects out of the wrong hands”

(4) “That which is being demanded at this rally has nothing to do with and will not affect either my security or most gun owners”


Inequality For Minority Men

5 05 2015

New York City

Al Jazeera America:

Obama: Inequality facing minority men behind unrest in Baltimore, Ferguson


He tied the call for justice with an economic message for the 60 donors who paid $10,000 to see him at an expansive, art-filled Upper East Side apartment — including actor Wendell Pierce, who played a Baltimore police detective working in drug-ridden projects on “The Wire.”

Obama later held a discussion with about 30 donors contributing up to $33,400. That event was closed to the media.

Inequality is apparently not a problem for one certain minority man.

Helping launch a foundation to assist young minorities, Obama said the catalysts of protests in Ferguson, Missouri, and in Baltimore were the deaths of young black men and “a feeling that law is not always applied evenly in this country.”


The White House sought to distinguish the operation of the organization from Bill and Hillary Clinton’s family foundation, whose financing has attracted criticism. White House spokesman Josh Earnest said My Brother’s Keeper Alliance would be responsible for determining its own fundraising policies.

The nonprofit, to be headed by Joe Echevarria, former chief executive of consulting firm Deloitte, will develop guidance for companies to increase access to jobs for racial minorities.

Racial minorities named Sasha Obama and Malia Obama, e.g.

Note that it was part of this day of yapping about inequality that led Michelle Obama to mouth off about museums.

Halfway House

1 05 2015

Bellaire, Michigan

And house them here:


And also his eight other houses.

To be protected all the while by unarmed security guards.

No Convenient Locations

17 03 2015


Really, Howie?  Is that want you want?

First off, it says that Starbucks baristas (people with master’s degrees in useless fields and six figures of student loan debt) are “free to talk about race relations with customers.”  Are they really?  Let’s see what happens to the first Starbucks barista that talks about race relations the way Jared Taylor does.

Then there’s the matter of this:


Right.  A map of St. Louis Starbucks locations.  Guess where you don’t see a lot of red pushpins.  The only reason there seems to be one in Ferguson is because it’s on the campus of Emerson Electric’s world HQ, which is technically in Ferguson.  Otherwise, you don’t find one Starbucks in the areas that the NYT Census Explorer would show are the heavily black census tracts.

Put these two things together, and what this means is that Starbucks baristas (white liberal SJWs) are free to engage in left wing racial agitation with Starbucks customers (white liberal SJWs), simultaneously showing solidarity with and being a safe distance from the black undertow.  Meanwhile, they can all complain about evil Chick-Fil-A, which at least in the St. Louis context, is right where they are.

That, and all those Starbucks baristas with degrees in some sort of race studies field can finally put their diplomas to good use.


People on Twitter took this offer seriously, and guess what happened next.



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