Pissed Off

7 09 2016


Isn’t this supposed to be the kind of thing which makes actual blacks involved in BLM hopping mad at white “allies?”

OTOH, is more proof of what we’ve been seeing for two years and the recent DNC leaks have proven, that the whole progressive-left, Democrat Party in the United States and now the Labour Party in England have hitched all their wagons to the BLM horses.  A stunt which I think they will eventually come to rue with every cell of their existence.


A Little Too Ironic, I Really Do Think

1 08 2016


And some other juicy, even if not ironic, pics.

Take us home, Alanis.

Irreconcilable Differences

26 07 2016


More good news:  Brexit may mean that Beer Incorporated does not happen.

Developing hot, or in the case of beer, cold, dot dot dot…

The New Bell Curve City

21 07 2016


…Is getting Fergusony.

Not surprisingly, a McDonalds plays importantly into last night’s events.

Brexit Vote Neutered

11 07 2016


Theresa May is pretty much a lock for next PM.

She was a Remain advocate, and while she’s making noises about honoring the vote, she’ll probably do it superficially but not substantively.

May also continued the Michael Savage prohibition, implemented by Jacqui Smith, who was the final Home Secretary in the third and final Labour Term of the 1997-2010 run, the term split between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown as PM.


Unfortunate but clever Drudgetaposition this morning:


One Jot or One Tittle Shall in No Wise Pass

4 07 2016


And all was fulfilled.

He initially quit after last year’s MP elections, but the party wouldn’t accept it.  I presume this time, it’s for good and for real.  Because he and the party have achieved their keystone accomplishment.  That’s one thing that several observers made, that UKIP will probably go out of business because it now has no reason to exist.  And actually, I think that’s going to be long run net positive, because now this clears the British rightist political space for genuine ethnonationalism.

Brexit Open Thread

23 06 2016


I predict that:

(1) Leave wins narrowly,

(1a) Because the polls are showing what I think will be the ultimate narrow margin of victory, but the polls are missing some support for Leave because of the Bradley Effect and some support for Remain because of voter fraud and non-citizen voting, the two will cancel each other out

(2) David Cameron will refuse to implement the formal procedures to exit the EU, based on some pretense, either:

(2a) Openly citing the “whiteness” as the Leave electorate and the “rainbow/diverse” nature of the Remain electorate as an excuse, or citing the narrow margin of the Leave win, or citing the Jo Cox murder, or some combination thereof


(2b) He will, for public consumption, and while engaging in superficial but non-substantive measures, pretend to be exiting the EU, in private and behind the curtains, not doing so in substance.

All polls close at 4 PM Central Time, 10 PM local British summer time, and I expect as usual, the same few constituencies that historically hurry up and count after closing, like Sunderland and a few others, will follow suit here, even though the vote is country-wide, and not a per-constituency affair like parliamentary elections.  However, it won’t be until late in the evening our time that constituencies start reporting en masse.