Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

30 09 2015




I Thought Our Diversity Was Our Strength

10 08 2015


UK Telegraph:

Millions of African migrants threaten standard of living, Philip Hammond says

Philip Hammond, the Foreign Secretary, says ‘maurauding’ migrants around Calais pose risk to security of Channel Tunnel and that sending them to their home countries must be ‘number one’ priority

Millions of African migrants pose a threat to the standard of living and social structure of the UK and the rest of Europe, the Foreign Secretary has warned.

Philip Hammond said under EU laws migrants can be “pretty confident” that they will never be returned to their home countries, adding that it will not be “sustainable” if Europe has to “absorb” millions of African migrants.

I guess Philip Hammond has seen the news out of Ferguson this weekend.

Then again, London had its own Ferguson four years ago.


Just a Simple Question, That’s All.

3 08 2015

Folkestone, England


Why are environmentalists on the side of overpopulation?

Seems to me that “green” people should have been over on the EDL side.

You Wanted an Answer? You’ve Come to the Right Place.

31 07 2015

Coventry, England


For one, noticing things.

For another, mendacious media articles that ridicule conspiracy theorists, show a picture of someone protesting Treasonstock, then when you actually read the article, you read about Muslim yoots and ISIS:

In the case of terrorism and Isis, he questioned why is it that some 18 or 19 year olds can be convinced by Isis recruiters to believe their interpretation of Islam despite the people around them telling them differently.

He explained: “For example, I don’t know much about Islam but I do know that there is an absolute clear bar in Islam on suicide. So people who are told it is acceptable to be suicide bombers are ending up believing something which on the face has no foundation at all.”

“Duh, why are young Muslim men actually taking their own religion seriously?”

As for that suicide paradox, that’s an easy one to solve.  It’s called Taqqiya, meaning that Muslims can violate what are otherwise Islamic morality laws in order to further the cause and help the spread of Islam.

Back to the mendacious media, it’s why we often see articles about yoots committing violent crime, either as a specific incident or as a general complaint; the article shows stock images of happy white teenagers hanging around, and then when you read the article, the actual crime will be in the black part of town and/or the named doers will have black sounding names, if applicable, or the article will quote AME church reverends and focus on the problems in the ghetto parts of town.

Looping back around to this article and this study, it’s nothing more than the latest effort to try to come up with an excuse that enough important people will believe about why young Muslims do yooty Islamic things that does not involve much less blame Islam at all, and in the process, blames all “conspiracy theorists,” white rightist and otherwise, probably to fulfill a Steve Sailer prophecy, that the way the establishment is going to prohibit Muslim immigration without actually prohibit Muslim immigration is to prohibit the immigration of “conspiracy theorists.”


Why You Mad?

31 07 2015

Calais, France

They’re just making France and where they are really headed, England, more diverse.

And, diversity is our strength, right?

Maybe we need to export “cuckservative” to Europe so that nobody falls for David Cameron and Nicholas Sarkozy style treachery anymore.

Seriously, it’s stuff like this, which has actually been going on in Calais for a long time, even if hasn’t been this severe until now, which made Calais and the French political division it’s in flip overnight in 2002 from being a Communist Party stronghold to being a Front National Party stronghold.

World War T Wins Another Battle, Claims Another Scalp

21 07 2015

Glasgow, Scotland

Drag queens.  You are the weakest link.  Goodbye.

It wasn’t that long ago that being race neutral and colorblind, and tolerating drag queens, was the epitome of tolerance.  Now, they’re both examples of hatred and discrimination.

Finally, We’re Internationally Relevant

8 07 2015


How did I miss this over the weekend?


We’re the yardstick for the rest of the world.  In a good way or bad way, depending on your politics.


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