“The Scourge of Islamophobia”

27 04 2015


Special Ed Miliband is going to do something about it.

I vaguely remember some controversy out of some English city named Rothertown.


25 04 2015


Financial Times:

Miliband draws on Obama blueprint in UK general election campaign


Aides say the Labour leader is seeking to emulate the blueprint which brought Barack Obama back to power in 2012.

I know it’s possible to keep working middle class whites away from the Tories and David Cameron, though in this case, they do have other alternatives besides not voting, such as UKIP.  But I was not aware that the UK has that many elderly black women voters to matter.

With One Exception

19 02 2015

Las Vegas


Advocates: Pimps targeting children in schools, homes

Child sex trafficking is a brutal crime that targets youth just like any child you may know and love.

Those devoted to combating the crime say that breaking the cycle requires community help and parental involvement. Advocates say we can protect children from sex trafficking, but we have to be cognizant of how pimps are getting to kids. They may be targeted at places thought to be safe such as schools and homes.

Or, the pimps will be Pakistani and the girls white, so the official authorities will turn their heads away and see no evil for a decade and a half, during which time the big problem will be the racism of those who are noticing things.


16 02 2015



One of the bigger TV networks in the UK is going to run a mockumentary this week about how things utterly fall apart after UKIP taking control of parliament in May and Nigel Farage becoming Prime Minister.

Why wouldn’t they predict this?  All they had to do is look at all the riots, looting, chaos and economic destruction that happened in Clacton and Rochester-Strood after UKIP scored two Parliamentary wins late last year.

Wait, what?

The Real Public Menace

6 02 2015


Daily Mail:

Police in swoop on 45 more men over child sex grooming: ‘Milestone’ operation sees dozens of Asian suspects charged with rape, sexual assault and trafficking


Almost all of the men in both cases are from Asian backgrounds, prompting police leading one of the cases to warn that far-Right groups may use the issue to stir up racial tension.


‘Operation Sanctuary will not end. It is a wide-ranging investigation into many different crimes of a sexual nature against vulnerable women and girls. Today’s charges are just one element of this.’ He continued: ‘Some people or groups may try to use Operation Sanctuary to build resentment. Anyone experiencing hate crime should report it to police and be reassured we will investigate thoroughly.’

I’m glad the cops stopped all these far right people from being able to do any more rapes, sexual assaults and put an end to the sex slavery ring they organized.

Be Reckless

19 11 2014

Kent, England

Found out by reading The Derb’s latest V-Dare offering that there’s a special election (“by-election”) tomorrow in the Rochester and Strood British Parliamentary district (“constituency”), based on former Tory Mark Reckless liberating himself to UKIP, similar to what happened with Doug Carswell in Clacton back in September.  And, as Carswell did win the special election running as the UKIP candidate, it looks like Reckless will win tomorrow and become UKIP’s second MP.

In 2010, there was neither a BNP nor a UKIP candidate running (“standing”) in Rochester and Strood, but the candidate for the English Democrats, an English nationalist party, turned up with 4.5%.

Once they announce Reckless the winner tomorrow, queue pandemonium inside Tory City.

May 7, 2015 is going to be a really interesting day.

UPDATE 11/20

Reckless wins.

There’s already talk of a third Tory to UKIP defection somewhere close to Kent.

She’s Outraged

11 11 2014



UK Independent:

In-your-face racism has returned and few are fighting against it

Those at the top say nothing, while ethnic-minority politicians are the biggest cowards of the lot

Last week on the No 9 bus, a middle-aged white woman shouted “bloody Paki” and spat at me. The sputum landed on the back of my seat, grey and revolting as she was.

That is of course much worse than Rotherham, Lee Rigby, 7/7, combined.

BTW there’s new news about Rotherham today.


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