Day In Day Out

17 04 2018

London;  Stockholm

Each day l look at our sector’s news stories, and it’s nothing but the Humanitarian Stuporpower and Cuck Island in a fierce competition to out-stupid each other.


Correlation Causation Issues

12 04 2018


Let’s reason together, peanut gallery.


Now You Know Why We Call It “Cuck Island”

10 04 2018


World War T vs #MeToo

10 01 2018


Daily Wire:

Ginuwine Accused Of Transphobia For Refusing To Kiss Trans Woman On Live TV


This, for some reason, promoted Willoughby to grab Ginuwine’s neck and lean in for a kiss. Ginuwine appeared to be extremely uncomfortable at this moment and quickly pulled away.

Meaning the tranny committed sexual assault, under today’s standards.

Yet all we’re hearing about is Ginuwine’s transphobia.

I guess WWT > #MeToo on the progressivetard stack.

Correlation With Causation

15 12 2017

Article links on AR’s story haul back on Tuesday, these two are obviously juxtaposed:

Genius juxtaposition on the part of the AR editors, as far as I’m concerned.


As I wrote in the latter story’s thread:

Cluster, not coincidence.

“What are you thinking, QD?”

Long track Stockholm Syndrome.

In addition to the fact that a certain percentage of women really go in for audacious goons, especially ones like the Religion of Peacers who have quasi-official societal endorsement.


There’s a Joke Hiding In Here Somewhere

15 12 2017


I just can’t find it.

Incidentally, since I first read this article, and as you can see by looking at the source article, ABC changed the title.  The only reason I have this screencap is from one of the many YouTubers I’m subscribed to whose names I still don’t inherently remember.  Patience, Blogmeister, patience.

Remember, this is the same network that gave us the prime time drama Scandal.   Apropos of everything?

Subtraction Is Addition

26 11 2017



Archbishop of Canterbury baffled by Christians who back Trump

England’s top religious authority, the Archbishop of Canterbury, said Sunday that he doesn’t understand why so many Christians in the U.S. support President Donald Trump.

The Most Reverend Justin Welby told ITV’s “Peston on Sunday” program that he “really genuinely” can’t comprehend why fundamentalists have provided such a strong base for Trump.

They were told for decades to drop the social issues, and in 2016, they did.

Simple math:

Religious right minus social issues equals populist-nationalist.