Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

25 11 2016


Let’s run through the hints:

* “Feral pack”

* “Youths”

* South (East) London

* Two girls BT-1000s arrange a fight after school

* The fight was both arranged and advertised on social media, and that helped the audience size swell

* Upon a cop holding a boy over the hood of a car (“car bonnet”), someone in the mob yelled, “that’s racist.”

* “Kids have a go at each other after school every week around here.”

It all adds up to Mahogany Mob.

Insert New Monkey Wrenches Here

3 11 2016


Like I’ve been saying, another delay, another hurdle, another glitch.

There will be many more delays, hurdles and glitches; those engineering them are doing so with the hopes that everyone quits paying attention just out of pure cynicism or fatigue or bordeom, and therefore nobody notices that the formal exit procedures are never commenced.

Pissed Off

7 09 2016


Isn’t this supposed to be the kind of thing which makes actual blacks involved in BLM hopping mad at white “allies?”

OTOH, is more proof of what we’ve been seeing for two years and the recent DNC leaks have proven, that the whole progressive-left, Democrat Party in the United States and now the Labour Party in England have hitched all their wagons to the BLM horses.  A stunt which I think they will eventually come to rue with every cell of their existence.


A Little Too Ironic, I Really Do Think

1 08 2016


And some other juicy, even if not ironic, pics.

Take us home, Alanis.

Irreconcilable Differences

26 07 2016


More good news:  Brexit may mean that Beer Incorporated does not happen.

Developing hot, or in the case of beer, cold, dot dot dot…

The New Bell Curve City

21 07 2016


…Is getting Fergusony.

Not surprisingly, a McDonalds plays importantly into last night’s events.

Brexit Vote Neutered

11 07 2016


Theresa May is pretty much a lock for next PM.

She was a Remain advocate, and while she’s making noises about honoring the vote, she’ll probably do it superficially but not substantively.

May also continued the Michael Savage prohibition, implemented by Jacqui Smith, who was the final Home Secretary in the third and final Labour Term of the 1997-2010 run, the term split between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown as PM.


Unfortunate but clever Drudgetaposition this morning: