Hollywood Spiked

16 11 2015


Spike Lee be like:

White people will no longer be a majority fewer than thirty years from now, because of Hispanic and Asian immigration and population growth, so Hollywood better make more black movies.



It’s a New Era

22 09 2015

Los Angeles

Jeffrey Tambor won an Emmy on Sunday night for his role in an Amazon-exclusive series.

Here’s what Jeffrey Tambor was doing in his acting career about 35 years ago:

“Starring” in a short lived “Three’s Company” spinoff.  And this was when he himself was 35 years old, so he must have been born with male pattern baldness.

And yes, that’s Patricia McCormack, of Rhoda Penmark fame.  I know that, because I am the founder and President and only member of the Rhoda Penmark Fan Club.

Giving Me the Opportunity to Coin a New Word

2 06 2015

Los Angeles

A professional basketball player who calls himself “Swaggy P” used the occasion of his 30th birthday party not to ditch his stupid juvenile nickname, but to propose to his wiggress girlfriend, one Iggy Azalea.

A few months ago, I made fun of another low information undertow star, Azealia Banks, because of her racial rant.  What I didn’t realize at the time, but remember now, is that Iggy Azalea and her black-imitating antics were part of her motivation for going on that rant.  That said, Miss Banks can’t be happy today, now that her nemesis is going to get married to a black man, even though Miss Banks herself at the time was in a relationship with a white man.

That, and don’t get me confused about how one’s last name and the other’s first name are so similar.

Anyway, you may noticed the word you may have never read before, one that I hope has not been used before, so I can legitimately lay credit to coining it.  That being “wiggress,” which is of course a portmanteau of “wigger” and “negress,” i.e. a female wigger.

Dear Lee Daniels

11 05 2015

Los Angeles

Don’t like white writers?

William Shakespeare essentially wrote the episode scripts of Empire for you when he wrote King Lear.

Trevor Noah

31 03 2015

New York


Surprise.  Yet another mulatto who is really really really hung up on race, in the anti-white direction.

CMDY gets down on its knees and begs Jon Stewart not to leave in three, two, one…

Because this African mulatto messiah hopeychanger will do to The Daily Show what that other African mulatto messiah hopeychanger has done to the whole country.

Felon To His Left

23 03 2015

Los Angeles

Remember this?

The one on the right side of this pic is now facing six felony charges.

I think “Lil Twist” is an Ebonics phrase that translates into English as “sextuple felon.”


Leonard Nimoy

28 02 2015

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

I don’t know why Leonard Nimoy’s passing shook me up.  Or I didn’t until this morning.  I’m not a Trekkie; yes, I have watched my fair share of Star Trek episodes and a few of the movies in my life, but I’m not a junkie.  And Nimoy was 83 years old; men of that age are living on borrowed time statistically speaking, and men of that age die all the time, I know.

Leave it up to Eric Raymond, who made Ferguson a beyond-a-reasonable-doubt closed case affair on August 18, to answer my question.  Leonard Nimoy was the first real popular culture nerd.


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