5 03 2018

Los Angeles

AMPAS passes Missouri geography by not giving Best Picture to a movie with the name of a non-existent town in Missouri in its title.

Even though if you’re so interested, real world Missouri place names are a good lesson in national and international geography, but a bad one in pronunciation and sometimes also in spelling.

Just a few examples:

Nevada (central to Harry Truman’s life) is pronounced such that the first “a” is long instead of short.

Hayti, a misspelled variant of “Haiti,” is not pronounced like the country, but like it is misspelled:  HATE-eye.

Versailles is in the French regal sense pronounced Vehr-SIGH, but the town in Missouri is pronounced Vehr-SAILS.

Rolla was settled by people from inorthographate people from east central North Carolina who named it after their birth state’s capital city of Raleigh.

Cabool was named after Kabul, Afghanistan, again, by inorthographate founders.


We Wuz Kangz, Writ 134 Minutes

16 02 2018

I’m just waiting, and not gleefully so, for the first news story to cross mine eyes about a black either murdering or violently assaulting a white person, because MUH WAKANDA.

It happened after Roots, and Mississippi Burning, and A Time to Kill, and Twelve Years a Slave.  One of our common complaints is that hate crimes enhancements almost always seem to be a single-edged sword that is swung in one direction.  Oddly enough, though, the 1993 Supreme Court decision which green lighted they very concept of bias enhancements, Wisconsin v Mitchell, originated in a black that got all up in his feelings and felt some kind of way after watching Mississippi Burning, and took out his frustration by turning a white teen inside out.  At the time he did it, Wisconsin had a hate crimes provision, and Mr. Mitchell’s lawyers, well, literally, took it all the way to the Supreme Court.

Now that I’ve established this, I’m waiting on any trolls or incredulous interlocutors to retort with what I think they will, because I’ve already got the response rearin’da’go.

This thing for awhile had a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.  When you can’t get 100% of people to agree that the color of a lemon is yellow.  Yeah, real, fishy.

Time Travel Was Just Invented

25 01 2018

Your Blogmeister’s Secret Hideout

Just turn on your TV this coming fall, and you’ll be instantly transported back to the 1988-89 TV season.


* Miami Vice
* Roseanne
* Murphy Brown

The first was in its final season, and the other two were in their rookie seasons, during the TV season that coincided with me being in the sixth grade.

OTOH, the reboot of MB will allow Dan Quayle to come out of hiding.

Just In Case You’re Wondering…

23 01 2018

Los Angeles

There is no such place as Ebbing, Missouri.

On the other hand, Missouri in general does have a bad reputation for the multiplicity of full sized high mount billboards.

The Parable of the Mouse and the Fox

15 12 2017

Los Angeles

Not hard to explain this Disney-Fox deal.

All you have to do is see which parts of Fox Disney is buying and which parts they aren’t.  And add to it the news that broke at about the same time that Disney is pulling all of its props off of Netflix.

Disney and Fox are making polar opposite bets about the future.  Disney is buying Fox’s movie production business, IP and content rights, and most of its sports broadcast outlets and rights, meaning Disney wants to move heavily into streaming and therefore needs to beef up its vault like a mofo.  Especially since Disney’s existing comic book properties plus what they’re buying from Fox is already making the comic book spergs orgasmic.  Considering what Fox is keeping, which includes the regular OTA TV network and Fox News, Fox is betting on live and first run and timely-relevant content.  So, considering that Disney’s bet and Fox’s bet are two opposite pieces of the puzzle that fit together, this deal was going to pop off.

In addition, it made sense for Disney, which already owns ESPN, (for what that’s worth these days), to move more heavily into sports, but Disney already owns ABC, so it didn’t need to buy Fox News, which would have created a confusing corporate news culture and drew the ire of Federal regulators.

Old News Much

30 11 2017


RIP Jim Nabors.

This tries to sell you on the notion that his orientation was a nuclear secret.  In reality, it has been known since the ’70s.  My mother went to his Christmas concert in St. Louis in either ’73 or ’74, and she said of it that he seemed to spend more time talking about his gayness than singing.

So Typical Me

20 11 2017

Santa Monica, California

Jeffrey Tambor:  Suspect since 1979.  Because:

Yes, that’s Patricia (“Patty”) McCormack of Rhoda Penmark fame.

And isn’t this so typical me, these days, that I know Jeffrey Tambor and Patty McCormack before I know Nicholas Stix.  I’m going to have to ask those doctors to rewire my priority circuits.