Wicked Shoah Profiling Trick

17 03 2018


And that’s where I stopped.


You’ll read a lot about European populist and nationalist political parties, but nothing about Muslim and other non-white immigration.


Note:  I’m guessing there might also be a concentration camp photo or two.  Because, yerranazi.


Ye (Really) Olde Internets

26 05 2017

Taormina, Italy


The leaders signed a joint statement to “combat the misuse of the Internet by terrorists”, backing efforts to make technology companies do more to crack down on what May called “the hateful ideology” of Islamic State.

“Against the backdrop of Monday’s cowardly attack in Manchester we have discussed what more we can do to defeat global terror,” May told a news conference.

“We agreed the threat from Daesh (Islamic State) is evolving rather than disappearing. As they lose ground in Iraq and Syria, foreign fighters are returning and the group’s hateful ideology is spreading online. Make no mistake, the fight is moving from the battlefield to the internet.”

And I’m not cool with this brewing narrative of “blame the internet.”  Of course, what other option do they have?  Must not be racist, or Islamophobic, because diversity.

Let me put it to you this way:  I use the phrase “Ye Olde Internets” fully with tongue in cheek, and just to be cute.  But, the way these people are going on, and if this is any indication, this “blame the internet” official public meme is going to go balls to the wall until there’s no groove left on the vinyl, they must think the internet actually is that old.  You know, because the internet existed in the seventh and eighth century to help facilitate the growing Caliphate and help it make it halfway up through what is now modern-day France until Charles Martel stopped them and started pushing them back.  Which means the internet also existed in the fifteenth through seventeenth centuries as the Ottoman Turks karked Constantinople and then almost 200 years later made it close to the gates of Vienna until Jan Sobieski did his best Charles Martel impersonation.

Here’s a piece of advice:  Crack a Koran every once in awhile, and actually read the thing.

Takes Care of That, Welp.

24 05 2017


Daily Mail:

More than six million asylum seekers are waiting to cross into Europe, a leaked intelligence report warns.

Oh well, we can forget about effective resistance to admitting refugees now.

Because, when you want to shut a goy up, start yelling about “six million.”

Doors, Fences and Locks Are the Worst Inventions Ever

23 08 2016

Alpbach, Austria

I presume Juncker owns and uses some of those.

101st Dumbborne

29 06 2016


EU wants its own standing army, because NATO won’t defend Europe.

I know, right?  NATO members states’ armed forces aren’t defending Europe from the immigration invasion, (which Angela Merkel asked for, shhh), so the EU wants its own army that won’t defend Europe from the immigration invasion (hint:  the EU and Germany are basically the same thing, shhh).

That’s Gonna Leave a Bruise

25 06 2016


Comparing the European Union to Pruitt-Igoe.

Considering what the old Pruitt-Igoe site is today, that isn’t bound to make EU officials happy.

Revealed Preferences

22 03 2016


With their mouths, they bitch about Trump’s “bigotry” and “Islamophobia.”

With their actions, they prove him right and his proposals necessary.

“We’ve been fearing this,” “we’ve been preparing for this,” “we’re at war.”  Those are some of the common refrains coming out of Belgian and European public officials today.  They’re another group of people whose actions are incongruent with their rhetoric.