Political Is As Political Does

26 12 2017

New York; Chicago; Palo Alto, Calif.

Food Deserts aren’t really a thing.

I knew that already, because I knew that “food desert” is a political construct, and nothing more.

Several years back, I looked at the USDA map of food desert census tracts in the St. Louis area.  Some of them were places where nobody would expect supermarkets or grocery stores, like Lambert Airport, river bottoms, industrial areas, railroad yards.  Places that are census tracts legally but have virtually no permanent resident population.  Of census tracts that actually have people, the St. Louis area food deserts among them seemed to have one of three qualities:  (1) Straight up black ghetto, or (2) Lacked a big box supermarket with a unionized/UFCW workforce, or (3) Lacked a hipster-favored overpriced medium box like Whole Paycheck or Trader Blows.

Since the Obama Administration’s USDA put this map together and bureaucratically popularized the whole “food desert” vaporware/fiction, then it should be no surprise they focused on blacks, unions and hipsters.


Dixie Clam Chowder

31 01 2017


Restaurant recommendation, if you’re ever so geographically placed:

There’s a place close to Hartsfeld, called Spondivits.  If your relationship with clam chowder is anything above absolute hatred, then get their clam chowder, either their regular or their special Kennebunkport enhanced variety.

In case you’re wondering, I’m in Atlanta for the startup.  I’m visiting a professor at Georgia Tech who I hope will help my cause immensely.

Your Good Diversity’s Gonna Go Bad

11 04 2016

Washington, D.C.

Or, to put it another way, when people suddenly don’t see the virtue in virtue signaling.

Remember, food and restaurants is the A-1 case that diversity advocates make for diversity being a strength.  “Think of all the restaurants,” anti-racist Hitler told the Israelis.

Everybody Loves Raymond Kroc

24 04 2015


AP headline:

What could McDonald’s do to fix its business?

I respond:

Someone on AR awhile back might have a suggestion.

The Wages of 365Black

22 04 2015


American sales at comparable outlets at the 365BellCurve fast feeder down 2.6% 1Q15 over 1Q14.

To go with it, global revenue is down 11% and global net income is down 36%.

In my Google News search for “McDonalds” just now, this is the second prominent story.

A lot of people are saying to McDs:  Now that you’ve gone 365Black, we’re not coming 365Back.

Fry Gap

15 11 2014


All hail a new Gap, a freshly minted disproportionality.

Let me be the first to be crazy enough to speculate that fast feeders market to black kids because black kids and black non-kids love the fast feeders and think their offerings to be the ne plus ultra of culinary excellence.  That said, I have it on good authority that all the fast feeder chains, to the extent that any of their food is “good,” ship the good food to their white locations and send the crap food to black ones, because they and everyone else knows that Africanus Bellcurvius will eat anything that comes out of the clown’s head, because they’re lovin’ it.

But if this really is a problem, there is an easy solution:

McDonalds should get rid of 365Black.

Smart Aleck Cart

16 07 2014


Really?  Really.

You’ll read here that the author is worried that these things will break down often.  Before any of that, they’ll be stolen. I’m waiting to see the first homeless person pushing a talking cart with a screen.

Even if that doesn’t happen, the whole thing will be a big flop. You really expect people to be neat and tidy and studious about obeying the subdivided sections of the cart? They’ll throw anything in any part of the cart, so the “healthy” section will get filled up with junk and trash food, the cart will congratulate you on buying healthy food, and you’ll get whatever rewards they think you should get.

How will the cart be able to tell that the person doing the shopping is going to be using food stamps? This whole project is to get food stampers to buy healthy food, right? What about the scant few of us remaining who actually pay cash for food?  Can we avoid the nanny cart, or are they going to make us take one, too?

Being a St. Louisan, and also a once every few weeks patron of Soulard Market. They don’t have grocery carts, you either have to bring your own push-behind or push-ahead cart or radio flyer wagon or something, or carry what you buy. I know that most vendors there take food stamps, they display such notices proudly and prominently. So you’re telling me that all the healthy food you buy from there with food stamps won’t count toward your points or rewards or computer voiced “ataboy” or “atagirl” because there won’t be these smart carts there?


You knew Earl of Taint would come through.