By Any Other

11 03 2018


Oh great, now we’re prattlebatting about the NAME?

Time for Uncle Blogmeister to level with you:

It doesn’t matter what is the party’s name, and it doesn’t matter who is the party’s leader, and it doesn’t matter of whom the party’s leader is or is not a direct descendant.

What does matter is that whatever it’s called and whoever leads it will be pursing some semblance of a populist and nationalist agenda, which puts it on a collision course with organized activist Jewish interests in France and elsewhere.

What also matters secondarily is that it is quixotically trying to pursue (even kiddie pool) populism and nationalism by way of the democratically republican process, and any decent neoreactionary can attest to the foolhardiness of that.


All Important Third Barrier

7 05 2017


Of course I would have wanted to see MLP win outright.  But that was a long shot.

I was actually thinking she’d break 40%.  No on that count, either.

But here’s the good news:

If she winds up getting 35%, and I’ll come back later and insert the actual number, she will have almost doubled the previous record for the percentage of the national vote cast for a FN candidate.  She herself holds that record, when she got 17.9% five years ago in the first round, though that was only good for third place, and she obviously didn’t make the runoff.  That figure in turn slightly beats her father’s share of the national vote in the runoff when he made it ten years prior.

Here’s the more important thing.

She passed one-third.

There’s an old saying that if a cause which previously had less support makes it above one-third public support, it’s inevitable, while a cause which previously had high public support falls below one-third, it’s never coming back and will soon die.

Up a Flooded Crick Without a Paddle

5 05 2017


French election runoff funnies.

* “How can such idyllic villages support the far right?”

Duh, because they want to stay idyllic.

* If MLP can pull it off on Sunday, it’s going to put the IOC in a bind.  You see, the only two finalist cities for the Summer 2024 games are Los Angeles and Paris.  So they have to pick between Trump, who they hate, or MLP, who they hate.

If it gets to that point, then bribery will be the deciding factor.

Mountain from a Hundred Miles

23 04 2017


“Shocking,” that MLP made the runoff.

Yes, it’s shocking, unless you’ve been paying attention to the race and the polling data for the last handful of months.

That so much of the media are parroting this “shocking” line this afternoon makes me think about what I wrote here yesterday.  In light of both things, I am now going with a derivative of my second theory.  What I mean is that they kept saying MLP will make the runoff for months, thinking she wouldn’t, and perhaps having scientific polling to back it up.  They did that so that when she didn’t make the runoff, they’d have grounds to gloat and beat their chest about people souring on the FN and popnat parties.

But MLP did make the runoff, therefore, they’re shocked.

Smile Into a Frown

22 04 2017


What’s with all the establishment hysteria over MLP’s chances all of a sudden?

I think one of two things are at work:


(1)  They actually think she can win the whole bag of marbles, and are starting to panic,


(2) They know their conventional wisdom is right, that she’ll make the runoff but only get 35-40% in the runoff, is correct, and are deliberately overselling her in order to create grounds and a pretext for gloating when that happens.

Why I’m #NRx

17 04 2017


“Computer blunder.”

An honest mistake, I’m sure.

Ville D’Inquiétude

6 03 2017


The conventional wisdom is that MLP wins the opening round but then loses in the runoff.

So why all this official unhinged paranoia and derangement I’m reading out of Paris?

I can assure you that I don’t worry about a ladybug defeating me.