Ville D’Inquiétude

6 03 2017


The conventional wisdom is that MLP wins the opening round but then loses in the runoff.

So why all this official unhinged paranoia and derangement I’m reading out of Paris?

I can assure you that I don’t worry about a ladybug defeating me.


26 02 2017


Yes she could.

And the reason why she could is because her public relations campaign of dediabolization of the party is yielding fruit that will show up in the runoff round of the voting.

The consensus of political scientists is that in electoral systems like that in France, and also Louisiana, and recently, California, where it’s everyone in the pool for the initial round of voting, then the top two face each other the runoff, voters have an affirmative mindset in the opening round and a defensive mindset in the runoff.  Meaning that they vote for who they really want or who is most like them in the opening, then vote against who they fear more in the runoff.

In previous election years, the problem for JMLP and then MLP, and the FN in general, is that there are always enough French voters who affirmatively want either person or the party to get them either first or second in the opening round, but the media-establishment-((())) jihad against them means that way many more voters fear J/MLP-FN than the “mainstream” left or right party, meaning we flame out in the runoff.  MLP’s PR effort has that in mind, to get people to fear the FN less to give it a puncher’s chance in the runoff, and at the same time, trying to get people to fear the “mainstream” parties more.

This was the permanent lead anchor around David Duke’s ankle.  (Remember, Louisiana.)  Enough affirmative support to make the runoff, but way more fear of him always to lose in the runoff.

Look Who Was Spying Then

16 02 2017


Which is why it takes a lot of nerve for any of us to complain about other countries’ supposed interference in our elections.

It wasn’t just the CIA, either.  The American embassy in Paris and a bunch of American-led democracy project style soft power organizations also interfered, mainly to cock block FN/MLP.

This is why Trump’s victory was so important, because the upcoming French elections will now be held with the colossus of American soft and implied hard power being wielded by someone who is at least somewhat sympathetic with FN/MLP, instead of hostile toward it.

Just Can’t Figure It Out

1 02 2017

Hénin-Beaumont, France


But opposition members and NGOs in Henin-Beaumont say the party’s manicured image masks a more disturbing reality.

They point to a “Migrant-free Town” vote organised by Briois last year — without the town having been asked to take in any of migrants pouring into Europe — as proof of a hardline agenda.

In spite of that, the town seems to be a pleasant place to live.

Next: France

9 11 2016


Brexit and Trump portend well for the FN and MLP en Avril ?

But Think of All the New Edgy Trendy Restaurants

2 11 2016


By the End of the Day

26 07 2016

Rouen, France

ISIS, you say?

By the end of the day, it will have had nothing to do with Islam, and we’ll all be made to be vigilant about resisting the Islamphobic backlash.  Ordinarily, I’d think that’s a contradiction, but those seem to thrive in Der Narrative.

Also, ordinarily, I’d swear that a foreign potentate has declared war on France.