Bad to Worse

12 01 2017


One of the suspects in #BLMkidnapping demanded ransom from the victim’s parents.

Black Undertow

4 01 2017


In case the video gets plonked, and I anticipate the Googitburo will do just that in short order, some text.  Story doesn’t mention it, but the white man is, shall we put it diplomatically, of special needs, and had actually been reported missing from his home in the northwest suburbs for a few days.

“White Must Die”

31 10 2016


Can’t even.

The Yehuah and Yeshuah points to black Hebrew-Israelite.

H/T to our Lewis33 aka @LewisWade35.


Nice of You to Mention

4 10 2016

Sylacauga, Alabama

As far as I can tell, this is the P-D’s first mention of this case.

As far as I can guess, this will be its last.

While we do get allusions to race and racial hate, we get a generic photo of a cop car at night and an orbital shot of a hurricane.

Must be Hurricane Dindu.

All Silent on the World War T Front

12 07 2016

Evansville, Indiana

It starts out this way:

A transgender Evansville woman shot in the face Sunday told police that her alleged attacker, who identifies with a black separatist group, shouted a homophobic slur during the assault.

Gerald Duane Lewis, 26, is accused of shooting 55-year-old Crystal Raquel Cash at 715 N. First Ave. On his Facebook page, Lewis claims membership in Israel United in Christ, which the Southern Poverty Law Center has identified as a hate group.

Except LGBTQetc probably won’t make a BFD about this, unless they can massage the story to keep us from thinking about the actual suspect, and instead try to make it out to be Pat Robertson’s fault.

Why not?

Click the link and find out!

Now that you have found out, while I know how low a bar the SPLC has to define hate, I also know that they have a high bar for black groups.  So if the SPLC has any black groups on its Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Everything Must Go List of Extremisthategroups, then they’re really something to worry about.

Hate Crime?

2 07 2016

North Riverfront

Confirmed:  Suspects are black.

Unconfirmed:  Victims are white.

Confirmed:  Not a robbery because nothing was stolen.

All adds up to…

…Hate crime.


Or not. Vic’s name and address.


26 06 2016

Tower Grove South


Find out what they did.

What really interests me here isn’t what they did, but where they did it.  It was at the corner of Grand and Chippewa.  That area on Grand between Chippewa and Gravois, and parts just to the north and just to the south, is the most diverse part of St. Louis City.  And when I say “diverse,” I mean the literal dictionary definition of it, the Shannon-Weaver Index sense of the word.  Domestic blacks, immigrant blacks, South Asian immigrants, late 1990s Bosnian refugees, native born whites, Hispanics, Indochinese (Vietnam-era refugees), LGBTQ, Knockout Martin Luther King players and victims, all converge on that area.  And it’s the kind of area that if you didn’t know that and were placed there blindfolded, you’d sense something not quite right about it, some eerie feeling in the air.

So if diversity is supposed to be so great, then why all this?  Why this news?  In this case, it’s one of the rare instances when one of us did something to one of them.