What’s the Alternative?

7 07 2015


This wasn’t racially motivated, or so they say. Okay, so what was the motivation?  Let’s see them try to come up with an official explanation for the motive that even a retard can’t refute.

“No Apparent Motive”

27 05 2015

Grand Forks, North Dakota

Which usually means racial hate crime.

Sab has more.


Yes, I’m So Thrilled

12 05 2015


Another suspect in the murder of Zemir Begic has been named, but probably won’t feel shamed.

Is that supposed to mollify us?  The important issue in that case is racial hate, the witness reports that his assailants yelled racial slurs on their way to murdering him.  How’s that investigation coming along?  Mum’s the word?  Rabbit hole?  See no hear no speak no?  Hush crime?  Robbery gone wrong?  Wrong place wrong time?

It Won’t Go Too Viral

6 05 2015


If she only would had said “faggot,” it would go viral and it would be a hate crime.

But because she said “white faggot,” it won’t go viral and it will be a hush crime.


This won’t go viral, either. Same reason.


20 04 2015

Duncan, Oklahoma

“Thrill kill,” “had nothing to do.”

Is that what they’re calling anti-white racial hate these days?

The third suspect mentioned in this case, the one who is not facing murder one anymore, is one James Edwards.

Reasonably Doubtful

1 04 2015

West End

No hate crimes riders, probably because they’d be all but impossible to prove.

But it’s way more than just a “dumb mistake.”

Cardinal Fan

31 03 2015

West End


That’s why he uses the MetroLink, because it gives him easy access to Busch Stadium.


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