We Could Have Seen This Coming

26 03 2018

Bevo; Downtown

Zemir Begic’s assailants (murderers) are getting relative slaps on the hand, for the most part.

Because there was ample evidence that they deliberately targeted a random white man in the immediate hours after the grand jury announcing no true bill against Darren Wilson in late November 2014, I think they all could have been strung up for first degree murder and possible hate crimes enhancements.  It’s just that neither the Circuit Attorney’s office nor the SLPD wanted to do the necessary leg work, especially considering the racial tensions of the immediate moment.  You know, because gentle giant and black babies’ bodies.


We Wuz Kangz, Writ 134 Minutes

16 02 2018

I’m just waiting, and not gleefully so, for the first news story to cross mine eyes about a black either murdering or violently assaulting a white person, because MUH WAKANDA.

It happened after Roots, and Mississippi Burning, and A Time to Kill, and Twelve Years a Slave.  One of our common complaints is that hate crimes enhancements almost always seem to be a single-edged sword that is swung in one direction.  Oddly enough, though, the 1993 Supreme Court decision which green lighted they very concept of bias enhancements, Wisconsin v Mitchell, originated in a black that got all up in his feelings and felt some kind of way after watching Mississippi Burning, and took out his frustration by turning a white teen inside out.  At the time he did it, Wisconsin had a hate crimes provision, and Mr. Mitchell’s lawyers, well, literally, took it all the way to the Supreme Court.

Now that I’ve established this, I’m waiting on any trolls or incredulous interlocutors to retort with what I think they will, because I’ve already got the response rearin’da’go.

This thing for awhile had a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.  When you can’t get 100% of people to agree that the color of a lemon is yellow.  Yeah, real, fishy.

He Called Me the N-Word (Grounds For Assassination, No Doubt)

11 01 2018


The story on a basic level.

The unstated details here are that the perp is black, the vic is white, and the perp claims the vic used a racial slur toward him.

Poo’ Party

9 05 2017

Pompano Beach, Florida

I’m sure you’ve heard about it by now, but in case you haven’t, Sab and Hoft will tell you all you need to know.  Though I don’t buy for one minute that he really succumbed to his guilty conscience.  It was just a matter of, as you’ll read in Sab’s version, that 4chan and /pol/ outed and doxxed him, so he figured he’d better turn himself in before the cops do it for him.

Question:  Why do African Rockfish even go to pool parties?

Another One of These “Motive Unclear” Deals

1 05 2017



RPP is a little more certain on motive.

Fresno Is Diverse (All Praise Due to Allah)

18 04 2017


Another nutbar.  Muslim name, “Allah u Akbar,” said he hated white people.

But, don’t worry.  Diversity will cure this kind of thing and prevent it from ever happening again.

WRPT is pointing to a domestic black that converted, rather than a Muslim immigrant.  The latter would have expressed his hatred toward the “infidel,” not “white people.”

Muddy Water Keeps On Flowing

27 01 2017


Death threats, huh?

Death threats against people that are already in jail.  It would be kinda difficult to carry them out.

Their defense attorneys are just trying to muddy the water either to create a pretext for a mistrial or an appeal.  They might want to move the case out of Cook, because of pretrial publicity; problem is, their best chance to beat the rap is with a Crook County jury.

Unless the Feds step in, and I know from the right grapevine that the CPD was going to drop this file at the U.S. Attorney’s office after noon one week ago today.