16 07 2017

WaPo: A study found adults see black girls as ‘less innocent,’ shocking everyone but black moms

2: Police allegedly beat teenage girl they mistook for adult male suspect


HRC Noticed Things

9 06 2017

Little Rock

The story.

The hot text:

SJWs are hounding her, for obvious reasons.  Our angle is her hypocrisy.

But why?

All she did was notice things.

I can understand why those in prison for property crimes are a huge risk in that situation, because if you get sent to prison for property crimes, it probably means you committed a lot of them and/or did a whole lot of damage in the process and/or made off with a lot of expensive loot.  It’s easy to see why being prison slave labor in the Governor’s Mansion would be way more of a temptation for them than they could handle.  But I don’t get the notion that murderers aren’t that dangerous.  However, the state of Arkansas’s correctional system by the time of the Bill Clinton governorship had the data and experience to prove that, as Kurt Angle might have said, it’s true, it’s true.

The explanation probably goes like this:  19-year old Ooktavious murks 19-year old Dindutavious based on some lame-brained impulsive TNB, because Bell Curve City.  (E.g. the last can of grape soda).  Ooky gets a Murder-2 rap on his sheet and a thirty-year bit for his trouble.  After a decade and a half in the joint and his testosterone starting to empty out, he has calmed down, the wild has worked out of his system, and he actually regrets what he did at 19.  So, yeah, thinking it through, I can understand that, if you have to pick one, a 35-year old inmate who is fifteen into a thirty for murder-two, or a 35-year old inmate who is on his third year of a five bit for his fourth residential burglary, both black, but they could both be white, then I get it.

Diversity, For Real?

19 05 2017


ESPN:  Diversity and refugees, because Clarkston High School’s championship XC team.

It starts this way:

Dubbed “the Ellis Island of the South” and “the most diverse square mile in America” by various publications, this suburb northeast of Atlanta has evolved into a magnet for refugees and immigrants from around the world since the 1990s, and 44 percent of its current population is foreign-born.

As a result, the students at Clarkston High School come from more than 50 countries and speak nearly as many languages. Printed images of international flags — from Congo, Thailand, Pakistan, Ethiopia and others — hang inside the campus’ entryway, a mosaic-like tribute to the student body’s origins.

The varsity boys’ cross country team is a microcosm of the school and the town, with all eight runners on this year’s squad having moved to the United States from Africa. In November, three days before the U.S. presidential election, that team won yet another state title.

ESPN evidently doesn’t get its own joke.  Fifty countries worth of diversity, yet all four state championship XC runners are either East Africans or an eastern African looking young man from a western African country, and the other four are African immigrants.

The key word to understand here is HBD, not diversity.

Actual American

17 04 2017


HBD prevails in the Boston Marathon.

The second fastest man is not only described as an American, he actually is an American, not some east African with a U.S. State Department issued passport.  He would be Galen Rupp, who won the bronze in the Olympic marathon in Rio.

It’s Not a Mystery, It’s HBD

3 04 2017

Jefferson City

One of the items that MissouriNet has been running with all morning is that the March of Dimes has released their state-by-state grades for premature births, and they grade for the Show-Me is a mediocre C.  In passing, MoD mentions a statistic we first learned late last current year that in Missouri, black women are 49% more likely to deliver prematurely than non-black women, and in the context of Missouri, “non-black” is almost a pure synonym for “white.”  MoD casts the disparity as a chronic and perplexing mystery.

If they want it not to be a chronic and perplexing mystery any longer, they should crack this book:

They will learn that, because of the r-K life history spectrum, and because of the racial differences therein, the average gestation for black women is a week shorter than for white women, with Amerindian/ish people in between, and East Asians longer than whites. (A racial pattern that seems to present very often in that book). What it means is that MoD is making a problem out of a non-problem because they’re holding black women to the biological standards of white women.


28 03 2017

Flint, Michigan

But only because her defense attorney is trying to beat her rap.

Granular Accounting

25 03 2017

Washington, D.C.

American Interest writes of Brookings’s study of foreign exchange students’ views of the American educational systems:

Foreign exchange students’ perceptions of U.S. education clearly depends on their own educational background and their school placement. Students placed in underperforming Chicago schools, for example, are more likely to say that U.S. education is easier compared with foreign students placed at top-tier high schools in upper-middle class university towns.

The study doesn’t offer details about these alternative variables that might offer a more granular account of where U.S. schools are succeeding and failing…(snip)

The study doesn’t offer such details or such accounting because they are taboo, politically incorrect, racist, and probably also anti-Semitic and transphobic, because intersectionality.  Of course, if you don’t want to be all transphobic, then you can consider Davis Guggenheim’s theory that some nefarious spirit magically sends all the bad teachers to the black ghettos.

Also remember when it comes to “top-tier high schools in upper-middle class university towns,” those are the schools that have the widest white-black achievement gaps.