I Remember That

15 04 2016


Michael Brown died because he wasn’t able to get a call center job with a firm that is heavily dependent on Federal contracts.

Essence of Diversity

13 02 2016


Campus Reform:

Harvard med students demand diversity, but no more Asians please


They similarly lament the insufficient diversity of the student body, complaining that “while … 21.7 percent of HMS students are underrepresented in medicine,” just two of the 165 current first-year students are black females, and contending that “these numbers are not reflective of a nation in which African Americans, Hispanics, and American Indians comprise 32 percent of the population.”

According to The Boston Globe, Asians and Pacific Islanders are not mentioned in the petition because they are not considered “underrepresented” by the Association of American Medical Colleges. As of 2012, the two groups together constituted 18.9 percent of the HMS student body.

Two themes I’ve been noticing for quite some time are present in just those two paragraphs:

(1) The very definition of “diversity” is a moving goalpost which moves back and forth over the heads of Asians most often, in that they go from being diverse to not diverse most often, depending on the micropolitics of the question at hand.

(2) “Diversity” also means black women trying to ride on the backs of all “diverse” people for the benefit of black women.

Just In Time For MLK Day

15 01 2016

Midtown; CWE

To solve the “problem” of only 4.4% of occupational therapists being black…

Let me translate this for you:  All it means is that all the black person (Harris-Stowe is St. Louis’s HBCU) would have to do is get admitted to Harris-Stowe, which isn’t very hard, and should he or she stay on academic track, he or she will end up with a diploma from a consistently top five in the country med school.

Not even Trump will take on affirmative action.

Tip of the Spear

17 11 2015

St. Louis City

And that is a double entendre.



In the local focus, I wonder how far down I have to read before I encounter the typical bitching that we usually get when the topic is violent crime or crime in general — You know, “St. Louis is an independent city,” “We can’t expand,” “It’s apples and oranges to compare us to cities that can annex,” blah blah.  Because we got it last year at this time.  Just as St. Louis City and County will start jointly reporting their crime stats as if they’re a single entity, for the purposes of statistical concealment, I fully expect the same to start happening with STD rates.

Being Black for a Living

11 10 2015



He’s a doctor, but you get the sense that he’d rather be black for a living.  Perhaps he’s on his way of being the Ta Coates of physicians.  In which case it would make sense for him to speak and write of black bodies often, unlike Ta.

And also, he’ll never let us forget that someone microaggrieved him by mistaking him for the maintenance man.


Penis Propaganda

26 09 2015

Arlington, Virginia

The Pentagon’s WWII anti-STI posters, though back in those days, those maladies were called VD, Venereal Diseases.

Back in 2010, I asked:

Need help from an amateur or professional historian:  Was there a particularly bad outbreak of gonorrhea about 1920?  If so, I could imagine that it happened for the same reason that the 1918 Spanish Flu happened, that being World War I.  For the first time, young American men were mass involved in military conflict outside the United States.  They probably picked up a lot of diseases from European prostitutes, and spread it back and forth between themselves and other soldiers and other prostitutes, and even other European women who weren’t morally loose but were destitute because of war damage, so they had no choice but to trade sex to soldiers for money.

This article has the answer:

According to a history published in the journal Military Medicine, “In World War I, the Army lost nearly 7 million person-days and discharged more than 10,000 men because of STDs. Only the great influenza pandemic of 1918-1919 accounted for more loss of duty during that war.”

Of course, WWI also fueled the flu pandemic of the two immediate postwar years.

Also something else interesting:

Of course the big question is, did all of this “penis propaganda” keep the troops from getting STDs? Here’s the U.S. Army Medical Department’s Office of Medical History: “It can be stated very simply that the lowest venereal disease rates in the U.S. Army occurred during 1943 and that the rates began to rise in 1944, further increased in 1945, and showed marked increases after the cessation of hostilities.”

That’s not a big mystery.  We were focused on bellicosity in ’43, but as we started turning the tide with win after win and after win in both theaters in ’44, and actually won in ’45, the men who helped bring about those wins and the ultimate victories turned their excitement and exuberance toward carnal pleasures, many times, to the point of criminality.



Relax, Max.

8 09 2015


They’re not going to tear down Desloge.

How do I know this?

Well, most of my providers are at SLU, and a certain other group of people are taken there as well.  In the last few years, the area between Grand, Chouteau, Spring and Rutger has been slowly cleared out, all that remain are a few houses, a historic part of Pevely that will be renovated for something, and a few buildings already part of the SLU campus, and a pretty new charter high school not affiliated with SLU.  There’s enough room for whatever SSM is going to want to build now that it now controls SLU once again.

Incidentally, and I always had this suspicion, but this confirms, that Firmin Desloge and Desloge, Missouri are related.


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