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29 07 2018


First off, yes, this is the same conference where this happened.

Now it’s time for red pills, in lieu of ARV pills.

What’s really going on here is severalfold:

(1) The usual consequences of black people being unable to control their sexual appetites and use protection (blah blah blah “sub-Saharan Africa and Caribbean”)

(2) The standard ARV treatment regimen has gotten so good that in almost all cases, it means that HIV-AIDS is no longer a death sentence, and in many, the infection can be somewhat reversed

(3) Because of (2), and partially because of (1), the “MSM” crowd (that “other” MSM) is starting to get insouciant and arrogant, thinking it can now go full steam ahead with its regularly scheduled lifestyle, and not have to worry about protection or self-control, because the ARV treatment will save them

(4) HIV-AIDS is starting to evolve and mutate to show resistance to ARV drugs

Put it all together, and the physicians and public health professionals who specialize in HIV-AIDS are predicting that it will once again become an infection epidemic, this time it will be mostly as bad as the worst doomsday predictions of the 1980s that never materialized.

What you read here in this article is a political pre-manufacturing of what will be the official excuse when it does happen.  The fault of the nowhere near as powerful as it used to be American religious right.  If Trump weren’t tied with Baraq Obama for the most pro-homosexual President in American history, this would also be getting you prepared to blame him.



8 04 2018

Washington, D.C.

It starts off really badly:

In that address and others, he described the AAMC’s “Holistic Review Project,” which the organization launched in 2007 with the goal of “redefining what makes a good doctor.” The project’s objectives included revising the MCAT and a wide range of other reforms. A series of new guidelines (some of which have yet to be implemented) called on medical school admissions teams to place less emphasis on applicants’ grades, changed the requirements for letters of recommendation, and altered the standardized application by requesting a great deal more information about students’ upbringing and life experiences. The AAMC is also planning to add “situational judgment tests”—carefully crafted interviews in which applicants will be presented with a variety of hypothetical scenarios involving ethical conflicts—to the current admissions requirements. Along with the new MCAT, these changes are part of Kirch’s plan to shift the focus of medical-school admissions toward a “new excellence,” a standard based less on test scores and more on “the attitudes, values, and experiences” of applicants.

Then it only gets worse from there.

It’s all affirmative action.

The artform that is medical science is being converged.

Soil > DNA

5 04 2018

Jefferson City

This new website has as its purpose:

exploreMOhealth was created in partnership between Missouri Foundation for Health and the MHA Health Institute, the not-for-profit corporation affiliated with the Missouri Hospital Association. By combining their resources they have created one of the most unique health-related datasets in the country. Data is the key to diagnosing and addressing some of our region’s most pressing health issues, and by making this information available to the public, both organizations are furthering their missions to improve health and the health care system.

This may or may not be that relevant, but all three named institutions therein advocate Medicaid expansion.

Anyway, this is part of what this new website say about St. Louis City (click to enlarge):

Note that the top is the city’s best zip codes, the bottom is the city’s worst. In spite of that, “top health factor” and “top social factor” denotes what the authors of this database consider the biggest health and social problem within the given zip code, even if they aren’t as big a problem in that zip code as they are in others. For instance, in the context of the city, 63109 (southwest city), the city’s best, is said to have STDs as its top health problem and percent unmarried as its top social problem. Even though the STD infection rate in 63109 is way lower than it is in the five worst city zip codes, and the marriage rate is higher.  While the STD rate is higher and marriage rate lower in 63113, the city’s worst zip code, than it is in 63109, the authors think that STDs and marriage aren’t the worst individual problems in 63113.

I’m also curious that these authors, whose politics at the very least lean to the left, consider renting and being unmarried to be socially undesirable.  Red pilled folk know that generally speaking, that home ownership is the province of sociologically better people compared to renting, because people who can buy generally have better credit scores (which is how they can get the mortgage) and have higher future time orientation (which is generally why they have better credit scores), which is a good thing for those we expect to maintain a residential dwelling in order to live there for an extended length of time.  Marriage?  Well, that’s cisheteronormative and indicative of the patriarchy of toxic masculinity, besides, evil white married men brainwash the white women they’re married to to vote for Trump.

It’s just that what we know is verboten hatethink in social justice wackoville.  Meaning that SJWs are probably going to launch a social justice jihad against the authors of this research.

Meanwhile, in the “About” section of that page:

Some experts suggest that a person’s ZIP Code is more predictive of their health than their genetic code. Having detailed, local information on health factors and health outcomes in the places where Missourians live can help community health leaders take action to help create and sustain a healthy Missouri.

Do you know what that means? Soil is more important than DNA. Which means Watson and Crick might as well have not even bothered.  It all comes down to magic dirt and tragic dirt.

I guess it’s going to take me and my dump truck full of red pills to suggest that zip codes don’t make people, people make zip codes.

Furthermore, it might be worthy to mash up this data with Charles Murray’s Super Zip data (see here and here) — I tend to think there will be a very high correlation between the ordinality of Missouri’s zip codes’ health and social rankings and their Murray scores.  For instance, realizing Sailer’s advice to look at the extremes of big data sets to ferret out patterns and conclusions, I applied that to this research, and found that the top health outcome zip code in the state, 63105 (Chesterfield west), also has the highest possible Murray score of 99.  The worst health outcome zip code in the state is 64101 (Kansas City, west bottoms), but it’s not really a residential area, and therefore does not have a Murray score at all.  But the second worst health outcome zip code in the state is 64128 (Kansas City, Palestine East neighborhood), and it is a residential area, and has the lowest possible Murray score of 1.  Which comes as quite a shock, unless it doesn’t.  In between these extremes, I’m guessing the negative correlation will be at or greater than r=0.8, negative because plotting county health ordinality on the X axis from 1 to 958 and each county’s Murray score on the Y axis will show a downward slope, and pretty close to a downward line I think.

Backing up for a minute:

Data is the key to diagnosing and addressing some of our region’s most pressing health issues…

I have found that data are only as good as the political biases of those analyzing them.  To wit:  Official Missouri, armed with all this data, thinks that it’s all due to the kind of dirt in a given zip code.  It takes an unknown local snarky blogger to tell the truth.  Chetty Chetty Bang Bang has access to a personal data trove that would make Mark Zuckerberg blush, and all he’s really doing with it is goosing it to manufacture a conclusion that he knows the domestic deep state wants to hear, which is that shoveling the black and brown, esp. black, undertows, out of cities, and into suburbs, is a silver bullet.  It takes our sector’s premiere dataheads to ferret out the really interesting and relevant and crucial findings and interpretation from the Chetty spreadsheets.

This also points to another Sailer contention, that our society’s data nerds will sperg the fuck out on sports data because it’s politically safe, in contrast to the much more crucial societal needs of health care and violent crime, where the data nerds would be of great help, because people are deferential to the education credentials of physicians, and scared of realizing politically incorrect conclusions, respectively.  In the case of this data set, it took the involvement of the non-profit and lobbying appendages of the state’s health care industry, in concert with Mizzou’s professional data nerds, to make this happen.

Easy Way Out

22 03 2018


Really now?

Well then, there’s an easy way out:

Keep your white privilege, don’t treat Abos.

Now for the red pill:

If nurses will be mandated to proclaim their white privilege before treating Abos and TSIs, then this will probably make them feel more comfortable, because they know they’ll have a white nurse, and therefore a competent nurse, instead of an affirmative action Abo or TSI nurse.

Believe me, they know.

Wicked Historical Racism Porn Profiling Trick

17 03 2018


And that’s where I stopped.


You’ll read a lot about Tuskegee, but nothing about relating blacks’ lack of volunteerism back to HBD.


Note:  The hyperlink over “Tuskegee” is to the truth about it.  Spoiler alert:  Nowhere near as titillating as the modern day narrative.

Two Ways to Take

14 03 2018

Madison, Wisconsin

The “About Us” section states that:

The County Health Rankings & Roadmaps program is a collaboration between the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute. We believe America can become a nation where getting healthy, staying healthy, and making sure our children grow up healthy are top priorities. We have a vision of an America where we all strive together to build a national Culture of Health that enables all in our diverse society to lead healthy lives, now and for generations to come.

And this collaboration has just dropped new per-state county-by-county data, including for the Show-Me.

Digging a little deeper, the majority heft of the rankings comes from the quality of people in a given county, and everyone reading this space knows what that means and the relevance for certain county-level jurisdictions in the state.  The only reason St. Louis City wasn’t dead last is because, among other things, one of the factors is the presence and availability of physicians, and St. Louis City, with two major hospital medical school complexes, one of them involves a consistently top five med school, is a really good place to be sick.

St. Charles County is the #1 county in the state, in both outcomes and factors, which is hardly a surprise.  St. Louis County is 11th in outcomes and 7th in factors, and that’s surprising to me, considering how much of the city has moved to the county in recent decades.  Going by the axiom that the extremes of a data set give the most information, the worst counties other than St. Louis City are either delta/black or the most impoverished rural Ozark whites, and the best ones are well to do and white.

So, to net this out, provided Official St. Louis really cares about this news and bothers to respond, it will treat this news in one or both of two ways:

(1) The Steve and Lyda Show
(2) Magic Dirt and Tragic Dirt

In contrast, all you really need to know is that these rankings are not much more than an IQ test.

You Say You Want an Evolution?

12 03 2018


Me, November 14, 2017:

Their official reasoning is that since HIV/AIDS treatment regimes are now so good that contracting HIV is now no longer a death sentence, that the legal paradigm that treated not telling your sex partners of your HIV+ status, or committing rape or sexual assault against someone else whilst HIV+, almost as a form of attempted murder, is passe and obsolete. Of course, while it’s been quite a few months since I’ve been coherent enough to write blog posts, before then, I don’t remember reading or seeing or hearing that the complete HIV treatment regimen, blood tests, specialist visits, prescriptions, counseling, and sundries, has suddenly become affordable for everyone. It might have in the several months of my involuntary sojourn, but I have my doubts. So the gay activists’ official reasoning rings rather hollow, until such a time.

I forgot something:


Styx, today:

Then again, if you read the rest of my post, you’ll find out the real reason.