And We’re Back to Lead Paint

21 10 2019


Correlation, causation, blah blah…

Elevated blood lead levels can be solved with proper nutrition.  The problem is that you don’t get that proper nutrition from the crap you get from talking into a clown’s head.

Rhetorical question:  Why are black kids the only kids that seem to suffer from the consequences of lead poisoning?  It’s as if kids of all other races are biologically immune.


Not Everything Is a Matter of Euros and Cents

18 10 2019


This is sort of a neat and fortunate segue from yesterday’s post here about the late Elijah Cummings, because I discussed the concept of life expectancy.

How many times have you read or heard the media-narrative reasoning that the black-white life expectancy gap in the United States is due in at least large percentage or maybe actually mostly a function of the United States not having true universal health care?  (Even post-ObamaDontCare).  What they don’t blame on that, they pawn off on white racism in the generic, even though we found out that slavery is the cause of the United States not having universal health care.  (Britain once had slavery and currently has the NHS, so I wonder how they ‘splain that, Ricky.)

Worm, meet turn.

The American news outlet that is that combination of the most stridently left-of-center and mainstream has this story about the most ostentatiously left-of-center German city, that totally blows that reasoning out of the Wasser.

Red-Pilled Americans know that the real problem in the black-white LE gap is due to blacks’ insouciance about their health and their crummy diets and lifestyles.  Which means the gap is more a function of the lower end being really low.

I think in Hamburg, it’s the other way around.  The higher end LE people in Hamburg really attentive of their health, meaning the high end is really high, not the low end being low.  Hamburg’s “poorer” areas aren’t black, they’re more like the typical current year German morass of Middle Eastern type immigrants.  They’re not as good as the white elite, or average white people, but nowhere near as bad as negroes, when it comes to minding their health, or a lot of other things.

Hamburg is a big town for the news media and NGOs, so that should tell you a lot about its high LE elites.  While it’s got vibrancy, it’s not quite as vibrant as, say, Cologne.  Really though, Hamburg is for the white liberal pathologically altruistic virtue signaler;  During our two days there summer before last of the vacation, I actually saw “Black Lives Matter” window signs (in English), in spite of Hamburg hardly having any negroes.  Which of course was more proof of my previous point that I figured out long ago, that BLM signs are more the province of pandering white libs instead of black people.  What I figured out in one country turned out to be just as true in another.

My guess is that if you want the worst black-white LE gaps in the United States, you’ll need the juxtapose better whites by white standards with worse blacks by black standards, which means somewhere in Wisconsin or Minnesota, because certain areas in those states have the biggest black-white crime and education gaps in America.

Note:  I have not yet had to go back to Hamburg since moving to Germany, but I know I’ll have to at some point.  You know how that goes:  Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil…Und ob ich schon wanderte im finstern Tal, fürchte ich kein Unglück…

Spent Capital

9 10 2019

Downtown St. Louis

I saw in the American national news through the day yesterday that the big three non-HIV/AIDS STDs are at an all-time high infection rate.

So I knew it would only be a matter of time before the St. Louis media would focus on the St. Louis angle, most notably, St. Louis City’s rank in those infections.

Next day.

And we get the usual long time excuse:

The rates in St. Louis are among the highest because St. Louis and Baltimore are the only cities reporting numbers as independent cities rather than as a county, explained Dr. Hilary Reno, assistant professor at Washington University School of Medicine and medical director of the St. Louis County Sexual Health Clinic.

It’s the same old ZOMG WE CAN’T ANNEX LOL~!!!!1 line.  Or the, “city limits signs cause x, y or z social pathology” line.

But here’s the problem with trotting out that line now:

That capital has already been spent, that well has run dry.

Because the political “solution” to that “problem” was the Louschaltung, and that officially, in terms of a serious public proposal, lasted about as long as a shooting star, (Remember earlier this year?  I know, nobody can remember five to eight months ago because we’re all supposed to be outraged about insults leveled against black women’s hair in 1829), even though it had been in brewing within the confines of St. Louis’s domestic dog patch deep state since the fall of 2006.

Excuse Factory

29 07 2018


First off, yes, this is the same conference where this happened.

Now it’s time for red pills, in lieu of ARV pills.

What’s really going on here is severalfold:

(1) The usual consequences of black people being unable to control their sexual appetites and use protection (blah blah blah “sub-Saharan Africa and Caribbean”)

(2) The standard ARV treatment regimen has gotten so good that in almost all cases, it means that HIV-AIDS is no longer a death sentence, and in many, the infection can be somewhat reversed

(3) Because of (2), and partially because of (1), the “MSM” crowd (that “other” MSM) is starting to get insouciant and arrogant, thinking it can now go full steam ahead with its regularly scheduled lifestyle, and not have to worry about protection or self-control, because the ARV treatment will save them

(4) HIV-AIDS is starting to evolve and mutate to show resistance to ARV drugs

Put it all together, and the physicians and public health professionals who specialize in HIV-AIDS are predicting that it will once again become an infection epidemic, this time it will be mostly as bad as the worst doomsday predictions of the 1980s that never materialized.

What you read here in this article is a political pre-manufacturing of what will be the official excuse when it does happen.  The fault of the nowhere near as powerful as it used to be American religious right.  If Trump weren’t tied with Baraq Obama for the most pro-homosexual President in American history, this would also be getting you prepared to blame him.


8 04 2018

Washington, D.C.

It starts off really badly:

In that address and others, he described the AAMC’s “Holistic Review Project,” which the organization launched in 2007 with the goal of “redefining what makes a good doctor.” The project’s objectives included revising the MCAT and a wide range of other reforms. A series of new guidelines (some of which have yet to be implemented) called on medical school admissions teams to place less emphasis on applicants’ grades, changed the requirements for letters of recommendation, and altered the standardized application by requesting a great deal more information about students’ upbringing and life experiences. The AAMC is also planning to add “situational judgment tests”—carefully crafted interviews in which applicants will be presented with a variety of hypothetical scenarios involving ethical conflicts—to the current admissions requirements. Along with the new MCAT, these changes are part of Kirch’s plan to shift the focus of medical-school admissions toward a “new excellence,” a standard based less on test scores and more on “the attitudes, values, and experiences” of applicants.

Then it only gets worse from there.

It’s all affirmative action.

The artform that is medical science is being converged.

Soil > DNA

5 04 2018

Jefferson City

This new website has as its purpose:

exploreMOhealth was created in partnership between Missouri Foundation for Health and the MHA Health Institute, the not-for-profit corporation affiliated with the Missouri Hospital Association. By combining their resources they have created one of the most unique health-related datasets in the country. Data is the key to diagnosing and addressing some of our region’s most pressing health issues, and by making this information available to the public, both organizations are furthering their missions to improve health and the health care system.

This may or may not be that relevant, but all three named institutions therein advocate Medicaid expansion.

Anyway, this is part of what this new website say about St. Louis City (click to enlarge):

Note that the top is the city’s best zip codes, the bottom is the city’s worst. In spite of that, “top health factor” and “top social factor” denotes what the authors of this database consider the biggest health and social problem within the given zip code, even if they aren’t as big a problem in that zip code as they are in others. For instance, in the context of the city, 63109 (southwest city), the city’s best, is said to have STDs as its top health problem and percent unmarried as its top social problem. Even though the STD infection rate in 63109 is way lower than it is in the five worst city zip codes, and the marriage rate is higher.  While the STD rate is higher and marriage rate lower in 63113, the city’s worst zip code, than it is in 63109, the authors think that STDs and marriage aren’t the worst individual problems in 63113.

I’m also curious that these authors, whose politics at the very least lean to the left, consider renting and being unmarried to be socially undesirable.  Red pilled folk know that generally speaking, that home ownership is the province of sociologically better people compared to renting, because people who can buy generally have better credit scores (which is how they can get the mortgage) and have higher future time orientation (which is generally why they have better credit scores), which is a good thing for those we expect to maintain a residential dwelling in order to live there for an extended length of time.  Marriage?  Well, that’s cisheteronormative and indicative of the patriarchy of toxic masculinity, besides, evil white married men brainwash the white women they’re married to to vote for Trump.

It’s just that what we know is verboten hatethink in social justice wackoville.  Meaning that SJWs are probably going to launch a social justice jihad against the authors of this research.

Meanwhile, in the “About” section of that page:

Some experts suggest that a person’s ZIP Code is more predictive of their health than their genetic code. Having detailed, local information on health factors and health outcomes in the places where Missourians live can help community health leaders take action to help create and sustain a healthy Missouri.

Do you know what that means? Soil is more important than DNA. Which means Watson and Crick might as well have not even bothered.  It all comes down to magic dirt and tragic dirt.

I guess it’s going to take me and my dump truck full of red pills to suggest that zip codes don’t make people, people make zip codes.

Furthermore, it might be worthy to mash up this data with Charles Murray’s Super Zip data (see here and here) — I tend to think there will be a very high correlation between the ordinality of Missouri’s zip codes’ health and social rankings and their Murray scores.  For instance, realizing Sailer’s advice to look at the extremes of big data sets to ferret out patterns and conclusions, I applied that to this research, and found that the top health outcome zip code in the state, 63105 (Chesterfield west), also has the highest possible Murray score of 99.  The worst health outcome zip code in the state is 64101 (Kansas City, west bottoms), but it’s not really a residential area, and therefore does not have a Murray score at all.  But the second worst health outcome zip code in the state is 64128 (Kansas City, Palestine East neighborhood), and it is a residential area, and has the lowest possible Murray score of 1.  Which comes as quite a shock, unless it doesn’t.  In between these extremes, I’m guessing the negative correlation will be at or greater than r=0.8, negative because plotting county health ordinality on the X axis from 1 to 958 and each county’s Murray score on the Y axis will show a downward slope, and pretty close to a downward line I think.

Backing up for a minute:

Data is the key to diagnosing and addressing some of our region’s most pressing health issues…

I have found that data are only as good as the political biases of those analyzing them.  To wit:  Official Missouri, armed with all this data, thinks that it’s all due to the kind of dirt in a given zip code.  It takes an unknown local snarky blogger to tell the truth.  Chetty Chetty Bang Bang has access to a personal data trove that would make Mark Zuckerberg blush, and all he’s really doing with it is goosing it to manufacture a conclusion that he knows the domestic deep state wants to hear, which is that shoveling the black and brown, esp. black, undertows, out of cities, and into suburbs, is a silver bullet.  It takes our sector’s premiere dataheads to ferret out the really interesting and relevant and crucial findings and interpretation from the Chetty spreadsheets.

This also points to another Sailer contention, that our society’s data nerds will sperg the fuck out on sports data because it’s politically safe, in contrast to the much more crucial societal needs of health care and violent crime, where the data nerds would be of great help, because people are deferential to the education credentials of physicians, and scared of realizing politically incorrect conclusions, respectively.  In the case of this data set, it took the involvement of the non-profit and lobbying appendages of the state’s health care industry, in concert with Mizzou’s professional data nerds, to make this happen.

Easy Way Out

22 03 2018


Really now?

Well then, there’s an easy way out:

Keep your white privilege, don’t treat Abos.

Now for the red pill:

If nurses will be mandated to proclaim their white privilege before treating Abos and TSIs, then this will probably make them feel more comfortable, because they know they’ll have a white nurse, and therefore a competent nurse, instead of an affirmative action Abo or TSI nurse.

Believe me, they know.

Wicked Historical Racism Porn Profiling Trick

17 03 2018


And that’s where I stopped.


You’ll read a lot about Tuskegee, but nothing about relating blacks’ lack of volunteerism back to HBD.


Note:  The hyperlink over “Tuskegee” is to the truth about it.  Spoiler alert:  Nowhere near as titillating as the modern day narrative.

Two Ways to Take

14 03 2018

Madison, Wisconsin

The “About Us” section states that:

The County Health Rankings & Roadmaps program is a collaboration between the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute. We believe America can become a nation where getting healthy, staying healthy, and making sure our children grow up healthy are top priorities. We have a vision of an America where we all strive together to build a national Culture of Health that enables all in our diverse society to lead healthy lives, now and for generations to come.

And this collaboration has just dropped new per-state county-by-county data, including for the Show-Me.

Digging a little deeper, the majority heft of the rankings comes from the quality of people in a given county, and everyone reading this space knows what that means and the relevance for certain county-level jurisdictions in the state.  The only reason St. Louis City wasn’t dead last is because, among other things, one of the factors is the presence and availability of physicians, and St. Louis City, with two major hospital medical school complexes, one of them involves a consistently top five med school, is a really good place to be sick.

St. Charles County is the #1 county in the state, in both outcomes and factors, which is hardly a surprise.  St. Louis County is 11th in outcomes and 7th in factors, and that’s surprising to me, considering how much of the city has moved to the county in recent decades.  Going by the axiom that the extremes of a data set give the most information, the worst counties other than St. Louis City are either delta/black or the most impoverished rural Ozark whites, and the best ones are well to do and white.

So, to net this out, provided Official St. Louis really cares about this news and bothers to respond, it will treat this news in one or both of two ways:

(1) The Steve and Lyda Show
(2) Magic Dirt and Tragic Dirt

In contrast, all you really need to know is that these rankings are not much more than an IQ test.

You Say You Want an Evolution?

12 03 2018


Me, November 14, 2017:

Their official reasoning is that since HIV/AIDS treatment regimes are now so good that contracting HIV is now no longer a death sentence, that the legal paradigm that treated not telling your sex partners of your HIV+ status, or committing rape or sexual assault against someone else whilst HIV+, almost as a form of attempted murder, is passe and obsolete. Of course, while it’s been quite a few months since I’ve been coherent enough to write blog posts, before then, I don’t remember reading or seeing or hearing that the complete HIV treatment regimen, blood tests, specialist visits, prescriptions, counseling, and sundries, has suddenly become affordable for everyone. It might have in the several months of my involuntary sojourn, but I have my doubts. So the gay activists’ official reasoning rings rather hollow, until such a time.

I forgot something:


Styx, today:

Then again, if you read the rest of my post, you’ll find out the real reason.

Claire’s Sniffing Around

14 02 2018

Washington, D.C.;  Jefferson City;  Kirkwood

Claire calls out the pharma lobby for the opiate crisis.

She is getting this close to calling out the Sassoon family.  May we expect her next report to be such where those who keyboard in the words will have to use Shift+9 and Shift+0 on occasion?

While we in the Alt-Right are certainly not hesitant to do that, and especially not hesitant because of the parenthetical angle, we know that we can’t pawn all the blame off on the pharmas and their lobbying arms. We also realize that societal systemic and structural hatred towards working class whites is a yuge driver.


28 01 2018

St. Louis City

Two different Channel 2s in one.


St. Louis’ four trauma centers are trying to keep people out of their hospitals with a new violence prevention program.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the St. Louis Area Hospital-Based Violence Intervention Program will add social workers at Barnes-Jewish, SSM Health St. Louis University and SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s hospitals. The initiative is an expansion of the Victims of Violence program at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

The social workers will visit injured children and adults in the hospitals, and then as often as weekly for up to a year after they’re released. Each victim will set goals related to education, job training or relationships.

The project is funded by a $1.6 million grant from the Missouri Foundation for Health. It’s sponsored by the Institute for Public Health at Washington University.


Police have arrested a St. Louis teen in the shooting death of a man found dead in his crashed car last week.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the 17-year-old told officers that he shot 26-year-old Rashauwn Haley because he felt cheated in a drug deal.

The teen was charged Friday with first-degree murder and armed criminal action in Haley’s death. He remains in custody on $1 million bail.

The Associated Press does not generally name juveniles charged with a crime.

Same source, same day.  And also, no pun intended when I wrote “SHOT.”  Note that, as of the time of this writing, and per Missouri law, a 17-year old criminal suspect is an adult, not a juvenile, so you can go ahead and name the Norwegian.

All in all, the conclusion is that Rashauwn Haley was murdered because of his lack of goals.

If they really wanted to do something that worked, they would put large banners at the main entrances that read, “AVOID THE GROID.”

Also, why isn’t this effort being established at the ERs at Mercy and Holy Tony’s?  After all, problacktards assure us that there’s all this secret murdering going on in white suburbs that the cops or someone else cover up.  I imagine, though, it’s for the same reason why radio buys for gun buyback programs only seem to be heard on the hip hop and R&B stations, but never the classical or country stations, though I’d rather be a whore farting in church than advertise a gun buyback program on a country station.

A Few Ways I Could Take This

16 11 2017


Paul Kersey, (who I understand also went on a voluntary blog hiatus while I was on my involuntary hiatus), on the latest nursing home outrage involving black employees.

A few points:

(1) A few years ago, I think it was out of Florida, there was another similar outrage.  It involved a black woman employee, a nursing home, a centenarian white woman nursing home patient, and a dildo.  You figure out the rest.

(2) This man fought to beat that big bad evil Hitler for the cause of equality in 1945, and equality wound up murdering him in 2014.

(3) These are the high costs of low wages.  The nursing home industry doesn’t pay well, which inevitably means that a lot of black women will be its employees, if they can easily access the facility by way of commuting.  Which in turn means that you’ll inevitably have younger black women, full of anti-white hatred and propaganda (public schools, rap music, and official society), who literally hold the lives of elderly white people (the very people they believe oppressed them) in their hands.  Hence, travesties like these.

(4) When my uncle and I were scouting out potential assisted living facilities for my mother in the early part of last year, from the outset, we deliberately eliminated from consideration any facility in the St. Louis area that was along or near public bus lines.  It will only take you a millisecond to figure out why.  As it turned out, the one she liked, we liked and she moved into in March of last year is well beyond the reach of the metro area’s public transportation system.

My Somewhat Unique Take on California’s New HIV Laws (Introduction to the Howard Jones Doctrine)

14 11 2017

Sacramento, California

During my involuntary sojourn, one of the hot breaking WTAF stories (What The Actual Fuck, in this case, quite literally, because it involves sex) was that the state of California has officially demoted the concept of less than fully informed full consent sexual transmission of HIV from a felony to a mere misdemeanor. I might need correction here, but I heard that the same legislation also does the same for those who refuse to tell blood banks that they’re HIV+ before donating their blood.

The LGBTQ-BLT-BBQ-LOL alphabet gang has made this one of their top drawer political agenda items for the last five maybe ten years, and now that they’ve got gay “marriage” in the bag, this and World War T will probably be their big #1 and #1-A demands for awhile. They got their way in California, which means that it will roll downhill like a snowball, becoming an avalanche, in many other cities and states. If it was HRC instead of DJT stacking the Federal judiciary and SCOTUS right now, they’d try the Hail Mary in the Federal courts right about now.

Their official reasoning is that since HIV/AIDS treatment regimes are now so good that contracting HIV is now no longer a death sentence, that the legal paradigm that treated not telling your sex partners of your HIV+ status, or committing rape or sexual assault against someone else whilst HIV+, almost as a form of attempted murder, is passe and obsolete. Of course, while it’s been quite a few months since I’ve been coherent enough to write blog posts, before then, I don’t remember reading or seeing or hearing that the complete HIV treatment regimen, blood tests, specialist visits, prescriptions, counseling, and sundries, has suddenly become affordable for everyone. It might have in the several months of my involuntary sojourn, but I have my doubts. So the gay activists’ official reasoning rings rather hollow, until such a time.

You can wipe all that away, because I’m going to tell you the real reason why they want this so badly. When thinking about these things, it’s often incumbent upon you to turn your head sideways toward the official reasoning, and think subversively. Do enough subversive thinking, and you just might arrive at the real reason, the truth.

And what is the truth?

Exact quote from State Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) (*), who was a sponsor of the legislation, after Gov. Jerry Brown signed it into law:

“Today California took a major step toward treating HIV as a public health issue, instead of treating people living with HIV as criminals.”

For as long as I can remember and have been able to think about these things, which, considering the subject matter, has been since I found one of those “books” lying around in a back alley as a ten-year old (1987 on the calendar) and deflowered my own mind, only shortly before I got the official talk, (the book I found was totally clinical and dispassionate, but thorough, and covered everything, except strangely for the sexuality of lesbians, and I didn’t fill in those blanks until I got to college), and, from my subsequent reading and understanding of the history of the politics of HIV/AIDS and of the gay lobby and politically and socially organized male homosexual interests in the Western world that happened before my intellectual consummation, the long sought Holy Grail of gay male activism has been to decouple the concept of male anal sexual intercourse from the concept of an easy transmission vector for HIV/AIDS. Or, if you want vulgar street lingo, they don’t want you to think about lots of men buttfucking lots of men raw dog and promiscuously being an easy way to spread HIV/AIDS.

That effort has had four major prongs: First, infiltrating the institutions (media, academia, the advertising-sales-marketing-public relations continuum) and then using those positions to bully ordinary people and make thinking about the link between anal intercourse and easy HIV/AIDS transmission taboo. Second, infiltrating the medical profession, and then using those positions to censor honest medical science based discussion of how anal intercourse is an easy transmission vector. Third, a political pincher movement of infiltrating important political foundations on the inside (lobbying, think tanks, Congressional staffers, the permanent executive bureaucracy) and street and social agitation on the outside (ACT-UP, et al.), to bully the architects of health care and fiscal policy to divert as many resources as possible to R&D of HIV/AIDS treatments and cures, to hasten the day when worrying about contracting the virus is moot from a medical and health standpoint. Fourth, a combination of all these tactics, plus infiltrating certain sympathetic (i.e. moderate-to-liberal) religious institutions, in order to box out and marginalize and pathologize religious-based aversion to homosexuality, especially male homosexuality.

To wit, Mr. Wiener’s quote above. And also, to wit, the Antifa-style militancy of certain factions of the activist sphere of homosexual men in the late ’80s.

We’re instructed to think of HIV/AIDS as we think of an influenza pandemic, something that is close to impossible to stop or slow down in the person-to-person transmission using human intervention, and absolutely impossible to stop with the internal or external imposition of sexual mores. The end result is that we’re not supposed to think that the anal sex of homosexual men is morally wrong, that went out the window years ago, and now, we’re told not to think that it’s even medically problematic. For much the same reason, we’re being conditioned to think of black violent crime (“gun violence”) NOT as something that black people commit (**), but as a spreading viral or bacterial infection epidemic, which is the real reason why there’s this big push on to examine “gun violence” as a “public health crisis.” It’s the Howard Jones Doctrine at work, in both cases.

The stark improvements of the HIV/AIDS treatment regimen since the early 1990s has been a godsend for that agenda.

Howard Jones Doctrine:


(*) – He also sponsored the legislation, which also passed and Jerry Brown also signed, that throws you in the hoosegow if you engage in biologically accurate science, i.e. call a gender bending freak by their biological pronoun instead of their chosen one. Even though the circumstances behind that take some explanation. But that spawned the running joke that in California, you now get more time for using the wrong pronouns than spreading HIV.

(**) – The black undertow is really good at formulating exculpatory idiom.  For instance, in the ghetto, you don’t commit a crime, you “catch a case.”  Likewise, you don’t commit murder, you “catch a body.”

FBI’s 2016 Uniform Crime Report

14 11 2017


It came out during my involuntary sojourn, and it showed that Detroit is the worst city for violent crime, with St. Louis being in second.

I wonder if anyone in Detroit started kvetching about “ZOMG WE CAN’T ANNEX LOL~!!!!!1” after the data were released.

Of course, they didn’t, because they can’t. Not only can Detroit annex, but in recent years, there was talk that Detroit would go the other way, that is, disincorporate some of its empty fringe parched out pretty much unoccupied territory.

Which means there will NOT be a Steve and Lyda Show in Detroit.

Speaking of the Steve and Lyda Show, while the “ZOMG WE CAN’T ANNEX LOL~!!!!!1” parrots around here were quieted during the crime stats release, second isn’t the same kind of PR headache as first, and they were also initially mum during the CDC’s release of per-county STD data, which happened at just about the same time as the FBI’s crime stats came out, they got a mulligan at the noisemaking, when, as I see Norm wrote about here, that the excessively high STD rate reported by the county that contains Gadsden, Alabama was indeed too good (bad?) to be true, and initially, St. Louis (i.e. the technical “county” of the independent city of St. Louis), was in second, but got bumped up to first when the obvious corrections were made. Which meant we got treated to another cacophony of “ZOMG WE CAN’T ANNEX LOL~!!!!!1.”


Then there’s this.

You know, I’m flummoxed.

They’re trying to hand out this high and mighty and frankly racist boo sheet that black people and black hair barbers either have something to do with high STD rates, and/or can help in the effort to make them lower.  I know this is wrong, because I have it on good authority, i.e. the five PR firms that ride herd for the Convention and Visitors Commission / Civic Progress / the local archons of civic pride, that the proximate causation for St. Louis’s high and in fact nation-topping STD rate is  that the city of St. Louis is not legally allowed to annex territory; same goes for the violent crime rate.


If St. Louis does not land Amazon HQ2, (and I see that one of you in the peanut gallery wrote here as a comment during my involuntary sojourn that you think that a city with a major airport that is a Delta hub will land it, because Sea-Tac in Seattle, where Amazon’s HQ1 is based, is also a Delta hub, which would make it much more affordable to fly suits between HQ1 and HQ2, a very good analysis), and the odds of St. Louis getting HQ2 are pretty long even under ideal or neutral circumstances, then the local archons of civic pride are going to presume, even without having any affirmative evidence, that Amazon passed on St. Louis because of the bad violent crime PR, at which time they’ll really hit the gas on city-county merger (“The Steve and Lyda Show”).


Detroit and its mostly black electorate must be so desperate that, during my sojourn, they wound up re-electing their incumbent white mayor over the son of Detroit’s first black mayor.

Revenge of the Swamp

18 07 2017

Washington, D.C.

I can’t believe I’m quoting Ben Shapiro, but:

All that happened here is that the insurance lobby, which is pretty friendly with the red team, went to work and made sure that the replacement legislation kept most of the ObamaDontCare elements that are insurance industry friendly.  This caused enough Senate Republican defections, and there only needed to be three, to kill the whole thing.

Pen and Phone (Why I’m #NRx)

17 07 2017


Greitens whips it out.


Today’s Brain Buster

9 05 2017



Not really.

American Indians don’t live long.  Well off white people who live at high altitudes do live long.  People who live in large prosperous cities are living longer.  People who live in economically destitute rural areas are living shorter.

The worst county for life expectancy also happens to be Raj Chetty’s worst county for raising children for the sake of future income mobility, that being Oglala Lakota County, South Dakota.

It’s like this “shocking” news we got last week, which of course leaves out the most crucial detail.

It’s Not a Mystery, It’s HBD

3 04 2017

Jefferson City

One of the items that MissouriNet has been running with all morning is that the March of Dimes has released their state-by-state grades for premature births, and they grade for the Show-Me is a mediocre C.  In passing, MoD mentions a statistic we first learned late last current year that in Missouri, black women are 49% more likely to deliver prematurely than non-black women, and in the context of Missouri, “non-black” is almost a pure synonym for “white.”  MoD casts the disparity as a chronic and perplexing mystery.

If they want it not to be a chronic and perplexing mystery any longer, they should crack this book:

They will learn that, because of the r-K life history spectrum, and because of the racial differences therein, the average gestation for black women is a week shorter than for white women, with Amerindian/ish people in between, and East Asians longer than whites. (A racial pattern that seems to present very often in that book). What it means is that MoD is making a problem out of a non-problem because they’re holding black women to the biological standards of white women.

Two Points

30 03 2017

Washington, D.C.

(1) My prediction that the Trump years would be one where American politics would take on a continental European feel, in that we would witness the difficulty in governance in a multi-party culture, are starting to come true.  We have a Democrat Party, a doctrinaire conservative party, a centrist establishmentarian RINO party, and a Trumpian populist-nationalist party.

(2) As much as Trump is hurting himself and burning political capital by doing this, he would have been worse off if the rejected legislation of last week actually passed.

There’s still time to do this right.  By “do this right,” I mean (1) Pen and phone to suspend the enforcement of ObamaDontCare’s unpopular provisions, (2) Demand a full signed confession from the Democrats (including Obama himself) on the lies and skullduggery they engaged in to get ObamaDontCare passed and to defend it after it passed, and once they do, then they get to participate in the debate on where we go from here, and (3) Slowly and rationally figure out where we go from here, and single-payer should not be rejected out of hand.  What should probably be rejected out of hand is anything that smells like it was written by insurance industry lobbyists.

Capital to Burn

22 03 2017

Washington, D.C.

It’s time for OCGE to quit letting someone who was one of his avowed political enemies as late as November 7, that being Paul Ryan, to guide him down a path where OCGE is needlessly burning through political capital.

Remember my previous piece of advice on health care reform:  Just use the pen and phone to suspend the enforcement of ObamaDontCare’s unpopular provisions, and then do the “where do we go from here” thing slowly and rationally.  This issue is not the sort which will cause the world to end if not dealt with immediately.

Same goes for tax reform.  We can afford to slow down, take a deep breath, and think things through.

OCGE should be spending most of his public energy on his politically popular agenda items and existentially important agenda items.

Remember, the 2012 Presidential ticket with Paul Ryan on it not only did not carry Wisconsin, it didn’t even carry Paul Ryan’s own Congressional district.  Trump carried both.  So it’s not as if Paul Ryan is some great political genius.

SLU Med On Probation

14 03 2017


The voluntary organization that various medical schools belong to that serves to police all its members has put SLU Med on probation.

From what I read, it’s for a lot of technicalities.

However, I remember a few years ago that this little scandal broke.  While it got some national coverage, it was an unstory locally.

I’d like to think this is related, but even Harvard Med practices affirmative action.

Same as the Old Bill

7 03 2017

Washington, D.C.

Looks like the insurance lobbyists finally got done writing an ObamaDontCare replacement bill.

Of course, since ObamaDontCare was written for the benefit of that industry, it has that sort of same-as-the-old-boss kind of feeling.

Cutting Off Your New Nose to Spite Your Old Face

27 02 2017


Mockups and drawings of the new major additions to SLU Hospital, to go on the mostly cleared out space in the rectangle of Grand, Chouteau, Spring and Rutger.   P-D, and NextSTL.

Here’s my WTF moment.

They’re going to demolish the 1988 annex to Desloge, the Bordley Tower, but not Desloge itself.  I can definitely understand why any talk about demolishing Desloge was shut down, because of its historical nature and unique and iconic appearance.  But what’s the matter with Bordley?  By the time all these new buildings open, Bordley will only be 32 years old, and as I can attest, because most of my health care happens at SLU, it’s a very nice and functional edifice.  I also don’t think that Bordley has to be demolished to make either the construction of the operation of the new buildings feasible.  It could just as easily continue to stand.  If anything, since Desloge is a 15-story masonry structure in a high risk seismic zone, and Bordley was designed and built with quakes in mind, Bordley could be renovated, and all the crucial operations in Desloge could be moved over to Bordley.  Because the about-to-be built structures will be used for, among other things, admitted patients, which is what Bordley hosts now.

If this winds up happening as-is, it’s just going to seem so weird seeing Bordley, which I saw being built, (my mother went to SLU for as long as I can remember, and as a boy, I went to next-door Glennon), all of a sudden being wrecked.

And in spite of all this, SLU’s ER, which will also be moved into the new edifices, will still be the preferred destination for Federally incarcerated pimps and local dindus.


As it so happened, my mother was supposed to have a medical test at SLU today.  Her assisted living transportation took her there, and when she got there, she found out that someone mixed up the scheduling, so she wasn’t actually on the docket for the test in question today.  She would have needed to wait awhile for the return trip, so instead, she called me, and as luck had it, I was very close when she did.  So, I made a little side diversion.

First off, Bordley is also a masonry structure.  Second, before fetching mom, I went to someone in administration and asked her about Bordley being demolished, and she, as someone who said she knows about the plans, heard nothing about it.  She shifted me around to three other very similar people, none of them had the foggiest either.  So this gonna-demolish-Bordley thing turns out to have been a rumor.


Easier Than That

26 10 2016


Biological proof that Patient Zero wasn’t patient zero.

I already knew that, and I didn’t even need to run an evolutionary biology lab at a major university.

How did I know it?

Two words that very literate St. Louisans know:

Robert Rayford.

Since he died in May 1969, and now it is known he started showing symptoms as early as 1966, and it wasn’t until 1987 that it was proven that AIDS complications did him in, it means that the hypotheses in this article need to be questioned, because they are all after 1966.  Since he had never left St. Louis, especially not for the big cities full of gays which we’re supposed to think was the big vector transmitters in the next decade, this means that AIDS existed in the black ghettos of St. Louis no later than 1966 and probably earlier.

The commonly accepted official theory is that the pathogen made the jump from chimpanzees to humans in the early 20th century, but then we’re also told that before AIDS spread to the United States, it was already present in black Africans and black Caribbeans.  The problem is this:  How would it have been transmitted from black Africans to black Caribbeans in the early 20th century?  I am not aware of any significant population movement between black Africa and the black Caribbean in the early 20th century, either one group or the other going one or both ways, or some other group of people going back and forth between the two places.  Are we to think that there were enough gay white men from the United States going back and forth between the Congo and Haiti to have sex with men?  Did Congolese gay men go to Haiti to have sex with Haitian men in the 1920s?  Did Haitian men go to the Congo to have sex with Congolese men in the 1920s?  Crazy, yes, but that’s what we have to believe in order to believe the official story about when and how this pathogen spread from chimps to humans and then among humans.

Try this on for size:  Negro peoples already had AIDS when they were taken as slaves from west Africa and transported to wherever in the New World.  That’s the only sensible explanation for blacks in both Africa and the Caribbean having AIDS at the times in the 20th century when it has been proven that both groups were so infected.  It also means the (documented*) SIV to HIV jump happened at least centuries ago, not one century ago.  The only open question is the precise mechanics of the SIV to HIV jump.  Was it a matter of chimps biting humans, or humans eating chimp meat?  Or was it something a little more taboo?

* – What I mean by that is that we know for sure that humans of some sort first got the disease from chimps.  The reason I state that is because there’s a fashionable theory among some of us that the UN cooked up AIDS in a lab for the purposes of population control (either general population control or black population control, depends on who is telling you the theory).  Of course, that “effort” has obviously been so successful.

“Condom Desert”

20 10 2016



St. Louis is still the sexually transmitted disease capital of the U.S.

Okay, that’s just the headline.  I bet that at some point in this article, we’ll read the same argument we read when St. Louis is at or near the top of violent crime rankings:  ZOMG WE CAN’T ANNEX IT’S AN UNFAIR COMPARISON LOL~!!!!1, or some variant thereof.

St. Louis again takes the title for the country’s highest rates of sexually transmitted diseases, in a year of record high numbers nationwide.

Chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis reached about 2 million reported cases nationwide in 2015, according to an annual report released Wednesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

I thought Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis were the names of DOR clerks.

St. Louis city topped the list for chlamydia and gonorrhea cases per capita. The rankings are skewed partly because the city is mostly compared with counties in the data. If the entire metropolitan area is included, the St. Louis region ranks eighth for gonorrhea and 17th for chlamydia.

There it goes.  It only took to the third paragraph.

“While it is disheartening that we are still number one, I’m encouraged by efforts to pull together a regional response group,” said Dr. Bradley Stoner, infectious disease specialist at Washington University. “We need greater access to widespread STD testing.”

Why bother with that? We were just told that the stats are illusory and deceptive because zomg 1876.

“Unfortunately our state doesn’t fund comprehensive sex education in a way that we should,” he said. “We have to ensure people have the education and primary preventative health care followed by access to testing and treatment.”

And because of that, people don’t understand the correlation between sex, especially promiscuous sex, and STDs, they have no way of finding out otherwise, as they’re not walking around with almost 100% of all information humanity has ever curated at the ready at their demand in their pockets.

A few new campaigns were offered in the last year, including 4,000 safe-sex kits from Planned Parenthood that were passed out in bars the night before Thanksgiving, a popular social occasion for young adults.

The night before Thanksgiving is a big jiggy night?  I was a young adult, once, a long time ago, and I don’t remember that.  And now that I’m no longer that young, the night before Thanksgiving is now for Puggg and I our Backstoppers night, (and look at the calendar, we’re barely more than a month away), and then off to Joanie’s in Soulard afterward, because that’s where Knockout Martin Luther King victim Matt Quain works.

In September, the St. Louis city and county health departments held a free STD testing event that included raffles for free tickets to a Beyoncé concert.

This so wants a punchline that it’s too early in the morning for me to come up with.  Damn it, man.

St. Louis qualifies as a “condom desert” according to a recent study from St. Louis University. There are fewer stores that sell condoms in the city compared with other areas, and more barriers that make them difficult to get.

Condoms are more likely to be behind the counter or locked up, and they are often sold individually, making them more expensive at about $1.25 each.

Condoms should be made more accessible by selling them in larger packages and placing them on shelves to reduce embarrassment, wrote author Enbal Shacham, associate professor of behavioral science and health education.

Condom desert.  There’s a new one on me.  Which means we’ll probably hear it over and over again.  The irony is that a research study done at a Jesuit/Catholic university informs us that the city it’s in is a “desert” for a type of contraceptive.  As far as this bit about behind the counter and locked up, isn’t that what we are told to do with adult items?  Firearms, pseudoephederine cold pills, porn magazines, cigarettes.

It’s a factually challenged argument anyway — The racial demographic in this town almost entirely responsible for the city’s high STD rate is the same one that seems to be allergic to contraceptives, prophylactics and birth control.

Surgeons Are From Mars, Psychiatrists Are From Venus

12 10 2016

New Haven, Connecticut

Not really hard.

All we need is Steve Sailer’s axiom that people who battle nature are markedly different than people who battle other people.

While both surgeons and psychiatrists deal with people, surgeons deal with people in the most dispassionate way possible and the most scientifically pure and objective way possible.  (Remember, many times, surgery patients are unconscious.)  Psychiatrists, OTOH, deal with people in the most people-y way possible, they deal with the most uniquely human feature of the human species, and the medical science of psychiatry is one of the most subjective gray area ridden disciplines of medicine.

Gimme That Ol Time Triangulation

4 10 2016

Flint, Michigan

Bill Clinton taking a verbal lob at ObamaDontCare…

…is Bill trying to dog whistle triangulatory anti-ObamaDontCare political messages to the electorate on behalf of his wife.  He’s trying to leave enough people with the impression that his wife as President would undo the most undesirable parts of the Unaffordable Uncaring Act.

As much as the Clintons and Obamas have had to pretend to be buddy buddy chum chum over the last eight years, they really don’t like each other.

Remember Michelle Obama’s famous rant in 2008 about how she was proud of her country for the first time?  She was saying that she wasn’t proud of her country while Bill Clinton was President.  That was I think nothing more than a slick diss at the Clintons, because at the time, her husband still had not locked up the nomination and was still campaigning against Hillary.

All a Blur

26 06 2016


I dunno, something about segregation and guns, or something like that.  I guess Tony Messenger has some sort of point, though I’m beside myself trying to figure why he didn’t work an anti-Semitic whisper campaign into this and blame that as well.

And then there’s this:

This is often the sentiment shared by North Side African-American aldermen whenever there is high-profile violence in other areas of the city, like downtown or on the South Side. They see immediate pledges to do something, anything. Patrols are stepped up. Attention is paid.

Anybody who spends much time downtown has seen an increased police presence at various times, for instance, since the May shooting of 21-year-old Brandi Hill on Washington Avenue.

Meanwhile, violence continues unabated in many neighborhoods on the North Side.

So what do they want?  More cops in Bell Curve City, at which time Messenger will write a new op-ed accusing the cops of racial profiling?  Their solutions are such that their implementation will always give them an open lane to complain about problems.

Magic and Tragic Dirt

20 06 2016


I found this gem while searching the Cleveland media for news about riots overexuberant bouncyball fans.

It’s a thing, but it’s not a brand new thing to me, because this kind of thing is discussed in St. Louis a lot, the zip code health gap.

But now I think it’s just another excuse for AFFH.  Notsam perhaps can help me, but I get the feeling that the Cleveland area zip codes 44103 and 44108 have a lot of gentrification potential and are close to Cleveland’s central business district.