3 08 2015

Pearland, Texas

Pearland Journal:

According to Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Paige Newsom, the suspect said that he was tired of his people getting shot by police and nothing happening, so he came to shoot them.

He also reportedly said that the incident was about a war against the government because Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is always sending Mexicans back to Mexico for no reason, and they are the ones here in America doing all the work.

Too much Univision.

Look Squirrel

8 07 2015

San Francisco

I heard somewhere credible that the news that the gun was ripped off from a Federal agent has given the San Francisco sheriff the hook to do a LOOK SQUIRREL~!!!!!1.  He wants us to stop thinking about sanctuary cities and start thinking about gun control.


Game On

7 07 2015

San Francisco

The game of hot potato, that is.

Since Donald Trump elevated what would have ordinarily been just another violent crime on the part of a multiple times “deported” illegal alien that the media stuffed down the rabbit hole out of the rabbit hole and into the forefront of public consciousness, everyone with any semblance of relevant power and responsibility is trying to pass the hot potato.

ICE blamed SFSD for not following through on ICE’s own detainer, but the cynic in me thinks that ICE deliberately transferred him to San Francisco jurisdiction because they knew SF doesn’t adhere to ICE detainers (“sanctuary city”), strangely with no worries about preempting Federal jurisdiction, and no worries that the Feds will thump them for that.  I think ICE wanted to spring him loose, but didn’t want to do it themselves, so they found a pretense, a minor drug warrant out of a known sanctuary city, to move him to that sanctuary city who would then release him, so that if he did anything wrong after that, which he did, it would be the fault of the sanctuary city and not ICE.

Today, SFSD is blaming ICE because they’re not doing their job.  In this instance, that’s wrong, because ICE did issue a detainer.  But in the general sense of the thing, ICE isn’t doing its job, because both it and its predecessor agency, the INS, have had as its ultimate bosses blatantly open borders Presidents since January 20, 1989.  For example, if the SFPD arrested Sanchez on the piddly dope charge and brought him to the San Francisco Jail, and even if SF wasn’t a sanctuary city, the SFSD would have checked his immigration status, found out that he was an illegal alien, called ICE, and the odds would have been close to 100% that ICE would have told the SFSD that they weren’t interested in him.  SF would have then processed him on the dope charge, which probably would have been nothing more than a recognizance bond, he walks out of jail, and then murders Kathryn Steinle at Pier 14.

In reality, there’s enough fault to go around between both San Francisco and the Feds.

President Dindu

6 07 2015

Washington, D.C.

Josh Earnest: Pier 14 Murder is Republicans’ fault for not passing Gang Bangers of Eight which would have had border security.

Even if you want to believe that such border security would have actually taken place, that it wasn’t just a prop to try to scam Republicans into voting for it, which is what it really was, the reason it would not have mattered here is that Mr. Sanchez was probably never actually physically deported five times.

That’s one thing that almost everyone, even Donald Trump, is missing here.  The dictionary definition of “deportation” is an actual physical removal of an illegal alien returning him to the country of which he is a citizen.  The bureaucratic definition of “deportation” is an immigration judge ordering the illegal alien to be deported; any relationship between that and an actual physical removal is purely a coincidence; The Deporter by Ames Holbrook tells why.  Mr. Sanchez was “deported” five times in that he got five different orders from immigration judges to go home, and all five times he ignored them.  Another consideration is that even if the Feds actually tried to remove him, his home country (and as of now, we don’t know which country is his home country) must accept their citizen.  Shockingly, in many cases, the home countries don’t want their people back if they are multiple time violent felons.  This is why rhetoric about “prioritizing deportation resources on violent illegal aliens” is bullshit; since their home countries usually won’t take them back, a violent illegal is even harder to remove physically than an ordinary one, and as we know, the Feds aren’t even trying to deport (bureaucratic and dictionary definitions both) ordinary illegals.

Bell Curve City Plus the Comprehensive Crowd

26 06 2015



And some reading material:  C-Trib, Chicagoist, WBBM, DNAinfo, WGN.  Notice only the video I embed above mentions the Mexican connection.

One thing we know from the get go is that this is our fault.  The only open question is precisely how this is our fault.  Was it because there was a Confederate Battle Flag flying somewhere, anywhere?  Did their parents not say enough words to them when they were infants and toddlers?  Did they consume lead paint that hasn’t been on the market for 37 years, longer than the entire lifetimes of most of these angelic victims of white racism?  Were there no charter schools available to them when they were school-aged children?  Are the taxes and regulations in their neighborhoods too high?  Perhaps it’s all due to the fact that 80 years ago in that very neighborhood, some white guy threw a brick through someone’s window and yelled a racial pejorative in the process.

Saddest of all after reading this news is Rand Paul, who is lachrymose over the possibility that all these people will get twenty-year Federal prison bits for merely having a little bit of weed.

Shut Up, They’re Dreamers

8 06 2015

Riverhead, New York


They have dreams, or something like that.

Jim Hoft echoes Rush in saying that the politicians who left the border open should be taxed.  I’ll take it one step further — This rape happened partially on a golf course, which alludes to the reason why they and their ilk are here, to be cheap labor for the golf courses of Long Island.  Whoever is hiring their probably illegal alien relatives on the el cheapo should be named and shamed.

Gringo’s Dough

2 06 2015

Las Cruces, New Mexico

Fake documents, fake identities, fake Federal income tax refund checks.

If this wasn’t so close to Mexico, my wicked racial profiling trick would be pointing right at Africanus Bellcurvius.

Remember, current New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, who is seriously talked about as Republican nominee running mate material, was once DA of this county.


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