When Hyphenated Meets Undocumented

21 12 2016

St. Peters; Overland

P-D, Channel 4.

The region doesn’t have many, but enough to be newsworthy every once in awhile.

My whitey sense tells me that this is some drug cartel dirty work.

This City Made Our Beds

5 09 2016

Washington, D.C.

Now it must sleep in them, sometimes never waking up.

Don’t you dare hint that this has something to do with our almost zero immigration enforcement nearly open borders policy.

Because, jobs Americans won’t do, or Dreamers, or not having any documents, or something like that.

Besides, you’d think this city would be used to violent gang bangers and gangs by now, after having endured black gangs for decades.

They’re Doing It Right

20 08 2016


Doing the carjacking of nonagenerians that (most) Americans won’t do.

Do You Know the Way

3 06 2016

San Jose

The Mayor of San Jose is accusing Trump of starting the butterscotch mob.

For my money, that’s as good as a confession that he actually provoked the butterscotch mob.

It’s called projection.

Job Corpse

4 09 2015


Crime and violence at Job Corps installations in St. Louis is about a once every six months news item, and is brought to you by Africanus Bellcurvius.

We weren’t due quite yet, as the last story was on April 22.  But we got one anyway, but with a twist, both geographically and racially.

Westplex Daily News:

Man Wanted In Connection With Florida Murder Arrested In Lincoln County

A Florida man who is wanted for his alleged role in the murder of a vocational school student near Miami with a machete was arrested Thursday in Lincoln County.

22 year old Joseph Michael Cabrera was arrested at his relatives’ home near Elsberry on warrants accusing him of being an accessory to murder and of mutilating a body. He was being held in the Lincoln County Jail awaiting extradition to Florida.

The charges stem from the murder of 17 year old Jose Amaya Guardado in June. Police say he was by fellow students at the Homestead Job Corps School into a nearby wooded area, where he was hacked to death with a machete and buried in a shallow grave. Police don’t believe Cabrera took part in the actual killing but they believe he was involved in planning the murder. He is also accused of being involved in digging up Guardado’s body and mutilating it before it was reburied. Earlier this summer, four other classmates of the victim were charged with second-degree murder in the case.

Authorities say there was no indication that Cabrera’s relatives in the local area knew anything about the arrest warrants pending against him.

How did it come to pass that he has relatives in Elsberry?  That’s the scary part.

Pled Out, Quickly and Furiously

11 08 2015



Not even straight life.

After all, it was Brian Terry’s fault for letting himself get murdered in a way that exposed Operation Gunrunner (“Fast and Furious”), thereby causing Baraq Obama and Eric Holder a little bit of temporary discomfort.

Enough Is Too Much

5 08 2015


Missouri is not much of a favorite destination of illegal aliens from south of the border.  In recent years, the few we have gotten in that time period have mainly been into southwest Missouri towns with agricultural processing facilities.

So, when I read the headline at Jim Hoft, I knew it had to be Southwest.