Need a Historian

12 09 2016

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All the news about HRC has made us think of FDR and the obvious analogy.

There is a myth that even through his Presidency that next to nobody knew that he was suffering from polio and was wheelchair-bound for it, and that the lack of public knowledge was the result of a media’s gentlemen’s agreement, a conspiracy of self-censorship.  It is my reading of the history that even during his Presidency, almost everyone who was literate on current events knew that he was a polio patient, it’s just that what was covered up was the severity of his case, and that he was in a wheelchair; most people thought he somehow recovered from his initial sickness from before he became Governor of New York, such that he was at least bipedally functional, even if not spry.  Also, I understand that the reason for the successful cover-up of the wheelchair was more so Secret Service muscle rather than media perfidy.

At some point, after his death, the whole truth came out.  What I need a historian for is to tell me when, and how, and the circumstances.  I know that the truth was fully understood by 1976, because when George Wallace ran for President that year openly from a wheelchair, and got flack for it, he compared himself to FDR.  So, it had to be some time after 1945 but before 1976.

Any Truth to This?

11 06 2016



The source.

If there is any truth to this, then it proves that what is true in 2016 was just as true in 1969:  Social justice warriorism, as it is called now, is a diversion, a distraction.

Shocking Discovery. Because Science.

10 06 2016

Carr Square

Archaeologists are already doing digs on the future NGA site, and they’re finding evidence that white people used to live in that area a very long time ago.  So long ago that it took archaeologists to remind us of this lost history.  Otherwise, it’s not in the conscious memories of today’s living breathing St. Louisans.

St. Louis is old enough for archaeology just on its white/European history.

“America First”

28 04 2016


And neocons be like:

ZOMG NAZI~!!!!!1

Never mind the fact that the 1930s/40s America First Committee and the opposition to American entry into WWII pre-Pearl Harbor were mostly motivated by ole fashioned principled isolationism/neutralitarianism that had been standard American fare since George Washington’s Presidential farewell address.  Even those who thought that the Jews were a major factor in trying to get us into the war, like Charles Lindbergh, never said that it was all the fault of the Jews; their contention that it was a tag team of disparate interests that the Jews, the British and FDR personally had.  At that, just bringing up the Jews even in the limited liability sense is what got Lindbergh tossed out of the AFC leadership bag and baggage.

Also never mind the fact that the America First Committee and the movement it represented was the most successful anti-war movement in the last hundred years.

They Didn’t Like Estes

15 04 2016



Commentary: Why the GOP can’t take the nomination from Donald Trump


However, if Trump arrives in Cleveland having won the most votes, the most contests, and the most delegates — all of which is very likely — depriving him of the nomination would be an unprecedented move in the modern political era.


Democrats, 1952.  Tennessee Sen. Estes Kefauver came into the convention with more delegates than any other candidate, but short of an outright majority.  He also came into the convention with a spotless reputation for being against corruption, which was a non-starter in the Democrat Party.  So, the party bosses scammed him out of the nomination and handed it to Illinois Gov. Adlai Stevenson.

Ironically, four years later, the party nominated Stevenson again, on far more fair circumstances, and Stevenson let the convention pick his running mate.  Guess who.

Same Auld

14 03 2016


Thomas Frank, author of What’s the Matter With Kansas?, is now changing his pitch, and blaming the modern left itself for losing white working class voters and creating the underserved market that Trump is now serving.  Ironically, Ted Cruz won the Kansas Republican caucuses with a majority.

Kyle Smith, writing in the NYP, states that:

There is some enticing evidence for Frank’s claim that Democrats deliberately shunned American workers. He points to a 1971 manifesto by Democratic strategist Frederick Dutton, who wrote that workers had become the enemy because they were “the principal group arrayed against the forces of change.”

The Colorado Democrat Gary Hart, one of the many elected to Congress in 1974 as a reaction to Watergate, called his standard stump speech “The End of the New Deal” and President Jimmy Carter’s adviser Alfred Kahn wrote, “I’d love the Teamsters to be worse off. I’d love the automobile workers to be worse off. . . . I want to eliminate a situation in which certain protected workers in industries insulated from competition can increase their wages much more rapidly than the average.”

This should sound familiar to a lot of you.  This is just about the same dialectic of WWI-era communists who felt betrayed when the working men of Europe sided with their states and went off to fight instead of opting for a universal workers’ revolution against nationalism.

What Has Been Done Will Be Done Again

14 02 2016

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

NYT, October 23, 1987:

New Hampshire Speech Earns Praise for Trump

Insisting that he is not a candidate for President, Donald J. Trump flew to New Hampshire, the state with the earliest Presidential primary, and today delivered what sounded like an impassioned campaign speech to an enthusiastic audience.

Speaking at the Portsmouth Rotary Club, the 41-year-old real-estate magnate, casino operator and corporate raider with a fortune of $3 billion drew a bigger audience than have any of the Republican candidates, including Senator Bob Dole, the Rev. Pat Robertson or Representative Jack Kemp, according to club officials. As he spoke, a group of college students armed with ”Trump for President” placards rallied outside.

Mr. Trump told the audience he was tired of the United States ”being kicked around” by allies like Japan, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. These countries have become ”the world’s greatest money machines” because the United States pays for their defense, he contended.


Mr. Trump suggested that the United States should attack Iran and seize some of its oil fields in retaliation for what he called Iran’s bullying of America.

Read the rest there.

I’m sticking with my prediction that the summer and fall Trump is going to sound noticeably different than the Trump of the last nine months, that he’s holding back on some of his economic populism and social issue moderation in order to win the Republican nomination.  Already last night, we got a preview of his October mode with his call to keep funding Planned Parenthood’s non-aborticide services and programs.