He Was 19 Years Old

1 09 2015


So of course he was obsessed with his dick.

He should have read the warning label on that bottle:  “Erections lasting more than 3300 years require immediate medical attention.”

Historical Racism Porn

1 09 2015



Old ‘White Only’ sign removed from St. Louis Goodwill’s online shopping site after complaint

MERS/Goodwill posted a ‘White Only’ cast iron sign on its online site last week, thinking it would catch the eye of a collector who favors items that highlight the history of the country’s segregation.

You can figure out what happened next.

Twenty Years Ago Today

24 08 2015

Redmond, Washington

Windows 95 dropped.  I was not in line on release day, but I did do an upgrade install on that day.

Then a lot people got this:


History Is Just an Older Version of the Present

11 08 2015

Los Angeles

This week is the 50th anniversary of the Watts riots.

And as you can read, the more things change, the more things stay the same.   If you changed the names and dates in this story, you’d swear you were reading a story about Ferguson in the last year and two days.

The main difference in the long run between Ferguson and Watts is going to be this:

Today, the Watts neighborhood is largely Hispanic, but remains poor.

Hispanics are how the powers that be waged war against the black undertow that they themselves were too cowardly to do directly.  I don’t think that this is going to be a solution for Ferguson, because St. Louis isn’t prosperous enough to attract that many Hispanic immigrants.

Historical Racism Porn

10 08 2015

Marietta, Georgia

P-D on the Leo Frank and Mary Phagan case, the likely railroading of Frank is what sparked the formation of the Pro-Defamation League, and also, it is said here, the second wave of the Ku Klux Klan, even though I don’t buy that, it was something that happened two years later and 100 years ago this year that did that, the release and popularity of the world’s first blockbuster movie, The Birth of a Nation.

Here’s a huge irony of the whole matter:

That night, a watchman found her bloodied body in the basement. Police arrested several men before settling on Frank, who proclaimed his innocence. His conviction rested on the testimony of a custodian, Jim Conley, a rare case of a black man’s word used against a white defendant.

In the trial, Frank’s lawyers tried to discredit Conley’s testimony using the “blacks lie a lot” line.

So what we have here is that in the criminal trial that led to the formation of the ADL, the defense tried to use a (too often true) bon mot that the ADL denounces today.

Make It Easy On Yourself

5 08 2015

McLean, Virginia

Usually, PJB’s Nixon apologetics are lame, but at least this one has some interesting facts and history.

However, why can’t it be true that Nixon was paranoid and his enemies were out to get him at the same time?  In the case of the latter, his enemies wanted him dead political meat ever since he took down Alger Hiss.  In the case of the former, 1960 made Nixon paranoid, and he was paranoid about attaining and retaining power between then and his resignation as President fourteen years later.

If I think I’m skating on thin ice, ice barely thick enough to support my weight, I’m not going to bring horse along with me.  If Nixon knew they were out to get him, he should not have given them a reason to get him, he shouldn’t have committed what David Frost later got him to admit were the Federal felonies of obstruction of justice, mail fraud and money laundering.  If he let the Watergate burglars stand naked in front of the bar of justice, he finishes his second term, simple as that.

That’s Not What Obama Is Thinking

3 08 2015


Instapundit lauds the White House’s report on the overuse and abuse of occupational licensure.

Is it because Baraq Obama has had a Damascene moment and become a right-libertarian?

Not so fast.

Let’s jump into the Blogmeister Hot Tub Time Machine (no skinny dipping) and set the dial back 25 years, or more accurately, 24 years 11 months, to see what Sam Francis wrote in the September 1990 issue of Chronicles.  The whole thing is worth reading, but in case you don’t want to read about David Duke, to read things written at the time when he was near the peak of his political ambitions, his absolute peak came a year later when he made the Louisiana Governor runoff, but then he quickly fell off the cliff, skip to the second page of the essay, Page 12 of the edition, and start with the last paragraph of the first column, the paragraph with starts with “Voters,” and read on through to the end of the page, which is also the end of the essay.  The money part therein is the end of the first full paragraph in the second column.

Meaning that Obama’s concern here is that occupational licensure has a disparate impact on minorities, esp. blacks, not that he has seen the right-libertarian light.  Also notice that 25 years ago, lamestream conservative thinkers were themselves peddling what eventually be came to understood as the disparate impact doctrine, in order to formulate an alternative to the Kennedy-Hawkins Bill of 1990, which Bush 41 vetoed, but most of which became the Civil Rights Act of 1991, which Bush signed late that year.

As a bonus, if you want to spend some more time in the Blogmeister Hot Tub Time Machine, here is Sam Francis’s November 1991 essay in the same publication about the same general subject matter. As it turned out, the bill which ultimately became law was more or less the Danforth supposed middle ground alternative between Bush’s demands and the Democrats’ wish list, though as you can read, there was actually no fundamental difference between the two “extremes.” And again, as it turned out, we have the luxury of 23 years and change of 20/20 hindsight of this legislation in action, and while it de facto forced businesses of a certain employee count or greater to have an affirmative action program.


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