That’s What You Get

24 11 2015

Charlottesville, Virginia


That sound you hear is just about every neoreactionary snickering and saying, “that’s what you get,” that is, for that “all men are created equal” thing.  As if to say, petard hoisted own.

I’m just as NRx as anyone, but my view on this matter is more nuanced.  We know that when Thomas Jefferson wrote “all men are created equal,” he wasn’t thinking of everyone on Earth, especially not his own black slaves, and especially not the Barbary (Muslim) Pirates he combated as President, jumpstarting the development of the United States Navy to do so.  But I also know that actions have consequences, often very unintended consequences, and that nothing is beyond review or criticism.  Thomas Jefferson’s constructionism is meaningless to us now, and it is also irrelevant to people that use his phrase to justify all manners of egalitarian policy.  In other words, I don’t infer original intent from centuries-distant consequences, but I don’t ignore the modern day consequences because of the lack of their original intent.

In Hoc Signo Vinces

17 11 2015

New York


2015 is drawing to a close, so unless some dark horse comes out of absolutely nowhere, Chris Matthews is a mortal lock for the DisHonor award for the year’s worst analogy. On this evening’s Hardball, Matthews argued that we shouldn’t blame Islam for ISIS terrorist attacks since, after all, FDR, despite despising Mussolini, “never declared war on the Catholics.”

That’s because Mussolini wasn’t waging war in the name of Catholicism, and even if he was, the Pope would have denounced it viciously.

Need Much More Popcorn

12 11 2015


G versus T on Stonewall.

All you need to know:

When director Roland Emmerich set out to create his upcoming film “Stonewall,” he was engaging in a labor of love. He desired to tell the very American story of standing up to power and demanding equal rights. What he could not have expected is that angry backlash and threats of boycotts would come, not from right-wing, religious zealots, but from the LGBT community itself. Now Emmerich stands accused of whitewashing and cis-washing the seminal event in gay-rights history.

The allegation is that Emmerich, by choosing a white protagonist from middle America (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) to tell his story, is trying to deny others, specifically trans persons of color, their rightful place as the true heroes of Stonewall. This is all based on a relatively recent myth that it was the transvestites (as they were then known) who were at the vanguard of the riot, leading the pasty, limp-wristed, white, gay crowd to courage they could never have summoned on their own. “Stonewall” stands accused of perpetuating a racist and anti-trans version of the past.

The accusation is absurd on its face. But the widespread willingness of many on the Left and in the gay community to embrace the very flawed narrative used to attack Emmerich is telling. It speaks not only to the rewriting of gay history, but to a broader effort to ensure that our historical record is purged of references to the heroic actions of overly privileged people. Not only must the privileged of today confess their advantages, the privileged of the past must be stripped of their laurels.

This isn’t hard.  Since World War T is racking up some very big victories in important battles, and anticipating V-T Day, it’s starting to retcon history for its own benefit.

Otherwise, these are just the problems that the Alphabet Gang are having with itself because of the nature of their coalition.

Forty One’s Lament

5 11 2015



New Book Claims Bush 41 Trashed Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld


Jon Meacham has a book out in which he has talked to George Bush 41.  It’s a biography.  The new Jon Meacham biography, Destiny and Power:  The American Odyssey of George Herbert Walker Bush, i.e., George H. W. Bush, i.e., 41.  And in this book it is said that Bush 41 has some harsh words for the actions of his son’s administration. In particular George Bush 41 is said to have objected strenuously to how Vice President Cheney and Defense Secretary Rumsfeld reacted to 9/11.  He feels that they were too hawkish, that they took a harsh, inflexible stance that tarnished America’s reputation around the world.

In a way, 41 is rapping 43’s knuckles in a roundabout way.

41 be like:  “Hey numbskull, I only did Iraq myself to keep Saddam Hussein in bounds and to keep him from forcefully expanded his borders at the expense of another country.”

41 could have saved the world a whole lot of hell by explaining it in just that way when he did Iraq in ’90, then coming out against his son when 9/11 gave him the opportunity to propose to do what he thought his father should have done but wisely didn’t.


Marathon, Not Sprint

7 10 2015


I wrote in this space awhile back that in the era of Iowa and New Hampshire going first, no Republican has ever won both in a non-incumbent year.  Currently, Trump is leading in most polls in both states.

But what if he doesn’t win either?

Here’s the answer.

In 1992, Bill Clinton didn’t win either IA or NH, and Georgia was his only win in the eleven contests before March 7.

Bill Clinton’s wife is running for President in 2016.

The History of World War T

7 10 2015


And, interestingly, Ebony was a black magazine.  So it should be no surprise that the tranny in question was black, in fact, his name was Georgia Black while living as a woman, and “she” was twice married as a woman.


5 10 2015


I don’t think it was that inadvertent.

But, as it is, since the last few years have seen one 50th anniversary after another of various important dates in the lore of the civil rights movement and associated events, Saturday was the fiftieth of probably the worst piece of legislation from that era.


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