History Is History

13 04 2018

New York City

In modern official Amurrika, the official history canon is all about:

(1) Slavery
(2) Apartheid
(3) Jim Crow and Segregation
(4) The Holocaust

Therefore, I have a really hard time believing that the headline is true.  Virtually all of said individuals spent thirteen years, and many spent another four, hearing nothing but these four things.


James Earl Ray Day

4 04 2018


Fifty years ago today, a native St. Louisan helped create the Martin Luther King national holiday.

That’s what our sector means by calling it James Earl Ray Day.  Of course we’re being snarky, to a point, but more so than that, we’re making the point that Martin Luther King in his untimely death caused by assassination became more than he ever was in life and ever would have been but for being assassinated.  For my money, if MLK was not assassinated, Lyndon Johnson’s birthday would be the national holiday for the cause of civil rights.

The yuge hangup in the official story relating to Ray and King that keeps me from believing it Whole David Hogg is the bit about Ray having the money to fly from Pearson to Heathrow at the drop of a hat.  That had to be royally expensive.  How did some hoosier (and yes, he was the quintessential St. Louis hoosier) who broke out of Jeff City the year before the deed and eked out an existence with odd jobs and nickels and dimes in various cities be able to collect that kind of money?

Wicked Historical Racism Porn Profiling Trick

17 03 2018


And that’s where I stopped.


You’ll read a lot about Tuskegee, but nothing about relating blacks’ lack of volunteerism back to HBD.


Note:  The hyperlink over “Tuskegee” is to the truth about it.  Spoiler alert:  Nowhere near as titillating as the modern day narrative.

Two-Gun Monty

2 03 2018


The mentality that the “assault weapons ban” portion of the 1994 crime bill was responsible for the sharp decline in the violent crime rate in the 1990s, (which had already commenced before the legislation), I think is a deliberate foil to distract us from thinking about what of that legislation really did work — The hardening of the criminal justice system.  What also helped was that by then, the crack cocaine epidemic was wearing itself out.

The reason certain people are so anxious to try to credit the AWB portion of the legislation rather than the CJ portion of the legislation (and similar reforms in the states) is because of modern day BLM activism and the mania over incarcerating black bodies.  Hillary Clinton had quite a few political headaches in 2015-2016 as she tried to make people forget that her husband signed the 1994 Crime Bill which included the CJ provisions.

Simplified Shelby

13 01 2018


Shelby Steele, in the WSJ:

Black Protest Has Lost Its Power

Have whites finally found the courage to judge African-Americans fairly by universal standards?

The recent protests by black players in the National Football League were rather sad for their fruitlessness. They may point to the end of an era for black America, and for the country generally—an era in which protest has been the primary means of black advancement in American life.

There was a forced and unconvincing solemnity on the faces of these players as they refused to stand for the national anthem. They seemed more dutiful than passionate, as if they were mimicking the courage of earlier black athletes who had protested: Tommie Smith and John Carlos, fists in the air at the 1968 Olympics; Muhammad Ali, fearlessly raging against the Vietnam War; Jackie Robinson, defiantly running the bases in the face of racist taunts. The NFL protesters seemed to hope for a little ennoblement by association.

And protest has long been an ennobling tradition in black American life. From the Montgomery bus boycott to the march on Selma, from lunch-counter sit-ins and Freedom Rides to the 1963 March on Washington, only protest could open the way to freedom and the acknowledgment of full humanity. So it was a high calling in black life. It required great sacrifice and entailed great risk. Martin Luther King Jr. , the archetypal black protester, made his sacrifices, ennobled all of America, and was then shot dead.

For the NFL players there was no real sacrifice, no risk and no achievement. Still, in black America there remains a great reverence for protest. Through protest—especially in the 1950s and ’60s—we, as a people, touched greatness. Protest, not immigration, was our way into the American Dream. Freedom in this country had always been relative to race, and it was black protest that made freedom an absolute.

It is not surprising, then, that these black football players would don the mantle of protest. The surprise was that it didn’t work. They had misread the historic moment. They were not speaking truth to power. Rather, they were figures of pathos, mindlessly loyal to a black identity that had run its course.

It’s not even that complicated.

Black protest has “lost its power” because it never had any real power to begin with.

The reason black people still have “a great reverence for protest” is because they don’t understand the concept of correlation-causation.  Their relatively ancient ancestors developed rituals based on confusing correlation and causation.  For instance, some kid would dance around a tree just to be goofing off, and then it would start raining, and then on another day, the kid would do it again, and it would start raining.  From that, everyone in the tribe started in on dancing around the given “magic” tree if they wanted it to rain, and sometimes it would work, sometimes not.  Likewise, “modern” black Americans maintain something of the same magic-totem-ritual mentality about marching and protests, that all one has to do is engage in them, and good things come your way.  A la the cargo cult.

It’s as simple as this:  The civil rights movement’s biggest legislative wins had nothing to do with black people marching or even black people in general.  Yes, black people marched, and yes, the civil rights movement won, but not because the former caused the latter, more like the latter caused the former.  A bon mot of mine, relevant because of what is coming up on Monday, is this:  MLK didn’t cause the CRM, the CRM caused MLK.  Sans MLK, the CRM still would have happened.

The real causes of the CRM are twofold:  One, Jews gaining control of crucial American institutions in the decade of the 1920s, and two, the fallout of World War II.  The country, by that time, Jewish predominated in many of the crucial institutions, that consummately lauded itself for having helped to beat Hitler in Berlin, could not have turned around and continued to tolerate segregated lunch counters in Greensboro and walls in Nogales.  Which means the civil rights and immigration legislation of the 1960s were inevitable, the only open variables were names, dates and proper nouns.

At approximately the same time frame of the American CRM, many other white countries enacted similar measures.  And I know for sure there was no Martin Luther King in those other countries.

Don’t They Know, It’s Not the End of the World

28 11 2017

Bakersfield, California

Jim Goad on the Manson postmortem.

He doubts the Bugliosi theory on motive, but Bugliosi got too much credible evidence that that was indeed what was going through Charlie’s dope-addled brain.  My long time fundamental point remains, though:  If the blacks were smart enough and organized enough (LOL) to do all that, then they would have been able to rule the world on their own, and they wouldn’t have needed Manson and his vagabonds.

Which leads me to this from Goad:

Manson was indeed a product of the 1960s, but more than anything he was the product of a teenaged alcoholic mother/prostitute and the doomed path such a bedraggled spawning set him on. By the time of the Tate/LaBianca murders, Manson had already spent half of his life in correctional facilities of one sort or another. And if he developed negative attitudes toward blacks, it likely had far less to do with reading George Lincoln Rockwell and far more to do with being forced to interact with blacks behind bars during his formative years. He was not nearly as naive about race as so many who’d condemn him for being a “racist” are.

MLK was murdered a year before the Manson Family murders. Riots had sprung up all across the USA. As a street hustler and lifetime con, Manson had the survival instincts that so very few pampered modern leftist scribes will ever have. If he foresaw an inevitable race war in America, maybe he was nothing more than a hillbilly Bob Dylan and saw it blowin’ in the wind.

If Manson was truly prophetic about anything, though, it was why whites would lose a theoretical race war. According to Manson, when blacks came seeking blood vengeance, whites would be too hopelessly split between those with self-preservation instincts—those who are now defamed as “racists”—and the uptight, sheltered squares who thought it would be “racist” not to let black people start killing them en masse.

You can’t blame someone who was living through the times and maybe also the proximity of the severe black riots of the latter half of the ’60s to think that it was the beginning of the end of the world.  But as things shook out over time, it wasn’t the end of the world, just a really severe chimpout.  Remember, they can sprint, but only for a short distance and a short time.  Also remember that if they had brains, they would truly be dangerous, but thankfully, they’re not that dangerous.  Both belie Manson’s fanciful prediction about what were the immediate years and decades ahead of his time.

Why did the riots stop?  Why has black rioting since then rarely been anywhere as bad?  Hint:  Compare Baltimore 1968 and Baltimore 2015.


Affirmative action.

The domestic policy deep state really hit the floor on the accelerator on affirmative action as a reaction to the late ’60s black riots.  The subversive purpose of AA was, and continues to be, to drive a wedge between the “talented” tenth and the street undertow, so that the former group of black people feel more loyalty to the system than to their own lumpenproles.  Which means the “talented” tenth won’t feel any need to lead and organize and provoke their own racial undertow to riot against the system.  Remember, if they had brains, they’d truly be dangerous, which means if you can take what brains they have out of the ghetto and send them to Yale, then there won’t be any brains left in the ghetto, which means they’ll be even less dangerous than before.  The result has been a success, considering the subversive purpose:  Black riots after the early ’70s have been both far less widespread and far less severe.  The biggest I can think of in the AA era is South Central Los Angeles 1992, and eventually, we all know how the system solved its South Central black undertow problem:  Mass Hispanic immigration as vanguard, AFFH-style programs as rearguard.

The domestic policy deep state made the decision a long time ago that it is preferable to have half-wit blacks dance around on Yale and have their Fisher-Price toy kiddie pool “academic disciplines” to allowing them to lead major urban domestic instability.

Meanwhile, as the events in many cities and areas about a century ago proved, East St. Louis included, and as we saw in spits and spurts as recently as Boston in the mid-1970s, you don’t want to be on the wrong side of a white riot, because one of those can turn the world inside out.

Half a Millennium

14 11 2017

Wittenberg, Germany

Because I’m a Lutheran, LCMS in particular, I’ve been aware that the current year is the 500th anniversary of the 95 Theses, because the Church(es) all year have been making sure we know about it.  Strangely, ELCA has been rather mum about it, mainly because nowadays ELCA is leftist as just about any Christian denomination, and as such, they’re trying to put daylight between themselves and Martin Luther’s none too kind attitude about parentheticals in his late life.  That said, get ready for Martin Luther to be Robert E. Lee-ized.

However, I was not able to get back enough of my cognitive function on the observed day of the anniversary itself, October 31, (missed it by that much), such that I was really able to appreciate the significance of the day.  I should add that October 31, 1517 is observed as 95 Theses Day, but the switch from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar didn’t happen until later that century.  When the switch was ordained, ten days were skipped over, meaning that the day that was supposed to be October 5, 1582 became October 15, 1582.  This means that October 31, 1517 on the Julian is probably November 10, 1517 on the Gregorian, give or take.

Before I leave this be, I want to address the “it never happened” historical revisionist skepticism.  Their theory is that Martin Luther never nailed or even affixed any manifesto like this to the doors of the Wittenberg church where he was based, that he made the whole thing up about 30 years after the fact and after the Protestant Reformation gained serious political steam and became a thing in order to puff up his own legend.  What I think is possible is that he never “nailed” the 95 Theses to the doors with nails, if only because in those days, nails were expensive, and not a one was to be wasted.  But I do think that he actually did affix the Theses to the door, probably with glue, and did it on the night before All Saints’ Day, meaning October 31, 1517 (again, remember, Julian calendar), and where’s why:  Affixing clerical-professorial statements to church house doors was the way that the clerical-professorial class communicated with each other in those days, and they wrote their statements in Latin for that reason, because it was for the eggheads, not the common people.  Luther never really wanted to split away from the Church, he just wanted some massive major league internal reforms.  Which explains the Theses being originally written in Latin, and being affixed to the doors before ASD, because in those days, ASD was a BFD, way bigger than it is even among modern Catholics.  An official professorial statement that dramatic officially posted on the eve of ASD would have gotten paid attention to big time by the really important clerical officials of the day, just because of the importance of ASD.

Other anniversaries during my incapacity were:  The 40th anniversary of the plane crash that took out most of Lynyrd Skynyrd, and the 100th anniversary of the Bolsheviks taking control of Russia. You know how that goes, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bolsheviks, Martin Luther, one of these things is not like the others.