If St. Louis Was Its Own Country, He Would Be Getting an Official State Funeral

26 11 2018

CWE;  Belleville

I’ve thought all my life that professional wrestling is hokum, but I’m just old enough to have remembered Wresting at the Chase being on Channel 11 and Larry Matysik announcing.

My bet is that his family’s original last name is Matosich, or something similar, Croatian in origin.

He was on the Belleville PD before he started with WATC.


Catfisher Alert

19 05 2018


The regular cops and the school’s Title IX bureaucrats both say “no rape,” and the latter coming to that conclusion is big, because, these days, they’ll say that a stale old prepackaged ham sandwich in the back of the refrigerator committed rape.

So what’s really going on here?

Methinks another Jackie Coakley.

That said, I’m surprised this one didn’t punch up her phony accusation with some shattered glass tall tale.


16 05 2018


They want to kick him off the board as if he was just found out to be some kind of child molester, when all he really wants is for his district to be what everyone wants everyone and every thing else to be these days, and that is, inclusive.


15 05 2018


The story.

It says he’s SLPD and lives in Waterloo.  Quite a few years ago, the SLPD eliminated the residency rule for officers with a certain number of years on the force, as long as they lived within a certain mile range distance from the city.  And while Waterloo seems like it’s in the middle of nowhere, it’s not that far away.

Which means that my new favorite SLPD cop has quite a few years of tenure.  Which, of course, you’d also have to deduce from his Lieutenant rank.  And, believe me, anyone, especially white, who is a St. Louis City cop for long enough is going to get that jaded, even if he or she (or xe or it) didn’t start out that way.

Besides, didn’t Raj Chetty tell us that the corn fields between Waterloo and Red Bud are where black kids from the jurisdiction that Lt. Foster patrols should really be raised in order to have better life outcomes?

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I Went to See a Fight, and a Track Meet Broke Out

9 05 2018


“Scholar-athletes,” cuck father?  ESL?  Scholars?  C’mon now!

“No security” because who in the hell expects a fight to break out at a track meet?  (Oh, yeah, right.)  One would understand this happening around football and basketball, because of the physical nature of those sports.  In track, though, I think in-event physical contact is mostly against the rules, and happens so rarely that it’s not expected.

And that leads me to this theory:  The video isn’t that clear, but I’m betting this fight at the track meet had nothing to do with the track meet itself, but a bunch of girls and women (BTs) brawling with each other over serial social media banter and/or a small number of guys screwing all of them.

The Sanity Is Spreading

8 05 2018


And it’s getting really close to home.

And why not? After all, Raj Chetty of all people said that this is a really good place to raise economically disadvantaged kids.

Off Company Time

27 04 2018


I already read about this saga in other sources, but I forgot Ken Bone lives in Belleville.

This mentions Kyle Kashuv, who, if you don’t know, is the Anti-David Hogg, and in fact goes to the same high school.  Young Mr. Kashuv was himself a victim of the same sort of thing in the last week.