The Bigger Loser

3 03 2016


Their lips say no, but their budget request says something entirely different.


29 02 2016

Downtown; Fairview Heights

Mahogany Mob and the Missing Link.

Also On March 15

22 02 2016


SIUC poll shows Trump and HRC with sizable leads in Illinois, which, like Missouri, holds its primary on March 15.

Nice unbiased journalism you’ve got going there in the second paragraph, Mr. McDermott, by and by.

I also know Trump is above 50% in Massachusetts and close to that in New Jersey.  I think what this means is that a lot of blue state red team voters are right wing in that they are populist-nationalist but not social issue, and if the only choice is the Republican establishment pick versus someone that appeals to Christian conservatives, they’ll hold their nose and settle for the establishment, but they really want someone more in the Trump mold.

Moral Obligation

22 01 2016


Minor news in the minor soap opera about the new home for Defense Mapping (National Geospatial Agency).


St. Clair County Board chair Mark Kern said he’s not paying much attention to arguments that the federal government has a moral obligation to choose the city’s north side.

“Moral obligation” = The Federal government spending money on behalf of black people, which of course it never has before.  And also, Pruitt-Igoe and Ferguson.

If the decision is made in the next 364 days, then it will be made based on whether President Obama wants to make Dick Durbin happy slash help his own home state, though a part of it he doesn’t much care about, or whether he wants to make black people in St. Louis City happy.

White Meat

15 01 2016



Sorry, I don’t think humans taste like chicken.

He took a bite into crime.

Name That Tune

12 01 2016


Let’s get it, peanut gallery.

What in this busts a bromide advanced by many urban politicians?

Read carefully.

Whose Ox

22 11 2015



The new home for National Geospatial will either be near Scott, or at the old Pruitt-Igoe.  Which one wins depends on which member of the Senate Obama wants to make happy, Dick Durbin or Claire McCaskill.  That’s all there is to it.


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