And It Will Have a Disparate Impact On Black Men

31 03 2015



Attorney General announces task force to boost rape prosecutions

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan on Tuesday announced the creation of a task force to improve investigations and prosecutions of rape.

There is a “systemic structural breakdown” in the way sex crimes are investigated and prosecuted, Madigan said. “We have a legal and moral obligation to fix this system.”

Expect stuck pig squealing from the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus very shortly.

The main reason gun laws in Illinois aren’t worse isn’t because of the ISRA, but the ILBC.

April Fools Day Isn’t Until Tomorrow

31 03 2015


Bruce Rauner just got a little too anxious.

Quantitative Easing

27 03 2015



I have a really hard time being mad at him.

I don’t see that much difference between this and Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen and their legal counterfeiting “making it rain” on Wall Street.

Double Bank Shot

26 03 2015


I’m glad the FBI is finally catching up to all these white Illinois National Guard farm boys and their terrorist ways.

Oh wait…


Is ISIS really getting that desperate that they’re resorting to ^THIS?^

Idea:  Let ‘em go.  In fact, encourage Africanus Americanus Bellcurvius that ISIS is where they really need to be.  It’ll be a double bank shot for us:  They’ll be out of our hair, and they’ll screw up ISIS.

Because, win-win.



Turnabout Is Fair Play

25 03 2015


Cops raid the Brooklyn PD.

In related news, an ER doc was admitted to the emergency room, and my accountant is being audited.

Yes, in case you’re wondering:  Brookyln, Illinois is Bell Curve City.


18 03 2015



A St. Louis man has been charged with attempted murder in a shooting that came as he and others fled after shoplifting from a Collinsville Walmart, authorities said.

Trevon L. Wainwright, 20, of St. Louis, was charged wtih attempted murder, aggravated discharge of a firearm and burglary. He was not in custody Tuesday, authorities said, and should be considered armed and dangerous. He was ordered held on $2 million bail when arrested.



If you cycle through the photo gallery in the original article, you’ll find that this “man” looks more like a woman than the three women involved.

Why Illinois Republicans Are More Useless Than a Tit on a Bull

9 03 2015


That’s why.

It’s also why I wanted no part of Bruce Rauner or Mark Kirk, even back in the days not so long ago when I thought that voting could at least make a little bit of a difference.

This is the same Illinois Republican Party that basically gifted a serious national political career to Baraq Obama by trucking in a half-wit black from Maryland to run against him for Senate back in 2004.

Someone should ask Rauner, Kirk et al. why the hourly wage for Chicago skyscraper window washers has declined from $50 an hour to $28 an hour in the recent handful of years.  It’s not because the work is half as dangerous or that the skyscrapers are half as tall.


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