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18 02 2015


Miss P, a 15-inch Beagle who won "Best in Show", is run by handler William Alexander at the139th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at Madison Square Garden

I’m sure you’ve heard by now.

And if you have a good memory, you’ll remember that a Beagle won Westminister several years ago.  That Beagle is named Uno, the year was 2008, and Uno was born and bred in Belleville and at least at the time lived in nearby Columbia.

MissP, above, is Uno’s great-niece.

The New Cahokia

12 02 2015


Is the old ESL:

Authorities said Byron “Josh” Holton, 26, Undray C. Webb, 25, Devante J. Hodges, 22, all of Cahokia, and LaMarcus D. Jackson, 28, of Centreville, entered the grocery store at 1028 Camp Jackson Road in Cahokia at 9:40 p.m.


Authorities said the fifth man, Durand L. Harper, 25, of Cahokia, served as a lookout and get away driver during the robbery.

Undray, Devante, LaMarcus and Durand are pretty self-explanatory.  The only non-ook might be Byron, but that’s not likely.

On a hunch, I tried the BND version of this story.  No mugs, and now I know why:  This is yet another Metro East violent crime where the Feds are stepping in to use the Hobbs Act in order to keep them from having to spend time in already overcrowded Illinois state prisons.  This also means they’re Federal defendants, whose mugshots are rarely released.


Paging Zeno

12 02 2015



Ill. driver’s licenses don’t meet requirements

If you live in Illinois, you might not be able to use your driver’s license at airports starting in 2016.

Illinois doesn’t require a birth certificate to get a driver’s license, and that doesn’t meet requirements set by a 2005 federal law meant to increase security.

State legislators would have to approve funding for changes to driver’s license requirements and it would cost between $100 million and $150 million.

And guess why Illinois doesn’t require a birth certificate to get a drivers license.

Because illegal alien.

This just might be the one that solves irresistible force versus immovable object.

All the Old ’90s Punch Lines Are New Again

5 02 2015



Midnight basketball is returning to the city and community leaders say it is a fantastic opportunity to reduce crime and to provide participants with the tools they will need for a successful life.

And, in order to make the program a sustainable one, organizers are appealing to the community and the region for financial support.

Harold Lawary, one of the organizers of the Community Performance Ensemble Midnight Basketball League, said the cost to operate the program will be about $137,000.

The event kicks off Friday, Feb. 13 at the former Morrison Elementary School at 630 N. 59th St. Persons 18 and older will be allowed to play from 10 p.m. until 2 a.m.

Lawary asks the public to donate to this cause. He said the money that is needed is not lot in comparison with what it will do for the participants and the metro-east.

That way, you can walk home between the former Morrison Elementary School and wherever you live in ESL in the two o’clock hour overnight.  For the thugs, it’ll be like shooting fish in a barrel.

Don’t worry, the money will come together.  Midnight basketball is too black to fail.


The Nexus of Treason and Profit

4 12 2014




A teen from Centralia, Ill., faces charges in federal court here accusing him of stealing 39 guns with the thought of selling them to Ferguson protesters, according to court documents.

Dakota R. Moss, 19, told investigators that after a store burglary Nov. 29, he and a juvenile accomplice, 17, discussed traveling to Ferguson. They also allegedly had plans to loot Ferguson stores, although local police called it just “big talk.”

I bet his great-great-great-great-great grandfather was on the frontier selling guns to the Indians.

He loves the black undertow so much?  He’s about to get a good lesson in it first hand in a way that his life in Centralia could have never afforded him.

Hands Up?

3 12 2014


Read all about it.


^ Suspects ^


^ Victim ^

Though since this is a mugshot, this victim was also once a suspect in something.

Note that:

Deputies called for assistance from the Major Case Squad. Eighteen investigators from around the area worked over five days following up on leads, according to Roth, who is the assistant police chief in Collinsville.

Eighteen gumshoes from the MCS, all to help clear an ook-on-ook homicide, the very people who are saying the white cops are waging a war on black bodies?

If I was MCS, I would have taken my good ole sweet time, snail’s pace.



26 11 2014


ESL Mayor Alvin Parks has declared an emergency curfew for minors, to prevent rioting and looting.

Because the last thing ESL needs is a reputation for being crime ridden and violent.

Pray tell, what is there to loot in ESL?  That’s like worry about all the water being drained out of the Sahara Desert.


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