Is Prison Counted?

24 06 2015



100 percent of East St. Louis graduates have post high school plans

The East St. Louis School District was happy to announce that 100 percent of the students in their graduating class have plans for after high school.

Each senior in the class either applied to five colleges and universities, trade schools or the military.

The city pushed academic scholarships and in total, the class earned $4.6 million in scholarship money.

“This is great for our senior class,” said Kelli Hawkins, of the East St. Louis School District. “It showcases the ability for the seniors to preserve, and with perseverance they’ll be able to fund their college dream.”

The East St. Louis Senior High School graduates also earned $300,000 worth of athletic scholarships.

My first inclination was to ask if prison is counted as a post high school plan.

But the reason I won’t go there is because the explanation doesn’t require so much snark.  First off, it’s probably not a numerous graduating class, considering the dropout rate.  Second, if you graduated from high school with a high enough GPA, presumably a 2.0, SWIC, the junior college over in the Metro East, is open admission, and even some of the “selective” colleges aren’t exactly high bars to flop over.

The more interesting study would be what the people who would have graduated from that school but for their dropping out are doing right now; count on a few of them already being in prison.

Get Used to It

23 06 2015


She called the po-leeceseseses, six times, and it took them hours to show up.

This might not be shocking if “Brooklyn” in this case meant the New York City borough, 2.6 million people, 71 square miles of land.  But it doesn’t; it refers to Brooklyn, Illinois, population 700, less than one square mile.  And yes, it borders East St. Louis to the north, and it’s a ratchet bell curve city.

That said, why is she calling the evil white (*) cops?  I thought cops caused black crime.  If she really wanted to be social justicey, she would have called conflict mediators and restorative justice social workers, and then blamed it all on the Confederate Battle Flag.

(*) – Of course we know they’re not white cops.  Brooklyn’s PD is as black as many think the Ferguson PD ought to be.  Which explains a lot, including this story.


Old Ho

16 06 2015



Old ho maces the new ho.  Problem was, new ho was driving a short bus at the time.

And now, a song.

Landslide Lyndon

2 06 2015


Precinct 13 strikes again.

Voter fraud in ESL?  I’m shocked.

Further down, we read:

Some who voted in the mayoral election said they are not surprised to learn about possible fraud.

“Too many things don’t surprise me nowadays,” said East St. Louis resident Aubrey Vaughn.

One street away, Bobbie Hardwick agreed. “To tell the truth, [I’m] kind of used to things like that happening in this city,” she said.

But but but, the professional excuseologists keep saying that voter fraud is rare.  When rarity isn’t the issue, leverage is.

Grab the Popcorn

22 05 2015


Don’t look now, but IL-SEN-D (March 15, 2016) is starting to get really interesting, in a way that points to problems that have been brewing under the surface in that party that are going to blow wide open once Baraq Obama’s sun is on the evening horizon.

Yes, I’m talking about the progressivetard stack.

Until now, the nomination pretty much belonged to Asian-American Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth, who holds down IL-8, west suburbs between O’Hare and Elgin.  But in recent days, the Rahm-Daley machine has been heavily pushing for one Andrea Zopp, a mulattress who heads the Chicago Urban League and is on the CPS Board of Education, to get in the race.  Because the big worry is that even with this race being in 2016 and the turnout advantage this will give the Democrat nominee versus Mark Kirk, the number crunchers are still worried that the black vote in Cook County might not be all that jazzed to turn out for an Asian.

And as we have seen in recent media hoopla over Silicon Valley hiring practices, Asians are suddenly not diverse and are almost honorary white people when we’re supposed to be worried about NAMs.  The very definition of “diversity” is a moving goalpost.

Does This Mean Deseg Is Over?

15 05 2015



University Report: A Room Full of White People Is a Microaggression

According to a new report released by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, just “walking into or sitting in” a classroom full of white people is a microaggression in itself.

“Students of color reported feeling uncomfortable and unwelcomed just walking into or sitting in the classroom, especially if they were the only person of color, or one of a few,” stated the report, which designated the experience a microaggression.

Oh boy.  Does this mean deseg is over?


Despite the fact that so many of these “microaggressions” are designated as such based on questionable assumptions, the study still recommends that the school take drastic measures to stop them: requiring that all students complete a “General Education requirement about race, White privilege, and inequality in the United States” as well as “both a non-Western culture and a US people of color cultural course”; fundamentally altering the curriculum to ensure that a third of all college 101 classes “include diversity and inclusion”; providing workshops, trainings, campaigns, and brochures “to help students identify when racial microaggressions are occurring”; creating a “slogan or language” — such as the phrase “Racism Alert” — to use when they identify one; and developing a “mechanism for students to report perceived racial microaggressions.”

Oh well, fun while it lasted.

#WhiteLivesMatter (Or Do They?)

7 05 2015



As I figured.


Shocked that he drove the car back to his job?  What’s so shocking about that?  As if we’re supposed to be shocked that a murderer has so little conscience that he’d drive the car of the man he murdered back to his job.


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