Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

2 02 2017


Just the first two words of the headline.  You’ll be able to figure out the rest just from those.  You won’t even need to click the link.


Rough Trade

8 01 2017


Me, January 1:

Twenty four MCS dicks are on the case.  Why?  To determine what we can already fathom, that this was a “wrong side of the tracks” gang land hit?

Turns out it wasn’t a wrong side of the tracks gang land hit.

It was a white gay judge who loved himself some black rough trade.

Ooh, I didn’t just say that, did I? Have I gone too far, or have I not gone far enough?

The P-D goes over young Mr. Fields’s recent criminal history, so recent that I had a post about him in 2013.  Note that Fields got a six-year bid but only did about three.

The Joke Writes Itself

7 01 2017

East St. Louis


They won’t be laughing when starting 13 days from now, they get drafted into the Navy.

In Even More Stark Terms

9 12 2016


A website called Rynerohla has, since about a week after Election Day, been compiling and adding red-blue maps of states by precinct.

It just added Illinois today.  Before you click, your browser will probably downscale this very large (7000 x 9280) image to fit your browser.  If you click on it to make it native size, it will take a few seconds to show.

Just looking at it, without knowing anything else, you wonder how Trump didn’t win it.  But then you come back to your senses and realize that there are a whole hell of a lot of people where all the blue is up in the upper right corner.

Historical Racism Porn, ESL Edition

2 12 2016


Shot:  East St. Louis to commemorate the deadly race riots of 1917

Chaser:  East St. Louis Township Supervisor admits to fraud, embezzling public funds

The more we scream about what white people did in the town coming up on a full century ago, (and there were actually two riots, there was an earlier bout in May), the more we don’t think about how black people have made the very name of “East St. Louis” an international laughing stock for the most recent almost half of that century.

“ESL” is its own hangover.


31 10 2016

Metro East


Most Metro East school districts scored below state average in annual standardized test

The majority of Metro East school districts once again performed worse than the Illinois average in the state’s annual English and math test, with some high-poverty districts having less than 10 percent of students who scored proficient, according to state data released to the public Monday.

Cahokia School District, with about 3,500 students, scored the lowest in English, with 6 percent of students scoring proficient. Brooklyn School District in Lovejoy, with 143 students, scored the lowest in math, with no student achieving proficiency.

In the East St. Louis School District, which has about 6,100 students and which has been under state control for the past five years, about 8 percent of students scored proficient in English and 4 percent in math. That’s slightly better than last year, when about 4 percent scored proficient in English and 2 percent scored proficient in math.

School districts in O’Fallon, Millstadt, Swansea, Mascoutah, Freeburg and Shiloh were among those who did better than the state average for both subjects. Fourteen of the 40 school districts in the Metro East scored above the state average for math, and 17 districts did so in English.

And I can’t think of a reason why O’Fallon, Millstadt, Swansea, Mascoutah, Freeburg and Shiloh would show better than Cahokia, ESL and Brooklyn.

Cahokia Superintendent Arthur Ryan acknowledges that his district’s scores were low but said he thought there were logistical challenges in administering the test.

“I’m not kidding myself. Our district, we have a very high poverty rate, we have very high mobility and we have a lot of factors against our kids,” he said. “I’m not pretending all our kids scored the greatest in the state. But there were a lot of factors that were not helpful with getting reasonable scores on this test because this process has kind of been a mess.”

Low income, transiency.  It’s almost as if they point to something.

Young said the Brooklyn district had worked to improve performance by extending the school day by an hour and the school year by four days, and filling the longer day with science, technology, engineering and math education through the Project Lead the Way nonprofit. She also said her district was showing improvement in the number of students who met the “approached expectations” or “partially met expectations” categories.

Okay, so you’re going to keep the same failed students in the buildings longer every day and for more days per year, and when they are there give them more difficult work.  Let me know how that works out for you.

All the other sentence means is that the district has more failures than massive epic failures.

Several other measures of accountability, such as graduation and attendance rates, remained stable on the state level from last year. Barker called that a commendable feat, considering the state’s legislative dysfunction and budget turmoil during the past year.

Graduation rates are political and attendance rates are procedural, neither are an empirical measure.  Also, I fail to see how either would much be affected by a budget stalemate in the state capital.

No Noose Is Good Noose

25 10 2016

Granite City

Uh, Halloween?

A day on the calendar which invokes mental images of warm fuzzy cuddly gentle happy things, puppies and kittens, rainbows and teddy bears, such that scary props like these are totally out of place.

Wait what?