Indiana’s Fault

23 08 2016


First offense, up to 20 years.  Subsequent offenses, up to 30 years.

Except, Illinois, where murder two convicts often don’t do even ten years.

OTOH, this symbolism takes the heat off of Chicago and Illinois politicians for a little while.

It also should be noted that NCIC is required anywhere in the United States anywhere a background check requisite purchase occurs.  Illinois or Indiana.  It’s just that elderly black women in Chicago can vote in Chicago and Illinois elections, therefore, people subject to their democratic influence won’t ever blame their grandsons for violent crime.  Indiana is just the guy behind the tree.

Lite Brite Panther

29 06 2016



He was a national officer and the local leader of the National Revolutionary Black Panther Party.

Who, this honky?

Second cousin of Shawn King, I presume.

Amnesty Via Language

9 05 2016



If you can’t get amnesty via law, then you can get amnesty via language.

“Security Risks”

2 05 2016

Carr Square

Dick Durbin headlines a letter that various interested Illinois elected officials sent to the NGA opposing the Pruitt Igoe Carr Square proposal.  The letter describes the general area as a “security risk.”

How could Dick Durbin of all people be so racist?

The Bigger Loser

3 03 2016


Their lips say no, but their budget request says something entirely different.


29 02 2016

Downtown; Fairview Heights

Mahogany Mob and the Missing Link.

Also On March 15

22 02 2016


SIUC poll shows Trump and HRC with sizable leads in Illinois, which, like Missouri, holds its primary on March 15.

Nice unbiased journalism you’ve got going there in the second paragraph, Mr. McDermott, by and by.

I also know Trump is above 50% in Massachusetts and close to that in New Jersey.  I think what this means is that a lot of blue state red team voters are right wing in that they are populist-nationalist but not social issue, and if the only choice is the Republican establishment pick versus someone that appeals to Christian conservatives, they’ll hold their nose and settle for the establishment, but they really want someone more in the Trump mold.