Pens and Phones

26 05 2016

South Florida


And we still have — with all of this, we have all of these NeverTrump people out there claiming to be afraid of Trump ’cause he’s gonna be a dictator.  And here is Hillary Clinton promising to be one from day one and through the first 100 days.

That’s because #NeverTrump doesn’t care if Trump is a pen-and-phoner or not, and they don’t care if Hillary is a pen-and-phoner or not.  All they care about is for what purposes the power of the pen and phone are or are not used.  Since #NeverTrump wants zero immigration enforcement, zero immigration law, open immigration, and effectively if not actually no borders, they’re going to be perfectly happy with the way Hillary would use the pen and phone, and unhappy with the way Trump uses it.

Stockholm Syndrome

25 05 2016


Quite literally.

Executive summary:

Brown refugees rape native born white women; Swedish police blame native born white men who drink.

One Percenters

20 05 2016



Former Governor Talks Trump: Deporting People Is The Same As Murdering Jews

Donald Trump’s immigration plan is no different from that night Nazi Germany gave paramilitary groups the nod to viciously crush the Jewish population in 1938, according to Former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld.

Weld said Thursday that Trump’s plan reminded him of Kristallnacht, the infamous “night of broken windows” that served as a preamble to worse things for Europe’s Jewish population.

The interview with The New York Times was Weld’s first since agreeing to run as Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson’s vice president in 2016.

That’s the Libertarian Party we know and love:  Getting to one percent, then staying there.

Besides, the Trump’s a Nazi caucus already has their candidate, in whoever wins the Democrat nomination.

(Shhh, hide this from the kids.)


First World Third World Problems

18 05 2016



News today is that black people aren’t becoming city cops and firefighters fast enough, and St. Louis-area legal immigrant aspiring citizen Muslims aren’t becoming citizens fast enough.

You want I should say something about Sgt. Heather Taylor and World War T?  Naaah, I’ll skip it.

Skills Gap

17 05 2016



In Germany, the latest scheme by the government of Prime Minister Angela Merkel to deal with Europe’s migrant crisis envisions hiring of up to 100 thousand asylum-seekers in a new state program for the employment of immigrants.

In the midst of the immigration crisis, Berlin has announced the deployment of a controversial program known as “one-euro jobs.”

Though the plan is to employ the workers at less than subsistence wages, Germany’s Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Andrea Nahles is speaking of the new plan as a “springboard” for migrants to enter the labor market.

The program was forged as a means of dealing with the “forced inactivity” of tens of thousands of migrants living in refugee centers with nothing to do, waiting for documents that sometimes takes months and sometimes never arrive at all.

But but but, they’re all engineers, geniuses, grad students, doctors, professionals, who were going to shift the German economy into overdrive.

The German minimum wage is 8.50 euros per hour.  Though that will seem irrelevant once all this cheap euro-an-hour refugees hit the German labor market.  And it would continue to be irrelevant no matter how high the legal minimum wage is raised.  This is an object lesson to some people, (cough cough, Ron Unz, cough cough), who think that just raising the minimum wage is a suitable form of roundabout immigration enforcement by any other means.

Méchant Profilage Racial Astuce

16 05 2016


“French doctors accused of ‘extorting’ migrants”

Hmmm.  Why do I get the feeling I should whip out, as the French would say in the sense of the acronym, the good ole MPRA?  (WRPT)

This is why:  “Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris’s 13th arrondissement”

L’Arrondissement Treizième.  Full of Indochinese.

Meaning the extorting docs probably don’t look like Charles de Gaulle.

Keep On Digging

15 05 2016


That’s the thing to do when you’re stuck in a hole.


Germany is trying to teach refugees the right way to have sex


After a rash of sexual assaults allegedly committed by suspects including asylum seekers on New Year’s Eve, the Germans have been on a mission to re-educate migrants, especially males, about sexual norms in the West. In Munich, public pools, for instance, published cartoons warning migrants not to grope women in bikinis. Also in Bavaria, public money is partially funding sexual education classes including lessons for male migrants on how to correctly approach German women.

But if all that is stick — the new government website is definitely more carrot: a guide to the pleasures of sex and the single migrant (or married, for that matter).


But while the illustrations may be more health class than Hustler, the site nevertheless engages in a surprisingly blunt lesson on the giving and receiving of sexual pleasure.

Sexual intercourse is fully illustrated here, along with a suggestion to “vary movements in speed, rhythm and intensity” and a special tip that it can be enjoyed while “lying, sitting, standing or squatting.”

“For example, the man can be on top of the woman, the woman on top of the man or the man behind the woman,” the site states.

It then probes deeper into the world of sexual gratification, including graphic descriptions of the various ways to perform oral sex, anal sex and masturbation. wall on World War T is a clue that he’s about to sell out the store to plutocrats.

They’re starting with people who already have a disturbing propensity to take it by force when they want it, (“he Sanduskyed that boy because he had a sexual emergency”), then telling them that sex is even more fun than even they know.

And they don’t think that this will actually make rapes and sexual assaults happen more often.  Not only that, they think it’ll result in just the opposite.

Let me know how that works out for you.  Though you probably won’t; it will work out just as I predict, but the German authorities and media will go pedal to the metal to cover it up, and instead, we’ll hear 200 decibel screaming about Hitler Nazi Holocaust.  Though if that happens, that will be our clue that the refugees are really getting rapey.  Just as Obama going balls to the wall on World War T is a clue that he’s about to sell out the store to plutocrats.


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