It’s Officially Weihnachtsmarkt Season

10 12 2019


It was only a matter of which one and how.

And it happened on Sunday at one of the ‘Markets in Augsburg.

While I and everyone else was anticipating religion of peace or truck of peace, it turned out to be more of a mahogany mob.  A gang of seven “youths,” ages 17 to 20, five of them have significant Turkish ancestry.  And they ganged up on a firefighter, beat him up, and wound up killing him.  The Einzelfall Brigade is out in full force, and we’re also hearing (translated) that it was a “fight,” so you all know what that means, on several levels.

As if to add insult to injury, the day after, in Munich, a cop got stabbed in the back, but not killed.  The doer in that case is a 30-year old actual German, who is all the time in and out of mental hospitals.  Needless to say, it was not a kind two-day stretch in Bavaria.

Also, and this was the worst-timed news in the world, a landlord in Augsburg had to pay a fine and was so ordered by a court today, because he wanted to rent only to Germans in his advertisement, and turned down someone from Burkina Faso in the process.  Said landlord said he has always had a lot of problems with drug dealing Turks as tenants, but the judge said (translated) that “individuals commit crimes, not groups.”  Of course, that sword only has one sharp edge.

Dynamic Death Spiral

22 11 2019


A few of you e-mailed me what you thought was yesterday’s big news, about what was found out about the Berlin Christmas Market truck driver of peace three years ago.

I’ve known about almost all of it for more than a year.

The only thing that yesterday added to the mix was that it confirmed what we already suspicioned, that the Obama Administration knew that this TDoP was a pidgeon, and put pressure on Merkel and her Interior Minister of the time (trivia:  A first cousin of the only truly democratically elected head of state in East Germany’s history), to prevent German law enforcement from arresting his terrorist plotting.

To me, the interesting thing about all this is looking at it from a high perch, and seeing not only the folly in the invade the world invite the world paradigm, but now also seeing how “invade the world” and “invite the world” feed off of each other to create a dynamic death spiral.  Doing one means being dragged into the other, and eventually, the dynamo gets going, and both are used as reasons to keep on doing the other.  We have to invite the world so that the people we import supposedly helps our ability to invade the world or smooths over the geopolitics of invading the world, and we have to invade the world because the world we invited did things like ram trucks into Christmas markets, so we invade the world out of revenge.  But not after inviting more of the world we’re invading, because we need Arabic translators, or something.


19 11 2019

Your Blogmeister’s German Desk

For the rest of the world, it’s No Nut November.  Except for me;  Necessity forced me to do it last month.

In this country?  Quite the opposite:  It’s Gruppenvergewaltigungnovember.  Gang Rape November.

Since the beginning of the month, and the final three of these were just over this past weekend, there were “migration background” led gang rapes in Ulm (trivia:  Albert Einstein’s native city), Meiningen (rural southwestern Thuringia), Düsseldorf (next berg downstream from me), and Chemnitz (site of the August-September 2018 murder of Daniel H. by a refugee and the subsequent patriotic uprising).

The Mokwa Doctrine Has Come to Sweden

17 11 2019


Sounds so familiar:

For years, the Swedish media and political establishment have done their best to play down the trend, dismissing concerns such as my own as alarmist overreactions. Malmö has been hailed as a multicultural success, despite growing evidence to the contrary. “This is a serious situation, but most people shouldn’t be worried, because they are not going to be affected,” the head of intelligence at Sweden’s National Operations Department assured everyone earlier this week. We are also made to understand that the perpetrators are, as one police official put it, “from socio-economically weak groups, socio-economically weak areas, and many are perhaps second- or third-generation immigrants.” A Social Democratic MP from Malmö, Hillevi Larsson, infamously claimed during a parliamentary debate in 2017 that she goes on her bike everywhere in Malmö, and that there is thus no reason to be afraid. Shootings are mainly about ”gangsters shooting at each other,” she argued.

The Mokwa surname is Polish, but sometimes, I think it’s Swedish.

Cherry Bomb

12 11 2019


Probably the most popular Canadian in Canada got canceled.

He shouldn’t have been.


His was a delusional civnat rant.

As if recent non-white immigrants give a rat’s tail about Canada’s part in a war that mostly white people fought against mostly white people a century ago.

That’s only half the equation, though.  Assimilation, in the way that its proponents define, doesn’t happen by magic, or random chance, or pure osmosis.  It happens because credible authorities and elites want immigrants to assimilate, and they apply certain legal, social, moral and cultural mechanisms to make it happen.  Nowadays, doing so would be a civil rights violation, even in the United States.  And however true this is for America, it’s even more true for Canada.

Mash up these two factors, and it’s easy to see why hardly any recent non-white immigrants in or around Toronto were wearing lapel poppies yesterday.


Be Very Very Very Afraid

20 10 2019


The last time she said something like this, it was a mere five years later she swung the borders wide open.

And we know that Erdogan has several million in the starting gates waiting for him to ring the bell, and we’re off to the races.

Note that what Merkel said wasn’t a nationalist argument, it was a normiecon argument, and it used to be a normielib argument.  Merkel isn’t apologizing for letting ’em in, or stating that her predecessors made a mistake by doing so.  She’s merely complaining that Germans and immigrants aren’t happily singing lovey dovey song tunes together at the same time the immigrants aren’t superficially adopting the traditional elements of German culture and society.

Both nationalists and normiecons are or can be opposed to multiculturalism, but the why is much different.


Truck of Peace

8 10 2019


It’s the first city of significant size as you go almost due north of Wiesbaden about 23 miles through the Hessian backwoods, and it’s about that far due east of Koblenz.

Yesterday evening…you read the title.  Suspect is described as a 30-year old Syrian, who stole the truck that was used, and throughout the day, authorities are settling on terrorism as motive.

I don’t think I’m going to have to keep my nose to the grindstone about this case like I have and still am Ffm-Hbf, but if there are any new big developments, I’ll have ’em right here.


A few other related things:

(1)  Horst Seehofer, fresh off a trip to Greece and Ankara, is worried about a new Hegira assembling in Greece, and Germany having another 2015 on its hands.  He has already gotten in touch with his former German government cabinet colleague, Ursula von der Leyen, who is now EU Commission President, replacing Clunker Juncker, about ways to stop it.  All I can say to both of them is to hid this news from Ang, and hide it well.  If she finds out, she’ll pull rank and let ’em all in.

(2)  One argument for open borders we keep hearing is that it’s just and rightful revenge for colonialism.  To put it another way, since we were once over there, this gives over there’s people the right to come over here.  Okay, but this means that Syrians should only be going to France, because what is now Syria was once French Mandatory Palestine.  (Note to dummies:  I know what you’re thinking now:  Mandatory Palestine?  What, you got an Optional Palestine?  All I can say is that any given decent internet search engine is your friend.)

(3)  “Limburg.”  You’re thinking?  Well, the answer is no.  The one you want, you have to follow the road that meanders along the north bank of the meandering Neckar River east of Heidelberg for about an hour, then turn left to head up a hill for just a little bit, and you’re at the town of Limbach.  (Which we did during the vacation).  Wikipedia lists five towns named Limbach in Germany, while the Michelin road atlas index has twelve of them.  But it’s that one in particular.  Rush himself mentioned it quite a few years ago during a Christmas season, because his ancestral German village is close to Mannheim, and of course Mannheim is half the name of his favorite Christmas music.  And by now you can guess that “Limbaugh” is just Anglicized “Limbach.”


10 PM

Now they’re saying he’s 32, but he’s definitely Syrian, and part of Merkel’s Boner of 2015.  They’re also looking for at least one other co-conspirator, much older in age, nothing else is yet stated publicly.

The reason the truck driver of peace was so quickly apprehended is because he ran into parked cars close to where a dozen recruits for the Bundespolizei (“Federal Police”) were just getting through with a training exercise in the nearby woods and came into town to unwind.

10/9 @ 2 PM

One theory being floated this morning and afternoon, ISYN, is that he was just drag racing against a car.

First off, who drag races a tractor trailer against a car?  Bobby Bare had that novelty song in 1983, “The Jogger,” but that was just a song.

Second, lots of witnesses in Limburg heard him yapping his gums about Allah u Akbar.

But what this tells me is that since they’re now floating stupid theories, the Einzelfall Brigade can’t be far behind.  That, and because of what happened today in Halle, since that resulted in dead bodies, this will soon be forgotten.


No real Limburg news in more than a week, because it’s been drowned out by Halle and other things at least domestically.

However, there have been some op-eds today that mention Limburg in either major or minor relevance, and reading between the lines, or not needing to do so in one case, the German narrativemongers are now totally thrown in to this “zomg it was just a drag race lol” boo sheet.


Another outbreak of vibrancy in the same town.  Yesterday, a Tunisian ran over his wife with a car, and then got out and finished her off with an axe.