Ignoring the Ledes

10 04 2018

Lenoir City, Tennessee

From the headline, we’re supposed to walk away from the story outraged at ZOMG TENNESSEE’S WEAK GUN LAWZ LOL~!!!!!1

But, hold up just a moment.


Sanchez shipped cash and cocaine and marijuana, including California “edible” pot food products, back to Tennessee as payment for the guns and, in turn, profiteered from selling the Tennessee guns on the black market in California, according to court records.

Not that anyone except unknown red pilled snarky bloggers will tell you this, but “Sanchez” here (a hint for a coming attraction) exploited California’s “weak” marijuana laws as much as he did Tennessee’s “weak” gun laws.  In fact, his scam was playing one against the other for his own benefit.


Records filed in U.S. District Court in Knoxville show authorities late last month arrested five Lenoir City residents – three of whom are related to Sanchez – on a federal warrant issued by a federal judge in California.


He would then post photos of the guns in messages on Facebook’s private messaging service with instructions for either Victor Scott Luna, who lived on 7th Avenue in Lenoir City, or Juan Gonzalez, who lived on Poplar Street in Lenoir City, to buy what he wanted, the FBI alleged.


Luna and Gonzalez would then broker deals with the Tennessee gun owners. Sanchez’s nieces – Alexis Marie Sanchez and Ashley M. Sanchez – and his sister, Elvia Mejia Sanchez – all of whom lived in Lenoir City, would package the weapons for shipping to California using various shipping services including FedEx, UPS and the United States Postal Service, according to court records.

Sanchez gave the women specific instructions, using Facebook messenger, for shipping and paid them for their work. The FBI says Sanchez sometimes paid his nieces with California pot “edibles,” and that the women had little doubt they were smuggling guns.


Vesling included in a criminal complaint an exchange between Elvia Sanchez and her brother in which she wrote on Facebook, “You know I will do anything for the family!” Her brother responded, “Same here. Don’t ever forget that. Legal or illegal.”

There’s the other and more important lede that’s getting buried here — The comprehensive dreamer valedictorians have been flooding into East Tennessee for a minute or two.  In this case, it gave a comprehensive dreamer valedictorian gang goon relative back in California a beach head and a colony in a “weak” gun law state.  Meanwhile, the colonizing comprehensive dreamer valedictorians in Lenoir City had a source in the person of someone back in California for their hookup for edibles.  The art of the deal.

Again, it takes me to tell you all this.


Nobody Cares

5 04 2018


Since it wasn’t an obvious known suspect, then you’ve got to figure that some illegal alien is using the kid’s SSN.

Which means forget about doing what this suggests, and calling the IRS.  Because they approve of illegal aliens appropriating citizens’ SSNs.

What’s the Common Denominator?

3 04 2018

Mexico City; Jerusalem

The very late breaking news is that the Mexican government and authorities are breaking up the March of the Hondurans, and that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has squelched the latest scheme to resettle African “infiltrators” to white Western countries.

I wonder what is the common denominator.

Could it be that there’s an individual in this country who is both aggressive with Mexico and friendly with Netanyahu?

“Extraordinary Hypocrisy” Is a Synonym For “Ordinary Selfishness”

2 04 2018

Palo Alto, California

“‘It’s ironic that Zuckerberg will go to such extraordinary lengths to protect his own privacy – when the privacy of millions of people doesn’t appear to have been high on his priority list, Nick told DailyMail.com.”

Well color me shocked.

You mean to tell me the same Zuckerberg that opposes border walls for “his” country but has walls around the borders of his own estates would also be a hypocrite when it comes to privacy?

None of this is “extraordinary hypocrisy” at all.


His personal privacy is good for Mark Zuckerberg.

The lack of personal privacy for Facebook users is good for Mark Zuckerberg.

Walls around his estates are good for Mark Zuckerberg.

The lack of real border security and immigration enforcement is good for Mark Zuckerberg.

What’s the common denominator?

What ever is good for Mark Zuckerberg.

Says All

15 03 2018

Melting ICE

10 03 2018

Washington, D.C.

My only real objection to this missive is that the proposal is written off as fruity, wacky, fringe, nutty, and extreme.

When in reality, is the perfectly reasonable and logical sequitur for those, including most of those who are proposing and endorsing this idea, who believe in, as Steve Sailer calls it, the Zeroth Amendment.  If you believe that there should be no such thing as immigration restrictions, then it follows that there should be no such thing as immigration law, which in turn means there should be no such thing as immigration law enforcement, meaning there should be no such thing as a Federal agency dedicated to enforcing immigration law.


Fair Housing Laws When?

7 03 2018

Los Angeles


A new generation of anti-gentrification radicals are on the march in Los Angeles – and around the country

The protest at Mariachi Plaza didn’t seem, at first, like a declaration of war.

In fact, the Feb. 7 event looked like the same sort of grassroots, anti-gentrification gathering that might have taken place in any big American city at any point over the past 10 years as higher-income transplants have increasingly colonized lower-income urban communities, remaking once marginalized neighborhoods in their own cold-brew-and-kombucha image.

But this one was different.

That’s because it was organized by Defend Boyle Heights, a coalition of scorched-earth young activists from the surrounding neighborhood — the heart of Mexican-American L.A. — who have rejected the old, peaceful forms of resistance (discussion, dialogue, policy proposals) and decided that the only sensible response is to attack and hopefully frighten off the sorts of art galleries, craft breweries and single-origin coffee shops that tend to pave the way for more powerful invaders: the real estate agents, developers and bankers whose arrival typically mark a neighborhood’s point of no return.

Just curious when the Feds will swoop in with Fair Housing Act indictments against Defend Boyle Heights.  Especially since the FHA now seems to apply to bar fights.

I doubt they will, because the people who want to gentrify Boyle Heights are important people, whereas young white men who patronize bars in rural Pennsylvania aren’t important people.  I should also add these “Mexicans” better be careful, because they’re undercutting one of the prime reasons why the white liberals permit their immigration and ignore immigration law on their behalf — To combat the black undertow in various cities, including Los Angeles, as a predication to white liberal gentrification.

One should also remember that Boyle Heights isn’t actually a traditionally Mexican neighborhood.  Before it was Mexican, it was Jewish.