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27 05 2015


Of course Jorge Ramos wants to bring all of Mexico here, and all of Latin America, if he could.

The more of them that are here, the more important they are or can be said to be when it comes to marketing, ratings, business, voting, commerce.  And the more that is, the more important non-Hispanics will think Jorge Ramos.

He has always been a Hispanic chief looking for Indians.

Hot Potato

26 05 2015

New Orleans

Appeals-5 upholds Hanen.

Next stop:  SCOTUS.  Either way, they’ll either implicitly uphold Appeals-5 by refusing to grant cert or hear the case themselves.

When you wipe this case down to the bare metal of the hard drive, (though I have to quit saying that, because more and more hard drives today are SSD and M.2), it’s all a matter of the work permits, whether Obama blew threw the letter and spirit of 1986 IRCA (*) to grant so many work permits to so many people in one fell swoop.  Forbearing deportation is as easy as the President refusing to file civil deportation lawsuits, so whatever the Federal judiciary ultimately does will not affect that.  I’m cynical enough to think that even if SCOTUS finds that the executive branch can’t grant work permits in this fashion, I still think Obama can find an end run around that — Simply refuse to prosecute employers for knowingly hiring illegal aliens.

The one dissenting judge who found for Obama said that these kinds of matters should be handled legislatively.  Ironically, the reason Boehner and McConnell backed off of their (probably fan dance) effort to defund DAPA as part of the HLS funding bill was because they said that the judiciary should deal with this matter.  It’s as if we’re seeing a game of hot potato being played in front of our eyes.

(*) – 1986 IRCA does allow the President to grant work permits unilaterally to those aliens who have otherwise not gotten them.  However, until Obama, that authority was only ever used for special circumstances relating to individuals who got them.  That’s part of the dispute in TX v USA, whether the letter or spirit of that provision of IRCA is contrary to Obama’s mass work permit giveaway.

Why Bill Gates Et Al Want to “Fix the Schools”

24 05 2015

Davis, California

Norm Matloff:

Using the standard argument the industry lobbyists have been making for almost 25 years, IBM says once again that H-1Bs are needed for the short term, but the long-term solution is beefed up efforts at education and retraining in special skills. This has been the greatest red herring in the entire H-1B debate, and I’ve written extensively about it. No need to go into that here; let’s just say that it is certain that IBM rejects many American applicants who are well qualified for those jobs, and that many existing IBM workers could quickly learn new material to perform that work as well.

That got my mind to thinking, then one thing led to another.

I now tend to think that Bill Gates’s obsession with “education reform” isn’t really to reform education or to make education work.  I think his real interest is to promulgate the fiction that American schools are that bad, as a predicate to his subsequent demands for more H-1Bs.

Running Out of White Kids

23 05 2015


They “want more white children in the school to learn about each other’s cultures,” said Aminata, her smiling face framed by dangling African braids during Friday’s protest.

They want more white children in their school to buffer and mask non-white failure, and to be their punching bags.

There, I fixed it.

Haven’t you ever noticed that the people who scream the loudest with their mouths about racial equality demonstrate by their actions that they are the least to believe it?

They Didn’t Blink

20 05 2015


Mark Kirkorian is too smart to believe something like this:

Don’t Look Now, but the Amnesty-First Crowd Has Blinked

Prof. Robert George’s group, American Principles in Action, has released an “immigration reform” plan calling for enforcement followed by amnesty and increased guestworker admissions. The plan (really more of a brief outline) shows the power of the demand for Enforcement First and the importance of rejecting compromise on core principles.

Perhaps the most important sentence in the outline is this (the emphasis is mine): “After we have secured the border and toughened up interior enforcement, we should then provide undocumented immigrants a path to legal status, short of citizenship.”

This is a fundamental concession by at least part of the pro-amnesty Right. During the immigration debate in the last Congress, immigration hawks were vilified for rejecting the Schumer-Rubio bill’s amnesty-first approach and insisting instead that enforcement be fully implemented before anything else happened.

Alfonso Aguilar, who runs Prof. George’s “Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles” project and who released this plan, was an aggressive proponent of the Schumer-Rubio bill and was one of those vilifying conservatives who insisted on Enforcement First. Now, it seems, he’s joined our ranks.

In other words, they blinked.

As you can read in the rest of the column, this is boob bait, not blinking, and Kirkorian knows it.

Enforcement then path to citizenship is pretty much the same as path to citizenship then enforcement, for two main reasons:

1.  A Clintonesque definition of and benchmarks of “enforcement.”  There will be some superficial enforcement, which will be said to be enough enforcement to fulfill the enforcement-first axiom so that we can move on to path to citizenship.  At that time, the fake enforcement will stop.

2.  Path to citizenship isn’t a big deal to illegals.  They want the quasi legal status and the work permit.  And those they would get immediately or at least in short order under both schemes.

No Immigration Enforcement, Because Michael Brown.

18 05 2015

Camden, New Jersey


Obama seeks to end immigration enforcement by local, state police

Recommendation from task force set up in wake of Ferguson riots

Michael Brown ran directly at Darren Wilson because he was scared of being deported?

Let Me In, Infidel

15 05 2015


I bet she wasn’t thinking this or saying this when her sons’ Uncle Ruslan was pulling the strings of his former father-in-law, former CIA station chief Graham Fuller, to have him pull strings in D.C. to get her sons admitted to the United States as “refugees.”  When the reality was that the Tsarnaev family was anything but oppressed; they were pretty well placed in Chechnyan society.


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