You Tell ‘Em, Marco

29 06 2015



Rubio Breaks Silence On Reports Of H-1B Abuses

Republican Sen. Marco Rubio broke his silence on H-1b abuses Friday, following the news that another Florida company is laying off dozens of tech workers and asking them to train their foreign replacements.

“Of course we’re concerned about these reports,” a spokeswoman for Rubio’s Senate office told The Daily Caller News Foundation in an emailed statement. “If the program was misused, then people should be held accountable.”

Catalina Marketing, which helps thousands of stores across the country implement coupon and rewards programs, has hired an outsourcing giant to replace 50 Catalina IT workers, a Tampa Bay Fox affiliate reported Thursday. Some of the laid off workers told Fox 13 they’ve been asked to train their foreign replacements. (RELATED: Disney Blacklisted Displaced American Workers)

That’s right, Marco, you tell ’em.  You tell ’em that your very name was half of the semi-official name of a piece of legislation that passed the Senate in 2013 which would have vastly expanded annual H-1B visa allotments.  You tell ’em that middle class greed hurts billionaires in need.


28 06 2015



Go there, do Ctrl+F, and try “immig”

No results.

It mixes the local and national climate into the article.  If it was entirely about the local scene, then immigration wouldn’t be worth mentioning because the kind of immigration that affects the summer job market for teenagers and young adults isn’t much found around here.  But it does affect the overall national picture, and a big part of the article is the national scene.

Three Some

24 06 2015

Washington, D.C.

It gave Obama the opportunity to say: “You’re in my house.”

So we have three of Obama’s favorite things all in one little incident:  Transgender, illegal alien, himself.

Anxious Donors

17 06 2015

Washington, D.C.

Mark Levin writes on Facebook:


I am told that John Boehner is telling the GOP members that if they vote to pass the TPA, a bill later with restrictions on immigration, among other things, will be passed to reign in Obama’s actions.  Boehner pulled the same trick against Congressman Marlin Stutzman not long ago, when Kevin McCarthy promised if he voted to let the massive budget bill go to the House floor, the GOP leadership would replace the bill on the floor with a smaller spending bill.  But McCarthy lied to Stutzman.  The leadership did no such thing.  They delivered their massive spending bill to Obama, who quickly signed it.  MEANWHILE, Obama is telling the Democrats in Congress to vote for TPA because it will allow him to finish his last year and a half unrestrained by the Republicans.  In other words, he will run wild using the trade bill to institute left-wing agenda items.  (Remember, the trade deal could not be amended by congressional Republicans.)  So, when Obama, Boehner, and McConnell huddled this week to come up with a plan to push TPA through Congress, clearly they decided that lying to members of Congress and deceiving the American people was the way to win the vote.

The reason why Boehner’s promise of a “later bill with restrictions on immigration” is hollow even if he follows through (and you know he won’t), is because TPA binds us to a lot of immigration liberalization provisions via treaty, which legally supersedes legislation.

Obama is hitting the gas in spite of the fact that Congressional Democrats don’t want it, and Boehner and McConnell are hitting the gas in spite of the fact that Republican voters and leaners don’t want it. Such obstinate behavior can only be explained by donors.

Better Life

17 06 2015

Washington, D.C.

He's a DREAMer

He’s a DREAMer

He was only looking for a better life.  That’s why he hopped the fence, and we’re constantly told that fences are useless because there are always ladders a foot taller than the fences.  We’re also told that it would be cruel, heartless, bigoted, xenophobic, and practically a violation of human rights, to sentence people of felonies and have them do felony-length bits for illegal entry.

Right of Return

17 06 2015

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Major humanitarian crisis:  Haitians might be deported, i.e. shipped to the other side of the island.

Hmm, sending illegal Haitians back to Haiti.  I wonder if that idea will catch on here.

Though I wonder if the Dominican government would be happy if we shipped them back our illegal Dominicans.

Blogmeister Echo Syndrome

16 06 2015


Me, May 26:

When you wipe this case down to the bare metal of the hard drive … it’s all a matter of the work permits, whether Obama blew threw the letter and spirit of 1986 IRCA … to grant so many work permits to so many people in one fell swoop.  Forbearing deportation is as easy as the President refusing to file civil deportation lawsuits, so whatever the Federal judiciary ultimately does will not affect that.  I’m cynical enough to think that even if SCOTUS finds that the executive branch can’t grant work permits in this fashion, I still think Obama can find an end run around that — Simply refuse to prosecute employers for knowingly hiring illegal aliens.

Turns out Obama was way ahead of me.


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