We Get It. They Don’t Care.

27 07 2015

New York City

And #IDNYC doesn’t care if you’re actually human or actually living.

Don’t think for one millisecond that #IDNYC won’t be used for voter ID.

You Expect a Lot from a Leader, and You Get Nothing

27 07 2015

Washington, D.C.

Ron Paul had a reputation for being Doctor No when he was in Congress.

Screw that — Mitch McConnell is the real Doctor No.

There’s also an object lesson hiding in this, for those of you astute enough to pay attention and notice things.  Let’s see if anyone is paying attention and noticing things.

Paywalled Garden

17 07 2015


PJ Media:

Concealed-Carry Permits for Women Up 270% since 2007

A study from the Crime Prevention Research Center has evidence that “legally-possessed handguns deter crime, rather than contribute to it.”  John Lott, president of the CPRC, said that the huge increase in the number of conceal permits shows that attitudes among Americans towards firearms are changing.

Yesterday, I shared a study that “debunks the myth of defensive gun use. ” That study is locked behind a paywall but was promoted by a media front for the gun-grabbers at  Everytown for Gun Safety. (I read that stuff so you don’t have to.)

Hold that thought.

Ann Coulter:

The two researchers whose work is cited over and over again for the proposition that immigrants are less criminal than Americans are Alex Piquero, criminology professor at the University of Texas at Dallas, and Bianca Bersani, sociology professor at the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Pew cites their studies–and everyone in the media cites Pew, leading to headlines like these:


I looked up some of these alleged studies this weekend. They’re all hidden behind ridiculous Internet paywalls. I was often only the sixth person to read them.

It turns out that neither Piquero nor Bersani compared immigrant crime to “the overall population”–as the British Guardian recently claimed in an article purporting to prove Donald Trump wrong. Rather, they compare immigrants’ crime rate to the crime rate of America’s most criminally inclined subgroups.

What’s the moral of this post?

When you keep hearing the media and advocacy groups parroting the results of research that is behind internet paywalls or difficult to access otherwise, get suspicious.

Sob Stories

14 07 2015


One of the few good things the General Assembly did during this year’s session is about to take effect.

Cue the sob stories.

Or, just wait on the DREAMers to file a Federal lawsuit.  Which will end in the laps of John Roberts and Anthony Kennedy.

Dinnoe Nuffins

14 07 2015

Washington, D.C.


Jeh Johnson’s Reaction to Steinle Family Question, ‘Who?’ Not Sure if Admin Has Contacted

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said he didn’t know if the administration had contacted Kate Steinle’s family and responded “To who?” after being asked if the family had been contacted on Tuesday.

Johnson was asked by Representative Steve Chabot (R-OH) “has the administration reached out to the Steinle family, to your knowledge?” He responded, “To who?” After Chabot said Steinle was killed by a person who had been deported repeatedly and had a criminal record, and asked if the administration had reached out to her family, Johnson answered, “I’m sorry, I don’t know the answer to that question, sir.”

Johnson did promise that he would look into it after Chabot asked, and pointed to his practice of personally writing letters to sheriffs, commissioners, or chiefs who have lost officers in the line of duty.

Who really believes that Jeh Johnson doesn’t know who the Steinles are?  Even the Obama-favored news channels, CNN and MSNBC, covered the family, the murder of Kate Steinle, and the sanctuary city issue.  Sure, they may have covered it in terms of denying that sanctuary cities exist, or making excuses for their existence, or supporting the San Francisco Sheriff, or bashing Trump, but they did cover those things.

If Jeh thought he was avoiding the PR disaster of admitting that the administration just doesn’t care about the Steinles because Kate Steinle was murdered at the hands of a member of an Obama-favored demographic group, then he was mistaken.  If anyone actually believes Jeh’s implicit claim, then they’re going to walk away thinking that nobody in the administration actually watches any news of any sort.  And you’d expect the President of the United States and his cabinet secretaries to watch or read some sort of news.

There was no way out of a PR loss for this White House, no matter what Jeh said to Steve Chabot.

Luckily for Jeh and Obama, it won’t matter, because they have no real opposition with real political power, especially on the immigration issue.


They’re All Valedictorians

14 07 2015

Arlington, Virginia

We keep hearing a lot of talk about illegal aliens, DREAMers and high school graduating class valedictorians.

One head scratching part of all that talk for me is that there is only one valedictorian per high school graduating class.  The odds of every illegal alien DREAMer turning out to be a valedictorian are as close to zero as anything outside the realm of mathematics or hard sciences can be.

Or so I thought.

I keep forgetting that this is the era of self-esteem and everybody gets a trophy.

Quit Making Jokes

13 07 2015


Some people have been joking since El Chapo resigned from a Mexican hoosegow that he was on his way to sanctuary city San Francisco, that Obama would be at the border to welcome him in, etc.

Some jokes are jokes, but then again, they turn out to be the total opposite of jokes.


Mrs. Chapo was a birth tourist.


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