“Kein 2015”

16 09 2020


The official edict came down today, and you can probably guess what it was.

The German political and media establishment are constantly parroting “Kein 2015” (“No 2015”) or some longer equivalents.

Of course it’s not going to be 2015.  Remember that Johnny Cash song for the 87,000th time?  The way it’s going to be different this time is that they’re going to let only a few in at a time, drip drip drip, salami slicing, instead of one big massive wave, so as not to risk a massive political backlash, or so they believe.

Ironically, some of the same people who are saying today that this isn’t going to be 2015 are to this day defending 2015, if they actually didn’t help make 2015 happen.

First Draft

31 08 2020


Today is the five year anniversary of Angela Merkel saying “Wir schaffen das.”

What most people don’t know is that that was the fourth and final draft.

The first draft used “Weil ich das sage.”

The second draft used “Halt die Klappe, und zahlt deine Steuern.”

The third draft used “Wenn Sie anderer Meinung sind, schicken wir Antifa, um Ihr Auto in Brand zu setzen.”

It’s Officially Weihnachtsmarkt Season

10 12 2019


It was only a matter of which one and how.

And it happened on Sunday at one of the ‘Markets in Augsburg.

While I and everyone else was anticipating religion of peace or truck of peace, it turned out to be more of a mahogany mob.  A gang of seven “youths,” ages 17 to 20, five of them have significant Turkish ancestry.  And they ganged up on a firefighter, beat him up, and wound up killing him.  The Einzelfall Brigade is out in full force, and we’re also hearing (translated) that it was a “fight,” so you all know what that means, on several levels.

As if to add insult to injury, the day after, in Munich, a cop got stabbed in the back, but not killed.  The doer in that case is a 30-year old actual German, who is all the time in and out of mental hospitals.  Needless to say, it was not a kind two-day stretch in Bavaria.

Also, and this was the worst-timed news in the world, a landlord in Augsburg had to pay a fine and was so ordered by a court today, because he wanted to rent only to Germans in his advertisement, and turned down someone from Burkina Faso in the process.  Said landlord said he has always had a lot of problems with drug dealing Turks as tenants, but the judge said (translated) that “individuals commit crimes, not groups.”  Of course, that sword only has one sharp edge.

Dynamic Death Spiral

22 11 2019


A few of you e-mailed me what you thought was yesterday’s big news, about what was found out about the Berlin Christmas Market truck driver of peace three years ago.

I’ve known about almost all of it for more than a year.

The only thing that yesterday added to the mix was that it confirmed what we already suspicioned, that the Obama Administration knew that this TDoP was a pidgeon, and put pressure on Merkel and her Interior Minister of the time (trivia:  A first cousin of the only truly democratically elected head of state in East Germany’s history), to prevent German law enforcement from arresting his terrorist plotting.

To me, the interesting thing about all this is looking at it from a high perch, and seeing not only the folly in the invade the world invite the world paradigm, but now also seeing how “invade the world” and “invite the world” feed off of each other to create a dynamic death spiral.  Doing one means being dragged into the other, and eventually, the dynamo gets going, and both are used as reasons to keep on doing the other.  We have to invite the world so that the people we import supposedly helps our ability to invade the world or smooths over the geopolitics of invading the world, and we have to invade the world because the world we invited did things like ram trucks into Christmas markets, so we invade the world out of revenge.  But not after inviting more of the world we’re invading, because we need Arabic translators, or something.


19 11 2019

Your Blogmeister’s German Desk

For the rest of the world, it’s No Nut November.  Except for me;  Necessity forced me to do it last month.

In this country?  Quite the opposite:  It’s Gruppenvergewaltigungnovember.  Gang Rape November.

Since the beginning of the month, and the final three of these were just over this past weekend, there were “migration background” led gang rapes in Ulm (trivia:  Albert Einstein’s native city), Meiningen (rural southwestern Thuringia), Düsseldorf (next berg downstream from me), and Chemnitz (site of the August-September 2018 murder of Daniel H. by a refugee and the subsequent patriotic uprising).

The Mokwa Doctrine Has Come to Sweden

17 11 2019


Sounds so familiar:

For years, the Swedish media and political establishment have done their best to play down the trend, dismissing concerns such as my own as alarmist overreactions. Malmö has been hailed as a multicultural success, despite growing evidence to the contrary. “This is a serious situation, but most people shouldn’t be worried, because they are not going to be affected,” the head of intelligence at Sweden’s National Operations Department assured everyone earlier this week. We are also made to understand that the perpetrators are, as one police official put it, “from socio-economically weak groups, socio-economically weak areas, and many are perhaps second- or third-generation immigrants.” A Social Democratic MP from Malmö, Hillevi Larsson, infamously claimed during a parliamentary debate in 2017 that she goes on her bike everywhere in Malmö, and that there is thus no reason to be afraid. Shootings are mainly about ”gangsters shooting at each other,” she argued.

The Mokwa surname is Polish, but sometimes, I think it’s Swedish.

Cherry Bomb

12 11 2019


Probably the most popular Canadian in Canada got canceled.

He shouldn’t have been.


His was a delusional civnat rant.

As if recent non-white immigrants give a rat’s tail about Canada’s part in a war that mostly white people fought against mostly white people a century ago.

That’s only half the equation, though.  Assimilation, in the way that its proponents define, doesn’t happen by magic, or random chance, or pure osmosis.  It happens because credible authorities and elites want immigrants to assimilate, and they apply certain legal, social, moral and cultural mechanisms to make it happen.  Nowadays, doing so would be a civil rights violation, even in the United States.  And however true this is for America, it’s even more true for Canada.

Mash up these two factors, and it’s easy to see why hardly any recent non-white immigrants in or around Toronto were wearing lapel poppies yesterday.


Be Very Very Very Afraid

20 10 2019


The last time she said something like this, it was a mere five years later she swung the borders wide open.

And we know that Erdogan has several million in the starting gates waiting for him to ring the bell, and we’re off to the races.

Note that what Merkel said wasn’t a nationalist argument, it was a normiecon argument, and it used to be a normielib argument.  Merkel isn’t apologizing for letting ’em in, or stating that her predecessors made a mistake by doing so.  She’s merely complaining that Germans and immigrants aren’t happily singing lovey dovey song tunes together at the same time the immigrants aren’t superficially adopting the traditional elements of German culture and society.

Both nationalists and normiecons are or can be opposed to multiculturalism, but the why is much different.


Truck of Peace

8 10 2019


It’s the first city of significant size as you go almost due north of Wiesbaden about 23 miles through the Hessian backwoods, and it’s about that far due east of Koblenz.

Yesterday evening…you read the title.  Suspect is described as a 30-year old Syrian, who stole the truck that was used, and throughout the day, authorities are settling on terrorism as motive.

I don’t think I’m going to have to keep my nose to the grindstone about this case like I have and still am Ffm-Hbf, but if there are any new big developments, I’ll have ’em right here.


A few other related things:

(1)  Horst Seehofer, fresh off a trip to Greece and Ankara, is worried about a new Hegira assembling in Greece, and Germany having another 2015 on its hands.  He has already gotten in touch with his former German government cabinet colleague, Ursula von der Leyen, who is now EU Commission President, replacing Clunker Juncker, about ways to stop it.  All I can say to both of them is to hid this news from Ang, and hide it well.  If she finds out, she’ll pull rank and let ’em all in.

(2)  One argument for open borders we keep hearing is that it’s just and rightful revenge for colonialism.  To put it another way, since we were once over there, this gives over there’s people the right to come over here.  Okay, but this means that Syrians should only be going to France, because what is now Syria was once French Mandatory Palestine.  (Note to dummies:  I know what you’re thinking now:  Mandatory Palestine?  What, you got an Optional Palestine?  All I can say is that any given decent internet search engine is your friend.)

(3)  “Limburg.”  You’re thinking?  Well, the answer is no.  The one you want, you have to follow the road that meanders along the north bank of the meandering Neckar River east of Heidelberg for about an hour, then turn left to head up a hill for just a little bit, and you’re at the town of Limbach.  (Which we did during the vacation).  Wikipedia lists five towns named Limbach in Germany, while the Michelin road atlas index has twelve of them.  But it’s that one in particular.  Rush himself mentioned it quite a few years ago during a Christmas season, because his ancestral German village is close to Mannheim, and of course Mannheim is half the name of his favorite Christmas music.  And by now you can guess that “Limbaugh” is just Anglicized “Limbach.”


10 PM

Now they’re saying he’s 32, but he’s definitely Syrian, and part of Merkel’s Boner of 2015.  They’re also looking for at least one other co-conspirator, much older in age, nothing else is yet stated publicly.

The reason the truck driver of peace was so quickly apprehended is because he ran into parked cars close to where a dozen recruits for the Bundespolizei (“Federal Police”) were just getting through with a training exercise in the nearby woods and came into town to unwind.

10/9 @ 2 PM

One theory being floated this morning and afternoon, ISYN, is that he was just drag racing against a car.

First off, who drag races a tractor trailer against a car?  Bobby Bare had that novelty song in 1983, “The Jogger,” but that was just a song.

Second, lots of witnesses in Limburg heard him yapping his gums about Allah u Akbar.

But what this tells me is that since they’re now floating stupid theories, the Einzelfall Brigade can’t be far behind.  That, and because of what happened today in Halle, since that resulted in dead bodies, this will soon be forgotten.


No real Limburg news in more than a week, because it’s been drowned out by Halle and other things at least domestically.

However, there have been some op-eds today that mention Limburg in either major or minor relevance, and reading between the lines, or not needing to do so in one case, the German narrativemongers are now totally thrown in to this “zomg it was just a drag race lol” boo sheet.


Another outbreak of vibrancy in the same town.  Yesterday, a Tunisian ran over his wife with a car, and then got out and finished her off with an axe.

Four Years On

5 09 2019

Berlin;  Mainz

Merkel’s Boner started four years ago yesterday.

Until I was made aware of that, based on my recollection of the events of 2015, I would have guessed it was in October.

In accordance with the fourth anniversary, German public broadcaster ZDF, or 2DF, Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen, (“Second German Television”), dropped a documentary yesterday.  Which I watched tonight.

I’ll link to it, but it might have some sort of geographical restriction to where it cannot be viewed outside of Germany or the EU.  I’ll need someone back in The Good Ole to check to see if it plays.

Otherwise, don’t waste your time.  It’s just a ninety minute long infomercial for Merkel and the CDU.

Frankfurt Train Station Murder, Explained

30 07 2019


Note:  This will likely be a frequently updated post.  Also, for those of you who don’t know, while I officially live in Cologne, I am temporarily living in Wiesbaden for the summer to do leg rehab.

Yesterday, just over the rise from me toward the east, an Eritrean migrant threw an eight-year old child off a balcony at the Frankfurt Central Station, into the path of an oncoming train.  Killing the child.  He also tried to do the same to the child’s 40-year old mother, but she was able to resist his force and prevent herself from being so hurled.

Officially, “no motive.”

To that, I say:


The key to understanding yesterday is what happened early last week, also close to Frankfurt, also involving an Eritrean migrant, in the small town of Wächtersbach.  It is a bit northeast of Frankfurt, in the direct path toward the historically strategically crucial Fulda Gap.

A man, yet to be identified, motive yet to be officially indicated, 55 years old, murdered (UPDATE:  Shot but not killed, see update below) an Eritrean migrant, I know the victim was is much younger than the suspect, but I can’t remember the vic’s exact age.  All we know about the suspect other than his chronological age is that he had recently joined a local shooting club, most likely to learn how to get good aim to do what he was about to do.

However, the mysterious non-barking dog in that case is the relative lack of official and media preening about Rechtsextremismus.  That tells me that the doer is non-white.  What might speak to that not being true is his age, 55, and if he is non-white, he’s almost likely not part of Merkel’s Boner;  Those tend to be young men.  If he is non-white, and 55, it probably adds up to Turk.

Now, back to today.

When I first read that yesterday’s perp is “of African appearance,” I thought of Wächtersbach.  When it was later specified that he’s Eritrean, that’s what clinched it for me.

We found out today that he’s 40 years old, married with three kids, and lives in Zürich, and has legal residence in Switzerland and thus can legally travel throughout the EU.

Here’s more evidence pointing to co-ethnic revenge as the motivation for yesterday:

(1) We now know that, some time late last week, he, without his wife or kids, hopped a train from Basel to Frankfurt.  Now, why would an Eritrean living in Zürich with a whole wife and three whole kids just all of a sudden get on a train by himself and go to a metropolitan area where another Eritrean was the victim of a murder just several days prior?

(2) The relative silence of the Einzelfall Brigade.  “Einzelfall” literally translates to “individual cases,” but in context, the German media use it the same way that the American media use “isolated incident.”  That is to say, when they’re trying to keep native born white people from noticing patterns when vibrant people behave vibrantly.

(3) However, there has been a lot of political condemnation of what happened yesterday, even from the left half of the German political spectrum and its three significant political parties, the Greens, Die Linke and the SPD.  Ordinarily, they would be silent in the face of vibrant violence, or if they say anything, they would be part of the Einzelfall Brigade.

(4) Angela Merkel’s Interior Minister, Horst Seehofer, (who you read about in this space last fall in relation to the whole BfV-Maaßen-Merkel soap opera, and then the Bavarian elections), cut his vacation short yesterday to go to the Interior Ministry’s secondary national office in Bonn.  Note that “Interior” as a German Federal cabinet department does not mean the same as “Interior” in the American Interior Department sense.  The Interior Ministry in Germany is a rollup of what Americans would think of as Homeland Security and Justice Department.  Meaning he controls a whole bunch of cops and investigators, and can leverage the crucial state police agencies.

(5) One day after Germany’s Top Cop cut his vacation short and planted himself in Bonn, that day being today, there were a bunch of raids on various 1488-type groups all over western Germany.  The media went out of their way to state that these raids were not for specific complaints or offenses.

Mash up (4) and (5), and you have to conclude that Seehofer knows that yesterday was a revenge attack, and he ordered the cops to thump a bunch of 1488er heads, so they don’t get the idea to pull further revenge attacks of their own.  Even though we still don’t know who did Wächtersbach, that an Eritrean-African refugee is all over the news for murdering a child (race-ethnicity unknown) probably gives TPTB in this country fear that it will be the 1488 crowd that would want the next violent revenge.

A few other random thoughts:

(1) Yesterday was not a good day to have to use trains in Frankfurt.  In addition to this, there was what was termed a “suspicious fire” at Frankfurt’s other train station, the one inside the international airport.  That fire forced the evacuation of the whole station.

(2) Prediction:  The two Eritreans involved in this tale will be found to be closely related.

(3)  I wrote above that Wächtersbach is along the direct path toward the Fulda Gap.  During the Wall and Curtain days, defending and fortifying the Fulda Gap was the Pentagon’s obsession. Turns out in the long run the problem wasn’t Soviets marching through Wächtersbach, it was Eritreans loitering about.

7/30 @ 10 PM

Evening developments:  Our Boy Eritrea illegally entered Switzerland some time before 2006, but was given legal status in 2006, and was said to be “a model of successful immigration.”  His children are currently ages 1, 3 and 4.

He also threatened a neighbor of his with a knife twelve days ago.

7/31 @ 4 PM

Nothing drastic in terms of development through the business day today.

The official German political preening today is what you might expect in the United States: Constant parroting of “bawk more cameras bawk more cops at train stations bawk.” The problem with those “solutions” are that The Successful Model of Integration (TM) wanted to be seen doing what he did, because he did it around a lot of eyeballs. It’s not as if the Frankfurt Central Train Station during a business weekday is a ghost town.

We also found out today that the mother and son were headed out of Frankfurt Central on their way to Austria for a vacation. The mother’s other child, the son’s older sister, a 12-year old girl, already went separately to Austria in a car, driven by the mother’s best friend who was along for the same vacation there. The older sister learned of her younger brother being murdered while at an Autobahn rest stop on the way to Austria, the police called the mother’s friend.

7/31 @ 10 PM

The only thing new to me this evening, and this was probably already stated somewhere in the German media, is that TSMOI (TM) was currently under a court-ordered psychiatric treatment regime in Zürich.

8/1 @ 2 PM

The official GFM.

8/1 @ 10 PM

The two afternoon and evening developments:  (1)  There is a photo floating around the internet and social media supposedly of the late victim, but it’s not him.  The family has not yet officially released any photos or even gone public.  (2)  TSMOI‘s (TM) general practitioner referred him to psych months ago because he had delusions and persecution fantasies about being harassed by train passengers and colleagues at his job.

8/2 @ 2 PM

Nothing of substance through Friday morning and mid-afternoon.  Horst Seehofer has proposed yet another plastic banana ineffectual solution, (he led the bawk more cameras and police noise machine two days ago), reintroducing border controls between Germany and Switzerland.  Except TSMOI (TM) already had legal status in Switzerland, and thus could legally travel through the entire European Union.  That, and he was a Successful Model of Integration (TM), so nobody of official import would have been suspicious of him.

I don’t anticipate much if any in the way of new substantial developments until next week.  As the case may be, I’ll have my attention on “other things” all weekend;  The g/f is coming into town, when she thought she wouldn’t be able to do so.  The spa day I was going to do by myself last Saturday, but punted because it was so hot last week, (who wants to do heat and steam intensive activities after 100 degree days?), we’ll do together tomorrow.  As well as other activities, let’s just call them such.

Through all this, yesterday, there was a sword murder down in Stuttgart that is now shocking the country and has almost demoted Frankfurt from the top of the news cycle.  There, the vic was a 36-year old actual German, (though some reports indicate he was mixed German-Kazakh), and the suspect, first said to be a 28-year old Syrian, actually turns out to be a 30-year old Palestinian.  (Like, okay, that makes it all better.)  The source of that discrepancy is that he probably lied about both his nationality and his age in order to be able to stay, as he was part of Merkel’s Boner.  Also yesterday, indicative of the world’s worst possible timing, and also in Stuttgart, the CEO of Daimler denounced “white racism” and “right-wing extremism,” mainly because there turns out to be a lot of patriotic activity in the unions representing Daimler assembly line and blue collar employees.

8/4 @ 6 PM

As I figured, no new substantive developments over the weekend.

But just to add insult to injury, on Friday, a gang tried to invade and bust open the vault at a bank inside the same train station.  Poor ole Frankfurter Hauptbahnhof can get it.

8/5 @ 5 PM

Nothing new today, and I think substance-wise, it’s going to be only a trickle going forward.  I think we already know all we can know;  The only official loose end is the motive, and like I’ve been writing here, it’s Wächtersbach revenge.

Someone asked me in a PM on Twitter if any names have been released, relating to vic or perp.  The answer is no, because German laws relating to media and criminal justice jurisprudence prevent it.  If we ever get any official release of names, it will be at most the entire first name and the first initial of the last name.

And this loops back to what happened twice in the United States this past weekend.  Backing out the seventh century death cult of peace, which has its own set of motivations, which can’t be deterred by not naming the nutbar, these kinds of mass public shootings are pretty rare in this country, precisely because the sort of publicity-seeking nutbar who would want to pull such an event knows that he won’t gain instant fame or even deferred fame.

8/7 @ 3 PM

The camera at the train station which would have shown all of the crime most closely and with the most detail was deliberately damaged some time before the event.

Comma, Horst.

Also, I forgot to mention here, relating to Wächtersbach, that the week before Wächtersbach happened, I remember reading that someone was adjudicated into a mental hospital, relating to a violent attack involving a Syrian and an Eritrean at refugee housing close to Frankfurt back in September.

I mentioned here back on Friday that, to add insult to injury, there was an attempt at a bank robbery, a gang tried to invade and bust open the bank vault.  Now we find out today that the doers are an “Arab clan” from Berlin.  Which means both problems at Ffm-Hbf last week were mystery meat-caused.

8/8 @ 10 PM

The Wächtersbach victim, the 26-year old Eritrean, did not die.  He was shot in the stomach, but survived.  He was released from the hospital, today.  The doer, 55 years old, committed suicide after he shot the Eritrean.

Yet and still, we don’t have any hard relevant facts about the doer, of the sort that we’re interested in.  And we don’t have any official linkage between Wächtersbach and Ffm-Hbf, per my theory.


Two weeks after the fact, people are still bringing flowers to Ffm-Hbf, and the GFM has netted 110K €.


The suspect’s drug and tox screen came back totally clean for illicit and street drugs, even though the results on other substances have yet to come back.

For the first time officially, and surprisingly, based on German laws relating to the confidentiality of criminal suspects and victims, the suspect’s full name is being officially promulgated:  Habte Araya.


Three new developments:

(1) Habte Araya, the suspect, was checked into court-ordered pre-trial psychiatric care today.

(2) We found out today that along with the child he killed and the mother he tried to push onto the tracks, he also tried to push an unrelated 78-year old woman there, too, but did not succeed.

(3) Here’s the most disturbing part: If he’s officially diagnosed as being some kind of schizo, it could mean that he does not get a life sentence of incarceration or forced infirmary, which is the legal maximum in Germany.


On my way out of Wiesbaden a few weeks ago, I passed through Ffm-Hbf and saw the stop and the memorial.  Now, as of today, the impromptu memorial and all the flowers and teddy bears deposited there has been taken down.  Meaning that when I pass through Ffm-Hbf again to go back to Wiesbaden on Thursday, there will be no memorial.

There is talk of a permanent memorial fixture.


It’s official:  The solution is more police and more cameras.

In reaction to a crime where the perp did what he did explicitly to be seen doing it.



It looks like there will be no criminal charges, because of the suspect’s mental illness.



Compare and Contrast

26 06 2019

Matamoros, Mexico and Kos Island, Greece

2019.  Reminding you of 2015.

Our enemies realize what I came to figure out not long after I started in public relations, that one photo beats every good written or spoken argument ever made.


Mexican Tariff Negotiations, Explained

8 06 2019

Washington, D.C.;  Mexico City

The White House wanted, and seems like it got, Mexico to be at least temporarily and vaguely a buffer state between the United States and Central-South America.

Appropriately, both going to Omaha Beach on Wednesday, and then coming back from Paris earlier today, (my thoughts on D-Day are coming early next week), I passed through a country that was manufactured out of essentially nothing, in order to serve as a Western European continental buffer state in the approximate century between Napoleon and World War I.  That being Belgium.

I Know Nobody Cares Anymore, But…

26 01 2019

Vatican City;  Panama


Saturday Night Special

19 01 2019

Washington, D.C.

Just watched the OCGE’s special address on immigration.

The substance is basically trading off a several year temporary extension in Obama’s DACA for the $5+ billion border security package.

If the blue team turns cold shoulder, then I think I know what they’re really up to — They want to negotiate, but what they want has nothing to do with immigration.  It’s a fiscal matter, and not relating to anything important to the lower income people that vote for them, such as a Federal minimum wage increase.  No, it’s going to be something that’s important to upper income Democrat voters, such as restoring the SALT deduction.

Even though as far as pure politics goes, the OCGE’s address was too egalitarian for my taste, it was brilliant chess board politics, because he swallowed up all the middle ground like a Clemson football party Big Mac, forcing the blue team into a checkmate.

Jim Acosta

12 01 2019

McAllen, Texas

Jim Acosta is like the defensive back who intercepts the ball, runs as fast has he can into the wrong end zone, spikes the football, does a boogie dance, then wonders why everyone is looking at him like he’s some kind of phlarking moron.

Talk, All of It

9 01 2019

Washington, D.C.

Trump’s relatively short Oval Office immigration address was good enough, and I liked the fact that he took it to the Democrat-left hypocrisy and political switching up.

It’s just that this White House is frustratingly more hat than cattle when it comes to immigration restriction.  It’s more substantively interested in helping Europe in that regard than it is helping its own country.

The Real Purpose of Brian Kolfage’s Border Wall GoFundMe

21 12 2018

Miramar, Florida

It isn’t literally to raise money to build physical border defenses and fortifications.

Because there may well be legal issues when it comes to private donations directly to the Federal government for public purposes.  That, and don’t be surprised if SJW Alphabet Gang eventually succeeds in getting the GFM deleted, which means all of the donations will be returned.

Something I think Kolfage already realizes.

The real purpose is political — To show Trump that if a GFM can raise $11.5 million from 190k people at the time of this writing for the putative purpose of a border wall, and that’s probably one of the top GFM hauls of all time, that there’s still massive political support behind immigration restrictionism, which Kolfage hopes Trump will heed instead of the siren songs of the swamp in general and the nefarious counsel of the parenthetical who shares a bed with his daughter to get him to go open borders.

Speaking of parentheticals, don’t be surprised if the good parenthetical in Trump’s orbit is behind this GFM idea, using a paralyzed Florida vet as a front and as a clandestine by-any-other-means salvo in his war against Jared Kushner.  Stephen Miller and Kushner definitely don’t see eye to eye, but Miller is smart enough not to step on Kushner’s toes so publicly, because that’s the same as stepping on daughter’s toes, which in turn is the same as stepping on daughter’s daddy’s toes, and daughter’s daddy just happens to be Miller’s direct boss.

Open Borders

19 12 2018

Your Blogmeister’s German Desk

Pro open borders media and politicians have recently taken to denying that they advocate open borders.

Here’s how to cut them off at the pass.

* They don’t want laws that deny welfare to illegal aliens to exist, or if they do, they weaken their teeth to the point of being a dead letter

* They want immigration law enforcement agencies not to exist, or if they exist, they want their agents to be used for anything but enforcing immigration law

* They don’t want anyone to be deported, or otherwise, only would permit a very small fraction of otherwise violent criminally convicted illegals to be deported, the type that their home countries won’t take back anyway

* They don’t want illegal aliens to be prosecuted for identity fraud for the sake of seeking employment, or if they’re fine with it, they want the punishments to be lenient — Official media treatment of “illegals busted for ID theft” stories usually involves passing off the notion that the illegals had no choice but to do that because the evil xenophobic native born citizens oppose “immigration reform”

* They demonize anyone who seriously wants to enforce immigration law as written or wants it to be more strict

* They want to give illegal aliens work permits

* They want to weaken anti voter fraud mechanisms to the point where illegal aliens are actually registering to vote and actually voting

* When they run cities, counties or states, they can’t wait to implement a sanctuary policy

And then they have the nerve to say that they’re not for open borders? As Zell Miller might say: With what, spitballs? Then they have the nerve to try to con us into thinking that with all this, that a massive piece of immigration legislation is supposed to be some compromise half-victory for immigration patriots because it doesn’t contain a path to de jure citizenship.

Allow Me to Translate

23 11 2018



“We’ll throw a few bones on enforcing immigration laws their way, and this will take the wind out of the sails of the pop-nat right, before they get powerful enough to threaten neoliberal economics.  Once they’re dead, then we can throw the borders wide open, but then we’ll have demographically overwhelmed the stale pale males (and their wives) so even if they get back up from off the mat, it won’t matter.”

Now you know why I get paid the big bucks.

Note:  The upward-ish pointing swoop arrow artwork is strangely reminiscent of the AfD’s logo.


In Other Words, the Teenage Sons of Your Cheap Domestic Servants

7 10 2018

East Quogue, New York

Schaedenfreude, to use a word the people of my native country borrowed from the language of the people of my current country.

Or, if you prefer, petard hoisted own.

Home, Away From Home

29 09 2018


Before I left Cologne for this month long road trip, I saw that I was fortunately going to miss two big events in town:  One, Cologne Cathedral being turned into basically an SPLC billboard, and two, Ergodan’s visit to open the Turkish government funded mosque in town.

Now that the second event has happened, it’s international news, and here’s one of the international media treatments.

I’ve been following that saga closely, and the extra news I can tell you is that Ergodan’s visits to Cologne and Berlin have not gone smoothly.  The NRW President (equivalent to an American state governor) wanted to meet Ergodan, then flip flopped.  Ergodan was permitted to stay in a well known historical palace near Cologne, then the offer was rescinded.  Various politicians in the 3R wanted to show up to the mosque opening ceremony, then they didn’t.  While in Berlin, a bunch of Federal politicians also went back and forth about wanting to be associated publicly with Ergodan.

Then there were the protests at the ceremony.

Unfortunately, our side slash the AfD (though I repeat myself) were only minor players in this soap opera.  In reality, the heat and energy source behind the public protesting and the political flip flopping had entirely to do with internecine politics among Turks in the 3R, in Berlin and Germany in general, analogous to Turkish politics in Turkey, and also Kurdish consternation with Turkish suppression of Kurdish nationalism and irredentism within Turkey.

One big scandal that broke out while Ergodan was here is that it has been discovered that he’s got moles within the Berlin Police, that have been snitching on anti-Ergodan Turks to him, most of those types are Gulen followers, but some are also anti-E for other reasons.  On top of the Kurds being spied upon.  Now, it’s tempting to think that the moles in the Berlin Police are themselves Turkish.  But don’t be surprised if they turn out to be real Germans, and real Germans who are apolitical.  One of the things I found out during the summer voyage, and I hinted around in this space in my final post from here while on the voyage, that post was from Darmstadt, is that:

I have other reality check sort of observations as well, not the least of which are all the nonchalant insouciant devil-may-care borderline rotten borderline sour-pus countenances I get from a disturbingly high percentage of real German people, who, might I add, are of a disturbingly high median age, and those attitudes are adversely affecting Germany’s scientific and engineering prowess, including its automobile engineering, and are also fueling a disturbingly high level of public corruption.

Older people, without children, so without a real reason to care about the future after their death.  They’re going to get while the gettin’s good and they’re in this world to get, and catch as catch can.  The boondoggle of the Berlin-Brandenburg Airport, which I might actually get to write about one of these days, is just one of many examples.  So I think it’s easily possible that somewhat middle aged to late middle aged real German cops are taking bags of Ergodan’s deep state’s money to tell on Gulenists and other anti-E people.

Remember that, in spite of Merkel’s Boner, Turks are still to this day Germany’s largest most ostentatious problematic most long-standing racial-ethnic group.  I’m unclear on the history of that, one version I read is that American military occupiers foisted Turks on what was then West Germany immediately after WWII, another version is that they didn’t start pouring in until West Germany got its first SPD Chancellor, that being Willy Brandt in 1969, for electing-a-new-people reasons.

Now What?

22 08 2018

Brooklyn, Iowa

Okay, now what?

You know he wasn’t in Brooklyn, Iowa as a tourist.  Iowa, being no Switzerland.

Since we know he was there to be some farmer’s cheap labor, I wonder if anyone in the area is going to get a clue and figure out which farmer he worked for, and then start a campaign to make his life a living hell.

That farmer’s great-great-grandpa was probably on the frontier selling guns to the Indians.

Speaking of such things, two weeks ago, I was able to talk another store, this one near the secret rehab hideout, to pull Chobani yogurt from their shelves.  This is most likely my last such victory — I don’t know if Chobani is sold where I’ll be moving.  But, if it is, it won’t be hard to call on the management and state my case.

Read Closely

25 07 2018


Lede buried.

The real issue here isn’t child marriage or pedophilia.

It’s immigration and visa fraud.

The touch that gave it away:

“People see young girls as their sons’ tickets to Europe,”


Early Train

18 07 2018

Washington, D.C.

Me, July 3:

Listen up, progtards:  The big name top shelf top drawer Democrats yelling about abolishing ICE have absolutely no intention to do so if one of them ever becomes President, and will not vote for such a measure if such a measure gains serious political legs, i.e. has a chance of actually being enacted. They’re only making noise to raise money and churn election year interest from progtard utopian true believer dorks who are dumb enough to think that abolishing ICE is something that actually can be accomplished.  Sure, the big name Democrats yelling ZOMG ABOLISH ICE LOL may vote for token legislation now, knowing it will never pass this House or Senate, and knowing Trump wouldn’t sign it.  But if it gets to a Democrat President who theoretically could sign it, but actually would not, they would vote against such a bill.

Which means I thought that even big name Democrats with national ambitions would vote for a bill to abolish ICE now just to get “on the record” for fund raising and base agitating purposes, but only because they know it would not result in the abolishment of ICE actually occurring.

But the very late breaking developments in the final days of the voyage and the return trip home and my several days of paying off my sleep deficit is that Congressional Republicans, probably at the insistence of Trump and/or Stephen Miller, are pushing hard for floor votes on an abolish ICE bill, just to get Democrats on record, and the Democrats are resisting even getting a bill to the floor, because they don’t even want to go on record, because my guess is polling and focus group data available to the political class but not to the general public shows that the concept of abolishing ICE is almost as toxic and third-rail-ish as advocating getting rid of Social Security.  This means that big name Democrats don’t even want to be forced to go on record right now, because they’ll get stuck in between the rock of touching a third rail or the hard place of offending their kook utopian base slash offending donors.  Which means, contrary to their reputation as the Stupid Party, Congressional Republicans are doing something tactically intelligent, for once.  Which is why I think they’re not the ones that came up with it, that it was Trump/Miller.

Like I wrote back on July 3, what they’re really waiting on is for the next Democrat or establishment Republican President who, like Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama did, will deploy ICE to purely non-immigration duties, at which time the concept of abolishing ICE in a formal sense won’t matter.

Like I’ve Been Saying (Stuck With Her)

3 07 2018


German politics can’t live with her, and they can’t live without her.

Which means…

ICYMI, here’s why I think German politics are stuck with her.

Five, six, seven, eight…

It’s Like an Old Familiar Score

3 07 2018

Washington, D.C.

Guten Abend aus Ulm.

From a half a world away, I’m observing this scam of a dog and pony show afoot, and I’m amazed that the sort of people who I would have thought would see right through it and call boo sheet on it aren’t doing so.

It’s this matter of “Abolish ICE.”  This boob bait for the progressivetard masses.

Time for Uncle Blogmeister to sit the world down on his lap and tell it the facts of life.

Listen up, progtards:  The big name top shelf top drawer Democrats yelling about abolishing ICE have absolutely no intention to do so if one of them ever becomes President, and will not vote for such a measure if such a measure gains serious political legs, i.e. has a chance of actually being enacted. They’re only making noise to raise money and churn election year interest from progtard utopian true believer dorks who are dumb enough to think that abolishing ICE is something that actually can be accomplished.  Sure, the big name Democrats yelling ZOMG ABOLISH ICE LOL may vote for token legislation now, knowing it will never pass this House or Senate, and knowing Trump wouldn’t sign it.  But if it gets to a Democrat President who theoretically could sign it, but actually would not, they would vote against such a bill.

How do I know?

Two reasons:

One, it was not so long ago that our side was calling for the abolition of a Federal law enforcement agency.

How did that work out for us?  How did it turn out in the long run?


Any political muscle there ever was to eliminating that particular law enforcement agency disappeared on September 11, 2001.  Meaning that, if you’re a politically aware later-half Millennial or younger, then you will have zero conscious memory of the American right ever advocating for the wholesale abolition of a law enforcement agency.  If you’re an early Millennial, then you might remember, but you would have had to have been paying close attention to American politics and current affairs from a deep dive perspective starting at a pretty young age.  If you’re older, then you probably remember, provided you were paying attention.

But, believe me, we/it did.  And we failed.

So I know how it’s going to turn out for you in the Abolish ICE crowd, because I’ve seen that movie before, I know how it ends.

Red pill:

There’s nothing more permanent than a government program, even more so for a law enforcement agency.  The current agents for that agency want their nice cushy Federal jobs, paychecks, benefits and pensions.  They’ll inevitably search for reasons to exist, or adapt to the current political reality, or cry uncle to enough elected officials and House/Senate committee chairmen.

Two, and with the above in mind, we already know how an open borders Democrat President would deal with ICE, because we had an open borders Democrat President until January 20, 2017.  Baraq Obama wasn’t dumb enough to call for abolishing ICE.  Because he did the next best (worst) thing — Keep ICE, so that all the agents could have their nice cushy jobs, paychecks, benefits and pensions, but deploy them to duties and missions that are tangentially relevant to ICE’s mission, but not at all relevant to what most people think ICE was established to do, which is found in the first and third letter of the acronym.  Examples were cracking down on fake NFL jerseys, and child porn on some teacher’s computer, and harassing people who wore Google Glass in a movie theater.   In other words, anything that is within ICE’s guide book, and either politically universally popular or demanded by either a well known profitable corporation or Democrat donors/bundlers (RIAA/MPAA and the multimedia conglomerates it rides herd for are big Democrat donors/bundlers).  Above all else, never enforce immigration law, except for maybe trying halfheartedly to deport the odd 853-time convicted felon back to Guatemala.  If we have another open borders Democrat President, he/she/xe/it/they will merely follow the Obama playbook.  But no actual abolition of ICE.

And I’ll bring this full circle by noting that it was better in the long run that the ATF was not eliminated, because its existence as an agency separate from the FBI is how we were able to find out at all about Operation Gunrunner (“Fast and Furious”), as the late Mike Vanderboegh documented.  Even though the ATF, in fear of its elimination, tried to manufacture reasons for its existence, the most unfortunate and drastic of which was Waco.

Long and short to all you progtards reading this:  I’m hardly on your side, but do yourselves this favor and take this wooden nickel’s worth of free advice:  Don’t let people wind you up and get you to throw bricks through windows for the sake of a cause they have no intention of following through upon.

Verhandlungsgeschick, Part II

20 06 2018

Washington, D.C.

I’ve been watching the theatrics of this manufactured ZOMG SEPARATING PARENTS FROM CHILDREN LOL~!!!!!1 non-troversy from afar, even if I can’t pay close attention to all the details. But I have had this fear for the past few days, confirmed by this article, that the Democrats, the left and the media, are doing to Trump what Trump is often said to do, that is, play a game of political 3D chess. And, uncharacteristically for Trump, he’s walking right into the dog pile, and his allies are pushing him along faster than he’s walking into it by himself.

The first bonehead move: Trump’s defenders keep saying that Obama did way many more of these parent-child separations. Keep saying that often enough, and people are going to walk away thinking that Obama was way more serious about immigration control and enforcement than Trump, or rather, Trump is way weaker than he claimed he would be. If you’re in the business of making the best mousetrap, you should never promulgate the notion that a competitor’s mousetrap is better.

The second bonehead move: This article. Which I think most people will interpret as political backsliding. In this case, it would be backsliding that would have an actual documented paper trail. His staunch supporters will have this interpretation way more than anyone else. And that I think is the intended goal.

Long and short: Media-Democrats-left baited and tricked Trump into appearing to run away from his own signature issue to drive a wedge between Trump and his own base.

This, combined with the German car tariff defeat, means that Our Master Negotiator-In-Chief is having a really bad first half of this week.

Correlation, Causation

22 05 2018

Cambridge, Massachusetts

That’s where Harvard and MIT are based.  So you’d think, between those two institutions, that someone would have gotten to Mayda, Peri and Steingress, and explained to them that there are these things called dependent variables and independent variables, and these fallacies called correlation-causation issues.

And that’s what I think going on here.  I can buy that where there is high skilled immigration, there is blue team voting, where there is low skilled immigration, there is red team voting, both 2010 delta 1990.  But I think the immigrants contribute statistically zero to the deltas.  I more so think that they are effects of more fundamental underlying causes which drive the two-party political deltas over those two decades.


Ignoring the Ledes

10 04 2018

Lenoir City, Tennessee

From the headline, we’re supposed to walk away from the story outraged at ZOMG TENNESSEE’S WEAK GUN LAWZ LOL~!!!!!1

But, hold up just a moment.


Sanchez shipped cash and cocaine and marijuana, including California “edible” pot food products, back to Tennessee as payment for the guns and, in turn, profiteered from selling the Tennessee guns on the black market in California, according to court records.

Not that anyone except unknown red pilled snarky bloggers will tell you this, but “Sanchez” here (a hint for a coming attraction) exploited California’s “weak” marijuana laws as much as he did Tennessee’s “weak” gun laws.  In fact, his scam was playing one against the other for his own benefit.


Records filed in U.S. District Court in Knoxville show authorities late last month arrested five Lenoir City residents – three of whom are related to Sanchez – on a federal warrant issued by a federal judge in California.


He would then post photos of the guns in messages on Facebook’s private messaging service with instructions for either Victor Scott Luna, who lived on 7th Avenue in Lenoir City, or Juan Gonzalez, who lived on Poplar Street in Lenoir City, to buy what he wanted, the FBI alleged.


Luna and Gonzalez would then broker deals with the Tennessee gun owners. Sanchez’s nieces – Alexis Marie Sanchez and Ashley M. Sanchez – and his sister, Elvia Mejia Sanchez – all of whom lived in Lenoir City, would package the weapons for shipping to California using various shipping services including FedEx, UPS and the United States Postal Service, according to court records.

Sanchez gave the women specific instructions, using Facebook messenger, for shipping and paid them for their work. The FBI says Sanchez sometimes paid his nieces with California pot “edibles,” and that the women had little doubt they were smuggling guns.


Vesling included in a criminal complaint an exchange between Elvia Sanchez and her brother in which she wrote on Facebook, “You know I will do anything for the family!” Her brother responded, “Same here. Don’t ever forget that. Legal or illegal.”

There’s the other and more important lede that’s getting buried here — The comprehensive dreamer valedictorians have been flooding into East Tennessee for a minute or two.  In this case, it gave a comprehensive dreamer valedictorian gang goon relative back in California a beach head and a colony in a “weak” gun law state.  Meanwhile, the colonizing comprehensive dreamer valedictorians in Lenoir City had a source in the person of someone back in California for their hookup for edibles.  The art of the deal.

Again, it takes me to tell you all this.