Bracero, Reloaded

26 10 2016


They call it a “compromise,” except I fail to see what our side would be getting out of it.

Carlos Slim, who is the single largest individual share holder of the newspaper which has printed this “compromise” proposal, would get a lot out of it.

Neat how that works.

Also miss me with this bullshit about how immigration enforcement is a failure because we’ve spent $200 billion over the last twenty years on it.  Oh I agree we’ve spent $200 billion over the last twenty years, but that doesn’t prove immigration enforcement is a failure.  If I was the lead cop in charge of all the homicide detectives on the police department, and I spent my division’s entire budget down at Larry’s bar, how much sense would it make to claim that investigating homicides is ineffective?  That’s what’s going on with all this money we spent on immigration enforcement:  A bunch of irrelevant useless trinkets and bling and contracts all done as a distraction and a diversion while the Feds have gutted real immigration enforcement year by year.


26 10 2016

Los Angeles


It’s a shame, all these natural conservatives will have no downballot Republican options.

In 2010, California voters adopted Proposition 14, which gave the state a Louisiana and France style jungle primary beauty contest then top-two runoff system.  The theory was that it would be a fulcrum that in a subtle sense enforces the precepts of political moderation.  In reality, because California is a one-party state, the jungle primaries usually result in the top-two runoff contests that are wackadoodle Democrat versus wackadoodlier Democrat.  The state’s Senate contest is D versus D (Attorney General Kamala Harris versus Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez), and in the shaded areas of Los Angeles County on this map, everything else downballot in the runoff stage is also D versus D.  Even in the non-shaded areas on this map, the Rs that have made the runoff have no chance.

To be fair, if this kind of system existed everywhere, there would be massive areas of the country in terms of percentage of the geographic whole where there would be no Democrats but the Presidency on people’s ballots.

SJW Calling Card

26 10 2016


The people whose commutes were temporarily inconvenienced are the types that generally agree with the people who were blocking their way.

SJWs are really good for that — Showing out and showing off in front of, and inconveniencing, people who are already on their side.

But that’s the point, and it’s another thing that SJWs are good for.  It’s not enough that you merely agree with them.  You better be just as outraged as they are, at the same level, you better sustain that level of outrage for the exact same amount of time they do, and you better enlist in their bully army.  If you fall just a little short in any of these counts, then you might as well be clear on the other side.

Barry Laughs

25 10 2016

Waterford Twp., Michigan

A unanimous resolution. 

Oh, okay.

That’ll really scare ’em.

“But it was unanimous!”

Instead of wasting your time on that useless impotent bullshit, Thomas More Law Center, you should have been out pounding the pavement hustling up some votes for Trump in that a crucial swing state of Michigan.  Provided your tax status so legally permits.

I’m amazed at all the people who think they can solve the problems that the Federal government causes via local politics.  We see the same pattern with AFFH — Obama caused it, any given Democrat President will continue it, and establishment Republicans will also continue it (note that Chetty Chetty Bang Bang was/is a high-up advisor for both Cankles and Jeb!), yet the people affected by it run and scream to their local aldermen and county councilmen.  Of course, Obama likes that, because he has made an art out of doing things and getting what he wants in substance yet being able to pawn the blame for the thing’s negative consequences off on someone else.

I’m #NRx, Not Horrified

20 10 2016

Washington, D.C.

I figured this out quite some time ago.

It’s why my ultimate solution to the voter fraud problem is rather drastic.

It’s also why arguing over whether or not a given piece of “omnibus comprehensive immigration reform” legislation does or does not have a path to citizenship and if so what the particularities of it is useless.

‘It will be a bloodbath’: 3 ‘militia’ men charged with WMD conspiracy, threatening Somali refugees

15 10 2016

Head on over to Sab and read the whole thing. This also gives me the opportunity to link back to a prophetic post of mine back in July, which, ironically, Sab himself reblogged. You know Sab and I are tag teaming to try and knock some sense into the world.


Always assume that the person you’re talking to who goes along with or encourages violent actions is a paid FBI informant.

The FBI does a terrible job at putting Hillary in prison and stopping Muslim terror attacks, but let some good ol’ white boys start talking about evening the score with black Muslim immigrants, and you can be sure that the FBI will stop that attack.

I will not say anything about any particular militia activity since the FBI probably has nothing better to do than read politically incorrect websites. I will say that the concept of the armed private militia group is a good one. These groups are like an adult version of the Boy Scouts before the Scouts allowed homosexuals and trannies in.

Three members of the Kansas Security Force and the Crusaders stand accused of planning to bomb some 120 Somali Muslim refugees living in an…

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Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

3 10 2016

San Diego

It may or may not be paywalled.

Since it wasn’t for me, (I know tricks which work on paywalls about half the time), I’ll cut to the chase:

The editorial bent of this story is ZOMG 2ND AMENDMENT PRIVACY LOL~!!!!!1

All I need to know is where it was happening:  Southern California, and especially suburban San Diego.

Which means the purpose of doing it is to try to catch drug cartels before they make their way across the border with what they procured at these shows.  Or, if not that, to assemble a nice paper trail for U.S. Attorneys’ future use.

I wouldn’t be so upset with this, if I already didn’t know that at about this same time, the Obama Administration was practically directly arming Mexican drug gangs and cartels, in a devious attempt to sandbag both American domestic immigration politics and 2A politics.