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16 04 2015



Gutiérrez said, “We can continue to to fight at every level—the judicial level, the executive level.  Yes, we may not have opportunities at the legislative level, but what Raúl and I will continue to make sure this administration keeps its word to the four million people it said it was going to offer an opportunity. Yes, the court may stop them from giving them a work permit, but the only one who can deport somebody is the executive branch of government. There isn’t a court that can oblige this administration to do it and there isn’t a Republican party. So far so good.”

More or less that’s right.  This lawsuit is basically over the work permits when you get down to the bare metal of the hard drive.  Immigration law enforcement can’t happen if the President doesn’t want it to happen, and certainly this President doesn’t want it to happen.

But then common sense kicks in:  If Obama doesn’t enforce immigration law in terms of the deportation process, then why does he need to enforce immigration law in terms of illegal aliens and their theoretical inability to work?  Even if the courts find our way and this cuts off the work permits, Obama can simply say “fuck it” and declare that his U.S. Attorneys aren’t going to bring any criminal cases against people who hire illegal aliens.

There are a lot of border patrol agents and they need to get an education that the president’s executive orders mean prioritized criminals, not children, not the destruction of families, and they need to know that and we need to prepare people to protect themselves.

Dirty little secret:  To the extent that the Feds try to deport anyone, it’s even harder to deport a violent illegal alien felon than it is to deport a garden variety otherwise law abiding illegal alien.  Because the alien’s home country must accept him or her back, and shockingly, the aliens’ home countries don’t seem to want to accept violent felons.


Hands and Gloves

16 04 2015

Washington, D.C.

While it’s possible to have only free trade or open borders without having to have both, you usually find that they come together.  Or to put it a better way, when you implement one, you’re going to start feeling pressure to accept the other.


16 04 2015

Santa Cruz, California

Pundit Press:

College Apologizes for Serving Mexican Food During Sci-Fi Event

Stevenson College is apologizing to its students for serving Mexican food during “Intergalactic” night.

In a letter sent out to students, the college apologized for having “a Mexican food buffet,” while also featuring spaceships and aliens. The college received complaints saying the combination was racist because of the association between Mexicans and illegal immigrants.

“We would never want to make a connection between individuals of Latino heritage or undocumented students and “aliens” …

Must not notice things.

I don’t know why anyone is offended, other than being offended is a good way to make a living these days.  Remember, by now, the words “illegal” and “alien” were supposed to be purged from our minds.  If you can’t get amnesty and open borders with legislation, and you’re not happy with Baraq Obama’s amnesty fatwa, the next best thing is to get it by means of the censorship of vocabulary.

That project must not be as far along as its proponents wish it was.

Context Clue

15 04 2015


Byron York, in the WE:

Has Rubio learned his lesson?

In 2013, as he worked feverishly to pass the Gang of Eight comprehensive immigration reform bill, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., admitted to having one big worry. If it didn’t pass, Rubio — one of the bill’s primary authors — said he feared President Obama would simply use executive authority to give legal status to millions of currently illegal immigrants.

“Here’s my big worry,” Rubio told me during an interview while the bill was making its way through the Senate. “I fear that if this thing fails, the president will basically say to anyone in the U.S. who has been here more than three years, who has not committed a serious crime…he’ll say, ‘We’ll do for you what we did for the DREAM kids.’ And the problem with that will be you will have 10 million people legalized in the United States by executive order, so that when there is a new president, if it is a conservative, a Republican, one of the first decisions they will have to make is whether to yank that status from those people and deport them. I cannot imagine a scenario where a future president is going to take away the status they’re going to get. I believe it’s what [Obama] will do. Maybe not all 10 million, but he’ll do it for six million.”

Could any prediction have been more spot-on? The Gang of Eight bill did indeed fail, and all the rest came to pass, pretty much exactly as Rubio said.

Never fear, Blogmeister is here.

And yes, I do remember that.  More than that, unlike Byron York, I remember the context.

Are we to think that Marco Rubio was really worried that Obama would do (and indeed, did eventually do) with his pen and phone what the Gang Bangers of Eight bill would have done?  Use your brains, people.  “You better commit suicide with this gun, or else I’ll kill you with it.”  Okay…

What Rubio really was saying here is that we better pass this legislation, because if we don’t, Obama will do it by executive fatwa, and then the ZOMG GREAT HISPANIC VOTER TIDAL WAVE LOL~!!!!1 will give him all the credit, and Republicans will get none of it and all the blame for legislation not happening.

As for his prediction that he “cannot imagine a scenario where a future president is going to take away the status they’re going to get,” of course he’s right.  Jim Webb and his relative mushiness on immigration by far makes him the strongest Democrat Presidential candidate on immigration, but I don’t think even he has the stones to do this.  Certainly I don’t expect any of the Republicans running or wanting to run to do it; the most likely would be Ted Cruz, but I think even with him it’s more likely not than so.

Not a Misstep

14 04 2015


I’m hearing Marco Rubio’s immigration treachery being described as a “misstep.”

Fudge that.

First off, Rubio was actually in the Gang of Eight.

Second, it’s even worse than it seems, because the Gang Bangers of Eight bill that the Senate passed in 2013 was almost entirely ironed out by Chuck Schumer senior staffer and D.C.-Miami superlawyer Leon Fresco and Miami-based cruise ship industry lobbyist Enrique Gonzalez, who was affixed to Rubio’s Senate staff long enough to bargain with Fresco.  Three of the four named individuals in the last sentence started their political careers in Miami and are of Cuban ancestry; two of the four (Schumer, Fresco) are Jewish.

Interestingly, these days, Fresco is Deputy Assistant USAG in charge of the DOJ’s immigration civil litigation, or more appropriately, the lack thereof.  You don’t think that a man who was one of two primary co-authors of an amnesty and open borders bill is actually going to use the power of the Yankee government to deport people, do you?

Talking Smart

13 04 2015

Monticello, Iowa


Iowa students preparing for Hillary’s first ‘listening’ session think she’s a ‘control freak’ who will be ‘talking s**t’ and only wants immigration reform because the Democratic party needs voters


Corey Jones, a graphic design student, is among those chosen to question Mrs. Clinton in a roundtable setting on Tuesday.

He said his teachers chose him to join a group of ‘from 6 to 8′ students who will participate because ‘I pay attention to politics,’ something his friends around a table agreed with.

‘I didn’t know Hillary Clinton was running,’ one young woman said. ‘Is she running? Go ask Corey. He’s up on all that stuff.’

Jones said he plans to ask Hillary about illegal immigration.

‘It’s – well, Immigration reform,’ he told Daily Mail Online. ‘You know, Obama’s plan was to make the illegal immigrants legal.’

‘She’s part of all that. And some people think – well, I think maybe – it’s just a tactic to have more Democratic votes.’

This Corey Jones must be one smart cracker.


You know, some politicians might see all that and interpret an opportunity.


“Marco Monday”

13 04 2015



The thrill is gone, and 99% of the balloon deflation is a result of him being one of the Gang of Eight.

So why is he even bothering?  I was scratching my head for awhile, until we found out that he’s basically the stand-in for Mitt Romney.

Rainy days and Marco Mondays always get me down.


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