22 02 2017

New York

Remove it?


Remember, we’ve been instructed for years that that’s the raison d’etre of the Statue.

And also, if you’re going to remove the banner, then you might as well remove Emma Lazarus’s personal op-ed from the base.

Which would suit me just fine.

Otherwise, Holocaust, or something like that.

Hammers and Nails

21 02 2017

Northampton, Massachusetts

No cops giving out high fives at school, because students of color and illegal aliens.

This shows a school called Jackson Street.  Great Schools indicates it as being 62% white and 21% Hispanic, with only 4% black.  So I figure the big concern isn’t the “color” part in as much as it is the “illegal alien” part.  Though probably at least a majority of the Hispanics are Puerto Ricans, who are, thanks to our Navy’s continuing need for coal refueling stations, natural born citizens.

Hole In My Heart

16 02 2017


Many Mexican oriented businesses on Cherokee Street were closed today for the “Day Without Immigrants.”

I know, it was a yuge inconvenience to all of us.

I wonder if Bruce Franks and the nearby anarchists participated.

The Public’s Right Not to Know

15 02 2017


I only broached this story in this space on Sunday, and that that, it was in a snarky way. You know, Edmonton Man is the new Minnesota Man.

Nevertheless, sexual assault is really not a big deal, in fact, it’s borderline not even a crime, unless the suspect looks like a non-existent white man written about in Strolling Bone. No, the real crime is noticing patterns. And the real victims are the rapists, the girls they raped probably brought it on themselves by having the audacity to be white.

Why Am I Thinking About Andrew Jackson Right Now?

9 02 2017

San Francisco


Beats me.

Microsoft. Amazon.

6 02 2017



Mr. Occam approves of the title.

Oh Henry

4 02 2017


The temporarily successful legal effort to halt the OCGE’s milquetoast immigration-related EOs has exposed something we already knew.

Ironically, H-xB/J-x reform is on the OCGE’s impending bucket list.

The Master Troll strikes again.

O. Henry couldn’t even…