Rahm’s Begging, Translated

7 12 2016



The Latest: Emanuel asks Trump to protect immigrants

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel says he hand-delivered to Donald Trump a letter from mayors of some of the nation’s largest cities urging the incoming president to continue to protect young immigrants.

Let me translate this begging by Rahm and the other mayors:

“Latino immigrants are only practical buffer against the black undertow.  Please don’t get rid of ’em, or otherwise, we’ll be in Shitavious’s direct line of fire.”

Can’t Pardon Status

15 11 2016

Washington, D.C.

He could.

Big but…

There’s a legal difference between status and offenses.

He could pardon specific offenses that occurred based on the individual’s status as an illegal alien, but he can’t unilaterally pardon their status as an illegal alien.


Being underage (for the purposes of alcohol consumption) is a status, getting at ticket for underage consumption is an offense based on the status.  If you get a ticket when you’re 18, plead out to it, and the next day, the Governor pardons you, he has only pardoned you for the specific offense.  He has not and cannot pardon your status.  You’re still just 18 years old, and you’ll continue to be in that status until the day of your 21st birthday.

Only a change in the hard wiring of statutory law can change status.

However, what is possible is that laws based on that status are never enforced, and the status becomes substantively meaningless.  That was the worry about immigration law until a week ago.

No Descriptions Necessary

3 11 2016

West End

Because it took place in the 1000 block of Hodiamont.  The victims might suffer from a language barrier, but WRPT means I’m not suffering from a geographical barrier.

If this story gets any further legs, it will be about who the victims are, and nothing about who the suspects are.

Though, considering who the victims are, and what that ethnic group of people have been through, I wouldn’t want to be any of the suspects or anyone that looks like them.

Which is the real reason why civic officials want these Syrian refugees, because they’ll battle the black undertow in ways we won’t.  To them, Syrians are the new Bosnians.

But Think of All the New Edgy Trendy Restaurants

2 11 2016



31 10 2016

El Paso


“It’s a feature, not a bug!”


The Democrat Party
The Wall Street Journal
Paul Ryan

Bracero, Reloaded

26 10 2016


They call it a “compromise,” except I fail to see what our side would be getting out of it.

Carlos Slim, who is the single largest individual share holder of the newspaper which has printed this “compromise” proposal, would get a lot out of it.

Neat how that works.

Also miss me with this bullshit about how immigration enforcement is a failure because we’ve spent $200 billion over the last twenty years on it.  Oh I agree we’ve spent $200 billion over the last twenty years, but that doesn’t prove immigration enforcement is a failure.  If I was the lead cop in charge of all the homicide detectives on the police department, and I spent my division’s entire budget down at Larry’s bar, how much sense would it make to claim that investigating homicides is ineffective?  That’s what’s going on with all this money we spent on immigration enforcement:  A bunch of irrelevant useless trinkets and bling and contracts all done as a distraction and a diversion while the Feds have gutted real immigration enforcement year by year.


26 10 2016

Los Angeles


It’s a shame, all these natural conservatives will have no downballot Republican options.

In 2010, California voters adopted Proposition 14, which gave the state a Louisiana and France style jungle primary beauty contest then top-two runoff system.  The theory was that it would be a fulcrum that in a subtle sense enforces the precepts of political moderation.  In reality, because California is a one-party state, the jungle primaries usually result in the top-two runoff contests that are wackadoodle Democrat versus wackadoodlier Democrat.  The state’s Senate contest is D versus D (Attorney General Kamala Harris versus Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez), and in the shaded areas of Los Angeles County on this map, everything else downballot in the runoff stage is also D versus D.  Even in the non-shaded areas on this map, the Rs that have made the runoff have no chance.

To be fair, if this kind of system existed everywhere, there would be massive areas of the country in terms of percentage of the geographic whole where there would be no Democrats but the Presidency on people’s ballots.