“The Bus Ride”

27 01 2012

TVLand’s website has “The Bus Ride,” Season 2 Episode 24 of Leave It To Beaver, for free online viewing for about a week.

That’s where I got my Twitter AVI and my AmRen avatar.

The fun is from 6:35 to 7:04.


My Twitter Icon Has Passed On

17 10 2010

I use this image as my Twitter icon.

Barbara Billingsley passed away yesterday at the ripe young age of 94.  Hugh Beaumont passed away in 1982.

Meaning that the noose is all I have left.

I was probably the only person on Twitter who was able to tweet about Billingsley’s passing while having her in my Twitter icon.  Of course, the reason I have it as my Twitter icon is because it contains a noose, and that’s just my allusion to the whole hubbub in Jena, Louisiana, my subtle attempt to tweak the leftists and the militant blacks who stirred up the chamber pot.

No Respite Just Yet — Alan Beany Baby Won’t Hear of It

26 06 2009


Jena 6 Case Wrapped Up with Plea Bargain

Jena, La. (AP) – Five members of the Jena Six have pleaded no contest to misdemeanor simple battery and were sentenced to seven days probation and fined $500 plus court costs.

It was a far less severe end to their cases than seemed possible when the six students were initially charged with attempted murder in a 2006 attack on Justin Barker. They became known as the “Jena Six,” after the central Louisiana town where the beating happened.

Later, charges against Carwin Jones, Jesse Ray Beard, Robert Bailey Jr., Bryant Purvis and Theo Shaw were reduced to aggravated second-degree battery. The only member of the group to serve jail time was Mychal Bell, who pleaded guilty to second-degree battery and was sentenced to 18 months.

A civil hearing is also scheduled today to settle Barker’s lawsuit against the group.

Oh no, we haven’t heard the end of it.

And we wouldn’t have heard any of it, and nobody in Jena, black or white, turned the Jena Six Thugs into civil rights martyrs, and nobody made any link between their beating Justin Barker and the school pride nooses a few months earlier, until a kook leftist preacher from Dallas named Alan Beany Baby rode into town to stir up shit.  Once he started flapping his lips, this activated the media and the civil wrongs movement.  This peaked with their big march in Jena.  During the march, two 18-year old white men drove by the marchers in a pickup truck with a noose attached to the fender.  One rolled over on the other, who is now sitting in Federal prison for having committed racial intimidation.  All Alan Beany Baby’s fault for having stirred up shit.  And it gets worse than that —  As far as I’m concerned, Alan Beany Baby has blood on his hands.  I can all but guaran-damn-tee you that there was a least one black-on-white murder with the “injustice” of Jena as a motive.

Black Thug Update

30 12 2008

The bad news is that he was popped for shoplifting on Kwanzaa Eve Eve.  The good news is that he supposedly has something of a human soul after all, and was so ashamed of himself that he shot himself in the chest.  (So we’re told.)

In case you’re wondering, none of the charges from the shoplifting, which also include resisting arrest and simple battery, are felonies, so I highly doubt that there was a no-firearms condition of his bail.  So I doubt his possession of a firearm after bailing out could be a matter of legal interest.

I wonder how it feels to be Michael Vick today.  After all, his former team was predicted to do badly this year, as he’s sitting in Club Fed and their head coach abandoned the team for it.  Yet they finished 11-5 and in the playoffs.  Their team’s quarterback, white rookie Matt Ryan, was thought to have been made the starter as a move of desperation by their (also a) rookie head coach, and Ryan is the antithesis of the “exciting, electric, run-around” QB style of Vick and other media-celebrated black QB pros.  Yet, Ryan is the NFL’s offensive rookie of the year.  And, barring an unusual circumstance, will be the starter for years to come.

I think Mr. Vick realizes that he’s never going to play in the NFL again, this season just proved his obsolescence.

Why We Don’t See “Leave It To Beaver” on TV Anymore

21 05 2008

Screenshot from Season 2 Episode 24, “The Bus Ride.”

Now I suppose it won’t be much longer until this episode, like the movies Birth of a Nation and Disney’s Song of the South , will be virtually quarantined and impossible to find through legitimate means, and will only be let out of the vault to be seen by “enlightened” and “progressive” film students, (this is Disney’s official position on SOTS), whom, unlike us unenlightened ignorant non-liberal schmucks, can’t be trusted to watch these movies and not have the impulse to run right out and re-implement slavery. Our nuclear weapon arming codes aren’t that well guarded.

Let Wally try something like this these days, and he would be looking at Federal prison time.  Hmm, that, or Ward yelling at him.  Pick your poison.