Tick Tock Cycle

19 07 2016


I knew a black cop killing was next.  We go from Religion of Peace to black cop killing then back and forth.  Since the last incident was yesterday’s Afghani yoot-refugee acting all Afghanistany on a train in Germany, I figured that BLM/black undertow was up to bat.  They did not disappoint.

The area where this all started is an apartment farm pretty close to where the Kansas River ends and drains into the Missouri River.

Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

27 06 2016


Talk about grasping at straws.

That the row was over straws, and that a Chrylser Corporation vehicle figures into the suspects’ repertoire, tells me that we’re dealing with Africanus Bellcurvius.

Also, notice that the victim was pulled from the inside to the outside of the fast feeder through the drive-thru window, the opposite of what happened in Hazelwood over the weekend.

Save Your Tears For Someone More Deserving

30 05 2016



His great-great-great-great-grandfather was on the frontier selling guns to the Indians.

Rub It In, Rub It In

13 01 2016



I know you want to make fun of us, and that’s the objective of you making this news the front page headline, so it probably wouldn’t matter to you for me to point out that that’s the Carson stadium, the one that looks like the cap to a plastic juice bottle, that won’t happen.  That was the Spanos-Davis alternative to the Stan Plan in Inglewood.

Any Given Wednesday

30 11 2015



You might want to call it horrific and unspeakable, and it is.

But KCK just calls it “Wednesday.”

Start the Excuses

5 11 2015

Lee’s Summit

Random yoots wrong place wrong time bored nothing to do mental illness legacy of slavery.

The story.

Colin Flaherty vid has the surveillance footage:


Well No Fucking Duh, Part 2

25 09 2015



I was especially interested, because St. Louis is implementing this sort of “Comp-Stat” predictive analysis.  Just as there’s a KCPD-UMKC partnership, and a Memphis PD-University of Memphis partnership, there’s a SLPD-UMSL partnership in this matter, mainly because there’s a SLPD-UMSL revolving door.

The main interesting takeaways for me were:

* Even software engages in racial profiling.  Which means that perhaps racial profiling is a feature, not a bug.  But what it tells me is that if some people think that offloading things to software so that it can do what humans can’t because humans fear racial profiling accusations are mistaken.

* The whole thing produces very little in the way of real tangible positive results.  The best it can do is affect momentary blips in homicides, that are just one or two off anomalies.  I mean, why would it?  You’ve got software to point you to the worst of the worst in Bell Curve City, but it’s still Bell Curve City.

* It goes back to the point I made here a few days ago.  Since a lot of black murders and other serious violent crime exists within a network and a circle of do-badders, and we’re constantly told not to care about it because it’s not our problem for the most part, then why bother with any of this?  If we’re not allowed to care about it as individuals, we should quit caring about it publicly and officially.



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