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5 11 2015

Lee’s Summit

Random yoots wrong place wrong time bored nothing to do mental illness legacy of slavery.

The story.

Colin Flaherty vid has the surveillance footage:


Well No Fucking Duh, Part 2

25 09 2015



I was especially interested, because St. Louis is implementing this sort of “Comp-Stat” predictive analysis.  Just as there’s a KCPD-UMKC partnership, and a Memphis PD-University of Memphis partnership, there’s a SLPD-UMSL partnership in this matter, mainly because there’s a SLPD-UMSL revolving door.

The main interesting takeaways for me were:

* Even software engages in racial profiling.  Which means that perhaps racial profiling is a feature, not a bug.  But what it tells me is that if some people think that offloading things to software so that it can do what humans can’t because humans fear racial profiling accusations are mistaken.

* The whole thing produces very little in the way of real tangible positive results.  The best it can do is affect momentary blips in homicides, that are just one or two off anomalies.  I mean, why would it?  You’ve got software to point you to the worst of the worst in Bell Curve City, but it’s still Bell Curve City.

* It goes back to the point I made here a few days ago.  Since a lot of black murders and other serious violent crime exists within a network and a circle of do-badders, and we’re constantly told not to care about it because it’s not our problem for the most part, then why bother with any of this?  If we’re not allowed to care about it as individuals, we should quit caring about it publicly and officially.


True Colors

24 08 2015


Thanks to Puggg for alerting me to this story.


FBI, Jackson County investigate injuries to inmates at hands of jail guards

Jackson County and the FBI are investigating four recent cases of inmates who were allegedly physically abused by guards at the county jail. Both probes seek to learn whether they were isolated instances or part of a pattern indicating a broken system that needs reform.

Injuries to four male inmates ranged from bruises and stitches to a man who suffered multiple fractures, including a broken neck, when a guard or guards used excessive force after the man was restrained.

Four guards thought to have caused those injuries in separate incidents are no longer on the county payroll. All were members of the jail’s elite Critical Incident Response Team, which is called in when inmates cause disturbances.

Officials would not say whether they were fired or left of their own accord.

They said there was no racial pattern to the attacks. Two of the victims are black and two are white. Three of the guards are black and one is white.

In this case, it wasn’t racial, and mostly likely not what these guard on inmate brutality situations really are, gang bangs.  That’s right, many of these black guards are as ganged up as the inmates, and use the opportunity of their official power to whack an inmate from a rival gang.  This is why a lot of these Federal or state investigations of jail and prison guard abuse wind up going into the rabbit hole, because they find out that the black guards are in gangs, and they don’t want to endanger affirmative action in this area.

Easy Mark

28 07 2015


Racial hoax at the Adam’s Mark in Downtown Kansas City.

Because they’ve already show that they’re an easy mark.

That’s Diversity

27 07 2015


A white man who preached at an all black church, two local NAACP officials and some do-gooder white woman whose grandparents started “an integrated fishing lake” all agree:

White people are evil.

It was clever of this writer not to use the word “diversity” once in this article, because there was certainly no diversity of opinion, ideology or outlook at this table.

This was in KCK?  I’m surprised Mayor Mark Holland wasn’t there with his self-flagellation S&M toys.


KCK Is Nothing to Brag About

16 07 2015



The mayor of Kansas City, Kansas, in an address to the radical socialist organization National Council of La Raza, bragged that his city is no longer majority white and the city’s schools now have students who speak 62 different languages.

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, Kansas City, Kansas, was 52 percent white.

But in a speech before the La Raza National Affiliates Luncheon earlier this week in Kansas City, Mayor Mark Holland boasted that only five years later his city’s white population has been reduced to 40 percent.

I don’t think it’s actually declining that fast.  Either the confusion here is over the definition of “white,” (the Census Bureau likes to count a lot of dubiously Caucasian people as “white”), or over what constitutes KCK.  Not long ago, KCK annexed the rest of Wyandotte County that was not already part of the incorporated municipalities of Edwardsville or Bonner Springs; an example of someone we know of who lives in the post-annexation part of KCK is Kris Kobach, who lives in Piper, which was an unincorporated village in The Dot before annexation, but now is merely a part of KCK, even though the annexed areas had and continue to have their own school districts; considering the current Mayor, probably not for much longer.  Mayor may probably be considering the pre-annexation boundaries of KCK to say that it’s now only 40% white.

“Kansas City, Kansas, is a city with no ethnic majority. Kansas City, Kansas, is 40 percent white, 28 percent Latino, and 26 percent African-American,” Holland said. “Our school district speaks 62 different languages by the children every single day. And Kansas City, Kansas, has a proud heritage of welcoming all people into the community, people who are not welcome in other places.”

And then he goes on to yap on and on about LGBTQetc and too many white people on the KCK PD and FD.  As if La Raza is really interested in LGBTQetc., and as if Hispanics are that interested in the racial composition of police and fire departments; that’s more of a black civil rights alphabet gang thing.

Diversity is all about white liberals importing non-white non-black racial groups in order to buffer white liberal politicians against black voters in their own cities and cubbyholes.  Mark Holland wants there to be enough white people to vote for him, but not enough to incubate conservative challenges to him.  But he wants the black population to be small enough so they present no real challenge to him.  So what’s the solution?  Hispanics and mystery meat refugees.  In the mind’s eye of Mark Holland, KCK has the perfect racial blend.

Still, at the end of the day, KCK is nothing to brag about.  In its pre-annexation quintessential boundaries, it’s a dump.

“Dumb N***a Shit”

6 04 2015


We just call it “Bell Curve City.”

Either way, real.


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