“Dumb N***a Shit”

6 04 2015


We just call it “Bell Curve City.”

Either way, real.

Mr. Real

27 03 2015

St. Ann


We already have plenty of his sort here, without having to import any from the other side of the state.

If it isn’t just plain mental illness, I’m anxiously awaiting to find out his motive.  That is, if the authorities are in the mood to find it, and the media are in the mood to report it.

Get an Unload

23 02 2015



St. Louis looks to Kansas City for help with homicide onslaught

While Kansas City experienced a significant drop in homicides last year, St. Louis saw an explosive growth.

Despite a significantly smaller population, St. Louis recorded 159 homicides — more than twice Kansas City’s 78.

And St. Louis has 22 already this year, ahead of last year’s pace when it had 18 at the same time.

Meanwhile, Kansas City’s 10 killings this year is only one more than this point last year, when the city recorded fewer than 80 homicides for the first time since 1972.

That stark contrast in homicide rates between Missouri’s two largest cities has prompted a contingent of St. Louis community and law enforcement officials to visit Kansas City on Monday to look at what many attribute to Kansas City’s success in decreasing homicides: the Kansas City No Violence Alliance.


KC NoVa is made up of a broad coalition of leaders from the political, law enforcement, community, academic, clergy and social service areas.

It employs a two-pronged strategy of identifying the most active criminal groups and targeting them for increased law enforcement scrutiny while offering social service help to those who want to escape the criminal lifestyle.

Using information gathered from police, UMKC professors have used social networking software to map connections between individuals within the criminal groups. Key members are targeted to receive the message that violence no longer will be tolerated. If they continue to commit violent acts, then they and their associates will be subject to intense law enforcement action.

But they also are offered the opportunity to get help with job training, housing, education, substance abuse treatment and child care.


The worst ooks are either sent to prison, or given “help” with “housing,” meaning they’re given Section 8 vouchers so that they’re dumped on Kansas City’s suburbs.  Either way, they won’t be KCMO’s problem anymore.

Voila.  Fewer murders.

Comprehensive Town

27 01 2015


Kansas City has more of the comprehensive crowd than St. Louis, which means these kinds of stories about the area pop up from time to time.

The actual story doesn’t name any of those indicted.  But luckily, I have Google, and I can find the U.S. Attorney’s Office for Western Missouri, and I can find press releases there.

However, the people who own the megaphone aren’t going to scream these names through the megaphone, because comprehensive immigration reform and Dreamers.

Mahogany Mob At Independence Mall

27 12 2014

Kansas City

There they go again, yoots being yooty.

To match similar mobs in Memphis, Pittsburgh and Sacramento.

Note to the black undertow:  The USA does not celebrate Boxing Day, and even so, it has nothing to do with pugilism.

We Want Change

30 11 2014



Charlie Cook, one of the most respected political experts in the country, believes Hillary Clinton has only a 25-30 percent chance of not running for President. Despite Clinton’s “disastrous book tour,” and other missteps, Cook still believes chances are still great that Clinton will run.

And like I said earlier this month in this space, in spite of the conventional wisdom, the #HillarysLosers hashtag, the fact that a whole lot of candidates she endorsed lost, HRC actually comes out of this election season stronger at least in terms of winning the Democrat nomination, and I think that was her only real hurdle.  Three major people who could have taken the nomination away from her, Mark Warner, Martin O’Malley and Andrew Cuomo, came out of election day with weaker hands.  And HRC will beat either Bush or Romney in November, easily.  Clinton, Bush, Romney, because change.

The author of the nonpartisan Cook Political Report newsletter for almost 30 years also disappointed a local audience when he did not give Jeb Bush much of a chance of gaining the Republican nomination.

“Disappointed” that Jeb Bush won’t win the Republican nomination?  What kind of a crowd was this?  Well, three paragraphs down, we find the answer:  It was a private event, which means some high dollar donor confab.

“Bush has two issues working against him to win the Republican primary for the 2016 presidential election,” Cook said. “One is immigration reform, which he favors; and two, is his advocacy of education reform.”

Neither of those causes would sit well with Republican primary voters, Cook said.

Sure, because that’s why John McCain didn’t win the Republican nomination in 2008.
He expects the next Republican nominee to be either a tea party Senator or a governor from the Midwest. He wouldn’t predict beyond that.
If the pattern of post-WWII Republican Presidential politics hold, then 2016 will either be Jeb Bush (because of his name) or Mitt Romney (for his past campaigns).

As for Missouri, Cook echoed what many are predicting, which is that U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill will run for Missouri governor.

“Many?”  This is the first I’m hearing of this.  For all I know, Chris Koster is the 2016 Democrat nominee for Governor, pretty much a done deal, even counting his recent scandal.  Don’t forget, CMcC ran for Governor in 2004 but lost.  If she does run, it would be a free run for her, because her Senate term isn’t up until 2018.  If she wins, she will be able to appoint her own Senate replacement.

He’s Your Friend

20 11 2014



A dozen students at Lincoln College Preparatory Academy stood and raised their hands during a speech by Gov. Jay Nixon on Thursday, apparently in protest of the police shooting in Ferguson, Mo.

Nixon was at Lincoln in Kansas City to recognize its status as a National Blue Ribbon School, one of the nation’s top awards for academic excellence.

The students walked out of the speech shortly after it began. It wasn’t clear if their walkout was planned or if school officials told them to leave the auditorium.

Huh?  Jay Nixon is your friend, 100% on your side.  Nixon is the one who yanked the consortium of local law enforcement agencies off the front line even as they were making progress in getting things under control, replacing them with Captain Black Kojak of the Highway Patrol, and Nixon is the one who all but convicted Darren Wilson with his own mouth.



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