My Ice Cold Machiavellian Self, Confirmed

29 01 2020

Burlington, Vermont

Tim Pool, yesterday:

Me, on AR, last week:

Would you mind if I tried again? I think my first attempt didn’t quite convey the political mechanics in the way I wanted.

Martin Weissgerber and Kyle Jurek and people like them don’t have the capability by themselves to throw us all into gulags, no matter how badly they want to do it.

But people like them, to the extent that they attain their major political goals, get what they get because they manipulate others to do it for them.

W’gerber and Jurek and the others like them know that the way to throw us into gulags is to hide behind amiable democratic socialist politicians who get really popular by saying things like solve income inequality, stick it to billionaires, social democracy, universal health care, free college. Basically, Moscow cloaks itself behind Stockholm. So if and when Stockholm wins, the Trojan horse opens up and Moscow comes pouring out, plants itself into the deep state, gets disregarded and ignored in all that they do, because of the help of the media which only ever scream about transphobia and black womens’ hair, and then use their quiet behind the curtains influence to help craft laws and regulations, hidden in omnibus spending bills, or resolutions honoring the latest saved-five-children-from-a-burning-warehouse hero, or “Dear Colleague” bureaucratic guidance letters, or obscure footnotes in the Federal Register, or venue-shopped lawsuits to sympathetic Administrative Law Judges, which result in people with official badges and guns, law enforcement and the military, rounding us up and throwing into gulags — not because the cops and soldiers actually want to, and not because they don’t like us or agree with us, but because they’re following orders. Because democracy and the chain of command.

Also be mindful of the fact that the gulag doesn’t need to be an actual gulag. They’ll just call it sensitivity training. This is why your noting that there aren’t any actual FEMA camps really doesn’t matter. Because, while there aren’t FEMA camps, there are a lot of underemployed SJWs with “Studies” degrees.

You know, I even scare myself sometimes about how ice cold calculating and Machiavellian I can be.

The latest O’Keefe drop blatantly confirms my theory, straight from one of the horse’s mouths.

I think Bernie knows who these people are, because he was once one of them.  There but for the grace of God go I, to put it another way.  But he thinks just by keeping them in the fold and not throwing them under the bus, he can get them to give up on Moscow and migrate to Stockholm.  However, I think these people have no intention of doing that.

Alphabets and Arrows

26 08 2019

Portland, Oregon

portland soccer protest

Two things happened within four days that either made me come to a profound observation, or made me late to the game, or in this case, the match.

Back on Tuesday, Major League Soccer awarded St. Louis a franchise.  Back in May 2017, city voters turned down a proposition that would have helped fund a soccer stadium west of Union Station.  What must have happened in the meantime is that private money came together.   I see one of the sources is Enterprise Rent-a-Car, and Carolyn Kindle Betz in specific.  Remember, Jack Taylor, who I know died recently, was a really big sports nut.  He hired many a former Mizzou athlete who never made it to or in the pros at Enterprise.

But I digress.

To me, one of the things that happened in reaction to it was the really curious and interesting thing relating to it, rather than it itself.

It’s the fact that, the night after, the parties and celebrations happened in The Grove, St. Louis’s big concentration of gay bars and establishments.

Hold that thought.

Three days later, on Friday, there was an MLS game, Seattle at Portland.  During the game, there was a planned and deliberate silent protest by fans of both teams.  MLS prohibits overtly political signs and banners and displays, and this has made soccer fans in both cities upset, because they want to bring in what is called the Iron Front, which is, the southwesterly-pointing triple down arrows, associated with Antifa.  As you can see, and check out ESPN, SI and The Oregonian, especially the latter’s photo gallery, there were lots of rainbow flags being flown as part of this silent protest.

So, you have gay, soccer, St. Louis, and gay, soccer, Portland and Seattle.


It’s now becoming apparent that American high level and professional men’s soccer and especially its fandom is becoming a flash point for LGBTQ and Antifa, and probably also other associated sectors.  Of course, it has been obvious for a long time the significant crossover between high level and professional women’s soccer and lesbianism.


On this continent plus Cuck Island, if there are any political connotations to soccer, they are populist and nationalist, due to the fact that the organizational model is ground up, and club-centered, (e.g. most of the clubs in this year’s Bundesliga are way older than the Bundesliga itself, an alien concept to American sports fans), as opposed to the league and franchise centered nature of the MLS (note that St. Louis was awarded a franchise) and the American sports business model in general.  While I can understand, and in fact, have personally seen multiple times since living in Germany, how club-centered soccer is conducive to populism and nationalism, I don’t grok how a league-centered soccer business would necessarily contribute to the political opposite, American soccer fandom being heavily gay and Antifa.

Another theory I can come up with is that gay-Antifa-left in the United States are merely countersignaling against the other football, and how its territorial imperative potentially feeds a nationalist mindset.  Even though here in the real world, the photographic negative and ally of the soyboy left, the black undertow thug-excusing BLM/SJW milieu, are converging football.  That’s not counting the less recent events of the last three generations, where TPTB used football as an anti-nationalist weapon to wear down white Southern resistance to integration and the civil rights movement, and continues to do so today to dampen white reaction to the violent and stupid black underclass and undertow.

Maybe even more disconcerting than that is that LGBTQ-Antifa are latching onto soccer as a silent sort of elitist and hypocritical method to protest and separate themselves from the black undertow and its love of football.  That which makes Dontravious a great cornerback is that which also makes him a bad citizen — The ability to make quick impulsive reactionary decisions serves him well in the defensive secondary but horribly in the bars.

These last two theories I mention may well intertwine.  Antifa de la Soyboy in Portland loves soccer because xe hates football, and xe hates football because one group of people xe politically despises likes it, and another group of people xe personally fears plays it.

One more thing:  St. Louis now has a soccer team, big whoop.  The Region in which I live all by itself has six teams in this season’s Bundesliga.

A-Grade Weaponry

15 07 2019

First off, you should read my Minds feed, because I am able to do a lot more there than I am here these days.  My Gab and Twitter have the same content, but I favor Minds for social content, because of its lack of character restriction.

But I wanted to bring this one matter from there to this medium.

From Vox, not Vox Day.

Without even reading it, I bet that it plays off the matter off on “progressive activists” being scared of “white supremacist violence,” i.e. 80-year olds carrying around Heritage Foundation-printed signs in Portland.

But the taboo realities, which those progressive activists will never confess, is that they need firearms for protection and self-defense, for two main reasons:

(1) Most “progressive activists” live in the same cities were lots and lots of black people live, ergo they have to worry about incessant black violent crime.  Urban-dwelling left-of-center people in the United States play off their fear of the blacks that surround them on the rednecks they’ll never meet in places so far away they’ll never go.  Extreme lefties are mostly the same as their normie counterparts in that regard, except they tweak it a little differently, based on their political paranoia and psychosis.

(2) Antifa types in particular do what they do, as my reverse political engineering back in 2006 informed me, because they want an inexpensive and sanction-free supply of illicit street drugs. Meaning that since Antifa types are into drugs, it also means they are close to drug violence, and think they need to defend themselves from such.

Often, these two factors intertwine.

Frank and Andy

1 07 2019

Portland, Oregon and Bremen, Germany

Andy Ngo and Frank Magnitz.

I hope now this is what it finally takes to get enough of the right people in the right places to take this gang seriously.

We already know how closely intertwined Antifa-Antiracist-Anarchist domestic street terrorism and violence is with center-left elected officials and the media ranging from mainstream-left to clickbait-left.  Once official eyeballs start looking at what we’ve been seeing, they’re going to be shocked.

“Something Something Yemen”

27 08 2018

St. Charles

Pics tell all.

Yemen, didn’t Osama bin Laden and 9/11 run through that country in some way?

A JQ Of Their Own

12 03 2018

East Lansing, Michigan

One of the surprise elements that bubbled up to the surface hard and fast in the hulabaloo and aftermath of Richard Spencer’s address at Michigan State University, and the predictable Profa street antics, was that there is suddenly a yuge fault line opening up in that sector.  Of course, it’s probably been brewing for awhile, but it’s only now that it’s becoming apparent to the outside world.

Hunter Wallace and Narrative Collapse have more.

As much as we despair over the constant beefing and feuding and factionalism in our own sector, it’s even worse among the militant activist left.  You’d be a amazed how the smallest things make them go all Antietam on each other.

But, reading between the lines of this affair, and it’s not hard to see what set this internecine battle off:  The Jews.  The thing that probably has the best chance of tearing asunder the otherwise ascendant left-of-center political space and the coalition of the fringes that serves as its foundation, and something which I think has seeped up into the arena of big state Democrat Party electoral politics.

It all boils down to this:  The Jews have gotten comfortable with the paradigm they’ve engineered and enforced for a long time that all this egalitarian tripe is nothing more than a front for the preservation of their own wealth, power and privilege, which of course is never to be discussed openly.  In contrast, younger militant true believers actually believe that sheeyt, and want everyone, including the Jews, to abide by it.

One of my many bons mots is that the civil rights and immigration liberalization acts of the 1960s in the United States were inevitable, the only open variables were names dates and proper nouns, because the Jews spent the decade of the 1920s gaining control of important institutions, mashed up with the outcome of WWII.  To put it in a true bon mot sense, the country that consummately lauded itself for having helped to beat Hitler in Berlin could not have turned right around and continued to have tolerated segregated lunch counters in Greensboro or walls in Nogales.

All that’s happening here, as typified by the schism within Profa and Co., is that the young far left true believers aren’t letting the Jews get away with their stereotypical “for thee but not for me” hypocrisy.  To the point of fisticuffs.

Netting it out:  Profa has a JQ of its own.

Look Just Up the Street

18 02 2018

Benton Park;  Knoxville

Read all about it.

If the cops want a line on who did it, all they have to do is walk west a few blocks.

In related news, yesterday, TradWorker rallied on the campus of the University of Tennessee, and of course Profa showed up.  Instead of going after TradWorker, Profa chimped out at the cops.  This is hardly anything new — Modern day far left street activists have way more contempt for cops than the “fascists” they’re purportedly protesting.  The reason for that is something I alluded to in my link in the second sentence, and made more plainly obvious a long time ago.