15 12 2012

Washington, D.C.

Why is RG3 a “cornball brother?”

I don’t think it’s any more complicated than the fact that too many white people like him while at the same time there is hardly any white dislike of him.

Compare and contrast to a “real brutha,” Michael Vick.

UPDATE 12/16

I can now also classify this post in my linguistic linguine category.

The cornball is too injured to play today, so not only will he not start, it is said in the sports media that he “won’t dress.”

Sure, because he can sure do his team a lot of good when he’s naked.

Then again, current Redskins TE Chris Cooley proved that he can be helpful to his team while naked, or hurtful, if you consider the fact that he exposed both confidential information and his confidential body part.


Let’s Face It

7 12 2012

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

We’re living in the Era of Every Schmuck Loser Realizing His Full Potential (TM).

Just today:

1.  I was in a room that had no fewer than six products that are said to help one realize one’s full potential.

2.  Overheard on a talk radio ad:  “This mutual fund will help you realize your full potential.”

3.  Also overheard on talk radio:  “An e-mail address with such-and-such domain name will help you in your quest to realize your full potential.”

It’s getting to the point where I could get naked, hang upside down from a tree and do inverted sit-ups, and use the excuse that I’m only trying to realize my full potential.

Also remember that “realize one’s full potential” came straight out of public relations departments, and a lot of men who do PR have something in common.  Therefore, the Era of Every Schmuck Loser Realizing His Full Potential has a strong crossover with the Era of LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH.

Dinner Tab

30 11 2012

Linguistic linguine time.

This media line that football quarterbacks or running backs use that they’re “going to take everyone on the offensive line out to dinner” is getting a little tiresome.  Why not take the tight ends and wide receivers out to dinner, too?  Preventing points is just as good as scoring points, so you might as well take every defensive starter out to dinner, too.

The high school football championships in Missouri are held at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis on the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving.  You might think that it presents an unfair geographic advantage to St. Louis teams, but you wouldn’t know it from the past handful of years.  Yes, there might be an advantage of holding them in the middle of the state (Faurot Field, University of Missouri at Columbia, did host them for a long time) or in platooning with Arrowhead Stadium in KC.  But there’s also the meteorological question — Who wants to be outdoors in late November when you can just as well be inside a climate-controlled dome?  I can assure you if you’re visiting St. Louis right now that late November and early December weather around here is rarely this good.

Anyway, the feature running back from one of the winning teams last week told a local sports crew…yep…he was taking his whole O-Line out to dinner.  I’d like to know with what money — I doubt high school varsity starting feature running back pays well — And he better realize that five really big weighty late adolescent aged young men are going to run up quite a big bill if the restaurant is some place other than where patrons hear, “Would you like fries with that?”

Mr. Running Back is going to go to college, not taking his O-Line out to dinner.  He can’t afford both.

The S Gang

17 10 2012

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Linguistic linguine time.

Too many people confuse “secession” (or “secede”) and “succession” (or “succeed”).

Secession is part of a larger entity trying to split away and become a new entity.  Succession is the process of one thing following another.

South Sudan recently seceded from Sudan.  The Vice-President will succeed the President in the happenstance of the current President’s death, resignation, impeachment and removal or medical incapacitation.

I wish I had a dime for every time I read someone who wrote “secede” when they meant “succeed” and wrote “succession” when they meant “secession.”

Paint Job

24 09 2012


More linguistic linguine.

(Formerly) Operation CeaseFire:

CeaseFire is Becoming Cure Violence

I have exciting news to share with you. Thanks to your support, Cure Violence has worked tirelessly for 12 years to stop shootings and killings in cities around the world. By approaching violence as a disease that can be stopped, we charted a new way that uses the same science-based strategies used to fight cholera and AIDS.

Treating violence as a disease is more than a metaphor or a model. It is a movement that changes how people think about violence.

That’s why I am so pleased to announce today that CeaseFire is becoming Cure Violence.


Cure Violence is a movement of people who understand violence is a disease. Together we bring a message of hope that violence can be cured, and a model for putting an end to violence in cities everywhere.

In the coming months, you will be hearing from us about new ways to bring violence prevention to your communities. We also hope to hear from you.

Thank you for your tireless support and belief in us. Together, we will cure violence.

To say that violence is a disease is to think that violence, like real human diseases, is purely a matter of accident or bad luck, and not a result of human malfeasance and foul play.  It’s like saying the criminal is just as not responsible for his violent crimes as isn’t the Multiple Sclerosis victim for his or her MS.  In other words, it’s trying to take the criminal responsibility out of violent crime, precisely because so many of those criminally responsible for violent crime have something in common.


21 09 2012

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Linguistic Linguine time.  Mainly sports related.

“Chippy” = Athletes getting belligerent.

“He/they is/are well coached.”  How can one glean that from a distance?  Do athletes give off certain cues in their body language that they’re following the instructions of their coaches or not?  I think it’s a euphemism for the team is winning or the player is doing well.  There is an equivalent in politics:  “S/he was poorly advised.”  As if the candidate him or her self is a brainless slug?  It serves you well to listen to a lot of advice, but you also have to know on your own the difference between good and bad advice.  But OTOH, fair is fair:  If consultants and advisers get all the credit when a politician wins, even if their advice had nothing to do with the victory, they should get all the blame when things go wrong.

Then again, I’ve never heard it said that a losing team is “poorly coached.”

The It Factor

24 08 2012



Anti-violence march in East St. Louis tonight

At 11 p.m. Friday, church members and community leaders will march at some of the more violent areas in East St. Louis.

St. Clair State’s Attorney Brendan Kelly says bus loads of church members will take an anti-violence message to three apartment complexes that have seen their share of crime: John DeShields, Orr-Weathers and Gompers.

Kelly says people interested in participating in march should arrive at 11 p.m. at the New Life Community Church at 1919 State Street in East St. Louis.

Going out marching after 11 PM in ESL to protest crime?  They’ll wind up being victims of crime.  Except I forgot:  Crime in ESL only happens after 1 AM.


East St. Louis National Night Out, Gun Buy Back

East St. Louis announces another community crackdown on rising crime Friday and Saturday. It consists of the cities first gun buyback effort, something the department tried in 2008. What separates this effort from others is that East St. Louis pastor Kendall Granger is behind it.  In his world, failure is not an option.

Hear that?  All the gun buyback programs before now from sea to oily sea didn’t work because East St. Louis pastor Kendall Granger wasn’t behind them.  You see, in his world, failure is not an option, as opposed to all other black preachers, who allow for the option of failure.  The other gun buyback programs failed because they started out with failure as an option, because the worlds of those preachers permitted that option, and even as statistically unlikely as it is, every one of the gun buyback programs before now opted for failure as the end result.  The only option Granger will give this one in ESL is success.  We are in his world, after all.

Note to self:  Quit allowing for the option of failure, and you’ll be ultra rich and ultra powerful in no time.

For real note to self:  “Failure is not an option” should put this post under the “Linguistic Linguine” category.

If only Channel 2 would have had Charles Jaco interview this guy.


The buyback program netted a total of eight guns.  Eight.