6 04 2018



Tony’s Getting Quite a Reputation

28 01 2018


Far and wide.  Though it probably won’t get any better when I tell you all that Tony Messenger has put out a contract on me on the dark web.

Or maybe not.

In all seriousness, I’ll often shred apart many Messenger op-eds like a vulture at a carcass, but I skipped the one discussed here of maybe about a week ago, because it was just that ridiculous.  Too ridiculous to waste my time, even though I’ve got plenty of time to waste these days.

Fake News Bike Ride

5 07 2017

A meme that made its way around our sector back in February, while we’re supposed to be outraged about these kinds of things.  Click to enlarge.

Trump’s Luck

5 07 2017


Just when some people start to feel some sympathy for CNN, they go and chuck it all out the window.

Thereby proving why our OCGE was right to tweet the wrestling meme originally found on Reddit.


Fake News Network

29 06 2017


I’m so old that I remember when I was the only one who had a Fake News Network.  Speaking of, I haven’t done any parody news stories for a long time because the inspiration bug has missed me.

Anyway, on the back of the news that close to have of FNN’s Twitter followers are as fake as their “news,” it’s time for a music break.

Octo News

31 05 2017


In news very important to octogenarians and older, the CBS Evening News will soon have a new anchor.

I think the last time I even watched a 5:30 over the air national network newscast was not long after 9/11.

Funny, I Once Asked the Same Question

27 03 2017

Rockville, Maryland

Media Research Center:

Just when you thought CNN host Brian Stelter couldn’t become any more of a “ridiculous figure” he found a new level of low to crawl to, during Sunday’s Reliable Sources. As had been extensively covered by the MRC, the liberal networks have been blacking out the rape of a girl on school ground by illegal immigrants in Rockville, Maryland, with Fox News being the only TV news outlet covering it in detail. But according to Stelter, that’s apparently a problem for Fox.

“Rapes and assaults and murders are local news stories on a daily basis. But when do they break through to become national news and when do they not?” he wondered at the top of the segment and before taking it to Fox.

One word: