Whence Q

20 09 2020


The cover of this week’s issue:

“How a weird lie became the most dangerous movement of our time,” to translate the subheadline.

I’m going to give the editorial staff a wooden nickel’s worth of free advice:

That guy named Claas might not be telling you the tru….er, scratch that, they already know that one.

Really, here’s the lay of the land:

The more you telegraph and confess the notion that this Q business irks you, the more people are going to do it for that reason alone.  Because that’s really what most of Q is, people knowing they can live mietenfrei inside the heads of the kind of people it bothers, just to “zomg own the libs lol.”

Far from being a “gefährlich Bewegung,” when narrowing the focus to the true believers in Q, the main problem with this Q business isn’t that it’s gefährlich, it’s that it’s entschärfung.  As Gregory Hood illustrated last month.

Note: I don’t think there is an actual QAnon individual. More than that, I think the genesis of this whole Q business is that a little while back, one or more bored troll(s) who are aware of the nature of the internet and the nature of the ecosystems of certain political sectors, cooked up this Q business and the fundamental theories of the current movement out of thin air, wound it up and let it loose, hit upload, and bam goddamn this is a dope jam, off the the races.

(And also, entschärfung = defusing, neutralizing.)

With Cuomo

13 08 2019

Shelter Island, New York

If someone ran up on my yelling words that are vaguely ethnic slurs relating to myself, I’d be a bit nonplussed, too.

Gotta go what will probably be against the grain of our sector and side with Fredo on this one.


How the German Media Would React to News of the End of the World

2 07 2019

Your Blogmeister’s German Desk

The old American joke is that, on the day before Armageddon, the WaPo headline would be “WORLD TO END:  WOMEN AND CHILDREN HARDEST HIT,” while the WSJ would be:  “WORLD TO END:  MARKETS TO CLOSE EARLY TODAY.”

Here’s how I think various German media sources would react.

FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE ZEITUNG:  “Armageddon Causes More Delays in Airport Construction and Expansion in Frankfurt, Berlin”

KÖLNER STADT-ANZEIGER:  “Bayer Unable to Formulate Anti-Armageddon Product”

DER SPIEGEL:  (15,000-word long form about corporate and political corruption that occurred as a consequence of Germans worrying about the world ending)

DER BILD:  (No more than 500 words and written at a Kindergarten reading level)

DIE WELT:  “Trump, Other Foreign Leaders, React to World’s End”

DEUTSCHE WELLE:  “A Condensed History of Human Civilization”

RTL:  (Accelerates the next season of “Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar” [The German equivalent of “American Idol”] so that the winner is announced before Armageddon)

SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG:  “Next Oktoberfest Delayed Due to World Ending”

MÜNCHNER MERKUR:  “BMW Forced to Retool For Post-Armageddon Car Market”

NEUES DEUTSCHLAND:  “World Ending Discourages Refugee Resettlement”

BADISCHE NEUESTE NACHRICHTEN:  “Supreme Court Finds Armageddon Unconstitutional”

JUNGE WELT:  “Right-Wing Extremists Use World Ending to Push a Fascist Agenda”

CATO:  “Is the World Really Ending Tomorrow?”


Fun House of Mirrors

19 12 2018



Believe me, if there was the kind of “border militia” that Class claimed there was, the Poverty Palace would have already sued it out of existence. That should have been everybody’s first clue.

Remember, Der Spiegel sits on top of the German mainstream media pyramid, even though it’s only a weekly slick.  This would be like the New York Times having a star young-ish reporter filing a boatload of fake stories, which we all know would never happen.


23 11 2018

Riyadh;  Istanbul;  Washington, D.C.

The world media expect Trump to pick a fight with Saudi Arabia because that country officially konkered a contributor to BezosBlog.

Wisely, Trump is saying no.  Just as every President in my lifetime would have.

Because, a barrel of oil at $500 gazillion would be so much fun!


6 04 2018


Tony’s Getting Quite a Reputation

28 01 2018


Far and wide.  Though it probably won’t get any better when I tell you all that Tony Messenger has put out a contract on me on the dark web.

Or maybe not.

In all seriousness, I’ll often shred apart many Messenger op-eds like a vulture at a carcass, but I skipped the one discussed here of maybe about a week ago, because it was just that ridiculous.  Too ridiculous to waste my time, even though I’ve got plenty of time to waste these days.

Fake News Bike Ride

5 07 2017

A meme that made its way around our sector back in February, while we’re supposed to be outraged about these kinds of things.  Click to enlarge.

Trump’s Luck

5 07 2017


Just when some people start to feel some sympathy for CNN, they go and chuck it all out the window.

Thereby proving why our OCGE was right to tweet the wrestling meme originally found on Reddit.


Fake News Network

29 06 2017


I’m so old that I remember when I was the only one who had a Fake News Network.  Speaking of, I haven’t done any parody news stories for a long time because the inspiration bug has missed me.

Anyway, on the back of the news that close to have of FNN’s Twitter followers are as fake as their “news,” it’s time for a music break.

Octo News

31 05 2017


In news very important to octogenarians and older, the CBS Evening News will soon have a new anchor.

I think the last time I even watched a 5:30 over the air national network newscast was not long after 9/11.

Funny, I Once Asked the Same Question

27 03 2017

Rockville, Maryland

Media Research Center:

Just when you thought CNN host Brian Stelter couldn’t become any more of a “ridiculous figure” he found a new level of low to crawl to, during Sunday’s Reliable Sources. As had been extensively covered by the MRC, the liberal networks have been blacking out the rape of a girl on school ground by illegal immigrants in Rockville, Maryland, with Fox News being the only TV news outlet covering it in detail. But according to Stelter, that’s apparently a problem for Fox.

“Rapes and assaults and murders are local news stories on a daily basis. But when do they break through to become national news and when do they not?” he wondered at the top of the segment and before taking it to Fox.

One word:


French Connection

20 02 2017

O’Fallon Park

Antonio French, same age as your ever-lovin’ blogmeister, has been blogging for just about as long as I have.

And now, the P-D has endorsed him for Mayor.

Best I can figure, their reasoning is that among all the candidates, he gives the P-D Ed Board the feelz.

If not that, then they’re working an angle, that I can’t put rhyme or reason to right now.  I’ll kick myself when I figure it out.

Stray Voltage 2.0

24 01 2017

Washington, D.C.

I think I figured out Sean Spicer is up to with yammering about crowd sizes and TV ratings yesterday, and about illegal aliens voting and other illegally-cast votes today.

It’s a Trump-era reboot of the stray voltage maneuver that David Plouffe invented for (sorry, but I just can’t get enough of this phrase) (now-) former President Obama.

The difference is that Plouffe wanted to push an issue to the forefront of consciousness, to hell with the truth of the details.

I think what Orange-Crowned God-Emperor and Spicer are up to is that they’re creating diversions that they know the media will feast over, in order to clown them.

Clockwork Orange Hair

22 11 2016


Irony of all ironies.

The Trump-MSM meeting in which he read the media the Riot Act was supposed to be confidential and off-record.

The only reason we even know what happened?

The media itself blabbed.

It’s like a little kid being punished at home one day and then bragging about it to everyone at school the next day.

Or, alternatively, something tells me Trump knew all this would happen and wanted it that way.

What They Called the News

17 11 2016


Really now.

You took a job doing local eyeball news in Detroit.

What did you think most of your stories would be about?

The strange part about is that Jim Clyburn’s daughter has the same opinion.

Eat At Don’s

16 11 2016


Trump is not allowed to eat without the media.


A pool of reporters and photographers was in the motorcade when President John F. Kennedy was shot and killed in Dallas. The pool was just steps away from President Ronald Reagan when he was shot outside a hotel in the District of Columbia, and was stationed outside his hospital as he recovered.

And you want to be there to see Trump be a victim of the assassination you’re provoking.

Oh, I didn’t just say that, did I?  Have I gone too far?  Or have I not gone far enough?

Shouldn’t Have Bet On It

13 09 2016

Washington, D.C.

Sam Francis, Chronicles, April 1992:

There is a good deal of talk about how post-industrial technologies will lead to a radical decentralization of organizations. Don’t bet on it. The technology works both ways. It can be used to promote decentralization, but it also lends itself to tighter control from the center. Human nature seems to prefer more power and less responsibility, and my own bet is that post-industrial technologies will accommodate that preference.

Even in his passing, it’s Sam’s world, we’re merely taking up space and consuming resources in it.

And don’t buy this bit about just wanting to root out fake news.  This is all about narrative enforcement and censorship.  Like Rush Limbaugh says, social media gave the mainstream media their monopoly back.  And why wouldn’t anyone conclude that?  After all, many social media news services are nothing more than overglorified NYT feed readers.


Not All

26 08 2016


I commented at that thread:

Many of you are probably going to hate me for saying this. But I’m going to say this anyway. But did you notice how the reporter goes and finds two random black parents, shows them the video, they react incredulously, of course, as anyone should, and their reactions become part of the news? When does that happen for any other garden variety news item on a half hour local eyeball newscast? And this happens fairly often, in all sorts of stations all across the country. I happen to think that a lot of news directors want to soften the blow of outrageous black misbehavior news stories by finding black people at random to express outrage and dismay. “See? Don’t hate all black people, they’re not all bad, NOT ALL.”

So far, no hate.



Advertising Age

8 08 2016

Twin Falls, Idaho

How much do you want to bet that Chobani buys ads on either this TV station or the conglomerate that owns it?

This comes after a similar rant in the dead tree and ink paper in town.

Speaking of which, I notice that there are Chobani ads on NBC’s national Olympics coverage.

Your Lips Say Yes (How They Learned to Quit Worrying and Embrace Cognitive Stratification)

31 07 2016


The New York Times is a newspaper that despises Charles Murray in its op-ed section and on the sly in its news section, but proves him right in its weddings announcements section.

Star Noodle Soup in Moscow

29 07 2016

Washington, D.C.

I wrote here two days ago that the media pretending that it didn’t know that Trump’s Russia/Putin/Hillary’s e-mails comments was ironic trolling was bullshit.

Now I think I’ve figured out their agenda in conflating Trump with Russia/Putin.

Remember the six sided star non-troversy?  I think the reason the media peddled that non-story was because that Democrat partisans in the media (though I repeat myself), Jewish and otherwise, are trying to dog whistle to Jews that Trump is a Nazi and implicitly asking them to go balls to the wall on ridicule of, hatred towards, and elimination against, Trump, in the national news media.  The main reason why they haven’t already is because of Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, is his hook to some semblance of buy-in from New York media Jews, and gives him enough currency among them to keep them somewhat honest.  (It’s also why the New York Observer has gotten a lot more reasonable all of a sudden — Come to think of it, when was the last time we saw a by-line from that creep Joe Conason in the Observer?)  Secondarily, it’s also a subtle demand that any Jews who are thinking about writing checks to the Trump campaign should put the checkbook away, though because it’s Trump, that’s not a potent weapon as it would be if Trump wasn’t worth $10 billion.

Likewise, the reason the media keep screaming Trump and Russia/Putin in the same breath is because Vladimir Putin is not exactly the most popular figure among Jews these days.

Misdocumenting Ferguson

25 07 2016



Universities finding new ways to preserve history in the making – like Ferguson

Years from now, when researchers want to look back at what some are calling the modern Civil Rights movement following police killings of black people in Ferguson, Cleveland, Minneapolis and Baton Rouge, La., they could be using a tool developed in part by researchers at Washington University.

Say, for instance, a researcher wanted to study the initial reactions to Michael Brown’s killing on the day it happened. They could search through media archives and find statements from police and politicians.

But what about the people who generally don’t end up in history books — Brown’s neighbors, young people from the neighborhood and bystanders?

And what if the same researcher wanted to collect massive amounts of data — possibly millions of documents.

A simple social media search won’t produce the type of results a serious researcher desires.

Twitter, for example, has emerged as one of the most useful tools for sharing information, but it’s most useful in the present. The company restricts public access to its full services, meaning there are limits on the number and scope of past tweets that can be collected.

At Washington University, the hope is that a new tool currently under development will help researchers curate that kind of data.

The project is called DocNow, short for “Documenting the Now,” a tool that will be used to chronicle historically significant events, while also preserving blog posts, photos, comments and other digital artifacts that are in danger of being lost to history.

“We want something to ensure the voices of young people and the voices of minorities will be heard at the same volume as the police and politicians,” Desiree Jones-Smith said.


Is the NYT’s day after day for months and months obsessive coverage of a faded St. Louis suburb not narrativey enough for you?  Much less the P-D’s itself.

I guess not, such that WU researchers are going to make it easy to read the tweets of black Twitter from the time, because everyone knows black Twitter is where one goes for truth, facts, logic, reason and evidence.

I highly doubt this tool will catalog my coverage or Jim Hoft’s coverage.

Barring all this, Ron Unz commented about two weeks ago at Steve Sailer’s blog which has now been on Unz’s domain for awhile, that our coverage and opining is basically worthless for the purposes of history, because grad students twenty years from now and historians a hundred years from now won’t be searching Countenance Blog, Gateway Pundit, Steve Sailer, posts or comments, for source material.  They’re going to run straight to the “mainstream” narrative peddlers, the P-D, the NYT, and now, ook Twitter.

Local and International Stacks

1 06 2016


And yet, local news in Ferguson, Missouri and Sanford, Florida, became world news.

Oldie and Goodie

27 11 2015

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Three years ago at this time, I figured out why the media hype Black Friday, especially on Black Friday.

Clinton News Networks

13 10 2015

Las Vegas

Two minutes; the evening nets are obviously not Feeling the Bern.

Even though the over the air evening news (7 PM/6:30 PM/5:30 PM depending on the time zone and particular station) doesn’t much matter anymore; notice that the main kind of advertisers are “Oops I Crapped My Pants” old people’s incontinence underwear and other things that the 70+ demographic would like to buy or need to buy.  And this is the very demographic that Madison Avenue ordinarily does not care about because their brand loyalties are too cemented.

However, we know why they’re ignoring Bernie Sanders.  NBC hired Chelsea Clinton even though she had no journalistic talent and still doesn’t. The only reason they did was to buy access to her mother. All the other networks have had their ways of buying or de facto buying into Clinton Inc. Therefore, they can’t afford to let their investments go down the toilet. In order for their investments to yield returns, Hillary Clinton must become President. Therefore, they will do everything they can to make her President.

Speak of the Devils

22 09 2015

Warson Woods

Tony Messenger pumps up John Danforth and his latest book.

Gee, I wonder what the book could be about?

I know what it’s not going to be about:  Danforth will not apologize for helping to peddle a racial hoax.

Messenger certainly didn’t do that in this article.

I already miss Bill McClellan.

Spring Fling

21 09 2015


All this talk about Obama, Christian, Muslim, religion.

Reminds me of the Great Mythical Anti-Semitic Whisper Campaign of 2015 and the late Tom Schweich, from this past spring.

I bet you forgot about that story.  Well, the P-D didn’t.  They punished Tony Messenger for his part in hooking up with Schweich’s political patron, John Danforth, to concoct this hoax, by promoting him to Bill McClellan’s job.

We’re Getting the Message

5 09 2015



…is sliding into Bill McClellan’s place.

Yep, one and the same Tony Messenger who teamed up with John Danforth to concoct and peddle the Great Anti-Semitic Whisper Campaign of 2015 hoax.

NYT Funny Pages

18 08 2015





The first and second and third articles, so you can see what all the fuss is about.

My reactions?  The first story doesn’t get publicity because it’s all a Who-Whom matter, the NYT will make Ferguson the most important place in the world for political and social reasons, but Zachary Hammond is Zachary Who.  The second story makes me wonder when the NYT became rural Utah’s newspaper of record, especially when there are important gun issues to worry about right in the NYT’s own nest.  Except that’s precisely why, focus on rural white people with guns because they’re scared of urban black people with guns but they know they can’t say that.  As far as the third story, well, I’m so surprised that Carlos Slim’s newspaper thinks the opinion of Hispanic children that important.