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27 11 2015

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Three years ago at this time, I figured out why the media hype Black Friday, especially on Black Friday.

Clinton News Networks

13 10 2015

Las Vegas

Two minutes; the evening nets are obviously not Feeling the Bern.

Even though the over the air evening news (7 PM/6:30 PM/5:30 PM depending on the time zone and particular station) doesn’t much matter anymore; notice that the main kind of advertisers are “Oops I Crapped My Pants” old people’s incontinence underwear and other things that the 70+ demographic would like to buy or need to buy.  And this is the very demographic that Madison Avenue ordinarily does not care about because their brand loyalties are too cemented.

However, we know why they’re ignoring Bernie Sanders.  NBC hired Chelsea Clinton even though she had no journalistic talent and still doesn’t. The only reason they did was to buy access to her mother. All the other networks have had their ways of buying or de facto buying into Clinton Inc. Therefore, they can’t afford to let their investments go down the toilet. In order for their investments to yield returns, Hillary Clinton must become President. Therefore, they will do everything they can to make her President.

Speak of the Devils

22 09 2015

Warson Woods

Tony Messenger pumps up John Danforth and his latest book.

Gee, I wonder what the book could be about?

I know what it’s not going to be about:  Danforth will not apologize for helping to peddle a racial hoax.

Messenger certainly didn’t do that in this article.

I already miss Bill McClellan.

Spring Fling

21 09 2015


All this talk about Obama, Christian, Muslim, religion.

Reminds me of the Great Mythical Anti-Semitic Whisper Campaign of 2015 and the late Tom Schweich, from this past spring.

I bet you forgot about that story.  Well, the P-D didn’t.  They punished Tony Messenger for his part in hooking up with Schweich’s political patron, John Danforth, to concoct this hoax, by promoting him to Bill McClellan’s job.

We’re Getting the Message

5 09 2015



…is sliding into Bill McClellan’s place.

Yep, one and the same Tony Messenger who teamed up with John Danforth to concoct and peddle the Great Anti-Semitic Whisper Campaign of 2015 hoax.

NYT Funny Pages

18 08 2015





The first and second and third articles, so you can see what all the fuss is about.

My reactions?  The first story doesn’t get publicity because it’s all a Who-Whom matter, the NYT will make Ferguson the most important place in the world for political and social reasons, but Zachary Hammond is Zachary Who.  The second story makes me wonder when the NYT became rural Utah’s newspaper of record, especially when there are important gun issues to worry about right in the NYT’s own nest.  Except that’s precisely why, focus on rural white people with guns because they’re scared of urban black people with guns but they know they can’t say that.  As far as the third story, well, I’m so surprised that Carlos Slim’s newspaper thinks the opinion of Hispanic children that important.


10 08 2015


Though I’m not implying that he deserved it.

He’s luckier than a white woman who was covering the August riots for some alt-left website, who was murdered on the Fergaza Strip.

Incidentally, Hampel took the “ready for war” video last night.


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