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23 03 2015



KSDK checking station employee’s role in Ferguson protest

A production assistant working at KSDK appears to have spent the weekend organizing, documenting and participating in Ferguson protests.

It has caught her bosses’ attention.

KSDK (Channel 5) is looking into the role Jana Marie Gamble played in the last several days in the National March on Ferguson, held Friday and Saturday.

The march to protest the Aug. 9 shooting of Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson was orchestrated by longtime local protesters Zaki Baruti and Anthony Shahid, who also head up the Leadership Coalition for Justice.

On her Facebook page Sunday, Gamble posted: “Here are some amazing moments we shared as the ‪#ItsAGambleProduction‬ Team captured history in the making at the ‪#NationalMarchOnFerguson‬ ‪… ”

The photos bear an “It’s a Gamble Production” logo.

On Twitter, Gamble sent messages to various newspapers, journalists, activists — and at least one competing television station (KMOV) — to alert them to the marches.

She also sent an email to Post-Dispatch reporter Steve Giegerich, saying the importance of the march “has been amplified as an extension of the Ferguson crisis and murder of Michael Brown by Darren Wilson.”

Go to the original story to find the links, especially to Miss Gamble’s Twitter account, where the most obvious thing will not surprise you.

I don’t know whether to think of this story as a matter of two peas in the same racial pod, or a matter of the media helping to create a story for the media to cover, or a little of both.

Remember Rob Desir?

Skills Gap, Or Something Like That

7 03 2015

Durham, North Carolina

The Associated Press is going to use computer algorithms starting with the upcoming, and probably already started, D-I college baseball season, to write game recaps.  As it turns out, AP stories about corporate earnings reports have been robot-generated since July.  Durham, N.C.-based Automated Insights is the firm developing the software.

With every given year, more and more media copy will be bot-generated.  College baseball game recaps and corporate earnings reports are just the Skunk Works.

I read this, and contrast this with the constant bitching I hear from some quarters about skills gap, jobs Americans won’t do, H-1B, staple green cards to diplomas, comprehensive reform, worker shortages.


“Greatest Enemy of Press Freedom”

18 02 2015

New York City


New York Times reporter James Risen called Attorney General Eric Holder “the nation’s top censorship officer” and repeated his warning that “The Obama Administration is the greatest enemy of press freedom in a generation.”

Really, Jimmy?

Read itAnd weep.

Come Hither

8 12 2014


P-D cutting off comments.

But I’m not.

Hint hint.

Speaking of, I wonder what that prick that calls himself “STL Full of Racists” is going to do, because 99% of his material came from P-D comments.

Media vs World

2 09 2014

Bristol, Connecticut

ESPN to air a special this evening about the Washington Redskins name controversy, which is of course entirely media-driven.

Nobody outside the media cares.  This is all about the media jerking us around to show off the power of the media.

Sure, there are plenty of geldings in this world who succumb to the media’s power.  But Daniel Snyder is not one of them.

Lemon Pie Fight

22 08 2014


To summarize:

Moron rapper complains that CNN isn’t doing enough anti-white racial agitation.

Sour Lemon defends the network’s integrity in that regard.

Then a bunch of ooking and eeking.

Half Naked and Unafraid

21 08 2014


He just came to the realization that I did two days ago.

Along with it being a Category Three Chimpout, it’s also a by-the-media for-the-media bongo party.  The biggest travesty of Ferguson according to the media is the way the cops have been so nasty to the media.


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