With Cuomo

13 08 2019

Shelter Island, New York

If someone ran up on my yelling words that are vaguely ethnic slurs relating to myself, I’d be a bit nonplussed, too.

Gotta go what will probably be against the grain of our sector and side with Fredo on this one.


How the German Media Would React to News of the End of the World

2 07 2019

Your Blogmeister’s German Desk

The old American joke is that, on the day before Armageddon, the WaPo headline would be “WORLD TO END:  WOMEN AND CHILDREN HARDEST HIT,” while the WSJ would be:  “WORLD TO END:  MARKETS TO CLOSE EARLY TODAY.”

Here’s how I think various German media sources would react.

FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE ZEITUNG:  “Armageddon Causes More Delays in Airport Construction and Expansion in Frankfurt, Berlin”

KÖLNER STADT-ANZEIGER:  “Bayer Unable to Formulate Anti-Armageddon Product”

DER SPIEGEL:  (15,000-word long form about corporate and political corruption that occurred as a consequence of Germans worrying about the world ending)

DER BILD:  (No more than 500 words and written at a Kindergarten reading level)

DIE WELT:  “Trump, Other Foreign Leaders, React to World’s End”

DEUTSCHE WELLE:  “A Condensed History of Human Civilization”

RTL:  (Accelerates the next season of “Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar” [The German equivalent of “American Idol”] so that the winner is announced before Armageddon)

SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG:  “Next Oktoberfest Delayed Due to World Ending”

MÜNCHNER MERKUR:  “BMW Forced to Retool For Post-Armageddon Car Market”

NEUES DEUTSCHLAND:  “World Ending Discourages Refugee Resettlement”

BADISCHE NEUESTE NACHRICHTEN:  “Supreme Court Finds Armageddon Unconstitutional”

JUNGE WELT:  “Right-Wing Extremists Use World Ending to Push a Fascist Agenda”

CATO:  “Is the World Really Ending Tomorrow?”


Fun House of Mirrors

19 12 2018



Believe me, if there was the kind of “border militia” that Class claimed there was, the Poverty Palace would have already sued it out of existence. That should have been everybody’s first clue.

Remember, Der Spiegel sits on top of the German mainstream media pyramid, even though it’s only a weekly slick.  This would be like the New York Times having a star young-ish reporter filing a boatload of fake stories, which we all know would never happen.


23 11 2018

Riyadh;  Istanbul;  Washington, D.C.

The world media expect Trump to pick a fight with Saudi Arabia because that country officially konkered a contributor to BezosBlog.

Wisely, Trump is saying no.  Just as every President in my lifetime would have.

Because, a barrel of oil at $500 gazillion would be so much fun!


6 04 2018


Tony’s Getting Quite a Reputation

28 01 2018


Far and wide.  Though it probably won’t get any better when I tell you all that Tony Messenger has put out a contract on me on the dark web.

Or maybe not.

In all seriousness, I’ll often shred apart many Messenger op-eds like a vulture at a carcass, but I skipped the one discussed here of maybe about a week ago, because it was just that ridiculous.  Too ridiculous to waste my time, even though I’ve got plenty of time to waste these days.

Fake News Bike Ride

5 07 2017

A meme that made its way around our sector back in February, while we’re supposed to be outraged about these kinds of things.  Click to enlarge.