The Fast and the Furious (With Arabic Subtitles)

30 06 2016


Well, well, well.

Unstated here but obvious to anyone who reads closely enough is how the international small arms black market can really get around.  This gat was allowed to “walk” from Phoenix to Mexico, (remember, that was the supposed purpose of Operation Gunrunner, to create a paper trail of firearms process crimes which the Feds could later use either to prosecute Mexican cartel gang bangers or use those charges as hanging swords to get them to snitch/become pidgeons), and somehow, it made its way from Mexico to France.

Good Deed

14 06 2016



In Rio’s favelas lack of property rights can be lethal for young men


In favelas like Cantagalo, where people often lack formal documents to prove they own their ramshackle homes, young men are disproportionately impacted by violence, analysts said.

“There is no clear definition of who owns the land in Cantagalo,” said Vinicius Mariano de Carvalho, a lecturer at King’s College London specializing in Brazilian politics.

“A population with a sense of ownership of their homes has more direct communitarian ties,” he told the Thomson Reuters Foundation. “I believe this sense of ownership would reduce the vulnerability to criminality.”

Home to more than 20 percent of Rio’s residents, favelas first developed as squatter communities. As a result, many favela residents do not have formal title for their homes.

I actually think that the cause of this isn’t so much the lack of a private property legal culture in Rio and Brazil in as much as it is the lazy way that Mediterraneans and their diaspora and former colonies deal with measuring land.

Irony Overload

10 06 2016


Too much irony in one article for this or any given snarky blogmeister to handle.

You’re on your own.

He Knows What Carlos Slim Did Last Summer

14 11 2015

Mexico City

If this is all that is in this book, and as of now, the book is only available in its original Spanish language version, (which tells you a lot), then they left out the most interesting parts.

Which are:

1. Slim talked the Mexican government into giving him a telecom monopoly charter, both internally and in the venue of phone calls made across any international border both to and from Mexico.

2. Perhaps one reason why there isn’t much media interest in Slim’s career, his fortune, how he made his fortune, why he advocates mass immigration into the United States (hint:  see above), or even his very existence, is that Slim is buying an ever-increasing share of the New York Times, which means he’s buying control of the choke point of the American media and also good chunk of the world media.

Trump’s Trump Card

30 09 2015


Steve Sailer’s latest at Taki’s.

A couple of points:

I’m not in the business of making specific forecasts, but let me offer a general concern: There are currently 418 million people in South America, and the U.N. says there will be 510 million by midcentury. What are the odds that at some point something will go wrong in Latin America that interested parties in the U.S. will try to define as justifying our own Camp of the Saints? Last year, the Obama administration tried to pass off Central American gang violence as justification for letting in unaccompanied youths. Next year, it could be an earthquake, hurricane, civil strife, recession, inflation, sexism, homophobia, or transgender insensitivity.

I respond, here, and also there as a comment:

Interesting you say that.

Remember Jade Helm 15? A lot of people were worried about it, in terms of us being the victims of it.

When thinking of these things, there’s only a very small sliver of sources I can trust, sources that are squeezed in between my favorite tinfoil sources and the mendacious mainstream media, both sides embellish the truth, to say the least, to fit some sort of agenda. But in between lie my trusted sources, and on Jade Helm 15, they all point to Latin America. In that the Pentagon is worried about some major instability, riots, etc. breaking out in Latin America, and that we’ll have to go down there with the military and squash it.

I’d like to think that doing so would preclude another Camp of the Saints at our southern border, but it would probably do just the opposite, exacerbate it.

Also this curious nugget:

Much of the Mexican ruling class, for instance, is vulnerable to being denied visas to visit the luxury homes they’ve corruptly acquired in Texas, Florida, and New York. Trump Tower, for instance, is likely home to Mexican elites who could be pressured into cooperating with American border protection the way Egypt and Jordan cooperate with Israel.

President Trump versus Mexican elites who own apartments in Trump Tower.  Guess who would hold the whip in that relationship.  Even economically, Trump loses nothing because if for some odd strange bizarre reason, Mexican elites start having “problems” with American immigration authorities in being able to access their Trump Tower apartment, and they have to sell it, someone will easily snatch it up; the waiting list for people who want to buy at Trump Tower is probably longer than my…er…uh….arm.

Quit Making Jokes

13 07 2015


Some people have been joking since El Chapo resigned from a Mexican hoosegow that he was on his way to sanctuary city San Francisco, that Obama would be at the border to welcome him in, etc.

Some jokes are jokes, but then again, they turn out to be the total opposite of jokes.


Mrs. Chapo was a birth tourist.

A Business Arrangement

7 07 2015


Daily Beast:

Mexican Elites Secretly Agree With Donald Trump

They’re all hating on him now, but the fact is, when they’re just among themselves, Mexico’s elites roundly agree with The Donald on Mexican immigrants.

Of the many different reactions to Donald Trump’s inaccurate and insulting comments about how Mexican migrants to the United States come from the bottom of the barrel, one of the most interesting has been that of wealthy and powerful Mexican elites who are suddenly long on indignation and outrage but short on memory and self-awareness.

That’s because Trump’s dismissive comments about how the United States has become a “dumping ground” for castaways from Mexico sound like something you’d hear bandied about at a Guadalajara country club or a fancy banquet in Mexico City.

After all, Mexico—like the rest of Latin America—is not exactly a model of social equality. There is prejudice and discrimination, pecking orders to which one must adhere. And those who leave the country are often ignored and forgotten.

So it is interesting that Trump has became so unpopular with the Mexican elites, who are usually content to watch from a safe distance the divisive immigration debate in the United States. If you’re a doctor or lawyer or businessman in Mexico City, and you shop at Louis Vuitton and spend your summer vacations in Europe, the plight of poor and uneducated Mexican migrants in the United States must seem like someone else’s problem.

Rubin Navarrette doesn’t quite get it right.  The Mexican elite thinks that it’s “someone else’s problem” because that’s what they wanted, that’s what they arranged to happen.  Shoveling their underclass northward is semi-official Mexican government policy.  And the reason why the Mexican elite is mad at Trump is because he’s exposing their part of the self-serving scam.


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