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10 01 2018

Jefferson City

Originally posted January 10, 2018, and frequently updated since then

Because of the gravity of the news, which will probably mean a flood of new details and developments, and the chances that this will drastically affect Missouri state politics, I have made this a “sticky” post.

Me, April 29, 2017:

Greitens buying in Innsbrook. 

Add this to the fact that he lives in Creve Coeur while his wife lives in the CWE, (and remember she was jacked close to where she lives back during her husband’s transition period), and I’m just waiting for all the gossip about the unconventionality of their marriage to break the blood-brain barrier.

What also helped fuel this gossip was that there was a lot of serious talk that, between the times of Greitens winning the election and being inaugurated, that Sheena Greitens would not be living in the Governor’s Mansion.

Guess what crossed over from the below ground to the above ground tonight, coinciding with the State of the State speech earlier this evening.

This isn’t quite that, but there’s always more time for more to come out.

We also will eventually find out how their buying in Innsbrook relates to the unconventionality of their marriage.


* The bit about the S&M nudie/blackmail isn’t going away so easily, if at all, and will be why Mike Parson should be measuring for drapes right about now.

* There’s now calls for Hawley to investigate.  Especially in this #MeToo climate, he’ll fire all four barrels at Greitens, especially if he thinks he needs to in order to beat Claire in November.

* Then, there’s this.  Though if one wants to think this diminishes the credibility, then why did they want whatever news outlet would run with it to time it to the State of the State?  What real political damage does that cause?

* Gardner is opening a probe.

* John Hancock claims that “party officials didn’t know about the story.”  They didn’t know about this particular story, but believe me, the less than conventional nature of the Greitens marriage has been talked about in the grapevines that Hancock is plugged into since he became a serious candidate.


* According to the ex-husband of the woman Greitens allegedly blackmailed, the FBI has interviewed both him and his ex-wife.  The FBI has not yet confirmed or refuted.


* The woman now says she didn’t want this to come out at all and that the ex-husband betrayed her trust by shopping this story to the local media.


* It is my sense, reading between the lines of the news and things that people are saying,  that Republican members of the General Assembly generally lean on the side of believing the blackmail accusation.

* Now, some of the above are going on record openly with resignation calls.

* It’s getting deeper.  First off, she has to be related to Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer, but I can’t remember precisely how offhand.  Second, while it’s not proof that the blackmail accusation is true, I think it’s indicative of something.

* And deeper still. It all depends on what the FBI, and maybe the U.S. Attorney, and Kim Gardner, all think. I don’t think that the timing of this and now four General Assembly Republicans calling for his resignation is a coincidence.


Fodor = NAACP

8 01 2018

Jefferson City

That’s all Fodor’s is doing, cutting and pasting the NAACP press release.

And we all know the real reason the NAACP hates that piece of legislation.  Spoiler alert:  It’s financial, not ideological.

From Rocky Top to Little Dixie

6 01 2018


OTOH, Mizzou football’s shower discipline is about to get a lot better.

Let’s see who gets the gag.

Feh to That

3 01 2018

Jefferson City

Ho hum, Bruce.

Irony would be if you wind up voting against anti voter fraud legislation that sees the light of day during this session.

Whatchyoo Talkin’ ‘Bout, Adolph?

27 12 2017

Jefferson City

Missouri Net:

Are Missouri’s charter schools into the business of segregating students?

During a legislative hearing this month, St. Louis NAACP President Adolphus Pruitt said geographic restrictions where Missouri charter schools can exist are the same as the 1916 residential zones created to keep blacks out of white neighborhoods in St. Louis. He went on to say that charter schools allow the state to “keep its foot on the necks of educating black children in urban districts.”

“It’s an issue of what I would call reverse discrimination or it’s an issue of the state going back to its historic past of coming up with hair-brain ideas that have run amuck,” said Pruitt.

It’s called “correlation without causation,” Adolph.

Well, actually, it’s a correlation with a little bit of causation. It’s because the redlines were repealed a very long time ago, but the Bantuastans they created are mostly still almost all black. And the top level politics of the creation of charter schools in Missouri and many other states not that long ago revolved around the supposed educational needs and failures of black students, (even though in some cases, it’s manifesting in the other direction), which means, as of now, state law restricts charter school formation to St. Louis City and Kansas City, and by KC, I think it’s either all of Kansas City proper (the municipality that is incorporated in four different counties, even though the meat of it is in Jackson County), or the part of KCMO that’s in Jackson County.

As you can read, Adolph’s comments came at a hearing over a proposed piece of legislation to lift that restriction and allow for charters statewide, though I highly doubt they’re clamoring for charters in the Parkway or Rockwood districts.

Adolph is also ambiguous about the political angle he’s working. Is he trying to mash up “segregation” with charters because he thinks charters are a bad idea consummately? Or is he trying to claim that the initial restriction on where charters can exist was wrong and that it should have been statewide all along? Since he leads the local NAACP, my bet is the former, that he’s not fond of charters at all, and for a good practical reason: Most NAACP chapters throughout the country, St. Louis’s included, are largely anchored by the local cabal of black cracker jack box theology degree preachers, and they mostly lead congregations that have black women employees of public school systems as a large and significant percentage in the flock. Teachers’ unions and unions of public school employees other than teachers have never been fond of charter schools and the charter movement, because they think that it’s all a pure full frontal assault against the unions and nothing more, and as Educational Realist has proven, they’re right in that assertion.

They’ve Aged a Year Since Then

15 12 2017

Jefferson City

I haven’t made up my mind.  Considering what my mind is these days, maybe I should hold off on making it up on this and a lot of other things for awhile.

What I do know for sure are these things:

(1) I have not yet read or heard an argument either for it or against it coming from either side of the issue that is either compelling or not blatantly hypocritical especially in light with the other politics of the particular person advancing the argument or in light with actual science.

(2) I fear that the people who will be proximately responsible for this change, the members of the General Assembly, will think of the politics and consequences of this only in light of their own tight social circle, and not the entire holistic picture.  In other words, a typical state legislator will only think of his or her 17-year old sons or daughters, and not think about 17-year old N’Deshawntavious on the corner of Natural Bridge and Newstead.  It’s for the same reason we got a SCOTUS decision like Miller v Alabama, because Supreme Court justices tend to think of their own 16 and 17 year old grandsons when making decisions like these.  Most of us are guilty of this sort of thing, forming macroeconomic political opinions based on our tight SES similarity lives.

Let me put this another way:  Most state legislators who will vote yes on this, if it makes it that far, will think of their own 17-year old daughters not in terms of her committing a gang land murder on the corner of Natural Bridge and Newstead, but shoplifting some makeup from the mall.  Of course they will enact a new legal scheme which means their butter finger 17-year old daughters don’t automatically get sent to the adult system.

Reading between the lines in this article, though, I think they’ve already thought of this, and this bit about “still allowing for adult certification for (insert serious crimes here)” is how state legislators carefully split the goal posts between their 17-year old shoplifting daughters at the mall and 17-year old black gang banger murderers.  In other words, that’s how they create the carve out for themselves.  Of course, that august body is really good at creating carve outs for themselves that often don’t turn out so well in the real world.

Five, six, seven, eight…

Seek In Order Not to Find

27 11 2017

Jefferson City

Hawley wants to know the wherefore of the yuge backlog of untested rape kits in the state.

The practical taboo-free answer, which also happens to be the right answer for the most part, is funding and personnel, both in the too low direction.

The subversive taboo answer is that processing the kits both in a scientific and then in a criminal justice sense would result in the state’s prisons being filled cheek to jowl in three dimensions with black men, and we can’t do that today, because black lives matter, black babies’ bodies, and also school-to-prison pipeline.