Remember, This Is an Educational Institution

23 05 2017


Missouri Net, in advance of the formal naming of the new Chancellor at Mizzou:

According to the State University of New York website, Dr. Cartwright has served as Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor of the 64 campus system since September 2014.  He’s credited with introducing a “sweeping diversity, equity and inclusion policy” to all the school’s campuses and it’s administration.

Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

Okay, I’ll start with the good news.

The Mizzou curators haven’t forgotten anything.

But, then, the bad news.

The Mizzou curators haven’t learned anything.

Which is a really dangerous thing when you’re running a major educational institution.  When that’s your job, it helps to be able to learn things.

For noobs, here’s what Mizzou was really about.

The Fruits of Miller v Alabama

22 05 2017

Jefferson City

Rhetorical question:

Are their victims going to get a fair shot at parole?

No, they won’t.  They received the death penalty.

Everywhere Else a Success

18 05 2017

Jefferson City

Claire to Greitens:  Call a special session to get a statewide opiate script registry enacted, because zomg we’re the only state without one and also heroin deaths.

Because there are no heroin deaths in any of the other 49 states in this union, all of which have such registries.

Rainy Day No Fund

16 05 2017


Now the budget knife is getting serious.

Last year, it wasn’t so serious, because the school had Andy Blunt to save them.  And while he tried to help them this year, the education funding increase in the state budget passed during the just-concluded legislative session almost entirely benefits pre-K.

The irony is that it was the fear of budget cuts which started this whole mess.

The Center Always Resets

12 05 2017

Jefferson City

Even though I no longer do political lobbying, and therefore, am no longer needed in the capital during the legislative session, I’m still somewhat plugged in to the grapevine.

The 2017 legislative session that ends in less than three hours as I write this was one for the ages.  Now I wish I could have been there, just to have been a fly on the wall to take in all the bickering, back stabbing and pie throwing, between Greitens and the General Assembly in general, between Greitens and various House and Senate factions, within the House Republican caucus, within the Senate Republican caucus, and back and forth between the House and the Senate.  And, not to forget that there are a small handful of Democrats in that town with elected power, Jamilah Nasheed made her big mouth known on occasion since early January, and in fact, here in the final hours of the session, she’s filibustering some piece of legislation out of spite because the House rejected one of her pet bills unrelated to what she’s filibustering in the Senate chamber.

It’s like I have written in this space often — There is always a political center, a homeostatic equilibrium, and it will always readjust.  Even though Republicans run everything in Jefferson City, homeostatic equilibrium has settled within the red space, and for the most part divides swamp drainers and the swamp, and to a smaller extent, populists and cronyists.

Quick! Smash That Sanity!

8 05 2017


It’s not enough that women outnumber men in the overall undergraduate student population and in the per-school population at most colleges.

But, because there’s one where that’s not the case, the P-D is now spearheading a crusade to smash it like a bug.

Club of Seven

25 04 2017

Jefferson City

SCOMO’s newest fish.

And he looks like an easy mark for rookie hazing.

Oh yeah, Pat Breckenridge is going to have good time making him swab the floor of the women’s restrooms in the SCOMO building to a spit polish shine.