Still the Law of the State

30 06 2015

Jefferson City

Breaking news this afternoon:  SCOMO beats back a challenge to Amendment 5 based on supposedly deceptive ballot language, a challenge that SLPD Chief Sam Dotson was listed as a plaintiff, and they found that the ballot language was not deceptive.  Those are the only grounds that the state Supreme Court could have used to invalidate part of the state Constitution.  It looks to be either a 6-1 or unanimous 7-0 decision, because the only one of the judges to express a dissenting opinion, Richard Teitelman, had an opinion that was part concurring with the majority but part dissenting.  So, I guess one could call this 6.5-0.5.

This case did not deal with any practical applications of Amendment 5 to any real world criminal cases involving firearms offenders.

Expect a Veto (Not Like It Matters)

25 06 2015

St. John

It doesn’t say what he’s going to do, but I highly anticipate that he’ll veto.  And, as you can see, because it didn’t pass the House by much, the veto will not be overridden.

But it doesn’t make a difference if the language in this bill makes it to state law or not, because it changes nothing substantively.  The transfers keep happening either way.  Almost nobody in Jefferson City not named Mark Parkinson is interested in changing that.


22 06 2015



Ceremony involving Confederate flag salute leads to criticism for Missouri House member


Ellington said he encourages Basye “to think about what his celebration of the Confederacy and salute to the Confederate flag says to his constituents, and invite him to join with us in confronting the racism and mistreatment of our fellow Americans.”

Oh I think Mr. Basye is representing his constituents quite well. That’s because his constituents aren’t from Kansas (Bell Curve) City.

I only wish I could have been there.

Politics and Not So Strange Bedfellows

19 06 2015

Jefferson City

Mega important gossip from the salt mines today.

John Diehl’s text messages weren’t just text messages.  Turns out he was also having an affair with a (now) former Nixon apparatchik (apparatchick?) named Brittany Burke.  They were often seen together in Jeff City, but I always assumed that it was nothing more than political interfacing to keep Nixon from vetoing too many of the General Assembly’s bills, or Nixon was using her to get Diehl to tweak legislation to his liking or minimal disliking, or both.  And that they were working on a deal for the state’s part of financing the hypothetical new Rams stadium.

I was half right, in that there was a lot of interfacing between the two of them.

MSM corroboration when I can find it.



This strikes home:

Partying, drinking and secret liaisons have long been part of the culture of the capital, some say. Legislators, staffers and lobbyists stay in Jefferson City three nights a week during the 4½-month legislative session, often attending evening campaign fundraisers and lobbyist-financed receptions.

“The culture allows for a lot of immature, sort of sophomoric behavior,” said former Sen. John Lamping, R-Ladue. “There are a lot of people who revisit the college years, the fraternity years, while they’re down there, and everybody knows it.”

Funny thing is, I don’t really have any fun at these things.  Either I’m not at the right parties, or I’m not important enough to get invited to the right parties, or I just can’t have fun because I’ve given up drinking and everyone else hasn’t.  Be that as it may, this was my life for the first four months of 2014, but it as not by and large for the first four months of this year, because I was not deployed to Jeff City, mainly because of the subject matter of this article, John Diehl, being such a strong speaker.  The Jeff City evening party scene during the legislative session was a lot less lively this year for that reason.  But with Diehl gone, and a much weaker speaker in his place, then it’s damn the fuel shortage full speed ahead next year, with me there not having any fun in the process.  Even before then, the county fair season, where a lot of de facto lobbying and networking takes place, will probably be interesting this summer.

Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

16 06 2015

Jefferson City


More prospective teachers in Missouri failing exit exams

Prospective Missouri teachers are failing a new batch of exit exams at high rates.

The lower passage rates immediately followed the state’s adoption of more challenging exams. The move has prompted criticism from those overseeing college programs that train future teachers.

Less than half of the teacher candidates passed exams in 12 subject areas on their first attempt, the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education reported Tuesday to the State Board of Education.

Overhauling the tests has been divisive, with some college administrators accusing state leaders of wanting more teachers to fail.

“They are getting what they wanted,” said Diana Rogers-Adkinson, dean of Southeast Missouri State University’s College of Education, one of several who predicted that failure rates would spike if teacher colleges were not given enough time to prepare their students.

I stopped there.

How much further would I have needed to read until I got to the part about racial test bias, disparate impact, score gap?


15 06 2015

Jefferson City

UAW cut a $50k check to Nixon.  Many think it’s a QPQ for his vetoing RTW.  Really, even if that wasn’t a factor, they should have done that just for his SOTS speech alone (video).

Or maybe that money will take him far in his Presidential campaign.


Jaw Dropping Moment

14 06 2015


ESPN OTL on how prosecutors look the other way and schools pressure victims not to pursue criminal cases against “afawetes.”  You can tell this is mostly a black scandal because the story is filed under “college football” and “men’s college basketball.”  While the cases involve a range of violent offenses, most of the cases involve rape and sexual assault in some way.

Mizzou gets its own special article.

I wonder if there could be a reason why the black “afawete” feels so entitled and spoiled and coddled that he can touch any co-ed he wants without much in the way of punishment or even blowback.  Could be that a certain cable channel based in Bristol, Connecticut is the official TV channel for the cult of the black athlete?

Of course, ESPN:Black Athlete::EWTN:Catholic Church isn’t the only cause.  Football and men’s basketball at major programs bring in a river of money, and also you have to figure that the District/State’s/Circuit Attorneys for the counties where big time schools are based are alumni of those schools’ law schools; they would almost have to be, because so many voters in such counties have relationships with the school.  David Knight, the current Boone County Circuit Attorney is a Mizzou Law alum, Mizzou undergrad alum, and was born and raised in Columbia.  Almost all of the past Boone County CAs are Mizzou alumni, and almost all of ACAs current or recent past are the same.  Another example:  William Meggs, the State’s Attorney for the Florida judicial circuit that comprises Tallahassee and Florida State University, is an alumnus of…guess which law school.  Also a native of Tallahassee and went to Florida State for undergrad.

So, the Columbia and Tallahassee PDs file their reports relating to Dorial Green-Beckham and Jameis Winston with Mr. Knight and Mr. Meggs, respectively.  Guess where it goes from there.  File 13.  After all, winning the football games are more important to the people who were born in that college town, went to high school in that college town, went to undergrad at that university, then went to law school at that university, and eventually got voted in as DAs by people who went to that university or are affiliated with that university, than this pesky little thing called “justice.”

It also means that it’s very possible that two of my three theories on the genesis of the paranoia (or maybe not so much paranoia) about college campus rape culture are not only true, but in fact one and the same.  That it’s a mashup of helicopter fathers and distract from black.  Daddy’s not writing big tuition checks for his daughter to get slapped around by black men, but he also knows that he’s not allowed to name the ook.  Therefore, the only solution is to pawn the blame off on Shitavious raping his daughter in the dorms off on white frat houses.



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