SCOMO Throws Out Reggie Clemons Convictions

24 11 2015

Jefferson City

Read all about it.

The original murder happened only five days after I myself walked across that very same bridge with my older cousin, on the night of my 14th birthday.  Back then, the Old Chain of Rocks was definitely closed to vehicular traffic, as it had been for more than two decades before then, and it was officially closed to anyone.  However, illicitly crossing it was how a long of young St. Louisans engaged in a risky thrill.  Five days after I did it for the first of only two times that I did, I saw how risky it was.

I happen to think that most of the pro-Clemons apologetics on the social and media end are based on the notion that the Kerry sisters somehow had it coming just because they were doing something risky.

Since 1998 or so, the OCoR has been legally opened to ped/bike traffic.

Power of Snark

24 11 2015

St. Louis County

I snarked six days ago:

Well, forget about that.

These two non-entities are obviously cannibalizing themselves out of the race, even though it’s really questionable to think that they were ever in the race.  As you can read, Dixon decided yesterday, but I didn’t find out until this morning, to throw in the towel.  So, we are down to what was reality all along, that only Kindercare and Hanaway are credible, and unless either one of them disavows RTW, Koster can start measuring for drapes.

Otherwise, the only way these two can kiss and make up is if Brunner sends Greitens a box of handwipe bottles for Christmas.

And also, pray tell, why did they even want to meet at the Starbucks on Euclid and Maryland?  When the Coffee Cartel, right across the street, is way better and lighter on your wallet?  On second thought, Greitens should lay off the caffeine for awhile.

Good Ink From Tony

22 11 2015

Jefferson City

And needless to say, I’ve never been a Jay Barnes fan.  In the Tom Schweich postmortem, Barnes was one of a small gaggle of Republicans thinking of running for Governor, and even though I think the whole field is stale and banal, Barnes would have been the worst of the bunch.

While Barnes might be a lot of things, he’s no dummy and nobody’s dummy.  He knows that all this talk about which he’s upset is just that, just talk, meaningless, disingenuous talk, that isn’t emitted by anyone who has any substantive authority to stop the “refugee” dump, but polls well in what is about to be a campaign year, a year when all but one statewide office, the whole House and half the Senate is on the ballot.

So why is Barnes even bothering?

Because he knows his rant will garner him good ink from Tony Messenger, the same knave who peddled one of the great soap opera hoaxes of 2015 locally and statewide, that being the Great Mythical Anti-Semitic Whisper Campaign that killed Tom Schweich, unless it didn’t because it didn’t exist, and unless the Clayton PD detectives discovered that Schweich had been openly suicidal for several years.  That said, all Barnes had to do to get Messenger on his side is do the ZOMG HOLOCAUST thing (the S.S. St. Louis canard).

Somebody Did Something, Or Something Like That

22 11 2015


“Few details” I bet because the suspect is not in the Klan.

I’ll keep my ear to the ground.

My Peepz

21 11 2015

Columbia; Jefferson City

First national media corroboration of what I have known for five days, that Mizzou is hiring Andy Blunt’s firm to make sure the same people I work around don’t financially inconvenience the school.  While this article doesn’t state that’s what’s going on, I can assure you, that’s what’s going on.

One other thing gets wrong is that it drastically overstates how willing some of my peepz are to “review” state funding levels of Mizzou.  In reality, they never were and will not do a damned thing.  One hint is that it claims here that Kurt Schaefer, who runs Senate Approp, from Columbia, is going to be doing the “reviewing.”  In reality, Schaefer is too busy running for Attorney General; any pretense that he’s going to do anything will be far more for his own media buys than substantive reality.  What this article should have stated is that Steve Cookson (R-Poplar Bluff), who runs House Higher Ed, is totally down with the extortion-mob, and otherwise clueless.  Cookson’s Poplar Bluff neighbor just happens to be Speaker Todd Richardson.

Meanwhile, thinking ahead, I’m wondering how Nixon will deal with this during SOTS in late January, which will be his final SOTS.  Everyone was expecting him at the last SOTS to talk a lot about Ferguson, but instead, he droned on and on about cars, basically to draw a line in the sand over RTW.  Which means if past performance is indicative of future results, he’ll barely mention it.

A View from the Non-Fringes

20 11 2015


First Show-Me State exclusive polling on the extortion-mob.

Whites are 63 against, 18 for and 19 other.  Blacks are 51 for, 38 against and 11 other.  That said, black support is surprisingly low and opposition is surprisingly high, considering.

On the other hand, nobody cares what whites think.  That’s because they’re not fringe enough to matter.  In fact, whites don’t even exist; any suggestion that they both exist and have group-exclusive identifiable group interests will be met with massive epic rage from the SPLC.  Not even the political party that white voters in this state give a clear majority of their votes to really gives a damn; the only apparently proper response has come from Peter Kindercare, and as far as that goes, I know he’s as phony as a three dollar bill.

I wonder what the rationale was in polling over Gary Pinkel’s actions.  The only thing Pinkel did was say that he approved of what his players were doing (or were provoked to do, see below).  Considering time, place and circumstance, that was only real possible course of action for Pinkel; I don’t grok polling people on his actions as if he really had a wide range of equally possible equally credible options at his disposal.

Another big problem with this poll is that it falsely assumes that the football players acted on their own volition.  You already know what I think this was all about.

MSU Gets Hit

19 11 2015



And other observations, including a Ta-style tacky beret.


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