Andy Blunt Is Earning His Keep

11 02 2016

Jefferson City

By the time it’s all over, there won’t be as much as a dime cut.  Maybe Melissa Clickbait will be bounced out as a sacrificial lamb.

Cutting Off All Shortcuts

9 02 2016

Jefferson City

SCOMO ruled today that Amendment 5 doesn’t allow for the legal possession of firearms by convicted felons.

A decision that (A) we knew they would make, and (B) didn’t have to make, if one simply read their ruling on a very similar matter last year.

But, I guess it’s better to cut off all possible shortcuts, and denude certain people of an excuse.

Her Students

4 02 2016


They stand with Melissa Clickbait because she teaches many of their fluffy duff media/comm courses.

The Coalition of the Fringes Turns On Itself

3 02 2016

Springfield, Missouri.

Sacramento, California.

Funny, we’re always told that Hispanics and Asians are the coalition of the ascendant, yet in both instances, our old long time domestic favorite minority wants priority over them.

Another Reason Why Mizzou Hired Andy Blunt

2 02 2016


Any sort of revenue disruption will hurt its credit score.

Back to World War T

2 02 2016

Jefferson City

Iowa who?

Missouri Republicans are mounting a counteroffensive against World War T.  Two bills are starting the markup process today, one in each chamber.  Basically, the bills state that one must shower with one’s biological sex, not one’s chosen gender.

We’ll see how it works out in the end.  Like these culture war matters usually do, the other side latches on to the media and the Federal government.

“Governor Koster”

1 02 2016

Jefferson City

Hanaway and Kindercare will both start in on media buys some time in the first half of this month, and both of their initial buys will boast about pushing RTW.


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