Vintage Early 1990s Plumbing

15 03 2017

Jefferson City; Downtown St. Louis

Various stakeholders are begging the state legislature for money to renovate Kiel Savvis Scottrade TD Ameritrade, and testified in committee hearings yesterday.

One of the things they said is that the arena’s plumbing is falling apart.

How not old is that edifice?  I was able to see it being built almost piece by piece when I was in high school during my daily commute, and I’m not even 40 yet.

Meanwhile, the plumbing in many residential structures in the same city as that arena is also early ’90s.  Early 1890s.


Jeb! Who?

3 03 2017

Jefferson City

Jeb! was in the capital yesterday to talk about school choice, or vouchers, or something like that.

I’m drawing blanks, but I could swear that this Jeb! is someone who once ran for President.

Capital Beat

21 02 2017

Jefferson City


A sting operation, which means my brain treads lightly.  In spite of that, you’d have to figure that with a facial countenance like this, he’d be some sort of menace to society.

Though I have to snicker at the fact that four of his five online aliases involve some variant of Mohammed.

And also, that looks like the top part of the WSHH logo tatted on his upper chest.

Two Other Possibilities

20 02 2017

Jefferson City

Applications for formal Missouri carry permits are down significantly.

The obvious culprit is SB 656.

But I think there are two other major explanations:

(1) Law of diminishing marginal returns.  The rate of permit applications and issuance over the past several years was so brisk that, eventually, we were going to reach a point where anyone who remotely entertained the idea of wanting a permit already has one.

(2) OCGE.  He replaced the World’s Greatest Firearms Salesman.  That has the firearms industry in the dumper, and that has probably also contributed to the slowdown in applications for carry permits.

One way to test these three theories is to check other states’ pace of permit applications.

Dare to Claire

17 02 2017


She’s worried about being primaried?

I don’t think she really has anything to worry about, because I don’t think any other Democrat in this state could beat her.

I’m also wondering why she thinks she has to worry about her left flank, when at least in terms of voting record, she rarely goes off res.   Unlike the analogue of the TPM versus establishment/moderate/party-line Republican primaries of eight years ago, in those instances, the challengers were able to point to the incumbents’ or quasi-incumbents’ actions and record.

Though if she’s worried about being primaried, it could be because it wasn’t so long ago that she did the primarying and won.

So, What Do We Think?

14 02 2017

Jefferson City

Appearing on the front and back bumpers of cars all around the Show-Me starting January 1 of the current year after next.

There’s talk about changing state law to require them only for the back, but that hasn’t happened yet.


Todd Richardson Groveled to the NAACP Today

14 02 2017

Jefferson City

Because of this.

Personally, I wouldn’t let the opponents submit their testimony until Milo can speak at Berkeley.