Prosecutorial Discretion

28 02 2015


One of my two favorite judges on the 22nd uses Amendment 5 to throw out a state felon-in-possession case.

There’s still the matter of the Feds, and it makes me wonder why they haven’t swooped in.

As I’m reading all this, then thinking about the Feds, I wonder to myself:  Isn’t the concept of prosecutorial discretion supposed to be the in thing these days?

There’s Nothing To Say

27 02 2015


I’m not going to repeat or link to any of the rumors, invective and innuendo being peddled after State Auditor Tom Schweich committed suicide yesterday.

The cigar is just a cigar, people.

He committed suicide, probably for many of the same reasons anyone else commits suicide.

So Much For That

26 02 2015


If the radio buy I was wondering about this morning exists at all, I probably won’t hear it now, because it will probably be withdrawn.  And it won’t be necessary anyway after you read this news:

Tom Schweich (I better use his real last name, because this is serious news) is now in the hospital after shooting himself, literally, shooting himself.




Obviously I wasn’t his biggest fan, not only for his politics alone and his resume, but for the fact that he was the one who the state party was going to slide in Todd Akin’s place if he actually dropped out.  And I’ve only seen him in passing at the Capitol, never talked to him.  But just from what I can glean, he’s the last person who I would have thought would have committed suicide or even tried.  Then again, it’s always the ones you least expect.

Rumor Mill

26 02 2015

Jefferson City

There’s supposed to be a new radio buy out there purchased by friends of Catherine Hanaway, that’s a parody of House of Cards, insinuating that Tom Danforth is a Claire McCaskill tool.  Evidently, it’s got Danforth so mad that he called a press conference yesterday at the Capitol to summon up the energy to say something slightly negative about somebody.

Has anyone heard it?

It’s dumb to do media buys this far out (17 months and change) before the actual primary day.  Even FUD/smear/negative buys this far out, if the intent is to throw buckets of tar and feathers in Danforth’s face to tank his reputation among Republican voters, is a waste of time this far out.  And that would still be the case if today was February 26, 2016, and not 2015.  Even the high information voters of a given political party won’t start paying really close attention to intraparty primary campaigns and politics until three months before the vote, meaning round about May 1, 2016 in the case of MO-GOV-R.


Here is, or was, the buy.

After yesterday, it won’t be needed.

Back to School

25 02 2015

Jefferson City

Dan Isom is leaving DPS and going back to UMSL.

I guess this means Isom was only around for as long as Nixon needed him to be a convenient prop.

The Big Number One

23 02 2015

Jefferson City

Some big big big news about the school-to-prison pipeline.


Missouri elementary schools have highest rate of suspending black children

Black elementary school children are more likely to be suspended in Missouri than in any state in the nation, according to a national report released Monday.

Missouri also has the greatest disparity between how often black and white students get out-of-school suspension for infractions.

It’s been awhile since this state was #1 in some good positive quality metric.

So it’s time to…

Now, back to the article.

You may be wondering which school districts run by white KKK bigots are suspending black geniuses for no reason at all but to keep them away from their astrophysics lessons:

Pushing Missouri’s overall rate upward was St. Louis Public Schools, which suspended 29.1 percent of its elementary school enrollment that year. Normandy and Riverview Gardens each suspended around 21 percent of their elementary students. Kansas City had similar numbers.

Oh.  My bad.

Losen said disadvantaged schools may not have the support staff needed to effectively handle classroom management problems, which is why some turn to suspensions to deal with discipline. In many other situations, bias plays a role. As a general rule, Losen said, black males receive harsher penalties for offenses that don’t always lead to suspension for children of other races.

“What we’re coming to understand as a culture, there’s a tendency to perceive a situation involving black males as being more dangerous than it actually is,” he said. “It shows up when you look at large number over the course of time. It may not show up in every incident.”

That’s right, Losen.  You get on the phone and you tell all those white KKK bigots that run the SLPS, KCPS, Normandy and Riverview Gardens to knock off with the hateration yall.

Backing up a bit, and changing my tone to serious:

“We know that effective schools do not suspend high numbers of kids,” said Daniel Losen, director of the Center for Civil Rights Remedies. “Effective schools keep kids in school and have high amount of instruction time.”

That’s because effective schools tend to have good quality white students who don’t need to be suspended because they don’t often do anything worthy of a suspension.  Daniel Losen needs a refresher course on cause and effect.


Go Slow Zone

20 02 2015

Jefferson City

All of a sudden, Diehl and Dempsey are really laying off the gas on RTW.

Is it because they’re counting heads and don’t have two-thirds?  Or is there some sort of QPQ in the works, maybe related to the Rams new stadium or some other piece of legislation?  My bet is on the latter.  If Diehl wanted his two-thirds, he’d have it.  If he doesn’t have it, it means he’s not trying, and he’s not having Dempsey really try in the Senate.  Which means Diehl is playing let’s-make-a-deal.


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