Here Come the Bhutanese Transgendered Vegetarians

25 07 2016

Jefferson City

Boom, out of the blue, a gaggle of statewide Asian-American and Muslim groups are coming out of the woodwork to bitch about the negative buys that both candidates are running in AG-R.

Where the hell did all these goober Asian and Muslim groups around here come from all of a sudden?  It’s not as if there are that many Asians and Muslims in the state to support all these groups.

I make jokes in this space about Bhutanese transgendered vegetarians, as a rhetorical device to make fun of all the one person no there there dork with a fax machine outfits that try to gin up business for themselves by peddling political pseudo-science to claim that the group they supposedly represent exercise the crucial electoral leverage and margins.  But as I’m watching all the Asian and Muslim groups come out of nowhere to register their disappointment with the buys, I’m thinking that, by the time it’s over, we might actually find out that Missouri or some city therein actually has an association of Bhutanese transgendered vegetarians.

Like I said, the state doesn’t have that many Asians or Muslims, but on the other hand, there doesn’t need to be that many.  All you need is one with a fax machine; the P-D and the Star will provide the rest.

Outside In

14 07 2016


Big news tonight making the gossip rounds of those so concerned at the Lincoln County Fair.

Remember I floated this notion two months ago?

Fresh polling is out, and Brunner is leading.

Just to prove my point:  Eric Greitens is in second.

In spite of that, I still don’t personally care.

No Thank You

13 07 2016

Reason #7,124 why I’m personally disinterested in Republican Gubernatorial primary politics this year and wouldn’t pay them any attention at all unless I had to feign interest in them for the day job:

Nimrata Randhawa has endorsed Catherine Hanaway and is touring with her as she crosses the state for her campaign appearances.

Another World Heard From

6 07 2016

Cape Girardeau

Had to miss the debate tonight, though I doubt if I really missed anything.  I’ve probably already seen this same debate three times already.

Along those lines, Peter Kindercare is finally going to start in on media buys.  If they haven’t started already, you’ll soon start hearing radio buys featuring the voices of Dana Loesch and Rush Limbaugh.  The latter is not surprising, even though he rarely endorses in Republican primaries.  Because they are both Cape natives, and the Limbaughs and Kinders have an interlocking family friendship going back a few generations.  For any Republican statewide candidate, the endorsement of any Limbaugh is highly coveted, as even backing out the most famous one, they are the most prominent family of lawyers in southeast Missouri.  But, an open primary endorsement from the most famous Limbaugh is like a million ton brick landing on the other candidates.

Dana Loesch?  She doesn’t have that much currency.  Oh no.


2 07 2016

Creve Couer

What are they so worried about?

After all, we already know that Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam.  The world’s foremost defense attorney for Islam, who resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC, for the next 201 days, tells us so.  And also, [omitted].

Extra Dog and Pony Show (The House Will Not Change)

29 06 2016


Big news this evening:  Speaker Pushover has appointed Mrs. Rex to head a committee that will do something-or-another relating to Mizzou.

How do I know that this is all a show and will accomplish nothing?  Because committees are where good ideas and positive political energy go to die.

Though I wonder if Speaker Pushover’s choice of Mrs. Rex was intended in some way to send a message to the Andy Blunt stables.  As if to say, we wanted to do a lot more, but you armed with a big phat contract from Middleton bribed us not to, and therefore, fuck you, I’ll appoint the wife of the impresario of a stable that competes with yours.

A Tale of Two Sheriffs

23 06 2016


The Gasconade County Sheriff is going to order anti-Obama memes to be taken off the office walls.

Does the name Oliver “Glenn” Boyer mean anything to you?

That’s right, the Jefferson County Sheriff who, in September 2008, got together with Jennifer Joyce and Bob McCulloch and insinuated that they were going to arrest and prosecute critics of one Baraq H. Obama II.


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