Witching Hour

6 10 2015



MU student ‘moved from campus’ after racist incident

The University of Missouri Office of Student Conduct moved a student from campus pending the outcome of the student discipline process after he made racist remarks during a black student group’s gathering early Monday morning, MU officials said.

A group of about 15 students were rehearsing for a Legion of Black Collegians Royalty Court performance — part of Homecoming — just after midnight Monday morning at Traditions Plaza when a white man who appeared to be drunk interrupted them, according to a statement from Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin posted online Monday.

If he wanted to get in real trouble, he would have thrown cotton balls on the pavement near their feet.

Rehearsal after midnight?


Brunner Is In, Officially

5 10 2015


For GOV-R.

He better have a platform beyond “Muh Handwipe” and “I’m against ObamaCare” if he wants to win this primary, otherwise, for me, it will feel like that I’m partying like it’s very early August 2012.

Of course, I have to say again, neither he nor any of the other Republicans have a chance versus Koster November next unless they openly disavow RTW.


26 09 2015

Maryland Heights

Another Republican candidate.  And no, I wasn’t there.

Not that any one of them that has announced or will soon announce, or even the one that did announce but committed suicide earlier this year, did/do a damned thing for me, but for reasons I have already stated, the only way any one of these people has a chance to win the whole shootin’ match is to disavow RTW.

Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

23 09 2015


2:  Couple ordered to pay $10 million for selling trade secrets to Chinese

The sort of names we won’t read here:

De’Marquavious Jones
Bradley Cameron
Jose Jesus Ramirez

The sort of names we will read here:

Win Ho Lie

Am I right?

How to Proceed? WTF?

22 09 2015



16-year-old boy says he was held down, raped by 3 others

A Carrollton couple is accused of holding a 16-year-old boy down against his will and sexually assaulting him as part of a foursome.

Laura A. Bentley and Jason A. Schlueter are charged with sodomy while Bentley is also charged with rape. A young woman was also involved. Because the woman is under 21 years old, prosecutors are having to determine how to proceed as far as charges against her.

“How to proceed?”  Huh?  This reads like textbook rape, so the charge needs to be rape.

Or, maybe it’s not that simple.  The only way the other woman being under 21 would make this case legally murky is because the victim is 16.  Missouri’s statutory rape law is it’s stat rape if it’s anyone-on-under-14 or anyone 21 or older on under 17.  Meaning 20-on-14 is not stat rape.  But if they both turn a year older, 21-on-15, that is stat rape.  So, she’s under 21, and he’s 16 — If that sex act was consensual between the two of them, then it’s not stat rape.


22 09 2015


International students get charged international rates.

No kidding.

One point of order:  HB3, which, like I told you last week, was one of the bills the General Assembly was able to override in last week’s veto session, applies to “undocumented immigrants” who do not have DACA or DAPA status.

Spring Fling

21 09 2015


All this talk about Obama, Christian, Muslim, religion.

Reminds me of the Great Mythical Anti-Semitic Whisper Campaign of 2015 and the late Tom Schweich, from this past spring.

I bet you forgot about that story.  Well, the P-D didn’t.  They punished Tony Messenger for his part in hooking up with Schweich’s political patron, John Danforth, to concoct this hoax, by promoting him to Bill McClellan’s job.


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