15 04 2015


Swastikas in a stairwell.

Either someone’s trying to buy time to study for a test or write a paper, or someone wants some money for something, or, like I wrote at Steve Sailer earlier today about another matter, this is all a contrivance to cover up curious campus political problems.

Oh well, better swastikas than cotton balls.



“Perfect Example”

5 04 2015



Advocates asking Nixon to examine whether St. Louis County removes African-Americans from juries

When Herbert Smulls faced a panel of black and white jurors in August 1992 in the death of a jewelry store owner, jurors couldn’t agree on a sentence.

Four months after the mistrial, Smulls, a black man, stood in front of a new, all-white jury and was sentenced to death for the crime. He was executed last year.

His case is a perfect example, advocates say, of what can happen when an African-American faces a jury that has none of his or her peers.

Yes, I call it “justice.”

Stupid white jurors of St. Louis County, don’t know anything, aren’t down with the SJW social justice zeitgeist, those dumbasses probably think that Haven Monahan isn’t even a real person.  All they do all day long is think up ways to spill the blood of black men.

Don’t Get Too Excited, As Usual

5 04 2015

Jefferson City

Many of you have seen a story like this running around the internet all weekend.

Don’t hold your breath.

Because, John Diehl is where good ideas among Republican back benchers in the General Assembly go to die.  If there’s someone with money and who passes out money who doesn’t want this bill to see the light of day, King John will make sure it doesn’t.

30 AKAs, 80 Page Rap Sheet

2 04 2015



What was your first clue that something was amiss?  That she claimed to be a “prosperous attorney?”  Or that she was even mucking around in Sullivan at all?  You’ve got to do a bit of driving to get from St. Louis to Sullivan.

She may have also hit up places in Jefferson County, Ste. Genevieve County and Rolla.  If all this is true, then her 80 page rap sheet is about to become an 180 page rap sheet.

Also, part of the reason why she was able to get away with all this for so long is that she probably knew that nobody would get suspicious when they could, because they were scared of red flagging the black, because Eric Holder and #BlackLivesMatter.

One more thing:  White collar crime.


1 04 2015

Jefferson City

So they want Nixon to pick either a real estate appraiser or an equal opportunity bureaucrat to do a job that requires JD or CPA certification.


Window Dressing

1 04 2015

Jefferson City


Missouri House Speaker proposes changes to traffic fines

Missouri’s Republican House speaker is proposing a number of changes to how traffic violations are handled to address concerns raised by the fatal police shooting in Ferguson.

Don’t get too excited, because I read the words “Missouri House Speaker” in the headline.

The shooting of black 18-year-old Michael Brown by a white officer led to criticism that some cities excessively fine residents to fund their budgets.

Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown because the latter was in arrears on traffic tickets?  The latter didn’t even have a drivers’ license, much less a car.

House Speaker John Diehl of Town and Country on Wednesday announced proposed changes to prevent that from happening. Those include limiting cities from funding more than 20 percent of their budgets from fines.

Yay!  Cheer!   Applause!  Right On!  Right On!

Buzz kill #1:  Ferguson gets 15% of its revenue from fines, so this would not apply to them.

Buzz kill #2:  Missouri already has very similar anti-speedtrap laws, but they’re rarely enforced. The main reason is that all this speedtrap revenue helps fund cop pensions in these smaller municipalities. Neither the state Attorney General or any of the state’s circuit attorneys are in any mood to enforce laws in such a way that it pisses off cops.

Another proposal would require courts to consider a defendant’s ability to pay fines and offer alternative payment plans, such as paying online or community service.

Already part of existing state law.

The Senate bill now is pending in a House committee. Diehl says he expects it will win approval within days.

Believe me, that’s proof that this legislation is window dressing. No effective piece of legislation on this matter will ever move this quickly.

Want the problem solved?

1. Disallow fines as a punishment for any crime or ordinance, as a matter of Federal civil rights.

2. Federalize and universalize the pensions of first responders.

Wake me up when you’re serious about solving the problem.

Here We Go Again

30 03 2015

Jefferson City

The late Tom Schweich’s media director, Spence Jackson, committed suicide some time over the weekend.

It’s going to be hard to pin this one on the Great Anti-Semitic Whisper Campaign of 2015.

Boss commits suicide, and one of his high level employees commits suicide.  Cluster.


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