Reading My Own Words

18 10 2016



Missouri Meth Lab Busts Drop Drastically, But There’s A Dark Side

After spending years atop the national methamphetamine lab rankings, Missouri is about to fall out of the top ten. But, according to the President of the Missouri Narcotics Officers’ Association, it’s not all good news.

Jason Grellner says one big reason for the decline, is the growing number of communities that are making it more difficult to get the drug’s main ingredient. “Nearly 80 cities and counties around the state of Missouri now require a prescription for pseudoephedrine. That caused a major drop in labs and you continue to see those drops.”

However, another reason fewer people are making meth, is because they’re buying it on the streets. “There’s an influx in Mexican-made methamphetamine coming into the Kansas City, Kansas/Kansas City, Missouri area that then is flooding across the state,” he says. “It is an extremely pure form of methamphetamine, like we used to make. It’s extremely cheap at the current time, I’m afraid.”

I wonder if a certain snarky blogmeister was making that case all along, that shutting down trailer park cold pill breweries, while necessary and desirable, had a potential unintended consequence that nobody of official public or NGO-type power was gaming.  As a matter of fact, the shit that Mexican gangs make, traffic and deal is way worse than trailer park brew.

Likewise, everyone is pounding the table for script monitoring, esp. for opioid scripts, thinking that it’s some sort of magic key.  I bet that if and when that happens, it will make things worse.  I know it won’t make things better, because the 49 other states have script monitoring, and the unintended consequence has been that it pushes people that were addicted to pills to heroin.  And, as you can read if you actually read the rest of this article, heroin is itself a fallout from shutting down trailer park meth labs.

Also note that as far as major metropolitan areas go, Kansas City has had significantly more Hispanics and for a longer time than St. Louis has, owning up to Kansas City’s economy being more dependent on agricultural concerns (“cow town”) than St. Louis, a traditional (but not any more) industrial town, and for the fact that Kansas City is along an interstate highway route (I-35) that both ends at the Mexican border and is known for trade and commerce between the United States and Mexico.

Four Days a Week

18 10 2016

Jefferson City

About Koster’s newest TV buy.

He’ll never tell you where these school districts that have or had cut back to four-day weeks are and why they had to do that, or to put it accurately, which kind of districts disproportionately benefit from formula foundation funding and which ones don’t, such that they have to do that.

Hitting the Money G-Spot

14 10 2016

Jefferson City

A minor national political news story this morning:  Of the nine Gubernatorial contests held once every four years on Presidential years, plus Vermont and New Hampshire whose Gubernatorial races are held every two years, meaning eleven are up this cycle, ours is one with the most money spent on it, by a going away margin.

The speculation over why this is the case brings up some factors that happen to be both true and miss the point.

Like I’ve been telling you too often for too long, this race this year, and it didn’t matter who the nominees were or are, was always going to be a de facto single issue referendum on RTW.  Which means that interested stakeholders have a direct incentive to pour buckets upon buckets of money on the two major party nominees, and I’ve had a front row seat to that show since August,  in fact before, because Chris Koster was going to be the Democrat nominee all along, the unions have been bucking him up (double entendre) for around the last two years.  And when Eric Grietens won the Republican primary in August, business groups have contributed their own buckets of dough.


No Voter ID, Because Trayvon

12 10 2016

Jefferson City

P-D, on the activist energy opposing the voter photo ID measure on the ballot next month:

For example, the AFL-CIO, a member of the coalition, announced Wednesday that it will canvass St. Louis neighborhoods this weekend with black millennial activists, including Jahvaris Fulton, the brother of Trayvon Martin.

I know that Trayvon’s father, Tracy Martin, is an ESL native.  Trayvon’s mother is Sabrina (sp?) Fulton, and this brother of his has the last name Fulton, not Martin, so he must be a half-brother through his mother and another man.  It doesn’t say if Mr. Fulton lives in or around St. Louis, but I would have expected any close relatives of the late great Trayvon Martin in the area to have the surname Martin or be related to his father, not his mother.

It’s Nothing Now

11 10 2016


And it was nothing four years ago, either.

Claire, yesterday, to the WSJ:  It was just an accidental misstatement, a slight confusing of the science.  It’s no way as horrible as Trump’s locker room talk!

And I certainly agree.  Which is, in turn, no way as horrible as Bill Clinton’s actions and his wife’s attacks on the victims.

But let’s talk about Claire’s new found clarity about my former boss.

Red State

7 10 2016

He’s making it a little too complicated, and just the fact that Democrats have had recent success in statewide state government offices and will most likely keep Governor (for reasons you all know) in contrast to Presidential votes and downballot votes doesn’t mask the reality.

Red, not purple.

I have a comment over there waiting to be approved.

I Work Around Geniuses

4 10 2016



She chairs House Select on Labor, and she has promised, if (“when” — Ed.) Koster wins, to file a bill in the next session for a RTW referendum on a future ballot.  She, BTW, is Holly Rehder, who lives in Sikeston, and whose district includes about half of Sikeston, and also Charleston, Benton and Scott City.  It’s the northernmost part of the Delta, not only in Missouri, but overall.

She, BTW, is someone who isn’t instantly aware of the boneheadedly redundant nature of what she proposes to do.

What is even scarier than that is that, so far, nobody higher than her on the party-chamber totem pole is trying to talk her out of it.  If the blind superviseth the blind…