Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Which is the Gappiest Of Them All?

31 08 2015

Jefferson City

Data on Missouri school attendance rates, because:

“These early attendance gaps can turn into achievement gaps, which contribute to our graduation gaps,” Chang said.

The Diogenean hunt for the master gap continues.  What causes the early attendance gaps?  Is there even a master gap?  Or are we doomed to an eternity of chasing our tails, being stuck on a Mobius Loop, stuck in a perpetual motion narrative machine of various gaps being both the causes and the effects of each other?

Don’t get stuck in the gap.

One for the Philosophers

31 08 2015

Jefferson City

If a lobbyist, hack or apparatchik has an obvious motive, but he makes an argument for or against something, is it really an argument?

Because I’m really in fear for the state’s domestic tranquility now that the cops in incorporated dots on the map can’t write as many 26 in a 25 tickets.  Sheets’s rationale (“but they’re using the money to fund police and muni courts”) is not only stupid, because like I have written in this space, any incorporated municipality that is so dependent on ticket and fine money to function should disincorporate, but he is also admitting why these reforms needed to take place, the Deliverance nature of dot on the map police departments and muni courts being the collection services that are used to fund themselves.

“Meth the Benchmark”

31 08 2015

Jefferson City

Missouri’s high school seniors of last school year did pretty well on the English section of the SAT.

Right on time, too, because we can put them right to work doing copy editing at Missouri Net, aka the Nixon News Network.  Oh yeah, I’ve seen Mike Lear chase Jay Nixon around the halls of the Capitol like he was a combination of an abandoned puppy and a Phishhead.

“Meth the benchmark,” which would also be a Freudian slip, considering that the illicit drug in question is often newsworthy in the state.

Klan Bake

30 08 2015


Missouri Democrats couldn’t stand the evil of calling their annual fundraiser supper after a slaveowner and someone who shoved Indians around, so they renamed it.

After someone who joined the Ku Klux Klan just long enough and superficially enough to win re-election to his judge’s seat.

Expectedly Stable

26 08 2015

Jefferson City


Missouri’s graduating class of 2015 had an average of 21.7 on the ACT college entrance exam, an overall score that has hardly budged in the last five years, according to results released Wednesday.

The trend is also true for Illinois and across the nation, prompting those in charge of the test to say the lack of progress should be a wake-up call for the country.

“The needle is barely moving on college and career readiness, and that means far too many young people will continue to struggle after they graduate from high school,” said Jon Whitmore, ACT’s chief executive officer.

This was the first year all juniors at Missouri public schools had the opportunity to take the college entrance exam for free, but results released Wednesday won’t reflect that. The 2015 results consist of scores in English, math, reading and science for students who graduated this past spring at both public and private schools.

Missouri education officials have set a goal for student achievement to rank among the top 10 states by 2020. As part of the effort, the percent of students who achieve a qualifying score or above on a college and career readiness assessment is supposed to increase each year.

On the ACT, the percentage of Missouri students who did not meet benchmarks in English and reading dropped and stayed the same in math. But those who met college benchmarks in all four areas has risen to 30 percent, up from 26 percent in 2011. A benchmark score is the minimum score needed on an ACT subject-area test to indicate a 50 percent chance of earning a B or higher or about a 75 percent chance of obtaining a C or higher in a corresponding credit-bearing college course.

I don’t see why ACT scores would increase either in Missouri or nationwide.  If the ACT is actually or loosely a g-loaded test, assuming that every high school senior takes it, and that is not the case, I would expect ACT scores to be slowly declining over time instead of increasing.  The reason for that is that the political order of the day is open borders, not eugenics.

The Excuse Engine Is Running Again

25 08 2015


URL later, but a SLU Law Prof is claiming that since SCOMO finding absolute felon in possession laws square with the state constitution was on pre-Amendment 5 grounds, it means that some felon could bring yet another case trying to bork absolute felon in possession based on Amendment 5.

Non-starter, because SCOMO pretty much already explained that in their decision last week — Strict scrutiny applies both pre and post Amend 5, nothing about Amend 5 changed that.  If S/S couldn’t shoot down absolute felon in possession before Amend 5, then it won’t be able to shoot it down with Amend 5.

But, between the time some felon does file such a lawsuit and SCOMO upholding both the circuit court and the appellate court in the decision we know they will make, that will be enough time for the Slay-Joyce-Dotson triumvirate (*) to start revving up the excuse engine and start bitching about Amendment 5 so that nobody blames either them or the black undertow for the city’s violent crime and homicides.


(*) – “Triumvirate” refers to three consequential and similarly positioned men (“trium” + “vir”), “triumgynate” refers to women (“trium” + “gyn”).  “Triumvirate” is also the gender neutral or gender mixed sense of the word, which is why I used it here even though Jennifer Joyce is a woman.


The story.  At the end, he concedes the point about strict scrutiny and also concedes that they’d rule the same way even through the lens of Amendment 5.

Jay Brags

21 08 2015

Jefferson City

Nixon is spiking the football and yelling boo yeah over the state keeping its AAA credit rating.

But…heavy weather ahead.

He better not get the bright idea to extend the St. Louis football stadium bonds without assurances that the General Assembly will fund them, and as you know, they’re promising not to.  Because nothing says keeping up a sterling credit rating like issuing empty bonds.


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