The End

29 05 2018

Jefferson City

Just when I had the feeling the political legs of impeachment were losing strength, (the criminal case had already fallen apart), evidently, those legs were stronger than I thought, and within the hour, Eric Greitens fell on his sword.

He will officially leave on Friday.

I should say it was nice of him to wrap up Greitensgate the day before I lift off.  It would have been rather inconvenient if he would have done this while I’m practically on the other side of the world.

NOTE:  On Friday, I will “un-sticky” the mega-thread about Greitensgate.


Two Things At Work Here

29 05 2018

Jefferson City


Missouri among worst states to be a police officer, has several of the most dangerous cities

There’s new research showing Missouri has some of the most dangerous cities and is one of the worst states to work as a police officer.

Two of the top 25 most dangerous cities with more than 100,000 residents are St. Louis which ranks 4th and Kansas City at number 19 on the list.

There’s the first thing at work here: The Ferguson Effect.

The personal finance website’s data shows the top 5 states to be a police officer are, in order, North Dakota, New York, Connecticut, Minnesota, and California.

Wallethub’s research shows that officers, like people in most professions, are drawn to financial perks, but are also more likely to be attracted to police departments that steer clear of scandal and corruption and that are transparent with their communities.

There’s the second thing at work here: Moynihan’s Law of the Canadian Border. Funny when you want transparency, lack of scandals and lack of corruption, you’re thinking about high trust and high social capital, and states like North Dakota and Minnesota rank at the top.

Red Rubber Ball (Passing Peak Greitens)

24 05 2018

Jefferson City

I’m starting to think that Eric Greitens is starting to turn it around.

I still think he’s a one-termer and that he’s won his last election.  But the criminal case against him has fallen apart, and, as far as I can tell, the worst allegation against him yielded from the House committee investigation is that he shoved his side chick around in a back alley in the CWE.  Impeachment of Missouri statewide elected officials is not straightforward, and not purely a legislative process.  It has already started, with the self-called special session.  But the more I see, the more I think that the system doesn’t have it in it formally to remove Greitens from the Governor’s office.

Strike While the Iron Is Hot

15 05 2018

Jefferson City

My mind is mashing up this story and the news from yesterday about sports gambling.

I now think that this only makes the matter of tossing Eric Greitens out of the Mansion bag and baggage even more imperative.  Add to that, if Mike Parson gets to appoint the next Lieutenant Governor when he becomes Governor, he’ll have one name in mind:  Josh Hawley.

Because both Greitens, as chief executive of state government, and Hawley, as chief prosecutor for state government, have openly promised to drain the Jefferson City swamp.  But who wants that, when casinos and big time sports leagues are about to make it rain on most state capitals?  All that money would pay for a lot of parties.  Way bigger and better than when I was in that line of work.

Which means all that needs to be done is to get Greitens out of town and Hawley in a job where he can’t prosecute anyone, and Parson would probably appoint a party establishmentarian similar to himself as AG, and nobody in that town will need to worry about any ole big bad monsters and their felony corruption indictments.

Look Ma, No Hands

27 04 2018

Jefferson City

Bruce Franks wants “youth gun violence” to be declared a “public health crisis.”

You should know by now what’s really going on.

In this particular case, declaring youth gun violence a public health crisis is a way to keep us from thinking about yoots.

If all else fails, then Bruce Franks will have to activate his superhero superpowers.

Glib Reaper

26 04 2018

Belleville; Affton; Jefferson City

Obviously these people have never listened to Bob Romanik.

Remember, this all started because of Rep. Bob Burns (D-Affton) and his somewhat frequent calling in to Romanik’s show.  Since it’s all Democrats piling on, including Claire McCaskill, I think this is nothing more than a piddly diddly doo trifle within the state legislative Democrat caucus, and my specific guess is that he’s just not social justice-y enough.

The Belleville Nutbar about a year ago (shot up the Congressional baseball game practice, badly injuring Steve Scalise), was the last time I mentioned Romanik in this space.

Give Peace a Chance

23 04 2018

Jefferson City

“Denounce the Dred Scott decision.”

That’s right, they better do that, and find a peaceful resolution to this slavery question.  Because if they don’t, we run the risk of a war breaking out that might have as many as 750,000 casualties, in order to settle this and related political questions, and if the anti-slavery side wins the war, then there will be Constitutional amendments followed by legislation followed by a military occupation of the part of the country whose governing elites are economically dependent on slavery, in order to repudiate the curious institution once and for all.

Isn’t a meaningless state legislative resolution a century and a half after the fact preferable to all these horrors?