The Stuff of Legends

24 03 2015


Yeah, he’s so legendary in this state’s politics that I never even heard of him until May 2012.  And I’ve been paying close attention to state politics for quite some time, even well before then.

He left such a path of destruction that his big accomplishment is a radio buy I never heard on the radio.


Bigfoot Sighting

22 03 2015



Study finds minorities feel marginalized at Missouri State

Although most students feel welcome on the Missouri State University campus in Springfield, about 45 percent of minority students and employees feel they have been treated differently because of their race or ethnicity, according to a new study.

They “feel” it because they’ve been told for years that the KKK is out to get them.  If important and credible people told you every day for 20 years that Bigfoot was out there in the woods, and someone surveyed you to ask you if you thought Bigfoot existed, you know what you’re going to say.

Matt Morrow, president of the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce, said the report helps ongoing community conversations about improving diversity in Springfield.

Springfield has a pretty good thing going in being about as non-vibrant as a place can be.  Why would they want to ruin that?  As Springfield has taught us lately, it doesn’t take much to ruin it.

Nobody Snitched

18 03 2015



Case closed, because the CPD can’t make suspects.

Probably because nobody snitched.  Must not hurt the football team.

There Goes the Judge

9 03 2015


SCOMO transfers Ferguson’s municipal caseload to the State Appellate Court for Eastern Missouri.

Here comes the downhill rolling snowball  — How will this not happen with many other municipalities in the state?  What’s true for Ferguson that invoked this action is also true for a bunch of other municipalities.  I fully expect this to end up with most if not all municipal courts in the state being eliminated, and many municipal police departments being eliminated.  Meaning that the actual municipalities might as well go out of business, though like I said earlier, that would be “fine” with me.

Smoking Habit

9 03 2015

Jefferson City

Chris Koster is proposing to increase cigarette taxes in order to fund college scholarships.

Got a kid that’s getting close to the considering college stage?  Well then, you better develop a smoking habit.  If you do, you’ll also help fund children’s health care.

The Narrative, Cont’d

5 03 2015


Another day, another attempt to peddle the narrative, although tempered with a little bit more reason.  Probably to give the P-D Ed Board and also John Danforth an escape hatch if the narrative goes nowhere or blows up in their faces.

Or, one could read what I wrote two days ago, and rightly conclude that there’s no there there.


The Narrative is so good that the P-D went back for a second helping today.

Even though none of this had anything to do with Tom Schweich committing suicide, it’s still an issue.  And the cause is the inevitable degenerative effects of democratic republicanism.  There isn’t a problem I complain about, people like me complain about or people not like me complain about that doesn’t have at its roots the mania over voting and elections.  Therefore, the solution is hereditary monarchy, either temporarily until a better way can be found, or permanently if there is no better way.

Any time anyone wants to take Barack Obama’s pen and phone away and bring them to me, I’ll be ready.  Except not during the middle of the night, I sleep naked.


A third helping.

Meaning that the non-existent anti-Semitic whisper campaign that was a figment of Schweich’s own imagination, Schweich told it to his wife and a John Danforth aide.

“Anti-Semitic Whisper Campaign” is this year’s “Hands Up Don’t Shoot,” which means it won’t be until next year that everyone does a mea culpa.

Sad to Mad

3 03 2015


John Danforth turned today’s funeral of his protege into a farce.

I know I said earlier that I wasn’t going to talk about all the craziness being bandied about in the days since Tom Schweich’s suicide, hoping it will go away.  Unfortunately, Danforth just amplified the craziness and sent it to the stratosphere.  This funeral and my having attended it made me way more mad than sad.  So I’m going to have to address the matter, hoping that I can bring some people to their senses.

Tom Schweich committed suicide probably because he was mentally unstable.

He didn’t commit suicide because there was a way too early to matter OBO (“On Behalf Of”) Hanaway negative radio buy out there against him, a buy I only heard about the day before he committed suicide.  I don’t even know if the buy actually made it on-air on any station in the state.  First off, as far as negative buys, it was hardly the most vitriolic, even if it like most political buys played fast and loose with the truth.  Second, if every politician who faced negative ads committed suicide, we would hardly have any politicians.  The hard truth of the matter is that you can’t fit two candidates into one nomination without a massive wreck.

He didn’t commit suicide because there was an anti-Semitic whispering campaign against him.  First off, I, as someone whose job heavily involves Missouri state government, didn’t even know he had Jewish heritage until after his suicide, his father’s father was Jewish.  Tom Schweich, OTOH, was a practicing Episcopalian.  Second, if there was such a whispering campaign, they were echoes in Schweich’s own head.  Third, nobody would be dumb enough to start one, because of the media shitstorm that would land on their heads when it was found out they did.  Just look at the way the P-D is doing a media chimpout just based on the unsubstantiated rumor that there was one.

Fourth, and most importantly, the reason there was not and never would have been such a whispering campaign is because it would not have been effective.  Who in this state would have thought less of Schweich if it did become public knowledge that his father’s father was Jewish?  Hardly anyone.  Who among the universe of voters in this state that was going to or was seriously considering voting for Schweich for Governor would have not voted for Schweich after finding this out?  If you tallied such individuals, you could count them on two hands.  If anything, Schweich might have come out with a net vote advantage, because there would have been way more evangelical Christians (“Christian Zionists”) in this state who would have changed their votes from Hanaway or non-voting to Schewich than the scant few who would have abandoned him.  Let this be a cautionary tale to some of you reading these words who are hell bent on “naming the Jew,” “exposing the Jews,” “giving the Zionists what-for.”  All that accomplishes is getting whoever you’re “exposing” more votes and more sympathy, especially from high-voting high-activist evangelical Christians, and making you look like a crackpot.  We live in 2015 America, not 1935 Germany.

OTOH, none of this would have made me think less of Schweich, because I didn’t think anything of him to begin with.  For one, his history, for two, that he was a John Danforth sock puppet, which is why until this all happened, I sarcastically referred to him in this space as Tom Danforth, and for three, for something I but few others know.  I was never going to vote for him even if this would have come out and he didn’t commit suicide.  But I never vote for him for anything before, in spite of having two chances to do so.  (2014 Republican primary and 2014 general; in 2010, I was living in Edwardsville.)

But none of this matters to a certain high circulation newspaper in this town.  To read their nutbar editorializing in the last six calendar days, you would think that you hit the Third Reich once you go west of Creve Coeur and it’s Nazi all the way to Independence, with a brief oasis in Columbia.  This particular newspaper, and also a certain Jewish publication that goes backward, in spite of its name, has gone so far as to try to connect Rounder from VNN’s little murderous hissy fit last year (which he did in the state of Kansas, BTW), and Schweich’s suicide.  All the while forgetting to mention that Schweich already won four statewide elections since 2010, two primaries and two generals, beating all goy comers.  Strange behavior from fire-breathing Nazis who hate quarter-Jews.

The very people have have been and continue to be implicitly impugned since last Thursday were nothing but gracious and polite at this morning’s funeral.  John Danforth showed way more ass than class.


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