I’m Cursed

12 02 2018

Lebanon, Tennessee

I saw him when he was at Belle-Clair in the late spring or early summer of last year, and the only reason I went is because someone pawned unwanted tickets on me.  Met a gal while there, but it turned out to be only a short term thing.

His biggest hits:

A later single that I like but didn’t get much play:


Sunday Music Break

2 07 2017

According to the description, and it’s a really good page you should subscribe to:

Aretha [Franklin’s] only top-40 pop hit for Columbia Records was this ancient Al Jolson tune (previously revived by Jerry Lewis in 1956). Her breakthrough to major stardom with Atlantic Records wouldn’t occur until 1967.

Speaking of Jolson:

Even if it’s not in Forest Park anymore, (and there was some ancillary news about that in the last few days), we can still sing.

I think.

Sunday Music Break

11 06 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Hotel Room

The video page’s description said that this record was “uncharted.”  I don’t imagine it got any radio airplay in 1952;  You’ll figure out why not when you listen.

You’ve Heard This Song

24 05 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Even if you’re nowhere near old enough to have heard and liked this song when it first came out.

Another race to the gold star.

He’s Still Got It

12 05 2017

The best selling album (all genres) in the country last week.

About a year ago, Loretta Lynn dropped an album, and it sold well, too, and got a lot of buzz in the music awards show.  NARAS had it up for the Grammy for best country album back in February, and IIRC, it finished second in Academy member voting.

If the Silent Generation pop and rock stars are seeing their careers extend well into their elderly years, the same seems to be true on the country side.  (Willie Nelson 84, Loretta Lynn 85)

Coffee and Music Break

2 05 2017

Where the old Maxwell House riff came from.  But, unlike percolated coffee, there are no grounds at the bottom of this record.

Where There’s Smoke, There Isn’t Fyre

30 04 2017

The Bahamas

Reading material:  New York magazine, Strolling Bone.

You sucker hipsters deserved what you got, running to a foreign country for a music festival put on by someone who calls himself “Ja Rule.”

That would be this Ja Rule, not some other Ja Rule.  Because, you know, a Ja Rule is a Ja Rule, ja fool.