523 Words Too Many

1 09 2016


Why Aren’t Social Justice Warriors Trying to Ruin Hip-Hop?

Followed by a 524-word body.

I would have only needed one word:


Which this does have, but not until the second to last paragraph.

Sunday Music Break

7 08 2016

Maybe the best bluegrass song ever.

Somebody’s Getting Their Universal Background Check Violated

24 07 2016

Sweet song, right?

Except, well, 2:15 to 2:29.

No background check.  So, granddaddy, you are summarily sentenced to five years in Federal prison.

Because common sense gun control.


19 06 2016

Sunday music break.

The second most popular version of this song, which means it’s probably the second favorite version of most people reading these words.  As you can hear, Ray Stevens slightly changed a few lyrics, which makes me wonder why he didn’t also change “violins” (as in “…and a thousand violins begin to play…”) to “fiddles.”  Especially since in the background after that lyric, you do actually hear fiddles.  That would have made it the perfect country cover of the original Johnny Mathis version.

Rides His Hog

7 06 2016

Music break.

Nick Nixon has to be either a native of the state of Missouri or a long time resident if he’s not.  And I know this without knowing anything about him and without having to do any Google research.

How can I be so sure?

3:13 in the video.  The lyric “outer road.”

Champagne Life

26 04 2016


Sorry, Charles Murray keeps using the word “bubbliest,” which makes me think of something else.

Then again, considering the subject matter, the pun is actually pretty apt.

And all it is is more proof of what he and Richard Herrnstein contended twenty two years ago.  That the country was getting more and more bellcurvey, and by that, I don’t mean it in my snarky make-fun-of-blacks sense, I mean it the way M&H meant it, to mean the merging of the cognitive elite and the income-wealth elite into one big highly ossified elite that would get even more detached and “bubbly” from the country as a whole in the coming years.  As you can see, most of the top 75 bubbliest zip codes are in five metro areas that have an identifiable niche:  Boston (higher education), New York (media, finance, banking, haute culture), Washington (Federal government), San Francisco (internet, tech) and Los Angeles (popular culture and entertainment).

Now, let’s merge the two definitions of bellcurvey back together and call it today’s music break.


Out of Lemons

25 04 2016

New York

“The President may want to re-evaluate his contention that Beyonce is a good role model for his daughters.”


Five years ago, that whore was singing whore songs like “Get Me Bodied.” (I’m linking instead of embedding, because I’m not going to buy you a new keyboard.)  In fact, someone relyriced that song and obviously cleaned it up for Michelle Obama’s exercise effort that same year.