How They Learned to Love the Kochs

4 08 2015

Dana Point, California


Question for our resident liberal, ex-liberals, or any others reading this that want to take a crack cocaine at it:

Why all this hate for the Koch brothers from the left, so much so that their very surname is a swear word?

Here are the highlights of Koch political activism:

*  “Criminal justice reform”
*  United Negro College Fund
*  Gay marriage and LGBTQetc
*  Open borders and immigration surge

One huge consequence of Koch activism and donorism is to libertarianize the right, which on the margins hurts Republican political candidates, and by deduction, helps Democrats.

It seems to me the left should love the Koch brothers as much as they love George Soros.

The answer revolves around the fact that unlike Soros, Koch money and activism is actively combative and hostile toward organized labor, especially public employee unions, and public employee union member dues is a lot of the blue team’s life blood.  This is why, as you can read in this article, AFSCME wants to be on the other side of the universe from the Koch brothers, even if it’s over UNCF contributions.

The anti-Koch left might think, and to an extent, it might actually be true, that the Koch bros’ social issue leftism is a look squirrel to try to keep the left from paying attention to their anti-AFSCME and anti-PEU efforts. I happen to think that social issue leftism overall is nothing more than look squirrel to keep income inequality focused liberal grassroots activists from noticing that the Democrat Party establishment has been a boon to the top 0.0000001%, the main difference between that and look squirrel social issue conservatism, Democrats damn well deliver for social issue leftism even if it is a diversion, most establishment Republicans also deliver for social issue liberalism in spite of their vote grifting.

Not Waiting For Bernie

17 07 2015

Washington, D.C.

Reading material, here, here and here.

What it all amounts to is that HRC vassal Randi Weingarten is appearing to throw the AFT’s weight behind her in order to head off the Bernie Sanders Pepsi Challenge.

I don’t think any of the Waiting for Superman vs Teachers’ Unions politics on the left play into this, even though I still think we’re on track for Weingarten and Davis Guggenheim to have a lead pipe fight on the DNC floor in Philly about a year from now.  I do think that if the AFT rank and file aren’t happy with the union and their leader endorsing HRC so soon, it must mean that the grass roots thinks that Sanders tends to the pro-union anti-neoliberal anti-reformist agenda, or they think Sanders is far less likely than HRC to be sucked into the Superman orbit.  As for HRC, you can’t draw inferences on what she would do based on what her husband did as President, because her husband was pretty much pro-union all the way.  The left and its neoliberal faction really didn’t start in on their educational reformist streak until about the middle part of the last decade.  However, Bill Clinton is at least pretending to regret the Clinton Presidency, mainly as a propaganda ploy to distance his wife from his own decidedly less than leftist accomplishments, so it’s very possible that Hillary Clinton will be handing Davis Guggenheim and not Randi Weingarten the lead pipes.

The Cost of 365Black

24 06 2015

Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham News:

Protest outside Birmingham McDonald’s asks for $15 an hour wages

Kevin Yelling, 21, said he regularly has to choose whether to buy groceries or putting gas in his car on the $7.50 an hour he gets paid at Burger King. But he’s more worried about the choices he’ll have to make with his paycheck when his first child is born in six months.

It’s what brought him to the McDonald’s near St. Vincent’s on Monday.

“I’ve got a child coming. When I get a raise, it’ll build me and my family up,” Yelling said. “I’ve got gas, I’ve got to eat and provide for my family. I’ve got to get that $15.”


Birmingham resident Junova Howard brought her three children to the protest. She works at a McDonald’s – not the location of the protest – for $7.75 an hour. Howard said she’s been working in fast food for three years and has had her electricity cut off multiple times in that time – something she said wouldn’t happen on $15 an hour.

“I’d be able to afford a car. I wouldn’t have to take the bus. I’d have my bills paid on time,” said Howard, 24. “I have to ask my mom to buy my baby’s Pampers. I never have the money for them.”

When you sign onto 365Black, you get blacks, 24-7-365.

If they think they can unionize the fast feeder employees, then more power to them.  Unlike others, I’m not going to bash their efforts, but I would also be careful if I was them, because many of them will soon be easily be replaced by robots.  Also, don’t think that all of them getting $15 an hour is going to make all their personal problems any better; in the case of Miss Howard, the extra money will go right into the cash register of the weave store.  Notice she already has three children, trying to support herself and them on a barely higher than minimum wage job, and the man whose saga leads off this story is in the same position and has a kid on the way.  All for jobs that weren’t meant to be family sustaining.

It would also be nice to hear some calls for immigration control and enforcement from this #FightFor15 crowd.  Alas, crickets.

Blogmeister Translation Service

16 06 2015

Washington, D.C.

Time for me to translate this gibberish into plain readable English.

The money hint was in the second paragraph, “funded in part by unions.”

Teachers’ unions and the teachers that belong to them are getting tired of getting all the blame for black academic deficiencies, and in recent years they’ve been getting it way more from neoliberal “education reformers” within the Democrat-left coalition than anyone else, as evidenced by Waiting for Superman.  This is their way of trying to throw some kryptonite around Superman’s neck, showing that, as much as they can, coming as close as they can to violating leftist racial taboos without actually doing so, that there are fundamental problems with black domestic environments.

Two ancillary points:

1.  This isn’t brand new.  The NYT party line since about two years ago is that black parents don’t talk enough in front of their children.

2.  This could all be a run-up to the American analogue of the “stolen generations” of Australia and Canada.

3.  Might we still be on track for Davis Guggenheim and Randi Weingarten swinging lead pipes at each other’s skulls and knee caps on the DNC convention floor in Philadelphia next July?


15 06 2015

Jefferson City

UAW cut a $50k check to Nixon.  Many think it’s a QPQ for his vetoing RTW.  Really, even if that wasn’t a factor, they should have done that just for his SOTS speech alone (video).

Or maybe that money will take him far in his Presidential campaign.


Superman Has Not Yet Reached Baltimore

28 04 2015


CNS headline:

Baltimore Councilman: ‘System’ Has Failed ‘Under-Educated’ Looters and Rioters

While Nick Mosby, the councilman in question, did not elaborate, we know how it ends: With teachers’ unions getting the blame.

Now, the NEA/AFT are to blame for black riots.  Gotcha.  Makes perfect sense!

Bully Gates Plays the Race Card

27 04 2015

Washington, D.C.

Yes, it says “Arne Duncan,” but we all know who’s really behind it.


The federal government is flexing its muscles to protect an allegedly state-run program. Liberals are treating other liberals like they’re racist. Even the teachers’ unions are calling Common Core’s rollout “botched” and walking back their “once-enthusiastic” support for the program. It looks like the education technocracy is every bit as ineffective as the rest of our national technocracies.

Don’t expect the teachers’ unions opposition to Commune Core to be some sort of inoculation against accusations of “racism.”  Didn’t you see Waiting for Superman?  Neoliberal/neoconservative “education reform” is the “civil rights issue of our time,” and “education reform” is needed because “bad” schools run by “bad” teachers and “protected” by “bad” and “powerful” (*) teachers’ unions are ubiquitous, and are ruining the lives of black babies’ bodies and inserting them into the mythical school-to-prison pipeline, where mythical anti-Semitic whisper campaigns surely reverberate.  If you roll all of this together, then you wind up with the sum of NEA/AFT = Bull Connor.  Therefore, politically hitching your wagon to teachers’ unions will not prevent you being accused of racism, but make it more likely.

(*) – Teachers’ unions are so “powerful” that the Chicago Teachers’ Union couldn’t even punch through Chicago and the mayor’s office.