Superman Has Not Yet Reached Baltimore

28 04 2015


CNS headline:

Baltimore Councilman: ‘System’ Has Failed ‘Under-Educated’ Looters and Rioters

While Nick Mosby, the councilman in question, did not elaborate, we know how it ends: With teachers’ unions getting the blame.

Now, the NEA/AFT are to blame for black riots.  Gotcha.  Makes perfect sense!

Bully Gates Plays the Race Card

27 04 2015

Washington, D.C.

Yes, it says “Arne Duncan,” but we all know who’s really behind it.


The federal government is flexing its muscles to protect an allegedly state-run program. Liberals are treating other liberals like they’re racist. Even the teachers’ unions are calling Common Core’s rollout “botched” and walking back their “once-enthusiastic” support for the program. It looks like the education technocracy is every bit as ineffective as the rest of our national technocracies.

Don’t expect the teachers’ unions opposition to Commune Core to be some sort of inoculation against accusations of “racism.”  Didn’t you see Waiting for Superman?  Neoliberal/neoconservative “education reform” is the “civil rights issue of our time,” and “education reform” is needed because “bad” schools run by “bad” teachers and “protected” by “bad” and “powerful” (*) teachers’ unions are ubiquitous, and are ruining the lives of black babies’ bodies and inserting them into the mythical school-to-prison pipeline, where mythical anti-Semitic whisper campaigns surely reverberate.  If you roll all of this together, then you wind up with the sum of NEA/AFT = Bull Connor.  Therefore, politically hitching your wagon to teachers’ unions will not prevent you being accused of racism, but make it more likely.

(*) – Teachers’ unions are so “powerful” that the Chicago Teachers’ Union couldn’t even punch through Chicago and the mayor’s office.

Go Slow Zone

20 02 2015

Jefferson City

All of a sudden, Diehl and Dempsey are really laying off the gas on RTW.

Is it because they’re counting heads and don’t have two-thirds?  Or is there some sort of QPQ in the works, maybe related to the Rams new stadium or some other piece of legislation?  My bet is on the latter.  If Diehl wanted his two-thirds, he’d have it.  If he doesn’t have it, it means he’s not trying, and he’s not having Dempsey really try in the Senate.  Which means Diehl is playing let’s-make-a-deal.

The Anti-White Conga Line Marches On

15 09 2014


Richard Dumbka is in St. Louis today, gushing all over Michael Brown, and fuming against racism.  I’ll get you a URL for corroboration later.

The Bob Whitaker people say that anti-racism is code language for anti-white, and they’re right.  I now also think that AFL-CIO is code for anti-white.  Or if they’re not that, they’re just YAY BLUE TEAM partisan cultists.

Cookies are Delicious Delicacies

12 09 2014



And Oreos are cookies.

Not some conspiracy to split apart a union.

It should be noted that black people are the main ones that use “oreo” as a pejorative for a black person who is white on the inside.

Opportunity Here

14 07 2014

Washington, D.C.

It has finally occurred to the National Education Association that the establishment-mainstream of the Democrat Party and the left wing have been slouching toward Superman for quite some time.  The NEA is officially calling for Arne Duncan’s head, and if the sore festers, I can see something close to an open break between the NEA/AFT and the Democrat Party.

If the other party in this country was smart, it would find a way to drive a wedge between the two.  Don’t expect for the NEA ever to endorse or donate to Republicans in any great wave, and they’ll probably keep having their usual neo-Marxist rot gut for their official union planks and platforms year in and year out.  But there is some room for the ice to thaw.

Will it happen?  No.  Remember that the Republican Party and the lamestream of conservatism is where the Waiting for Superman mentality was born and raised.

Heat Without Light

2 07 2014


I figured on most labor unions being for amnesty and open borders in spite of the well being of its members having something to do with the well being of the Democrat Party and/or trying to create a new union membership constituency.

But Richard Dumb-ka has an apparent reason.  Reading between the lines here, it seems that the “reasoning” is that if illegal aliens get some sort of legal status and work permits, then employers won’t be able to exploit them and they will no longer be low wage competition for unionized workers.

Okaybut…if they get legal status and work permits, then they’ll suddenly become legal low wage competition for unionized workers.

Extending Dumb-ka’s reasoning out to its logical conclusion, then every non-American in the world would have to be given a work permit to makes sure that they can’t be exploited.  (That sound you hear is Rand Paul cheering and clapping upon reading “everyone in the world gets a work permit.”)  And then we’ll live in an exploitation-free slave wage paradise.

If they were so worried about employer exploitation of illegal alien labor over at the AFL-CIO, they’d push for E-Verify, and swift punishment of employers that hire illegals.  However, the AFL-CIO is openly opposed to E-Verify.

That logic doesn’t wash.  So we’re back to square one:  My first sentence.

Also in this we find out that only 12 million people were processed for legal immigration on Ellis Island when it was operational for that purpose, between 1892 and 1954.  The one thing Rush slightly flubs here is that you just can’t divide 12 million by 62 years and assume 193,000 per year, because the legal flow was seriously curtailed after 1924, and the Depression probably discouraged a whole lot of legal immigration.  Ellis Island was already closed by the time the floodgates were opened again in 1965.  Also, Ellis Island was the busiest legal immigrant processing and inspection center, but not the only one of the time.


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